Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Profiles in Willful Ignorance: Cooley Associate Dean Nelson P. Miller


In the October 2010 edition of the Michigan Bar Journal, associate dean at TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool, Nelson P. Miller wrote a piece entitled, “Legal Education as a Pie-Maker: Why Michigan Benefits from Accessible Law Schools.”

It was written as a Counterpoint to a well-written article titled, “Too Many Hungry Crows Pecking at a Smaller Pie: Why Law Schools in Michigan Must Shrink Enrollment to Preserve Quality and Opportunity.” Hence, regarding this debate, we will have Point, Counterpoint and TTR Backhand to the Bridge of the Nose.

Here are some of the most egregious and patently false quotes from this “article”:

“See law practice as it is—a tremendously important and meaningful job.”

It was so meaningful that you left it for academia, right?!

“Is it bad that businesses are hiring lawyers for nonlegal positions?”

Yes, it is bad when lawyers are serving pizzas, lattes, and selling cupcakes from the back of a truck. Furthermore, it is psychologically damaging for licensed attorneys to be working as assistant managers at Radio Shack. How in the hell are these “attorneys” supposed to pay back their student loans on $7.50 an hour, you shill?!?!

“What vision of law and values would countenance the ABA or the State Bar of Michigan dictating that individuals may not go to law school?”

Perhaps, you could ask the ADA and AMA how they are able to limit the number of accredited U.S. dental and medical schools. Isn’t a professional organization supposed to protect the significant investment of its members’ time and money? Should people with IQs in the low 70s be permitted to attend law school? After all, who should dictate that these individuals cannot go to law school?

Under the heading, “The Injustice of Limiting Access”:

“To whom shall we refuse justice? “Crows” seems to suggest that we should shrink the bar to a size proportional to the number of well-paying clients. The State Bar’s oath requires the opposite: a lawyer promises to “never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay any cause for lucre or malice.” The profession’s obligation is to serve all who need help, not only those who can most afford it.

“Crows” challenges bar leaders to “avoid diluting the ranks of practitioners to ensure high-quality attorneys for all clients.” Yet whom do we exclude from the profession? Minorities remain underrepresented in the profession, even though nearly all the growth in law school enrollment in the past several decades has been among women and minorities. New law schools have removed traditional barriers to legal education. “Crows” encourages lawyers to “raise the bar” to the profession, but a rising bar can look like a closing door, especially when the proposals center on small-firm, solo, and part-time practitioners and graduates of affordable law school programs.”

You can take those empty platitudes and shove them clear up your ass, Nelson P. Miller. I have seen licensed attorneys take on entire cases – from beginning to final disposition – for $300. What next, on the road to the bottom? Drafting a will for a hand-job and a bag of Skittles?!

Do we honestly need more toilet-lawyers toiling away for $35K a year?! Also, Cooley does not offer affordable “legal education.”


Tuition: We can see that a full-time student at this fourth tier piece of foul excrement will be charged $30,644 for tuition and fees – for the 2010-2011 school year!! Well, then who benefits from law school?


Faculty, Administrator and Officer Pay: Check out pages 10 and 21 of Thomas M. Cooley’s 2008 IRS Form 990. On page ten, you can see that the following “law professors” and their TOTAL COMPENSATION – for 2007: Philip Prygoski, $225,821; John Scott, $234,143; Marjorie Russell, $227,559; and Kathleen Butler, $226,456. Plus, associate dean John Nussbaumer made $232,942 in 2007.

On page 21 of this report, you can see that “president and dean” of this fourth tier trash pit, Don P. LeDuc, made $530,053 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2007. Yes, as the “president and dean” of this private “non-profit” corporation/commode, LeDuc made FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND AND FIFTY-THREE DOLLARS in a single year!! Apparently, “higher education” does pay off – for some. The “VP of Operations” made $203,973, and the CFO and Treasurer made $188,836 for the same year.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Nelson P. Miller is another shameless shill of the law school industry. He writes this article from self-interest. His school is an overpriced diploma mill, and one of the biggest laughingstocks of any law school in the country. Its graduates face pathetic job prospects. This includes many of the minority graduates that he professes to care for.


Check out this article, Nelson. The author, an adjunct professor at Capital University Law School states that law schools are profit centers that are run PRIMARILY for the benefit of “law professors.” At least, he is honest enough to admit this reality. You, on the other hand, are engaging in blatant intellectual dishonesty and willful ignorance.


  1. “What vision of law and values would countenance the ABA or the State Bar of Michigan dictating that individuals may not go to law school?”

    The legal sector turns people away all the time.

    * No Primary/Secondary education
    * No college education
    * Poor LSAT
    * Failure to get accepted to law school
    * Poor law school performance
    * Failure to graduate for a variety of reasons, e.g. academic fraud, student misconduct
    * Failure to pass the bar
    * Being denied on character and fitness grounds, some less justifiable than others, e.g. drawing pictures of one's law school's dean riding a hot dog shouting about riding the peter principle to success

    Sounds like Michigan and the ABA already have those values.

  2. Nando, you are too easy on these filthy shitstains. The schools are cash centers. And all they had to do was bankrupt an entire generation of highly educated people. Way to go. Excuse me as I wipe my ass with a printout of Nelson's picture. It's been a long day.

  3. I went to a top law school, and I can honestly say law school education is weak. I despise law schools and law professors. The actual practice of law is looked down on. The strange thing is that the better the school, the less practical the training. The law schools charge so much, but provide so little.

  4. Nando said:

    "it is psychologically damaging for licensed attorneys to be working as assistant managers at Radio Shack."

    Hell! Radio Shack is pretty civilized actually, compared to what I have been through.

    Try being college educated, and with a useless law degree, and working in the Construction Trades.

    Working alongside ex-convicts and listening to homoerotic "prison talk" lunch break after lunch break after lunch break. A far cry from the extreme sensitivity of law school, and enough to make one insane.

    Try trying to fit in at the bottom of society.

    Many of you reading this will have no choice other than than to take a menial job. Count your blessings if that job comes with Health Insurance, like a Radio Shack job.

    Try taking orders and endless shit from a homeowner with only a high-school education, and grovelling for a paycheck.

    Denying your education, and simplifying your vocabulary with everything you have in your being, because it will make your uneducated boss and co-workers hate you.

    Yet you need that next paycheck. You got to have that money because you have to pay the bills.

    You will have to survive.

    I have concluded that without the thin veneer of civilization, and in the state of nature, a male is a brutal, raping, and disgusting thing. What women fail to understand is that the cave man will rape other men more often than he would rape a female--out of the desire for pure domination and leadership of the tribe. That is what prison life is like I have concluded as a result of all those lunch breaks.

    The history of civilization is maybe 5 or 6 thousand years old.

    If a young male is uneducated after high school in the USA, the all powerful influence of pornography will fill the void that a lack of education leaves.

    What I mean by a lack of education is being unschooled in the Humanities mostly--Literature, philosophy, art, history, ethics.

  5. In an economic sense, this "dean" fails to see the waste of resources involved; imagine if these federally-backed dollars were, instead, spent on children's health centers in urban areas, English language training for recent immigrants, better care for wounded vets, etc.

    But NOOOOOOOOOO, the "dean" here wants to gobble up those precious funds instead in the form of a ticket to his TTT and to enrich his lazy ass.

    Nice social consciousness, ya prick.

  6. Yes, PainterGuy, I too had to reintegrate into the blue-collar world, some time ago. It is quite an adjustment.

    We are in a diseased society now wherein graduates have to actually HIDE their educations or face anything from humiliation, to envy, to contempt. Real Nazi shit. And, now, politically, the country itself is on an anti-intellectual path to boot. Higher education is an actual, real, palpable risk. The only thing I can say is that the workroom floor has more and more degreed people on it all the time, in that a number of these blue-collar gigs pay better and have, in some cases, better benefits than the "glamor" profession of law.

  7. Cooley is a shithole. They oughtta shutter this place,board it up, and bring in the wrecking ball. The fact that this piece of shit is even accredited says a lot about the ABA.

  8. @4:01

    Unlike my t4 law school, and when I was in a Real Educational Institution--College in other words--I interviewed an older man who survived a Nazi Death camp. (Oranenburg Sachsenhausen)

    He was Jewish, and in that interview he said in so many words that every time he sees a "Harley Guy" or, in other words, a biker person, and the costume or trappings that go along with it...

    He said anyway, that they remind him of the people that the SS hired to be the brutal prison guards in the camp.

    He described them as "the boys that did not do well in school" Andf that they acted like "idiots"

    Now I was raised Catholic, but maybe because that interview had some influence on me, I did have an Epiphany one day as about 30 or 40 Harley riders went by on the street in full regalia.

    I said to myself:

    Those.....those are....are...


    Those are what the Jewish people refer to as GOYS!

    So you see, and again the question:

    what is this country supposed to be if it fouls up the very basic and actually simple notion of trying to keep its poplulation somewhat educated and by extension...Civilized?

    I won't mention Alan Bloom, or Saul Bellow etc.

  9. @JDPainterGuy


  10. Only in America can a school such as Thomas Cooley exist. I believe no other nation, not even a repressive Communist Red China would allow an institution to blatantly rip off its students and then publish a self-aggrandized report that ranks itself among the "top" law schools based on the Mad magazine volumes it has in its library. I can safely bet that this spineless swine of a law school administrator is not in compliance with his State's pro bono requirements. Or is there an academia exemption? If so, what law course does this "maven" teach? Does he give a seminar on how to represent the poor while not sporting the pauper look?

    I cannot believe Thomas Cooley Law School is allowed to remain open. In my opinion, it is a school such as this one that convinces me that the ABA is a sham organization that does not look out for its members.

  11. Can someone find this asshole's email address and send him a link to Nando's smackdown?

    Miller - You are a piece of fucking garbage. Congratulations on taking advantage of naive young people. Oh, and Bravo on using "women" and "minorities" as props to protect the profits of a few old white men.. clever. I hope your money helps you sleep at night. Rot in Hell.

  12. ^titcr.

    This fucking pig does not care about women or black and brown JDs from his TTTT shithole. It is just a cover so white guys can make serious moolah. Go slip on a patch of ice and break your neck, bitch.

  13. Andrew Cuomo has won the New York governorship. Finally, validation for TTT Albany Law School. Now Albany can use Cuomo as an example of the type of TTT grad you can aspire to be. Bravo Andy. BTW, tell your daddy to loosen the reins over you.

  14. Is anyone here following the elections? does anyone even believe things will change much? Republicans when they are in the minority claim they will cut spending. Yea, let's see how that plays with your Big donors. People buy into this shit. Did things change much in 1994. God, Americans are fucking stupid. Both parties are shit. And that includes the kooky fringe elements. Get that through your fucking head, people.

  15. When Cooley was featured the first time, the tuition section said this.

    Tuition: Via Cooley’s supposed “Facts-At-A-Glance,” we see that tuition for full-time students will come out to $28,740 - for the 2009-2010 school year.

    Now we see this.

    Tuition: We can see that a full-time student at this fourth tier piece of foul
    excrement will be charged $30,644 for tuition and fees – for the 2010-2011
    school year!! Well, then who benefits from law school?

    An increase of $1,904 In one year, or a respectable 6.6% increase. I'm trying to recall the last time something paid me 6.6 percent.

  16. Dear Nelson SHILLer:

    That was some shameful shit pulling the women and race card to support your flawed position.

    It is well settled in the majority of law schools, that females outnumber males today. As for minorities, there is a report that only 1/3 of African Americans with JDs actually practice law. What happened to the other 2/3? Half of them cannot pass the bar exam and the others become legal pariahs or, pardon the expression, doc review chimps that are trembling in fear beneath their temp hag overlords. Shiller, why don't you disclose the numbers (not massaged or cooked) regarding how successful your African American graduates are doing? I know one female African American Cooley grad. She told me in a non-joking manner that she felt more oppressed than her slave ancestors. This young woman and many minorities wear the chains of student loan debt for most of their natural lives. And you support a system that perpetuates this quasi-slave trend? Two words for you Shiller: FUCK YOU. And may a necrophiliac mortician or embalmer skull fuck you after you bite the dust.

  17. Wasn't that Zenovia Evans chick a Cooley grad? She is now in a MBA program. Law school did not benefit her much. Cooley likes taking in black students that would otherwise not get into a law school. That this ass played the race card shows you that this shithole of a law school has no shame.

  18. Let's take the inquiry a bit further. Isn't Cooley the school that is, inter alia, notoriously known for failing or dropping 25-33% of their students after their first year? The school does this figuring that these students won't pass the bar exam so why jeopardize its ABA accreditation? I would like to know the demographic composition of the students that are hoodwinked out of one year's worth of tuition and then thrown under the bus by this "school." Is that providing legal access Mr. Miller? It looks to me that this school is in the business of making money by awarding students a degree that is the laughing stock of the legal profession/community. And the minorities that this shill touts are the ones this school gladly puts in debt shackles all for the sake of profit. So all this talk about giving a kid with a 2.5 GPA and a 134LSAT score a chance to enter this profession is all double talk when at the end of his/her first year he/she is booted out of the school with not so much as a "thank you very much sucker." This "educator" and this "school" are the epitome of hypocrisy.

  19. http://www.cooley.edu/prospective/tuitioncalc.html

    "Honors Scholarship by LSAT Score

    Your LSAT Score Honors Scholarship

    163+ 100%
    158-162 75%
    153-157 50%
    149-152 25%"

    You cannot make this up, folks. Cooley TTTT offers “Honors Scholarships” to those who manage to score a 149 on the LSAT. That is comical.


    Go to page 3 of this 51 page assessment of Cooley’s “Vision Strategies” for 2002-2007.

    “1. Reduce its current academic and non-academic attrition rates

    Compared to the 2001 base calendar year of the Strategic Plan, total attrition rates dropped from 46% to 36% in calendar year 2006.”

    Yes, that certainly is a milestone in American “legal education,” isn't it?!

    On page 2:

    “To carry out this mission, the Plan identified five Vision Statements, each with four components, called vision strategies.

    The Thomas M. Cooley Law School's vision for the coming decade is:

    1. To become America's largest law school;
    2. To remain the best at practice preparation;
    3. To continue to be one of the most affordable private law schools;
    4. To be a leader in innovation; and
    5. To remain a financially strong law school.”

    As you can clearly see from these stated objectives, Cooley is concerned FOREMOST with (a) LARGE ENROLLMENT and (b) PROFITS. Regardless of Miller’s feigned concern for women and minorities, the end game is making money off of these groups. How is that for ethics and integrity?!?!

  20. Such anger. Such hate. So sad.

  21. "Also, Cooley does not offer affordable 'legal education.'"

    The end. If he really gave a damn about accessibility, then he would be reducing tuition at that dump.

  22. Yes it is so sad that someone would become angry at lying thieving pigs that take advantage of naive students. How dare someone get riled up over this situation.

  23. Dean Miller's response was a work of sophistic art. I am in awe of his audacity. If I ever find myself in Michigan, watching the Lansing Lugnuts minor league baseball team at the Thomas M. Cooley ballpark, I’ll tell the hotdog vendor/Colley grad what think of his dean.

  24. @jdpainter

    yeah, God forbid you, in all your brilliance (as evidenced by this rambling nonsense), should have to associate with the lowly plebes...


  25. [I sent the following email to Nelson, today at 12:49 pm]



    According to Richard Vedder – relying on info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    “Some 17 million Americans with college degrees are doing jobs that the BLS says requires less than the skills associated with a bachelor’s degree.”


    “The solution to economic decline is more, not less, education.”

    So what the hell were you referring to, when you made this statement, Nelson?! Seventeen million Americans are over-educated for the jobs they hold. Then again, you made this statement as a self-interested party, who has too much to lose if the number of law schools is contracted – as it should be.


    "There are probably on the order of 150,000 law school graduates in the United States who have taken but never passed a bar exam; this amounts to one in 10 JDs and the risk falls disparately on black, Hispanic, and Asian law school graduates," the paper reads.”

    Also, how can you claim to be concerned that higher standards for “legal education” will adversely impact women and minority lawyers – as you did in the October 2010 edition of the Michigan Bar Journal? Apparently, many racial minority JDs go on to never pass a bar exam.


    Furthermore, on page 3 of this 51 page assessment of Cooley’s “Vision Strategies” for 2002-2007:

    “1. Reduce its current academic and non-academic attrition rates

    Compared to the 2001 base calendar year of the Strategic Plan, total attrition rates dropped from 46% to 36% in calendar year 2006.”

    In the end, you are simply trying to ensure that the school remains profitable. Do not use “women” and “minorities” as an excuse for the necessity of a large fourth tier law school.



  26. http://qfora.com/jdu/thread.php?threadId=13285

    Oh my. That is some funny shit.

    TTTSuicide said:
    'My farts have a better chance of practicing law than the average Cooley Grad.'

  27. I know three Cooley grads, to wit: (1) Cooley Grad #1 transitioned into the Computer IT aspects of document review - he works at a large law firm, but does not practice law at all; (2) Cooley Grad #2 is a struggling solo doing residential real estate; (3) Cooley Grad #3 is a dirt bag municipal prosecutor who is heavily involved in politics in the area. That's the extent of my knowledge of Cooley other than the fact that I'm GD glad I didn't attend this turd-a-rama.

  28. A 149 LSAT translates to a 25% scholarship at Cooley. That's ridiculous. Maybe they should get a swift kick in the nutz. Maybe that'll knock some sense into anyone desiring to attend Cooley. Bottom line, this school needs to close. If the best you can do is get into Cooley, I suggest you take the LSAT again and study this time. Try to get into a state school - there's no shame in being a "blue collar" state law school graduate.

  29. @ 10:08

    "If a young man doesn't have a Civilizing influence by the age of 25, he will never become civilized"

    Gertrude Stein

    But never mind about Gertrude Stein. She was Literate, and you can't appreciate that.

    By the way, I've never called someone an asshole on this blog, but you resort to name calling, and sound uneducated in a true sense, and I see that, yes, somehow my "ramblings" offended you.

    The truth hurts doesn't it?

    Yet you respond just like another plebe/painter, and you talk straight out of your ass. Would you like a job? I'll send you to the top of a 40 ft. ladder on a windy day, and let's see how big your mouth is then.
    When you climb down you can express your solidarity with the other plebes by talking about blowjobs and brown showers or whatever else you like.

    I come from a long line of blue collar workers. Construction workers. Ironworkers. Ditch Diggers. Truck drivers.My grandfather was a lineman. My other grandfather a contractor in heavy construction. My brother is an excellent and outstanding Auto mechanic.

    What I'm saying, if you care to actually read what I have written, is a reflection on just how little emphasis is being placed on Education in American Life.

    Pop culture is not real culture by any stretch of the imagination. The shit that screams at you all day long on the radio is not "music" in many cases, but a commodity made popular by pure marketing, with all copyrights in place.
    A reflection of capitalism, which tries to control ever aspect of a person's life, even his or her culture and, by extension, soul.
    And make a profit in the process.

    What was it Plato said in the Parmenides dialogues? "Man as Man"....and something about a servant and a slave and about being paid?

    But still, a professor of a true academic discipline, such as English Literature, would refer to you and me as "Philistines".

    Everything Alan Bloom said in the Closing of the American Mind has come to pass, and yes, Education does matter even moreso today.

  30. “What vision of law and values would countenance the ABA or the State Bar of Michigan dictating that individuals may not go to law school?”

    Gee, I don't know, Nelson, having high professional standards for attorneys? Viewing lawyers as quasi-public servants whose prestige is important in a nation premised on the rule of law? Promotion of more economic use of resources?

    Also, Nelson, if you really believe that a sound "vision of law and values" dictates that anyone can be a lawyer if they want, why not campaign to remove the 3-year law school requirement? Why not just allow informed citizens to take the law licensing exam and then practice? Isn't the 90k+ in mandatory law school tuition fees an extremely high barrier to this noble profession?

    Nelson, you're either a hypocrite or a moron. I'll let you choose which.

  31. By the way, Nelson Miller, unlike the hitherto "Colgate Smiled" TTR Portratized David Sargent, has a rather benign sort of aspect.

    I know that won't go over well with the critics.

    But I have scoured his picture with a critical eye, and cannot find anything of the deceptive or the dishonest in his countenance.

    In short, he doesn't "Look" like a bad egg.

    He has a sort of boyishness playing about the faintly smiling mouth and eyes.

    Not a bad head of hair--distinguished, and with the authority of grey overriding the darker and more wayward tones of youth.

    The nose might suggest his mother's. Or his father's line. Which we don't see on this page.

    And a beard,somewhat new--perhaps whimsically grown over a long weekend by the seashore, and then removed upon 2nd thought after familial feedback, or similar quips from colleagues.

    And, oh yes, the perfect dimple in the tie. In exchange for which many sins can be forgiven.

    Are stripes in this year, by the way?

  32. Should a 149 get you into law school? Good question.

    Cooley's procedures make me think maybe its about time to rethink the LSATs as the sole admissions criteria.

    I don't necessarily think that the LSAT is a very good predictor of people's skills outside of academia (or in it).

    It may be a good reflection of bar passage to some extent. I don't know what kind of research has been done to that effect. Though, I have heard terrible things about Cooley's bar passage rate so there might be something to it. Obviously the test is a gatekeeping function - lol - to keep the population of lawyers down. It has nothing to do with the actual practice of law or anything in the real world.

    But with schools lowering their criteria to get people in the door, what function does the LSAT serve now? Well, other than making money for the LSAC council. It is a conundrum.

    The last line of defense is the bar exam which has gotten more (excessively) difficult over the past decade because it is now no longer written by legal professionals. It is now written by "professional test writers" who, are creative-writing drop outs. They have no idea what is relevant. The contrast between the local portion and the MBE/MEE were extremely stark.

    Granted I passed on my first try, but when I looked at my score break down I saw how I got straight passing on the (5 out of 6) local essays. Then I saw my MEE break down and I was a little amazed at how much worse my break down was. I suppose what I am getting at is: I don't see what interest is served by making the test more difficult and adding more parts to it - MPT? lol. None of which have anything to do with practicing law or any career.

    Getting off that tangent. Regardless of what unethical bull Cooley is doing, no LS gives you any guarantees. All [the JD degree] does is give you a general education to be able to take advantage of opportunities - like taking a bar exam. But I know that LS woefully under prepared me for the realities of the marketplace. =. But hey at least I have a bar license. hehe.

  33. Indeed. Mr. Sargent sported what would be known as a "shit-eating grin" due to the fact he was stacking moneybags nightly into his crawlspace stash of ill-gotten gains. Whilst Mr. Miller, our friend here, features more the self-satisfied look of one content to merely screw others over in an unabashed fashion.

  34. Wow, this place does take the cake as the absolute biggest piece of shit in legal academia. What...a...fucking...stench...pile. Maybe nando can give Nelson an additional 25% ass kicking.

  35. "It is now written by "professional test writers" who, are creative-writing drop outs. They have no idea what is relevant."

    And in the 20 years, BarBri's influence has only increased, along with their lobbying and discussions with the bar exam writers. I wonder if there's a correlation!

  36. That clown makes $535,000 and is living in Lansing, Michigan? When adjusted for cost of living, that salary roughly equates to $1,170,000 in New York City!! That school is an ATM for the administration and faculty, nothing more nothing less. Shameful.


  37. @10:08 AM

    "If a young man doesn't have a Civilizing influence before the age of 25, he will never become civilized."

    Gertrude Stein

    But for your purposes, just forget about Gertrude Stein. She was educated, which you obviously don't seem to care about.

    You pretend to know and understand so much in this upside-down world.

    I have worked with so many young men. So many fine and innocent young boys that went straight from High School into the working world.

    American Culture for them is now Skulls. Tattoos. Harleys. Chicks. Rock and Roll. The last and best hope for the world. (Look what it did for the Kig of Rock, Elvis)
    Etc. Etc.

    Let's read your resume. I've done my tour of blue collar duty after College and Law School.

    I have survived and have put food on the table. I can out-insult you and your street language any day, with street curses of my own,learned on the job after Law School.

    I have probably spent more years doing manual labor than you.

    So...What is your excuse?

    You obviously seem to ardently praise noneducation over High School and Higher Education.

    You will go on grabbing the next thing that pop culture will throw your way.

    So welcome to America!

    Education to you means nothing.

  38. “What vision of law and values would countenance the ABA or the State Bar of Michigan dictating that individuals may not go to law school?”

    If this is his opinion, why bother with the lsat? oh, i guess this is cooley. nevermind.

  39. http://www.stylefeeder.com/i/4x4b9r4n/The-Practice-Of-Tort-Law-Second-Edition-By-Nelson-P-Miller-Hardcover

    Oh, and he came from money. He would be rich without Cooley.

    A nice guy, with really bad breath. Horrible, dead animal breath. It doesn't help that he's a close talker. Try to speak to him away from the office.

  40. One wonders if Cooley assigns this case book to its tort students. Its not like the bastards have any concept of ethics. Hey, nando. I heard your interview the other day. You kinda enjoy beating the shit out of these dumps, dontcha?

  41. For some mild entertainment, go over to Cooley's website. I stumbled upon this nugget of info which I thought was shameful as well:


    Cooley like many for profit schools are trying to get that GI Bill money by enrolling jarheads into their "prestigious" law school. To all the soldiers thinking of enrolling at Cooley, think of this place like an IED in that you will be scarred forever with a Cooley JD.

  42. TTT Law School Clothing Drive:


    Since the student loans are defraying tuition, books and food, no money is left over for suits, shoes, ties and belts. What a prestigious profession.

  43. The ethos behind this blog is admirable - people considering going to these places should be alerted to the fact that they run a real risk of ending up with bugger all to show for their time, effort & money.

    However I think it's wrong to blame the Law Schools. They're just fulfilling a demand for legal education. If people didn't want to go to Law School then these places simply wouldn't exist. Fact is law is a tough, nasty business & ultimately your most important 'client' is yourself.

    What happened to the good old fashioned legal skills of cynicism & never taking anything at face value? Surely, the students who wander into these 4th rate institutions without a care in the world assuming they'll be 'alright' have to bear the lions share of the blame when things go pear shaped 3 years down the line. I got my legal education for free but if I was going to borrow $100,000's I certainly wouldn't rely solely on Law School marketing patter before making a decision.

  44. According to 2:59AM's reasoning, Bernie Madoff should be a free man. After all, his victims were sophisticated and should have researched his ponzi scheme more carefully. I hold law schools accountable. Right now, law schools are using the recession (non-recession if you believe Obama) as a fear tool to get people to enroll by "riding" the rough times in school. The law schools paint rosy pictures of prosperity of success which is based on a stack of lies. The law schools are just as culpable as the stupid lemmings that swallow the lies.

  45. @ 4:16

    The Madoff case is distinguisable. All his dirty secrets were safely squirrelled away in his 'naughty' filing cabinet & not accessible to his unfortunate clients. Data on the legal market is easily obtainable. Just look at the fecking job pages.

    As regards Law School marketing morally you may just have a point but legally I'm not so sure. As we all know contract law doesn't protect doesn't protect the disgruntled claimant from making bad bargains & misrep is a hellishly difficult plea to get out of the traps. Have any 'ripped off' ex students successfully taken their grievances to Court?

    The last time I drank a bottle of Barcardi I woke up in a gutter with a thumping head ache & a furry tongue. Do you think I can sue 'em? After all the TV ad lead me to believe my sex life would be dramatically enhanced (possibly with a strapping blond).

    I do think legal education across the board is shite. Pinnels case, Turberville v Savage, Carbolic Smokeball, Donaghue v Stevenson - no one needs to know this rubbish & it's worse than useless in practice.

  46. If anyone is interested, here is Nelson's response to my email; he sent it at 12:53 pm, four minutes after I emailed him. (And you thought these law school administrators were extremely busy.)

    "Thank you. My errors and shortcomings always most interest me. I appreciate your research and insight. The effect on minorities and women of limiting enrollment seems pretty clear historically and statistically, but like you, I am uncomfortable in drawing anything from it other than that it is an effect, while certainly not an indication of anything like capacity. Take care, and again, thank you.

    I wonder if his errors and shortcomings interest him, when they affect real people and destroy financial livelihoods. Perhaps, Nelson would like to read an obscure law review article on the subject.

  47. @4:31

    Hm yes. BarBri. Perhaps the largest scam of them all. I paid Barbri a little under 2.3k for my "barprep" which consisted of me sitting in a room with 120 other people watching a video.

    The proctors were not Barbri employees who could answer questions. They were takers, like myself. The only thing that I liked about the program was that it made me get up in the morning.

    But about 2 weeks in I realized the "paced program" was ridiculous and doing thousands of questions was not going to help. So I stopped watching the lectures, grabbed the outline book, the MBE questions, and local essay book.
    I tossed the rest of it in a box.

    I then spent time memorizing the law with note cards continuously and writing essays to get my statements down cold. I did the same 300 questions over and over until I knew them all. Then I learned the simulated test. Over all, I did about 700 questions, studied 3-4 hours a night and passed the bar. I didn't go to barbri or use their shit other than the books.

    What a waste of money!

    I really was angry that there seemed to be no feedback or way of asking questions. You can try to "call them" but they put you on with the same peddling whelps that sold you that shit while on campus during your 2L & 3L year. Barbri works for giving you the materials but they do a really poor job on nearly everything else. Honestly, I thought the Barbri questions were far more difficult than the MBE on the bar.

    You are far better studying on your own and buying the materials used.

  48. "Thank you. My errors and shortcomings always most interest me. I appreciate your research and insight. The effect on minorities and women of limiting enrollment seems pretty clear historically and statistically, but like you, I am uncomfortable in drawing anything from it other than that it is an effect, while certainly not an indication of anything like capacity. Take care, and again, thank you.


    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

  49. Nando:

    The fact that Miller even wrote back reflects well on him I think.

    After all, he could ignore you like so many others.

    In this day and age, the only reply one most often gets to a job application for any job, or a letter of inquiry about anything, is no reply.

    So again, the only reply is no reply.

    How many of Miller's colleagues would have just ignored you?

    Why? Maybe because we bloggers are a pretty rough and unruly bunch by now, and have a reputation, I'm sure.

    But I'm telling you, I don't see a bad face in his pic. In fact, a rather reasonable one.

    And we ALL have bad breath at one time or another.

    If you wish for open dialogue and debate--written or spoken--Miller might be brought around to it.

    Just a thought.

    And to the lawyer from England:

    Wow! Keep telling us about what practising law in England is like, because it is so interesting and mysterious, at least to me. Do they still wear wigs?

    I'm just a dummy T4 waste product, but still remember a Roger Waters cartoon at the end of the movie--The Wall. It seems like British courts are intimidating as Hell!

  50. Nelson - Bad breath as a result of skanky Tier 4 pooter.

  51. You realize you are raising this shithole's profile by featuring it on third tier reality, don't you?

  52. I've noticed that on some of the older TTR posts, a comment will come in a few days or more after all oter comments have ended.

    Kind of like an e-bay "sniper" coming in with 3 seconds left and winning the auction.

    For instance, Nov. 2 5:29PM came in with one helluva ridiculous soapbox sermon (and the last word) on your Oct 28th post (the one with the pictures of the pigs)

  53. I keep hearing from some Cooley alums that claim to have graduated at the top of their class tout that they could have performed well at a Tier 1 school. I don't buy into that premise one bit. First, I have to question anyone's judgment to attend Cooley. Cooley has a horrendous reputation in the legal community. Why would you go there? Secondly, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. If you have somewhat of an intellectual ability, graduating at the top of the heap from this school is hardly impressive considering that 90% of the students that enroll in this school have some sort of diminished capacity. These same "I graduated from at the top from Cooley" cite the 30% to 40% attrition rate after the first year as some sort of indicia of how difficult this school is. Bullocks. The 30% to 40% that are cut after the first year were not going to pass the bar exam anyway so they cut all the weak links. The fact that Cooley has hundreds of weak links that are axed every year should tell you that this school preys on the weak minded, including you Mr. Summa Cum Laude grad from Cooley.

  54. @7:46

    Hey Daddy-O! Be THERE man! Don't be a Square!

    What are you talking about?

    By Gum, I take umbrage to your remarks.


    I graduated at the very bottom of Touro, and look at me now!

    Did I drop out? NO WAY! I spent a lot more borrowed money, and saw it through to the end!

    Now I see pink elephants, and big rabbits that I talk to on the way home from work.

    That said, I can confidently say that I should have been a shoe-in as a Tier I in another life. And confidence counts for a lot.

    It's all very clear to me now. All very...very clear....

    When I am reincarnated I'll be the next ummm...Bugs Bunny?

    Cool man Cool!

  55. November 5, 2010 12:53 AM

    Well done. Whoever counter-sniped "Nov. 2 5:29PM" (was it you, perhaps?) deserves recognition.

    A successful rear-guard action! He did try to sneak one in.

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  57. I had John Scott in class - the fact he is making 200k+ a year is alarming - this man is a horrible professor.

  58. or Cooley grads can join the army

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. To the blithering moron at 3:15 pm,

    The correct grammar is "Why do those who..."

    If you want to fellate Nelson P. Miller, then do so somewhere else. I ripped this tool a new one because he is defending the indefensible.

    By the way, I sure hope you are not a minority - as this school provides false hope to many of these students. However, I doubt that you are a minority. You write like an angry white guy with a small penis. Don't worry. I'm sure Pedro, Luis or Darnell is showing your girlfriend a good time, while you are busy sticking up for a "professor" who does not give a damn about you - other than as another stupid paying customer.


    Here is the contra viewpoint, bitch. This piece is entitled “Too Many Hungry Crows Pecking at a Smaller Pie: Why Law Schools in Michigan Must Shrink Enrollment to Preserve Quality and Opportunity.”

    Here is a key excerpt:

    “Michigan’s out-migration continues. Its once 19 congressional districts now number 15, with another loss projected after this year’s census. In the past 35 years, the number of Michigan attorneys has likely tripled; yet since 2001, the net population loss in Michigan is 465,659.

    Is there enough work for so many lawyers? “No,” 22 percent of us exclaim, fi nding the workload insuffi cient to keep busy, with 61 percent feeling that economic conditions have worsened over prior years. This is old news, so it is unwise to blame today’s

    In the coming years, only top-end graduates in blue-chip firms will practice enough to become truly expert, leaving less well-heeled clients to retain small firms and solo practitioners.”

    Do you understand that, you ignorant piece of trash?!?! (By the way, did you not learn your lesson from earlier when I bitch-slapped you on the Cooley TTR profile?! Are you a glutton for punishment?) Thomas H. Oehmke and Joan M. Brovins make a solid case, based on emigration, lawyer over-saturation, negative ROI, cost, etc. Your dear Nelson P. Miller simply asserted that Michigan needs more law schools.

    Who cares if Miller is a “professor”? Just because you would go down on him in a crowded bar - due to his credentials - does not make him inherently better than anyone. At least I have the decency and the balls to speak the truth. I am not the one who is living fat by sentencing legions of law students to a lifetime of debt servitude - and TTTT job prospects. Get your facts straight, and develop some integrity, you piece of garbage.

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. Hey superstar, you want to play pretend that this compares to real life? How may REAL lawyers use all those weak attempts at profanity in the court? There you go princess. Try not to choke on the malt'o'meal diet you must live on.

  63. Hello, confused child.

    Instead of engaging in petty disputes, make a cogent argument as to why law school is a good investment for most. Can you manage to do that, moron?!?! The floor is yours. If you do not provide any substantive reasons, then all of your future posts will be deleted.

    Do you understand that?!?! If you have NOTHING of value to contribute to this dialogue, then you are not entitled to taking up space on this blog. And before you cry, whine, moan and bitch about me “abridging” you First Amendment rights to be a nuisance or a moron - or employing “censorship” - realize that you have not made any valid points about the subject matter.

    Think of the following forms of social interaction. If you ask a girl out, and she does not answer your voicemails, that does not mean that you show up on her doorstep, Stupid. If you are pulled over for speeding, the cop does not want to hear your harangue against speed limits - or “Don‘t you have anything better to do?!” He does not want you to show him the posted sign. You take your ticket, and if you still feel that you were right, then challenge the citation in court. Are these people censoring you, as well? Perhaps in some sense, but they also have better things to do than deal with your pathetic ass.

    The facts, charts, figures and industry statements have been clearly presented. (Frankly, they speak for themselves. My analysis simply breaks down the situation.) Even an idiot such as you could understand them. Legal practitioners, “professors,” former students have commented about the job prospects facing Cooley grads.

    Miller works at a diploma mill, a true laughingstock in the world of American legal academia. He posited that Michigan is served well by having several law schools. I have been to that economic dead-zone, and I know that the state is in terrible financial shape. Flint and Detroit are in dire straits. What are Cooley lawyers going to do, to support themselves? Represent piss-poor clients for free? Work on foreclosures and evictions?

    Nelson P. Miller was deceptive and intellectually dishonest with himself, the publication and any readers who read his nonsense. I simply dissected his piece, and called him out.

    I have provided a strong case as to why law school is a terrible gamble. In contrast, you have only provided childish insults and frown icons. Grow up, and learn to engage in adult conversation - especially if you want to become a lawyer. Put a frown icon in a motion to produce, or in a legal memo. See where that gets you, loser.

  64. The following articles *should* provide you with a better understanding of the U.S. lawyer job market:


    Vanderbilt “law professor” notes that law school is a bad investment for most students.


    NALP notes that the JD Class of 2009 had 44,000 graduates competing for 28,901 jobs requiring bar passage. Look at the number of desperate souls who started their own firms. On the bottom of page 2, you can see that 24.9% of all jobs listed were short-term. Additionally, 10.3% of all jobs reported were part-time.


    Will Meyerhofer, former Biglaw associate - something you will NEVER become - and current psychotherapist (I can already hear your immature brain say, “It looks like ‘psycho, the rapist’”) shows that a JD is not a versatile degree. I don’t care what your TTTT “professors” have to say on the matter. Keep in mind that most “law professors” practiced law for a painfully short time, before returning to the safe confines of academia.

    “But there’s a bigger, broader problem with switching careers when you have the letters JD after your name: people hate lawyers.

    Why do they hate lawyers? A bunch of reasons.

    If you are a real person in the outside world, the word “lawyer” means obstruction. The phrase “run it past Legal” means you might as well give up, ’cause it’s never gonna happen. Exciting business ventures ooze to a standstill like a sabre-toothed tiger in the La Brea Tar Pits. Some risk-adverse dweeb in a suit will spout dire warnings to you about unlikely contingencies until nothing seems like it’s any fun anymore.

    Lawyer means pretentious – socially awkward losers with fancy degrees telling you what to do when they’ve never run a business in their lives.

    Lawyer means threats. “You’ll hear from my lawyer” is the worst thing you can say to another person. And lawyers love to write threatening letters – it’s what they do best. That’s why lawyer is synonymous with wasted time and wasted money.

    Lawyer means annoyance. Lawyer means hassles. Lawyer means a total void of common sense. Lawyer means expensive, with little to show for it.”

    Let's see: should we pay attention to an honest "law professor," a former Biglaw associate, and an NALP report documenting the GLUT of attorneys, in this nation - or should we listen to an emotionally-stunted, mentally-challenged child?

    Work on your social skills, ignorant bitch, if you ever want a job that does not entail wiping senior citizens‘ asses.

  65. Fuck the Michigan Bar.

  66. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. To anyone who subsequently runs across this thread:

    I offered the semi-literate idiot a chance to state why law school is a wise investment, and he failed to do so. Instead of being a man and making an argument, the pussy resorted to more name-calling, unintelligible comments - and a frown icon.

    Anyone who wants to defend the law schools on this site needs to come prepared with solid facts, and back up their case. I am more than willing to engage in a candid, intelligent discussion on this topic. However, if you act like a bitch, then you will be treated like a bitch. See the kid who got HANDLED above. My guess is that the mentally-deficient drone will try to post more asinine comments.

    By the way, Cooley cockroach, I did refer to you as a moron - AFTER you consistently proved yourself to be one. What can I say? I have a low tolerance for BLATANT STUPIDITY and WILLFUL IGNORANCE. I have also provided many sources showing that TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool is a dung heap - and that Nelson P. Miller is an industry shill.

    It must be sad not to have a life - nor one ounce of integrity.

  69. Wow, MORE posts removed.....you must be really insecure and scared huh?

  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. You are not entitled to taking up any space on this blog, bitch. If you want to stick up for this trash pit of a law school, then do so on another forum. Bring some actual facts when you do so, by the way.

    I am not insecure or scared by anything you have posted, ass-clown. In fact, you have NOT contributed anything of value to the discussion. That is why your comments were deleted, moron.

    Step back and take a look at your posts, compared to the quality of my comments. See the difference, mental deficient?!

    You are dismissed.

  72. You are not allowed to use that photo. Take it down or a simple court order can have your personal info given and you taken to court.

  73. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  74. Cockroaches are so predictable. Apparently, the Cooley subspecies is immune to logic, reason, and facts - as well as thorough beatdowns.


    How are you today, Kalamazoo County scat-muncher?

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jan 29 2011 1:35pm 17 actions 12m 3s
    Jan 29 2011 5:28am 12 actions 4m 1s
    Jan 27 2011 5:54pm 7 actions 1m 47s
    Jan 27 2011 9:18am 2 actions 1m 12s
    Jan 26 2011 5:19pm 2 actions 2m 16s
    Jan 26 2011 1:41pm 15 actions 4m 21s
    Jan 25 2011 7:15pm 2 actions 11s
    Jan 25 2011 3:31pm 8 actions 2m 49s
    Jan 25 2011 12:53pm 27 actions 12m 31s
    Jan 25 2011 7:12am 5 actions 1m 48s
    Jan 24 2011 9:48pm 7 actions 6m 8s
    Jan 24 2011 8:50pm 9 actions 4m 36s
    Jan 24 2011 7:49pm 3 actions 30s
    Jan 24 2011 3:38pm 2 actions 51s
    Jan 24 2011 1:50pm 21 actions 9m 27s
    Jan 24 2011 9:38am 15 actions 11m 43s
    Jan 23 2011 4:41pm 2 actions 8s
    Jan 23 2011 3:12pm 7 actions 2m 15s
    Jan 23 2011 11:45am 10 actions 7m 30s
    Jan 22 2011 9:04pm 1 action 1m
    Jan 22 2011 2:04pm 22 actions 18m 35s
    Jan 22 2011 5:15am 1 action 30s
    Jan 21 2011 10:59pm 14 actions 12m 51s
    Jan 21 2011 5:03pm 8 actions 6m 10s
    Jan 21 2011 3:10pm 7 actions 5m 18s
    Jan 21 2011 10:02am 2 actions 8s
    Jan 21 2011 9:38am 17 actions 21m 41s
    Jan 20 2011 8:49pm 8 actions 10m 12s

    It is beyond pathetic to see someone with no integrity and no life.

  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. I bet this idiot gets sued! :)

  77. "Anonymous said...
    I bet this idiot gets sued! :)

    August 12, 2011 8:14 PM"

    Only a complete idiot would want the scambloggers to be sued. That, or perhaps an employee of one of these horrendously-overpriced trash pits.

    The scambloggers help to keep out potential future competition for law jobs by discouraging clueless lemmings from pursuing entry nto this most sordid, filthy and overcrowded "profession."

    Why on the good green Earth would I want to see something bad happen to those helping keep out potential entrants?

  78. people who are guilty of libel and slander should be punished for it.

    Off with their heads.

  79. Those who anonymously post such drivel - as the piece of trash who posted on September 11, 2011 at 6:10 pm - SHOULD be beaten to death with a sock full of pennies. Then again, he is a tool and a complete pussy.

    Taking it up the ass, for a lifetime, is perhaps worse than death. Grow a pair of balls, cockroach. Also, tell your boyfriend to quit punching you in the back of the head - after he deposits large amounts of semen in your rectum. How do you like that, you piece of garbage?!?!

  80. http://www.cooley.edu/newsevents/2011/091411_best_law_faculty.html

  81. http://ip-whois-lookup.com/lookup.php?ip=

    How is life in Three Rivers, Michigan, bitch?! According to my blog analytics, you are viewing this blog from Grand Rapids, MI - home of Fourth Tier Pile of Garbage Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Nov 2 2011 9:10pm 6 actions 14m 49s blogger.com/comment-iframe.g
    Nov 2 2011 8:53pm 1 action 10s google.com dean nelson miller

    By the way, cretin: the fact that two Cooley "professors" have been named as best faculty does not mean that the school is decent. From the link you provided, bitch:

    "The book's author, Michael Hunter Schwartz, is the co-director for the Institute of Law Teaching and Learning and professor of law, associate dean for faculty and academic development at Washburn University. His goal is to find the best law teachers in America and to synthesize the principles they apply in their teaching as best practices and to share those with colleagues in legal education."


    "Professor Schwartz is a nationally-respected teaching and learning expert. He is the Co-Director of the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning and the Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Development at Washburn Law. Professor Schwartz is the author of five books (most recently, Techniques for Teaching Law II (Carolina Academic Press 2011)), three law review articles, a book chapter, and five shorter works addressing a wide variety of teaching, learning and curriculum design topics and was a named contributing author to Best Practices for Legal Education (CLEA, 2007). Professor Schwartz is under contract to publish two additional teaching and learning books: What the Best Law Teachers Do (forthcoming 2012, Harvard University Press) and Assessment: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Law Schools (forthcoming 2013, Carolina Academic Press)."

    As you can see, Michael Hunter Schwartz is a "law professor" at Third Tier Washburn University.


    Washburn Law's reputation is lower than whale dung. According to US “News” & World Report, Wa$hburn Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is the 140th greatest, most amazing and wonderful law school in the United States.

    Don't cream your pants, simply because some academic ass-hat - who apparently focuses his research on "how to teach law" - recognizes two members of your waste site's faculty.

  82. still weeding out posts huh?

  83. http://ip-whois-lookup.com/lookup.php?ip=

    NetRange: -
    NetName: USSIG-0-82-23-65-24
    NetHandle: NET-65-23-82-0-1
    Parent: NET-65-23-64-0-1
    NetType: Reassigned
    RegDate: 2004-01-23
    Updated: 2004-01-23
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-65-23-82-0-1

    Address: 300 SOUTH CAPITOL AVE
    City: Lansing
    StateProv: MI
    PostalCode: 48901
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2004-01-23
    Updated: 2011-03-19
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/customer/C00749197

    I don't approve comments that contain nothing of redeeming value, cockroach. How are you doing, in Lansing, bitch?!?! By the way, it is clear that you are using Thomas M. Cooley's connection. Anyone can copy the IP address above, and paste it into a web browser to see the following:

    Address: 300 SOUTH CAPITOL AVE
    City: Lansing
    StateProv: MI

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Nov 9 2011 6:39pm 4 actions 2m 13s search.yahoo.co... third tier reality cooley

  84. dang, you sure must hate cooley. What they kill your dog or something?

  85. cooley rules! Nando drools! (poor little computer repair man wanna cry????) :(

  86. To the piece of trash who posted on April 3, 2012, at 11:27 am,


    How is life in Wyoming, MI, bitch?! Grab a Kleenex, and wipe those tears off your face, loser. Your feelings were hurt, because someone slammed a fourth tier trash heap. Guess what, pussy?! PLENTY of people have ripped into your toilet. Grow up, and be a man.

    If you still want to enroll in this laughingstock of a law school, then go ahead. When you cannot find a job afterward, you can choose to internalize your failure, moron.

    Visitor detail
    Visits: 1
    Unique ID: 1715532337 (Tag)
    IP address: (ARIN/RIPE) (Tag)
    Locale: Wyoming, MI, USA / English
    Platform: Internet Explorer 8.0 / Windows XP / 1024x768

    Visitor path, this visit
    Apr 3 2012
    11:21:36 am/2010/03/smoldering-steaming-pile-of-excrement.html
    THIRD TIER REALITY: Smoldering, Steaming Pile of Excrement: Thomas M. Coole...search.yahoo.com
    third tier reality cooleyApr 3 2012
    11:26:42 am/
    11:27:17 am/2010/11/profiles-in-willful-ignorance-cooley.html
    THIRD TIER REALITY: Profiles in Willful Ignorance: Cooley Associate Dean Ne...

    Visits: 1
    Unique ID: 1715532337
    IP address:
    Locale: Wyoming, MI, USA / English
    Platform: Internet Explorer 8.0 / Windows XP / 1024x768

    Apr 3 2012 11:21am 3 actions 5m 41s

  87. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  88. Provide the name of the "professor" and a link to the story, or else your comment will be deleted. Also, when you post someone's IP, you are not posting personal data. Do you see the troll's home address, name, or other identifying info?!

    By the way, genius, you misspelled the word "hypcrite." Grab a dictionary, or employ SpellCheck on your computer, if you don't know how to spell a word.

  89. who cares if he mispelled on a thread dedicated to fecal matter? How stupid are you?

  90. To the piece of trash who posted the borderline retarded comment at 9:08 am this morning,

    You misspelled the word "misspelled," Stupid Bitch. By the way cockroach, this thread is not dedicated to feces - unless of course you are admitting that TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is a pile of waste. Your mother should not have consistenly dropped you on your head when you were an infant.


    From my analytics, mental midget:

    Visitor detail
    Visits: 1
    Unique ID: 1118567682
    IP address:
    Locale: Chicago, IL, USA / English
    Platform: Internet Explorer 9.0 / Windows 7 / 1024x600

    May 21 2012 9:03am 2 actions 57s search.yahoo.com third tier reality cooley

    You are dismissed, douche-bag. Try not to cry yourself to sleep tonight, ass-clown.

  91. wow, did this freakshow even pass the bar?

    me thinks not.


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