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Profiles in Flatulence: Crooklyn Dean and “President” Joan Wexler

From her BLS faculty profile, we can see that Joan has been the dean and president of this independent sewer of law since 1994; she has also been with this stink-hole since 1985. Being at the law school for so many years has apparently helped this lady learn how to game the rankings scheme.

From the comments:

“The WSJ had a great article a few years back in which the Brooklyn Law School basically admitted that they totally fabricate the numbers. If the schools and the magazine told the truth, far fewer people would attend and the schools and banks would lose billions of dollars.”

“We have spoken to officials at Brooklyn Law School. They said that, as they have done in the past, they decided not to report data for their part-time program this year. The placement of the full-time student data into the combined student data fields was an error, they said. Brooklyn Law School also recently posted a statement on how it provided data to U.S. News:

"[W]hen we completed the 2009 questionnaire, we reported the LSAT/GPA information about our full-time students. Consistent with prior practice, we left blank the questions about LSAT/GPA of part-time students. Following these two questions was a question that sought combined LSAT/GPA information for all entering students—full-time and part-time. In prior years, we had left that line blank. This year, however, we mistakenly inserted only the information provided for the previous two questions—the LSAT/GPA information for our full-time students. This error was completely inadvertent. There was no intention to hide the existence of our part-time program, as evidenced by substantial other information we provided about our part-time program elsewhere in the questionnaire." [Emphasis mine]

OF COURSE THIS WAS A COMPLETELY INADVERTENT ERROR, RIGHT?!?! After all, a second tier sewer with the level of integrity and ethics as Brooklyn Law School would have more to lose than gain by fudging the numbers, correct?

“Thomas Reddy, a second-year student at Brooklyn Law School, hasn't landed a summer internship yet after sending resumes to more than 50 law firms. He is taking on about $70,000 of debt each year of the three-year program to earn his degree, but said he may be fortunate to make $80,000 a year in a lawyer job after graduating. "That is less than what I was making before I went to law school," he said.”

Yes, Tommy, and since Salma Hayek is unavailable, I’ll be fortunate if Eva Mendes climbs on top of me and runs her wet tongue across my torso tonight. Reddy will basically graduate with an additional $210K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt from this fe$TTering dump, he has no job offers, and he thinks he will be lucky to find a job making $80K upon graduation?!?!

Look, the school instituted a salary freeze. But here is the catch: tuition still increased – just not at a 5%-10% clip.

“Over the past five years, annual tuition increases have been approximately 6.2% for entering students and 5% for upperclass students. I anticipate that any increase for the 2009-10 academic year will be substantially lower…”

Now, look at the second comment on this piece. The commenter notes that the tuition increase was STILL 6 percent, and that tuition topped $42K that year. Thank you, Joan Wexler, you big-hearted swine.

Fast forward to this upcoming school year, where full-time Crooklyn law students will be charged $46,610 in tuition and fees. And don’t forget: total COA for the same academic year for a full-time law student who lives independently is estimated to be a sickening $69,860.

Apparently, the pig made $359,133 for fiscal year 2003.

“Joan Wexler, dean of Brooklyn Law School: $503,896” [Emphasis mine]

It should be noted that this article was published in November 2007. The feature notes that these figures are for the 2005-2006 school year!


Go to page 18 of Crooklyn's IRS Form 990 to see Joan Wexler's salary and compensation for 2007.

As a dean who devoted 50 hours per week to her position, Joan G. Wexler took home $529,293 in salary; $40,146 in contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred compensation plans; and $50,580 in expense account and other allowances. This brings her TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2007 to $620,019.

And you thought higher education didn’t pay off!! It pays off handsomely for the crooks at the top of the pyramid, doesn’t it?!?!? After all, Joan Wexler made SIX HUNDRED TWENTY THOUSAND AND NINETEEN DOLLARS IN TOTAL COMPENSATION IN 2007!!!!

In the last analysis, putting lipstick on a pig DOES NOT make it attractive - or less flatulent.


  1. There's not any difference now from thieving CEOs and law school deans.

    I had to click on the link because I didn't believe that her salary could be that high. Shame on Joan Wexler. Shame.

    Why don't the people at Brooklyn Law say something about this? Are they cowards? Their lives are pretty much demolished.

  2. Administration at all of these toilet law schools have always been run poorly, even in the 90s. The only difference is their salary which has more than doubled. You wouldn't believe some of the things I've heard from professors in other universities here in NY about their school's crooked administration for not only graduate school, but undergrad as well.

  3. Dear Joan,
    Please know that the main effect of your life’s work has been the destruction of young peoples’ futures—hundreds of bright-eyed, ambitious kids per year in fact. Are you that far detached from reality to not know what your “school” does to its “students?” The vast majority of your graduates are unemployable. After "graduating" from your mill, these young adults are unable to marry, start families—some are literally starving. So I hope you’ve enjoyed your lifestyle. I hope you believe in some kind of god and I hope your beliefs are spot on… because if they are, you have a long eternity in your future. Tell Bernie we all said “fuck you” when you are burning in Hell.

  4. There's no attorney jobs!


  5. Tyson,
    How many of those jobs are for legal secretarys, are temporary, or require years of experience as an actual attorney? Please, report back with how many of those positions are for full-time attorney positions for recently minted J.Ds. Also, keep in mind that those are ALL the federal legal-related jobs in the entire U.S. Further keep in mind that the Fed is the only entity that is growing in this country, public or private.
    Over 44,000 new J.Ds. graduated in may. Do the math.
    -Fact-sy McFacts-erson

  6. That really is disgusting, taking $46,000 from people. And I thought my school was bad taking $32,000 of my money per year. How do these people sleep at night?

  7. 7:07pm: "Over 44,000 new J.Ds. graduated in may."

    Nearly as many attorneys are lost annually due to attrition for this simple reason: Humans don't live or practice law forever!

    "How many of those jobs. . . require years of experience as an actual attorney?"

    There is rarely a job in ANY sector where an employer doesn't ask for prior experience. And here's an idea = Get experience! It's out there!!! It just is!! I can't provide much data on why the sky is just is. Practice as an attorney for your family for free to claim experience for heaven sakes!! Figure. it. are an attorney!!!

  8. Boy, if I were a client and was looking for an attorney, I'd run the other way if I knew the attorney I was considering couldn't even figure out how to overcome unemployment.

    If an attorney can't figure out how to get a job, I sure as hell don't want him trying to solve my issues, which are far more complex.

  9. That's right 10:14pm, we've entered the age of entitlement. Apparently, everyone is entitled to five job offers after law school that pay $99,000 starting out.

    There used to be a day, 10:14pm, when Americans cared about their output and not how much they could "collect" from the rest. That's the problem today - everyone's trying to get something for nothing. Maybe THAT's why we're even talking about low employment prospects in the first place! Go Figure! It's time to get back to real WORK in this country!!!

  10. Tyson:

    Are you actually an attorney?

    Seriously, what legal problems are present in your family that you think you would get so much practice as an attorney that an employer would be impressed and give you a job?

    "So, what sort of work did you do for your family?"

    "I helped Uncle Joe with his 3rd DWI arrest. I helped my cousin when she was arrested for running a meth lab. I worked with my mother when she sued the Walmart for a slip and fall that happened in the store."

    I don't think that if you had that kind of family where you were getting all of this lovely work that you'd want a future employer to know about it.

  11. @7:07 p.m. : "Also, keep in mind that those are ALL the federal legal-related jobs in the entire U.S."

    Yeah, until next month when these expire and a brand new batch crops up. And the next month, and the next month, etc. Just keep crying that river.

  12. @ nojob4u: My gosh. How helpless are you? Go volunteer! Go work for that $10/hr now, so you can pull that $75k /yr in a year or two. You're a lawyer - GET CREATIVE! I don't care if a couple newspaper articles run drama whining about clinics rejecting free help - go down the road! I can probably name 6 or 7 legal aid clinics where I live that would love a part time lawyer. GET CREATIVE. MAKE IT WORK! Geez, does law school have to chew your food for you too?

  13. Clerk, intern if you have to, show what you can do first! GEEEEEZ.

    On the other hand...the failure to "seize" experience, as opposed to waiting for it to be "given," is what separates the successful lawyers from the whiners!!! Throw me a pity party.

  14. joan wexler can go get pounded from behind by an 812 lb gorillaJuly 25, 2010 at 6:16 AM

    $46,000 a year in tuition for a TT education, in a severely saturated NYC market. What a bitch. The entering BLS classes are huge. And so it makes sense that this slut makes more than half a million dollars per year.

    Go get fucked by a pack of hyenas, Joanie.

  15. If you're paying $150,000, you are damn well entitled to a job. Education's not free. This is not a socialist country. If no one is "entitled" to any job after law school, then law schools shouldn't report 85-100% employment rates.

    Law school's a scam. Tyson, fuck off. Nando, get rid of this jerk.

  16. It doesn't surprise me that Joan Wexler makes over half a mil a year. Imagine if you owned a car dealership and you had a salesperson that could sell 1,500 Hyundai Excels for $46K each(the equivalent price of a fully loaded C-class Mercedes Benz). Essentially, you have a salesperson who is bringing in nearly $70M a year for selling a horrendous and worthless product at a significant premium. If you were the owner of this dealership, half a mil is peanuts to compensate your top salesperson.

    President Wexler has managed to put so much window dressing on a pile of dung, that she is able to sucker 1,500 students every year into paying $46K to attend an institute that produced the likes of Bruce Cutler and that was parodied in the timeless classic "My Cousin Vinny." This woman either has a special skill or people are really just dumb.

    Can BLS produce decent lawyers? I am sure it can produce competent attorneys that can handle traffic tickets, do your occasiomal real estate closing in Mineola and prepare simple wills. Are these skills worth over $200K? Well the fact that every year 1,500 TTT grads thinks it is says a lot about President Wexler.

    I am not worried about Joan Wexler. Her day will come and she will stand before God ready to be judged. Hopefully all the souls that have been destroyed by attending BLS will be there as her jury.

  17. joan wexler can go get **fucked** by a pack of wild hyenasJuly 25, 2010 at 7:39 AM

    I graduated in 2006 from this diploma mill. my debt load from attending this piece of shit?! $153,000! I even lived with my family so I could save money. I passed the NY bar exam on my first try. I have since been on a few very temporary doc review projects.

    So to echo others on here and on other boards (like JDU and Tom the Temp): Joan Wexler, I hope you burn in the bowels of hell for eternity, you fucking bitch, you fucking whore, you filthy cunt!! Yeah! Now go get repeatedly reamed in your] asshole by a pack of rabid fucking hyenas, whoreslutbitchcunt.

    Brooklyn Bob

  18. This sums up the victim mentality perfectly (thanks Anonymous 7/24 9:09 PM)

    "That really is disgusting, TAKING $46,000 from people. And I thought my school was bad TAKING $32,000 of my money per year. How do these people sleep at night?"


    Yeah, keep on playing the victim. All of these law schools TOOK your (all of the folks here crying the same BS) money. NO, you didn't GIVE it to them willingly...


  19. Clark -

    You really need to get a grip on reality, and for the love of God, I really hope you're not a lawyer. You have heard of fraud haven't you?

    Law students gave their money to BLS based on intentional misrepresentations made by that school regarding employment statistics. These representations are well known, i.e., stating that 90% (or thereabout) of students find employment within 9 months of graduation without distinguishing between legal and non-legal employment. In other words, BLS - along with other TTTs - don't distinguish for the purpose of employment stats between graduates who work in Biglaw from those that work at Starbucks.

    So, yes, students of BLS did voluntarily give their money to the law school. But that doesn't mean they still can't be victims of fraud. People willingly gave their money to Bernie Madoff too.

    And for the record, I am not a BLS grad. I am a happy and gainfully employed attorney who enjoys this profession. However, I recognize that I am very fortunate to be where I am at - mostly because I graduated from a T25 and found a good job before the great recession. However, I have a nothing but sympathy for students who relied on fraudulent information put forth by TTTs who charge $40K a year.

  20. I,m smart. I can handle things. I want some respect. There are plenty of lawyer jobs out there, you whiners. Go get one. GET CREATIVE! GET CREATIVE! GET CREATIVE, PEOPLE! Go to the local legal aid society and volunteer. Represent Uncle Joe in his OWI-2d. Work for free for sole practitioners. Do wills for a pack of gum and a handjob. Go out there and clerk for a traffic court judge to gain experience. Represent your cokehead daddy in his recent child custody battle. For Pete's sake, man. GET CREATIVE. I'm smart, you know. I can handle things.

  21. "Go to the local legal aid society and volunteer. Represent Uncle Joe in his OWI-2d. Work for free for sole practitioners. Do wills for a pack of gum and a handjob."

    And while you're living the dream working for free as a lawyer, what to you do to pay the bills? Most banks and grocery stores don't accept "experience" as legal tender. Meanwhile, the interest piles up on your student loans and consumer debt. This is not a sustainable state of affairs.

    A couple of weeks ago, you were arguing that any J.D. can get a job earning at least $50K/year. You claimed there are really plenty of law jobs for everyone, but employers are spreading the "no jobs message" to drive down salaries. Remember?

    Now you've shifted to "work for free." I thought the "entitled" people were those who expected six-figure job offers upon graduation. Now, apparently, anyone who's not willing to be someone's free lawyer for an undefined term of years is a "whiner" with a sense of entitlement. I can't wait to see what you'll be arguing next week.

  22. I was wonder how Wexler sleeps at night - probably on really expensive sheets paid for by Brooklyn students who have been scammed. She should be in prison with Madoff - I see no difference in their behavior

  23. Nando, thank you for unmasking this dean and BLS. I think you should create a "rogues' gallery" of law school deans and administators. In my opinion, wexler would belong on top of that gallery.

  24. I'm going to have to go with Tyson on this one. For the graduating class of 09 and 10, the situation is what it is. Reading Third Tier Reality may be entertaining but it's not helping your situation. And as 30 something law student has proven on her blog, it's not dissuading entering students into TT-TTTTs.

    The way I got my job was that I waltzed into a law firm that said "patents, copyrights and trademarks" out front and handed them a resume. Granted, I had a job as an engineer at the time. I didn't go through law career services, I didn't work with a recruiter, I hoofed it myself.

    So yes, nookular Don, paying the bills is hard. And Tyson, working for free or nearly free sucks balls. But I have at least two former classmates working for peanuts ($20/ hour range) for solos and tiny litigation partnerships but they're both in court nearly every day. After a couple years of that, you're on a totally different playing field. Even biglaw grads don't get to go to court. That experience is invaluable. In the meantime? They're living with roommates. One has an evening job. One graduated w/o debt thanks to bank of dad, the other is deferring his loans. Does this suck? Yes. *OF COURSE* you expected a great salary, but it's not there. You can pout about it or you can start *somewhere*. Law career services is useless.

    The situation *is what it is*. You make the best of it. The decisions you make now that you're in a shit situation will shape the rest of your life.

    If you went to law school as an early 20 something with no real responsibilities, that makes life a bit easier. You at least don't have kids to feed. If you went to law school like 30 something is going to law school, then you're a fucking idiot, especially when presented with a mountain of contrarian evidence.

    Point is, go out there and pound the pavement. There's basically nothing else you can do. Well, I suppose you could leave the country.

  25. I mostly agree with everything above by evrenseven (all except the 30 something being a 'fucking idiot').

    And that only because she claims that her husband earns enough to support the family and I'm assuming the $20k won't change her lifestyle much/at all. That not being the case, well, then the slippery slope to F.I. begins, I suppose.


  26. @ Nookular don: 8:45am was obviously not me. It was someone else being an idiot who can't make their own arguments, and mocking my prior comments.

    Anyway, I still stand by everything I said last week. I am only saying "work for free" as a BOTTOM OF THE BARREL option. I mean its almost ridiculous, but sure, if you are so down and out...GET REAL EXPERIENCE any way possible. How do you pay bills on $10/hr? How does every other $10 hr worker do it? It's 1. as a last resort; and 2. Its probably VERY temporary.

    Once a lawyer gets a few years exp. your stock tends to shoot up quite a bit.

  27. When I attended Brooklyn, Dean Wexler paraded around like she was King. She could not be bothered by the common folk -- the students who paid her salary -- when they attempted to interact with her. Students regularly got into altercations with her in the lobby as she rushed into the elevator to her office. She was much more interested in making sure everyone knew about her friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton than actually caring about the students at her school. F U Wexler.

  28. tyson (the real one): you are absolutely right, however, it is so much easier NOT to do what you say and instead continue to rant about being victimized and point the finger.

    Once one become comfortable being the victim, it is really hard to stop doing it. There's NO RISK and NO EFFORT in being a victim, so there's also no [further] RISK OF FAILING.

    These prior-law-school success stories got a taste of bad medicine, partly based on the economy, partly based on their own ability (be that their intellect, their attitudes, or both), and they don't want to get hurt anymore.



    According to US News, at the time of the newest rankings, Crooklyn Law School had a total FULL-TIME enrollment of 1278 students. Think of all the FEDERAL MONEY pumping into this sewer each and every year!!

    From BLS, we can see that the 2009 entering class was comprised of 496 students - of which, 406 were enrolled full-time.

    Now, go to the bottom of the page. Here is what is telling: the 75th percentile for full-time students was an LSAT score of 164; median LSAT was a 163; and the 25th percentile for full-time students was a score of 159. Regarding UGPAs, a 3.64 landed one in the 75th percentile; the median GPA was 3.47; and the 25th percentile featured a UGPA of 3.26. This means that the school is fairly competitive. However, because there are literally THOUSANDS of JDs ANNUALLY produced and flushed into the flooded New York legal market, MANY of these people will NEVER have practice law.

    We can also see that those numbers drop significantly for those in the part-time program: the 75th percentile among these students resulted in an LSAT score of 160; median score was a 158; and the 25th percentile had an LSAT score of 157. Regarding UGPAs for part-time students at Crooklyn, a 3.55 placed one in the 75th percentile; the median UGPA was 3.41; and the 25th percentile was a GPA of 3.28. You can see that these LSAT scores and UGPAs bring down the overall averages and scores for the entire 2009 entering class.

    I can see why Crooklyn failed to report these figures for part-time students to USN&WR. After all, the school does not want to risk a drop in the rankings - from the VAULTED 67th greatest law school in the land, no less. ESPECIALLY, when tuition keeps skyrocketing at this in$TTiTTuTTion of higher learning. Oh wait. I almost forgot, the school contends/asserts that this was a “completely inadvertent error.”

    Again, full-time students are being charged $46,610 in tuition and fees for the upcoming school year. (Part-time law students are ONLY charged $35,040 in tuition and fees.) The dean and president of this filthy dump makes MORE THAN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR for her role in the Higher Education Industrial Complex. And the apologist cockroaches, i.e. Clark and Tyson, come on here and tell us that we should work for free - and quit “playing the victim"?!?!

    Hey, Clark, this blog is devoted to informing potential law students about the risks associated with going to law school. Paying my monthly student loan bills gives me the absolute right to call these pigs out. Got that?!?! Or do I need to spell it out for you with Crayola crayon and some posterboard, so that it penetrates your gray matter?!?!

    Maybe you don’t think taking on $150K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt - combined with a SHRINKING American lawyer market - is a big deal. This site takes on this filthy industry. It does so with the brains, the backbone and the balls to back up its position with the facts. You should try it sometime, Clark. You may also want to try growing a backbone and a pair of gonads, while you are at it. Work on developing a conscience, too.

    Tyson, I don’t know who mocked you with that performance from John Cazale - who was a truly great actor - but it was hilarious. Hell, you ought to take it as a compliment. Cazale had a great screen presence, and continued to perform at a high level, even after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unlike you, he was intelligent, witty and had a pair of balls.

  30. This is why I keep coming back to this site! I already know that law school is a terrible invest. (And I went to a first tier shithole.) In light of today's market, only a fucking retard thinks that law school is a good or smart investment. But I return to this blog b/c I love seeing Nando tee off on some poor schmuck.

  31. Hey, after I licked my boyfriend's chode this morning, I just came across Law School Transparency... you should put your energy toward helping them rather than constantly reinventing the wheel here.


  32. These deans are profiting from TAXPAYER BACKED LOANS!! They are ripping off the entire nation, not just law students. Do you think this dean would have such an enormous salary if these student loans were guaranteed and non-dischargable?! Of course not. STOP THE LOANS AND YOU FIX THE PROBLEM. Simple as that.

  33. Seems like a good idea to me.

    Good to pass it along, Doug.


  34. Per the 2008 salary figures (from guidestar) -- Wexler made $529,293 in salary, $40,146 in deferred comp and $50,580 in expense and other accounts.

    Two other professors made over $300K in salary alone.

  35. Article about Law School Tenure

  36. How is this criminal scumbag pig not indicted?

  37. Verse 45

    "Then answered one of the lawyers, and said unto him, Master, thus saying thou reproachest us also."

    Verse 46
    "And he said, Woe unto you also, [ye] lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers."

    Joan Wexler is a filthy jackal.

  38. Tyson Wexler visits this blog often.

  39. Visitor Session
    Jul 26 2010 6:12 am 21 actions 59 m 53 s
    Jul 26, 2010 4:52 am 4 actions 23 m
    Jul 25, 2010 12:13 pm 3 actions 4 m 43 s
    Jul 25, 2010 8:10 am 3 actions 18 m 9 s

    31 actions, 105 minutes and 45 seconds spent here in one day. Sure can’t get enough of this blog, can you, kid? Think about that, son: you have spent nearly 2 hours on this site in the span of 22 hours and 2 minutes.

    Get a life, loser.

    Apparently, this idiot lives off of Brownsville Road, next to South Side Park in Pittsburgh, PA. Maybe, you should go play some more with your Xbox.

    To address your point: Law School Transparency is a pipe dream. Asking the law schools to provide accurate info is akin to asking pimps and prostitutes for a full and accurate reporting of their income and activities. The scam-busters don’t ask these pigs to comply with a request; we seek out this information and publish it so that prospective law students can see for themselves the state of the industry – and witness how administrators and “law professors” live extravagantly off of this scam.

    Also, how does this relate to Joan Wexler making WELL IN EXCESS of $500K per year, while tons of Brooklyn Law School grads struggle to pay the bills, idiot?

    Do you have a cogent argument as to why the long-time dean and president of a private, independent law school, i.e. one NOT tied to an established college of university, deserves to make such a HUGE figure off of federally-backed, NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loans?!?!


    1/5 of all student loans that has entered repayment since 1995 has gone into default, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

    "This really shows that students are really suffering the consequences of student loan defaults, even years after they graduate, default rates continue to climb over time — and the cost to tax payers is really much greater than anyone thought."

    ANd yet, the industry has its spineless defenders. (I agree that none of these depraved pigs have any nuts.) These people would have defended the US Public Health Service for its role in the Tuskegee Experiment, and called the victims losers and whiners. I mean, geez, we need to study the effects of not curing an illness.

    I mean, shit, these guys received free medical testing, meals and burial insurance. What more coiuld they want?? WHo cares if the tests were done without the victims informed consent? Caveat emptor! And does it really matter that the study took place over 40 years, as opposed to the 6 months it was originally projected to last? Huh? WHat is your problem? how does any of this matter, in the grand scheme??

  41. Nancy, you have Fight Night on your xBox? Come on, I'll take you on!


  42. Only three things will change the law school scam (and the higher education scam in general)

    1. GET THE WORD out with leaflets to new law students. I did this myself, go to the opening days of law schools and hand out leaflets telling them the disaster that is about to happen.

    2. Keep posting on top law schools, law school discussion, facebook groups etc (though admittedly the people there are very deluded)

    3. Push hard for proper loan reform - allow loans to be discharged in bankruptcy, stop all federal guarantees of loans. The corrupt system - where the govt guarantees all loans, and gives the loan industry a special exemption from bankruptcy, is driving this and has to be stopped.

  43. Nothing is more targeted than handing out leaflets at law schools. Within 10 minutes you'll get your message out to hundreds of people. Do it!!!

  44. Doug, is that your name? Whatever, did you see my earlier comment where I pointed out that I went in the hole at the sum of $153,000 by attending this piece of shit?

    Many of my classmates never set foot in this profession. NOt because they didn't want to, couldn't pass the bar or because they were lazy. Many of those who had the skills to work in this profession just never got the chance. Yet, you think it is okay for this bitchwhoreslut to take home nearly $600,000 per year in salary and perks.

    To wit:

    "The Dean's law school is packed full of kids paying $45000 per year, that's why she earns a half million.

    How do you not understand this? THAT IS HER JOB. SHE DOES IT WELL. SHE GETS PAID FOR IT.

    You don't care for the job she is doing, but you're not the one paying her salary.


    Anybody with an IQ over 80 understands the math, genius. However, as nando and the others have pointed out, this depraved fucking whore is the president of an independent law school. All of her income comes from federal or private student loans. The school has withheld info, in the hopes of keeping its ranking. The **bulk** of this whore's salary comes from the taxpayer, you fucking waterhead!

    Wexler does her job well, you say? She has been the dean since the mid-90s. Does that mean she is doing a great job? If you had an understanding of the real world, Simple Jack, you would know that the best ass-kissers and best office politicians keep their jobs and advance in the company. She has lied to BLS incoming classes for well over 15 years, and you "think" this whore is doing a great job. Please pull this hag's toes out of your mouth, Dougie. Also, until you actually start law school or have a JD behind your name, kindly keep your fucking mouth shut on the topic.


    Look at line 12 on page 1. The sewer of law took in $69,029,620 in total revenue that year. After total expenses, the "non-profit" school made a nice gain of $9,052,403 in 2007. On line 21, we can see that Crooklyn had $143,063,841 in total net assets, at the time.

    Page 10 shows Compensation of the Five Highest Paid Employees Other Than Officers, Directors and Trustees:

    Look at the TOTAL COMPENSATION for the following people:

    Aaron Twerski, “law professor”, $361,353; Joel Gora, “law professor”, $322,298; Margaret Berger, “professor”, $316,029; Michael Berger, associate dean, $368,427; Lawrence Solan, associate dean, $358,923.

    On page 18 of this PDF, we can see that Dean Joan G. Wexler made $620,019. For the borderline-retarded lemmings out there, $529,293 in salary + $40,146 in contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred compensation plans + $50,580 in expense account and other allowances = TOTAL COMPENSATION of $620,019.

    To the apologist cockroaches, these schools hide behind their non-profit status. However, these are profit centers/corporate entities masquerading as “institutions of higher learning.” They are living fat off the federally-backed student loan system in place. The vast majority of their revenues derive from federally-backed student loans. These loans are NON-DISCHARGEABLE, which means the student and graduate is taking on ALL of the risk. The schools can pump out as many JDs as they want. In fact, it would be economically stupid for these schools to limit their class sizes, on their own.

    There are too many JDs being produced for the available number of attorney and law-related positions. This means that LEGIONS of JDs and lawyers will never practice law - even though they have taken on mountains of non-dischargeable debt. Apparently, the apologist cockroaches are fine with this reality. Their mothers must be very proud to have raised such people with no moral compass.

  46. This is not a free market salary. This is taxpayer subsidized theft! If this dean's salary was being paid by private loans or non-federally backed money, I wouldn't care. If she wants to rip people off, fine. But this is not the case! So don't say she earned it--she scammed it.

  47. Is the student parodied on the following video a BLS grad?

  48. Good job, Dean Wexler!

    She's the dean of a law school...she's doing what deans of law schools do.

    If you were able to find a job as an attorney, you'd do what attorneys do, and many people would bitch and call you names for how you earned your money too.

    What would you have Ms. Wexler do, resign in protest because the legal market is saturated?

    Talk about living in a fantasy land...


  49. To the tool going by the name of Zeke,

    Yes, Joan Wexler is doing a good job of fleecing the taxpayer and consigning her students to a lifetime of debt slavery, angst and depression, isn't she?

    "She's the dean of a law school...she's doing what deans of law schools do."

    [Read: She is the dean of a law school. Distorting employment and starting salary figures, and withholding information from USN&WR is what law school deans do.]

    I am NOT asking this filthy, decrepit creature to grow a conscience and a backbone. At her age, if you don't have ANY integrity or morals, then you will never have them. (Like I said earlier, asking these pigs to voluntarily comply with a request for accurate records is as futile as asking the same of a pimp or prostitute.)

    Instead, I am left to publish this pig's salary so that prospective law students and their parents can see where the federally-backed student money goes. That is one of the main points of this blog, Zeke. You haven't learned that by now, huh?

    Also, I am not living in fantasy land. If I were, I would be taking out more loans so I can pass the bar exam and land that (so far) elusive legal job that I just KNOW would be waiting for me, right?! If I were residing in fantasy land, I would have turned down my non-law job - the one that allows me to pay my bills and mortgage - because I would not want to settle for anything less than a lawyer position.

    But the reality is this: RESPONSIBLE adults pay their bills and meet their obligations. Often in life, one must "settle" for an imperfect spouse, a lousy job, or deal with a difficult situation. Instead of resigning myself to a life of self-doubt and depression, I am taking aim at the law school cartel.

    When I get one of these schools or industry shills in the TTR cross-hairs, I receive tons of support from readers and fellow bloggers. Also, is it not telling that not ONE single "law professor" has accepted my offer to debate them on the state of the shrinking U.S. legal market?!

  50. I hate to say it, but caveat emptor. If I were about to make any substantial purchase be it a car, home or an education, I would do the necessary due diligence. Young attorneys have an entitlement mindset. At one year out you're worthless. It takes years to become competent. Physicians complete postgraduate residencies to learn the skills necessary for practice, maybe attorneys should too. Most people aren't cut out for law. There are 1.4 million lawyers and only 7 or 8 hundred thousand practice. The attrition is there for a reason. If someone is dumb enough to go to Brooklyn and expect BigLaw they are a moron. This reminds me of the whole home mortgage mess, I don't feel any worse for TTT grads than I do for the idiots who bought more house than they can afford. Do the homework, don't blame the school for not setting you up with a wonderful BigLaw job. The point of law school was to allow you to become admitted to the bar, nothing more or less.

  51. ^The problem with your rhetoric is that tuition keeps skyrocketing at alarming rates. That and the fact the students cannot walk away from their student loans. I mean, people with gambling debts can get a fresh start. But those who are trying to make an investment in theirselves cannot. And caveat emptor is no longer in place, in most states.

    Most people don't really respect lawyers, and many only go to a lawyer when they have no other viableoption. They go grudgingly to a lawyer. People go to the dentist, doctor, to get their oil changed or to get their hair cut because they need those services. People tend to want "free" services from a lawyer. Yeah, they love that.

    The attrition rate is due to many lawyers who want out. They are unhappy in this miserable profession; just look at the rates of suicide and substance abuse among lawyers. But a bigger reason is that many recent grads never got a chance to practice law. The schools produce too many lawyers, and because of the student loan scheme, the schools don't have to answer to that. They can just keep on pushing out graduating classes of 44K, 45K or 46K each year. Do you always side with the Big Guns, btw? I mean, shit, the cocksuckers at the big banks knew they were making bad loans to people who had no shot at buying their house. And yet, those shits kept extending those lines of credit. And I think I remember reading somewhere that the big bank cocksuckers got a big ol' bailout. I don't remember seeing anything similar for the homebuyers. Go suck a dick.

  52. Nando,

    Please consider doing some posts on the Ohio law school situation, because I think it is too often overlooked. We have NINE of them. In Ohio. There are some obvious toilets in the mix, but I am hopeful that you will be particularly offended by the "premier" toilet in Cleveland, Case Western. These crooks are charging over $40,000 in tuition, and their own estimated cost of attendance for a year is over $60,000 a year.

    We could use your help in our horribly over-lawyered part of the country.

  53. Nando, I spoke to an OL kid who is starting BLS next month. The kid (and I suspect most OLs are) was completely clueless about Wexler's role in the USNWR fiasco and her generous CEO-like compensation package. It boggles my mind how kids today, with all the rich resources out there(i.e., internet) do not perform their due diligence on the law schools they plan to attend. That in itself tells me they will make poor lawyers.

    The Devil's biggest trick was convincing folks he didn't exist. I think Wexler has topped the Devil.

  54. "Nando"

    I'm a 2009 Drake alum and keep in touch with a handful of the class. Nobody seems to be doing as poorly as you, nor are they so bitter. Most seem to think, while expensive, their JD was a worthwhile endeavor.

    You really need to move on. You still have time to turn things around.


  55. I notice that you don't say whether or not you are employed, Reed.


    I guarantee you that every single law school dean is having nightmares that their school is going to get the TTT treatment next. They may make a half million dollars, but they are at the mercy of a Drake Law Alumnus who isn't taking shit from anyone.

    Crawl back into your hole, worm, and stay off of this site.

  56. Reed, you seem like a nice guy. Are you in touch with people who were near the top of the class – or who otherwise had employment lined up via business, family or political connections?

    Recent Drake Grad said...


    At the graduation ceremony, the alumni rep talked/joked that some of the law graduates will become really successful, and when that happens, they will receive a call about donations. There was some laughter from the crowd; not so much from the graduating students.

    The SBA President also made a joke about student loan debt. Something along the lines of: "I'm indebted to my classmates and professors that helped me along the way. Next Monday I'll be indebted to some student loan creditors." The SBA president also gave a pep talk about staying positive and mentioned that even he did not have a job lined up.”

    The outgoing SBA president – a very active, friendly young man – did not have employment lined up?! I also knew SEVERAL members of the Drake Law School Class of 2008 who did not have anything lined up by graduation.

    A former classmate who graduated with strong grades and journal experience took out $125K+ in student loans to attend Third Tier Drake. She applied for tons of legal and non-legal positions. She only landed a handful of interviews, and then passed the bar exam. Since she had no job offers, she then decided to take court-appointed cases. She was recently screwed by the state, in the amount of $450 in legal fees.

    She turned in her hours within one week of final disposition, and the state sat on it for 2 months. The state then denied her application, by informing her that it was not processed with the statutory time frame of 45 days. Reed, we are both aware that the state judicial branch has suffered several budget cuts in the last 2-3 years.

    Within one month of this theft, the state offered her a court-appointed case. She told them to go to hell. The other day, she told me that, “I don’t want to do pro bono work for the state any more. I am also behind on my CLEs, which are about $200, but I have no money to pay them.” As to her student loan situation, she will pay $900 a month in student loan payments for the next 360 months.

    Yes, Drake Law School was a great investment for her and many others, wasn’t it?! By the way, Reed, I purchased a home this past winter, and I have been employed in a non-legal position since July 2009. Also, I only took out $37K in loans to attend Drake. I know PLENTY of Drake JDs who are earning less than $40K - and drowning in large sums of non-dischargeable student debt.

  57. Reed, seeing that so many Drake JDs are unable to land a job in the legal field – and many are earning less than $40K per year - you may be interested to see how well some of the “educators” at Drake are doing.

    Head over to page 17 of Drake University’s 2009 IRS Form 990, Part VII - Section Aaa:

    The long-time president of Drake University, David Maxwell, made $349,890 in salary plus $84,313 in estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and other organizations - for 2008. That would ONLY bring his total compensation to $434,203.

    You can also see that FOUR of the FIVE highest compensated employees at Drake University are “law professors”. How does that sit with your sense of morality?

    The following figures reflect TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2008 – I added the numbers in my head, so check to make sure the total amounts are correct:

    Mark Kende made $218,542; James Adams, the grouch who loves to belittle law students, likewise made $199,048 – one would think pulling down $200K a year would make this curmudgeon happy; former dean David Walker earned $229,099; and Neil Hamilton made $219,295.

    Also take into account the following advice from this online Financial Aid Calculator:

    “A good rule of thumb is that your TOTAL education debt SHOULD BE LESS THAN YOUR EXPECTED STARTING SALARY. If you borrow more than twice your expected starting salary you will find it extremely difficult to repay the debt.” [Emphasis mine]

    Now, how the hell is a recent law graduate supposed to reasonably pay off his $120K in student loans on a $50K, $42K, or $34K annual salary?!?!

    Meanwhile, the schools KNOWINGLY continue to pump out way too many graduates than the market can bear, and the administrators and “professors” make off like bandits. They are making these large sums while sentencing MANY of their graduates to a lifetime of debt servitude and low wages. They are also living fat off of the federally-backed student loan scheme in place. The student and graduate bears ALL of the burden, as the loans are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    And Drake Law School has the nerve to publish an employment rate of 96.8% within nine months of graduation. Of course, this does not count only legal employment.

  58. The more mnoney the government has made available to students, the less affordable higher education has become. The law schools just raise tuition to hoover up those extra dollars every year....and they have no duty to continue to service the "consumer" after the sale of their
    "product"...unlike say a car dealer. Yeah we have hundredrds of laws to protect a person who buys a car for $5k but nothing for students.....

    It's econ 101 folks....

  59. Your justified anger about this topic does not justify the use of a sexist attack on this person. You could have voiced your contempt in a non-misogynist way. That said, I don't think you intentionally did it to be sexist, and I doubt you would have done it if you had realized it was.


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