Saturday, August 7, 2010

Profiles in Gluttony: Biglaw Hired Gun Steven C. Krane

On August 5, 2008, the ABA Standing Committee on “Ethics and Professional Responsibility” issued Formal Opinion 08-451, i.e. the infamous Outsourcing Opinion. This placed the ABA’s stamp of approval on U.S. law firms’ hiring foreign lawyers and non-lawyers for American legal discovery. Here is the text of that dastardly opinion:

There is some good news: the chair of this committee, Steven C. Krane of New York – “an expert on legal ethics” – recently died of a heart attack, at age 53. You talk about poetic justice! After all, he financially killed THOUSANDS of American JDs, who otherwise could have paid their bills and student loans with doc review gigs.

“Steven C. Krane, the general counsel of Proskauer Rose and a former state bar president who was instrumental in a wide-ranging reformulation of the state's attorney ethics rules, died of a heart attack Tuesday. He was 53.

Mr. Krane collapsed at the conclusion of a business lunch at a restaurant near Proskauer's office at 47th Street and Broadway. He was pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital at 2:19 p.m.”

Apparently, Steven allowed his arteries to become clogged. (I suppose all the time he spent on screwing working-class lawyers and their families, and covering up for high-dollar, corporate criminals did not permit this man to exercise. Hence, his health declined to the point where he died of a heart attack, at age 53.) I am sure his “business lunch” cost more than many of us slap down for two weeks’ worth of groceries.

For an interesting read on the workings of Krane and Co. at Proskauer Rose LLP, check out the link above. If the allegations are true, then this is a stinging indictment against this man, his firm, and the New York judicial system.

And how can we complete this entry, without providing the link to ABA “president” Carolyn Lamm’s truly EMBARRASSING hagiography of Krane? [Disclaimer: Do not read this garbage if you have recently eaten anything – especially a business lunch.]

“The legal profession has lost one of its shining stars.

Steven C. Krane, general counsel for Proskauer Rose, was a brilliant lawyer, wonderful leader and good friend to so many in the American Bar Association.

Steven also was one of the nation’s foremost experts in the field of ethics and professional responsibility and was a model in those areas in his daily life. I was honored to have him serve on my Commission on Ethics 20/20, designed to look at the U.S. system of lawyer regulation in the context of advances in technology and global legal practice developments.”

Hopefully, you are not eating right now. The New York State Bar Association renamed a fund, to honor this man, i.e. “NEWLY RENAMED STEVEN C. KRANE FUND TO ASSIST YOUNG LAWYERS WORKING IN PUBLIC SERVICE WITH PAYING STUDENT LOANS.” Did this influential lawyer EVER advocate for lower tuition?! Did he ever push to make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy?!?!

Apparently, Krane “held significant concern” about the plight of recent, debt-soaked law grads working in public service positions - all while helping his corporate firm earn $643 million in revenues for 2009. (And thoughts/concerns speak louder than actions, right?!?!) What a Renaissance man!

Krane served on several ABA and New York State commissions, including an appointment by that shining beacon of integrity, David A. Paterson, to the “New York State Commission on Public Integrity” – whatever the hell that is.

In the final, brutal analysis, anyone who crushes the livelihoods for THOUSANDS of professionals - with a few keystrokes - is NOT deserving of one ounce of respect or one iota of sympathy. This guy made a lot of money by squashing little people, and protecting white collar scum.

Do not shed a single tear for this man. He devoted his "professional" career to serving the intere$t$ of Biglaw. It doesn't matter that Krane has been dead for less than 2 months. His efforts helped crush the livelihoods of many recent American JDs - all for the benefit of Biglaw.


  1. Delightfully brutal as always, Nando. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one: "Anyone who crushes the livelihoods for THOUSANDS of professionals - with a few keystrokes - is NOT deserving of one ounce of respect or one iota of sympathy."

    People like this guy will be remembered for selling out the many for the sake of the few, for accelerating the overall decline of the legal industry, and seeing thousands of attorney jobs shipped overseas. How's that for "ethics!"

  2. I actually think nando went easy on this worthless, corrupt piece of shit.

  3. No need to beat a dead horse Nando. If Krane had not authored the ethics opinion, someone else would have. Let the man rest in peace. I mean if you had to live a life looking like Steven Krane, you would want a brief life too. I hope he wasn't buried wearing that awful looking tie (with the caribou and girafe pattern-I actually saw this tie on sale at Marshall's a few years ago for $5).

    The ABA is not interested in advancing the interests of law students or shitlaw solos. Every week I open my jurisdiction's law journal and read about a young attorney who is being disciplined by the bar for stupid shit (e.g., putting trust monies in business accounts, not communicating with clients within 24 hours, not having retainer agreements, etc.). Only the principals at Biglaw can lie, cheat and steal from their clients without fear of repercussion. However, if you are a solo and God forbid you pocketed 10 cents by accident from your attorney trust account-automatic disbarment. Life's not fair despite Krane's early demise. Krane is not the enemy. He was merely a minion of the ABA/Biglaw lobby.

  4. Why can't the legal profession abide by universal ethics? Why must they make their own rules and then claim morality by only abiding by those specific rules? Just shows that the purpose of the law is to protect those in power.

  5. Age 53 is a very young age. I think this goes to show that we, as lawyers, shouldn't take this "law" stuff too seriously. Life is so short.

    When it comes down to it, the "law" is really just a bunch of chatter between us human beings.

    Some people treat the law as something to sacrifice their life, family, and spouses for. However, we need to keep in mind that far more matters than the "law."


  7. I think the problem is that there are not enough lawyers. We need more lawyers because only other lawyers understand what us lawyers actually do. Nobody else in our society truly understands how valuable we are and how hard *most* of us really work.

    Also, hiring lawyers is not that costly. It is only costly for people without money. Actually, legal services of $400/hr for an army of lawyers is fairly cheap for a corporation when considering that they handle multi-million dollar transactions.

    There are great complexities in our capitalist society and only lawyers have the acumen to figure them out.

  8. Screwing over the little fish is never acceptable. Fuck Steven Krane, though we should pray the Lord has mercy on him for even the worst sinner may gain salvation.

  9. Nando you are nothing more than a hack. You could actually write a legitimate blog with legitimate journalism techniques to actually shed light on what is going on in the industry instead you cut and past nearly every article on here and seemingly just substitute different numbers for tuition and different names of the school along with a picture of a different overflowing toilet/sewer system. And now you are dancing on the graves of those who have passed.

    Yes, the market is terrible and yes, there are many people to blame for this, but your efforts are nothing more than self-promotion.

  10. MYTH: If a job isn't on the internet, then it doesn't exist.

    TRUTH: Law firms do not usually like to post hiring activities on the internet because it makes a law firm look unstable, unattractive, weak, and understaffed. Instead, firms like to hire discreetly. Firms also like to hire people they personally know already and like to find that "perfect fit" - something a firm can't really assess by electronic applications.

    SOLUTION: Get your butt out there and get to know some people!

    TIP: Grades and school rank matter a whole lot less than how you work in a team, and how likely you are to positively "represent" the firm as a whole. Grades are a factor, but so are MANY other factors in landing a MUTUAL business relationship.

  11. If trying to become a lawyer isn't worth it to people (considering previous investment, job prospects, hassle, etc.) then don't be a lawyer!

    If you failed to adequately research job prospects BEFORE you entered law school, then that's the individual's mistake for relying too much on one single statistic. You should have thought about that BEFORE you entered law school. Now live with it your error.

  12. Tyson, how are things in Gaithersburg, MD, and Washington, DC? Why do you bother posting the same mindless drivel on this blog?

    To wit:

    “There are great complexities in our capitalist society and only lawyers have the acumen to figure them out.”

    Also, did you mean to say, “There are great disparities of wealth in our capitalist society”? Thanks for the update, by the way. I didn’t realize that until you pointed it out. Regarding your belief that only lawyers can figure them out is arrogant, preposterous and silly. (Are you being deliberately dense? This is an act, right?)

    As a self-admitted third year law student, what practical career advice do you have for the readers of this blog – other than “get your butt out there and get to know some people”? By the way, genius, PLENTY of law students have done exactly this, and are still unemployed. What is your excuse/explanation for this situation? Do these JDs suffer from poor hygiene, or poor social skills?! COULD IT BE THAT THERE REALLY ARE TOO MANY JDs FOR THE AVAILABLE NUMBER OF ATTORNEY POSITIONS?!?!

    Also, why the over-reliance on straw men? Did anyone here state that if a job isn’t on the internet, it doesn’t exist? (Such jobs exist, and are posted internally. Good luck to the recent law grad who thinks he will be a candidate for such a position.)

    To the tool at 11:30,

    Steven Charles Krane devoted his entire “professional” life to crushing little people. This blog is backed up by the facts. I apologize if the harsh tone of this site offends your sensibilities. Perhaps, you should not visit this site, if it is not to your liking. You don’t think this portly man ever giggled himself silly, thinking about all those he screwed over?

    You are correct, in that I don't give a damn if Krane's carcass has been in the ground for not quite 2 months. It is called schadenfruede. Look it up. (Should I feel sympathy for a serial rapist who dies in a shootout with police? If someone deliberately burns my house down, and then dies in a bus crash 2 years later, should I wait for an "appropriate" amount of time to pass before casting stones at the scoundrel?)

    If you want to mourn this man’s passing, you are free to do so. However, DO NOT expect recent JDs and attorneys to share in that sentiment. Maybe, you can make a donation to the Steven C. Krane Fund, so you can help public interest lawyers pay back their student loans. Or, perhaps, you can toast his memory at your next business lunch.


    Looks like the big guy was under investigation for patent fraud. A natural choice to head up ABA and NYSBA ethics commissions.

    "Wonder why Steven Krane was one of the guys who was elected for Judy's post but he would have been nuts to take it as this would have been the first issue in his campaign. Krane who violates ethics, while acting under ethics titles, is sweating, and he needs to, as the matters of Iviewit were recently forwarded by John Dingell, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to the House Judiciary Committee where it is now under review."


    If a firm or company wants you because of your value (brains, personality, real world experiences), then *poof* a "position" will appear. Its not like there are only a SET number of attorney positions - that is a ludicrous suggestion. The "positions" are based upon a firm or company's WANTS and NEEDS and if you are valuable, you will land a "position.

    Do you know how many "braindead" people in every sector of our economy get paid $45k a year to basically do jack squat? A LOT. If you're telling me that a very intelligent lawyer, who works fairly diligently won't land at least a $45k job too, then you must be smoking some good ganja, ese.

    The money during the first two years as a lawyer doesn't matter anyway. Even doctors start out at $40k / yr when they are residents. Law schools do not have residency programs... and maybe they should! Its about the long run.

    Besides, who cares if new law schools open? They are really just full of students who couldn't get in anywhere else. Can't you compete with these clowns? And if you can't, then whose problem is it really?


    "Bernstein suing the FL & NY Supreme Courts, State Bars & Disciplinary Agencies, claims conflicted members of the courts, partners from Proskauer Rose LLP law firm, the main conspirator in Bernstein’s case along with law firm Foley & Lardner, illegally handled complaints against partners while holding official title with the courts & disciplinary agencies. In NY, Bernstein’s allegations led to unanimous consent of 5 justice of the NY Supreme Court to have former NY State Bar Association President, Steven Krane, a Proskauer partner, ordered for investigation for conflicts & the appearance of impropriety. Proskauer’s Kenneth Rubenstein, the sole (soulless) patent evaluator for MPEGLA LLC, ordered for investigation along with attorney Raymond Joao, who claims to have put 90+ patents into his own name. Bernstein claims patents filed by Joao were during & after the time Iviewit retained Joao to patent inventions for Bernstein, Joao patented them for himself instead."

    Another glimpse into this mess. I hope people open these documents up in another browser and read what they contain.

  16. 3:30pm: I'm not sure what all this proves. Its just a complaint. It may be all dismissed on summary judgment. It would only take me about 2 months to read the complaint, considering it is about 323 pages of a legal area I know nothing about.

  17. Might just be me, but 90 patents by a lawyer? Strange he wasn't an engineer and saved the 200K.

  18. There's really not that big of a surplus of attorneys. If there were, you would expect BIGlaw salaries to drop significantly due to the surplus of unemployed T14s. And while BIGlaw salaries haven't increased much in the last five years, they certainly haven't dropped by any staggering amount.

    Although there are some examples of unemployed lawyers who are now venting, and kernels of truth to the "no law jobs" voice, I think this cry is mainly an exaggeration.

    Of course, if you are one of the few unemployed attorneys, it will feel like the end of the world and you would probably start a blog describing your woes.

  19. That's right 9:02pm. Another thing, who cares if there are no jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The free market will work it all out. If law school is truly a bad deal, then people will stop going.

  20. 9:02 and 9:18 must be industry shills.

    No way could anyone be that stupid.

  21. @9:20pm: You've got your opinion and you're going to assert it!

  22. Does anyone else find it odd that Nando sits around and preaches about the job market for attorneys when he has yet to take a bar exam or look for a job within the legal field? Additionally, if he was so much more intelligent than anyone else who has ever gone to law school then why a) did he only get in to Drake and more importantly b) did he go to law school at all?

  23. "There's really not that big of a surplus of attorneys. If there were, you would expect BIGlaw salaries to drop significantly due to the surplus of unemployed T14s."

    I wouldn't expect that at all. Your line of reasoning assumes that newly admitted T-14 grads are in a position to compete for BigLaw type clients. Can you imagine some corporation saying, "hey, why should I keep hiring BigLaw, when I can save some bucks by hiring unemployed recent grads to handle my legal matters?" People with financial resources won't hesitate to pay a premium for lawyers with lots of experience. The presence of a million recently-graduated unemployed lawyers wouldn't change that.

  24. Doc review jobs are a dead end anyway. It was only a matter of time before they were offshore outsourced anyway.

    Doc review was the traditional job of the junior associate who did learn a bit about corporate practice by reading all of those documents. It's a thankless rite of passage. But corporations aren't going to pay extravagant junior associate pay for this type of work.

    Once it became outsourced to US JDs it became a dead end job for people that were never going to become partnership-track senior associates. Where exactly does outsourced document review lead?

    Better for the recent grads to find jobs/internships that let them go to court on small cases. That is something that can never be offshore outsourced.

    It is in bad taste to speak ill off the dead over an advisory ethics opinion.

  25. Nando, would you compare Steven Krane to Adolf Hitler? Is the man responsible for the legal holocaust that has claimed thousands of JD careers that will never take off the ground? If so, then that is the exception to desecrating the man's memory.

  26. Your comments are a disgrace. Get a life you loser.

  27. @nookular don:

  28. This fat, bloated piece of shit tossed thousands of U.S. lawyers under the bus, and he has defenders? I don't get it.

  29. The ABA should make a bronze statute of Steven Krane (financed by the membership dues of course) and place it top of the bull located by Wall Street. There should be a plaque that reads: "Steven Krane: A Champion of Big Law interests, and a modern day saint and defender of PPP. RIP."

  30. his name is robert paulsonAugust 9, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    karma is a bitch, fatman. maybe some indian lawyers can help draft his estate.

  31. My only hope is that Satan can outsource the torture of this asshole's soul to India.

  32. To those justifying Krane’s role in ABA “Ethics” Opinion 08-451, would you likewise excuse a common criminal for holding up the 7-11? After all, someone else would have robbed that convenience store, at some point in time. While doc review gigs were not great, at least they provided attorneys a decent chance to pay their bills and put food in the fridge, by earning $30+ an hour, plus overtime pay. Those days are gone. Many of these temp hag agencies and Biglaw firms now pay a flat rate.

    While Asian Indians may speak English, are they familiar enough with American law to do this work? Why should anyone attend a U.S. law school, take on $130K in additional student debt, pass the bar exam, abide by the rules of “professional ethics”, and limit themselves to practice in one or two states – when foreign lawyers and non-attorneys are able to engage in the practice of American law? How the hell is this not the unauthorized practice of law? How can a supervising American lawyer legitimately oversee the final work product of 200 people?

    Tyson, the two links below are courtesy of sister scam-blogger HardKnocks at


    “Nearly 40 applications have come in the past two months to compete for four new unpaid positions, which would normally pay between $70,000 to $100,000. Horn said the jobs, requiring commitments of at least six months to a year, are not internships typically filled by students.

    "These are practicing attorneys working with the full authority of the office," Horn said.”

    Tyson, here is a licensed attorney position, to assist in litigation matter – all for the magnificent sum of $10 per hour. Wow! Who wouldn’t want this job?!?!

    “The U.S. economy as a whole lost 131,000 jobs in July, and 800 of them were in the legal trade, according to the latest report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Despite the losses, the industry actually fared better last month than it did in June, when it saw more than 3,000 positions evaporate. The BLS originally reported that the legal services field lost 3,900 jobs in June, though the agency has since adjusted that figure to 3,200. All told, there are now 17,200 fewer legal jobs in the U.S. than there were in July 2009, according to the BLS.”

    Did you see where the article notes that there are 17,200 FEWER LEGAL JOBS TODAY THAN THERE WERE IN JULY 2009?!?! Did you see that, kid? Now, what was that you saying about there not being enough lawyers and law schools out there?!?!

  33. "There's really not that big of a surplus of attorneys. If there were, you would expect BIGlaw salaries to drop significantly due to the surplus of unemployed T14s." (August 8, 5:40 pm)

    This claim is completely false and can be easily repudiated by examining ABA and BLS statistics. See:

  34. Hey Nando. Fmr Alaska Senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash. You should do a post on him, as he was a way, way, way bigger piece of fucking garbage than this Krane guy ever aspired to. Stevens was easily one of the most corrupt and morally dead members of Congress. I am sooooo happy that this cocksucker finally bit the bust. Good riddance, Stevens!

  35. Senator Stevens was given a second chance in life in 1978 when he survived his first plane accident. Senator Stevens did not redeem himself and God has claimed him. I was wondering what was taking God so long. May Stevens' and Krane's souls be tortured in perpetuity.

  36. I hope Ted Stevens's soul can walk on his "Bridge to Nowhere" for all an eternity. This man is a prime example of corruption in government and what is wrong with this world.

  37. @ Nando, from 9:36am: Nando, you are taking little odd goofball news stories and acting as if those stories represent the entire country 100% of the time. No! They are odd little random stories, which is why it makes the news in the first place.

    And since you feel confident in quoting BLS stats, then why not quote ALL the stats? Like the prediction that American legal will GROW by 12% in the coming years. See

    Oh, and $10/hr litigator and unpaid prosecutors? Yeah, ever heard of an internship? True, they have a bar license, but 1. its probably very temporary, and 2. The prosecutor is probably GOING TO HIRE THEM once he sees their work. Besides, ONLY TWELVE APPLICANTS HAVE RESPONDED SINCE MAY!!!!... out of the entire state pool of CA attorneys. There are obviously not a glut of lawyers.

  38. Stop being a bunch of drama queens.

  39. "ONLY TWELVE APPLICANTS HAVE RESPONDED SINCE MAY!!!!... out of the entire state pool of CA attorneys. There are obviously not a glut of lawyers."

    Or, more likely, there is not a glut of lawyers in a position to commit to six months (or a year!) of working full time for free, especially considering there is no guarantee of landing a paid position when all is said and done. Are you in a financial position to work for free for an entire year in exchange for the mere *possibility* of future employment? For a guy always advocating free market position, you are awfully quick to defend uncompensated labor. I guess "going Galt" ain't for the common man.

  40. @Don: "For a guy always advocating free market position, you are awfully quick to defend uncompensated labor."

    If the two parties are WILLING actors, then the only one who has the problem with the agreement are folks like yourself. Why blame those who offer the low paying positions, as opposed to the ones who actually ACCEPT them?

  41. Nando, would you kindly explain who "Doug" is, and why yourself and other scam-bloggers have blacklisted him? Is it just because he fervently disagrees with you?



  42. New York Times has article from last week about this:

  43. Stevens lived to be 86. He won.

  44. "If the two parties are WILLING actors, then the only one who has the problem with the agreement are folks like yourself."

    I realize I've violated a core principle of the Randian faith by manifesting concern for someone other than myself, so I'll back off. You're right. Anything goes, so long as one obtains the "consent" of a person in a vastly inferior bargaining position. Lochner lives, baby!!

    "Why blame those who offer the low paying positions, as opposed to the ones who actually ACCEPT them?"

    Because in this case, the State is in a position to offer at least *some* compensation for these positions, but has instead chosen to take advantage of the desperate circumstances of many new attorneys. I know that's difficult for you to understand, as you've chosen to not believe that any new attorneys are in desperate circumstances.

    Can we at least agree that a rational actor in these circumstances might say, "screw that, I'm not working for free. I deserve some sort of compensation for my labor." Or would that just be "whining" or "entitlement"?


    Tyson, you make this too easy. Look at this position, i.e. “Special Assistant United States Attorney” in the Northern District of California, Oakland Branch.

    “Salary Information: This is a one-year appointment without compensation; uncompensated SAUSAs cannot be considered by this office for a permanent AUSA position for two years after expiration of this SAUSA’s one-year appointment.

    Relocation Expenses: Relocation expenses will not be authorized.”

    Tyson, do you see where this job does not provide any compensation?!?! Did you see that?! Now, once you wrap your tiny, little brain around that, do you see where SAUSAs CANNOT BE CONSIDERED BY THIS OFFICE FOR A PERMANENT AUSA POSITION FOR TWO YEARS AFTER EXPIRATION of the one-year uncompensated appointment?!?! Yes, this sounds like a dream job!!

    Oh, wait! You will go on (again) about how this is done for the *experience*. Because “experience” pays the bills, doesn’t it?! And putting one’s student loans in deferment status will not increase the principle on the outstanding debt, will it?!?

    I provide links to plenty of such uncompensated/poorly compensated positions, whereas you provide links to articles where “law professors” engage in conjecture that the market will improve. See the difference, boy? In fact, the links I post are a mere fraction of the openings where legal employers are offering $0-$10 an hour to licensed attorneys.

    You also ignore the following economic realities of this industry: (a) people are taking on MORE student loan debt than ever before; (b) these loans are no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy; (c) the lawyer job market is GROSSLY over-saturated; (d) the ABA continues to approve MORE commodes of law; (e) Biglaw is offshoring doc review gigs to India – which impacts American TTT grads; (f) poor people want free legal advice, and MOST of them cannot afford the services of a private lawyer; and (g) there were 44,000 JDs for the class of 2009 – for a paltry 28,901 jobs requiring bar passage.

    Are you dense enough to believe that all of those 28,901 jobs were attorney positions? Do you also realize that NALP counted deferred associates as “employed” – for the purposes of their employment report?

    I agree with the others on here, who have noted that Ted Stevens was one of the biggest pieces of trash in American politics. And THAT is saying something!! The man was totally divorced from reality. (Who knows? Maybe he is related to DC/Gaithersburg Tyson.)

  46. "Are you dense enough to believe that all of those 28,901 jobs were attorney positions? Do you also realize that NALP counted deferred associates as 'employed' – for the purposes of their employment report?" the conversation can circle right back around to Tyson's "but lawyers aren't employees" argument. I can feel it.


    ANother piece of shit died. This one was named Daniel Rostenkowski. What a lovely time of year this is.

  48. @Nando: "Tyson, do you see where this job does not provide any compensation?!?! Did you see that?! Now, once you wrap your tiny, little brain around that, do you see where SAUSAs CANNOT BE CONSIDERED BY THIS OFFICE FOR A PERMANENT AUSA POSITION FOR TWO YEARS AFTER EXPIRATION of the one-year uncompensated appointment?!?! Yes, this sounds like a dream job!!"

    If it's a bad deal, then no one should apply. I personally don't have a year to spend on uncompensated endeavors, and therefore would not apply.

    HOWEVER, don't you realize that this program would give a new lawyer a direct line to employment with the US attorney's office? Not with "this office," but likely other offices.

    It's personally too speculative for me and besides, I have other goals. But I do think it would result in very very good chances for transition into another U.S. Attorney office. (Not such a bad deal for a TTT, huh?).

  49. Uncompensated U.S. Attorney offering: "Travel may be required between Branch Offices, Headquarters and other U.S. Attorney’s Offices for training, conferences, and work-related responsibilities. "

    Think a little harder about whether this is such a bad deal to go uncompensated after a year. Besides, after you are a U.S. Atty, then you are looking at some BigLaw prospects. (A back door to BigLaw).

  50. There are so many opportunities for attorneys, it would blow you away. The people who can't find jobs are suffering from a lack of information and a lack of contacts. (NO - all information is NOT available on the internet, contrary to belief).

  51. "If it's a bad deal, then no one should apply."

    Yeah, and I guess one could make the same argument regarding indentured servitude. If it was really such a bad deal, why would anyone do it?

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  53. tyson, what a heap of shit. There are no jobs out there and 'backdoors to biglaw' (by working for free). What a total deluded nonsense.

    Law degrees are a disgusting fraud, period. Force proper statistics and stop the unlimited loans.

  54. As a former Biglaw associate, I can tell you that there is a backdoor to Biglaw but it doesn't involve working for the government for free.

  55. Nando, it's time for your next post. I am tired of seeing a picture of this balding troglodyte everytime I hit the refresh button. This story is starting to smell like a decaying carcass. Please regale us with your next expose.

  56. My sympathies, 1:25. I plan to leave Krane's fat, rotting carcass on display for a couple of more days. He helped financially kill THOUSANDS of American attorneys - with a few keystrokes. And I actually think the air smells sweeter knowing that this piece of garbage is in the ground.

    My next post will juxtapose the job prospects for law students with the HUGE capital improvement projects the law schools are working on. After that, I will feature Widener and then St. John's. (We'll let those administrators sweat, in anticipation of their TTR profiles.)

  57. Nando, I am surprised that TTT schools such as Syracuse Law aren't handing out hardhats and $12/hr jobs to its grads to game the employed at X months stat. ONTH, a JD makes you under/overqualified to put up dry wall.

    Syracuse is building a multi-million dollar complex. I don't understand why they are wasting all that money. I mean, you can build a gold plated commode on an outhouse and it is still a fucking third tier toilet.

  58. Anonymous 12:52 AM.

    What is the backdoor to BigLaw?

  59. @7:51PM

    Here is a hint: It involves another type of backdoor and your willingness to allow its breach.

  60. Oh great! Let's take advice from someone who has never practiced law in his lifetime!!!!

  61. Now, now 11:51pm, I'm sure that Nando has some valid thoughts. It's just that he can't seem to see any further than one year into the future. I don't really know what his point in all of this is.

    If Nando is trying to deter future law applicants, then it obviously isn't working. No one is paying any attention.

  62. Well folks, Nando has said this "declining of legal industry" issue has been a problem for a long time now, and says the recession has "only made it worse."

    However, if it has been just a problem all along, then why are there so many CEO's with J.D.'s???? It just doesn't make any sense and Nando can't seem to fight his little way out of the corner on this one.

  63. Great point, Tyson. Do you know what this means? Time for the next article - simply to place your well-stated points on the back-burner.

  64. nando, why don't you delete the posts from this fucking idiot named Tyson? It is obvious that he posts three or four comments in a row. Just look at the time of the pro-ls comments. August 12 at 11:51 pm, 11:55 pm, and August 13 at 12:00 am and 12:02 am are from the same person. What are the odds that four retards all stumbled onto this page at the same time and decided to post stupid shit. The troll posts once as "Tyson" and then as Anon and reinforces the shitty argument by Tyson. WHat a loser. Also, maybe, just maybe, those CEOs had great connections before attending ls. Plenty of CEOs also went to Shit UNiverisity. And some even dropped out of college. Oh my!

  65. Where does Tyson go to school? Does he have a job lined up?

  66. Tyson, in his own words - from June 17, 2010 at 2:41 pm:

    "I go to a TT law school in the mid-west. By graduation, everyone I talked to was employed. I'm sure from those who weren't, they either found work soon, chose to continue with more higher ed, or simply didn't WANT to practice law.

    Also, the general public is mezmerized by lawyers. Just look at how many tv shows cater to this public interest. And wherever there is a high public interest in something...the profession is lucrative!"

    However, Tyson posts comments from Gaithersburg, MD and Washington, DC. Apparently, he has a summer job lined up in the DC-area or lives there and goes to law school in the midwest. Who knows? He may have some connections. Surely, his weak reasoning "skills" are not solely or primarily responsible for him landing a job. I don't know his situation. For all we know, he might be watching Cartoon Network in his mother's garage - while eating Coco Puffs.

  67. The only people who will miss this lardass are elitist cocksuckers like David Lat. No one else will care.

  68. Earning money online never been this easy and transparent. You would find great tips on how to make that dream amount every month. So go ahead and click here for more details and open floodgates to your online income. All the best.

  69. Hey Nando- what can we do man to get this changed. I am all for complaining, and I think it helps people get involved, but how do we get some publicity or get the ABA to realize we are not going to allow for this? What can we do?

    Further, and because I cannot help desiring to be a lawyer, and not for financial gain, but because I actually want to study it and practice it I am looking at the cheapest schools I can and in areas where they are the primary game in town. Do you think schools like U of Mississippi, and U of Arkansas, because of their low price tag and ease of gaining in state status are worth looking at if you want to practice law? By the way- U of Mississippi has a very detailed and what I think is honest assessment of their career stats. Let me know if you have the chance to take a look at them. Thanks man


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