Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alumni Solicitation from My Third Tier Law School

Today, I received a letter from Drake University’s alumni association. I finished law school in May. After $38,000 in student loan debt, and after landing a non-lawyer job paying roughly $37,000 a year, the alumni association wants my information, i.e. address, employer’s address, job title, spouse’s employer info, and for some reason, children’s names and birthdates. Yes, exactly what I need: more junk mail from the law school to go to my home and employer. (I did not give them my new address, but the letter was forwarded by USPS.)

Here is what the solicitation says in its entirety:

CONGRATULATIONS on your recent graduation and welcome to the Drake University National Alumni Association. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and encourage you to keep in touch with Drake.

- The Drake National Alumni Association Board (with facsimile signatures below)

Read: Congratulations on completing your studies at our over-priced educational institution. We hope you land a good-paying job (so you can contribute to the school’s endowment). Keep in touch with Drake and make sure to donate whenever you can!

It has been more than three months after graduation, and I know SEVERAL people who are still unemployed. I would be shocked if 25% of the graduating class has secured a job as an ATTORNEY, with the government, (any size) law firm or private industry. A Drake law degree may help you if you intend to stay in the Midwest or Iowa. It does help you if you already have a job lined up with friends or family; this is especially the case, if your parent or relative runs his own firm.

The lawyer saturation problem is not endemic to Drake or other third-tier law schools. My wife has a friend who graduated from law school at the University of Texas-Austin. She does not work in a firm – she teaches voice lessons and piano. She does have a beautiful singing voice, but this does not require a J.D. My brother-in-law’s cousin just graduated from UCLA’s law school. Guess what? No damn job lined up. Apparently, no offers either. The moral of the story: DO NOT GO TO LAW SCHOOL UNLESS YOU ARE FULLY AWARE BEFOREHAND THAT YOU MAY END UP WITH A CRAP JOB AT CRAP PAY. (That is if you are lucky enough to find a job at all – remember, you will be considered “overqualified” for many non-legal jobs.)


  1. Keep writing and fighting the good fight of spreading the truth about law school and the job market! I'd love to have $38,000 in debt. I think mine's double. :-(

  2. Each post I read from the beginning makes you look like a bigger and bigger crybaby A-Hole!

    You ONLY GRADUATED IN MAY 2009 and you started CRYING ON YOUR BLOG IN SEPTEMBER 2009!!!!

    You really have no clue what you "deserve" in this world, do you?

    This is pathetic. I can't even read any further or I might find you and spank you.

  3. Listen up, kid. I am NOT crying about my situation. I am trying to inform potential law students about the dangers of attending law school. I apologize if you cannot wrap your little brain around that.

    Also, look at the date of this post, you simpleton. It says August 29, 2009. And August 2009 came before September 2009, didn't it? If you are going to whine about this blog, at least know what you are talking about!

  4. Oh, Drake waited a few months to hit you up for cash! As we arrived for our hooding ceremony, the Alumni office handed us envelopes, which contained a card congratulating us on our graduation...and hitting us up for alumni contributions. Um, can I have my diploma first?


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