Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Law School Pigs Know That The Legal Market is Shrinking - But They Are Happy to Take in More Students!

Brian Tamanaha, law professor at Washington University of St. Louis is back, with another scathing critique of the law school industry.

“While legal employment has fallen dramatically since 2007 (with a further decline in 2010), law schools, after remaining flat in 2008, increased by 5% the number of students admitted (and enrolled) in 2009. This increase was greater than the percentage increase in applications to law school.

Law schools thus responded to the worst recession in the legal market in at least two decades by letting in more law students.
[Emphasis mine]

When you go to LSAC’s website, you can see that there were 86,600 applicants to ABA law schools in 2009, which was an increase of 3.9% from the prior year. However, the number of admitted students increased by 5.1% in that time.

The law schools are FULLY AWARE of the shrinking job market for JDs.

"In these economically challenged times our past experience has turned out to be a poor guide," incoming Dean Patricia White said in an e-mail that was sent to incoming students on June 30 and picked up by the legal blog Above the Law. "An unprecedented percentage of applicants admitted to the University Of Miami Law School have accepted our offer. This will give us a larger than optimal first-year class."

The dean at the Univer$iTTy of Miami School of Law sent out an email to the entire incoming 2009 class, offering $5000 scholarships to those who deferred enrollment for one year. What’s that you say, troll? This law school is only ranked 60th by US News & World Report? Okay, let’s take a look at how well the top law schools are doing - in this shrinking legal market.

"Harvard advises students to have a Plan B for their job search, according to Weber.

Baltimore, Milwaukee

“If you are looking in D.C., consider Baltimore or Richmond,” he said. “If you’re looking in Chicago, try Milwaukee and St. Louis, too. You need to be casting a wider net in this market.”

The shrinking market for law school graduates coincides with a shift in legal services. Control has moved from law firm partners, who traditionally raised their rates every year, to the heads of corporate law departments, who demand that firms perform more efficiently and cheaply." [Emphasis mine]

Harvard Law, the second-ranked law school in the nation, is telling its students to cast a wider net. What does that tell you, lemmings?!?!

Fourth-ranked Columbia Law informs its students that they should attend the undergrad job fair. Yes, that is uplifting, promising news, isn’t it? Wait, maybe it’s the students’ fault for not getting into a higher-ranked school, right?!

Wow! Ninth-rated Michigan Law students can now find exciting new job opportunities as doc review monkeys in India! Yay!!

Here is a look at 11th-ranked Duke’s Bridge to Practice Program.

Even Slate is onto the law school cartel.

In the final analysis, law school is a terrible gamble at this point in time. In this digital age, so many of our jobs can be outsourced.

What is the ABA’s pig-headed solution?! It will consider approving overseas law schools!! Yes, that’s the cure for a GROSSLY OVER-SATURATED American legal market, isn’t it?!?!

This is further proof that the ABA and the law schools are aware of the situation but do not give a damn about the legions of JDs who will become debt slaves – with little to no chance of re-paying their student loans.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fourth Tier Bowel Movement: Valparaiso University School of Law

Tuition: A full-time student at this prestigious, astounding law school will be charged $36,800 in tuition and fees for the 2010-2011 school year. Part-time students will only be charged $1410 per credit hour, for this same academic year.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: The sewer of law estimates that books/supplies, room, board, transportation, loan fees and personal expenses will account for an additional $12,760 for 2010-2011. This would bring the total COA – for a full-time student – to $49,560. Well, at least it is not quite $50K a year, right?!?!

Employment and Starting Salary Prospects: The commode’s Career Planning Center does not furnish employment and starting salary figures for recent graduates. But who needs that info, anyway? The CPC does something more “meaningful and concrete.” They provide a brief list of featured alumni for each semester.

For Fall 2009 – apparently, the sewer of law has not updated a list for Spring or Fall 2010 – the school profiles Lisa A. Van Fleet, a 1985 Valpo JD. She is now an HR specialist who occasionally teaches employee benefits courses. The next person profiled is also a member of the Class of 1985. Her name is Kim E. Ferraro, and as an environmental activist, she is a real crusader for “social justice.” And lastly, the school features a Valpo Law grad from this century, with J. Sebastian Smelko, who graduated in 2007. (One wonders what his first name is, given that he chooses to go by his middle name of Sebastian.) His career track suggests that he is a political hack/junkie. Yes, this is apparently the best Valparaiso University Sewer of Law can do, people.

Ranking: The school is expensive, and it is located about an hour away from Chicago – itself home to six ABA-accredited law schools. Surely, the school’s reputation will allow its graduates to compete in the Chicago legal market, right?! Well, some publication calling itself US News & World Report lists this school as a fourth tier piece of trash.

Average Student Indebtedness: USN&WR shows that the average indebtedness of Class of 2009 Valpo Law grads who incurred law school debt stood at $107,313. Furthermore, this magazine reports that fully 89 percent of this toilet’s 2009 graduating class incurred law school debt.

Potential Upside

"The Valparaiso University School of Law has opened the nation’s first legal clinic dedicated to providing free legal assistance to athletes, coaches and others involved in amateur sports."

Ooh, a sports law clinic! Calm down, so you don’t wet your pants.

This Valpo JD plans to pursue his artwork full-time upon graduation. Yes, a TTTT law degree is a necessity for this line of work, right?!

Look, you can join the Law School Running and Fitness Club, or the Multicultural Law Students Association!! Put these activities on your resume; but I must warn you, that if you do so, you will be inundated with emails and constant phone calls from legal employers wanting to throw large sums of money at you. Yeah, and Salma Hayek just rolled over and asked me to come back to bed.

Recently, industry shill Heather Diersen interviewed Valpo Commode dean Jay Conison about the state of the legal industry. He is also the chair of the ABA Accreditation Committee.

“When I asked Dean Conison about the allegations of misleading and fraudulent reporting of employment statistics, he believes the Questionnaire Committee is significantly concerned. During the next year, the committee is considering recommending changes in the law school reporting requirements, particularly in the type of information given with employment statistics.” [Emphasis mine]

Dean Conison, why don’t you and the “Questionnaire Committee” take your “significant concern” and pack it in your collective ass? Instead of feigning concern, you pinheads need to implement meaningful, substantive change!!

Conclusion: Valparai$o Univer$iTTTTy $chool of Law is a pathetic joke of an institution. The school charges $36,800 in tuition and fees for one year of a fourth tier “legal education.” This means that the VAST majority of its students will end up with $100K in additional student debt, while scrambling for jobs that pay $30K-$40K upon graduation.

I know that lawyers and “law professors” like to toss out that old saying, i.e. “Lawyers are terrible at math.” However, even a moron can discern that taking out $100K-$150K in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loans – for a realistic chance at making $40K – is a horrible financial decision. And you do consider yourself to be smarter than a moron, don’t you, lemming?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Third Tier Rathole: Pace University Law School

Tuition: For the 2010-2011 school year, a full-time student at Pace University Law School will pay $39,546 in tuition. A part-time law student will only be charged $29,662 in tuition for the same academic year.

Total Cost of Attendance: Under the worst-case scenario, i.e. a full-time student living independently and off-campus, personal expenses are estimated to be $17,320 for one year. When you add in the costs of book/supplies and transportation, another $3,150 is added to the tab. For such a student, the total COA for one year would amount to $60,016.

Ranking: That is one hell of an investment to make, isn’t it? Surely the school’s upstanding reputation in the legal and academic communities will make up for this cost, right?! Well, a publication going by the name of US News & World Report lists this school in the third tier of American law schools.

Starting Salary and Job Placement Figures: According to this supposed “quick facts” sheet, 94.3% of the Class of 2009 was employed or pursuing an advanced degree – within nine months of graduation. Yeah, sure they were - and Jessica Alba just climbed on top of me. Of course, the commode did not mention is the number of respondents to this survey.

Purported Bar Passage Rate: This same document lists a bar passage rate of 88% - for its recent graduates. However, we all know that bar passage does not equal legal employment.

“But for 27-year-old Mike Kremen, a law degree landed him a job as an assistant manager at Radio Shack.

Kremen graduated from Pace Law School about two years ago – right when the recession was picking up and the legal industry started to hemorrhage jobs. He’s still waiting for his first full-time legal job offer. He says he might be the only employee in the history of this White Plains Radio Shack who’s passed both the New York and Connecticut bar exams.”
[Emphasis mine]

Yeah, Kremen’s “legal education” sure paid off for him, didn’t it? He passed both the New York and Connecticut bar exams, and he started out making $7.65 an hour at Radio Shack?!?! Did that penetrate your gray matter, lemmings?!?!

“Kremen puts in about 11 hours a day, six days a week at radio Shack -– the kind of hours you see associates pulling at some of New York’s top law firms. But instead of a starting salary of $160,000, Kremen started here at $7.65 an hour.

Kremen still wants that New York law firm job. He’s straining under about $200,000 of law school and credit card debt.”

For the purposes of this festering toilet’s “fact sheet,” Mike Kremen counts as both having passed the bar exam – and as “employed.” How is that for added insult to injury?

Average Student Indebtedness: US News lists the average indebtedness of Class of 2009 Pace Law School grads who incurred law school debt at $83,515. Furthermore, this magazine reports that 87 percent of this toilet’s 2009 graduating class incurred law school debt.

Faculty and Administrator Pay: Head to Page 38 of Pace University’s 2009 Form 990. There you will see that “professor of law” Steven Goldberg made $263,863 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2008. Fellow “law professor,” John Nolon made $327,720 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for the same tax year. And, lastly, “professor” Nicholas Robinson made $258,629 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for 2008.

Isn’t it great that “law professors” can teach out of the same old casebooks, provide the same dry-ass lectures year after year, work 4-6 hours a week, and still make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year?!?! Especially when those “professors” teach at TTTs that provide their students and graduates with pathetic job prospects? Isn’t it splendid?

Wow! You can write onto the Pace Environmental Law Review or the Pace International Law Review. What potential employer would not be impressed with such credentials?!?!

Conclusion: This school is an overpriced pile of decaying fecal matter and toxic waste. In short, it is a diploma mill. It does not give a damn about its students, upon graduation. They are simply a mean$ to an end. Do you want to end up with an additional $85K-$160K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – so that you can continue to make sure your “Property professor” can make $327,720 in total compensation?!?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sickening Fourth Tier Stench Pile: Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Tuition: For the 2010-2011 academic year, a full-time student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law will pay $38,700 in tuition. A part-time student at this private institution will only be charged $27,000 for the same school year.

Ranking: Okay, tuition is expensive and the cost of living in San Diego is a bit pricey. But certainly the school’s reputation will justify such costs, right?!?! Well, somehow US News & World Report lists this school as floating in fourth tier wasteland.

Career Prospects: Here is the group of (useless) people who will help you find a job…if you are among the top ten students in your class. Apparently, this festering pile of excrement cannot afford to list employment placement and starting salary figures.

Average Student Indebtedness: According to US News, the average indebtedness of Class of 2009 TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on $chool of Law grads who incurred law school debt was $131,800. Furthermore, this magazine reports that 95 percent of this toilet’s 2009 graduating class incurred law school debt. THIS SCHOOL HAS THE HIGHEST AVERAGE STUDENT INDEBTEDNESS OF ANY LAW SCHOOL IN THE NATION. What an accomplishment for a fourth tier pile of putrid filth, huh?!?!

Faculty and Administrator Pay: Go to Page 24 of this sewer’s 2009 Form 990. There you will see that dean, president and “professor of law” Rudolph Hasl made $363,025 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008. (The idiots managed to misspell his name as “Roudolph” on the tax form.) Yes, you read that correctly. This “educator” made $302,390 in base compensation; $29,719 in bonus & incentive compensation; $10,547 in other compensation; $14,700 in deferred compensation; and $5,670 in non-taxable benefits.

But that’s not all. Susan Tiefenbrun, “professor of law” and director of “the Center for Global Legal Studies” made $165,543 in total compensation for the same year. And let’s look at the total compensation figures for the following TTTT “law professors”: Kenneth Vandevelde, $179,735; William Slomanson, $176,980; and Julie Greenberg, $164,348.

“Our new campus in Downtown San Diego will further enhance that tradition and transform forever the way in which the School is viewed in the world of legal education.”

Yeah, sure it will - and Salma Hayek, Lauren Graham and Jessica Alba are coming over to my pajama party this weekend. Yes, a new campus will exalt one from the status of a laughingstock to a world-renowned institution, right?!?!

“The Thomas Jefferson School of Law was originally founded in 1969 as the San Diego campus of for profit Western State University College of Law and operated as such until 1995.

TJSL became independent in 1995, and was granted provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association in 1996. It was given full ABA accreditation in 2001 and joined the Association of American Law Schools in 2008.”

This school was a branch of We$TTTTern $TTTTaTTTe Univer$iTTTTy Commode of Law, the school that needed to wait 43 years before receiving ABA accreditation. Who knows? Maybe, TJSL was able to get a fax machine sooner than Western State.!-on-the-rise-)/?PHPSESSID=ed25ce4b19b7b6422f593e15a95a21fe

Of course, the school feeds off of delusional lemmings such as the one on this LSD thread. Apparently, one of the administrators of this dump offered her extra blankets during a cold (San Diego) winter. Yes, that is much more important than job prospects.

Read the comment from "Bondtrader," to gain a better glimpse of life for a Thomas Jefferson Sewer of Law grad.

Conclusion: A person could EASILY graduate from this festering, foul TTTT dump with an additional $180K in student debt. Don’t forget that you will be competing against graduates of Stanford, UCLA, USC and Cal-Berkeley in the hostile, treacherous California legal market. You simply do not need to take out $130K-$180K to land a job making $35K, genius! Why spend this amount of (borrowed) money for a degree you will be too embarrassed to display?!

In the final analysis, this school is a pathetic piece of waste. It charges exorbitant tuition, and happens to be located in a pricey area. How the hell is a TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on $chool of Law grad supposed to find work that will allow him to re-pay his loans?!?!

I realize that Thomas Jefferson penned some beautiful prose regarding concepts such as equality, freedom and liberty - all while owning hundreds of slaves. But even he does not deserve to have one of the most egregious toilets in the entire land named after him. Furthermore, Jefferson never set foot in California - and it was not part of the Louisiana Purchase. Apparently, “law professors” are bad at geography and history, as well as math.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweltering, Fourth Tier Public Toilet: Southern Illinois University School of Law

We are taking a little break from the Boston and NYC toilets. For this entry, the TTR Express heads over to the cosmopolitan metropolis known as Carbondale, Illinois. As of 2008, its population was estimated to be 26,231.

Tuition: For the 2010-2011 academic year, an Illinois resident attending this school on a full-time basis will be charged $11,574 in tuition plus $3,172 in fees - for a grand total of $14,746. An out-of-state full-time law student will pay $29,925 in tuition plus $3,172 in fees, meaning that this person will pay $33,097 in total for one year of “legal education.”

Total Cost of Attendance: From this same document, we can see that the school estimates that room & board, books & supplies, and miscellaneous expenses will add another $14,546 to the annual tab. This would bring the total COA for an in-state resident to $29,292; the annual total COA for an out-of-state student will be $47,643.

Also, notice how the school shamelessly mentions the use of Federal Grad PLUS loan to help cover the cost of attendance. When you head over to FAFSA, you can see that these loans come with a fixed 7.9% interest rate. Not exactly the best terms - for loans that originate from the Direct Loan program!

Ranking: For $ome rea$on, the cost of attendance is not very affordable for this public law school. Surely, the school’s reputation will more than make up for this high cost, right?!?! Actually, some publication calling itself US News & World Report purports to show that this school is in the fourth tier cesspool of U.S. law schools.!firstyearjobplacement_files/frame.htm

Career and Employment Prospects: The sewer of law does not furnish job placement and starting salary info for its recent graduates. (I wonder why that would be the case.) Hey, at least the school’s CSO provides this nifty Power Point slide. Frame 10 offers this stellar career advice: STUDY HARD - GET GOOD GRADES.

Thanks for that terrific insight, you jackals. Also, did anyone else notice that this slide appears to have been put together by a 10 year old?

At least, this outside site provides salary and job placement info. This page claims that SIU Sewer of Law Class of 2007 had an employment rate of 88.1 within nine months of graduation. The median private starting salary is listed as $53,750; the figure published for median public sector starting salary was $38,000. Wow! What a great investment, huh?!?!

Average Level of Student Indebtedness: According to USN&WR, the average indebtedness of 2009 SIU Law grads who incurred law school debt was $63,233. Furthermore, this publication shows that 90 percent of this toilet’s 2009 graduating class incurred law school debt.

“A good rule of thumb is that your total education debt should be less than your expected starting salary. If you borrow more than twice your expected starting salary you will find it extremely difficult to repay the debt.” [Emphasis mine]

Look at this sound advice from FinAid and Mark Kantrowitz. This is a free public service. “Law professors” love to joke that lawyers are terrible at math. If this is the case, then permit me to break this down for you. Ninety percent of this law school’s 2009 graduating class took out student loans for law school. Of these students, the average indebtedness was $63,233, which was significantly more than the reported median starting salary for those in private practice, from the JD Class of 2007.

What’s that you say? You can write onto the Journal of Legal Medicine?! Yes, won’t your parents be so proud of you?!?! What employer - or lovely, young woman - wouldn’t be impressed by this sterling credential?! The world can be your oyster. Just attend this august in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher learning,” STUDY HARD and GET GOOD GRADES.

Conclusion: The Southern Illinois University School of Law is a steaming pile of waste. Do you need to take out an additional $60K-$100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt to land a job making $38K? Do you consider that a wise financial decision?

If you are seeking a law degree as a way to earn some respect from colleagues, associates, friends, co-workers or family, then you are asking for trouble. Remember, YOU will be the one who must re-pay these student loans. Plus, is anyone really going to hold you in high regard when you are a 34 year-old starving lawyer living in a third-rate basement apartment ? In the end, it doesn’t matter what others think; it matters that you can pay your bills, put food in the fridge, and support yourself. I’m looking at you, Toni Braxton.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Noxious Fourth Tier Waste Product: New England School of Law

Tuition: For the 2010-2011 academic year, full-time students at the New England Sewer of Law will be charged $39,910 in tuition; part-time students at this private law school will only pay $29,910 in tuition for this same school year.

Ranking: According to US News & World Report, this turd is floating in the fourth tier of American law schools. What a great accomplishment, huh?!?!

Employment Prospects: Evidently, paying a shade under $40K per year in tuition does not permit one to view job placement or starting salary info. However, the Career Services Office at this dump has its own blogspot. This page displays the results of its 2010 Summer Employment Survey, which was based on 233 responses. The results purport to show that 93 percent of survey respondents were employed over the summer. Yeah, sure they were - and Salma Hayek is massaging my back with her bare breasts, as I write this entry.

For $ome rea$on, this survey fails to note how many of these were paid positions. It also neglects to mention what percentage of these students poured coffee and made photocopies. This questionnaire does not even break down employment by part-time positions versus full-time - or legal, as opposed to non-legal, positions. Why would such a “scientific survey” overlook such important factors?!?!

Average Student Indebtedness: According to US News, the average indebtedness of 2009 NESL grads who incurred law school debt was $106,632. Furthermore, this document shows that 85% of this toilet’s 2009 graduating class incurred law school debt.

Administrator and Faculty Salaries: For this info, we head to New England Sewer of Law’s 2009 Form 990. Go over to page 29 of this tax document. You will see that dean John F. O’Brien made $614,982 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008. He made $522,500 in base compensation; $51,432 in other compensation, $23,000 in deferred compensation; and $18,050 in non-taxable benefits. Apparently, you can be an administrator of a TTTT and make a financial killing - even though law review kids at the same TTTT are drowning in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt with no feasible way to pay this off.

However, there are plenty of TTTT “law professors” who are also making out like bandits. From this same page, here is a list of faculty with their respective TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2008: Frank Scioli, $271,594; Judith Greenberg, $242,384; Susan Calamare, $217,047; Philip Hamilton, $224,609; Paul Teich, $213,070; Ronald Chester, $209,842; Gary Monserud, $204,800; and Curt Nyquist, $199,300.

The above salaries are unconscionable, in light of the following: (a) this school is a fourth tier sewage pit; (b) it is located in the same city as Harvard, Boston U. and Boston College; (c) the GROSS over-saturation of the U.S. legal job market; (d) the permanent trend toward legal outsourcing; (e) the prevalence of unemployed attorneys; (f) the average student indebtedness of $106,632 - for those who incurred law school debt to attend this dump; and (g) the simple fact that many of these JDs will land jobs where a law degree is not necessary.

Ooh! This sewer offers a “Center for Law and Social Responsibility.” Will this setting allow you to gain invaluable experience picking up litter from public parks? If so, then this will at least provide you with a glimpse into your future as a New England Sewer of Law grad. See how impressed potential employers will be when they see this on your resume.

Wow, you can write onto The New England Journal of Civil and Criminal Confinement. Next time you visit your favorite watering hole, tell your friends about this impressive credential. Yes, sit back and watch as scores of lovely young women trip over themselves to gain your attention.

Conclusion: This school is a putrid, vile piece of trash. If this is the best school you can get into, and you simply MUST be a lawyer, I suggest you re-take the LSAT. Otherwise, you will be a laughingstock among your friends and peers, i.e. you will likely be known as another attorney who lives in his mother’s basement.

If your family or friends are pushing/encouraging you to go to law school, remember that YOU will be the one stuck with the student loans. If you are seeking a law degree as some sort of affirmation that you are intelligent and/or hardworking, there are less expensive ways to get over your insecurity. This is an important life decision, and your student loan debt can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Lastly, the law schools DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about your financial well-being. These pigs are paid up front, in full. They simply want as many asses in seats as possible. You are the one who is left to pay for this decision for the next 25-30 years.
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