Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sickening, Sweltering Stink-Hole: Stetson University College of Law

Today, we travel to lovely Gulfport, Florida to visit $TTTeTTT$on Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law. Well, at least it is in the Tampa-St. Petersburg metro area.

Tuition: For the 2010-2011 Academic Year, a full-time student at this diploma mill will pay $35,020 in tuition and fees! What’s that you say? You cannot afford to spend $35K a year for a top-notch “legal education”?! Well, you do have the option of attending this wondrous institution of higher learning as a part-time law student – in which case, you will only spend $23,390 in tuition and fees for the same school year.

Total Cost of Attendance: Thought this school was affordable, after all?! Well, throw in room, board, health insurance, transportation, personal/miscellaneous, and loan fees, and you add another $22,466 to the tab. This would bring the total COA – for a single, solitary year of full-time “legal education” at Stetson to $57,486. How does that sound to you?!?!

But that’s not all!! Tell the folks at home how much living expenses for summer will add up to, Johnny! (The school was nice enough to include summer 2010 living expenses, on this same document.) Yes, that’s right – living expenses will add up to another $7,038 for the 2010 summer. That would bring the TOTAL, ACTUAL COA for the 2010-2011 year to a mind-boggling, back-breaking, soul-crushing $64,524.

Ranking: Okay, so the school is not affordable. Surely, the school’s reputation will ensure that you have a decent chance at employment upon graduation, correct?!?! Well, U.S. News & World Report lists Stetson University Commode of Law in the pedestrian third tier of American law schools. Yes, a great feat for which I am sure the law school is VERY proud. At least, it is not in the fourth tier, like 7 of the other Florida law schools, right?! This MUST be great consolation to the unemployed recent $TTTeTTT$on grad.

Employment Placement: According to this $elf-$erving a$$ertion, 96 percent of the commode’s Class of 2008 was employed within 9 months of graduation. Of course, the toilet does not provide any breakdown of the numbers, to back up their claim.

“For the 2008 graduating class, 96 percent of those seeking work reported that they found employment within nine months of graduation.”

Starting Salary Statistics: Click on the “Download Viewbook (PDF)” link – and go to page 26. The school has the unmitigated gall to assert that – for the Class of 2008 – the average starting salary was $87,000, for those in the private sector. (For $ome rea$on, the school does not provide the details or methodology used to reach this figure.) The commode also lists the average starting salary for those JDs – from the same graduating class – working in the public sector, as $45,000. Many JDs from first tier schools cannot land public sector jobs, at this point. Perhaps, they should have attended Stetson instead.

Look on the same page of this PDF. The school also offers its (desperate) students access to…you guessed it…A FAX MACHINE!!!!

“Stetson also offers students a 24-hour resource center stocked with computers, printers, copiers, fax machine and reference library.”

Message from the Dean and Vice President: Dean of the law school, Jim Belushi, a.k.a. Darby Dickerson, offers some meaningless platitudes that will NOT help any of his students find employment.

To wit:

“Our faculty members are passionate about teaching. They have open-door policies; they coach advocacy teams and advise student organizations. They are established scholars who bring their expertise to the classroom. They are true mentors and role models for our students.

Stetson offers a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment in which students can develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century. At Stetson, we put people first. We hope you will consider joining our community.”

Who gives a damn? Will this drivel help any of your students find a job, Jim? (By the way, your brother John was a much better actor and comedian.)

Wow! As a student at $TTTeTTT$on, you will have an opportunity to write onto the prestigious Journal of International Aging, Law & Policy. With this experience under your belt, “elder law” employers everywhere will be tripping over themselves to hire someone with your fantastic writing skills and brilliant legal analysis.

Conclusion: The Stetson University Commode of Law is an embarrassingly overpriced piece of trash that will strap MOST of its students and graduates with monstrous NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loan debt. Many of these JDs will NOT find gainful employment as attorneys in this lifetime. However, they WILL have the following: (a) shattered dreams; (b) a lifetime of crushing debt; (c) disillusionment; (d) bitterness; (e) shame; (f) misery; and (g) a nice little law degree to hang on their bathroom wall.

Hey, what more could you ask for – at the mere cost of $64,524 per year, right?!?! What other “professional schools” submerge their graduates into the murky waters of MASSIVE student loan debt with no life raft, i.e. meager job prospects?! A student could end up with $195K in student debt by attending this sweltering stink-hole.


  1. what is with law schools announcing that their students will be able to use fax machines to find jobs?

  2. Is USNWR going to start using quantity of fax machines as a scoring criteria for their rankings? Or is this a Cooley rankings factor? Do Stetttson grads have the option of wearing stetson hats instead of traditional caps on graduation day?

    I think the photograph used to describe this toilet is appropriate in general of anyone going to law school today. If you go to law school, you won't make it in the legal profession (much like the pig that didn't make it in time to take an accurate dump in that commode).

    Keep up the good work Nando and also you should profile the toilet masquerading as UMASS Law, which is attracting droves of applicants in record numbers. Diminished capacity? LSAT requirement? No problem. At UMASS Law, we can help fulfill your dream of becoming a lawyer for a paltry $150K. But that's not all kids, we'll also include use of the fax machine for your job searching efforts (included in the facilities' fee). And if you are still not impressed, think of those millions you will make over a 40-50 year career. God knows, there are not enough lawyers fighting for social justice.

  3. Uh I would like to point out that Stetson is ranked as the best "Trial Advocacy" School in the whole world! The whole world mind you! You can't put a price on that!

    1. haha a graduate trying to defend his wasted investment

  4. I think that picture just made me throw up in my mouth a bit...

    Keep on fighting the good fight.

  5. Yay! Toilet photos are back, and this one is a beaut!

    I agree that fax machines should be a criterion. How they should factor in the rankings is a worthwhile topic for TLS.

  6. I remember visiting this campus during a law school competition several years ago. Nice library, nice digs overall...I guess you gotta pay for all that stuff, so why not bilk students?

  7. Holy shit! The dean at this school is Jim Belushi. i guess he decided to take a break from acting.

  8. Can anyone post the dean's email address? I want to ask him about his working experience with Tupac Shakur on the set of "Gang Related." I bet if 'Pac were alive today he would agree that the manner in which law schools fleece their students is really "gangsta."

  9. That's crazy, you're almost at $100,000 by completing one year there. Ridiculous. Where's the regulation!!

  10. Nando, while I am generally supportive of you in your efforts to warn others of the law school scam, I must object to your use of such disgusting toilet photos in your posts. Portraying these TTT schools using the toilet photos is very offensive to the toilets involved.

  11. You and the scambusters have had an impact. Some TTTTT law professors are now looking to overseas law schools to do the visiting professorships teaching american law to foreign law students in a less saturated law school market. They are beginning to read the tea leaves.

  12. Gee, that's great, now there will be even more opportunity for foreign law students to learn American law and get a job doing our outsourced work for $5/day.

  13. LOL, a few years ago I was considering doing a paralegal program and actually looked into this toilet's online paralegal program. The ridiculous tuition they wanted (something like $10K) made me demur, however, especially when I realized that I would be better off going to my highly-ranked local community college for the same thing. I haven't decided to do that yet, either, but this takedown of the Stetson Toilet reinforces my belief that I made the right choice.

  14. Stephen Colbert drops a stinker on Loyola Law School's grade inflation plan:

  15. Sir, we the ARA look out for our client's interests. PLease do not equate our product to the shit put out by the law school 'industry.'


    “Stetson University College of Law is committed to professionalism, ethics, civility, mutual respect, and integrity.”

    Which is why these pigs charge $35,020 in tuition and fees – for a single year - at a third tier toilet, right?! And who can forget the total COA of SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS? Yes, this school is a beacon of integrity, isn’t it? Oh well, at least they have a fax machine!!

    This is a TLS profile, so take it with a grain of salt. These things read like advertisements, directly from the vendor. For instance, look at how these tools accept the school’s purported job placement rate as gospel.

    “For those Stetson graduates who do pass the Bar, employment prospects look good. Though the school does not report its time-of-graduation employment rate (most likely because it is quite low), 95% of graduates are employed within nine months of graduation in some type of job.”

    However, some sliver of truth came out of all that. For $ome rea$on, law schools – and the morally bankrupt NALP – consider ANY type of employment when concocting their job placement figures. Could it be that it significantly helps their job statistics?!?!


    Tuition is low, quality-of-life is high, and many of the academic offerings are outstanding. Stetson University School of Law outperforms its ranking on a number of counts. Career prospects are not great however, and prospective students should keep this in mind as decision-time nears.”

    Yes, $35,020 is low tuition, isn’t it?!

    “Though the cost of attendance is low, there will always be students who cannot incur the financial burden on their own. In fact, 86% of Stetson students borrow money to finance their education. The school’s financial aid office does its part, however: 8% of the entering class of 2009 received grants equal to or higher than the cost of tuition. Overall, the median grant amount for full-time students was a very helpful $15,250, according to USNews. Even so, graduates who took loans leave the school with a rather high $116,184 in debt.”

    Looking at this TLS sales pitch, we can see that 86 percent of $TTTeTTT$on grads take on NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt to finance their “legal education”. Even with financial aid, Stetson JDs who took out student loans went an additional ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR DOLLARS in debt!! Yes, that surely is the hallmark of an affordable “legal education”!!

    What is most upsetting is that these TLS idiots then have the nerve to encourage MORE lemmings to go to law school.

  17. unless you are a blue blood with connections, dont practice law. As a 20 year practitioner, that is the only meaningful advice I still have left to give.

    I am so sick of these schools touting their faculty when these "scholars" went to law school just so they could teach knowing full well they did not have the ability to practice law for a day in their life. Turns out they knew what they were doing. Law Practice is a dead profession, but teaching others how to think like a lawyer is a booming business.

    Thanks for letting us all know what is really going on. I would just love to know what the 95% of the employed graduates are actually doing for work and how much they actually make with their advanced degree and missing three years of their 20s.

  18. Stetson grad here. I graduated 10 plus years ago and was able to do so debt free so I didn't get jammed and have a middling government job.

    In state, the school does ok--not as respected as UF or FSU, but not far behind UM. The fact that it's been around a while puts it well ahead of the local TTT+Ts. (which is like being the tallest midget.) However, you would have to be really nuts to take on anything more than, say, 50k in loans in this market. And even then you are taking a risk.

  19. I enjoy citing charts, graphs and statements from the law school industry – to show that the American lawyer job market is anemic, and that law school is a foolish financial decision. In the last analysis, the industry shills and apologist cockroaches can never get around the fact that there are simply too many JDs and lawyers for the available number of attorney positions – or law-related openings.

    Right now, the ninth-ranked University of Michigan Law School is now posting doc review positions in India – working for the notorious Pangea3!

    Can you apologists’ see where Michigan is ranked after Penn and before Virginia? What does THIS tell you about the state of the U.S. legal job market?!?!

    We see that there were 44,000 JDs for the law school Class of 2009 – for only 28,901 jobs requiring bar passage! And what does the ABA do? They are looking at approving a law school for the University of North Texas.

    If you look at the same article, UMass has taken over a private law school – so that the state can finally have a public law school! Yay!!

    And, lastly, we can see that Portland-based Concordia University is planning on opening a law school in Boise, Idaho. But that’s not all, folks! The University of Idaho wants to add a law school in that beaming metropolis, i.e. Boise.

    We can see that these law school administrators, “law professors”, the NALP, and the ABA do not give a damn about the plight of recent law students and JDs. They simply want to milk them for all they are worth – in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, of course.

    You can see where the Executive Shill for NALP unequivocally states that the “legal economy remains anemic.” What more do the lemmings need?!

  20. if a free market existed--get the feds out of the student-loan racket--this house of cards would crumble. Until that happens I'm not sure a correction will occurr.

  21. If this is the last Florida one- you HAVE to do Golden Gate U next- it's nice and expensive, and the graduates are competing with graduates of Hastings, Boalt, Stanford, and even TT/TTT fence riders USF and SCU (my LS)

  22. Nando (you can delete this post if you want)

    can you post this comment to Subprime JD's blog re: Collection Attorney:

    "Don't advertise a potential client case online. You never know who will call you.

    Instead, call your school's career services and ask if they know any alumni that does collections work. Chances are they will refer you to someone.

    In fact, I recommend erasing this post altogether."


  23. That is one ugly toilet. (the picture is disgusting too.)

  24. Nando, just wanted to post my apologies for a previous comment...Admittedly, I took offense when you profiled the school I was attending and made some harsh remarks...After continually reading your blog though I have realized the error of my ways. Truth be told, stumbling onto your blog half way through my law school career has got me scared shitless...If I wasn't so deep in debt already I'd be getting the fuck outta dodge. Any prospective law student who is reading this heed the advice...Keep doing what you're doing man, these con artists must be exposed.

  25. Doug is correct at 11:11am. I think some of the complainers on here need to focus on working hard and smart for their client(s). The complainers should not instead be focused on how much the world owes them.

    Believe it or not, a J.D. is not an automatic right to a $100k/yr salary. What lawyers are paid for is their HARD WORK and DEDICATION. Lawyers are paid for what they DO, not just because they have a J.D. A J.D. simply gives you the opportunity to WORK hard. It does not guarantee a $200k salary, as that is for the individual attorney to EARN! And if the individual attorney isn't willing to work hard, then maybe he shouldn't have all that many clients.

  26. If you are a person that is willing to work hard and smart in this society, then there is a place for you. That is because SO many people don't do much of anything. Our society has grown to a bunch of entitlements. Someone has to support all of this entitlement, and guess what - if I (and many others) can't get employed for working hard, then the entitled people will have no one to carry them. Either way, I win.

  27. "Someone has to support all of this entitlement, and guess what - if I (and many others) can't get employed for working hard, then the entitled people will have no one to carry them. Either way, I win."

    So if your legal career goes nowhere, you "win" because you aren't making any income to be taxed to fund entitlements? That's an odd logic, rationalizing a useless graduate degree and unemployment into a "win."

  28. My goal was to sarcastically demonstrate the ridiculousness of the point I was arguing against. My point was that MOST of us lawyers, are some of the hardest working people in our society (despite what the general public thinks). Yes, believe it or not, people like the lawyers will be carrying the load for all of the rest of the societal do-nothings who have to receive all kinds of entitlements.

    Don, just get used to the fact that you will be working until you are 90 years old.

  29. I guess I missed your point because I don't recall anyone arguing that lawyers aren't hard-working. That would be ridiculous for someone to argue, because all the lawyers I know ARE hard working. One of my buddies is a prosecutor, and he's taken two pay cuts in as many years, and is overworked as hell. I'm also friends with a few solos, and they're busing ass to try and make ends meet.

    Anyways, I'm not sure why you think the issue is whether or not lawyers work hard. The issue is, what are most people who enter law going to get for the hard work these days? A decent living and, maybe, a bit of upward mobility? Or barely scratching out a living serving a bunch of slow-pay/no-pay clients? From what I've experienced around here (and heard from friends and colleagues) it's getting to be more and more of the latter these days. Despite what you think, there is less and less paid legal work to go around, and more and more lawyers competing for it. For many, there isn't a future in law worth trading away 3-4 years of life and $100-200k in debt.

    This is why Nando and others take the position that law school is something many people should probably avoid. I still am not sure why you think Nando is so wrong. You spend a lot of time rebutting points no one is arguing.

  30. "Don, just get used to the fact that you will be working until you are 90 years old."

    I've given up law and resumed my earlier career as a musician. So now, working until I'm 90 would be something to look forward to!

  31. The dean is a woman. At the very least you could refer to her as such.

  32. Sounds like the rantings of a recent law school grad who couldn't get a job. Not only does Stetson have the #1 Trial Advocacy program in the world, we also have the #6 legal writing program in the country. The only people who have issues finding jobs when they graduate are the people who don't do anything in law school but go to class. Try getting an internship, participating in a clinic, or even getting a job as a student.

  33. The good thing is that it is the only law school within a 2 hour radius. That makes it easy to get connections locally. I do not believe there's one in Orlando, either which leaves 2 metropolitan areas.

    The school is gorgeous. It looks like a resort.

    The school gives a number of internships where you work for free. It's almost like being pimped out and getting an awesome experience and "credit" for it.

    Stetson did not do well in the July bar. Nando should post these results and compare it to the 7 lower law schools. I believe he might find it entertaining.

  34. Stetson has a solid reputation in the bay area legal community, but there is just not enough paid legal work to justify the expense of it. If Stetson were serious about their reputation, it would not be enrolling more than 300+ students per full-time class.

    Additionally, part time program students are murdering the school's bar passage rate. Part time students should be required to take mandatory bar-prep time as part of their curriculum, and to be truthful, so should the full-time program.

    If anyone is considering attending law school, make sure you either go to an in-state school or have a scholarship, because the numbers just do not justify investing in a 200k+ dollar legal education.

  35. Stetson's faculty and admins readily admit to "playing the game" to the maximum allowable by US news reports. AKA they lied. I love how they teach professional responsibility and aren't responsible themselves. Then add more students the next year, along with a $5k tuition hike.

  36. @ 3:58,

    Hello, cretin. If you knew how to read, you would see that I am law graduate, from the Class of 2009. Furthermore, I landed a non-legal job within two months of graduating from my TTT. (I have good benefits and vacation time, too.)

    Dumbass wrote:

    "Try getting an internship, participating in a clinic, or even getting a job as a student."

    Guess what, moron?! I was in clinic, and I had an internship. I know PLENTY of my classmates who did the same damn thing, including those who interned with the county attorney's office. Many of those people are not working in law, either. How does your theory square with reality?!

    Check it out, moron. Stetson University Commode of Law charges its full-time students $35,020 in tuition! Take a look at the total estimated COA for the current school year: $64,524. Why should ANYONE take on such monstrous debt to attend a fourth tier dung heap?!?! Can you answer that direct question, Shill?

    Do you need a moment so the faculty and administration can shove their hands up your ass, so that you cannot pipe out a response?! In fact, have the dean at this commode comment here, so that the adults can have a discussion. How does that sound, imbecile?

  37. The problem with Stetson is that the administration is incompetent. They are overcrowding the school, they ignore problems in the institution, and they blame the students (individually and as a body) for their mistakes. The arrogance of the administration is shocking, they brag about having so many students.

    They think raising graduation requirements through stupid "professionalism" events and outrageous amounts of pro bono (60 hours!) are going to make up for their incompetence.

    They do not know how to communicate effectively. Information is either given out too early - where information is changed multiple times - or they spring stuff on us at the last moment. They do not know how to write a simple informational email or letter. They screwed up our tax forms, and when they corrected it the S.S. # was exposed to the outside. Instead of apologizing, they wrote a letter saying how this is a lesson for all of the student to check their credit often.

    They lied about employment, but so does every law school. 60% work in private law... that includes anyone who did any private law work between graduation and 9 months out. Got a couple hours doing document review? Employed in law! Got a temp job as a clerk or legal secretary? Employed in law!

    The professors are good, but if you don't want headaches and distractions don't go to Stetson. I could write a lot more, but it's already been said.

  38. Some idiot above said there are no law schools within 2 hours and none in Orlando. There are two law schools in Orlando.

    Lawyers and law students from Stetson are so fucking stupid, they can't even Google stuff. How could they do legal research?

  39. A guy I went to college with went to Stetson Law School. He worked as a lawyer for a while, but later quit to take on a new profession. I think he now makes about $3-million a year as president of the Atlanta Falcons (Richie McKay).

    Another guy I knew in college runs the Mavericks (T Ussery), but he did get his law degree at Berkeley, so that's probably a different story.

    Another college classmate makes a fair living in a small town in New Hampshire in a small law firm. He's not loaded, but he has a good-sized with a gorgeous 10-acre mini-farm behind it. He went to Vermont Law.

    Did some consulting for a 50-attorney law firm whose partners all had come from Ivy schools (I believe two of the three names on the door went to Harvard Law). They had me meet with an associate they were very excited about - from Western New England - a fourth tier law school, back when they ranked down to four tiers. An associate at that firm (in a moderate-cost city) can earn Ropes & Gray level money if they want to bill as many hours as a Ropes & Gray associate. That guy who wasted his money at Wsetern New England has since been promoted to partner.

    Still another classmate went to Albany Law and makes over $300K per year in a remote, economically-depressed town where it would be tough to pay more than $300K for a house several city blocks long. He lives in a ritzy resort community in the mountains about an hour away. And lives comfortably.

    I run a retained search firm, and help companies recruit executives. I get paid to evaluate people's abilities, and see no end of resumes and countless career paths. Some people with law degrees wind up working for large law firms. Some go out on their own. Some become corporate counsels, some go into human resources and some take other positions in business or with non-profits. Many employers like a law degree. Many pay these people plenty more than they need to pay off loans, even if they attended sub-Ivy law schools.

    People can make a living and pay off their loans coming out of any law school, especially if they spend their time applying themselves, rather than spend their days looking at or posting pictures of toilets on the internet.

  40. Forgot to add another old college friend (ken Buck), a graduate of the University of Wyoming Law School, another "3rg tier" school that you would berate. Worked for Cheney, later became a DA in Colorado at $140K. Just barely lost getting a US Senate seat last November (by 0.8%), despite being a political unknown. He'll probably run for another office in Colorado, such as Atty General.

    The people I'm mentioning are all friends, off the top of my head. I'm sure I can come up with many more if I work at it.

    You're looking too short term, rather than down the road, and far too negatively.

    Look down the road a few more years.

    I'm sure you'll come up with a bunch of arguments about why I'm wrong, instea of putting your time into bettering your situation.

    Argue for your limitations, and they're yours.

  41. Hello cockroach. Does citing the EXCEPTIONS prove that most law students will do well? Keep in mind that about 90% of law students are shooting for the top ten percent of their class. Even the potheads and alcoholics are working their asses off. Now, this might hurt your brain a little but here it is: only ten percent of the class can end up in the top ten percent. Isn't that amazing?!?!

    Hence, "hard work" will not pay off for most. It is always MUCH better to have strong to excellent family, business and political connections. Do you understand that?! Do you think Gerry Spence's son would be a partner, if he was not such a close relation?

    By the way, many of those who go onto successful careers in business, politics and law already had STELLAR connections before they went to law school. Check out Andrew Cuomo, bitch. Do you think that his Albany Law School law degree set his course? Or did being the son of Mario Cuomo give him an edge?

    Try not to tax your little mind on that example. Sure, plenty of governors and congressmen received law degrees from TTT law schools. These people have exceptional sales and people skills. How many people have those qualities?

    How does it feel to have your straw man argument shoved up your ass?!?! No one is saying, "If you go to a TTT, you WILL end up unemployed or making $35K per year." We are simply noting that it is extremely unlikely that one will come out of one of these stink pits with a great job.

    Third year law students at elite law schools such as NYU and the University of Virginia are graduating with no jobs lined up. What does that tell you about the legal job market?!?! (Or will you argue that they are all lazy bastards?)

  42. April 22, 2011 6:47 PM

    Dear Magician Guy:

    Thanks for the wonderful and charming walk through the annals of yesteryear. Must have been great in the good old days.

    Nonetheless, in case you and others may not have noticed, we are busy here engaging THIS CENTURY'S potential lemmings, tryng to keep THEM from years of being condemned to debt servitude and to residing long-term in their respective parents' basements, with absolutely no chance of attaining independence, arriage or gainful employment, as a result of attending one of these sweltering stench pits.

    Glad the Sixties worked out for you, though. Loved the groovy fashions, too. Where were you during the Kennedy assassination? Probably in your first legal job, perhaps? That's great, and congratulations on your success. Aren't you glad, though, that the "Greatest Generation" did all the HEAVY lifting so you Boomers could trot in fro Third Base?

    Thanks for writing and sharing.

  43. The vast majority of people who posted on here would have a very hard time getting a job from any law school. See the problem is nobody wants to hire worthless bitchy ass holes...

  44. Most of the commenters, on this site, are gainfully employed in some capacity, cockroach. So much for your idiotic assumptions, ass-clown. Now, go back to blowing your abusive boyfriend, bitch.

    I landed a non-law job, within two months of graduating from Third Tier Drake. In fact, the only worthless bitches I see on here are the IGNORANT lemmings, such as yourself. Get a job, before commenting on the market!


    Some piece of trash, using the IP address above, tried to post a comment on this entry, earlier today. The cockroach claimed to be a graduating $TTTeTTT$on grad, with a nice job lined up.

    Visits: 1
    Unique ID: 3237105230
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    Locale: Titusville, FL, USA / English
    Platform: Safari 5.1 mobile / iPhone / Apple iPad / 768x1024

    Visits by this user in the last 7 days
    Select a date or date range to view all visits from a different or larger period.

    Mar 3 2012 11:40am 1 action 10s stetson law ranking

    Yet, for some reason Pussy Boy performed a Google search on Steton Law's ranking. If he was graduating from this dung pit, he would be aware of its putrid USN&WR rating.

    Look at the date of this blog entry, sensitive bitch. This profile is nearly 20 months old, douche-clown.

    Check it out, ass-clown. For 2012, US "News" & World Report listed $TTTeTTT$on Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law as the 110th greatest law school, in the United States. Good look landing an associate position, in the GLUTTED Florida legal job market, you rotten piece of garbage. You are dismissed, lying pig.

  46. First, I am a Stetson Law grad (May, 2011). Second, I was on the trial advocacy team. Third, I worked three different internships/clerkships/summer associatships throughout my law school career. Fourth, I did the JD/MBA (don't ask why). I have been looking for employment since. Granted I did relocate and that has a lot to do with it. BUT...bottom line and My final and most important point is that I DO NOT BLAME MY LAW SCHOOL.
    Everyone is struggling. Too many attorneys, not enough jobs. Not the law school's fault. After all, it is just a business is it not? Can we blame them for trying to make money?
    This country is to blame for the lack of jobs.

    As a side note I also blame my generations mentors and parents who forced 18 year olds into college when we had no flipping clue what we wanted to do. If I had had a moment to think about my life...and kick rocks around for a year or so...I would have never done what I did academically. I would have made a choice to just be happy.

    When I have kids I'm going to tell them that life's too damn short and money isn't everything and it's okay to just do whatever.

    Anyway, enough of that.

    It is pretty easy to point fingers. I'd just say that I had a good experience at Stetson. The teachers were good and my education is solid. I will continue to work hard and hopefully end up lawyering somewhere...but if not...I probably won't die from it.

  47. $140K in debt and if I'm lucky I may get to work as a paralegal since I can't find an atty job anywhere.... (and yes I passed the bar.) Maybe in my spare time I'll file a class action for all their lies about employment rates and salaries. The sad part is that they have a night program that just adds to the problem and they truly don't give a shit about what they are doing to the job market and their graduates. Oh but I can use the placement office's fax machine to send out resumes --- Herp Derp.

    Think I would have been happier working as a garbage collector. I least I could take a shower and get the smell off, can't say the same thing about the people that run Law Schools. They will always smell.

  48. Good news, I got my license number yesterday from the Fl. St. Bar. Even better news, I got a job offer as a Legal Clerk making $14/hour. I am so excited , $140K in debt and I got a job offer . Well to be honest it was this or working at the local Walmart. I'm having a hard time deciding - either way Sh**tson will be happy to report thet they have yet another graduate that has been successfully placed.

  49. “In my own case, I would say my legal education was a mistake given the cost-to-income ratio, as the patent law and “versatile JD” offerings did not readily present themselves to me.
    phlebotomy training colorado

  50. While I believe Law School had some redeeming qualities, like learning how many conformist, delusional tools are out there, it was an over overwhelmingly waste of time and money that I will be paying for over many years. I went to Stetson, and I have some recommendations on my blog.

  51. It's not the school, it's what you make of it. I too blamed STU now I make 6 figures and its b/c I have a law degree that other don't. Nothing in this life is free, trust in God and work with the talents you have. That's really all you can ask for yourself.

  52. It's what you do with your degree that matters. If law doesn't work out then try using your law degree for something else. If you are looking for someone to grant you a magical job...don't. I felt the same way you all did then I stopped complaining, trusted in God, and used the talents he gave me. I am now using my law degree for business and I'm making more, paying my bills and have free time to do what I want to do. Don't think about what you have lost, try diff angles.
    Think about const law...hard, yes! But studying made a diff, same with jobs. You can do it and this blogger should be positive instead of trashing a school that I and others went too. That my friend is NOT helpful for anyone.

    1. Totally agree Will. I am in the process of narrowing down my options and when i saw the link I thought this blog would help. This blogger just sounds like an angry person who has nothing else to do but brag about a degree that he/she appears like they never got. A little anger management could help this blogger. But your words of great encouragement to me.


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