Saturday, September 25, 2010

Profiles in Pure Insatiable Greed: David J. Sargent

If you read the previous TTR entry, you may be familiar with David Sargent’s lavish compensation as Suffolk University president and “law professor.”

On page 43 of Suffolk University’s 2009 IRS Form 990, you will see that university president and “professor of law” David J. Sargent made $832,782 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2008. Yes, that is one premium salary, isn’t it?

On page 45, the breakdown is as follows: $463,479 in base compensation; $89,816 in bonus and incentive compensation; $47,173 in other compensation; $211,136 in deferred compensation; and $21,178 in non-taxable benefits.

Sargent's compensation in 2006-2007 totaled $2.8 million, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education's annual survey, released today.” [Emphasis mine]

The article goes on:

“Sargent, 77, has worked at the Beacon Hill university since 1956, the last 19 years as president. He will earn a $1.1 million bonus for never taking a sabbatical over that time.”

To confirm this amount, we go to Suffolk’s 2007 Form 990. We see on page 38 that David Sargent made $2,818,456 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2006. Yes, TWO MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX DOLLARS in total, for one solitary school year. He made $872,000 in compensation; $1,928,461 in contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred compensation; plus $17,995 in expense account and other allowances – apparently, because he needed “other allowances.”

On page 18 of the school’s 2008 Form 990, we see that David Sargent only made $1,521,928 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2007. This little piggy made $972,280 in compensation; $524,313 in contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred compensation plans; and $25,335 in expense account and other allowances – for this year.

It looks as if David graduated from $uffolk’s sewer of law in 1954, and returned in 1956 to “teach law.”

“He returned as an adjunct professor in 1956 and soon became a full professor. From 1972 to 1989, Sargent directed the Law School as dean. Sargent assumed the university presidency in 1989. The Sargent building (1999) which houses Suffolk University Law School is named after him.”

Look at how this reads like a press release/paid advertisement from the school:

“In its November 17, 2008 compensation survey, The Chronicle of Higher Education listed Sargent as the highest paid college or university president in the United States. They mistakenly claimed that Sargent's compensation in 2006-2007 totaled $2.8 million, however, this was a one time check made to his retirement account. Sargent's compensation is roughly on par with most other college presidents, about $400,000 per year.” [Emphasis mine]

The poor "educator" had his total compensation mistakenly reported, huh?!?! Well, this same entry goes on to state that this was a one time made to his retirement account. Apparently, he received, or will receive, the funds in question – but whoever wrote the Wikipedia entry is more interested in playing semantics.

In the last analysis, this man is truly an academic, in every sense of the word. He starting teaching in the law school two years after graduating from the institution. He then “served” as dean of the law school from 1972 to 1989, whereupon he was named president of the university. He has been in this position ever since, and his current contract expires in 2013. The man is now in his early eighties. Apparently, this school does not have a policy on retirement age for faculty members or administrators. After all, most people start slipping mentally in their mid-70s, if not sooner.

Furthermore, Suffolk JDs will continue to be pummeled by their counterparts from Harvard, Boston University and Boston College - in terms of “prestige” and meaningful job offers. Yet, the sewer of law still sees fit to charge its full-time students $41,100 in annual tuition.

We see recent attorneys who are selling cupcakes out of a truck , people who are licensed to practice law in New York and Connecticut making $7.50 an hour at Radio Shack, and lawyers serving lattes - also for $7.50 an hour. And, yet, “educators” and “professors” such as David Sargent - who are DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTING to JD overproduction - can rake in HUGE sums of money annually.


  1. What a scam. Our whole country is a scam. Everything is a scam. It's enraging.

    Thanks so much for this site. I have used it to help talk friends and family out of TTT law school.

  2. What the author of this disturbing article might now know is that Suffolk University, including the law school, was originally founded with the inent of providing ordinary working people with access to affordable higher education...primarily by providing low tuition and night classes, so that working class students could study after their 8 hour days.

    Of course this was before Sallie Mae, Accessgroup, paid for Congressional legislation, non-discharhability, $400k phantom sabaticals, multi-millionaire "educators"...etc

    It is truly sad how far Suffolk has moved from its mission statement.....sad and maddening....

  3. Judges in Massachusetts MUST retire at 70. Suffolk Law school Deans can go on well into their 80s.....go figure. No doubt he will still be collecting at 104....if he makes it that far. Truly sickening greed.

    There is NO NEED,.....and it is morally repugnant to pay that much to a Dean of a crappy law school like Suffolk...when their 80% of their grads are financially ruined. Absurd, and unconscionable.

  4. "$436,000 longevity bonus.....a $1.1 million bonus for never taking a sabbatical over that time...."

    You can dress up it up all you want and say well "it's not his salary"...but it is money going into his bank account. Incidentally...have have you ever heard of a "longevity bonus" or a million plus dollar bonus for not taking a sabbatical???? I know I have not......certainly not in any other line of work.

    Students are being scammed...just like Dean Rothenburg scammed us Maryland students with her phamton sabattical for over $400k a year.
    When I get the annual Maryland law alumni donation request....isntead of throwing it in ht garbage...I will wriet a latter to all faculty saying I will donate once Rothenburg gives he $400k back.

  5. Gotta love the shit eating grin on this puke's face. He has scammed the government out of millions and his students out of their futures. And he knows it.

  6. This "Gordon Gekko from the '80s" educator is 80 years old and collecting deferred compensation? Who the fuck is the school trying to kid? The IRS? Is the deferred compensation for when this greedy creep turns 120?

    I bet when this rich man dies, he will have that same smile on his face. It would be fitting if they put him in a casket on top of another corpse (both facing down of course) to symbolize how he fucked over many in life and beyond.

    Again kids repeat after me, "If you attend Suffolk Law, your future is so fucked."

  7. The only thing missing from that picture are the devil's horns.

  8. Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but 450 students at 41 thousand a year is roughly 18.5 million in tuition dollars.

    Is there any way to determine how much of that tuition money came from student loans?
    And how much or what percentage of someone like Sargent's compensation comes from student loans?

  9. I'm 10:30 again.

    I tried to go back to sleep, but I keep thinking and thinking about this.

    Assuming there are about 200 ABA approved Law schools, and all make on average 20 million a year in tuition dollars.

    Assume half of those dollars are from Student Loans, so let us say 10 million.

    Now 10 million times 200 schools comes out to a couple of Billion dollars a year.

    Quite a gravy train. (I'm ready for you colonel. It's almost, but not quite as good as your gravy lavishly applied aver succulent mashed potatoes)

    But really, doesn't it seem a little negligent for a bank or the gov't or whatever source to continue to loan this much money on something so risky as a law student in this day and age?

    I'm not talking about the top 10 IVYs of course, whom I love (Including Ann and all the IVY lawyers, and have my peacock and ostritch plumes ready for fanning)

  10. This clown isn't worth $800 a year, forget $800,000

  11. ....................../´¯/)
    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    Take that and your 2.8 million and shove 'em up your old, gray ass sideways, Sarge.


    The Suffolk law classes of 1957-2010 (so far)

  12. I think you're forgetting just how hard it is to be a law professor.

    Any ol' schmuck can go out, do a little research, and find the answer to a legal question. But, do you know how hard it is to continuously, year after year, offer up questions and avoid getting an answer? That takes skill.

    Run and tell that, home boy.

  13. It has been said that this blog is a little on the negative side.

    So here is a little clip that will be sure to lighten the mood on a Sunday morning.

    Pass the biscuits please.

  14. I used to think the person who came up with the plot in Ocean's Eleven was clever back in the '60s (with the original brat pack). Then in 2001, the plot of the remake was not bad-- a very astute heist. Then I read about Dave Sargent. I think his compensation scheme (paid courtesy of your US tax dollars) tops the heist plots of any Ocean's Eleven, et als. movies I have seen. I think I will work on a screenplay modelled after a fictitious character molded after Sargent. I think in my story I will call the Dean Richard "Dick" Cummings.

  15. This blog is negative. But that is to be expected when the subject matter is shit, and the cast of characters are overpaid plundering goons that pretend to be educators.

  16. [Not for the faint of heart]

    “The Suffolk University Law School Alumni Association honored Suffolk University President David J. Sargent with a special Lifetime Achievement Award on Nov. 16, 2006, at its annual award dinner at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

    Suffolk University is celebrating its Centennial Year, and Sargent has been involved with the University for 55 of those first 100 years.”

    I guess taking this school from a third-rate institution to an overpriced third-rate institution is a great accomplishment.

    “The law school tuition was $400 a year when Sargent came here; today it is $35,000. Much else has changed, too, but what has not changed, Sargent insists, is the mission. Suffolk was started in the Roxbury parlor of lawyer Gleason L. Archer as a night law school for those, mainly the Irish, who couldn't get into Harvard and BU. Sargent thinks that very ethic is what still distinguishes Suffolk.”

    The heading of this Boston Globe piece from May 18, 2007 says it all: “The house of David.” When Sargent attended law school at this same in$TTTiTTTuTTTion, tuition was only $400 a year!! David $argent even admits that the sewer of law is geared for those who couldn’t get into Harvard and BU. Hence, you are charging those largely of modest means - and no connections - a king’s ransom for TTT job prospects. How can you sleep at night, David?!?!

    Apparently, law school tuition was $35,000 in 2007 - according to the Globe article. Today, yearly tuition at $uffolk Univer$iTTTy Law $chool stands at $41,100.

    To top it off, David Sargent apparently did not have the balls to face questions from the student government association at Suffolk University.

    “In light of recent controversies surrounding President David Sargent’s salary, the SGA hosted a forum yesterday in the C. Walsh Theater where students could voice their questions and concerns to top administrators…The only invited panelist not in attendance was President Sargent.

    “[Sargent’s absence] was unfortunate,” said SGA secretary Christina Panagiotakos. “We were looking forward to speaking with him; he sends his regrets, as he is out of town today.”

    Apparently, $2,818,456 does not buy you a pair of balls.

  17. It reminds me of a poem by William Carlos Williams called: "The Yachts"

    Only in this context, the failing upstretched arms in the ungoverened ocean are the indebted students.

    "Arms with hands grasping seek to clutch at the prows.
    Bodies thrown recklessly in the way are cut aside.
    It is a sea of faces about them (the yachts) in agony, in despair.

    until the horror of the race dawns staggering the mind.......

    "......they cry out, failing, failing! their cries rising in waves still as the skillful yachts pass over."

    with Sargent at the helm of one of them at least.

  18. Call your Congressman to support this bill and its companion in the Senate which has also been voted out of subcommittee.

    President, the Institute for College Access & Success 510/ 318-7902
    Gretchen Wright
    September 15, 2010 202/371-1999
    Bankruptcy Relief for Private Student Loan Borrowers Advances
    “Today the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative
    Law took a stand for students and consumers by passing the Private Student Loan Bankruptcy
    Fairness Act of 2010 (H.R. 5043). The bill reverses the unfair and unjustified special protections
    for lenders of private student loans enacted in 2005.
    “While banks that knowingly make unaffordable loans can simply write off these debts, the 2005
    bankruptcy law made it nearly impossible for distressed borrowers to discharge a private student
    loan, even after meeting the strict criteria for bankruptcy. Under the legislation sponsored by
    Subcommittee Chairman Steve Cohen and reported today, private student loans would once
    again be treated like other consumer debt in bankruptcy, rather than like unpaid criminal fines.
    “Private student loans are one of the riskiest ways to pay for college. Like credit cards, private
    loans typically have uncapped, variable interest rates that are highest for those who can least
    afford them. They also lack the basic consumer protections and flexible repayment options of
    federal student loans. Yet, under current law, private student loans are treated so harshly in
    bankruptcy that borrowers are left at the mercy of their lender.
    “We applaud the subcommittee members who voted for this bill and urge the full Judiciary
    Committee to act promptly to restore fairness to the treatment of private student loan debt in
    bankruptcy. People who borrowed for college and played by the rules deserve basic consumer
    protections and fair treatment when they hit hard times.”

  19. I posted this on the joblesss juris doctor blog yesterday, but it is worth re-posting here:

    This is off topic, but It seems appropriate for a Sunday.
    It is for all who have spent many years of their youth in Law, and are sometimes looking behind from where they came, for better or worse.

  20. According to Suffolk’s Form 990 – for the years 2007-2009 – David Sargent made $5,173,166 as president and “law professor” at this university, over the course of three years.

    He might be the nicest, friendliest administrator out there. That does not matter. Not when an entire generation of young people is drowning in non-dischargeable student debt. This school also happens to be located in an area that features much higher ranked law schools.

    You can also see from “The house of David” article that Sargent himself views Suffolk Law as a place that caters to those who otherwise could not get into Harvard or Boston University. So why does this third tier law school insist on charging full-time law students $41,100 in yearly tuition?

    “Suffolk was started in the Roxbury parlor of lawyer Gleason L. Archer as a night law school for those, mainly the Irish, who couldn't get into Harvard and BU. Sargent thinks that very ethic is what still distinguishes Suffolk.”

    Furthermore, Sargent has spent his entire adult life in academia. He is now in his eighties. Does he really require such a hefty total compensation to maintain his standard of living?! David Sargent has never had to experience the shifting winds and changing fundamental structure of the American and global economy. He has been sheltered from these realities for the past 53 years.

    The academic world is called the ivory tower for a reason; these “educators” are largely not subject to demands of the real world. Would a Biglaw firm pay someone $200K to sit around and publish articles in obscure law reviews? Would ANY law firm pay someone for teaching the same material for 20 years? Lawyers need to bring in new business, maintain clients, win cases, and pay for overhead – among many other tasks. In contrast, “law professors” do not need to worry about any of these things.

    Is it just for these “professors” and administrators to make a financial killing when they are overproducing JDs – and sentencing legions of these people to a lifetime of debt servitude, misery, angst, and depression? Remember, that these “educators” are living fat off of the federally-backed student loan system. In the end, the students cannot walk away from this debt – and ultimately the taxpayers are on the hook when this tuition bubble pops.

  21. Anyone remember thier first class in Corporate finance or regulation? The primary lesson from the harvard professors were, look only to the next quarter and maximizing money for the shareholder. Do this by incentivizing management.
    We're f@cked when harvard professors do ANYTHING!

  22. Fuck this guy. Hey Suffolk JDs, how do you feel now?

  23. Still, the portrait shows a somewhat mature man with laughing blue eyes, sandy, whiteish blonde hair and a mischevious grin.

    Altogether suggesting a grandfatherly presence.

    With a few scions getting about perhaps.

    In short, he looks like a nice guy!

  24. All I can say is..., you're on notice as to THE LAW SCHOOL SCAM.

  25. Listen up folks. Give dis ole' man a chance. Lemme handle dis. Mr. Sargent, I would be glad t' cater your dinner for May 2011 graduates. We can pile on some of our patented mouthwatering, flaky biscuits, along wit some lovely gravy and plenty o' chicken.

    Ya can choose between our grilled, original 'n crispy chicken styles. We also can roll out an entire table of macaroni 'n cheese, cole slaw, sweet corn. For those on the go, we offer Doublicious and the stacker samwiches. Call it a guilty pleasure. I usually watch mud-rasslin' while eating a snacker or two, and then head off to bed.

    Who cares if most of your law school graduates will end up washing windows and working as telemarketers. A' least they can feast on some of the Colonel's chicken. And there ain't nothin' better than the Colonel's chicken. (A possible excpetion would be a bag of m&m's and some popcorn, but ya didn't hear that from me.)

    Son of a bitchez, I guaran-goddamn-tee you satisfaction from any of our precious menu items. Before your TTT grads taste defeat, failure, etc. why not let 'em have a little taste of heaven first? I won't even charge 'em an arm and a leg for a grilled breast and a leg.

  26. Damn Colonel! I'm hungry! Lets get this party started!

    Alton, is invited:

    And the loveliest of lovelies, Pink:

  27. Another chestnut:

  28. Thank you Colonel!

  29. First to say, the colonel sucks.

  30. Thanks Nando. You ruined for me that Rick Ross song that was blasting this past summer. Now each time I listen to the lyrics of Rick Ross's "Blowin Money Fast" it reminds me of Dave Sargent. I think the broke ni@@as in the song refers subliminally to Suffolk Law students and recent grads.

  31. Suffolk sucks. No wonder they tried to stop UMass Law from opening. UMass Law is a joke, but so is Suffolk Law, still it is a no brainer if you are going to a crap law school to go to the one that costs half of what the other one costs. This guy should be tarred and feathered, not honored. He sat at the educational trough for 100 years or however long, how is this an accomplishment? I think they should do away with all government student loan programs.

  32. This asshole got a lifetime achievement award from this shitty institution? BWWAHAHAHAH! Now that is rich! They ought to shutter this Don't wait another minute or others will suffer.

  33. Almost 4AM here on the East coast. Awake again.
    I have a serious question, and, since I am hoping some knowledgeable lawyers might read this blog, I am hoping to get some free advice.

    I have this thing now with my heart, where it gives a kind of flub in between breaths. It is not all the time, and not all day, but
    I notice it mostly when I lay down at night to sleep.
    In other words, when I exhale (a normal sized breath) and just before I inhale, my heart sort of once in a while pauses ever so slightly and then gives a flub.
    Not so much a flutter as a heavy kind of squeeze.

    I should see a doctor, buyt have no health insurance. I used to, but don't anymore.
    I have been noticing this sort of thing with my heart for the last 10 years or so, but it has gone away. A doctor once thought I had a murmur, but an EKG revealed nothing.
    I attributed it to stress and/or high blood pressure. Student loans have worried my silly, and the student loans pretty much broke up my marriage.

    I am self-employed, and am trying to get Empire Blue Cross to mail me an application for Healthy New York, but three times I have spoken with someone on the telephone over the last year, and still no application mailed.

    I really don't think Obama care will be place yet for a few years either. I would sign up for it it was. Does anybody understand how Obama care is supposed to work?

    My brother was a big weightlifter for mnay years, and told by a doctor that he has an athletes enlarged heart. Maybe I have something similar.
    I remember once as a younger man in my 20's having a drunken argument with a medical student over the merits of a heart that is increased in size and thickness through exercise, having obtained my knowledge from muscle magazines. But the med student said that the athletes enlarged heart is not necessarily a good thing.
    Years later, I'm thinking that maybe she was right.

    Damn, with a JD, you would think I would have found a job with a health plan a long time ago.
    What a pickle to be in.
    Starbucks offers health insurance to its employees, but even Starbucks wont even hire me with my ruined credit and student loan albatross.

    I am very diligent about brushing my teeth and flossing, because a root canal and crown would be well over two thousand dollars. THe price has gone up in the last ten years. An expense like that would sink me.
    It's enough to drive a person mad.

  34. Here is the link for the pdf applications for Healthy New York

    Some other links:

  35. Sounds like you are having heart palpitations, 9:32. I would see a doctor, but a lot of times these things are brought on by stress and worry. I started having them in law school as my body was trying to scream what my mind already knew - I didn't need to be there and didn't even WANT to be there. I should have dropped out. Go get yourself checked out.

  36. Off topic but inspirational:
    The Forbes wealthiest list:
    The Forbes wealthiest lawyers list:

    The most succesful people with a JD either used a legal job as a way to jump into the relevant industry as entrepreneurial investors; or just jumped into business and never practiced law. After that are contingency fee litigators like Joseph Jamail (contingency fee litigators are effectively venture capitalists who invest in litigation outcomes). After that are BigLaw partners, and so forth...

    Much of what Nando and company blog about is supported by this article. A JD will usually not take you to the very top.
    When I was an unemployed new law grad 12 years ago, I found articles like this inspirational. I'm not superrich, but I've done well for myself with my own law practice and side investments.

  37. Nando-

    Isn't it true that non-profits are not supposed to spend more than 15-20% of income on salaries? I feel like someone told me this but am not sure. Would Guidestar have that info?

    As an aside, I love how people help each other on this blog. From a pure numbers standpoint, if only Big Law people posted on Above the Law while the rest on Down by Law....


    More uplifting news. And there's more.

    Have a nice day. We are all fucked.


    Wow, what “presidential leadership” exhibited on this situation, huh?!

    “Deliso said that there were “1,700 law students plus faculty” at the law school, while the dining hall only has approximately 125 to 150 seats.

    “The problem was mentioned at the Trustees’ Student Affairs Committee meeting yesterday, where President David Sargent addressed the issue.

    “It’s most unfortunate that [the Law School dining hall] has been deemed superior to other cafeterias,” said Sargent. He then mentioned that there was to be a new dining facility built inside 73 Tremont. “This should take some of the strain off.”

    Now, law students at this third tier toilet will no longer need to put up with their intellectually inferior undergrad counterparts. The Board of Trustees ought to put another $600K in your total compensation package this year – for this one bold act alone!!

    Check out this funny page on Facebook. (And, no, this is not my work. Although, I must say that this is nice work.) Look at the composite of David Sargent and Scrooge McDuck. Although, at least the latter was a fictional character – and he didn’t pretend to be an “educator.” He was openly selfish.

  40. to 6:55AM

    Yes it might be heart palpitations.
    In Law School I had two root canals from incessantly grinding my teeth from all the stress. Especially during sleep.
    A close family relative had a major aneurism a few weeks ago. He is age 64. He had high blood pressure.

    Still, the aneurism came completely out of the clear blue sky, and we are all incredibly shocked. He is a brilliant man.

    He has survived, but is not himself. At least not yet. We are all hoping and praying.

    The lesson is that all the worry and stress and fear are just not worth it.

    And don't carry hatred in your heart, because it will just consume you.

    At times I have felt such a deep and bitter hatred for the law school that I went to in light of the financial shipwreck that my life has now become. Hatred for the people at that school-similar to the fellow depicted above, (but in all fairness,I don't know Sargent from Adam.)

    But to borrow a line, as for Law school: "there were special times that stuck in the memory, like insects of some unusually disgusting shape or color, transfixed forever in a dirty web that no cleansing element could reach." (Nicholas Monsarrat)

  41. Sept 27, 7:19PM

    At this interlude, the Greek Chorus will step onstage:

    All things bright and beautiful,
    all creatures great and small,
    all things wise and wonderful:
    the Colonel made them all.

    All of those things are unattainable without a job, and the Colonel-- ever the altruistic Southern Gentleman that he is--has offered a job to one and all of us, though we are not worthy.

    And yet you---you have the audacity to refuse such munificence?

  42. nando, you have established beyond a reasonable doubt that this school is a piece of shit. could you move onto the next toilet of law please?

  43. The trouble is that most or all of the 190 non-Ivy toilets will all simply and eventually become flushed. Economics will take care of that.

    Honestly, has anyone ever bothered to think much about what happens after flushing, and what goes down?

    Honest and hard-working people people do, and it is a trade. They are unsung heroes. I myself have no problem with making a toilet and an overflowed bathroom shine. It is honest work.

    But here is a little number to put many a weary head to rest.

    Bless my homeland, the USA. And Bless President Obama, who is trying his best to rearrange the furniture and view of the deck chairs on the sinking USA Titanic.

    Don't give up the ship.

  44. Great. God knows how many graduates are out there with debt up to their necks, and no hope of finding decent employment, while this shitbag kicks back and rakes in the big bucks, for nothing. What a joke.

  45. I recently received a resume from a Suffolk law grad and I must admit, I never heard of the school until now. I googled Suffolk law and stumbled upon this site. I will reserve my comment on the school itself (however, I will not interview the job seeker); nevertheless, I will say that anyone that is gullible to be duped by this educator, who has the smile of a used car salesman, should not be qualified to practice law. Mr. Sargent has millions of reasons to smile, all at the expense of the indebted alumni that will carry the stigma of a suffolk jd. Yes, Gordon Gekko was right. You are part of the NINJA generation (No Income No Job/Assets).

  46. Wow. Love the brutal reality of this site. The commenters are eye-opening, and the dialogue is funny as hell. the facts show that this man and others of his ilk are living like kings while thousands of JDs are fucked for life every passing year. How can anyone support such a system. David Sargent is a thief, plain and simple. No five pronged legal analysis is required. This is a moral judgment and a basic one at that. how dare anyone defend this filthy fucking pig.

  47. I was a potential law school applicant, but all these scam blogs have made me see the light

    I read all of these horrible stories by all of you unemployed attorneys in this recession...and it makes me so sad.

    I don't mean to sound rude, but why don't all of you law school scam bloggers join forces and file a class action lawsuit against the ABA for misrepresentation of material existing facts of the legal profession, employment statistics, and for law schools not exposing the reality of the profession with their glossy brochures and 90% placement statistic rates with 100k + salaries???

    The US Dental schools joined forces together and worked with the ADA to make sure all the US Dental schools were NOT ranked in the US news rankings, and all of you unemployed lawyers who worked hard and passed the bar should do the same.

    Think about it: You did study law, took out the loans and now you can't get jobs. You might as well use what you learned in school and put it to good use. File a class action lawsuit so the ABA will STOP accrediting new law schools and make sure they give FULL disclosure to future law school applicants about the realities of the profession when they take the LSAT

    Just my $ .02

  48. 10:45

    Your two cents is the million dollar question.

    I can ony speak for myself, as someone who is hopelessly depressed and drowing in student loan debt until I am a used up old man.

    If the comments on this blog have saved you from enrolling in Law School (TOP 10 Ivys excepted)
    then maybe my poor and miserable life will have counted for something.

    Right now, you are in the ONLY position in which to prevent financial and psychological catastrophe. Never start down that road.

    "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
    I took the one less travelled by
    ant that, that has made all the difference"

    Robert Frost

    You are in my prayers.

  49. Well, here's one way to go through law school without incurring debt:

    "A top St. John's University official embezzled more than $1 million from the Queens school, spending the stolen lucre on jaunts to casinos, lingerie shopping sprees at Victoria's Secret -- and even submitting her son's law-school tuition as an expense, authorities charged yesterday."

    Look, she was ONLY making a measly $140K a year, she had to supplement her income somehow!! How was she supposed to live the life of fabulous luxury that every university prof is entitled to?

    "When auditors acquired actual statements from the Taiwanese bank, they found personal charges at casinos, Macy's, Home Depot, supermarkets, pharmacies and fast-food joints, Assistant DA Gregory Pavlides said at Chang's arraignment in Queens Supreme Court yesterday."


    [A supposed “presidential message” - in its entirety]

    "Suffolk University has touched many lives as it has grown from a one-room school to a world-class academic institution.

    We at Suffolk take pride in being a personal, student-centered school, where faculty and administrators know students by name. We take the time to recognize each student’s promise, raise his or her expectations, and build important mentoring relationships.

    Generations of remarkable students have found a purpose here. They have gone on to become successful and conscientious citizens of the world, taking leadership roles in law, business, public service, science, and the arts.

    The University entered its second century in 2006, yet it always will remain true to its original mission of access and opportunity for all deserving students.

    Suffolk continues to follow what University founder Gleason Archer called “the gospel of self-help and hard work.” Those who have the desire to learn and the ambition to use their education will succeed at Suffolk and beyond.

    David J. Sargent

    David, you forgot to mention that when you attended this commode, tuition was only $400 per YEAR. Now, you are able to charge those who could not get into Harvard or Boston University upwards of $41,100 for one year of TTT "education.”

    You have left one incredible legacy, indeed, haven’t you? NOW, A THIRD-RATE, THIRD TIER TRASH CAN, IN THE BOSTON AREA, CHARGES MORE IN TUITION THAN 22nd-RANKED BOSTON UNIVERSITY’S LAW SCHOOL – which currently charges $39,980.

    Congratulations on this stellar accomplishment, David!!

  51. going to law school is like going to Vegas. You can preach all you want about the liklihood of failure unless you are a top tier gambler or someone else is paying for it and it does not matter if you lose etc, but people will still go hoping they can be the exception to all the losers and win.

    Last I checked, Vegas casinos were still striking it rich.

    Life is about choice. If you get the information, you are not likely to attend school, but as long as there is an overflow of applicants, why would these places dare lower their tuition. I doubt even honest employment statistics would change the volume of applicants to the point where they cant fill the seats. People are rolling the dice they might make good money as a lawyer because the alternative employment is not going to get you that extra amount of money you want.

    Pretty sound the lower level law schools will be nothing but Africans and Arabs.

  52. The Classes of 2011 and beyond are already considered the "Lost Generation" for law. At this point, kids are just rolling the dice by attending law school. A very few will win and an overwhelming majority will lose. To those that will lose I have no sympathy for you. No bailout is merited. The writing was on the wall. The scambloggers were out there (pre-Third Tier Reality) but you thought you were better. Well if you are better, then live with $100K plus in non-dischargeable loans wrapped around your neck while chowing down on ramen noodles and living in mildew filled basements. You thought your life would be straight out of a rap music video. Well that is not reality. The reality is Generation Y is fucked because the only way to make money is by being a reality tv star (see Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore who will make $5 million this year for acting like a loveable dirtbag douche). Suck on that Generation Y.

  53. I was in court this morning on a divorce hearing. I overheard at another case's pre-trial conference where the judge went over the income of the husband. They man earned $122K last year and the judge asked "are you an executive of the sanitation company you work with?" They husband responded "No, I am a garbageman, I haul other people's trash for a living." The judge joked about how maybe he was in the wrong line of work. Everyone in court laughed. I am sure Suffolk and TTT law grads are not laughing.

    Hauling trash>>>>>>>>>>>>TTT JD job propects

  54. to 9/26, 6:45

    Nice art work.

    But I hear you. Anger can be good if it is chanelled in the right way. But you cannot spend the rest of your life in hatred or angry.

    Here is a very, very sad song about a very little and insignificant marriage broken up by student loans. Not entirely, but mostly.

    It used to be our song.

    I have failed. I am a complete failure in so many ways.A supposed up and coming lawyer, or at least a "professional" in every dubious sense. Ten years of resume submissions resulted in poor answers.

    I married a woman, and loved her with all the heart that this poor heart could give. I promised to take care of her, and love her for the rest of our lives together.

    I cannot spend the rest of my life crying. No one can. So all I hope for now is a simple reason to go on living. Or a happy death, as is popularly understood by the canon of the Catholic religion.

    But this used to be our song

  55. Urgent Call to Action!
    September 17, 2010 by Robert Applebaum
    The Senate version of the Private Student Loan Bankruptcy bill passed a significant hurdle yesterday - it was voted out of subcommittee and now goes to the full committee. While we're still a good way from the finish line with respect to restoring basic fairness to student loans, this is great news. DO NOT LET CONGRESS DROP THE BALL NOW!
    I was planning on writing sample letters and giving you links to find your representatives and Senators, but the good folks at The Project on Student Debt beat me to it. No sense re-inventing the wheel, therefore, if you do nothing else today, please follow this link to send a clear message to Congress that you support the restoration of fairness to private student loans.
    Cut and paste link below to Send Letters to Your Senators and Representatives

    Little by little, we're winning the fight to restore sanity to the student lending industry. Let's keep the momentum going!

  56. I don't know who is worse, the guy in this article or the recent "CEO" who tried to hire me...

  57. Both John Nucci, a Suffolk vicepresident (sic)and former Boston city councilor, and UMass Lowell chancellor and former congressman Martin Meehan, insist they’re not interested in succeeding university president David Sargent as one of the nation’s highest paid college chieftains."

    Who says "higher education" doesn't pay off?!?! Does anyone actually think that either of these men gives a damn about the career outcomes of the school's graduates?! They primarily see this as an opportunity to make corporate executive money. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Bostonlawyer.2 at JDU:

    I also LOVE the title of the thread, i.e. "New Pigs Line Up to Replace Suffolk's Dean Sargent at Trough." This is an apt description of the situation.


    Another gem by Bostonlawyer.2 - thank you for the update.

    "Sargent’s 21-year tenure as president of the 9,600-student university will end more than two years before his scheduled retirement date of July 2013. An associate of Sargent said the 79-year-old president was forced out by the board, which voted unanimously at a special meeting last night to accept his retirement.

    The university will conduct a national search for Sargent’s replacement. Barry Brown, Suffolk provost, will lead the university until a new president is hired, according to Andrew Meyer Jr., chairman of the university board."

    Another pig bites the dust.

  59. heyheyhey, a lot of people went to suffolk law because they were working full-time jobs and couldn't take 3 years off of work to go to BC or BU... they had bills to pay and didn't want to be 160k in debt.

    basically the people that suffolk law originally set out to give an opportunity for higher education. its just a shame that the school has taken full advantage of the fact that they are the only night school around worth going

  60. This geezer paid $400 for tuition back in 1954. Adjusted for inflation, that comes to about $3300 in 2010 dollars. Can anyone tell me wtf value-added this sewer offers that justifies a 41K annual tuition?


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