Thursday, September 11, 2014

UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law Pigs Facing a $3 Million Budget Shortfall

The Swine Need More Money!: On September 1, 2014, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a Bethany Barnes piece entitled “Financial stresses challenge UNLV law school.” Look at this opening:

“In a state with few higher education bragging rights, UNLV’s law school stands out.

The law school is ranked among the top 100 by U.S. ["News"] and World Report and its graduates are in demand locally, with students doing well on the state bar exam.

But the school’s success could plummet quickly if something isn’t done about the gap in its budget.

Law schools nationally are seeing lower enrollment. UNLV’s 16-year-old William S. Boyd School of Law is no exception.

The school once saw 150 students enrolling every year; the new norm is 110-115. The result: A $3 million shortfall.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, being ranked in the top 100 ABA-accredited diploma mills is a real cause for celebration, right?!?! By the way, USN&WR rates this public toilet as the 83rd greatest, most fantastic and mesmerizing law school in the entire country. Could you imagine medical schools making such much noise about being mediocre?

The author then continued:

“The University of Nevada Board of Regents is asking for $1.5 million in state funds to help the law school adjust to the economic reality.

The rest of the loss likely will be absorbed through cost cutting, a tuition hike, philanthropy and new programs.

It’s a critical time for the school. The request for additional state funds easily could not survive the legislative process, especially when several big-ticket projects for higher education, such as a medical school for UNLV, also are looking for state funds.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone with an IQ above 75 think that pissing away an additional $1.5 million on a middling, trifling law school would be a good use of state taxpayer funds?!?! If these “professors” and deans want to be businessmen, then let the bastards sink or swim on their own acumen.

Other Coverage: On September 2, 2014, Las Vegas CBS affiliate KXNT featured a story labeled “UNLV Law School Facing $3 Million Deficit.” Read the following excerpt:

“Nevada university regents are asking the state for $1.5 million to fill half of a projected $3 million budget deficit at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that administrators blame the shortfall on an enrollment decrease from about 150 students per year to 115.

Officials say enrollment is down at law schools around the nation.

The dean at Boyd, Daniel Hamilton, says cost-cutting, private donations and programs like an international recruitment push could help make up the other half of the shortfall.” [Emphasis mine]

If Cockroach Hamilton is so sure about his ability to save or raise $1.5 million, then why not make the bastard come up with the full amount of the shortfall?!?! In the real world, if you cannot manage your books, then you go out of business. Of course, these “educators” don’t understand such basic concepts.

The National Jurist posted a staff article on this topic, on September 5, 2014. The piece was titled “UNLV asks taxpayers to make up $1.5M budget shortfall.” Check out the conclusion:

“The university has plans to increase tuition by 4 percent each year for the next two years.

The university is also seeking private donations and cutting costs to help fill the void. [I]t has implemented a hiring freeze and planned phased-out retirements of faculty. It is also considering voluntary buyouts for faculty.” [Emphasis mine]

Enjoy “early retirement,” bitches! Maybe you academic hacks can serve as valet parking attendants at one of Steve Wynn’s casinos. At least then, you would be doing something useful.

Conclusion: The pigs suck on the public teat for all of their nutrients, and then the vile beasts demand more milk! Then again, what the hell do you expect? The academic parasites have no shame, decency or honor. Seeing that they will get the funds, taxpayers should at least require that the law school swine bathe in excrement – in return for the money.

In a just world, the state would tell these dung beetles to go to hell. Make every filthy member of the faculty donate a portion of their bloated salaries, in order to cover the cost overruns. My guess is that these “scholars” would not go for that idea. After all, in their sick minds, the citizens who had nothing to do with the budget deficit should have their pockets picked further.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Suffolk University Law School Pigs Up Against the Ropes

The Commode’s Buyout Offer: On August 30, 2014, Paul Caron posted an excellent piece entitled “Suffolk Law School Offers Buyouts to All Of Its Tenured Faculty.” Here is the entire text of that entry:

“Following up on last month's post, Boston Law Schools Shrink Enrollments, Faculties: Boston Globe, Suffolk University Abruptly Replaces President:

Just days before the start of the new school year, Suffolk University Wednesday abruptly replaced president James McCarthy with a year remaining on his contract, and tapped a veteran educator with a reputation for turning around struggling colleges to serve as interim leader. At an afternoon meeting, the university’s board of trustees voted unanimously to appoint Norman R. Smith, 68, who is best known for his tenure at Wagner College in New York City, where he led a small school on the brink of closing to new prominence.. ...

Given the general decline in law school enrollment, Smith said he would expect to take a “quality over quantity” approach in assembling new classes. “I don’t think there’s growth there,” he said, referring to enrollment. ...

The unexpected change in leadership comes as Suffolk seeks to stabilize its finances and attract students in the college-dense region. Facing a decline in enrollment and revenue, the university announced in June it would freeze employee salaries for the next fiscal year.
It also offered buyouts to all law school faculty members with tenure or renewable long-term contracts.

This spring, the university came under fire for requiring tenured faculty to undergo performance reviews, a shift that critics said would undermine academic freedom....

University officials, however, defended the school’s financial standing Wednesday, noting that the endowment has grown by 52 percent since 2011, and its operating surplus has increased. ... Meyer said Suffolk is on solid financial footing, but that Smith keenly understands the difficulties facing tuition-dependent schools with modest endowments.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, ABA-accredited trash pits on solid financial ground typically offer buyout deals to every single member of their faculty, right?!?! When you read such statements from school officials, you can see why no one trusts these thoroughly dishonest bastards.

Other Coverage: On August 31, 2014, the Law School Truth Center featured a brilliant article labeled “Suffolk Latest Victim of Applicant Selfishness.” Focus on the conclusion below:

“See what you little mutinous charlatans have done? You've made Suffolk go out and bring in a 68-year old to clean up things and you've made him lose faith in law school enrollment.

For years, Suffolk could bank on a nice crop of incoming 0Ls to plop 35, 40, 45, 50k into the bank. Now, because the lemmings have completely abnegated their role in the circle of life, Suffolk is offering buyouts to people who have jobs waiting at Ropes & Gray and freezing salaries.
Karma's a bitch, Boston-area lemmings. When you've had a long and prosperous career and you decide to kick back, take it easy, and saddle the next generation with beautiful amounts of non-dischargable debt to fund your lifestyle choices (which may or may not be described as "drug dependent with women of large endowments"), don't expect any cooperation from the applicant pool.” [Emphasis mine]

It’s great to see that scambloggers and other critics of “legal education” have helped prevent untold numbers of young people from ruining their lives. We have simply provided potential law students with better information. In contrast to the law schools, we are not paid to rip off applicants and matriculants.

Prior Administrative Gluttony: According to this Boston Globe piece from November 17, 2008, Suffolk paid its “president” $2.8 million in total compensation – for 2006-2007!  Peter Schworm’s article was headlined “Suffolk's Sargent tops pay scale for college presidents.” The sick, vile pig named David Sargent was also a “law professor” at the festering toilet, at the time.

The University’s Finances: In order to see how well this “non-profit, institution of higher learning” is doing, we head to the 2012 Form 990 for Employer ID No. 04-2133255. On lines 20-22 of page one of this PDF, you will see the financial data for the “university.” Total end of year assets reached $624,270,970. This amount was offset by $395,925,017 in total end of year liabilities, which led to total net assets of $228,345,953 – as of June 30, 2012. This figure is nearly $12 million more than for the year prior. However, it seems that the law school is no longer bringing in serious cash to the larger universiTTTy.

Conclusion: Avoid this stench pit as you would an HIV-infected prostitute. You will not be served well by incurring an additional $140K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a TTT law degree. Based on the Law Student Indebtedness rankings from US “News” & World Report, the average victim from the Suffolk JD Class of 2013 took on $123,000 in student loans – and this figure does not take accrued interest into account. Nor does it include debt from undergrad.

By the way, USN&WR also rates $uffolk Univer$iTTTTy Law Sewer as a FOURTH TIER PIECE OF TRASH. Do you still want to play roulette with your future, Dumbass?!?! If you attend this garbage heap, then keep the following in mind: (a) the Northeast U.S. is FLOODED with lawyers; (b) you will need to land a Biglaw position, in order to justify the immense costs of admission; and (c) you essentially have no shot in hell, when competing against graduates from Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, Yale, NYU, Columbia and Cornell – for federal clerkships and Biglaw posts.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fourth Tier Corroded Waste: California Western School of Law

Tuition: The pigs list tuition on a per semester basis. Plus, the bitches and hags do not list the rate for the current school year, on this page. However, full-time students at this dung heap were slapped with $44,700 in tuition – for the 2013-2014 academic year. Part-time victims were “only” charged $31,300 in tuition, for 2013-2014.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: On this page, the toilet lists full-time tuition for 2014-2015 as $45,800. Those attending on a part-time basis will only pay $32,000 this school year. The jackals estimate that other costs will add up to $24,128. As such, the total COA for full-time students is $69,928.

Keep in mind that the bitches and hags at ABA-accredited diploma mills base living expenses off a nine month academic calendar. In fact, the rodents at California We$TTTTern Sewer of Law explicitly state that their estimate is “per 8-month academic year.” Seeing that actual students will require costs over the full year, we will prorate the following items: room and board; transportation; and miscellaneous. Doing so, we reach a more accurate, estimated COA of $81,267 – for one damn year of law school at this commode! We are talking about a single year at a fourth tier garbage can.

Ranking: Based on these ridiculous costs listed above, one would expect this school to have an excellent reputation, correct?!?! According to US “News” & World Report, California We$TTTTern Sewer of Law is a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT! No one cares if you spent three years in sunny San Diego, if you cannot find a decent job afterward.

Published Employment Placement Figures: On this page, head to the section for Class of 2013. Click on the link for the ABA Summary Report for this unfortunate group. According to the Employment Summary for 2013 graduates of this dump, there were 281 members of this TTTT cohort. Yes, the school really looks out for their students, right?!?!

Of this total, 162 were employed – in some capacity – within nine months of graduation. The festering stink pit states that job status was known for everyone in this class. This translates to a “placement” rate of 57.65 percent. You read that correctly, people. Fully 100 members of this cohort were unemployed and seeking, while 14 men and women were out of work but not looking. Four souls were pursuing another graduate degree full time, and one person had their start date deferred.

When you dig a little deeper, you quickly realize that the numbers are even more pathetic. For instance, of the 123 grads employed in jobs requiring bar passage, only 99 are in long-term, full-time positions. Eleven are working full-time in part-time positions, whereas three JDs are in part-time, long-term posts and 10 more are in garbage jobs that are short-term and part-time.

In fact, overall only 124 graduates from the California Western “School” of Law found long-term, full-time employment within nine months of receiving their law degrees. This equals 44.1% of the entire class. Who wouldn’t want to piss away their future, i.e. accumulate ludicrous amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for such outcomes?!?!

Under Employment Type, you will notice that 90 JDs from this group found jobs in law firms. Of that figure, 11 were desperate solos and another 69 went to work for offices of 2-10 attorneys. In stark contrast, one damn person was employed by a firm with 101-250 lawyers - and one more was hired by an office with more than 500 attorneys. Hell, two graduates from the Class of 2013 landed federal court clerkships.  Apparently, the American Bar Association cockroaches are not too embarrassed to accredit this piece of trash.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the California We$TTTTern JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $157,748. To put this into perspective for you lemmings, this is the FOURTH HIGHEST debt total on the chart. Plus, this figure seems low, when you take the annual cost of attendance into account. In addition, fully 90 percent of this vile dung heap’s 2013 cohort took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: Do not even consider attending this atrocious pile of filthy excrement. If you are still contemplating this school, then ask yourself the following: How will you be served by incurring an additional $170K-$240K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a TTTT law degree – while looking for legal employment in the SECOND MOST GLUTTED lawyer job market in the entire country?  Don't forget that the published “placement” rate for the toilet’s Class of 2013 was 57.65% - and that includes legal, non-law, part-time, full-time, short term and long term jobs.

If you are enrolled in this commode, then you deserve your fate. I do not excuse the academic thieves for their conduct. However, you know the odds when you attend a fourth tier sewage pit. Do not complain later that you were scammed by the law school pigs. The message has been out for years, dumbass. At this point in time, only those who are wealthy, extremely connected or privileged should go to law school. Everyone else is playing roulette – with their lives.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paul Campos Flushes Florida Coastal School of Law Down the Drain

An Epic Slapdown: On August 13, 2014, the Atlantic published a Paul Campos piece simply entitled “The Law-School Scam.” He comes out swinging against InfiLaw. Check out this excerpt:

“From the perspective of graduates who can’t pay back their loans, however, this dream is very much a nightmare. Indeed, it’s easy to make the case that these students wind up in far worse shape than defaulting homeowners do, thanks to two other differences between subprime mortgages and educational loans. First, educational debt, unlike mortgages, can almost never be discharged in bankruptcy, and will continue to follow borrowers throughout their adult lives. And second, mortgages are collateralized by an asset—that is, a house—that usually retains significant value. By contrast, anecdotal evidence suggests that many law degrees that do not lead to legal careers have a negative value, because most employers outside the legal profession don’t like to hire failed lawyers.

How much debt do graduates of the three InfiLaw schools incur? The numbers are startling. According to data from the schools themselves, more than 90 percent of the 1,191 students who graduated from InfiLaw schools in 2013 carried educational debt, with a median amount, by my calculation, of approximately $204,000, when accounting for interest accrued within six months of graduation—meaning that a single year’s graduating class from these three schools was likely carrying about a quarter of a billion dollars of high-interest, non-dischargeable, taxpayer-backed debt.

And what sort of employment outcomes are these staggering debt totals producing? According to mandatory reports that the schools filed with the ABA, of those 1,191 InfiLaw graduates, 270—nearly one-quarter—were unemployed in February of this year, nine months after graduation. And even this figure is, as a practical matter, an understatement: approximately one in eight of their putatively employed graduates were in temporary jobs created by the schools and usually funded by tuition from current students. InfiLaw is not alone in this practice: many law schools design the brief tenure of such “jobs” to coincide precisely with the ABA’s nine-month employment-status reporting deadline. In essence, the schools are requiring current students to fund temporary jobs for new graduates in order to produce deceptive employment rates that will entice potential future students to enroll. (InfiLaw argues that these jobs have “proven to be an effective springboard for unemployed graduates to gain experience and secure long-term employment.”)” [Emphasis mine]

Do you still want to attend this for-profit trash pit, Lemming?!?! If so, then I suggest that you do the following: go to the nearest payday predatory lender, pull out $2,000 in cash, and give me that money – so I can kick you square in the nuts. It will be a much better “investment in yourself,” dumbass. At least, the pain will be temporary – and you will not be FINANCIALLY RUINED for life.

Other Coverage: On August 18, 2014, the Florida Times-Union posted a piece from Andrew Pantazi, under the headline “The Atlantic essay accuses Florida Coastal School of Law of overcharging tuition, providing poor education.” Look at this opening:

“Florida Coastal School of Law is accepting too many students, saddling them with too much debt but not enough jobs, argued a scathing essay published last week in The Atlantic magazine.

But the school’s top administration said Monday the 5000-word essay wasn’t fair or true, saying the author, University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos, didn’t rely on accurate data.”

For $ome rea$on, the bitches and hags do not even attempt to show how Campos relied on inaccurate information. If the for-profit dung beetles who operate this toilet cannot muster a tepid defense, then imagine the type of “education” that the students are receiving at this stench pit.

Now, scroll down to the author’s conclusion:

“The world of for-profit law schools, Campos wrote, “is one in which schools accredited by the American Bar Association admit large numbers of severely underqualified students; these students in turn take out hundreds of millions of dollars in loans annually, much of which they will never be able to repay. Eventually, federal taxpayers will be stuck with the tab, even as the schools themselves continue to reap enormous profits.” [Emphasis mine]

Idiot Pantazi seems to take the vultures at their word. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PR hacks wrote the first draft of the article, and then proceeded to stuff their hand up Pantazi’s ass.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the law school pigs are lower than whale excrement. These bastards DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about their students or recent graduates. To them, these young men and women are mere marks to be exploited. After all, the “professors” are not going to be hired by federal agencies or law firms. Do you think – for one second – that managing partners will take these “scholars” seriously as job candidates?!?!

In the real world, one needs to perform more than 6-10 hours of labor per week. Furthermore, writing non-peer reviewed articles in obscure journals and bloviating on the effect of wheat production on the Commerce Clause is not considered “work.” This is the equivalent of a toddler scribbling over a picture with crayon. A parent might hang this on the fridge, but mostly to be kind or because the child is starting to develop fine motor skills. No one would pay for this product, and the same goes for idiotic law review pieces.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fourth Tier Thomas M. Cooley Law School Will Undergo Massive Cuts to Faculty, Even After a Name Change

Five years ago today, I posted my first blog entry regarding the law school scam. Now, after 406 posts and over 3 million page views, I am proud to see that this site has helped cause a large decrease in U.S. law school enrollment. It has been great to be part of such a just cause and noble movement. After seeing the following development – featuring the laughingstock of American “legal education” – I am leaning towards winding this blog down in the next few months.

In the last year, my physical health had declined, and I have worked extremely hard to get back on track. I also recently received good news, regarding a biopsy. However, maintaining this site has become a chore. I realize that I need to focus more on things that are truly important. If I decide to stop blogging on this topic, then I need you guys to continue the fight. Get off your asses and expose this filthy, vile industry and the swine involved – since they have collectively and willingly destroyed so many lives, for their own personal gain. Thank you for your support, and for informing others about this scam.

Excellent News: The Lansing City Pulse published a Belinda Thurston piece entitled “Cooley right-sizing” – on August 15, 2014. Take a look at this opening:

“Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School is delivering pink slips to faculty and staff in all of its Michigan campuses.

Sources in Lansing who are being laid off say the cuts are deep, upwards of 50 percent, according to one. Another said the impact could be as high as 70 percent. A Cooley spokesman disputed the amount, but said he did not have numbers.” [Emphasis mine]

When you shed light on a nest of cockroaches, the bastards scatter to dark corners. These parasites simply cannot handle the truth – as their entire “business model” relies on lying to potential applicants, publishing misleading employment figures, and making baseless claims as to the future of the U.S. lawyer job market.

Other Coverage: On August 15, 2014, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL piece labeled “Large-Scale Layoffs Come to Cooley.” Check out the following portion:

“Since last week, we’ve received various tips from readers concerning faculty and staff layoffs at Cooley Law. On August 8, a tipster told us that the Lansing campus suffered a major blow. On August 11, another tipster informed us that Cooley was “laying off tons of professors and staff from its main campus.”

Now, the story has made the local news, with sources saying “the cuts are deep, upwards of 50 percent” of Cooley’s faculty of 271 law professors. One angry professor had this to say to the Lansing City Pulse:

“We have non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses upon which our severance packages hinge so I cannot say anything on the record and very little off the record other than to confirm that the cuts to faculty and staff are significant and I am among those in that category,” shared one faculty member, who spoke under condition of anonymity. “Plus I am really, really pissed.”

The source continued: “I was notified last week. My last day is August 31 … I honestly don’t know if they are done. If enrollment continues to decline then maybe not.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, Bitch! Of course, you as an academic leech feel entitled to FINANCIALLY RUINING people for life – and getting fat off of the federally-backed student loan system. Seeing that you “sacrificed” to teach, you should have no trouble landing a job as a Biglaw hiring partner.

Now, scroll down to the author’s conclusion:

" [Senior counsel to the toilet, James] Robb says that the school regrets having to go through this “painful but necessary” process, but all Cooley is trying to do is put itself in a better position to teach the would-be lawyers of America. We suppose that the key word there is “would-be,” as only 26.9 percent of last year’s class found full-time jobs as lawyers nine months after graduation. At least they got an “outstanding education” as a consolation prize.

As for the many, many law professors who are losing their jobs thanks to Cooley Law’s financial predicament, we’re sure they’ll be pleased to know that the Cooley Law School Stadium, home of the Lansing Lugnuts, will not be impacted. After all, we hear concessions sales is a “J.D. Advantage” job." [Emphasis mine]

Perhaps, these academic thieves can work the concessions stands and charge $25 for one beer and $12 for a stale hot dog. Then again, the fans in the stands would likely string them up by their hooves and beat them senseless.

What a Difference a Year Makes: Hell, on August 18, 2013, Don LeDuc – dean and “president” of this FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT – claimed that Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer was in great financial shape. That was a mere one year and two days ago!

Conclusion: We have played a central role in the decline in overall law school enrollment. This is quite an achievement. Think about that for a moment: a few dozen, highly-committed individuals beat down a billion-dollar indu$try. We did so, armed with nothing more than the facts, truth, charts, graphs, industry statements, BLS data, and great writing and imagery. As a result of our collective work, MANY ABA-accredited schools are now laying off faculty members and staff. Others have had their bond ratings downgraded.

In the final analysis, these selfish “professors” and administrators behaved as though the numbers of students would never decrease. Dozens of law schools/diploma mills engaged in huge spending sprees – in order to construct “state of the art” law libraries and buildings. As such, many ABA schools are weighed down with the cost of these capital projects. Apparently, the law school pigs failed to recognize that the “higher education arms race” is futile. After all, when lower-ranked commodes increase their expenditures – for the purpose of increasing their ranking - the decent schools and the elite in$titution$ do the same damn thing.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Third Tier Black Bear Feces: University of Maine School of Law

After profiling the University of Hawai’i William S. Richardson Sewer of Law, we now head roughly 5,096 miles to the northern and easternmost state in the union, in order to sandblast another third tier commode. Who knew that a filthy toilet sat in the middle of Pacific Ocean, as well as on the shores of the North Atlantic?! What are the odds?

Tuition: Maine residents will be charged $22,290 in full-time tuition for 2014-2015, whereas full-time, out-of-state law students will have their asses penetrated to the tune of $33,360 for the 2014-2015 academic year. Then again, New England Regional Program and Canadian citizens will only face a tuition bill of $30,420 – for the same school year. Who says that public schools are affordable?!

Ranking: According to the fishwrap known as US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTTTy of Maine Sewer of Law is the 129th greatest, most remarkable and amazing law school in the entire United States. Yes, only 128 ABA-accredited diploma mills are rated above this third tier commode.

Who wouldn’t want to attend such a presTTTigious “institution of higher learning”?!?!? In fact, it shares this distinct honor with the following five trash pits: Drexel; North Dakota; University of St. Thomas; Wyoming; and VermonTTT Law $chool.

Published Employment Placement Statistics: The Employment Summary for 2013 Graduates shows that there were 96 graduates from this class. Of that amount, 78 were employed – in some capacity – within nine months of receiving their TTT law degree. This translates to a “placement” rate of 81.25 percent. Yes, what a tremendous outcome for the students, right?!?!

Furthermore, only 46 members of this cohort found jobs where bar passage was required. Under Employment Type, you will see that 38 grads were hired by private law firms. This figure includes four desperate solos and 26 men and women working in firms of 2-10 attorneys. In contrast, five graduates found employment in offices of 101-250 lawyers and one in a firm of more than 500 attorneys.

Perhaps, you feel that the odds do not apply to you. In that case, you truly are a delusional clown. Again, one member of the Maine JD Class of 2013 landed Biglaw, whereas pretty much everyone took on life-altering, soul-crushing amounts of student debt for this TTT "credential." Are YOU going to be that single person in your class?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTy of Maine Sewer of Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $92,603. In addition, 84% of this clogged toilet’s 2013 cohort took on such foul debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

TTT Program Offering: Take a look at the trash pit’s CenTTTer for Oceans and CoasTTTal Law. From the rodents’ description:

“Center for Oceans and Coastal Law

The Center for Oceans and Coastal Law is a teaching and interdisciplinary research center devoted to law and policy of the oceans. Center activities embrace a broad range of teaching and research, seeking to enhance the skills of the lawyer and policy scientist as applied to oceans problems from the Gulf of Maine to the seas of Europe, Africa and Asia. The Center is directed by Professor Charles H. Norchi, who also serves as Chair of the Admiralty and Maritime Section of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS).

Through its program of conferences, lectures, and publications, the Center builds on a longstanding Maine maritime tradition. That tradition includes 18th Century piracy trials, 19th Century Clipper Sailing Ships that carried trade in fur and timber from the new world to the old, the 20th Century Liberty Ships that were built in South Portland and contributed to Allied victory in the Second World War.” [Emphasis mine]

After reading that meandering nonsense, are you still awake? Maybe these bitches and hags can bring this center into the 21st century. For instance, I see no mention of the upcoming fight for Canada’s “blue gold” in that summary. Nor did the description list the fact that in August 2007, Russia planted its flag on the North Pole’s sea floor. Then again, expecting academic swine to be on the forefront of anything is akin to betting that your cat will bring you the morning newspaper tomorrow.

Conclusion: If this is the best law school that you can get into, then you need to seek a different career path. After all, there is no sense in incurring an additional $105K-$140K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a degree that will qualify for a job making $45K per year – and that’s if you’re lucky. Hell, you are better off remaining in your field or job, and working your way up to management.

As noted earlier, and based off the garbage heap’s own documentation, one damn person from the Class of 2013 landed a Biglaw job. Maybe a few others landed jobs that may justify the student debt incurred. At this point, if you willingly choose to ignore the facts about law school, then you should roast in FINANCIAL HELL. Unfortunately, the law school pigs who wiped their asses with your life will not be barbecued beyond recognition – which is what they deserve.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Third Tier Moist, Hot Waste: University of Hawai’i at Manoa William S. Richardson School of Law

Tuition: In-state resident, full-time law students will be charged $18,464 in tuition, for the 2014-2015 school year. Non-resident students attending this sewage pit full-time will be ass-raped at the rate of $39,192 – for the 2014-2015 academic year. For $ome rea$on, the bitches and hags at this school list tuition on a per-semester basis.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: According to this document, other expenses – including student fees of $712 and loan charges of $220 – will add another $18,470 to the tab. This applies to those living off or on campus full time. Also, the transportation estimate of $1,326 seems ridiculously low. Hell, gas and insurance should exceed that amount alone. Now throw in vehicle maintenance and an occasional major repair.

Seeing that these figures are based on a nine-month school year, and not on the actual 12 month calendar year, we will prorate the following expenses: meals/housing; personal costs; and transportation. Hence, other expenses will total $23,893. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate total COA amounts for 2014-2015: $42,357 for Hawai’i residents living off or on campus and $63,079 for out-of-state, full-time law students living on or off campus. By the way, consider the costs associated with moving to the state from the mainland.

Ranking: Based on the surroundings, one would expect this commode to have a decent reputation among academics, judges and lawyers, correct?!?! Well…according to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTTy of Hawai’i at Manoa William $. Richard$on Sewer of Law is rated at the 100th greatest, most remarkable and presTTTigious law school in the entire country. What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?!

Published Employment Statistics: The toilet’s Employment Summary Report for 2013 Graduates shows that there were 104 members of this cohort. In fact, only 53 men and women from this group landed full-time, long-term jobs where bar passage was required. Yes, very impressive! Then again, 90 grads from this class found employment – whether full-time, part-time, short term or long term – within nine months of receiving their TTT law degrees. This translates to a “placement” rate of 86.5 percent.

Under Employment Type, you will see that a total of 27 graduates landed positions in private law firms! Could you imagine – for one goddamn second - if slightly more than one quarter of an accredited U.S. medical school’s class ended up in private practice?!?! Furthermore, only six members of this cohort worked for an office of 51-100 attorneys, and NO ONE found employment in a larger law firm. You will also note that four grads from this class landed law school or university-funded positions.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTy of Hawai’i JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $70,263. Furthermore 80% of this clogged toilet’s 2013 cohort took on such toxic debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled. And it sure as hell doesn’t include opportunity costs.

Unique Journal OpporTTTuniTTTy: As a student at this third tier commode, you will have a chance to write onto something called the Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal. Take a look at this partial descripTTTion:

“About APLPJ

The Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal (APLPJ) is a web-based, American legal journal covering issues in Asia and the Pacific Rim. Our objectives are to disseminate legal research by law professors, legal practitioners, social scientists, economists, and students; to increase awareness of legal issues impacting the region; and to provide a forum to discuss legal topics that fall within the Journal’s geographic scope. In addition to the web format, the journal is available through the legal databases LexisNexis and Westlaw. We invite authors to submit original manuscripts for consideration. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please address your comments to”

Yes, that is going to lead to legal employers climbing over each other to hire you, right?!?!  Of course, not before hot co-ed undergrads take you to the beach and give you a series of rim jobs.  If you land a student editor position, then you need to be careful and make sure that law firm hiring partners don’t hit you in the face with suitcases full of money. [Disclaimer: Nothing of this sort will happen. Hell, you have a greater likelihood of starting at third base for the Yankees next year.]

Conclusion: Avoid this overpriced garbage pit as if your financial future was at stake – because that is the case! In the final analysis, no one – not family members, friends, associates, former co-workers, the 7-11 cashier you’ve wanted to bang for the last two years – will care that you went to law school in Hawai’i.  This is especially true, when you are a debt-strapped TTT grad who is selling insurance or managing a comic book store.

If you are an idiot and you are getting ready to enroll in this trash heap, then you are probably proud of your accomplishmenTTT. Congratulations, dolt. When you graduate with $85K-$120K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, and earn $39K per year, you will feel as though you have had a large pineapple permanently shoved up your ass. You have been provided with a good 5-7 years of fair warnings, from a number of sources, i.e. law grads, attorneys, “professors,” journalists, state bar association officials, etc.  As such, YOU have no one to blame, when you end up making a paltry income.
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