Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smoldering, Steaming Pile of Excrement: Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Come on – you knew it was only a matter of time before this pile of dung would be featured on TTR.

You can see that this private dump offers a weekend program, whereby one can earn a law degree by attending classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Nothing says world class institution like a weekend law program, right?! And look, the school has FOUR campuses throughout the State of Michigan. Oh joy! The main pile is located in Lansing, with waste sites in Grand Rapids, Auburn Hills, and a new campus in Ann Arbor. (It’s akin to having four rolls of toilet paper to wipe your ass with!)

Look at TTTTs helping each other out – TTTThoma$ Cooley took over the space that housed Ave Marie Toilet of Law, i.e. Domino’s Pizza School of Law. I’m sure my friend, Jack Crittenden, thinks that this is a great development in “legal education.”

Tuition: Via Cooley’s supposed “Facts-At-A-Glance,” we see that tuition for full-time students will come out to $28,740 - for the 2009-2010 school year.

Estimated Educational Expenses: For the 2009-2010 academic year, the toilet estimates that a student will spend $13,800 in books, room & board, transportation and personal expenses. This would bring the total COA – for a FT student - to a suspiciously low $42,540.

And look, you can start your “legal studies” in January, May or September! What more could you ask for?!?!

Total Enrollment: According to this “fact sheet,” the school has a total enrollment of 3,783 students. Of this amount, 84 percent are part-time students! So, that means that only about 605 students – out of this figure – are enrolled full-time.

Average Starting Salary: The school lists this figure as $52,400. There are no charts, pie graphs, or further breakdown. That is about par for the course, when it comes to self-reported information.

Ranking: According to US News & World Report, this school is a fourth tier trash can.

Ethics: This school has the temerity to feature a page on Ethics and Integrity. Yes, apparently, pumping out a ton of JDs every year into an over-saturated legal market is ethical. Especially, when this is done by a well-known diploma mill that realizes MOST of its grads will not have a shot in hell of practicing law! You are also producing a ton of minority lawyers who will be up to their eyeballs in non-dischargeable debt – with no chance of ever paying this off. Yes, good for you Thomas Cooley. You are the embodiment of integrity, right?!?! Oh well, at least you can crow about having the most “diverse” student body of any diploma mill in the country.

Other Considerations: The school is ranked 12th by its own law school rankings scheme!

Well, at least the school is seeking to attract more students via advertising. Apparently, a total enrollment of 3783 students is not a large enough pool of victims for this school to claim. They have decided to spend $1.485 million, over 11 years, on the naming rights to a minor league baseball park. (Maybe that will help move Cooley up in US&NWR’s rankings. It should at least help the school climb the ladder in its own rankings scheme.)

In the last analysis, this school is a complete and total festering pile of excrement. Do not piss away (borrowed) money to attain a “legal education” at this dump. I don’t care if you get a scholarship that covers tuition plus living expenses. Where will you hang your law degree? I would rather admit getting my JD from Wal-Mart (with the purchase of a set of paint brushes) than tell anyone I went to this TTTToileTTTT!


  1. I actually know someone who worked for Continental Airlines (baggage handler) and used her buddy pass privileges to commute to Cooley on the weekends from New Jersey. Cooley was the only school that accepted this person, who had a 130 something on her LSAT. Well the moral of the story is that she eventually earned a JD from Cooley by electing the weekend program and passed the sleazy easy NJ bar exam after 3 tries. No firm that I know of hires Cooley grads, so she struck out trying to land any job, whether big, mid or small law. Eventually she joined the shitlaw ranks by hanging a shingle and doing anything from filing simple immigration petitions to preparing tax returns. She had no malpractice insurance. This person is now facing multiple disciplinary complaints, malpractice suits and disbarment may be in her future. So much for a Cooley degree.

  2. Great photo, and talk about drive through legal education!

  3. 3783 law students! Even after the attrition rate they have, that would be almost 5 percent of all law school grads come from this dump!

  4. Jersey Shore TTTGrad meets Biglaw senior partner:

  5. Jersey Shore TTTGrad meets Biglaw senior partner:

  6. My husband just decided not to attend here and asked for a tuition deposit refund...thank you, God! Dodged the bullet there.

  7. 6:56 - That can actually happen to most anyone who strikes out as a solo with NO experience, whether they come from Cooley or some other school. As we all know, law school doesn't teach you a damn thing about the practice of law as it really is and it's insanely easy to screw something up. I firmly believe that it's stupid to go to law school nowdays, but for those that do, there should be some kind of internship requirement like for doctors and CPAs so you can at least learn what the hell you're doing enough not to get sued/disbarred. You can't even be a CPA in Michigan unless you have a whole year's experience working under another CPA plus very specific course requirements, PLUS passing an exam that's way harder than the bar exam. It's a shame you can represent clients in court with so little preparation. More evidence to prove the legal industry is a money-churning scam meant to separate a fool from his money and future and not to really prepare you for practice.

    1. Cooley DOES require a mandatory externship prior to graduating.

  8. How is OCI at Cooley? Before this economy I heard Subway, Denny's and Burger king would recruit at Cooley.

  9. Subway and BK are still a possibility for the top 25%, but Denny's now wants law review - it is a "sit down" restaurant after all.

  10. I'm from Michigan, and Cooley has pretty much always been a joke as long as I can remember. It is truly "correspondence school" for attorneys. It is heartbreaking to think of people going into 6 figure debt at this place chasing after the pipe dream of making big bucks as a lawyer. Cooley should be charging maybe 5k per year as tuition and even that would be generous.

  11. The Jersey Shore TTT Grad meets Big Firm Partner video made me laugh hysterically to the point where tears came out of my eyes. Nice work! I hope we can get this on the ABA Journal somehow.

  12. FYI, getting sued for malpractice isn't hard if you're a new grad. However, getting hit with disciplinary complaints is an entirely different ballgame. Malpractice != disciplinary violations.

    That said, I would not recommend for recent grads to go solo.

  13. Good Lord, how is this school even operating and why are people going there?

  14. Why are people going there? Because they can't get in anywhere else and they are drinkin' the poisonous kool-aid and thinking law is a ticket to the good life. How is Cooley operating? Because the ABA will accredit any school bar none; we shouldn't be surprised at the quality or fact it's run like a "business" because that's what it and all law schools are - a business in it solely for the money and not to help you out, serve society, etc. Also, if you do go here (or any other law school for that matter) and then can't get a job due to the fact that about ten times too many lawyers graduate each year, it's your own damn fault, you shouldn't have been stupid enough to actually listen to the lies told to you to induce you to go, and "no one held a gun to your head" (my personal favorite).

  15. This school is a complete waste site. Even the picture on this entry does not depict just how awful this school truly is. The school is a diploma mill - just look at the huge enrollment; number of branches; the weekend program; and the fact that 84 percent of the enrollment consists of part-time students.

    Hopefully, prospective law students will see this entry and avoid this dump. Attending and graduating from this institution WILL NOT help you land a decent job.

    If you want to leave your customer service job - and are looking at law school as a viable alternative - do not even bother applying to this school. Go into something else, or work on getting a promotion.

  16. I graduated from Cooley in 2008. My class started with over 1000 students. 227 of us graduated. Avoid Cooley at all costs.

    By the way, as of March 2010, I still have not found a job.

  17. This is a follow up to the Jersey Shore TTT Graduate series. In the following installment, Super Toileteer meets a Dominatrix in the belly of the biglaw beast:

  18. There is one place in America that is full of Cooley grads in high level attorney positions, and it ain't MI. Where is this magical place?

    I'll never tell lest the secret get out....but believe me it's real, I've seen it with my own eyes.

  19. Cooley. Finally. I was starting to question the integrity of your blog.

  20. The people have spoken - on here and numerous other forums - and their unanimous verdict is that this school is a rank pile of filth.

    The fact that the ABA approves and fully accredits such dump sites leaves NO DOUBT that this is a corrupt organization. The ABA not only accredited this school - it allows the school to have four campuses throughout the state!

    The ABA can talk about knocking down barriers to the practice of law, for historically under-represented groups all it wants. The fact remains that many of the minority students, and people of modest means, who attend Cooley will not be able to find legal work. This means that this diploma mill is making serious money by putting thousands of its graduates in WORSE financial shape.

    How is that ethical or moral?! How can anyone defend this industry? Again, the ABA is aware of the glut of attorneys in this country. It is aware of the over-saturated lawyer job market. So, what is their “solution”? Approve more law schools!

  21. I graduated from Cooley in 2008. My class started with over 1000 students. 227 of us graduated.

    So, if those stats are true, then out of over 1000 students, 773+, or 77.3+%, never matriculated! Those people have thus been very ill-served and financially damaged by their legal education. Since they were unable to graduate from Cooley, they probably NEVER should have been admitted to law school in the first place. It's too bad the ABA won't institute a minimum LSAT and undergraduate GPA requirement.

    Cooley sounds as though it is a for-profit law school whose interests run contrary to those of its students. In fact, I think Cooley even advertises on the local National Public Radio stations in the Detroit area. (I remember hearing an ad during a trip to Detroit some time ago.)

  22. I was looking at the Cooley website and it's amazing how many of their faculty are graduates of the school themselves.

  23. "Thomas M. Cooley Law School: The spirit of the law is in the human [fa]rt"

  24. ". . . Since they were unable to graduate from Cooley, they probably NEVER should have been admitted to law school in the first place. . . ."

    I don't completely agree with that statement. Certainly some should never have been admitted. Others, however, were probably victims of "hide the ball" teaching and incredibly arbitrary and subjective grading.

    Cooley is due for an ABA review in a couple of years. I wish the ABA would take a good look at some past exams and answer keys. I think the results would be quite surprising.

  25. Wow. Good job. You informed everyone in the world about what they already knew about. What's next on your list of things to do? Are you going to invent the wheel? Or maybe an ford model T?

    Your website is truly worthless. Only when you start blogging about how much of TTTs t14s are (such as Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, etc), and their misleading career statistics from a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth (or 2007, whichever is later), will your website gain some credence and respect. Until then, your blog is just a TTT itself.

    -Barack Obama

  26. Additionally, will you please change you "top 8 law school" crap. WTF is a top 8 law school? This changes every year. Everyone knows the tiers go something like this:

    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    -Barack Obama

  27. @ Barack Obama

    I know you're a bitter law student (from your posts on JDU) so I have some sympathy, but please, stop being an assclown. If you don't like this blog, then DON'T VISIT IT, much less post two comments.

    I understand you are at a top school, and yet, are having a tough time finding a job. I can relate, I've been there. Fortunately I finally landed a good job and am on my way. There is not a day that I am not thankful.

    Please take what I'm about to say seriously. Being bitter and taking your job search frustrations out on other people will get you nowhere. I realize this is just a blog, but if its any indication how you treat friends and colleagues, you will likely soon be running short on both. Unfortunately, I learned that lesson the hard way and alienated some people who I was once very close to.

    So, I feel bad for you, I really do. You did a lot right by getting into a top law school and yet, you had the misfortune of graduating in the worst recession in 3 generations. But, again, stop being a douche. Its not helping your cause.

  28. Mr. President, what are your hopes for the health care bill that you just signed? Will it secure you a victory for your party in the midterms and reelection in 2012? Fuck you and your law school elitism.

  29. "barack" - where do you get B from? Boston U? They are ranked about twentieth. I think you left out one of the C's - Chicago or Cornell. I imagine you have Columbia and Cal-Berkley in your second tier.

    What do you expect from a guy who went T14 and now has TTT job prospects? I feel bad for the chump, as well. (On second thought, he doesn't deserve our sympathy.) This just makes him a heavily-indebted TTT loser. If no one wants to hire your ass, who cares where your JD came from?

  30. lol, idiot.

    B = Boalt

  31. Cooley is a mess. They are a running joke on my blog.

  32. 2:28,

    Check out this link to a little publication called US News & World Report:

    Cal-Berkeley is ranked 6th. See where it is listed right after the 5th ranked school? Do you see that, moron? Why do you have it listed 10th, when it is ranked higher than Michigan, Virginia and Penn?

    And, by the way, calling it Boalt sounds pretentious, douchebag.

  33. Holy moly, I'm not sure whether to believe this posting for an attorney in the Chicago suburbs or attorneys are working for room and board??? WTF!

  34. Yes, we finally return to the age of indentured servitude! Doubtless, the older toiletlawyers out there will tell us that we should be happy with such an arrangement.

    That is, when they are not busy telling us that we should volunteer our time and efforts for an established firm. (Because student loan companies will really work with us if we do that, right?) And what could be better than working your ass off so that you can make more money for an established law firm or solo practitioner?

    Personally, I have more respect for JDs who take a job flipping burgers or tending bar. At least, these people show that they are practical, humble and willing to pay their bills and feed their families. So the next time some toiletlawyer tells you to volunteer your services, tell him you will be happy to volunteer a couple of stiff left jabs to his chin.

  35. I attended Cooley and have nothing bad to say about it. Cooley gets its bad rep from accepting individuals who score low on the LSAT and demanding the world out of them in return (no open book exams for instance). Cooley does provide a solid education for those who wish to take advantage of it.

  36. What the world needs is more lawyers. Why should all the eltist country club boys go to UM, Wayne State and MSU? The little man needs a university and Cooley provides it for them. Maybe if UM, MSU and WSU would allow real working class people in, we wouldn't need Cooley.

    Hopefully, Cooley opens a branch in every big city in Michigan.

  37. LOL... the fact that someone actually takes the time of day to blog about a law school is just sad... Yeah, it is funny how Cooley tries to pass itself off as being 12th in the nation, but the reality is, ALL RANKINGS are bullshit... hell, isn't the fucking law review owned by princeton, or yale or something? Cooley is a great school if you're willing to be honest about your job prospects... Im going to cooley and I just want to have my own business in my small hometown... I have a pretty big trustfund so i dont have to worry about debts.. AND, since there is no public defenders office, guess what? i get to bill the state out at 75 dollars an hour for every COURT APPOINTED case i get.. with the average attorney in my town getting 5 cases a day, that easily works out to 40 plus hours a week at 75 an hour.. do the math, and you see that i could be making 150 thousand OFF COURT APPOINTED CASES ONLY!! oh yeah, as far as overhead costs.. you can rent a two room office in the city center here for 500 dollars a month... find a secretary, pay her the going rate of 12.50 an hour.. and yeah.. ill still be making 100k a year OFF THE BREAK.. after a few years, ill be getting the occasional DUI here, a pot charge there, billed out at 1000 a pop... ill be able to retire by 50 with MONEY IN THE BANK, SHORTY WHAT YA THANK? hahaha... seriously, there is nothing wrong with cooley if you got your future already mapped out, and are honest about job prospects... id rather be my own boss, than have to kiss ass for 15 years just to be a partner and make 500k a year.. ill take 250k and be my own boss

  38. Ignorance is your best attribute, 9:51 and 9:55. If Cooley accepted a borderline retard like you, they are an even bigger piece of trash than I give them credit for.

    1. Well. Remember that your major was most likely not anything to do with actual hard subjects. (Physics II, orgo II, analytical chem). Don't judge. U are going to law school, and most likely an entitled art major. Or econ. Or fake sci (political). Douches.

  39. And if you honestly believe that you will be making $150K strictly doing court-appointed work, you should NOT be going to law school. You think the courts just dump cases on new solos? I have friends who are doing court-appointed work, and they typically start off with 3-5 files at a time. When those cases are disposed of, then they may get some more cases.

    If you exceed the funds given to you by the court, you then need to file a petition to exceed costs, with the court. In this economic climate, good luck with judges signing off on more funds for your client – who is accused of child endangerment or domestic violence. And guess what, idiot? If your request is denied, and you have already put in 50 hours on a case (and received a paltry $2000), you still have an ethical obligation to zealously and competently represent your client. Hell, YOU cannot even spell "competence." Good luck - especially if you plan to practice in the economically-decimated Detroit/Flint area.

    Also, GOOD LUCK getting the courts to accept your request for drug screening at state expense, let alone expert testimony. Have fun trying to win cases on a shoe-string budget, moron. Do you think that losing cases, and earning a reputation as someone who consistently pleas out at initial appearance and first pre-trial conference is going to attract private clients?!?! And your "social skills" certainly are not going to bring in - or retain - clients. Enjoy your life of immense abject poverty.

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  41. haha oh yeah, you seem very very bitter about not getting the job YOU WANTED upon completion of law school... good sir, THAT DOES NOT MEAN that all because you failed to accomplish your goals, that everyone else will too... if you honestly think law school is a waste of time unless it's a top 8 school, then i don't know... dude, OF COURSE NOT EVERYONE is going to get a six figure job fresh out of law school... yeah, you might have to take on being an assistant DA, or a public defender for a few years... WHO CARES?!?! You then get some experience under your belt, and go from there.... If MONEY is your only reason for going to law school, then you should probably not go anyway

  42. ^What a sad, pathetic piece of shit. Is there a reason why you keep commenting on this board? this troll also needs to get over his weird infatuation with "large black men" and masturbation. What? you couldn't get into the affordable state school (NC Central) or even the local diploma mills (Elon, Campbell, or U of Charlotte). (You never had a chance at Wake, Duke, or Chapel Hill. )you had to go all the way to Michigan to get into a TTTT?!

    Loser: 1. a. One that fails to win: the losers of the game.
    b. One who takes loss in a specified way: a graceful loser; a poor loser.
    2. a. One that fails consistently, especially a person with bad luck or poor skills: "losers at home seeking wealth and glory in undeveloped countries" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)
    b. One that is bad in quality: That book is a real loser.

    Image: subliterate loser above sitting at home in his mother's NC basement jacking off to buff black men, waiting for his acceptance letter from Cooley with dreams of raking in the dough w a TTTT diploma.

  43. Yep, take it from me. Stay away form cooley. The screw good students with the whole "Hide the Ball". After completing nearly 40 hours, I got dismissed. Luck for me, I had a good LSAT Score and Three College Degrees. It's too bad I have to start all over. The good news is, I'm starting a tier 1 law school.

    So take my advice, Do not go to COOLEY!!!!! Everything bloggers are saying is TRUE! Trust ME!!!!!

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. frank the underemployed professional said...
    I graduated from Cooley in 2008. My class started with over 1000 students. 227 of us graduated.

    So, if those stats are true, then out of over 1000 students, 773+, or 77.3+%, never matriculated! Those people have thus been very ill-served and financially damaged by their legal education. Since they were unable to graduate from Cooley, they probably NEVER should have been admitted to law school in the first place. It's too bad the ABA won't institute a minimum LSAT and undergraduate GPA requirement.

    Cooley sounds as though it is a for-profit law school whose interests run contrary to those of its students. In fact, I think Cooley even advertises on the local National Public Radio stations in the Detroit area. (I remember hearing an ad during a trip to Detroit some time ago.)

    *A trustworthy opinion is one that makes a logical argument – one that criticizes based off of facts. A well-educated individual, who has great potential for any discipline he or she desires, especially that of the legal profession, should know how to make a logical argument.
    The author of this blog has given his or her audience nothing to support the conclusion that those who did not graduate from Cooley have “been very ill-served and financially damaged by their legal education.” This author tries to make a point that is fallacious – there is no support given for this conclusion. This argument is misleading, because it assumes a relationship of causality that does not exist.

  46. what is up with you guys? it really doesn't matter where one attended law school. it's all about who you or your family knows. oh yeah, i'm a 3rd year at Yale. #1 = BABY!!!!

  47. 8:47, maybe these (supposed) Yale third year law students should spend more time at their big money summer internships. Or maybe, they are so successful, that they have plenty time to post on this blog - on a three-month old thread pertaining to TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool, no less!! Yes, that must be it!

    After all, a residential customer living between E 1400 Rd and E 1500 Rd and between N 500 Rd and N 400 Rd in Baldwin City, KS 66006 claims to be a fellow Yale 3L, as well.

  48. I graduated summa cum laude from Cooley. The school is neither as good as the most fervent Coolios claim, nor as wretched as its detractors claim.

    I agree that the school's made up ranking system is a disgrace that I tried (unsuccessfully) to get rid of as a student. The ballpark is equally embarrassing. But it also has its good points. The library is excellent, the profs are pretty good, and it certainly is a challenge. The people that claim that the professors are inaccessible are lying. I met with every single professor I had on multiple occasions. You just have to be diligent.

    But it is what it is. The top 10-20 in a given class are probably competitive with every other in-state law grad who didn't go to Michigan. After that, you're in for a bit of a crap shoot. Under any circumstance, you have very little chance of landing anything other than a job at a small to medium size firm. The Michigan Courts -- including the Supreme Court -- do hire a good number of Cooley students.

    Quite frankly, however, unless you go to a T1, I don't think it makes a dimes worth of difference going to Drake (I'm from Iowa City) or Michigan State or even the Cool.

  49. I say stay away from Cooley. This is not a law school but a business enterprise. I don't know why the ABA does not come down on this school. They have dismissed many people who gave their best but for not the already determined numbers selected would have graduated from any law school given teh amount of effort they gave. I have often wonder if these dismissed students can form a class and sue the school?

  50. This place is a scum-stricken fuckhole, purveyed by corrupt pimps that will do anything for your $60k/year. Wear a rubber at the very least if you plan on entering. A Hazmat suit would be even better, though.

    Sorry, I was just trying to emulate the author's tone. How did I do?

  51. You did pretty well emulating my tone. Perhaps, you will be pleased to see my recent post on one of Cooley's pimps:

    This shill had the blatant audacity to say the following:

    "The solution to economic decline is more, not less, education."

  52. You poor bastards. I saw the writing on the wall after my first year at Cooley. I got on deans list all 3 terms (3.7GPA) - I applied for numerous summer clerkships and got rejected from all of them.

    I finally called one of the employers and asked them the reason they decided not to offer me the position. The answer - "We have students from University of Michigan, Wayne State and many other law schools with similar stats applying - all things considered - students from these more reputable schools will get the leg up over an individual from a lower ranked school when all other factors are equal".

    I had friends who attended U of M - their Torts 1 exam was a 10 question fill in the blank - and even worse - all they had to learn in Torts 1 were the intentional torts - not the intentional torts + negligence like we had to at Cooley.

    Dont drink the "cooley koolaid" - the professors try and tell you what a great school it is and how lucky you are to be there. Because they love their 200k a year salaries for teaching 6 hours a week.

    I ended up going back to schools and getting a Masters in Software Engineering - i`m now making 70k a year - while all my old Cooley law school friends are struggling to even get a temp job. I feel bad - so many though that their externships would turn in to full time positions - NOPE - these firms see Cooley Grads as free slave labour - that will keep coming from any of Cooley's 4 campuses.

    Cooley is a scam. Stay away, please.

  53. I've actually worked with two Cooley grads while working in-house for a large oil company in the South. On several occasions I wanted to ask them how they ended up being so successful coming from a school with such a terrible reputation, but I refrained. Both were extremely successful, but I imagined this (unfortunately) was the exception to the rule.

    I was admitted to cooley with a 50%(!) scholarship. Went to visit there and Michigan State. While touring MSU I found out that a lot of prospective students are offered generous scholarships but the school has enacted such rigid scholarship guidelines that almost everyone loses theirs after the first year.

    Also, visited another law school who said it had the reputation of "Cooley on the East Coast" and they were desperately trying to distance themselves from the label.

    And the Cooley admissions people were like used-car salesmen at the NYC law school forum.


  54. I think its funny how the guy who runs this site is a pathetic loser who can't even get a real lawyer job and yet tries to diss those who do better than him.

    It's always the losers who cry and want to blame everyone else. What an asswipe. Enjoy your webpage, at least here you can pretend to be cool....... :(

  55. says it all huh? What an F'n waste of life....

    I am a recent graduate of Drake Law School. I am employed in a non-lawyer position

  56. To the cockroach who posted on 1-20-11 at 8:56 and 8:58 pm,

    Are you currently attending this fourth tier waste of space, Bitch? Did this entry hurt your feelings? Get over it. TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool is the biggest joke of any ABA-approved law school.

    This blog has been cited and quoted in the New York Times. How do you like, beanbag-sniffer?

    These scam-blogs will be featured in an upcoming law review article.

    Check out this article in the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. It is entitled "Options for Student Borrowers: A Derivatives-Based Proposal to Protect Students and Control Debt-Fueled Inflation in the Higher Education Market." Take a look at footnote 260, ignorant bitch.

    On on July 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm, Gordon Hylton, professor at Marquette University Law School, wrote the following:

    “For a thought-provoking (and sobering) blog devoted to the realities of legal education in the 21st century, one should check out Third Tier Reality”

    Look at this article from Brian Tamanaha, another law professor:

    “The law graduates posting on these sites know the score. They know that law schools pad their employment figures—96% employed—by counting as “employed” any job at all, legal or non-legal, including part time jobs, including unemployed graduates hired by the school as research assistants (or by excluding unemployed graduates “not currently seeking” a job, or by excluding graduates who do not supply employment information).”

    You can listen to those who have through the $y$tem - including those who are benefiting from it – or you can rely on your inexperience and inflated sense of self-worth to reach your own uneducated and ignorant decision. Have fun racking up tons of student debt, ass-clown.

  57. oh, I made the baby cry.......... :(

    Every profession has washup deadwood like you. You'd suck no matter what you do. It's you. Accept it. You suck and want to blame everyone else. "my teachers" "my parents" "there is no god" kill yourself. Thats the only true fix.

  58. This blog is maintained by a recent law school grad from a third tier school

    I am employed in a non-lawyer position.

    (yeah, ass-clown)

    You can project all you want, it's still you.

  59. This blog has been cited and quoted in the New York Times. How do you like, beanbag-sniffer?

    WOW! Such a great achievment! (and yet worth less than a single day as a real lawyer huh?)


    Hello cockroach. How are things in Galesburg, Michigan?

    Time Visitor Session
    Jan 21 2011 5:03pm 8 actions 6m 10s
    Jan 21 2011 3:10pm 7 actions 5m 18s
    Jan 21 2011 10:02am 2 actions 8s
    Jan 21 2011 9:38am 17 actions 21m 41s
    Jan 20 2011 8:49pm 8 actions 10m 12s

    We can see that you made the specious comments on 1-20-11 at 8:56 and 8:58 pm, as well as the idiotic remarks on 1-21-11 at 9:41, 9:47 and 9:56 am. You also posted a comment defending an overpaid “law professor” at this dump at 3:15 pm today. Tell me. Do your jaws hurt from sucking on the dean's crotch so intensely?

    Furthermore, I can see that you stumbled upon this site by performing a Yahoo search on Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer. It is beyond sad that your feelings were hurt by what you found. Listen, bitch. PLENTY of other sites have discovered that this school is a fourth tier piece of filth. Take this up with US News. After all, they ranked this school in the fourth tier. Blame the school for producing such a worthless project. Don’t forget those former students who have ripped Cooley a new colon, in various online forums.

    Also, learn how to spell “achievement.” This is a word that a fourth grade student should be able to spell without great difficulty. Seeing that you are a mentally-deficient troll, I realize that you are probably not familiar with the concept. However, you should at least know how to spell the word. Work on your grammar and sentence structure, as well. The first word in a sentence starts with capitalization, i.e. a big letter. Got that, moron?!?! Or do I need to pop in another Sesame Street DVD, documenting this for you?!?!

    Lastly, it is funny that you deride me as a graduate of a third tier law school - when YOU are the one who is looking at attending arguably *the worst law school* in the United States. You can’t even put together a few grammatically correct sentences. Doubtless, you will do exceptionally well in law school.

    Keep projecting, Moron. It will serve you well, when you have a TTTT law degree, $150K in debt, and no job!

  61. wow, so much time to get my dang town wrong, way to go. Good job using my word, and saying all the usual juniorhigh attempts at cursewords.
    Guess what princess, you can cry all you want but you still are running a blog and not a real lawyer. We all suck but you, even though you failed.....gotcha.

    "but,but,beanbagsniffer....." :(

  62. nando,

    Why are you arguing with this piece of shit above? The kid is fucking retarded (and not just mildly retarded) if he doesn't realize the job market is crap. Let the li'l cocksucker go to law school and find out the hard way. Let him take out a bunch of loans. You oughtta realize the kid is probably in high school. (And a shitty one at that.) Read his arguments. Plus the shitstain signs off with a :(

    Anyone that has this much time to defend a bottom-feeding law school has mental problems. Stop arguing with such severe retards. Keep beating the shit outta the schools.

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. Oh, the post administrator removed my posting?
    Wow, must've said somthing right then.... :(

    Afterall, if you can't beat their posts, just erase them, THAT will fix EVERYTHING!!!!(other than getting a real job and not being an overall loser, but other than that hellzyeahbitches!!!!!!!!)


    Cooley TTTT kid, you have been HANDLED on this issue. Somehow, you seem to think that I deleted your posts because I couldn't refute them. Is it possible for you to be that delusional?! You are pretending to be this sick, right? At any rate, go check with your therapist, cockroach.

    Time Visitor Session

    Jan 24 2011 9:38am 15 actions 11m 43s
    Jan 23 2011 4:41pm 2 actions 8s
    Jan 23 2011 3:12pm 7 actions 2m 15s
    Jan 23 2011 11:45am 10 actions 7m 30s
    Jan 22 2011 9:04pm 1 action 1m
    Jan 22 2011 2:04pm 22 actions 18m 35s
    Jan 22 2011 5:15am 1 action 30s
    Jan 21 2011 10:59pm 14 actions 12m 51s
    Jan 21 2011 5:03pm 8 actions 6m 10s
    Jan 21 2011 3:10pm 7 actions 5m 18s
    Jan 21 2011 10:02am 2 actions 8s
    Jan 21 2011 9:38am 17 actions 21m 41s
    Jan 20 2011 8:49pm 8 actions 10m 12s

    Can you spell “obsession”? Thirteen visits, 114 actions, and NOTHING of substance to offer - in three and a half days.

    Seriously, go ask one of your classmates out on a date. Sure, she will need to overlook your pasty skin, pencil neck, foul breath, and 2” penis. But who knows? Maybe someone who is both blind and a poor judge of character would be interested in you.

    Take care and get a life, loser.

  66. I went to cooley and passed the bar and got a job as a lawyer. Why couldn't you do the same?

    Seriously. If want substance, lets do substance. Why if cooley is so bad am a lawyer and you aren't?

  67. If you are a practicing lawyer, how do you manage to do the following?

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jan 30 2011 4:42pm 11 actions 4m 5s third tier blog spot cool...
    Jan 30 2011 12:06pm 8 actions 4m 41s third tier blog spot cool...
    Jan 29 2011 6:01pm 25 actions 17m 38s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 29 2011 1:35pm 17 actions 12m 3s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 29 2011 5:28am 12 actions 4m 1s third tier blog florida
    Jan 27 2011 5:54pm 7 actions 1m 47s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 27 2011 9:18am 2 actions 1m 12s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 26 2011 5:19pm 2 actions 2m 16s third tear blog spot cool...
    Jan 26 2011 1:41pm 15 actions 4m 21s third tier blogspot coole...
    Jan 25 2011 7:15pm 2 actions 11s third tier blog spot cool...
    Jan 25 2011 3:31pm 8 actions 2m 49s third tier blog spot cool...
    Jan 25 2011 12:53pm 27 actions 12m 31s third tier blog spot jfk
    Jan 25 2011 7:12am 5 actions 1m 48s third tier blog spot cool...
    Jan 24 2011 9:48pm 7 actions 6m 8s third tier blog spot merc...
    Jan 24 2011 8:50pm 9 actions 4m 36s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 24 2011 7:49pm 3 actions 30s third tier blog spot cool...
    Jan 24 2011 3:38pm 2 actions 51s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 24 2011 1:50pm 21 actions 9m 27s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 24 2011 9:38am 15 actions 11m 43s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 23 2011 4:41pm 2 actions 8s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 23 2011 3:12pm 7 actions 2m 15s third tier blogspot
    Jan 23 2011 11:45am 10 actions 7m 30s third tier blog cooley
    Jan 22 2011 9:04pm 1 action 1m third tier reality blog c...
    Jan 22 2011 2:04pm 22 actions 18m 35s third tier blogspot reali...
    Jan 22 2011 5:15am 1 action 30s third tier realtiy blogsp...
    Jan 21 2011 10:59pm 14 actions 12m 51s third tier reality blog c...
    Jan 21 2011 5:03pm 8 actions 6m 10s third tier reality cooley
    Jan 21 2011 3:10pm 7 actions 5m 18s third tier reality blogsp...
    Jan 21 2011 10:02am 2 actions 8s
    Jan 21 2011 9:38am 17 actions 21m 41s third teir law blog coole...
    Jan 20 2011 8:49pm 8 actions 10m 12s

    Are things going slow for you?!

  68. Are you stupid enough to think we don't have a computer in our office......what did you go to school with fred flinstone?

    Nice job trying to dodge the question. Try to answer it. Can you? Show me. Unless you are a coward as well as a failure.

  69. Real lawyers are usually busy looking up statutes, reviewing case files, filing motions, arguing motions, talking to clients, tracking down witnesses, contacting adversarial lawyers, billing, etc. You are on here at all hours of the day. The reality is that most successful lawyers are too busy making money to even bother with these blogs. If someone is making good money as a lawyer, does that person really care about the law school scam?

    If you want to pretend to be a lawyer, that is sad. In all honesty, your writing skills indicate that you are still in high school - or perhaps you are a subpar-to-mediocre college student. The reality is that most successful lawyers are too busy making money to even bother with these blogs. Occasionally, you might one angry email from someone claiming to be a lawyer. But those people generally do not visit this site 30 times and spend hours on this blog, i.e. they are trying to make a living. If someone is making good money as a lawyer, does that person really care about the law school scam?

    If you want to pretend to be a lawyer, that is sad. In all honesty, your writing skills and "argument" indicate that you are still in high school - or perhaps a subpar-to-mediocre college student. The first thing you did was act like an angry woman, yelling at her boyfriend for cheating on her. You should not be this emotionally-wedded to Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer. They are making serious money, off of this scheme.

    Here is the reason why I do not practice law: I have bills to pay. Adults meet their obligations, i.e. mortgage/rent, insurance, heat, gas, electricity, water, garbage, taxes, etc. Do I want to walk away from a somewhat decent job - with nice benefits - to take the serious risk of going out on my own?! The market is glutted, kid. When I graduated, I – as well as MANY of my classmates – did not have anything lined up. I was fortunate to land a non-legal job within two months of graduating from that cesspool.

    In contrast, when I asked you to answer why law school is a wise investment for most students, you responded with this simple-minded response: “To be a lawyer.” Would you say that taking out $100K-$140K in student loans to make $36K as an attorney, is financially wise?!?! You clearly are financially illiterate, i.e. you did not even understand the question – or the term “investment.”

    “A good rule of thumb is that your total education debt should be less than your expected starting salary. If you borrow more than twice your expected starting salary you will find it extremely difficult to repay the debt.”

    As you can see, NALP reports that the 44,000 members of the JD Class of 2009 competed for 28,901 jobs requiring a law degree. This also includes those desperate souls who went out on their own. Law school is a pricey and risky venture. Students are seen as commodities. By the way, Cooley is known for dumping out first year students. Cooley grads claim this is so the school can manage a somewhat-decent bar passage rate.

    Law School Numbers shows that Cooley had a 26% attrition rate for first year law students, in its Class of 2008. That is very high, by any standard.

  70. Ok.I fess up I am actually still enrolled in WMU prelaw and plan to attend either cooley or wayne. How did you know that I live in Kalamazoo?

    All BS aside, how is being an adult to keep a job "without benefits" in a tech field after going into debt? If you don't want to go solo, then why not join a firm or as in house counsel?
    I have a hard time believing that if grads of the dozens of "scam" schools that you show find work(the majority of them even) that you couldn't find a job as at least a paralegal (with benefits) that pays more than your tech job somewhere in this vast nation of ours.

    Would it really be worse to start out at the bottom and work up than to stay on the outside and never make progress at all? How is that better off?

  71. Nando, you have inspired me. I am drafting a detailed thrashing of this school that I am sure you will find to your liking. I will be posting a link here as soon as I get it active on the internet for those thinking about Cooley as an option (apparently almost 6000 apps get sent there each year so sure close to 8000 would be considering or looking into it at some point) to supplement the advice you have already provided with some first hand experience. Thanksfully I did get out! Working on it as I type this at my TTT library. Hope to go live soon!

  72. Nando, you have inspired me. I am drafting a detailed thrashing of this school that I am sure you will find to your liking. I will be posting a link here as soon as I get it active on the internet for those thinking about Cooley as an option (apparently almost 6000 apps get sent there each year so sure close to 8000 would be considering or looking into it at some point) to supplement the advice you have already provided with some first hand experience. Thankfully I did get out! Working on it as I type this at my TTT library. Hope to go live soon!


  74. That was an epic blast. Thank you for providing that lengthy, detailed post. This will help solidify Thomas M. Cooley Law School's reputation as the smelliest, filthiest toilet in the country.

    I am glad that I was able to inspire you, in some way. I was proud to promote your piece on JDU. Most people who have attended law school understand that Cooley is a pathetic joke. However, those kids who have their hearts SET on being lawyers will be happy to attend TTTs and TTTTs. After all, they can justify the decision in their minds, i.e. "All I need is a license, and I am an attorney just like someone who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School."

    Yeah - and a 1987 Toyota Corolla is just like a 2011 Lambourghini Murcielago. After all, both will take you to various destinations. Although, the Lambourghini will actually get your there faster, provide a smoother ride, and catch people's attention - in a good way.

  75. still havn't found work then eh nando?

  76. So if someone can't afford Bill Gates car, they should just walk cross country each way untill their feet fall off? -Not the best analogy einstein.

  77. To the illiterate moron who posted at 4:35 pm,

    Still haven't learned how to use capitalization or punctuation, Dumbass?! If you knew how to read, moron, you would see that two months after graduating from law school, I found my current job.

    I have been doing the adult thing and putting food in the fridge, paying bills, repaying my student loans, and keeping a roof over our heads. What have you been doing - other than touching yourself in your mother's basement?

    To 7:08 am, who is more than likely the same idiot who posted at 4:35 pm:

    Your "logic" is so weak, it is doubtful that you can follow episodes of Sesame Street. I made an apt analogy. Look it up, stupid bitch. A law degree from Cooley is not in the same league as one from Crooklyn, let alone NYU, Harvard, Yale, etc. A 1987 Corolla does not compare to a new Lambourghini Murcielago.!?!

    I have actually seen and heard lemmings state that their TTT law degree and bar license will make them an attorney just as much as a Yale Law grad. This is beyond comical. In fact, it is pathetic. (You will not need to look up that term, moron.)

  78. No one said that the analogy between the cars wasn't valid. The question was if someone would be better off with no car vs having a car.

    Some might be content to cry and walk, others get behind the wheel.

    By the way, a non legal "job" with a JD isn't being a "man". It's being a tool who can't find a real job.

  79. I take it your wife hasn't left you for a real lawyer yet?

  80. To the cockroach who posted at 4:58 pm,

    I never claimed to be a lawyer, moron. She hasn't left me yet.

    However, you have my condolences for your girlfriend blowing the entire starting line-up of the local high school boys' team last night. Instead of taking your frustration out on the messenger, why don't you grow a pair of nuts?

    @ 6:28,

    YOU are the tool who is attempting to defend this sick industry. Now, why is law school a wise investment for most students? Can you answer that, or do you need your boyfriend to shove his hand up you ass - so you can pipe out a response?!?!

    You are one poor, insignificant, unintelligent fool. Apparently, you have not entered the real world. Taking care of your responsibilities, i.e. paying bills, repaying your loans, providing shelter, and putting food in the fridge is what adults do, moron.

    "Some might be content to cry and walk, others get behind the wheel."

    I prefer to get behind the wheel and run over piles of excrement like you, 6:28 pm. Do you feel better, now that I took your stupid platitude and rammed it up your ass, Bitch?!

  81. The analogy is legitimate. To help Nando clarify to these morons what he is trying to say I would look at it more in terms of buying an EXPENSIVE sports car with 500hp toward success as a lawyer and a decision to take a dingy beat up piece of shit with 125hp AT THE SAME PRICE. Chances are the latter won't even get there. If it does it will get you there after taking a LONGGGG TIME TO START-UP, on a rSEVERELY BUMPY RIDE, and in AT LEAST 4x the time it would take otherwise. You idiots get it yet?

    This works in comparison to other law schools, and with doctor-lawyer being the most elite form of transportation (ex. vehicles) as opposed to going by foot representing blue collar, followed by skateboard, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle. Not everyone can be a doctor or a lawyer, there are several other rewarding careers out there. If you are considering going to Cooley, it is time to start considering other options. Period.

  82. So Nando, going to lawschool and graduating at the bottom of your class and by your own words NOT being a lawyer, makes you "good" somehow?

    I'd be swearing if I were you.

    Keep crying on the internet, but even the bottom of the online lawschool grads are running laps around you the first day out. You know it too winner.

  83. (Nando)- putting food in the fridge is what adults do, moron

    -Congrats, you meet the minimum standards not to get your kids taken away by the state. Right up there with everyone who passed the GED who works fastfood.

    You still keep talking about how you're being "a man" but have yet to explain how getting a grad degree and not being capable enough to be able to use it is a good thing.
    If you wanted just to fix computers, why didn't you got to ITT tech and get an online tech degree in less than a year?

  84. All this from the guy who brags about making $40K a year and living in his sister basement? Yeah, you a REAL "man" huh?


    Job Title National Salary Data (?
    XAll compensation data shown are gross, national 25th to 75th percentile ranges. Pay can vary greatly by location. To view local data, take the PayScale survey.
    ) $0 $45K $90K
    Attorney / Lawyer $48,160 - $68,581
    Associate Attorney (Law Firm) $41,694 - $60,975
    Associate Attorney $42,881 - $62,510
    Entry-Level Attorney $34,702 - $44,219
    Contracts Manager $62,500 - $87,000

    -The average cooley grad STARTS at more than you make right now. What does that tell you Nando? These aren't their own stats either.

  86. March 8, 2011 11:35 and 11:38 PM,

    Are you on the commode's payroll, or are you just stupid? This school is the biggest law diploma mill in the entire nation. They have 4,001 students enrolled in the JD and LLM programs.

    The school charges $30,644 in full tuition, for the 2010-2011 academic year. The school is also known to kick out many of its students; apparently, this helps the school's overall bar pass rate, among recent graduates.

    The sweltering stench pile still lists the average starting salary as $52,400. By the way, cretin, do you take these stats at face value? You do understand that the school can produce these figures, from a small response rate, correct?!?! Furthermore, for $ome rea$on, law schools do not include their unemployed grads' in this graph.

    Also, contrary to your personal beliefs, is not the authority on starting salary info. Tell me how someone will be better off making $35K-$50K with $110K in additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt. At that amount, a person is likely also taking on private loans. Have fun wrapping your little brain around that question, ignorant pig.

    Lastly, I do not live in my sister-in-law's basement. Learn how to read. I lived with her - for about five months - after graduation. That is past tense, moron. Do you understand that?!?! I am now a homeowner. Anyway, how are things in your mother's garage?!

  87. well, for starters the govt only makes you pay back based on income and it IS DISCHARGABLE after 25 years.

    Then again, they could be the winner, who trys to brag about making under $40K and living in his sisters basement.

    You still didn't tell me why you didn't just go to ITT tech like I asked. Ashamed are we?

  88. 7:12,

    It is obvious you cannot read, you mentally-unhinged cockroach. For your info, I also received a full-tuition scholarship to attend law school. Make sure to take your meds, ass-hat.

  89. You recieved a FULL scholarship and STILL only were able to get barely above a 2.0 Graduating GPA and NOT get a lawyer job and NOT get above $40K a year job?

    Damn......nothing worse than wasted potential.

    Your school must be ashamed to have wasted so much time and resources on you.

  90. Let me guess you tied to get licensed but COULDN'T. (perhaps a character&fitness reason I suspect)?

    They're doing a better job of weeding the psycho's out nowdays. Sorry they couldn't do the same for you tweekie.

  91. ttp://

    Hello, cockroach. You are back, even after admitting that you are a "pre-law" student at Western Michigan University.

    I took the professional responsibility portion of the bar exam during my third year of law school. My score was high enough that I could have sat for the bar in any state. However, it is silly to take the bar when one does not having a legal job lined up - or any real prospects. I found a job within two months of graduation. Should I give up a job with nice benefits, a steady paycheck and vacation time - for the risky proposition of starting a firm with no capital?!?! I am a realist, and you are a dreamer.

    Time Visitor Session Referrer

    Mar 13 2011 1:33pm 1 action 1m
    Mar 13 2011 8:56am 10 actions 7m 43s
    Mar 12 2011 10:10pm 1 action 10s
    Mar 11 2011 9:42am 1 action 10s
    Mar 10 2011 12:47pm 1 action 10s
    Mar 8 2011 11:24pm 19 actions 17m 23s
    Mar 7 2011 11:01am 1 action

    "Anonymous said...

    Ok.I fess up I am actually still enrolled in WMU prelaw and plan to attend either cooley or wayne. How did you know that I live in Kalamazoo?

    All BS aside, how is being an adult to keep a job "without benefits" in a tech field after going into debt?

    January 31, 2011 3:08 PM"

    Did you forget your earlier admission, Dumbass?!?! You flat-out lied about both being a Cooley grad and a licensed lawyer. You have ZERO credibility, bitch. By the way, why would anyone lie about being a graduate of TTTThoma$ M. Cooley?!

  92. What's wrong with Western?

    Please explain how you think people will line you up a lawyer job without passing the bar first? You do realize they require that before letting you apply for most of them right?

    Why would you take the MPRE but not the bar?

    On top of that, passing the MPRE dosn't mean that you would pass character and fitness. You could be a psycho(which you are) and still be allowed to sit the MPRE. They still wouldn't let you take the bar in most states untill you pass C&F, so since you took the prior and not the latter, a psycho.

  93. Western Michigan University undergrad,

    YOU LIED about being a licensed attorney, bitch. In contrast, I never claimed to be a lawyer. (When idiots refer to me as an attorney, I correct them on the spot.)

    I did not take the bar exam, because I had no job prospects as a lawyer. I then found a non-legal job soon after graduation. Due to your patent ignorance and willful stupidity, we are going around in circles, dumbass. Either add something of substance, or all of your future posts will be deleted.

    Tell me WHY law school is a wise investment for most students. Can you manage to do that? Who are we kidding? You have yet to do so, after numerous opportunities. Then again, you cannot even write at a college freshman level.

  94. Well I could, if you stopped erasing my texts where I said it and editing my other texts to look worse than I posted them.

    You are a true coward, too scared to sit the bar and too scared to even leave posts on your precious site that contradict you.

    This will be my last post in this section. I just recieve my acceptance letter to Drake, so I will post my further commo with you in that section.

    Just so you know, the admissions office there laughed their asses off about your stupid site when I mentioned it. They said you must've been that "smelly kid" in class but not for me to worry since they burned your seat after you left for sanitation purposes.

  95. To the lying pig above,

    I deleted your January 22nd post, because it contained NOTHING of value. I look forward to actual debate on the facts, moron. However, you are too dense to understand that.

    I have not edited any of your comments, cockroach. YOU ADMITTED THAT YOU WERE A WMU PRE-LAW STUDENT - after you had maintained that you were a Cooley grad and licensed attorney. Do you see how that shows you have no credibility, bitch?!

    Have you not seen the numerous posts - throughout this site - that seek to contradict my main message, Idiot?! Also, learn how to write. It is a shame that you have allegedly made it through college - even a festering stench pit such as Western Michigan University - and can barely string together two sentences.

  96. Your schitzophrenia is kicking in again kid.

    I NEVER posted half the stuff you have up there( you edited it, you lieing freak)

    PLUS all the good stuff you deleted.


  97. Whatever, I start Drake in a few months. I'll show you what a REAL MAN can do soon enough.

    You can keep editing posts to fill with lies, I will show you first hand what a real man can do!

  98. March 16, 2011 11:16 AM:

    You are OBSESSED with a law school scamblog. You are going to have some immense challenges with your legal opponents if you are going to get wrapped around the axle like that over inconsequential issues. You are really going to have to get past that kind of stuff.

    If law school is indeed such a great idea for you, you should not be so intensely affected by what anyone else thinks about your choice.


    (P.S.: As more thatn half of your future law school class will be female, I would refrain crediting them with exceptionally manly behavior for their law school prowess--some may take offense!)

  99. YOU ARE A PSYCHO!!!!

    Yes, you come across as normal and mentally mature. By the way, I have not "modified" any of your posts. YOU claimed to be a Cooley Law grad and licensed attorney. (You later backtracked like the bitch that you are.)

    YOU then noted that you were a pre-law student at Western Michigan, dumbass. Are you losing your memory, dickface? I suppose when one lies constantly, it would be difficult to recall one's stories.

    "Anonymous said...

    Ok.I fess up I am actually still enrolled in WMU prelaw and plan to attend either cooley or wayne. How did you know that I live in Kalamazoo?

    All BS aside, how is being an adult to keep a job "without benefits" in a tech field after going into debt? If you don't want to go solo, then why not join a firm or as in house counsel?
    I have a hard time believing that if grads of the dozens of "scam" schools that you show find work(the majority of them even) that you couldn't find a job as at least a paralegal (with benefits) that pays more than your tech job somewhere in this vast nation of ours.

    Would it really be worse to start out at the bottom and work up than to stay on the outside and never make progress at all? How is that better off?

    January 31, 2011 3:08 PM"

    Good luck at Third Tier Drake, pussy. You will need it - that is, if you are actually telling the truth for once.

  100. Yeah, you tell him Nando. These kids these days don't know any respect! You keep preaching the truth brother!

  101. I agree with the synopsis that Cooley Law is a scam and an unethical institution that prays on people hoping for a future in law.


    Don't you think your points (which are valid) would be more persuasive without all of the personal insults and cussing, etc.

    It seems to me that someone who just shouts down critics and calls them morons and pussies etc. just get dismissed as internet weirdos.

    I think you have legitimate points and you clearly spend a good deal of time compiling evidence and articles, but your message is lost in all of the middle-school level insults and word usage.

    There are a lot of people getting scammed by America's law schools every semester, and it is actually admirable that you seem to actually think this is a big enough injustice to make a blog over it. But to be honest you seem too bitter and foul-mouthed to be taken completely seriously. My suggestion for what its worth (which may be nothing), is that you clean up the language and insults and present the information in your blog in a more professional matter, and hopefully some changes can be made in the way law schools are currently run right now in the USA.

    Unless you are just blowing off steam for your own kicks, then keep doing what your doing.

  102. I bet this idiot gets sued. :)

  103. Anonymous said...
    "I bet this idiot gets sued. :)

    August 11, 2011 4:44 PM"

    That would be horrible.

    The scamblogs, including this one, have done an overall EXCELLENT job in exposing the damage done by these lower-tiered schools.

    Charging top dollar at schools no one has ever heard of, in a "profession" as prestige-whoring as law, is unconscionable.

    I bet that this business of suing critics will backfire on these inferior "schools."

  104. how could it? They either meet ABA standards or they don't. If you actually knew what you were talking about you'd know that THEY sued cooley first and cooley responded with a countersuit.

    R&W 101.

  105. Keep up the good work, Nando. Great blog. I left Cooley after a month for reasons unrelated to the school itself- and I thank my lucky stars every day. Thinking of all of the people whose entire life prospects and hopes are severely curtailed by getting a worthless and expensive J.D. makes me sad and sick. Your blog should be required reading for every "Pre-law/Poli-Sci/Liberal Arts" major out there.

  106. The founder Thomas Brennan has ten relatives on the payroll His own kid couldn't even make it as a real lawyer. He teaches property law. They flunk out out of staters while michigan residents pass with flying colors. It is a total scam.The ABA should be ashamed.

  107. To the commenter above,

    Can you back up your statement, with some facts? A while back, someone tried to post a comment alleging that this toilet bowl "flunks out of state students." I did not publish it, because I wanted to make sure that the claim was truthful. (I was also skeptical that a Cooley shill had posted the comment, as the school was checking out this site at the time.)

    Feel free to post on this entry again, but furnish some links to articles, reports or admissions, which prove your assertions. For instance, why would a law school pass in-state residents "with flying colors"? ABA law schools typically employ a forced grading curve, especially in first year courses. What would any law school gain by showing favoritism to in-state students?! Keep in mind that "law professors" supposedly use blind grading.

    Lastly, it appears that Brennan has at least one relative who teaches at TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer. However, it seems highly unlikely that he "has ten relatives on the payroll." Please respond, and provide the following:

    (1) some proof that the school flunks out-of-state students while favoring Michigan residents who attend Cooley; and
    (2) a list of all ten of Brennan's supposed relatives, who you claim are on the payroll - with their positions/titles at the school.

    Thank you.

  108. one of their contracts profs got arrested for getting into a bar fight recently. Great staff!

  109. I graduated Cooley a decade ago and this was before Professor Paul Campos has posted his expose of the true nature of the legal market. Have I known back then what I do know now, I never would have enrolled. Despite passing the bar exam the first try and sending resumes to every law office in my city that I could think about, I never was even offered an interview so I had to fall back on my previous job before attending law school. My younger brother who never even went to college makes more money than me because of on-the-job skills he learned over the years, and of course he has no student loans.

  110. whats the brother do?

  111. Did Nando every pass the bar?

  112. Wow this blog is so full of crap, everything on here sounds like it was written by some whiney law school reject who couldn't get over the fact no law school wants him. Anyone with a working brain should realize this blog is a scam in of itself and needs to be ignored, possibly removed from the web.

  113. To the piece of trash who posted on June 10, 2013 at 9:24 pm,

    I graduated from Third Tier Drake. Furthermore, I received a full tuition scholarship to attend that school. So much for your idiotic assumption, bitch. Hell, if you had bothered to read the right hand side of the blog, you would have seen where I mentioned that I earned a law degree.

    By the way, YOUR school is still rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH HEAP - by US "News" & World Report. In fact, if TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer ever crawled out of that cesspool, that would be shocking.

    Take a look at this blog, which was authored by a former Cooley student. That must be an amazing school, huh?!?!

    Check out this Techdirt article, from April 12, 2013. Mike Masnick wrote an epic piece labeled "Thomas Cooley Law School's Reputation Is In The Dumps... So It's Thinking About Changing Its Name." Look at this opening:

    "We've written a few times about the Thomas M. Cooley law school -- a 4th tier, bottom of the barrel law school known for letting in a very high percentage of the people who apply... and also for coming up with its own ranking system (which includes "total volumes in the library" and "total law school square footage" among other factors) that says it's one of the best law schools in the world. If you value square footage, I guess. It's also known for suing a bunch of its own students for being critical of the school.

    Of course, our friends over at Above the Law have written many, many, many more posts about the somewhat infamous Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and the name has become something of a punchline among lawyers and legal followers. So what's a law school with the reputation of a joke to do when faced with the fact that anyone with a Google account can find out about its actual standing in the world? Why, change its name, of course."

    Anyone with an IQ above room temperature is aware that Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer is a true laughingstock. Quit crying about people stating that truth about your garbage law school, especially when they back up their argument with the facts.

    If you cannot see that TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool is a true waste heap, then you have no business trying to be a lawyer. Attorneys are supposed to digest facts, figures, testimony and other evidence - before they reach a dispassionate conclusion. You don't have those basic skills, Dumbass.

    1. Cooley just had a graduating class of a whopping 346 lemmings graduate January 25th. Unbelievable Michigan would have that many new lawyers state wide in just one year and this is one law school that has three graduation ceremonies a year

  114. TTTThomas M. Cooley Law School and Western Michigan University have officially come to an agreement to rename this festering shit hole The Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. This will never change the fact that this school will continue to produce shit lawyers. As a native Michigander, I can tell you that it is indeed as big of a joke there as it is everywhere else. AT THE ABSOLUTE BEST (meaning you have employment lined up or family connections) this is a second rate regional law school. They've already promised me an awe-inspiring $4000 scholarship despite the fact that I had a 2.96 UGPA and a 148 LSAT. I have seen the light and have given up the pipe dream of becoming an attorney.

    Seriously guys, it's okay to have dreams. It's also okay to take steps to try and reach those dreams. But at the end of the day, the big swinging dick of debt comes back to fuck everyone in the ass and there will be no lubricant to ease your pain. Don't step in what Cooley and the rest of these 4th Tier cesspools are shoveling. You don't need to put Esquire at the end of your name just to work at Pizza Hut and live in your parents house for the rest of your life. Nando, you are truly doing the Lord's (or whatever deity you subscribe to, if any) work. Thank you for preventing me from making a huge mistake!

    1. Also Nando, you should look into profiling provisionally-accredited Belmont and unaccredited Nashville Sewer of Law. Music City needs a good dose of Third Tier Reality

    2. Consider yourself fortunate that you came across Nando's blog before enrolling at Cooley. I was not as fortunate as you to have the information you had at your fingertips because I enrolled at Cooley long before Nando put up his blog. Does not matter if you pass the bar exam the first attempt, unless you have family connections you will not have a chance of getting your foot in the door at a law firm with a Cooley degree. The students who flunked out the first term were actually fortunate and had a blessing in disguise even though at the moment they were distraught. You are better off getting a paralegal certificate at the local community college if you truly are interested in legal work.

  115. Thomas M. Cooley Law School is without a doubt the shittiest law school in the country. It makes the Infilaw (for profit) schools look decent in comparison. Cooley is a shithole.


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