Friday, September 25, 2009

Drake Law Takes Credit for Its Graduates' High Bar Passage Rate

I am glad that the pass rate for Drake grads on the July 2009 Iowa Bar Exam was 96 percent. Seventy-seven Drake Law grads sat for the exam, which means that 74 of them passed.

What is more important, however, is how many of these "lawyers" have job offers as attorneys from Iowa law firms, government agencies, and private companies? How many are working in law-related fields? How many are working as bartenders? What percent are working as waitresses and bus boys? How many as customer service reps? How many in retail sales? What percent are unemployed?

I talked to my friend, who is now taking court-appointed work. I asked how many in her Barbri course had job offers, and she said that many did not have ANYTHING lined up. Passing the bar and being able to call yourself a lawyer might impress your associates and family. But wouldn’t it be nicer to have a paying job as an attorney?

To Drake Law School: congratulations on the hard work of your graduates paying off. Now get to work on producing legitimate employment and salary info, you vultures! (Of course, one has a better chance of having his cat make Belgian waffles and grab the morning paper than expecting the CDO to produce such an account.) At least have the decency to update or erase the outdated, fraudulent “99% employed within 9 months of graduation” figure posted on your website.


  1. I knew someone who graduated from Drake back in 2000, and that person has a job. So I'm pretty sure that the employment rate is 100%. Just sayin'.

  2. Continue the good fight on JD Underground. There are too many pricks on the threads.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think that the key is that since the mid-90s, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. So, the banks have lent money to students without any thought as to whether or not the students are getting a worthwhile education or whether they will be able to pay it back. Essentially, by not allowing bankruptcy--we have created an education bubble and I'm hoping it will explode. Just like the housing bubble. But in order for us to recover, the government cannot bail banks/sallie mae/KHELC/whathaveyou out. Then, banks will become picky with who they lend money to and for what... therefore, making the decision for poor dumb 22 year olds (like myself) who think that law school is the right thing to do.

  4. It's not Drake's job to get you an offer of employment. Their job is to teach you the law, which I assume they did. It is YOUR responsibility to look for employment. Drake isn't going to send your resume out for you. What did you think? You were going to graduate and some spaceship was going to take you to the Land of Employment? Stop making excuses for yourself.

    Until you've sent a resume out to every law firm in the country, you have no room to bitch. And then what if you do and no one calls you back? Is that Drake's Fault? What if you get an interview and you still don't get a job? Does Drake get the blame for your terrible interviewing skills?

    Take responsibility.

  5. I am taking responsiblity by re-paying my loans. I am taking action by informing others not to make this poor decision. (And I am not even charging anyone for this advice.)

    What have YOU ever done, other than suck up to those in power? I found a job on my own - no help from Drake. Ask the average person from my class - the honest ones will tell you that the CDO works diligently to find employment for the top ten percent of the class. So, those of us outside the top ten percent KNOW we need to go out and find work. So we went out and found work.

    And thanks for the groundbreaking news, i.e. "Drake isn't going to send your resume out for you." I hope you didn't tax your brain too much, coming up with that "nugget" of wisdom.

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  8. No nando, what's pathetic is someone who can't even pass the bar.

    That and someone who has been out of lawschool for the better part of a decade and still works as a PC repair man making LESS than $40K and talks smack about getting a "free ride" to lawschool but still paying off student loans.
    What did you need the loans to pay for your psycho-pills while in school?

  9. I never took the bar exam, idiot. Not having a legal job lined up - while being hired in a non-law position - made the decision easier. I have already addressed this several times, throughout the blog, cockroach.

    What is even more pathetic is a ball-less troll who: (a) must lie in order to make a "point"; (b) constantly talks out of their ass; (c) spells at a fifth-grade level; and (d) has the IQ of a ten-day-old chimp.

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  10. So, you STILL refuse to answer YOUR LIE.

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    Let me predict your answer:(poo)....

  11. I noticed that you felt the need to darken COMPLETE BREAK, I take it you have had only a PARTIAL BREAK?
    .....So the dog is telling you to do stuff, BUT it's ok since it's a REAL dog......intersting...

  12. To the piece of filth who commented at 8:41 pm and 6:18 pm,

    I did receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend Third Tier Drake, moron. However, I did not receive an offer for full-tuition plus a stipend for living expenses. Therefore, I had a full scholaship, and I still incurred some student loan debt., bitch?!?! Or do I need to draw you a diagram with Crayola and posterboard?

    By the way, mentally challenged peon: interesting has another "e" in it. Also, learn some basic logic and reasoning. It might come in handy, if you decide to go to law school. That is down the line. In your current position of grocery bagger, you do not need much in the way of logic.


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