Monday, May 10, 2010

Follow-up Letter to the JD Class of 2010

“For too long, many of the students who entered law school were seeking the high paying salaries that law schools were too happy to advertise. It was a rush to greed. And many of these wealth-seekers were sorely disappointed when they failed to land the $160,000 job.

Most never even had a chance, as only 20 percent of all graduates were landing jobs with salaries greater than $100,000. But to be fair, some even failed to land the $40,000 job and now have $100,000 in debt breathing down their necks.”

This should read “MANY failed to land $40,000 jobs, and now have $100,000 in non-dischargeable debt breathing down their necks.” What do you expect from a shill?

Herwig Schlunk, professor at Vanderbilt University Law School, noted back in October 2009 that law school is a poor financial decision for most college graduates:

"There is no reason to believe that the currently-experienced changes in the legal market for freshly-minted law school graduates are temporary; indeed, some legal scholars think they may well be permanent. If so, then it is not just the current crop of Hot Prospects, but all future crops as well, who will need to ratchet down their expectations not only with respect to first-year compensation, but also with respect to job security and chances for partnership."

According to the ABA:

"The combination of the rising cost of a legal education and the realities of the legal job market mean that going to law school may not pay off for a large number of law students.
Dean David Van Zandt of Northwestern Law School estimates that to make a positive return on the investment of going to law school, given the current costs, the average law student must earn an average annual salary of at least $65,315.12 As the data above show, however, over 40% of law school graduates have starting salaries below this threshold. Thus, many students start out in a position from which it may be difficult to recoup their investment in legal education. Even students who do ultimately prosper over the course of a career face difficulties from high debt loads during the beginning of their career. High debt can limit career choices, prevent employment in the public service sector, or delay home ownership or marriage. In short, going to law school can bring more financial difficulty than many law students expect." [Emphasis mine]

Might those expectations have something to do with the SELF-REPORTED, fabricated law school employment and starting salary statistics?! How many students at TTemple or CreighTTTon will make $65K a year, upon graduation? How many of those students will take on $120K in non-dischargeable debt for the credential?

“Those considering law school might want to reconsider, said Allan Tanenbaum, chairman of an American Bar Association commission studying the impact of the economic crisis on the profession. Students take on average law-school debt of about $100,000 and, given the job market, many "have no foreseeable way to pay that back," he said.

Thomas Reddy, a second-year student at Brooklyn Law School, hasn't landed a summer internship yet after sending resumes to more than 50 law firms. He is taking on about $70,000 of debt each year of the three-year program to earn his degree, but said he may be fortunate to make $80,000 a year in a lawyer job after graduating. "That is less than what I was making before I went to law school," he said.”

Do you see where the ABA commission chairman ADMITS that students who take on “average law-school debt” have no foreseeable way to pay this amount back?!?!
As far as Crooklyn second year student Thomas Reddy goes: yeah, and I’ll be “fortunate” to have a threesome with Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba this weekend, too.

Look, the president of the California State Bar Association notes: “There is notoriously unreliable self-reporting by law schools and their graduates of employment statistics.”

Shill James Leipold of NALP stated the following at the 2010 NALP Annual Education Conference:

“If we said to law schools you have to report a significant percentage of your graduates as ‘unemployed,’ they wouldn’t do it.”

Which means that James has no choice but to publish statistics which are false, right?!?! What an admission on NALP’s part!

In the final analysis, as a soon-to-be JD, your job prospects are pathetic. The industry has admitted this on SEVERAL occasions. Get the picture?! There are too many law schools in this country. There is a glut of attorneys in this nation. The law schools and the ABA continue to churn out throngs of JDs – when they KNOW that the job market for lawyers is shrinking. This is the clearest indication that the industry does not give a damn about law students and recent graduates!


  1. With all the delusional negative posters, I am surprised that one of them has not posted criticism about about the unemployed Northwestern Law grad (online.wsj article above).

    I mean maybe if he hadn't been listening to "his music" and focused on his studies he would have had a job lined up after graduating.

    Furthermore, if he did better on his LSAT he could have went to one of the 6 schools ranked above Northwestern Law.

    He was probably lazy or didn't try hard enough. That has got to be the reason. Whiners!

  2. to 12:56 - Lazy or didn't try hard enough? I think you're the one who is delusional. No one that gets into a top school like Northwestern is lazy. THERE AREN'T ANY JOBS. Not for him, and certainly not for all the graduates of the schools ranked below Northwestern.

  3. @anon at 12:56, the OP was being sarcastic. Read his post again.

  4. Fact remains the NW guy made one cardinal mistake - in this environment, you just don't take on a ton of debt. The fact that he got into NW means that he could have gotten into a lower ranked, but still very good school, such as UT Austin or WashU with a significant scholarship and avoided 150K of debt. He would also have likely placed near the top of the class at those schools and his job prospects, ironically, would be better too.

  5. The Valvoline Dean is employing Seton Hall Law grads as mercedes washers and shoe shiners at his plush estate.

  6. run the other way, lemmingsMay 11, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    Hell, even the industry's lapdogs are admitting that the state of legal employment is in in the pits. What more do the lemmings need? A signed affidavit from the president of the ABA attesting to her participation in this gross fraud? Thank you for helping to show the true state of this mess. My uncle started out as a solo in the late 70s and he made ggod money. He then went onto work in small firms of 2-10 lawyers. He told me he would not go to law school if he were my age today. I am grateful for his candor.

  7. The industry is now admitting that attending law school is a very risky proposition. Looking at the statements above, “law professors” and administrators – off the record and in a moment of truth – would agree with my four-pronged analysis. It is terribly expensive to receive a “legal education” in this country; current students also face more dismal job prospects. The job market for lawyers is shrinking, thanks to outsourcing and advances in technology. Biglaw associates do not enjoy job security.

    We have a glut of attorneys in this country. The ABA continues to approve more fifth-rate schools. The ABA and NALP do not require an independent audit of the schools’ self-reported figures – perhaps because they are aware that the schools’ information is distorted and manipulated. Just ask James Leipold of NALP, or simply read his statement above.

    People at T14 schools are struggling to find employment! What are the chances of the average student at a school outside of the top schools? At this point in time, only a fool would take out massive student loans to acquire a TTT law degree. Do you think legal employers want to hire someone too stupid to figure out that you should not take out $115K for a TTT education? Especially, when said JD does not bring a serious book of business with him?!

    Head over to Juris Jobless Doctor:

    She provides a link to the TaxProf Blog, where Paul Caron notes that 74 law schools did not furnish US News with the percentage of their classes employed at graduation – for the USN&WR 2011 rankings scheme.

    My main criticism is that Caron centers on the following: “Many of these schools undoubtedly adversely affected their overall ranking by reporting their employed at graduation data to U.S. News.” If he cared about law students and recent JDs, he would focus on why schools reported 37.5% or 41.1% employed at graduation, and then reported placement figures of 95.8% or 93.3% within nine months. Paul Caron should be more concerned with fraud and material misrepresentation than with “rankings malpractice.” I suppose he makes too much money “teaching law” to take an interest in the outcomes of law students.

    There are numerous other examples of schools gaming the system. Look at North Dakota and other TTTs fudging their judicial clerkship info to the NALP. What more do pre-law students need?!

    This June 2009 article is a much more accurate reflection of the legal job market.

    "Nearly 400 recent graduates of South Carolina’s two law schools are competing for jobs in a tight market that’s left more young lawyers than usual seeking temporary work, further education and nontraditional careers.

    Job opportunities for lawyers are fewer these days, as they are in most business sectors. In some cases, law firms are suffering along with the sectors that fueled their growth in recent years — real estate and securities, for example.

    “If you don’t have businesses that are merging or issuing stock, the lawyers who do that kind of work don’t need help,” said Phyllis Burkhard, director of career services at the University of South Carolina School of Law."

  8. What makes this situation really bad is that now entire families are becoming lawyers all at once!

    The triplets that are graduating from DePaul have been making news for the last few days...but what I find the most informative about these TTT cheerleading puff pieces about the triplets is that NONE of the three have jobs, even though their father works at a fairly big Chicago firm:

  9. My kid brother tragically died in a fishing trip in Costa Rica 10 years ago. I have raised his son, my nephew, and helped put him through school since the $100K life insurance policy monies were easily exhausted half-way through my nephew's college years. I was disappointed that my nephew wanted to attend law school after graduating from a very good undergraduate school. I guess he looked at me and assumed any lawyer can make it big and live well. I warned him about the realities of the legal profession, yet he stubbornly enrolled in a T50 school that is still a TTT. Long story short, the TTT offered my nephew a partial scholarship based on his ability to maintain a 3.5 GPA. After his first year, my nephew lost the scholarship (he barely earned a 3.0 GPA)and then asked if I would co-sign his student loans. I declined and told my nephew that if he persisted in the sick and twisted "dream" of becoming a lawyer, he would have to take that downward spiral trip on his own without dragging me down with him. ITE, after graduating law school, incurring $210,000.00 in student loans and passing the NY/NJ bar exams, my nephew sells "financial products" for a living. In many ways, I am thankful my brother is not alive to see what a disappointment my nephew turned out to be. Many college kids think they will be the exception to the rule and beat out the odds. My nephew used to believe he was one of those people. If you have $210K to piss away, go to Vegas, at least you will have fun and if any of the lost money is on credit, you can at least discharge the debt in bankruptcy, unlike student loans. If my nephew's story isn't a cautionary tale, I don't know what is.

  10. Did you read on Sunday where President Obama was talking about the need for everyone to be educated? I ranted about that one a few days ago but wondered what your thoughts were on that.


    The chair of AccessGroup said the following:

    "Law schools are “exploiting” many students who aren’t successful, according to a law school dean who spoke at a program on law school rankings earlier this month.

    “We should be ashamed of ourselves," said Richard Matasar, dean of New York Law School.

    Matasar said schools need to take responsibility for the failures of their students, according to an account of his Jan. 9 remarks by TaxProf Blog. Matasar said a law school education can cost as much as $120,000 for a students who are making a “lottery shot” at being in the top 10 percent of their class so they can get high-paying jobs."

    So much for the argument that law schools only owe you an education. Seriously, who pays $40,000 a year for a pointless education?

  12. From a link on the article above:

    "The average law grad has $100,000 in student debt, according to the magazine. UCLA law professor Richard Sander says the problem can be compounded for African-American students, who are lured in to improve law school diversity rankings without being told that less than half will pass the bar. Schools also “goose employment statistics by temporarily hiring new grads and spotlighting kids who land top-paying jobs, while glossing over far-lower average incomes,” the story says.

    "There are a lot of aspects of selling education that are tinged with consumer fraud," Sander told the magazine. "There is a definite conspiracy to lead students down a primrose path."

    The schools are clearly aware that they are sending their grads out into a world of unemployment and low incomes, strapped down with volumes of student debt. Oil companies are nt this corrupt.

  13. Did you read Bernanke claiming people that make money are sad, and a salary has nothing to do with happiness? This dude makes an easy 6 figures and possibly 7 figures, his kids are absolutely set, and in fact he was probably always set too. And he's busy telling people to "do what is fun" because apparently being homeless and starving is fun.

    Then of course there is that jackass Obama, we don't even need to talk about his bullshit. Maybe we should all cheat on our taxes, like that Secretary of Treasury he hired. Obama is going to kill this country, which is funny because Bush tried for 8 years and could only bring the country to its knees.

  14. In Ben Bernanke's defense, he did not say that people who make money are sad.

    He said that people who win a million bucks in the lottery are no happier than they were before they won the lottery.

    This line of thought has been reinforced by countless studies. Come on, many law school students/lawyers were psych majors and can back this up. (I wasn't a psych major, but I took my fair share of psych classes). As long as you have enough money to feed yourself, clothe yourself, and house yourself, all income above that is not strongly correlated with overall happiness.

    Of course, if you are in poverty, you will be unhappy. Bernanke had also mentioned that in his speech. He said straight out that people in developed nations are happier than people in undeveloped nations becasue there is a lower level of poverty.

    Now, you can disagree and say that there are many lawyers in poverty. Fine. But it has been scientifically shown over time and across cultures that once you pass the survival level of income, your level of happiness depends on factors other than additional income. This includes family, health, friendships, love. All of which he mentioned in his speech.

  15. In response to the fourth commenter, who mentioned NWlaw guy made "a cardinal mistake".

    Hindsight is always 20-20; let alone the very realistic projection of his income and circumstances involved that led him to go to Northwestern.

    If you could do it over again, would you rather go to Harvard Law School (while paying) or your state law school (tuition-free)?

    As Kagan said yesterday of HLS "the most significant Law School in the country" with almost guaranteed promise and payoff.

    Not so easy is it?

    That is probably how he made his decision to go to NW. Don't blame him, I'm sure he weighed all his options carefully.

  16. Nando - I am a fellow alum from your TTT school, Drake. However, I graduated waaaaaayyy back in the dark ages, nearly 30 years ago. I have my own practice and over my career I have had to reinvent / reposition my practice twice and am now working on repositioning a third time. Although I know my practice area has matured and will contract, I have the luxury of a steady base of business while I reposition for the third time. I must confess that I do not know how I would reposition again if I did not have this business base to rely upon.

    While it is of little comfort to the un or under employed newly minted JD's from any school, TTT or otherwise, I do have some sympathy also for my peers that have been thrown overboard while firms contract and "right size". Who wants a 50 year old former partner or of counsel with no book of business? While these lawyers have the benefit of years of skills they have built up, they are also considered damaged goods with bad habits and expensive health care and other benefits. Fresh faced newly minted graduates from an oversatured market are more malleable and attractive to potential employers.

    The problem of over supply in the legal market is systemic. Newly minted lawyers are caught up in the change, so too are the older lawyers who were excessed and did not see this sea change coming.

  17. In the U.S., we talk incessantly about the value of attaining an education. But that is all it is – empty talk. Our policymakers and the political class don't really care about education. If they did, we would not sentence young people to a life of debt servitude. Instead, we would limit the number of seats to reflect the actual need/demand for workers in a particular field. In the alternative, we would provide education for free, or at an affordable price. Or we would allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy proceedings; in contrast, we do allow people to walk away from gambling debts and frivolous spending decisions.

    Taking on such large sums of non-dischargeable debt causes many to push back the following milestones: marriage, having children, and buying a home. Many highly-educated Americans simply forego these life events altogether. Who can afford to have kids when they owe $176K in student loans? We already have a declining birth rate, in this nation. (This is often used as a justification for allowing more foreign workers, skilled and un-skilled, into the country. Regardless of one’s views on immigration, how is that healthy?)

    The government has allowed corporations to offshore blue-collar work, for the last 40 years. (Companies are free to move their production offshore. However, governments can impose tariffs to discourage this conduct. Our political "leaders" do not have the will or the backbone to do so, as they don't want to hurt "international commerce"- even though "free trade" hurts us more than it helps.) Those manufacturing jobs have been "replaced" with low-wage, service jobs. Tax bases have been decimated. For years, cities and states have been engaged in a race to the bottom, i.e. tax abatements, tax holidays, exemption from local property or sales taxes, etc. - with the intent of attracting industry to their particular locales.

    We are bankrupting people who decided to IMPROVE their situation through hard work and persistence. This is why I go after the law school industry – and the greater higher educational industrial complex – so aggressively. I will not let up. Every year, legions of young people are financially ruined by pursuing higher education. How is that fair or equitable, i.e. punishing people for following advice that has been beaten into their brain since infancy? ANYONE who defends the actions of the higher education industry has shown themselves that they cannot be taken seriously. I still do the best I can to be civil to these apologists.

    On a related note, I have also contacted DOZENS of “law professors” and law school deans – for the purpose of debating the state of legal education – to no avail. Not one of these “legal scholars” has accepted my offer so far. Surely, Harvard-educated lawyers can run circles around me, right?

  18. As a hiring attorney, why would I want to hire a TTT law grad who expects a princely salary when I can just hire these guys and pay them cents per hour for legal work?

  19. PROUD BUSH GOP PATRIOTMay 12, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    You commies are a joke. Move to France and eat your creme brulet as you complain about how 'entitled' you are to government subsidies. You are simply lazy losers who are too afraid to take part in the "ownership society". The Free market has left you in the trash bin where you belong. God bless American and our Freedoms! Enjoy the world cup, you socialist french loving freedom hating cowards

  20. LOL is the "proud bush gop patriot" for real?

    Anyway, Nando- I just want to encourage you in your mission. You are one of the strongest voices out there in this law school scam movement and I applaud you for making the voices of those of us who feel tricked and swindled heard.

  21. gop patriot's post is likely not real.

    There are all kinds of grammatical and conceptual errors in his post; along with his inflammatory name itself. Like how would he have found this site?, then why would he even be on this site to comment?, and he is not likely law educated (even a TTT). He is trying to come across as a blue-collar, middle-aged guy but his post is too extreme not moderate enough so gives himself away as being a troll.

    Wouldn't his public library internet time be better suited for an Obama-hating forum than here?

    The funny thing about conservatives like gop patriot, creationists, and tea-partyers is their inability to hide their lack of education and provoking your feelings rather than your senses. They have to rely on emotion because actual, statistical information would overwhelm and discredit their arguments.

  22. A true free market doesn't involve running a business or a successful "non-profit" off by stealing free government money ponzied on the backs of students. Proud bush GOP patriot, in reality, means complete moron that misuses every word in the English language and hates being alive. Thanks for proving this point buddy!

  23. I know I am overdoing posting and wearing out my welcome but I have to post what one "gop patriot" type guy posted in another blog. It is just too laughable not to mention.

    He said don't take out loans but save $150,000 before going to law school and supporting yourself while in school.

    This would entail immediately after graduating college to get a very high-paying job. But let's just say he saved up a reasonable $10,000 year so by age 35 to 37 he would have $150,000 (inflation/market conditions/CO living index excluded). He graduates at 40 years old, likely having foregone dating, a social life, kids, any real assets. He would now be seeking employment in a market where almost everyone has more experience (and realistically his back and knees would start to go out too).

    FUH-KING uneducated, conservative, moronic troll fucks.

  24. This is why we still go to law school...

  25. Since many law schools produce more female than male graduates. The future outlook is that more female lawyers will get pregnant and drop out of the workforce. This tends to happen in many service industries and allow more male lawyers back in.

  26. this is a great blog and 6:25 says it all. I graduated 15 years ago from a crappy school and wont tell you about all the bs I dealt with trying to find a job after graduation. I only had 50k in debt from over overpriced 4th tier school.

    I have done way better then expected but I would never go to law school today and take on 100-150k in debt unless i met the parameters outlined in this blog and I can say that even though my law degree has helped me make tons of money over the past 5-10 years.

    The law schools lie and students who have no chance to cut it end up going into debt or spending family money just to be a lawyer. What a waste. Law schools lie about placement, but ultimately its up to us to educate ourselves about realities before we invest in this degree or any business.

    My advice if you cant get a job is to work in a sweatshop for 6 months to a year only if you are allowed to work on real cases with real client. Document review for no money is a waste and not getting to interact or learn from a senior attorney makes the job a joke.

    If you have incurred the debt, open your own office, get on the court appointed list and get your own clients no matter what they are. Learn how to do PI.

  27. The end result is that everything is delayed while you see if you can make it and most of you will not. Women wont date you when they can date the more succesful richer attorney, and even if you do meet a quality girl, you are broke and delay family until mid 30s or 40 which is what i did. I am going to be an old man with multiple ulcers who cant play with my teenage kids, all for what? Money which is not that much. The bs you put up with as a lawyer is not worth it.

    Why do most of us ultimately go to school? When we are in college, it helps us score chicks. If a college girl sees you on a law school or medical school path, you can score with girls from richer social circles. Its about middle class people thinking becoming a lawyer will get them into richer social circles and exposure to those type of women. What a joke is these chicks are no better and look at you as just a wallet.

    Law school is just a modern day scam and I applaud nando for starting this blog and I hope you keep it up. Its not about being bitter because you are in debt and still get treated in the professional world like an illegal alien off the bus. Its about trying to improve yourself and realizing that is not what you thought it to be.

    The USA has changed. Too many liberal policies are destroying this country. Too many people from other countries are willing to come here and work for less while succesful people continue to have to pay more taxes.

    Life is too short. If you are 22 and graduating college, do something else, but if you are 18, dont get some fag liberal arts degree like i did which could not get me a waiters job at the local dive.

    The bottom line is law school is just another reminder that there are tons of smart people who will never be much better financially then the redneck moron down the road who can barely read or write yet makes better money then you working under the table as a plumber or carpenter. Frustrating as hell.

  28. PROUD BUSH COP PATRIOTMay 13, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Typical anti american liberal banter. Rather than responding to the MESSAGE you libs claim I am a troll. Ironic how you DUMBORATS claim that you are the ones who are willing to engage in "reasoned" discussions about "facts". In fact, you discount any facts that may differ with your own preconceived ideas.

    Typical neoliberal fascism. You have always hated freedom, America, God, and our troops. That is why FOX NEWS is the number one news source for Americans. REAL AMERICANS have turned off your liberal biased media!


    Keep complaining about entitlements. Meanwhile I will continue living as a successful member of the OWNERSHIP SOCIETY. I own my own home, luxury car, sports car, yacht, and vacation all over this great nation. Unlike you LIBCOMMIES i do not travel to anti-american europe. I have boycotted their communist filth ways.

  29. I am a proud conservative and own all the same stuff you do Bush cop, but I still know a douchebag when I read their comments and you sir are a douchebag.

  30. to Proud Bush cop patriot:

    you said you "own my own home, luxury car, sports car, yacht, and vacation all over this great nation." Are you a police officer? did you mean cop or GOP? If you are a cop are selling stuff out of the evidence room to buy you luxury items (Nordstrom or Wal-Mart btw just curious?). Still doesn't explain why a successful guy like yourself would take time out of your busy day to post on this blog.

    You mentioned that "REAL AMERICANS have turned off your liberal biased media!". I don't know if this blog is liberal or not, but this blog is definitely a "biased media" form. but why has a REAL AMERICAN such as yourself not turned it off yet? You should start a law blog that is more in line with your views and Fox newsworthy; but you didn't go to law school did you?

    Emotion is the only leg you have to stand on. For example Sarah Palin based her campaign not on hard facts or figures but emotionally charged arguments (and "arousal" to her male voters - btw why she was chosen in the first place).

    The facts are Palin quit her governorship so she could legally cash in book deals and appearance fees is a hard fact. Had she not it would have been a lost opportunity cost, wherein after her fully serving her term her fame may not have had the same cache and ability to generate income as it did half-way through her term.

    "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

    No one here is complaining about America. I have been all over Europe, Asia, etc. And what I learned is that America is the greatest country in the world that mostly implements the best of what the world has to offer. I love it here. America is the Apple Computer Company of the entire world. That is why statistically the US still has the most immigration applications from around the world. I think Britain is a far second.

    Also if you are real (which I doubt), you are coming across as too over the top to be taken seriously. Tone it down, not just here but in your daily life it will work wonders.


    You also mentioned "Unlike you LIBCOMMIES i do not travel to anti-american europe. I have boycotted their communist filth ways." Oh, I was wondering where you bought your "luxury" items because was curious of your taste. Probably bad.

    But, anyway, if it is indeed from Wal-Mart, statistically 80%+ was definitely made in CHINA. China is straight-up a communist filth country, been there. You might want to boycott them.

    Have a good day!

  32. "The funny thing about conservatives like gop patriot, creationists, and tea-partyers is their inability to hide their lack of education and provoking your feelings rather than your senses. They have to rely on emotion because actual, statistical information would overwhelm and discredit their arguments."

    Fortunately, liberals NEVER engage in such behavior! LOL.

  33. "Fortunately, liberals NEVER engage in such behavior! LOL." - btw your post is trying to provoke my feelings of humor, anger, and irony; please post data supporting your views.

    I posted the commentary against conservatives and there are plenty of embarrassing LIBERALS too (ie. potheads, feminist-stay-at-home housewives, those who seek entitlements like free t-shirts on Spring Break, etc.).

    But even those idiotic liberals are usually aware of the problems of others. And usually self-aware of their own self-interests and subsidies provided by their husband or government.

    The "hopefully objective" reading I have done has shown time and again that conservatives usually don't recognize the facts and figures behind their viewpoints, and tend not to follow their principles when based on own self-interest. From my conservative Obama-hating neighbor (commits Medicare fraud for his elderly father, hiding income to avoid taxes; to the Gov. of LA who needs Fed Aid to clean up the current oil spill - after earlier disclaiming Obama's stimulus). I realize liberals do this too but it seems so much worse when conservatives are caught with theirs pants down (Gov. Sanford, Tiger Woods, your local Catholic priest, etc.)

    People are born RED or BLUE. The mold is usually formed by their race, education level of their parents, income, diet, place of birth, class, etc. But fundamentally their early years as their mind is absorbing whatever biased information is spoon-fed them.

    Realize if you were born into a different class or raised in Africa, your worldview may be startling different than just the luxury of thinking RED or BLUE. We were all lucky to be born in the United States.

    Don't clutch your beliefs too tightly! Thats what got me into this law school debacle in the first place. This is going to my swan-song post, so back to LAW SCHOOL.

    1. Don't Go - 90% are not in the top 10%- realize that your past academic successes may not translate into being at the top of your law school and consequently market desirability.

    2. Don't Go - unless you have guaranteed employment that will pay off any loans. Do a cost/benefit analysis to see if you would be personally better off after law school financially and professionally.

    3. Don't Go - As bitter a pill to swallow as it is, only T25 (at most) have a realistic chance of TV-show law careers. If you achieve success outside of that, you are the anomaly. Don't attribute that success to "outworking" others but to dumb fucking luck.

    4. Don't Go - There is always a possibility that you may be successful, but is it worth the $100,000 gamble and stress? Had I known my legal work in law school would be as meaningful as my middle school book reports I would not have gone.

    5. Don't Go - Time marches on and waits for no man or woman. If you wait too long, the good life-partners will disappear and you will be left to choose among mates like last call at a dive-bar. Women: if you wait you may not be able to get pregnant; and if you do - it may be more regrettable and stressful than law school!

    6. Go - If you are really passionate about a cause and feel it is the only way you can express that. Explore other options first because you will likely be standing behind a similarly minded law grad before you.

    I hold nothing personally against the trolls of these sites. Their worldview was likely formed by the views of their parents/social-class/own personal lucky events and their level of hierarchy on an elementary school playground.

    I hope things work out for everyone. Buh-bye.

  34. I just read over at Above the Law about how SMU's Dedman School of Law is trying to game the employment numbers (for USNWR rankings' sake) by offering employers $3,500 to employ an SMU law grad for one month with no obligation to extend the employment past that month. Hmm, so I guess this means that a Dedman grad (whose legal career is pretty much DOA) gets to recoup $3,500 on their six figure investment and Dedman reaps the benefit of 90%+ employed within 9 months stats. Nando, I think you know what school to profile next.


    "Introducing the Test Drive" law practice initiative

    Where is this turd located in the rankings? Isn't it T2?

  36. It's been a while since I posted Nando, but I love love love your blog so much. I graduated from law school almost twenty years ago and the scam was in place even back then. What the kids today are going through breaks my heart.

    Thank you for your courage and your tenacity.

    You are the bestest!

  37. Why is there so much negativity?

  38. Sarah Palin has a new book, “America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag." LOL

  39. Sarah Palin loves our freedoms.

  40. Just don't go to law school. 66% of the current graduating class at my "top 20" school has no job. Career services WILL NOT tell you this. If you peruse the web, you will find similar horror stories further up the rankings ladder.

    DO NOT GO, save yourself the cost of a nice starter home and do something else with your lives, please. T-14 will not save you, don't get cocky, and don't gamble that you will be in the top 10% of your class. I can steer you towards several casino games that will give you better odds.


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