Saturday, November 13, 2010

Profiles in Selling Out: Jeffrey Sean Lehman, Dean of Peking University School of Transnational Law

Check out this National JurisTTT article entitled “ABA prepares to accredit schools outside U.S.” Sit back and enjoy as I rip into Jeffrey Sean Lehman, “scholar,” sellout and academic administrator. I am going to light this son of a bitch up light a Christmas tree!

“At a time when many worry that American influence around the world is declining in everything from finance to manufacturing, this is a development to be celebrated, said Lehman, who was previously president of Cornell University and the dean of the University of Michigan Law School.”

Ass-Clown drones on:

“[Accreditation] tells a student from Oklahoma that it is not a waste to spend $40,000 a year to attend law school in Arkansas.”

What a lying sack of excrement.

"Like many that support this ABA effort, Lehman believes this move would only improve legal education – and the practice of law – significantly."

Big $urpri$e, huh?!?! As the self-interested dean of a Chinese law school, I am sure Jeffrey is very absorbed in seeing how the ABA decides this issue. We all KNOW the pigs and cockroaches at the ABA have already made up their minds, so there is no need to pretend that there is any suspense.

Initially, [accreditation of overseas law schools] will produce a glut of U.S.-trained lawyers, making it harder for lawyers to make a living as a private practitioner, particularly in larger cities, which is where most law graduates prefer to live,” [William] Henderson said.” [Emphasis mine]

From May 29, 2008:

“The School of Transnational Law at Peking University's campus in the mainland city of Shenzhen, just north of Hong Kong, will enroll its first class of 55 students this fall. According to Lehman the new law school plans to seek accreditation from the American Bar Association so that graduates can take the New York state bar exam. [Emphasis mine]

Because New York does not have enough lawyers, right?!?!

“The new law school will offer all its courses in English, teach cases from the United States and use professors from American law schools to teach most of its courses.”

No wonder American “law professors” love the idea!! They want job security. They don’t want to work in the “honorable, esteemed profession of law.”

Jeffrey, talk to William Henderson, and see how well “law professors” are training future legal practitioners. Read that piece and see the effects of globalization on the American legal job market. How do you think flooding the U.S. market with LEGIONS of foreign law school grads might impact it further? Can you figure that out with your mathematics degree from Cornell, and MPP/JD from the University of Michigan?!?! Or do you need me to draw it out for you in Crayola?!

Check out your future competition and weep. When you re-pay your student loans while working at State Farm Insurance, make sure to keep your depression meds handy.

You can also see that this pig serves on the Board of Infosys Technologies, based out of Bangalore. He is an “independent” Director. By the way, Infosys is a leader in “applications outsourcing” and “business practices outsourcing.”

“In 2005, Peking University awarded Mr. Lehman an honorary doctorate degree in recognition of his service as a bridge between scholars in the United States and China.”

The ABA considers accrediting overseas law schools. Yes, that is a splendid idea, huh?!

In the last analysis, Jeffrey Lehman knows all about return on investment. He wants to make his investors and Board members happy, i.e. put more money into these pigs’ pockets. He does not care that his decisions have resulted in major job losses in the U.S. In fact, the swine wants to remove more jobs from our shores. In sum, the man has no integrity. This is how he plans to put more money in his bank account. Keep this in mind, if you are still considering law school. Why spend $120K in non-dischargeable loans, when you will soon be facing even more competition? Remember, these foreign law schools are offering all their courses in English.

Don’t forget that the ABA Standing Committee on “Ethics and Professional Responsibility” issued ABA “Ethics” Opinion 08-451 on August 5, 2008. This allows foreign lawyers AND non-lawyers to engage in American legal discovery. This has already had a major impact on the shrinking American legal job market.

Hell, the ninth-ranked University of Michigan Law School is encouraging its students to work in India, for Pangea3. At least, this piece of trash
– who served as chair of the committee – died at age 53, after scarfing down a business lunch.


  1. It's all about the money, forget about American Lawyers. The ABA stopped representing us a really long time ago.

    ABA = Absent Bar Assocition

  2. Always Be Accrediting

  3. What a piece of fucking garbage. This asshole wants ABA accreditation for his Chinese law school. He'll get it too. Assuming the Peking U. School of Transnational Law has running water and a fax machine that is.

  4. It's all over for this very sick "profession."

  5. I could see this as beneficial if, and only if, our law grads received reciprocal benefits in the other country. But something tells me that was never part of the ABA's analysis.

    This now opens the door for the legal profession to engage in the same H1B visa racket that has decimated our domestic IT job market, and has further driven down wages for US workers.

    Law chumps, get ready: in the next 5-10 years you will be competing for those 45K jobs with foreign lawyers who will be willing to work for even less.

    This will even affect the lottery winners at T14. Why offer a US-schooled starting associate 160K a year when an Indian or Chinese will now be able to come over on an H1B and will be happy to take the same position for 50K? The partners will be high-fiving all the way to the bank. (Can their trotters high-five?)

    I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am that I never entered this depraved profession


  6. I am torn about commenting on this story. On the one hand, ABA accreditation of foreign law schools has the tangential benefit of grooming attorneys for our international satelite offices. Nevertheless, this trend will de-value the already cheapened worth of an American law degree, including those from Tier 1 law schools. But the TTT graduates will suffer the most, as usual (blame Darwinism and natural selection). There will be many TTT law students abroad who will "wash" up on American shores (with H1B visas in hand) to compete with other TTT lawyers on the document review circuit. I can assure you that the foreign ABA recognized law graduates will have less debt than their American counterparts (tuition and cost of living is higher in the US on average than anywhere in the world, except maybe London, Dubai and Tokyo). These doc review foreigners will further drive down the hourly rates of doc review to menial labor rates. The only ones that are screwed by this effort are the kids waiting in the hangar to enter law school and of course those that are in law school and have graduated in the past 4 years.

    As someone with one foot out the door (I will be retiring in 5 years), the ABA's efforts won't hurt my bottom line. I congratulate Jeff on his "Lewis and Clark" venture. His visionary mark will have many saying "Go East young man."

    If I had to do it all over again, I would have chosen the academia route to law. The idea of getting remunerated handsomely while teaching law to idiots in a place like Hong Kong or Manila appeals to me, especially since the local women in Hong Kong and Manila are very subservient and treat their men like kings. Try getting that treatment from a fugly TTT or any American female law grad.

    NYC Hiring Partner

  7. NYC hiring attorney,

    Of Asian women who gives the best head? We really are fucked aren't we? These CHinese students are also learning American case law. The ABA doesn't give a flying fuck about American law students. This cements that.

  8. Great! In the next few years, I fully expect to see China open law schools here in the United States, geared toward helping Americans practice law in China. Fair's fair, just like in manufacturing.

  9. Some stats to consider:

    1) there are roughly 25 law schools in China.
    2) there are nearly 1.5 billion people in China.
    3) there are over 200 law schools in the U.S., including a shitload of TTTs.
    4) the U.S. has 1/5 of China's population.
    5) China is a thriving nation.
    6) the U.S. is on the decline.

    Do these facts confirm that Communism is better than capitalism? Discuss.


    China has 600+ law schools. Our friend, Jeffrey Shitbag Lehman is quoted in the article.

    India has over 1000 law schools.

    With these numbers, does anyone oiut there think we might possibly, potentially, conceivably be fucked?

  11. Maybe I'm naive but What can a Chinese Citizen do with a degree in American Law and a New York law license except for Doc Review? It's not like they can practice law in China, and if they want to litigate, they would have to fly here (and we're full up on lawyers over here).

    Such a graduate would Have to take an American's job, Or start a Chinese language law school scam blog.

  12. I'll make a deal:

    Bring back Bankruptcy Protections for Student Loan Debt.

    If that day ever comes, I promise to look the other way if the ABA decides to open up a million law schools all over the world.

    But we all know that day will never come, so, and in light of my massive student loan debt, I see Lehman's actions as the worst kind of Treachery ever inflicted by one American citizen upon other American Citizens.

    No doubt he and his partners are seeking a ratio of one lawyer for every one person on the planet.

  13. Is it me or does anyone else think Jeffrey Lehman squints his eyes too much to try to look Chinese? Or maybe his eyes got that way from all those nights of meticulously counting all that money he received for selling his soul to Lucifer.

  14. Hah, a Chinese scam brog. Raw School Suckee.

  15. "On the one hand, ABA accreditation of foreign law schools has the tangential benefit of grooming attorneys for our international satelite offices."

    Why should our education system do your job for you?

    "Of Asian women who gives the best head?"

    Thai. Hands down.

  16. This will give you some further insight into this pig’s mentality – from 2004.

    This talk is titled, “The Role of Transnational Universities in a World with Transnational Challenges.” Lehman presented this dreck to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for “Scholars” on December 16, 2004. You can see that this cockroach was tripping over himself, over “interdependence,” back then.

    Some highlights:

    “A transnational profile. Cornell is the only American university to operate a medical school outside the United States (in Doha, Qatar), and we are committed to strong partnerships with peers worldwide. But I’ll have more to say about that in a moment.”

    Good for you. The rat continues:

    “In the twenty-first century, will America’s leaders recognize our national interest in the continued preeminence of America’s transnational universities? I think so. Our continued influence in global affairs will be much stronger if the next generation of the world’s political and economic leaders spend their formative years studying on American rather than British and Australian campuses. Our continued ability to lead in response to global challenges will be much stronger if the next generation of transformative fundamental discoveries are led by the partnership of American universities, government, businesses, and philanthropists.”

    Yes, sending jobs overseas is going to contribute mightily to “national security,” you shameless sellout. Look at the role that H-1B visas have played in undermining our overall wage structure for those in the technology and engineering sectors.

    Of course, these Asian Indians - both of whom are working in the U.S. on such visas - take offense to claims that they are bringing down wages. Big surprise there, huh?

  17. In the final analysis, this pig is aware of the consequences of globalization on the American economy, i.e. it leads to a race to the bottom. For instance, I have reviewed several local RDA plans. I am always amazed at how politicians and the media make a big deal out of “job creation” - when the BULK of those new jobs are low-wage, menial skilled jobs. Yet, cities continue to award tax holidays and tax breaks to such employers. Because, a new strip mall with a Subway, nail salon, coffee shop, call center, and supermarket is going to bring us back to prosperity, right?!?!

    Treacherous pig Jeffrey S. Lehman should take a look at this analysis from Richard Vedder, economics “professor“ at “The“ Ohio State University:

    “Over 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees (8,000 of them have doctoral or professional degrees), along with 80,000 bartenders, and over 18,000 parking lot attendants. All told, some 17,000,000 Americans with college degrees are doing jobs that the BLS says require less than the skills levels associated with a bachelor’s degree.”


  18. Although I do wish upon Mr. Lehman a loathsome venereal disease on his Asian adventure, he at least makes it now crystal clear to all the 0L lemmings out there that this "profession" sucks.

    Loved "Steamin' Lehman's" Cornell parallel, too. One problem with it: the world actually NEEDS physicians.

  19. hey 740..are you serious, communism better then capitalism? China, like most socialist/communits nations is a shithole for everyone but the very few rich and their rich dont live like ours. Id rather be painterguy in the USA then live in China or Russia making the average per capita income. You know we are fucked when americans start moving to russia or china for average jobs in greater numbers then people from those countries try to come here.

  20. law is just the latest profession being destroyed by those elite rich with a liberal global mindset. Until we protect our borders and language, we will continue to spiral out of control.

    Law does have one advantage over say other professions like contracting in that clients who want to meet their lawyers are not going to go get an atty with a foreign accent and no ties to the area at all. I dont care if they advertise cheaply. Doc Review is about their only option so this just adds to the mix of 4t law grads not being able to find any work.

    The end result is most law grads will have to open up their own practice is they want to survive and Deng Shit Ping with his barely audible English is not a threat to me. I know it makes no sense to go to law school if you then can only practice if you open up your own office with no experience, but that is the future for most graduates in the future. If you are not down with that, dont go to law school.

    Big firms are laughing all the way to the bank as they will get cheap labor from "lawyers" who never have to talk to a client. Lots of you biglaw grads are going to end up in shit law with the rest of us and Ill take a 4t go getter then a t14 blue blood when I hire for my firm.

    This news is not as bad as you think.

  21. I don't know. Just what is life like in China or Russia now?

    A guy I met once who lived in what was once called: Czechoslovakia, said that that country was very industrial, and dismal and dirty. Kind of like driving through some parts of New Jersey.

    Someone else I met lived in Mainline Philadelphia, and he lamented that Philly's "infrastructure" paled in comparison to that of the NY metro area.

    A guy I know told me about how he got into a big shouting argument on a job he used to have, with someone from outside the US, because all the men from that same country and working for that place were throwing their used toilet paper in the garbage.

    Basically, and the moral of the story is that people don't wipe their asses and flush in some other countrys, because there is no sewer system or cespool down below.

    So again the things we take for granted in the US, such as Infrastructure.

    and to 2:56:

    Leave Manhattan by car someday, and take the 59th St. Bridge.

    Stay on Queens Blvd East, as far as it will go.

    Then get onto Northern Blvd (25A)all the way to LittleNEck/Douglaston.

    On that trip, you will think you left the USA and went to Korea or some other asian country.

    You will also see people on Laundry day walking with big bundles of laundry balanced on their heads, and with no hands.

    So you are dead wrong. It is much worse than you think. Those people need lawyers that they can relate to and identify with, and that most importantly speak their own language.

  22. Here is a cute and cuddly article that I thought I would share.

    Enjoy Everyone!

    And remember, fianancial life after Law School is all tickles, and snickers and snuggles!

    And complete Madness.

  23. @2:46pm

    China is not a shithole for all but the very wealthy. I doubt you've ever been there, and I'd wager you have never lived outside the US. They have a huge consumer class, that right now is keeping our country's debt afloat. I personally know a lot of middle class Chinese who live comparably, and even better, than most middle class in the US (what's left of it). They have homes, cars, disposable income, and they are not up to their ears in debt like Americans. Why? Because they live within their means.

    And unlike ours, China's infrastructure is not collapsing--roads, superhighways, high speed rail, green energy--they are investing in the future. So keep on thinking you'd rather live like jdpainterguy than the Chinese. The way our country is headed, you'll soon realize your ambition.

    @2:56--yes and no. you are right that the T16 who would normally do biglaw will wind up practicing shitlaw. But that will be more competition for the sewer grads. All else being equal, most potential clients will choose a grad from a prestigious university. That's more competition for the crumbs off of which you subside.

    But the influx of foreign JDs will also drive down wages--it happened in IT and engineering here, why will it be any different for the law profession? 3:21pm is exactly correct. Those foreign JDs will work for less than you, AND they will pretty much monopolize immigrant clientele.


  24. @321:

    "Czechoslovakia," now the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is a radically different country than it was 15 years ago. Prague is a gem of central Europe, arguably on par with Paris and certainly above Rome and Athens in terms of desirability of living there.

  25. Ok I really don't see why this guy's so evil. He's not like an American TTT dean who tries to entice gullible 0L's in his slaughterhouse.

    In other words, he doesn't seem to be misleading people for his own profit. Sure his plan might hurt some American citizens, but he seems to live in Asia anyway. Just because he's born in this country, he has to support the interests of every single American worker?

  26. This Lehman character even looks like a douche. Keep squintin' your eyes. Nobody will be fooled. You are still an ass.

  27. I was sitting in a Dr.'s office one day, and there was a chart on the wall showing all of the different diseases that are found in different countries around the world.

    The United States was a blank almost. (In other words without any of the things that were shown in color in the other countries.

    Leoprosy for one. I know someone who had a house keeper from a country-I forget where-that said her husband was being treated in a NY hospital for Leoprosy.

    And many South Americans and Asians carry a form of Hepatitis that they are immune to.

    If a US citizen has unprotected sexual intercourse with such a person, they may well contract this form of Hepatitis, and it could be lethal. I knew a guy who had sex with a Mainland Chinese woman, and later went through all kinds of Medical testing for Hepatitis. Fortunately the wife he was cheating on didn't contract the Hepatitis as well, because she found out about the affair before she had sex with him again.

    I saw a TV show once about people in the US that had picked up all sorts of Parasites, and even Elephantitis.

    They were either former Peace Corps volunteers or people who had returned from a vacation in some foreign land.

    Which is not to say the US doesn't have similar diseases of its own such as Lyme disease.

    But infrastructure,and a lot of the things we take for granted in the US, goes a long way to keeping the water supply clean.

    Sewer systems, sewage treatment.

    A friend of mine once worked on a cruise ship, and travelled all around the world. He told a story about how he was in a port somewhere and went to use a toilet, and he saw two muddy footprints on the seat.

    Apparently, in some countries they squat over the bowl on their Hams.

    So I'll stay in the US if I can help it.

  28. ^Problem is we are taking in all those diseased people from around the globe. Infectious diseases are on the rise here. TB has reemerged. The US has wtinessed a rise in Measles and rabies. Thanks globalists and corporate honchos. You get cheaper foreign labor and you live in exclusive enclaves. We have our wages undercut and live among these people. What a deal.

  29. Despite having a fairly poor population overall, China is actually seeing sizable increases in their middle class demographic. Do any random google searches and you'll see tons of articles that talk about the rising middle class in China.

    I do agree there is no upside to this for the typical US grads. Like the other posters have said, this will only flood the market even more labor supply. Wage decrease, supply overflow galore.

    Only positive I see to this is the decline of the nefarious white privilege paradigm that still persists in society.

  30. @5:46 PM.

    Did you seriously just say Paris was a desirable place to live? One of my ex roommate is a French native and he said most people in France tend to avoid living in Paris like the plague (sans the few desirable upper class parts).

  31. Dear Jeffrey Lehman,

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    Stick this up your mother's asshole and then stick it in your mouth.


    Your conscience.

  32. Let's just all default. If the ABA wants to let the Indians and Chinese who take our jobs, we shouldn't have to pay back loans. They shouldn't be able to have it both ways.

  33. the USA is going down hill no doubt, but ill take it and its reduced opportunity over China or Russia.

    China's infrastructure is laughable. I am sure it looks like paradise to most citizens of that country whos family tree is filled with communism and mass murder. Yeah some may get apts and even a shitty car, but those luxuries are how the USAs lower class lives.

    On their best day, most Chinese will get an apt, a car, and a cell phone. Most americans best day is so much more. That does not even take into consideration all the fun stuff we have to do here compared to there.

    Law Schools opening in China are just cash grabs by failed american lawyer/beaurocrat types who think jobs will be created for Chinese who can speak English if they can create a law school and have Chinese leadership line their pockets as just another way to drive down the value of our american educational system.

    We should be ashamed for helping foreigners who have no interest in the USA to destroy our great country.

    Now someone tell me they would rather live in South Africa or Eastern Europe over the USA. The bitterness is getting a bit out of hand.

  34. Paraguay. The guy I mentiond above with Leoprosy was from Paraguay, I'm not sure if he was here in the US illegally, but anyway I heard he was given a one way ticket back to Paraguay.

    Needless to say I was totally freaked after I left the house where his wife worked.

    Maybe it was ignorant and unfair of me, but I really washed my hands and took a shower.

    Although I googled Leoprosy and read that it is curable today. I think. But I'm no medical expert.

  35. Jeffrey Leech-man can go suck a big bag of elephant dicks. Why doesn't he outsource his wife so Asian guys can crack into her market?

  36. 喜歡這首歌曲的後半段



  37. OK, 2:25 was mine.

    What did I say? Who knows!

    But anyway here is more:

    slideshow 「台海問題比中東問題容易解決」。美國前總統柯林頓14日在台北國際會議中心演講時指出,台海問題比中東問題容易解決,且台灣有條件在處理兩岸問題上「走自己的路」。


    Read more: 世界新聞網-北美華文新聞、華商資訊 - 柯林頓:台海問題像小孩皮肉傷

    Get the point?

    Learning Spanish is a helluva lot easier than learning Chinese!


    “An Optimistic Heart is a collection of addresses written and delivered by Jeffrey Sean Lehman during his tenure as the eleventh president of Cornell University.”

    How quaint. Let me just say this: Jeffrey Lehman has shown that he has no allegiance or integrity. As far as I am concerned, you can stomp a mud-hole in his ass, and it would not make a difference. This pig’s heart lies in China.

    The rat has been selling Cornell University down the river, since at least 2006. His mother must be very proud!

    A talk by Lehman titled, “China and the Rule of Law: Do Law Schools Matter?” I wonder where this sellout “$tand$” on the issue?

    Look, this tool “served” as president of the American Law Deans Association. He was also presented with the National Equal Justice Award by the NAACP. Too bad this pig’s decision to outsource more doc review jobs to India and China will HARM tons of black JDs and recent lawyers. As if there was ANYTHING honorable about Lehman, to begin with.

    The sheer number of law schools and law students in China has become a problem, as few law graduates can find legal employment, said Peking University Law School professor Zhang Qi. The number of registered law students in the country in 2008 was about 787,000 -- a 200 percent increase compared to 30 years before, he said. "Expansion is not bad, but over-expansion is not a good thing," Zhang said.

    There are about 927 legal education institutions in China and their quality has suffered as their number has grown. "What students have learned in law school is not what they learn in legal practice," Zhang said. For example, he said, graduates can't write legal memos, draft documents or negotiate deals.”

    In the end, this bastard does not even care about Chinese law students. There is already a serious glut of attorneys in that nation. This scheme is designed for the benefit of American Biglaw. Just looking at this article, it is apparent that Chinese law schools do not teach their students practical skills either.

  39. @10:29

    If you ever ventured beyond the confines of your double-wide, you might actually learn something of the world.

    China, a country in which you've never set foot, does have its share of problems. But infrastructure and living standards are not among them, at least for a very large (and rapidly increasing) number of people there now. As I've posted before, I personally know scores of Chinese, I've visited them, and I've stayed in their homes. And I'm telling you that their standard of living is easily equal to the mortally wounded middle class of the US. And what's more, unlike Americans, they are not up to their eyeballs in debt. They are optimistic about their futures, and they know that of their children will be even brighter. Sound familiar?

    Don't blame foreigners for destroying our 'great' country. We are doing that all on our own. The unbridled greed and avarice of the financial sector, short-sighted, gullible and ignorant citizens, and morally bankrupt politicians is the trifecta of our decline.

    Just wait until the student loan debt crisis boils over. It'll make us long for the "good old days" of bursting real estate bubbles.


  40. Diplolaw -

    I have been to China a few times, and to say that the standard of living for their middle class is equal to ours is stretching it. Take a classic American middle class family of four, with the husband being a low-level manager at a small company and the wife being a teacher Are you really going to tell me that they have a worse standard of living compared to a middle class family in China?

    The problem that the American middle class suffers from is that the vast majority have no clue how to live within their means. The middle class is suffering, but a large part of that is from self-inflicted wounds, namely, debt. Read the book "The Millionaire Next Door." It really does not take a whole lot to become financially independent in America. Most Americans are just bad at it.

    Of course, none of this excuses the government's role in hurting the middle class, namely, prioritizing the rights of creditors over debtors (which gives lenders little incentive to perform adequate due diligence before giving a loan), higher state and local taxes on the middle class to fund the pockets of politicians, etc.

  41. Here is the difference between the US and China.

    In the US the poor are buried in a potters field.

    That's where I am going someday, and the thought is at once horrible and really depressing.

    I am so fucking poor and deep into student Debt from Law School. My family couldn't afford to bury me if I died today. Funerals are expensive.

    Check this out:

  42. Anyway, the above link was supposed to be for Hart Island, in New York. You can google Hart Island and see a pictorial tour of the place for yourself.

    The Chinese, on the other hand, take their homeless dead and strip off their skin. Then they impregnate the tissues with silicone and put the horrible creations on display.

    See it here:

    Is Sean Lehman ends up dying in China, maybe the Chinese will do that with his remains. Posing with a Law book or something. And don't forget the glasses.

  43. Here is a Youtube film Re: the Bodies Exhibit and Chinese Export.

    The controversy surrounding this exibit is not about the Scientifif context, but mre about how the bodies are from homeless Chinese people, and people who were executed in the Chinese prison system.

    Remember folks, China is not the USA. They view life differently from us, for better or worse.

    So just how much do we really know about the Chinese, to whom the US is so very deeply and tragically indebted by now?

    Maybe it will be your body on display someday for all time.

    And here is a comment from the same youtube clip referenced above:

    " Correct they are innocent people killed because they spoke out against the government put in prison then later murdered who will become exhibits or donors of body parts ...all for profit . Generally it is collage kids who want more freedom, democracy,freedom of speech ect.. Someone who is like the recent Chinese disident sitting in prison who just won the Noble peace prize for wanting democracy and freedom in China."

    So again, Thanks Sean Lehman, for forgetting about everythin the US stands for, or at least tries to stand for, such as Human rights.

    Me, I'm going to be cremated, God willing.

  44. Jeffrey,

    Don't forget to bow your head, you fucking traitor. You earned all of your degrees from the States. You made a nice life for yourself with your American credentials. No doubt you made great money as dean of a top law school and Ivy university president.

    You weren't happy with thayt though, were you? Nooo, you had to leave the country so you could make more moolah as the dean of some tenth rate law school. Don't forget to bow your head lower when you are sucking that Chinese dick.

  45. I am so sorry for fucking up my life with a Cruel and Heartless T4 Law School.

    Dear God! So sorry and wish I was dead.

  46. In other news, I opened my Florida Bar News today to find that St. Thomas University "School" of Law has launched a new "master of laws in environmental sustainability, a one-year program equipping students with the legal knowledge to become leaders in the field of environmental law." I would have puked, except I spilled all my guts 30 minutes earlier when NBC Nightly News ran 10 minutes of coverage of Prince William's engagement ahead of the Medal of Honor award ceremony this evening.

  47. Another question. If there are foreign ABA accredited law schools, where will they fit on the Law School hierarchy?

    That is, what will their tier be? Will they be on that California 'accredited' TTTTT Level? Or will they merely be Third or Forth tier schools? Or will a new tier be dug for the American Law schools of China and India?

  48. 629...lame double wide joke...i dont need to go to China to know they dont have the same standard of living we do. Yes they have improved quite a bit and I am sure that makes them appear optimistic, but the average Chinese has a long way to go before they ever live like we do. To think otherwise is just pure ignorance no matter how many problems we have. The USA filled with morally bankrupt people and corruption? Really? China has a lot fewer people taking a lot more from their fast growing economy. They could give us lessons on corruption and their hatred for non chinese is well known. Their middle class does not have ours awareness as they are finally getting out of the rice patties and into lifestyles with concrete and running water. Give a man a cracker after years of starving him and hes going to be optimistic about the future.

    When you decide to leave the USA and live in China in their "middle class" lifestyle, let us know. Until then you are just full of hot air.

  49. @ November 16 8:07pm

    By displaying your utter ignorance concerning China, you prove the wisdom of the old wag: Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

    Have you had your head in the sand the last 30 years (or however long you've graced us with your presence on earth)?

    How exactly do you think Americans have been living the way they do? It's borrowed. It's illusory. That's one thing this blog is trying to demonstrate.

    At least the Chinese live within their means. They are building real wealth. They still have room to grow. Their economy is not based on financial sleight of hand and ponzi schemes.

    Anyway, you will get soon your wish, so you'd better ask jdpainterguy if he's taking on any apprentices.

  50. sorry forgot to sign previous post (10:24pm):


  51. NO apprentices right now. It is Holidy time. It always gets slow about now, and my bills are piling up.

    Gotta make hay in the spring and summer.

    But call me in the New Year.

    And here is an ancient Chinese Proverb we always used to say as schoolkids:

    "He who goto bed with itchy ass, wake up with smelly finga!

    Is that offensive or racist? I guess so, but we were kids and we all said it.

    And remember the old Calgon "Ancient Chinese Secret Huh?" Commercials" They'd never have a commercial like that on TV today.

  52. Scambloggers, why do you not focus more on the culture of law? Law schools take in minorities who do not have a chance at excelling in their programs. These schools take in kids who have no chance at practicing law. Law firms don't want to hire 32 year old SAs. They dont want to give unattractive women a chance.

    Re: litigators. Juries respond well to tall, handsome lawyers (preferably white and with an outgoing personality). They don't respond so well to arguments made by short lawyers, old guys, female attorneys. I served on a jury once. You would hack up your guts if you knew how that jury judged lawyers by the quality of their clotjhes. For years these diploma factories keep advertising themselves as diverse. Well the problem is twofold. Many of these darkies do not have the family background or money to make it as a lawyer. Second, the public has a perception of what a lawyer looks like. For fuck's sake, man. Just go to a courthouse and look at the prosecutors. They have a cerain look. If you live near a federal courthouse go see this in action. Those ADAs look like Biglaw associates or slender FBI agents. Start addressing this. ANyone with an IQ above 65 already knows that the law schools lie. Before anyone casts stones at me at least stop and reflect on what I said.

  53. Well someone brought up the Medical School overseas. There is a big difference between overseas LAW and MEDICINE. Medicine is the same everywhere you go. Doctors all speak a similar language which is: You got a broken leg bone, here is how you treat it..etc. I can see some value added in overseas medical alliances given that a lot of development in pharmacology and other treatments are partnerships which generally don't take much notice of boarders. That being said, the practice of law is a very country, state, and even local matter.

    A Chinese national would most likely not understand the cultural or procedural norms of the average district court here in the US. They would probably be able to memorize facts or cases but have no real comprehension of the adversarial process or the backroom dealing that is required in this profession.

    Would this person abide and stand by the principles of our constitution? I know that sounds lofty but no matter how seedy we might be, we all agree that fundamentally the rights that we enjoy should be jealously guarded. So I ask, how would a Chinese national, who has no experience with a constitutional republic, western brand of democracy, or federalism, fair in the US?

    Not well. I know this might sound derogatory but for 3000 years the Chinese have not had ONE original idea. All they do is copy and make what we come up with here in the west. I don't see how making a little army of chinese-xerox machines that will go into court and start talking about Pennoyer v. Neff or Won Sun make the practice of law any better.

  54. I know this might sound derogatory but for 3000 years the Chinese have not had ONE original idea...

    It 'sounds' to me like you're a typical "moran". But seeing as how you've never set foot outside of Hazzard County, I guess we can't expect you to know your ass from your elbow. Enjoy your TTTT paradise, bozo.

    For the rest, here's a couple of links that prove just how embarrassingly ignorant is 8:59--


  55. @diplolaw

    I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong point. But rabid adherance to political correctness is apparently.

    Please enlighten us then. What discoveries or inventions were created by the Chinese after the birth of Christ? Ever hear that saying, "reading is fundamental?" Go look at those wiki links you posted again. That great and powerful intellect of yours should be able to parse out the difference between "rediscovering" and "inventing." Finding pig iron in the ground might be great but doesn't really shoot down my assertion.

    The Chinese culture doesn't not value the individual. They believe deeply in conformity it is safe to say they have a deeply fixed group mentality. That sort of environment does not foster creativity. What philosophical writings or great discoveries have come from China in the past 50 or even 100 years? They certainly didn't invent the IPOD or discover the atom. No, they were too busy marching up and down the square in perfect unison.

  56. @0949:

    what you've written is evidence you haven't the slightest knowledge of China beyond the most condescending fortune cookie superficiality.

    If you could read Chinese, you might actually be able to answer your first question all on your own.

    Don't be so dismissive regarding the IPOD--if it wasn't for Chinese (and Indian) techies and programmers, the Silicone Valley never would've happened.

    The next age of tech innovation--green energy, high speed transit, fuel cell automotive technology--will take place largely in China--it's already started as a matter of fact. But just go on filling your head with sawdust. The Chinese will need painters to gussy up all the real estate they're buying here while they literally eat our lunch.


  57. the fact diplolaw thinks the Chinese middle class lives better then our middle class tells me all I need to know about the value of his posts. 8:59 and 9:49 are right on the money.

  58. diplolaw is correct. This kid is a moron. Who do you think put together all your little gadgets? When did he say the CHinese middle class lives better than ours? He said they live within their means. Learn how to read, expand your mind, step beyond the county line.

  59. But why now?

    Why has the US been so isolated from China for all of these years? And why all of a sudden are we thrown together and supposed to understand each other's cultures overnight?

    I was googling the number of WWII casulaties once, and I saw a pie chart that showed that China overwhelmingly lost many millions more than any of the allied and axis countries during WWII.

    And I thought:

    Why did't I ever hear about this before? American schools never thaught that.

    Let me see if I can find that pie chart...

    well here is one source:

    Well here is one that says the Soviet Union lost more than China, who was second:

    And well now, I see that what I remember is not what I can find now.

    But still China had massive military and civilian deaths, and again, whay wasn;t I ever taught this in school in the US when growing up?

    I do know that there was a Sino-Japanese war.

    But how can I even come to understans much about WWII when I know so little about WWI, which was barely taught when growing up as well.

    And Holywood never focused on WWI either much.

    And so I am the person that doesn;t know History and is doomed to repeat it I guess.

    But my point is that maybe if History is beter taught in American schools, a better underastanding of China and other countries would result.

    And not to go on too long. I worked with a painter from Turkey with no formal schooling as far as I could tell beyond high school or the equivalent of High School in Istanbul.

    Anyway he told me in a very cocksure manner that the Ottoman Empire ruled the world once, and that the Jews brought the Ottoman Empire down. He was a Muslim.

    First of all, I know damn little about the Ottoman Empire, other than that they made Tile Mosaics and silk rugs.

    Secondly, both his and my own lack of knowledge of History made for some pretty stupid lunch conversation.

  60. But, in all fairness, and in speaking of China, look at this:

    If you go to 1:21 you will see Xiao Qin. The best in the world on the Pommel Horse.

    He is followed by Zhang Hongtao at 2:09

    As an American I see them as awesome individuals.

    Am I looking at them in the wrong way? Do they see themselves as a sort of Rock star, or part of a team?

    But the West does not produce excellence like this, and I will be the first to admit that.

    Yet the West has led the World for so long militarily and economically.

  61. LoL. The Japanese, Koreans, and the rest of the Asian world (excluding China) did not spend 50 years under a repressive regime that still to this day is putting people in prison for political dissidence. So naturally they're intellectual and market development overlaps that of the Chinese right now.

    The government of China is a human rights violator of the worst kind. It is empowered by its economic clout - it has a noose over our necks and knows it. The "middle class" of China, whatever that is supposed to mean, does not compare to that of the first world. You would need a broad scale of factors to look at, some of which would be education, profession, PPP, the types of goods they purchase, do they rent or own, etc. The bottom-line is that China is in many ways a third world country. It expends a great deal of time and effort to hide that fact from outsiders. If you venture past the large glittery cities like Beijing and Hong Kong you start to see poverty and conditions which resemble the worst plights of the poor and forgotten. The conditions for workers are DETESTABLE in many industrial occupations.

    I could go on and on. The monetary situation is a whole ball of wax to chew on. I won't go into it since this is already far off topic.

    Anyways, I don't see any value in a "transnational" school in China. This is obviously as Nando points out, a money-making scheme of epic proportions. It is a very clever one at that. Even so, I wouldn't get to alarmed about a wave of Chinese lawyers suddenly descending on your average American city. These people still have major obsticles to get here. So you probably won't see them in your average court. What we might see is more outsourcing of grunt work. Again though, I wouldn't worry too much about it - we have bigger problems right here at home with the 200+ law schools.

    - Nando. Did you see now Massachusetts is getting ANOTHER law school? Umass law. My friend got a letter to apply I managed to warn her away. They aren't telling students that they aren't accredited or they are making promises of accreditation with no evidence. Talk about a T$4 scam.

  62. If the US owes China so much money, then China now owns the US.

    Even Glenn Beck says this on TV.

    So the Chinese can call the shots now.

    If the Chinese want to move to America by the millions, they can.

    If the Chinese want to pressure Lehman to show them the ropes, they can.

    If the Chinese want to overhaul the US Legal system and own the ABA, they can.

    I have yet to hear a story about how a Debtor told a Creditor what to do.

    So how is the US going to be anything less than a puppet dangling on the string of the Chinese Government now, to whom the US owes so much money that the US cannot possibly pay back?

  63. Can we please, please, please send these posts to the law schools mentioned in this blog?

  64. Looks like the ABA is starting to listen to you:

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