Thursday, November 18, 2010

Second Tier Sweltering Stench Pit: University of Miami School of Law

Tuition and Fees: For the 2010-2011 school year, a full-time student at this institution will pay $38,024 in tuition and fees!

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, the school estimates that a student living off-campus will pay $22,034 in room & board, books & supplies, transportation and personal expenses. This would bring the total COA for the current academic year to $60,058. For those living with mommy and daddy, the total COA for this same school year is estimated at a mere $48,934.

Ranking: The cost is a little steep. However, the school’s ranking will certainly justify this expense, correct?!?! Well, a publication calling itself US News & World Report lists this as the 60th greatest, most fantastic and amazing law school in the land. The Univer$iTTy of Miami Sewer of Law shares this prestigious honor with three other “elite” schools - University of Houston, Georgia State University, and University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Alleged Employment Rate: “Our most recent statistics show that 98 percent of UM Law graduates seeking employment obtained positions or pursued further graduate studies within nine months of graduation.”

Ninety-eight percent - with no graphs or breakdown. Yeah, and Lauren Graham just broke into my house, tied me up to the bed, climbed on top of me, and used my torso as a scratching pad. (Notice that this dump also lists a total enrollment of 1,300 students.)

Average Student Indebtedness: According to USN&WR, the average indebtedness of 2009 University of Miami Law grads who incurred law school debt was $87,272. This chart shows that 77 percent of this commode’s 2009 graduating class incurred law school debt.

Don’t forget that past-president of the ABA, Carolyn Lamm, graduated from this commode in 1973. With regard to the law schools’ self-reported employment figures, the ABA is apparently still in the contemplative stage of the review process.

Isn’t this the sign of prosperity? On June 30, 2009, the dean at the University of Miami Sewer of Law offered $5,000 "Public Interest Deferral Scholarships" to those who deferred enrollment for one year and performed 120 hours of public service. Patricia White sent the email to the entire incoming class.

We Will Pay You to “Hire” Our Graduates:

“The latest sign of law grads' dire straits comes from Coral Gables, where the University of Miami is trying to bolster the grim market for the 350 new lawyers set to graduate next spring by offering their services — for free.

The program, called the Legal Corps, will place graduating students without job offers at public interest organizations or judicial chambers. The firms and courts will pay nada, while UM will pick up a $2,500 monthly stipend.”

Yes, what a great law school, huh?!?! After all, they are not paying $5,000 a month for each placement in public interest positions. Think about this for a second, stupid lemming. You are looking at taking out $90K-$160K for a law degree - and the 60th best law school in the United States must resort to this measure?! Do you get the message?!

UM Law pays $2,500 a month stipend so that their otherwise unemployed graduates will be “placed” in public interest organizations. That doesn’t smell of desperation, does it? Yet another indicator that the legal job market is about to turn the corner, right?!?!

Conclusion: This school is an overpriced piece of filth. It needs to pay non-profits to “hire” its unemployed graduates. And these pigs still have the nerve to claim a 98% employment rate. The dean of the law school offered $5,000 in scholarship money to incoming 2009 students who deferred admission for one year!!! What does that tell you, dolt?

If you need further proof of the extent of the “higher education” scam, then take a look at this tax document:

Go to pages 18-20 of this 2009 Form 990. While no law faculty member made this list, we can see that Oompa-Loompa/university president Donna Shalala is way overpaid - as the troll made $945,899 plus $231,568 in other compensation!!

On page 20, you can see that the entire university made $509,022,178 in tuition and fees! Taking all of these revenue streams into account from columns A and B, we can see that the University of Miami took in $1,754,092,908 in TAX EMEMPT REVENUE - for 2008!!!! Imagine any other industry where you could make $1.754 billion, in one year, and not pay any taxes on that amount. (I suppose churches do the same thing, but it is nonetheless repulsive.)


  1. Perhaps Nando's greatest service is that he is showing just how much of a racket "higher education" really is. The collge-law school-government-industrial complex is sickening...people like Donna Shalala who get rich off backs of debt-ridden students while pretending to be "public servants" are such hypocrites.

    Yeah, the students at this point should know better, but so should Ms. Shalala.

  2. You give too much credit: they really really believe thier own sh*t.

  3. I figured the recent paying employeers scam would have netted your wrath.98% of grads employed with an average salary of almost 90k, why would waste this money. They are spending 1000s helping the losers who couldnt bother graduating outside the bottom two percent. If this isnt a socialist program I dont know what is. (I am an alum and in 5 minutes I can give you the names of enough people to dispell that 98% stat- starting with me)
    I do however have to disagree with Miami's placement on TTR as unlike most TTR award winners, Miami absolutely dominates the market for the souther half of Florida. That being said, the employment rate is nowhere close to 98%, but I'd be willing to bet that it is much higher than most non T-14 because of its isolation

  4. But Nando, Miami has a decent good football team! And if it were still the good ol' days, they'd be employing a city's worth of criminal attorneys by themselves!

    How long until the law schools realize that paying 2k stipends is a bit steep and they start engaging in systematic homicides to thin out the graduating ranks a bit? I don't mean to sound callous, but the truth is that if there was a massacre at [random TTT] during an "unemployed recent grad conference to 'help find jobs'" the administrators would dance like happy elves at that skyrocketing employment rate.

  5. Ugh. Talk about Tuition and Feces.

    Nando, I don't claim to be an expert on the SF market, but this school seems less deserving of TTR treatment than many others you could have reviewed. How many other institutions tell lemmings to beware (per your ATL link)?

  6. Why did I visit this site during my lunch break? Why? That image will make it impossible for me to eat. Thx. Although I agree this school is a piece of shit. I disagree with Donna Shalala being an oompa loompa from WOnkaland. She looks like Bilbo Baggins.

  7. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. Not because of the quality of the school, but the fact that they actually offered students a scholarship if they sat out a year before starting; so they could have a year long cooling off period, so to speak. It may be a small step, but relative to other stinkpits you profile, it's a giant leap forward.

  8. @evrenseven

    Your right that is rather sub-human of them. lol. I pointed out in the last set of comments that a friend of mine who was thinking of law school got a letter from a NON-Accredited piece of garbage school UMASS law, frm. Southern New England School of law in Massachusetts. At least Mimi isn't flat out lying to their students about employment stats or the facts of their accreditation status. They told her that "they will probably be accredited by the time she graduates so there is no problem." I wanted to BURN THE PLACE DOWN! Who says that?!?! Who tells someone to place $120k+ down and 3 years of their life on a fly-by-night promise from some receptionist? Really.

    I went to school in Mass so I know the dangers of getting a JD in a state already FLOODED with lawyers. Now they have this new school that makes it lucky no. 7!

    I actually think this deferment is a great idea. More schools should do it.

  9. To Nando:

    Keep up the mission!!! But how is it that the average indebtedness is only 87K? If the three year cost is at least 185K, unless you're getting 100K from the folks, you're in debt way more than 87K. I wonder if those figures are as accurate as the employment figures.

    One last point. I can empathize with students who signed up for law school several years aho, but sometime soon I'm going to lose some sympathy for students who sign up for TTT law schools. No doubt the schools are a racket, but if by this point Joe Student hasn't figured out that law school in a scheme, he's really not remotely smart at all.

  10. The "humanitarian" deferment that this educational gulag touts is nothing more than a PR smoke and mirrors show. Imagine a corner drug dealer telling you don't buy heroin from me today, save it for tomorrow but heroin is still good for you? Well that is what this TT in TTT clothing is doing. On the one hand they are saying "don't go to law school for a year..but hey if you do we still have a 98% employment rate (which is artificially manufactured). The fuckers that run this school or hypocritical double talkers. BTW Nando, good picture. This place is not worthy of being compared to solid feces, it is just a bunch of fractured nuggets of shit under the U. of Miami name.

  11. ^^^

    I meant to say TTT in TT clothing.

  12. When do we get to have the illustrious school known as "Cumberland School of Law" (Samford). I've been waiting for over a year now!

  13. Sweet Jeebus! Damn that is one disgusting image. That looks like someone just ate at BK or Wendys. Come eat at one o' my restaurants. You won't take a shit like the one above.

    Sorry fo' da absense. My ass has been bizzy making biscuits 'n puttin' t'getha ma 11 herbs 'n spices and shit. Speaking of shit, can you believe there is only 29 KFC dinin' 'stalbishments in Miami? There is also 11 in the surroundin' area. C'mon, franchise owners! Dig deep. We need somes jobs for these unemployed Miami grads. The Colonel wants that monthly twenny five hundred dollars for each unemployed sumbitch I hire.

  14. Coincidence? Shit law Jobs listed this shit contract attorney job in Miami today.

    Candidate must be a member of the Florida bar in good standing with at least 5 years of litigation experience. Candidate will be responsible for assisting with document review, drafting discovery, preparing for depositions and trials. This is a 6 month assignment. Parking is provided. Hourly rate $20 - $22.

    Sounds like a real winner, don't it. Five years exp. required for this temporary shit job. I'm sure some asshole somewhere is planning on opening another law school.

  15. I will say that South Florida is probably one of the sleaziest places to practice law in the USA--freaking shiTTTT law to the max. There are more con men and swindlers down there than you can imagine. But at least the weather is nice. I'd take a JD from Miami over STTTT Johns or SeTTTTon Hall any day of the week.

  16. Although I normally would not consider a Univ. of Miami law grad for employment at the firm, the $2,500.00 per month bounty makes me reconsider my hardline position.

    My Portuguese cleaning lady wants to visit Portugal for the holidays but she has no one to relieve her duties. I wouldn't mind hiring a Miami law grad to scrub my toilets, do my laundry, change my linen and cook a couple of meals for me and get $2,500.00 for the favor. I can report back to the law school that the grad is employed in a "legal" capacity (as if the school really cares) and we both benefit from the arrangement. I will have my secretary contact Miami's CSO tomorrow.

    NYC Hiring Partner

  17. And we all know that the school is doing this 'cause they care so much about their students outcomes. That it can bolster their 98% job rate did not even enter the equation. Yes, UM Law is a bastion of selflessness and goodwill, ain't it?

  18. My Colonel. And NYC Hiring Partner! All on board. Well Allright!

    I have a cousin or two that lives in Fla. And an Uncle. All cool cats. Much cooler than me a T4 flunkey. They walk around in shorts and shirts with palm tree pics on them etc. Sandals. Easy as can be.

    But still, this school in Fla. I am sure is everything Nando says it is.

    And that is a fast-food diet in the bowl above; Full of fat, and not very healthy at all.

    A vegetarian diet looks like deer shit. Mostly little marbles. And if you go the vegetarian route, drink lots of water.

    But so much for the decadence of the American Diet.

    If you want to read about my Alma Matta read here:

    They will be defending their money,and beating me up prety soon I think.

    I'm a loose cannon, and the big Touro Guns will be brought to bear I'm sure.

    But no matter to me, because my debt and life are all shit, fast food or vegetarian.

    But I am still trying to figure out the easiest way to kill oneself. Given my debt.

    It is a Philosophical question. Turned over and over in the mind of one that is terribly and hopelesly indebted.

    Contemplated by the Educated and maybe the few; but certainly JD's included among them.

  19. HI Nando:

    Just figurd I'd throw this one out there too.
    For what it is worth.

    A copy of one of my posts on the Touro Article referenced above.

    It is below..................

    "Look, I would also like to add this:

    I went to Touro, a Toilet as Nando says.

    I went there between 1992 and 1996.

    I struggled terribly, and ended up graduating.

    I borrowed all of my tuition. All of it.

    Today, the student loan debt that I owe has more than tripled in the form of non-dischargeable student loans.

    My life is complete and suicidal shit.

    But way back then, and after my first year, I had a GPA that was below 2.0 at Touro. And it was only after the 3rd semester and into the 4th semester that I was able to raise my GPA above passing.

    That was because the 2nd and 3rd year classes had some very ridiculously easy elective courses. Absolute joke classes that were a godsend to me.

    In those classes, a guaranteed A or B+ for doing very little. I just didn't want to flunk out of Law School. So I was happy for the grades.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    But still Nando, it really horrifies me to see that many of the people on the full time and tenured faculty today are the same people that founded and were running the school in the decade of the 90's. with very little change. Such is the fate of tenure.

    The same static faculty.

    A Profesor that taught "Witchcraft" in my second year, and I kid you not.

    she taught Jurisprudence, and lectured about "witchcraft" ANd she walked up and down the aisles of the class with a toy stuffed animal cat with a bell inside it on the first day of the class in a Hollie Hobbie dress.

    She was a very wierd and hippie person, and totally in control if the school it seems, because she now tells Touro what to do in India. All because of her Ivy degree. And has changed her Hollie Hobbie Dress for an Indian garb. And makes a fine and handsome living from non-dischargeable student debt as a result.

    her name is louise harmon.

    Also a hunched and mean con law professor that was very well connected with the former Soviet Republic somehow. A very bland type of person, and he used to brag about how he took trips to Russia and told the people of Belarus how to draw up a Constitution.

    His name is Gary Shaw.

    A terrible contracts professor that taught absolutely nothing about contracts.

    How I hated and resented him many years later for being a teacherm, and not teaching anything, when I was trying to learn Contracts for the NY BAr Exam.

    His name was Kirkland Grant.

  20. I'd rather use the toilet pictured as a bird bath than attend this dump!

  21. I can tell you the person who took that sloppy cluttered dump in the pictured ate too many White Castle sliders after drinking about a pitcher of domestic beer. I have been to too many frat houses to tell these things.

    I had a friend who went to this dumpster of a law school. He kept justifying his reasons by saying he wanted to go to law school in a sunny state with lots of babes in bikinis. We knew better: he had a low LSAT and could not get into a better school. I looked him up on google and he is a shitlaw ambulance chaser in Dade County. What a waste of a human being's life.

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  23. The Miami Toilet School of Law is proud to have characters such as the following one amongst its distinguished alumni:

  24. Shalala should have to give back $1000 of her salary to the students for each lie the school has told. So I guess she owes them money for last year.

  25. From this commode’s Fall 2007 course offerings:

    Art & Entertainment Law; Civil Rights, Economic Justice and Independent Media; Cutting Edge Issues in Art & Entertainment Law; and this winner on page 10 of the PDF, Emotional Intelligence: Life Skills for Lawyers. Let’s not forget the following courses: Ethics & Public Service; International Moot Court; Introduction to Caribbean Law; Islamic Legal System Seminar; and Press Freedom in the Americas Seminar.

    In all fairness, with the role of outsourcing, maybe American JDs will soon need to practice law in Muslim countries.

    What’s that you say, Lemming? This is the course catalog from Fall 2007? Okay, let’s take a look at the Spring 2011 course offerings.

    Courses offered with page number: Caribbean Law II, 23; Cultural Property & Heritage Law Seminar, 51; Emotion and the Law Seminar, 58; Fourth Amendment Workshop, 76; Inter-American Systems of Human Rights Workshop, 98; and this gem, Mindful Ethics: Professional Responsibility on the Cutting Edge on page 131.

    “Cutting edge” does not exactly come to mind, when thinking of American “legal education.” The commodes of law still rely on the archaic, outdated Socratic/Case Method. This might have been innovative when Christopher Columbus Langdell brought this approach to Harvard Law School in the late 19th century, but it is not up to speed with the changing legal market. What other professional schools dump legions of UNPREPARED grads onto the unsuspecting public? Can you imagine medical schools and dental schools teaching out of a book for all four years?!

    With regards to the course titled “Mindful Ethics,” does the school consider accepting too many law students ethical or professional? Does Dean White - or any other faculty member - think that ABA-accredited law schools pumping out FAR TOO MANY graduates is the responsible thing to do?

    Why are there no courses on Legal Outsourcing or the Shrinking American Lawyer Job Market? What about a seminar under this header, “The Possible Effects of ABA Accrediting Foreign Law Schools on the U.S. Legal Market”? Also, it might be helpful to teach a course on “Non-Dischargeable Debt: Student Loans.”

  26. Why is Miami Law on this blog? It's the second or third best school in FL.

  27. Interesting link from the ABA...

  28. @1023

    I think the point is that there are no good law schools in Florida. Second or third best in a shitpile, you are still stepping in shit.

    The top-ranked 'school' in the state is UF, at 47. At least the tuition is under 15K a year. You could probably manage total COA at less than 25K. So even at UF, it costs around 75K to obtain the JD--all for a likely starting salary of 40K or less. I'd rather take my chances at the track.

    The other Florida toilets don't even merit a serious mention. Only the most misguided lemming would even consider the idea. Unfortunately, for the swine and dripping venereal sores of the law school and student loan rackets, there is a never-ending supply.



    Ann Levine, proud alumna of University of Miami School of Law, happens to be a “law school expert.” Congratulations. Your mother must be very proud.

    “Ann Levine lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband (a lawyer) and their two daughters. Ann works with clients from around the world via Internet, phone, and Skype. She continues to serve as “The Secret Weapon of Law School Applicants Nationwide."

    Wow! Her husband is a lawyer. As far as I am concerned, this “secret weapon” is about as effective as a wet paper sack. Ann is simply intent on selling lemmings on the idea of law school, i.e. SHE DOES NOT GIVE ONE DAMN WHETHER HER CLIENTS EVER FIND WORK AS ATTORNEYS. Hey Ann, if law is such a wonderful field, why aren’t you practicing law?!?!

    Also, this advertisement notes that her blog receives about 100,000 visitors a year. Big deal. Since keeping track in mid-November of 2009, TTR has had more than 142,000 visitors. Does that make me an anti-law school expert?!

    At least Minnesota Lawyer has the sense to see through this conniving shill:

    “But then I read the bio of the author of the post and it gave me some pause. The author Ann K. Levine is listed as a “law school admission consultant.” I had never heard of such a title and had no idea that there was a cottage industry that provided such services.

    I suppose that everyone is looking for an edge today and Levine can be seen as opportunistic in her career path. But if it were me, I could find another way to spend the money.”

    If you see this shill bleeding and dying on the side of the road, do not stop and offer assistance. Keep driving.

    Also, notice that Carolyn Lamm, past president of that racketeer influenced and corrupt organization known as the ABA, is not listed among this sewer’s “notable alumni.” Then again, a common housecat has done more good deeds in its lifetime than this rat ever has.

  30. Go to the following link and send the petitions-it only takes a few seconds-we may all be needing it-petition for student loan bankruptcy-I am fighting Access now in court and I welcome their hatred-do the same for yourself. The time has come to fight, cowering will no longer be of any help, expose the cannibel cowards for what they are on every project-now we hang together or hang seperately-your choice but I'd rather hang in good company. From a long time temp.

  31. The T3 and T4 Law School Administrators and Faculty surely can be compared to The OPPORTUNISTS from Canto III of Dante's Inferno.

    In life, they were neither good nor evil, but only for themselves.

    They are much like the outcasts who took no sides in the rebellion of the Angels against God. At the vestibule of Hell, the OPPORTUNISTS are neither in Hell nor out of it.

    Eternally unclassified as standing for anything in life, the Law School Administrators and Faculty race round and round pursuing a wavering banner that runs forever before them through the dirty air; and as they run they are pursued by swarms of wasps and hornets, who sting them and produce a constant flow of blood and putrid matter which trickles down their bodies, and is feasted on by loathsome worms and maggots that coat the ground.

    As the Law School Administrators and Faculty (and the ABA) have sinned, so are they punished. They took no sides in the Student Loan Crisis, therefore they are given no place in Hell.

    As they pursued the ever-shifting illusion of their own advantage, changing their courses with every changing wind, so they pursue eternally an elusive, ever shifting banner. As their sin was a darkness, so they move in darkness. As their own guilty conscience pursued them, so they are pursued by swarms of wasps and hornets.

    And as the actions or rather inactions of the Law Schools were a moral filth, so they run eternally through the filth of worms and maggots which they themselves feed.

    As the inscription on the gate to Hell reads:



    (Top 10 Ivy's not included of course. They go straight to Heaven)

  32. Someone asked what this school is doing on this page. I think the facts show this school is a diploma factory. The total enrollment is somethign like 1,300 students. And these fuckers had to offer students $5K service scholarships to hold off on their education for another year. Is there any reason why this school should not be on this disgusting site? From where I stand, this school earned its way here.

  33. All the T4's are atrocius Institutions.

    They are full of malice, meanness, falsehood, perjury, treachery, and cant.

    They destroy many lives with nondischargeable student debt. Throw the students out into an overcrowded job marketplace and, wash thier hands.

    They are viperous institutions, that, with the full consent of the ABA, have placed themselves beyond the pale of society by their most audacious, disgraceful, and abominable public conduct.

    Again, the T4's are to be viewed in no other light than as the most unparalleled and unmitigated Vipers!

  34. good blog, but can you have less shit in the picture. keep up the good work.

  35. Pardon me for being elitist but a school ranked 60th out of 200 is nothing to brag about and should not immunize this commode from appearing on these pages. Low ranking aside, this school's conduct is atrocious and malicious. They are lying to their students about the legal market "turning the corner." Yes it is turning the corner to India.

    I keep hearing this school is one of the best in Florida. As far as I am concerned, Florida is devoid of any good law schools.

  36. Excellent post.

    Anything which emphasizes to the kids what depths this former "profession" has sunk to is a positive thing and a public good.

    Non-elite law schools are nothing but vultures when it comes to the unwary and unconnected. Kids, stay the hell out of these academic deathtraps. They will destroy you financially and professionally, as the stain and the stench of the non-elite JD is nearly impossible to cleanse from the eyes and noses of intolerant non-law employers, whom you WILL be talking to.

  37. By any objective measure, you are an anti-law school expert Nando. You have assembled research and facts concerning law school, particularly the third tier and below. You have become an authority on toilets.

    The only weaknesses in the information is that tuition goes up so fast that numbers concerning it quickly go out of date, and there are so many third tier law schools (being set up everywhere in the nation, and in China now also) it's hard to keep track of them all.

  38. @1234:

    so many toilets, so little time. I keep thinking he'll run out of profiles, but law schools are sprouting faster than mushrooms on shit. There's still some old standards he's yet to expose though. Ohio Northern, for instance.


  39. "So many Toilets, so little Time."
    Oh my God! That is so funny.

    I only regret that I have but one debtor's life to give for my T4 commode.

  40. Here is a question as all you sleepy heads are getting up on the West Coast.

    If we can put a man on the moon; if a satellite can read a vin number on the dashboard of a car; if airport security can look at you buck "nekked",

    why can't the Law Schools come up with real and accurate employment stat's by now? How hard can that be?

  41. Miami deserves to be on this site. It earned this distinction with all of its shenanigans. Claiming 98% emplpoyment and paying people to defer is TTT behavior.

  42. Did Nando profile Loyola or Southwestern in Los Angeles yet?

    How about some love for the west coast dumps haha.

  43. With a school like this, its the PRICE that makes it worthy of Nando's list. Nearly 60k a year, assuming you don't live rent free somewhere is NOT a good value.

    If you could graduate from here with under 30k in debt I'd say its a good deal...sure you may still not be able to find a job but at least you will not have crushing debt for rest of life.

  44. law school is simply designed to allow the kids of rich people who either are connected and often capable to continue the family's wealth growth or to allow those kids from the same type families who screw around their whole lives to get a "legal education" just in case something comes up where it looks like they are qualified because they are a "lawyer". Who cares what it costs. They have the money. Why do you think tuition keeps going up way too fast.

    For the rest of us, legal education is a waste of money and time and it only helps make the gap between rich and poor in this country grow further.

    Think about it, what a better way for eliteists to completely eliminate smart but not connected kids from the advanced workplace while destroying them financially then to create law schools and lie to them to get them to attend. The rich get richer by selling these seats all while killing off the people that are just as smart but not as aware of how the world works. Now dont get me wrong, there are always exceptions and people often break through and succeed, but overall this is not a good set up.

    Brilliant marxist concept that goes in line with the rest of this country. If you are bitching about this set up and then voting liberal you are twice the idiot then these people have pegged you to be.

  45. Seriously, no wonder you don't have a job or had a difficult time finding one (if the person who hired you was blind). You're an asshole. Why don't you focus on your own pitfalls and stop cutting down other schools and students? Especially since you seem to think that immature, asinine blog posts and pictures are going to make you seem credible.

  46. On September 15, the House Judiciary's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law passed H.R. 5043, the Private Loan Bankruptcy Fairness Act of 2010. This is an important step forward for students and consumers, and we are hopeful that the bill will continue to move forward.

    Please urge your representatives in Congress to support these bills to provide fair treatment of borrowers with private student loans.

    CLick on the following link to fax petition-Fax one every day from now until the current sessin ends


    Here is my entry on Southwestern Law School, from May 16, 2010. I hope you enjoy the image. I am working on my next entry, showing that Iowa’s licensed attorney population has increased by 32 percent in the last nine years, whereas the state’s population has only increased by 2.8% from April 2000 to July 2009.

    After this, I am looking at Cumberland Sewer of Law in Birmingham, AL and Loyola Law School Los Angeles. I have always wanted to cover Loyola, as homage to L2L from Wall Street Journal fame.

    @ the cockroach who hissed at 8:23 am this morning:

    I have been in the same job for the past 15 months, idiot. Maybe you should learn how to read. I landed this job within two months of graduating from Third Tier Drake. If your sensibilities are offended with the facts, then YOU need to grow up and face reality, Dumbass!

    Apparently, WSJ, ABA Journal, Temporary Attorney,, Slate and The National Law Journal – plus several “law professors” - find this site credible enough to provide favorable coverage of it. When you come out of your TTTT with $140K in student loan debt, we’ll see how credible you are.

    Here is a sampling of “professors” who have supported the premises of these blogs. Brian Tamanaha (Washington U. of St. Louis), Lucille Jewel (The John Marshall Law School), J. Gordon Hylton (Marquette), Richard Sander (UCLA), William Henderson (Indiana-Bloomington), Herwig Schlunk (Vanderbilt) and Erik Gerding (U. of New Mexico) come to mind. In respective order:

    Next time, know what the hell you are talking about BEFORE opening your mouth, you mental deficient.

  48. Kids, think long and hard about your ability (be honest with yourself now) to "hit the street" straight out of one of these loos and practice law unmentored and unapprenticed, without appropriate connections. Because that is what you will be doing after exiting one of these academic dumpsters.

    Law school does not even teach you how to draft and execute a proper will, let alone take on a time-sensitive problem with the proper filings for someone. It is vicious out there and people's expectations of what YOU as an attorney are supposed to know how to do are unbelievable. Remember, the American public is saturated with a tv-induced impression of law as a glamorous profession where people magically make things happen. Utter bullshit, that is. The public thinks that you, as a recent law licensee, actually know how to do something. Actually ask yourself how much you want to stress yourself in an occupation that will literally threaten your physical health. Then ask whether the six-figures of debt it will take to even achieve that are worth enduring.

    If you think a non-elite JD is the only answer for you, as an unconnected liberal arts major looking for a fallback position, think again.

  49. November 22, 2010 8:23 AM

    What, specifically, threatens you about the scamblogs? You should be way too busy to even be here.

  50. Nov 22 8:23,

    Go suck a bag of moist buffalo dicks.

  51. More whining, more complaining, victims, more entitlement attitudes, and increasingly repetitive, cry me a river. This is the same things you said on previous post about previous schools. This is America, she promises nothing, but opportunity. If you have a passion for the law GO!!! Great things are accomplished by those who challenge the cynics.

    Now watch the merry men of NANDO, come to his defense..LOL

  52. ^somebody needs to get laid. Didn't this shitbag post the same identical comment on another thread? America is a cheap whore. Go worship at her feet, boy.

  53. November 23, 2010 9:28 AM

    Dear Shill:

    I am employed full-time with benefits and paying all of my bills. Grateful and happy to do so. In no way am I complaining about anything; rather, just exercising my right of FREE SPEECH in criticizing these useless toilet bowl law "schools" which do nothing but gain high salaries for overpaid "professors", nothing more.

    As the titan of industry employing legions you undoubtedly are, how do you find the time to even be here?

    That is the question.

  54. I actually attended the University of Miami and graduated not too long ago. Overall the university was a great experience however finding a job after graduation was very tough. I must admit the reason was a result of the poor economy and the caliber of the law school. Although UM is great for someone who wants to stay within the SF area (aka Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach), its reputation is not well known outside the state.

    That been said the risk of going to law school has never been higher, not only are the prospect of a future graduate uncertain the competition between peers has never been fiercer (Of course there is nothing wrong with competition) not even the top 10% of the graduating class can be guaranteed a stable position upon graduation. People starts to wonder where is this really going to take them in their career. PS lets not forget the other 90% of the student body.

    I was at UM before and the after the market collapsed in 2008. I must say that the tone of prospective 3Ls as the classes progressed greatly differed. Those who graduated in 08 mostly procured employment either in Big law, small law, public law, shit law, or what have you. But after 08 people were getting rejection letters left and right not to mention the amount of revokation letters from Big Law to the top 10%. Pretty substantial number of graduates finished without a job in 2009 and most of them did not hesitate to fill the void of small law and even shit law. Now, the graduates in 2010 was simply depressing people were scrapping by for anything. People who would never have applied to public jobs were all of sudden philanthropists who wanted to save the public one at a time via the law. How pathetic....The truth was standards were lowered and not just by a bit. Let's just say it was the equivalent of someone falling off the cliff at the Grand Canyon.

    Moral of the story is DO YOU RESEARCH. Have a good reason to go to law school. If you want to go to UM because you have heavy ties with SF or wants to have pretty long ties with it in the near future then GO by all means. Do not put yourself in 120K of debt because you THINK law school is a good idea because more than likely you assumption will blow up in your face.

  55. The decision to attend law school is not one to be taken lightly. After all, we are talking about three years of your life,tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars, and the surrendering of your dignity as you agree to follow a set of rules more apt for 10th-graders.

    best law professors

  56. Miami Law Grad 2004March 29, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    The real crap in that toilet is the blog. Whoever wrote this is either a real looser and flips burgers or washes the Miami Law peoples BMW's or he is a shrewd lawyer trying to keep people out of the job market in Miami.

    Either way a real fucking looser. Your career is not dependent on where you went to school but how hard you work at it when you get out that matters.

  57. The only people at Miami Law driving BMWs are the administrators, cockroach. By the way, moron: "BMWs" does not have an apostraphe in it. Were you trying to show that BMWs can have possession of something - such as your girlfriend blowing the football team in the back seat?!

    Lastly, retard/emotional bitch: you misspelled "loser." Nice attempt at pretending to be a Miami Law grad or attorney. Even those JDs are not that stupid.

  58. LOL, this blog is shit funny!

    UM is a money pit.


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