Friday, February 25, 2011

Profiles in Testicular Atrophy: Bob Morse, Director of Data Research at US News & World Report

“Last Sunday, the NY Times asked: Are law schools deceiving prospective students into incurring huge debt for degrees that aren’t worth it?

Of course they are. The U.S. News is an aider and abettor. As the market for new lawyers shrinks, a key statistic in compiling the publication’s infamous rankings is “graduates known to be employed nine months after graduation. Any job qualifies - from joining Cravath to waiting tables.”
[Emphasis mine]

Bob Morse cannot be bothered with such details.

Speaking through his labia, Robert Morse states:

“Despite some notable exceptions and data errors over the years, it turns out the schools are pretty reliable in their data reporting.”

Yes, a “law professor” at Chapman University was able to reach the same results using the magazine’s methodology. That MUST mean that the schools are furnishing accurate info, right?!?! However, Morse concludes his article with this telling admission:

“Finally, does Bell's study also prove that law schools are being accurate in how they report their statistical profile data to the ABA, the general public, and U.S. News? No, this only proves that law schools are being very careful to report the same data to U.S. News that they report to the ABA for accrediting purposes.” [Emphasis mine]

Knowing that the commodes of law are merely reporting the same info to your publicaTTTion, the ABA and NALP, why did you entitle the piece, “Law Schools Report Accurate Data to US News”?!?! Consistency does not equal accuracy, Bob.

See for yourselves how honest and accurate these law school have been with USN&WR:

“North Dakota was not the only surprise on the U.S. News list of top [Article III] judicial clerkship feeder law schools. The University of Wyoming was No. 5 and the University of St. Thomas at No. 6. All are tier 3 law schools on U.S. News’ overall list.”

“In order to include Villanova in the upcoming graduate school rankings, U.S. News asked Villanova’s [John] Gotunda to certify the accuracy of the accuracy of its fall 2010 admissions data in a letter. Here is a copy of that February 10, 2011 letter to U.S. News certifying the accuracy of Villanova‘s 2010 admissions data. U.S. News will rank Villanova in our upcoming rankings and link its name to this letter so that the public has some understanding of what Villanova did and how the school plans to report accurately going forward.”

Yes, a self-interested law school dean informed the publication that the previous administration had KNOWINGLY provided inaccurate info to US News. Then, the same dean submitted a letter “certifying” the accuracy of its admissions data. That’s good enough for Bob. You are one gullible fool, Morse. Actually, the term willfully ignorant is more accurate. Let’s ask the bank robber to send us a letter certifying that the money in the big sack belongs to him.

As you can see, US News no longer labels schools as third or fourth tier. Hence, any school ranked lower than 100 will be listed as “unranked.” Apparently, Bob Morse and his fellow eunuchs no longer wanted to offend fourth tier trash cans. That’s okay. I have a hard copy of the 2010 rankings. I will continue to rely on this, when profiling TTTs and TTTTs.

USN&WR will allegedly consider assigning a number to third tier law schools, in it next issue. After trimming his bush, Robert Morse said, “We do have ranking scores for all law schools, but editorially we didn’t want to say ’This is the 188th law school [representing last place].’” If you gave one damn about prospective law students, then you would provide a numerical rating next to each diploma mill.

Lastly, USN&WR no longer lists average law student indebtedness, by school. I understand that US News decided to remodel its website. However, for $ome rea$on, these accomplices to the law school cartel are unable or unwilling to re-enter the debt figures into a database. Check out their response to my email, from 11 days ago.

“From: U.S. News Webmaster
Subject: RE: Reader Feedback: Letter to the Editor
To: "''"
Date: Monday, February 14, 2011, 3:36 PM

I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the website redesign some links got lost. U.S. News is in the process of restoring these links and plan to have this back up sometime this week.


Conclusion: Robert Morse and his dried-up ovaries are not about to ruin a good thing, for the magazine and the ABA. He does not care that THOUSANDS of JDs cannot find legal employment. He will not be bothered by the fact that many will be consigned to a lifetime of debt servitude. In the end, he simply wants to sell more TTT magazine subscriptions.


  1. For a second I thought it was Hugh Heffner's Picture.

    And Hugh Heffner has the face of a lizard.

    This Morse guy resembles a reptile too.

  2. good article but one oversight. Your title assumes Bob Morse has a pair.

  3. This guy’s masculinity should be put to ridicule, but you did so in a way that is derogatory towards women. His craven indifference may be the opposite of what it means to be a man, but to imply that it is, by default, feminine is an insult to women. Any women should feel insulted by the notion that they share any traits with this limp-sack.

  4. Lusty Larry Likes It In The ToiletFebruary 25, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    Save yourselves! Do NOT go to the SeTTTon Hall Law TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTToilet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. US News ranks things. They put in into a numerical formula to make it seem like there is some validity to it. But there is not. Much of their rankings come from asking people to rank a lot of schools they haven't heard of, and of course they do that by referring to previous rankings. And the rest comes from dubious statistics, some irrelevant - how many volumes in the library? how much do you spend per student? -- and the remainder self-reported and misleading.

    Schools focus on what is counted in the rankings, even if it has nothing to do with anything. Because they are ranked, and prospective students will look at the rankings, and the people asked to rank the schools next year will look at the rankings.

    There may be some areas where there can be objective rankings -- research institutions- how many federal grants did you get? But with law schools, they have no fucking clue why they are bothering to rank things -- it is just for the sake of having rankings.

  6. @7:00 am ITCR

    Labia and ovaries are both beautiful and useful, whereas a lizard-faced limp dick like Bob Morse is neither.

  7. Mr. Morse almost has the Dick Cheney smirk. A real douchebag trademark.

  8. Is anyone suggesting that Nando has something against female genitalia? See numerous references to Slama Hayek and Halle Berry. I think he was just pointing out that Robert Morse is a big fat pussy. Probably hairless, too.

  9. If it wasn't for USNews, a number of young people wouldn't have gone off to ruin their lives and future by going to law school.

  10. Do ya homework kiddies. Ol' Uncle Colonel Sanders is here to lay it down straight fer ya. Ya see, in these them here good ol' United States jus' 'bout everything's a god-damned scam. Ya really think I's gots 11 motherfuckin' herbs 'n spices in mah shit? C'mon and wisen up.

    Does ya think the Big Mac ya see on the commercials is the same thing you gonna get at Ronald McDonald's? Or as I's likes to call 'im McDaddy Mac? It's a lie. Flat out untrue. Just like them there US News law school rankin's. All this Morse fella is doin' is makin' sure mo' po' ass law students line up to the slaughterhouse. (I knows a thing o' two about a thing or two as it relates to slaughterhouses.)

    Enyway the main point is this. The rankings are bullshit. They is made up. It's 'bout fuckin' time you went after them assholes a' US News.

  11. Wait a minute . . . is a woman or a eunuch? You're confusing me here.

  12. Does anyone read US News and World Report? The rankings issue is its "swimsuit Issue" and really the only think it is known for. This is a fading publication and we should not get that excited over it because less and less people read it, much less care about it. This guy should probably update his resume.

  13. Guys like the reptilian Mr. Morse (pictured above) may come and go, but one thing cannot be erased or otherwise eradicated once attained--the horrific, putrid stench of the non-elite JD!

    On another note, good to see the Colonel is back in town.

  14. Cotton Mather Said:

    "A Good School deservest to be call'd, the very Salt of the Town, that hath it."

    He also might have said:

    "Let not the reptiles, snakes, and lizards leadeth thee to a lifetime of sinful Debt."

  15. Nice lipless face, deek.


  17. @ Feb 25--7:05

    A non-elite JD on the Resume is worse than having Leprosy, or any other loathsome disease.

    They call that JD a Pariah!

  18. Go here for one of the funniest cartoons you will ever see:

  19. 2:36, thank you for that link. Ross Medical School further illustrates that "higher education" is a commodity. In fact, look at this excerpt from the article above:

    "Robert Ross, a commodities trader in New York, opened his medical school in 1978 in a motel in Dominica's capital at the suggestion of an employee whose son couldn't get into medical training in the States. By 2000, Ross had sold majority interest in both the medical school and an affiliated veterinary school in St. Kitts to a group of New York investors. Three years later, both schools were acquired by DeVry for $310 million."

    These kids are desperate and not intelligent enough to get into an AMA/AAMC approved medical school. Yet, they WANT to be doctors. Medicinesux and others at MD Underground have pointed to the swelling numbers of students for the available numbers of residency slots. Check out this disheartening news, near the end of the piece:

    "Five new U.S. medical schools, including the University of Central Florida and Florida International University, have begun enrolling students and four more schools are in the permitting process. Those new graduates will make it tougher to get residency slots, which have not increased."

    “The AAMC represents all 133 accredited U.S. and 17 accredited Canadian medical schools; approximately 400 major teaching hospitals and health systems, including 62 Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers; and nearly 90 academic and scientific societies.

    Through these institutions and organizations, the AAMC represents 125,000 faculty members, 75,000 medical students, and 106,000 resident physicians."

    So, there are 133 approved medical schools. Yet, five new $chool$ are now enrolling students, and four more are seeking approval. That is one hell of an increase in the number of approved medical schools. Does anyone think that this will not affect residency slots?! Medical students are also incurring monstrous student debt.

    Contrary to what some say, I am not here to crush dreams. I simply want people to look at “higher education” as a FINANCIAL decision, which is the case. The debt can follow you for the rest of your life. The caliber of degree can limit your career prospects. Also, some dreams, goals and aspirations are not plausible. For instance, when I was a kid, I wanted to play second base for the Giants. Then I realized that there are no left-handed middle infielders. Later on, I figured out that I had many other disadvantages/strikes against me.

  20. Cryn, Robert Morse at US News is complicit in this scam. He KNOWS that his publication’s ranking scheme is seen/perceived as the definitive rating system, for U.S. law schools. Morse is also cognizant that the college and graduate school issues are USN&WR’s premier editions. Yet, the pussy seeks to disavow himself of the havoc that his system has helped create.

    “Once again, social science research is refuting the often-cited myth that U.S. News's Best Colleges rankings are the main reason that the average student chooses one school over another. That conclusion comes from UCLA's just-released "The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010," a highly respected national survey based on the responses of 201,818 students at 279 U.S. colleges and universities.”

    If you knew ANYTHING about social science research, Bob, you would realize that those graduates who are working at Baskin-Robbins are MUCH LESS LIKELY to fill out their school’s employment survey than those who landed a nice job. Furthermore, guess what, ass-hat?! College freshmen often decide to go to schools where they can remain close to home, live in an exciting city, or so they can continue to see their girlfriend. However, even this study - that you claim “validates” your ranking scheme - shows that the top two reasons are: (1) college has very good academic reputation (62.0 percent); and (2) this college's graduates get good jobs (53.3 percent). These are prime factors in your scheme.

    This article came out on January 13, 2011 and apparently the rankings scheme was in response to the NYT piece entitled, “Is Law School a Losing Game?” Noting that US News may rank the third tier commodes, but not the fourth tier trash cans:

    “The bottom 25 percent of law schools would be still be listed in alphabetical order since we don't want the rankings to be about the worst law schools. We think that prospective students and the general public will find it far easier to understand the position of schools relative to each other using numerical rankings rather than in alphabetized tiers. We strongly believe that the law school data and our rankings methodology are strong enough to support an extension of the published rankings.”

    So rankings matter, but they don’t really matter?!?!

    “The U.S. News undergraduate business school rankings are having a number of "very positive outcomes that can favorably affect the nature of undergraduate business programs." That is one key conclusion from "Behind the Curtain of the Beauty Pageant: An Investigation of U.S. News Undergraduate Business Program Rankings," a 2010 dissertation by Pam Perry, Associate Dean and Director, Undergraduate Programs at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management.”

    On January 6, 2011 entry - which was a mere three weeks before the undergrad article - you claim that the magazine’s rankings scheme helps undergraduate students and institutions. Which is it, Pussy Morse?! Does US News play no role in student decisions BUT YET benefit both students and universities?!?!

  21. I made a similar point on JDU, and since you apparently won't respond to it there, I will make it again here.

    I don't blame USNWR for the problems with the legal profession. Blame law schools for their fraudulent statistics, blame the ABA for accrediting too many law schools, and partially blame prospective students for not doing their due diligence. USNWR is a publication, with no duty whatsoever to law students or the legal profession (unlike law schools and the ABA). They are merely creating a product that, for some reason, people take as gospel truth.

    You can disagree with their methodology all you want. That's fine, and legitimate. But no ranking system would ever be perfect. If they didn't create a ranking system, someone else (e.g., Cooley) would.

    Also, with respect to employment statistics, every law school posts their statistics on their websites and hands them out in brochures. Any prospective student would surely look up these statistics regardless of whether USNWR used them.

    Part of being an adult is realizing that you can't take everything that is published at face value, and that often times, information is subject to interpretation. USNWR is creating a product that serves the higher education industry, and therefore, will present their information in a certain way, which they have every right (both morally and legally) to do. Diligent adults will evaluate such information in their own way, and can agree/disagree with it and draw their own conclusions as they see fit. It's called critical thinking.

    As said on JDU, what's next Nando? Are you going to profile a guy operating a magazine stand in NYC who sells USWNR for also profiting off of the law school scam?

  22. @7:41 said:

    "blame the ABA for accrediting too many law schools, and partially blame prospective students for not doing their due diligence."

    Amen for the first half, but as for blaming prospective students, something about that sentiment is just plain wrong.

    There was a time not too long ago when it was, though not guaranteed, a pretty likely bet that a Law Degree would lead to a better life, and especially not financial and soul destroying disaster.

    Now everything is corrupt and skewed, and people actually try to lay a lot of blame on the student.

    How strange it all is today.

  23. Nando:

    Slightly off topic, but I recently had 2 law clerks from John Marshall in Chicago and I was impressed by how much they knew.
    One showed me the syllabus for a class in intellectual property litigation (which I specialize in) and it taught all the fundamentals of what you need to do in a rigorous way. 60% of the grade was homework (writing complaints, interrogatories, etc.) and only 40% was final.

    A decade ago when I took an equivalent class at a different law school we had a "case book" and "socratic dialog" over bullshit. No on showed the first thing about how to draft a deposition notice, interrogatory etc.

    I'm not biglaw. I'm a litigation boutique. But I'd me more inclined to hire an attorney who'd actually been taught something. Maybe the lower tiered schools should focus on actually teaching people how to practice law (many of their grads will be solo soon) instead of copying the socratic casebook bullshit to garner higher "respect" and USNWR rankings.

    The JMS syllabus is here:

    No. I have no affiliation with this school.

  24. @8:48:

    I agree with you, to an extent. Notice that I said "partially blame" law students. It has been clear for some time that graduates of lower-ranked law schools did not have the same career prospects as graduates from T-1 schools.

    More recently, it has been clear since 2008 that the legal profession is going through fundamental changes due to outsourcing, etc., and that these days, even a T-14 degree might not be enough to secure employment. Because of this, students from higher ranked schools are now competing for entry-level jobs that, in years past, mostly went to TTT and TTTT grads (DA jobs, state trial court clerkships, etc).

    Law schools and the ABA are, without question, the primary causes of the problems facing the legal profession today and deserve most of the blame. With that said, we can't ignore the culpability of incoming law students for not doing their homework. While not as blameworthy as the ABA and law schools, they still share in some of it.

    USNWR, not so much.

  25. 7:41 did you not see where nando already laid out the reasons why Bob Morse is a rat. I don't see where he put most of the blame on this magazine. Seems this blog loves to tear the shit out of the law schools and ABA. Anyway, the guy is aware his rankings are the top dog on the scene. When others point out the skewed rankigns he claims they aren't important. So what purpose do they serve? And yeah we already know someone else would jump in if US News left the game. Thanks. Does that somehow take USN off the hook? The guy selling smack to 2d graders is a fiend but someone else would jump in. He has no duty to warn them about his product either. We've all heard these same old arguments before. Got anything original to add?

  26. @11:20

    Wow, do you like hyperbole much? Comparing USNWR to crack dealers? What's next, calling them Al Qaeda? You must be a stellar attorney.

    USNWR is merely a publication and they are reporting what law schools report to them. What, exactly, do you suggest they do to verify those employment statistics. It's not like they have subpoena power to compel law schools deans to testify under oath regarding employment statistics. Plus, as I said earlier, employment statistics are available regardless of whether USNWR reports them or not.

    And you're right, USNWR has absolutely no duty whatsoever to "warn" people about its product. Does anything news publication have such a duty, and if not, why should USNWR?

    "We've all heard these same old arguments before."

    Funny, I didn't see these arguments in any previous comment.

    Finally I agree, I think these rankings serve very little purpose. But for some reason, law schools and, more important, employers tend to find them credible. I didn't make it that way, and neither did this guy. He's just doing his job and creating a ranking system that he sees fit. Yet, that makes him a "rat." Very mature.

    If USNWR stopped publishing their rankings tomorrow, do you really think law schools would stop fudging their employment statistics? Please tell me you're not that naive.

  27. @ 10:45

    Well OK. Let's just say that, given the new realities of today, and the new playing field, due, as you say, to the outsourcing and the greater competition for the entry level jobs, the student had better go into the situation with his or her eyes completely and wide open.

    ....and had better have accurate and correct stats to rely on.

    Because a lifetime of Student Debt is a lifetime of 2nd class citizenship.

    Why? Because of:

    1. Ruined Credit
    2. Un or Uderemployment because of that ruined credit.
    3. Inability to obtain a credit card, or loan for a car.
    4. A deterrence for getting Married.
    5. Inability to get a Mortgage.

    You see what I am getting at? The "Pursuit of Happiness" is out the window.

    And Life and Liberty are in a 2nd class form.

    And in the ideal, as you suggest, many law schools should simply close up shop, or perhaps even cut way down on their enrollment for a decade or so, until the whole Profession will have a chance for some kind of reasonable reform, and to normalize itself.

    But if things stay the way they are, the new student has only the stats and or info of USNWR to go on. And given the consequences as I have tried to describe, it is now very critical information, and information that needs to be pretty damn accurate.

    In the end, Higher Education shouldn't be a Commodity to the extent that it is now.
    For example, the history of that guy linked to in one of the comments above, that started the off shore medical school, and then sold it later and raked in huge bucks is a bit sleazy, in light of the predicament of the guy who graduated from there, and is now building the shed.

    And the idea of too many law schools with no risk at all raking in huge amounts of student loan dollars and profits, is equally sleazy and morally wrong at this point.

    In the big picture, just go to to read about all the other people in the country that are serving coffee or, figuratively speaking, building their own sheds.

    Also, read for more info. on the larger picture as well.

  28. Law school is a moneymaker. These academics don't care about their students' outcomes. We can all agree on that.

    Someone here keeps defending Morse. Just because some other shark would jump in and take his place doesn't mean its okay or cool if he is the one profiting off this mess. Did anyone here say The guy selling USN&WR at his newsstand is a law school profiteer? I didn't see that anywhere. I'm sure you didn't see it. So why go through that trouble to create an 'argument' to attack?

  29. Can we all at least agree that enrolling in non-elite law school is every bit as economically unattractive as Mr. Morse is physically? Can we move the ball at least that far?

  30. The guy at the magazine stand in NYC selling USNWR doesn't know anything about what's happening in the law school industry, but Morse is completely aware.

  31. @11:41

    "But if things stay the way they are, the new student has only the stats and or info of USNWR to go on."

    This is where we disagree. There is more information out there, and a prospective student does not need to rely only on this information. When I applied to schools, I talked to attorneys I knew about a particular school's reputation and how its graduates were viewed. I looked up law firms to see how many recent lawyers worked at firms, in government etc. I even went to bar functions and asked random attorneys for their thoughts. Contrary to what most people think, most attorneys are decent people and don't mind sharing their opinions.

    There is a lot of information out there, sometimes you just need to find it yourself.

    And for all you people so willing to blame this guy and USNWR, help me answer this: USNWR also ranks medical schools in a similar fashion, yet we do not see the same problems facing that profession as we do in the legal industry. If USNWR is such a critical factor for the current troubled state of the legal industry, then why do the exact same rankings, using a similar methodology, not affect other professions in the same way?

    Again, my original point was that there is plenty of blame to go around, most notably the law schools and the ABA. By blaming everyone and everything even remotely related to the legal profession as a source of the current problems in the legal profession, scam bloggers will lose credibility.

    I'm on your side here.

  32. @7:41, 10:45, 11:35 and 3:07, a.k.a. JDU user "TTTheaven":

    Where did I ever state that law students are completely blameless?!?! Could you please point that out to me? (That's what I figured.) By the way, these students and graduates are PAYING for their decision - as well as for the misrepresentations of the law schools. Do you understand that?!

    I only went to law school, because I received a full-tuition scholarship to attend Third Tier Drake. I informed my wife, friends, co-workers and family that I would only attend, if I received such an offer. My wife worked, so I was able to limit the amount of loans I took out for living expenses. We lived frugally, and I had some modest savings before entering law school.

    This article is entitled, “Options for Student Borrowers: A Derivatives-Based Proposal to Protect Students and Control Debt-Fueled Inflation in the Higher Education Market.” (Apparently, the authors found this blog to be credible. They cited to it, on note 260.)

    The basic gist of this 72-page article is that the burden should be placed on those who benefit from the system. As it stands, the one-time consumer, i.e. the student, is bearing the entire risk. Law schools manipulate their data, and banks provide loans because they are GUARANTEED repayment. The veteran, repeat, well-entrenched players bear NO RISK. Do I need to draw a diagram for you in Crayola, TTTheaven?!

    Furthermore, most American 18 years olds entering college are financially illiterate. Is it their fault that their parents, teachers, and mentors did not teach them about savings, credit, budgeting?!?! This also applies to most 22 and 23 year olds. They do not have a basic understanding of economics. Yet, they bear the entirety of the risk.

    Check out this law review article: Same Old, Same Old: Law School Rankings and the Affirmation of Hierarchy, 31 Suffolk U. L. Rev. 249, 251-256 (1997). It is only about 11 pages long, of which four pages are footnotes. I’m sure that you can read this piece. Author David C. Yamada notes that law school rankings have not changed much since the 1950s. What does that tell you?

    In addition, Yamada mentions that US News overemphasizes criteria that are of greater interest to law schools than to applicants and students. Bug surprise, huh? On page 261, the author writes: “Perhaps a ranking system that takes into account comparative tuition charges, financial aid figures, and debt levels would provide a potential incentive to law schools to contain their sticker prices.”

    Well, US News did list law student debt, by law school, for 2010. Then the pussies took the page down. $omehow, these geniuses are unable [read: unwilling] to re-enter the data so students can see these debt levels.

    TTTheaven, I place the bulk of the blame on law schools and the pigs at the ABA. Anyone who has read this blog for more than ten minutes can figure that out. However, US News and Bob Morse are certainly NOT blameless. They are aware of the situation - and instead of calling attention to it, they seek to PROFIT off of it.

  33. @3:07

    OK again. And unfortunately Morse, at least in this pic, does resemble hugh heffner, who, in the bitter and big picture (Now that fun and games are overwith) is an overpaid Pimp.

    Morse has a head less narrow, and a fuller face, with more width perhaps.

    Maybe Morse was just caught in a bad, sort of smirking pose.(We all smirk from time to time) Or maybe it is the square glasses that somehow play off and lend a heffnerization to the angles of his features, thereby rendering him "heffneresque" and scaly, and Reptilian.

    I would guess that Morse has a size 16 neck, and the pink Oxford he ordered from LL Bean, and that he is wearing in the pic, is a 15.5.
    So, as the shutter closed, he was feeling half-strangled by his purple striped tie.

    Very well. And to his much appreciated credit, he doesn't seem to care too much about a dandyish dimple in said tie. (Dimples being a pet peeve of mine)So maybe he is a regular guy after all.

    I will admit that the personal insults are wrong, and, at a minimum, ad hominimiminum.

    And Sorry about it. And Sorry to Mr. Morse. So there.

    But the scambloggers are kicking and screaming, and lashing out because there is a serious problem here.

    And again, as you mention, other professions might not have the same problems, but.....

    If the case of the med student looking for a residency referred to above is any indication, and to paraphrase Allan Collinge, the Corporate irresponsibility of the Lending System far outstrips the irresponsibility of the individual or borrower.

    So maybe we are both looking at the wrong issues, and should instead look at our common foe. Is it the Banks?

    If not, it is pretty much all systemic in the end. Does the term Trickle down apply? Trickle down not as traditionally understood, but in another sense: all of the problems that have come in the wake of way too much in easy student loan funds available, with no consumer checks in place, such as bankruptcy.

    If Peter cannot pay the loan, Paul the Taxpayer will pay. So the banks keep on lending and lending.

    Private Loans are another animal, which I am not up on.

    But yes, I will concede, a person, and even a 20 something kid can learn outside the USNWR about life and Law School, by talking to other lawyers, family, friends; get the word in the street.

    Maybe before a kid/person is accepted into a LS, he or she should be scared straight by a panel of people sanctioned by the school applied to, so long as it is not biased.

    And Oh! that question again:

    How to come up with an "Independent Body" that is somehow and miraculously unbiased?

  34. Where is the "debtor revolt"?
    Where is the "mass default"?
    I heard that the "victims" were going to march in protest?

  35. "And for all you people so willing to blame this guy and USNWR, help me answer this: USNWR also ranks medical schools in a similar fashion, yet we do not see the same problems facing that profession as we do in the legal industry.

    February 26, 2011 3:07 PM"

    Perhaps, more tellingly, how many MD's and DO's, post-license, have you met who are serving lattes and waiting tables for a living? At least, among those who are not convicted felons or who have otherwise lost their licenses.

    Comparing the festeringly, sickeningly overcrowded field of law to that of medicine is truly a case of comparing the apple to the orange. Most people have no idea where their own personal physician went to school. Ask your own doctor whether he stayed awake at night wondering what his class rank would be or fretting over what tier his medical school fell into. He will likely look at you as if you had lost your mind.

  36. @ 4:16

    Make no mistake, the best is yet to come.


    the People.

    (The very, very, very, very, very angry People that Hated assholes and abusers, if not Criminals against Humanity like you call, with much Horrible and unforgivable and Inhumane disrespect, the "Victims")

    FUCK YOU!!

  37. I went to law school over 20 years ago. I don't recall either myself or my peers consulting with the USNWR law school rankings to determine which school to apply to. Back then, the Gourman report was considered a better ranking than USNWR. I don't know what happened in the last 20 years for stupid and naive college grads to take the USNWR rankings as gospel. Perhaps it was because the Gourman report was discontinued in 1997. However, the USNWR rankings are a joke. The top 14 schools are always the same with maybe some schools changing places every other year.

    Look, if you want to go to law school, talk to lawyers and judges. Don't stake your life and $150K of lifetime debt on a stupid rag that hocks its rankings issue like Playmate of the Year issue. Bobby Morse? Just one look at this guy and I will tell you I would never buy a used or new car from him. So why should you trust him to tell you that the school that is ranked 77th is better than the one ranked 88th?

  38. Nando-
    Totally off topic, but right up your alley:

  39. @9:50PM

    Thanks for the link. Here is another one that is entertaining. I am sure Nando and his readers will get a kick out of this one. In fact, I think I am going to pop a couple of exctasy pills and listen to this gem again:

    Fuck the Ben Bernake.

  40. 3:07

    Others have already pointed out your shitty logic. I'll just pile on. How many med students are up at night about their class rank? How many of them are breaking out into a cold sweat because they got into a third tier school? We all know many TTT law students consider themselves lucky to find $36K a year job after graduation. I don't see any TTT MDs selling cupcakes out of a van.

  41. Nando:

    Take a chill pill and relax. I'm merely critiquing your post.

    "By the way, these students and graduates are PAYING for their decision - as well as for the misrepresentations of the law schools. Do you understand that?!"

    Perhaps my unequivocal statements that the legal profession is "troubled" and "blame the law schools," which I have made multiple times, wasn't clear. But yes, I do understand.

    "As it stands, the one-time consumer, i.e. the student, is bearing the entire risk. Law schools manipulate their data, and banks provide loans because they are GUARANTEED repayment. The veteran, repeat, well-entrenched players bear NO RISK. Do I need to draw a diagram for you in Crayola, TTTheaven?!"

    Nope, no need for a diagram. I agree with you. But noticeably absent from list of "entrenched players" that bear no risk are news organizations, which is the issue here. I simply don't see how USNWR is taking advantage of law students the same way banks, law schools, and the ABA are. Not even close. As I said before, they are merely a news organization publishing a ranking system using a methodology they deem fit, which by the way, they do for every other graduate area of study.

    Which brings me to my next point, which no one has yet to refute (and most don't seem to understand).


    You didn't disprove my shitty logic, much less pile on. In fact, you actually helped to prove my point, so in that regard, I thank you. Since you seem slow, let me explain -

    Nando's point is that USNWR, as a result ranking law schools, is somehow complicit, i.e, a participant, in causing the current state of the dreadful legal market. If USNWR's law school rankings are having such a devastating affect on the legal profession, then it necessarily follows that their rankings for other graduate programs - which use a similar methodology - would likewise negatively affect those professions. Therefore (are you still with me?) USNWR's rankings of medical schools would equally hurt that profession. But by all accounts, as you helpfully acknowledge, graduates of medical school seem to be doing alright.

    So, to sum up, because USNWR ranks law schools and medical schools the same way, yet the legal profession is in a serious state of peril and the medical profession is not, perhaps USNWR's rankings have absolutely nothing to do with challenges facing the legal profession. If their rankings did, you would see the same problems in the medical profession.

    So, back to my original point - which you likewise seem incapable of grasping - blame law schools, the ABA, student loan providers, the government, etc. for the plight of many recent law school graduates. But to blame USNWR for the problems facing the legal industry is nothing but a fishing expedition.

  42. "fishing expedition"

    Gee, you must'a gone to law school, eh. (My guess is it must have been a low-ranked piece of shit law school.) Keep comparing apples to oranges. Law school is not difficult to get into. On the other hand, only a relative few can get into medical school. If that's news to you something's wrong here.

  43. If by "low-ranked," you mean top 20, then yes, I went to a shitty law school. And yes, I am a happily employed, practicing attorney. Given your reluctance to address the substance of my argument - that USNWR is not responsible for the problems facing the legal profession and that scambloggers should focus their efforts on the real culprits like law schools and the ABA - I can only presume (a) you are not a lawyer; and (b) you agree with me, at some level.

  44. @ 11:44,

    The user at 1:34 is the same person who posted at 7:41 am, 10:45 am, 11:35 am, and 3:07 pm on 2-26-11, as well as 7:56 am on 2-27-11. He goes by the handle "TTTheaven" on JD Underground.

    To 1:34 pm,

    If you went to a top 20 law school, then your chosen JDU moniker is deceptive. By the way, if you went to a top 20 law school - but live in Chicago - why don't you just state, "I went to the University of Chicago"?! Or did you attend Northwestern or Washington University in St. Louis? Who knows? Perhaps, you are referring to currently 21st-rated University of Illinois-Urbana - or 22nd ranked University of Minnesota.

    Seeing that you prefer to argue over minutiae, I am sure you would have said, "I went to a top 14 school" - if you had attended law school at either U. of Chicago or Northwestern. Also, why not grow a pair and post comments as "TTTheaven" on this board?

    Did YOU even bother to read the short law review article that I cited to, in my last response? (As a practicing attorney, you should have access to LexisNexis or Westlaw.) David Yamada’s central point is that law school rankings AFFIRM the hierarchy of the “profession.” As others have noted, these rankings do not contribute anything of value to a prospective law student’s decision. The rankings look at input values, i.e. UGPAs, LSAT scores and undergraduate institutions of enrolled first year students. The rankings do not put much stock in accurate student outcomes, i.e. jobs, salaries, student debt.

    “United States News was founded in 1933 by David Lawrence (1888–1973), who also started World Report in 1946. The two magazines initially covered national and international news separately, but Lawrence merged them into U.S.News & World Report in 1948 and subsequently sold the magazine to his employees.”

    As you can see, this magazine has credibility - in its readers’ perception - simply due to its lengthy history. Anyone who has researched law school KNOWS that the TTTT Cooley rankings are garbage.

    When did I state that a guy working a NYC newsstand is complicit in the law school scam? Are you capable of making an “argument” without relying on straw men?!?! He doesn’t realize what those magazines contain. Robert Morse is AWARE of his role in this situation - and the vagina claims his magazine is not contributing to the glut of JD applicants. Of course, the bastard says that while he is raking in money.

    Once again - for YOUR benefit, TTTheaven - the ABA and the law school pigs bear most of the blame for this mess. (Don’t cry and wrap yourself in a blanket; these swine do not bear any of the risk - even when they manipulate data.) US News, however, is not blameless. By the way, do you realize that this is my first post on US News and Wrinkled Pussy Morse? As far as I am concerned, I should have put Morse’s face and ass in the dirt, sooner.

  45. OK Everybody, Breather. Back to your corners.

    I'm going to bed.

    And tomorrow, come out fighting!

  46. Come out fighting? Looks like nando delivered a knockout.

  47. The Poor Paralegal just posted a funny new entry, you should check it out!

  48. I did read the law review article and simply don't agree with it. Just because someone says something in a law review article does not mean that it is right. The problem I have with you placing blame on USNWR for not putting enough stock in "jobs, salaries, student debt" is that information is readily available to students from other sources. You make it sound as if USNWR is the only organization with access to that information and is keeping it secret. It's simply not true.

    Again, you can disagree with their methodology all you want, but that by itself, does not mean that USNWR is somehow a "cause" of the problems facing the legal industry. As you acknowledge, they are not the ones setting tuition prices, giving easy access to credit, or accrediting every new law school that pops up.

    "As you can see, this magazine has credibility - in its readers’ perception - simply due to its lengthy history."

    I didn't know you were qualified to read what was in other people's minds. In any event, I understand that USWNR has been around for long time. But that does mean that you to have to afford them credibility. The NYT and WSJ have been around for a long time too, and certain people (based on their political leanings) don't find those sources of news to be credible. It's called critical thinking, remember? If a person finds a source of information credible merely because it has been around for a 60 years or so, then that person is not very bright.

    "As others have noted, these rankings do not contribute anything of value to a prospective law student’s decision."

    I agree that USNWR does not give a prospective student enough information on which to base their decision. But to say it does not "contribute anything' is patently ridiculous. If nothing else, it provides a brief, if incomplete, snapshot of how schools are viewed in the legal world. The law has been a prestige-obsessed profession well before USNWR started ranking schools. At least now, if a student knows absolutely nothing about the legal profession, he or she can look at a school - say Drake - and realize it is not as well regarded as other schools. It's no secret that some schools have a better reputation than others. For all of its faults, at least USNWR provides a summary that attempts to distinguish schools that can help a student make a decision.

    I don't agree with the exact methodology USNWR uses. For example, I think it's stupid to try and distinguish between the #29 ranked law school and the #34 ranked law school. I'd rather seem them rank all schools in categories (perhaps "elite," "excellent reputation," "strong reputation," "well regarded," "average," etc). But that is why I, and other intelligent people, view these rankings for what they are - an imperfect and marginally useful system to assess a law school's reputation. Nothing more, nothing less.

    "When did I state that a guy working a NYC newsstand is complicit in the law school scam?"

    I never accused you of saying that. I merely asked if you were going to do that next to highlight the slippery slope aspect of your argument. Surely your reading comprehension skills are better than that.

    As for why I don't name my law school, it's irrelevant. I only brought it up in response to someone else. And my JDU name "TTTheaven" is meant as a joke for all those that think any school outside the T-8, T-14, etc are toilets.



    This country is f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d. Got that muthafuckas?

  50. RE: Reader Feedback: College Premium Online EditionFriday, February 25, 2011 8:08 AM
    From: "U.S. News Webmaster"
    To: "''"

    "I apologize for the inconvenience. U.S. News is aware of the problem and are trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: []

    Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 4:53 PM
    To: U.S. News Webmaster
    Subject: Reader Feedback: College Premium Online Edition


    Fix the link.

    If you are unable to do so, then have someone re-enter all of the debt figures for each school. How hard can this be?


    Look at this latest lame-ass, second response from the webmaster at USN&WR. I'll bet you $500 cash that if the law school rankings went down, these pigs would fix the problem immediately. If they couldn't resolve it, then they would re-enter each school's info. Does anyone with an IQ above 80 think otherwise?!

    In the last analysis, Robert Morse of US News is complicit in the scam. Perhaps the magazine is under no legal obligation to provide a disclaimer, to the effect of “These figures are: (a) self-reported; (b) not verified by an outside agency; and (c) may be based on a minority of recent graduates.” However, they would do so, if they had a moral compass.

    However, Bob Morse does not give one damn about THOUSANDS of JDs – each year – being consigned to a lifetime of debt servitude, anemic job prospects, and becoming “overqualified” for most non-legal positions. All these cretins care about is $elling magazine$. How does this absolve them of any responsibility? They KNOW the state of the legal industry.

    By the way, TTTheaven: there are relatively few spots in U.S. medical schools. The AMA and AAMC work to keep the number of students low enough, so that they can nearly ensure that they are not pumping out too many MDs and DOs, for the available number of residency slots. Also, try getting into medical school with a garbage MCAT score and a 2.98 UGPA – with a major in something called “Political Science.”

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. @ 2/28/2011 5:42 P.M.

    "Hi, Bob Morse!"

  53. Re: 5:42 pm,

    This pile of putrid waste claimed to be a D.C. Biglaw associate and graduate of American University. On the thread below, the liar then stated that he is “professor at the University of D.C. School of Law. (For some reason, this supposed “law prof” used lower-case letters to spell the school’s name.)

    Anonymous said...

    Alright guys, I lied and I am sorry. I am currently a professor at the University of D.C school of law, and I am deeply angered by this entire blog which is filled with lies and false information. How dare you disrespect legitimate law schools like these? You have no right to spread such lies about reputable institutions. I am going to request that you either end this blog now, or change it to another topic. Failure to do so, and I will notify my superiors, and a course of legal action could be taken against this drivel.

    February 21, 2011 2:33 PM

    Now, he is going down on Bob Morse. His mother must be so proud.


    Look at the cretin’s recent activity, on this blog. How are things in Alexandria, VA/Washington D.C, bitch?!?!

    Feb 28 2011 6:29pm 2 actions 8m 47s
    Feb 28 2011 5:14pm 7 actions 35m 59s
    Feb 28 2011 4:33pm 3 actions 14m 16s
    Feb 28 2011 1:36pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 28 2011 10:41am 3 actions 5m 33s
    Feb 28 2011 8:46am 1 action 10s
    Feb 27 2011 9:03pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 27 2011 10:18am 2 actions 14s
    Feb 26 2011 9:33pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 26 2011 6:38pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 26 2011 6:09pm 3 actions 10m 27s
    Feb 26 2011 3:36pm 3 actions 18m 13s
    Feb 26 2011 11:39am 1 action 10s
    Feb 25 2011 10:23am 1 action 10s
    Feb 25 2011 7:51am 5 actions 7m 6s
    Feb 25 2011 7:18am 1 action 10s
    Feb 24 2011 4:06pm 7 actions 16m 3s
    Feb 24 2011 2:18pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 24 2011 9:32am 3 actions 3m 28s
    Feb 23 2011 6:49pm 11 actions 14m 29s
    Feb 23 2011 3:52pm 4 actions 42s
    Feb 23 2011 12:28pm 5 actions 1m 50s
    Feb 22 2011 9:40pm 9 actions 17m 7s
    Feb 22 2011 5:02pm 2 actions 1m 10s
    Feb 22 2011 4:19pm 6 actions 2m 22s
    Feb 22 2011 3:11pm 6 actions 24m 51s
    Feb 22 2011 10:24am 1 action 10s
    Feb 22 2011 8:11am 4 actions 2m 51s
    Feb 21 2011 11:30pm 4 actions 31s
    Feb 21 2011 9:40pm 4 actions 3m 47s
    Feb 21 2011 8:48pm 10 actions 11m 37s
    Feb 28 2011 10:41am 3 actions 5m 33s
    Feb 28 2011 8:46am 1 action 10s
    Feb 27 2011 9:03pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 27 2011 10:18am 2 actions 14s
    Feb 26 2011 9:33pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 26 2011 6:38pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 26 2011 6:09pm 3 actions 10m 27s
    Feb 26 2011 3:36pm 3 actions 18m 13s
    Feb 26 2011 11:39am 1 action 10s
    Feb 25 2011 10:23am 1 action 10s
    Feb 25 2011 7:51am 5 actions 7m 6s
    Feb 25 2011 7:18am 1 action 10s
    Feb 24 2011 4:06pm 7 actions 16m 3s
    Feb 24 2011 2:18pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 24 2011 9:32am 3 actions 3m 28s
    Feb 23 2011 6:49pm 11 actions 14m 29s
    Feb 23 2011 3:52pm 4 actions 42s
    Feb 23 2011 12:28pm 5 actions 1m 50s
    Feb 22 2011 9:40pm 9 actions 17m 7s
    Feb 22 2011 5:02pm 2 actions 1m 10s
    Feb 22 2011 4:19pm 6 actions 2m 22s
    Feb 22 2011 3:11pm 6 actions 24m 51s
    Feb 22 2011 10:24am 1 action 10s
    Feb 22 2011 8:11am 4 actions 2m 51s
    Feb 21 2011 11:30pm 4 actions 31s Feb 21 2011 9:40pm 4 actions 3m 47s
    Feb 21 2011 8:48pm 10 actions 11m 37s

    Yet, the sad loser claims to be a DC Biglaw attorney/UDC "law professor".

  55. @ 5:42 - "slander," lol... EPIC FAIL bro.

  56. Dear Nando,
    Obviously, I was joking about the UDC professor gig, and knew you would eventually look up the IP address. I am a few steps ahead of you, you ignorant imbecile. If you spent as much time studying at Drake as you do on this despicable blog, you might actually be a LAWYER right now, instead of a used car salesman. There are thousands of successful lawyers from third and forth tier schools, and unlike you, they were people with motivation and dedication. Have you ever considered the possibility that you, and not the school, is the problem? Instead of blaming others, and Drake for your failures, why don't you take a look at yourself? Not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer. Have you ever considered that possibility that you don't have the aptitude for the profession? Just a few things to think about. Time for me to go to sleep. Us LAWYERS need our rest.
    Warmest regards,
    Tax Attorney and American University grad

  57. Nando-
    Sweet job if you can get it:

  58. To the alleged, illiterate Tax Attorney and American University grad,

    What are you talking about, cockroach? You are so busy, that you had the time to make 58 visits to this site in the span of 8 days - spending several hours here in the process? From the list of your activity posted above, we can see that you made 214 actions in your numerous visits. Somehow, you managed to post nothing of relevance in that time. If you work at a law firm, hopefully you are not in charge of anything. I doubt you can successfully make photocopies, or brew coffee.

    Listen, if you want to wrap your lips and tongue around Morse’s tiny genitals, go for it. But do so somewhere else. Honestly, what has this drone done to earn your fawning praise, i.e. [he] is a great man”?!?! Did he buy you dinner, after you fellated him?

    Here is something else you, as a supposed lawyer, should know: Bob Morse IS NOT IN CHARGE of the American Bar Association!! The current “president” of the ABA is Stephen Zack. Is it possible for a “lawyer” to be this blatantly stupid?! In fact, it appears that Morse is not an attorney.

    “I am a few steps ahead of you, you ignorant imbecile.”

    Which is why I exposed you as a fraud, soon after you started posting lies and gibberish?! That makes sense, if you don’t think about it, right?

    Lastly, here are YOUR own words, lying pig:

    “Alright guys, I lied and I am sorry. I am currently a professor at the University of D.C school of law, and I am deeply angered by this entire blog which is filled with lies and false information.”

    You admitted that you were not a DC Biglaw attorney and 2007 graduate of American University Washington College of Law. Did you forget that, liar? Try to make up a more believable story, idiot.

    Do you need your rest, from this thorough ass-kicking, bitch?! You are on here at all times of the day and week. By the way, one does not need to be academically gifted to be an attorney. Above-average intelligence and people skills go a long way – if one can find such a position. However, your IQ of 83 probably disqualifies you from any job with one iota of responsibility. Have a bad day, you mentally-challenged piece of garbage.

  59. "You are one gullible fool, Morse. Actually, the term willfully ignorant is more accurate. Let’s ask the bank robber to send us a letter certifying that the money in the big sack belongs to him."

    HAHAHHAHAHAHahahaha. Good stuff, not to mentioning exposing the pathological liar above. I find it hard to believe this mentally challenged fucktard graduated from grade school

    "bring legal action" LOL Same amendment that protects people in America to say almost anything they want about anything, including the President.

    Let's ask mr. big law if he knows what that amendment is, or wait, was that mr. law professor? Talk about identity issues and insecurity

  60. Dear Nando,
    Bob Morse happens to be a family friend, and I am here to defend him. He is a generous, intelligent, warm, and loving man who deserves your RESPECT. And yes, he has taken me to dinner on a few occasions, because he is like a father to me. The US News rankings are the most legitimate source of rankings available. They rank all types of graduate schools, including medical. Using your logic, it would mean that the USN is ruining the medical profession too. Get to know someone personally before you make up lies and speak ill of them. BITCH! Btw, I am currently on a leave of absence from work, so I have all the time in the world to talk to you on here.
    Tax Attorney and American University School of Law graduate

  61. Slander is verbal, libel is written. This moron can't even cite the appropriate cause of action in his threats for legal action. Mr. BIGLAW attorney can't even get basic defamation from Torts II down. Furthermore, slander requires special damages.

    I have money riding that the identity of this assclown is likely to be Mr. Morse himself, or perhaps someone writing on his behalf. Such unjustified praise is startling if not clearly screaming a personal affiliation with the dishonest ignorant prick that is the subject of this post.

  62. HAHAHAHahaha I called this moron out within a minute of his "forthcoming" confession! Nando is not speaking of his personal attributes, but in his original post relied strictly on factual and logical arguments supported by relevant sources and analysis that he has provided within the post.

    To any impartial observer it is CLEAR that his arguments have merit. Your fallacious arguments and reasoning have no basis in a forum like this which promotes transparency, honesty, integrity, and most importantly any INTELLECTUAL discussion and debate. You fail on all counts. Use your "leave of absence" to re-consider completing your high school education where your efforts and intellectual contribution are much more likely to be appreciated. Fuckbag.

  63. I just found out about this piece of shit site a few days ago. It intrigues me how happy everyone who posts on here seems. Get lives assholes. Or just get laid or something. Please.

  64. To the pile of excrement who posted at 9:46 pm,

    How are things going, in Storrs Mansfield, CT, bitch?!?!

    You keep coming back, for someone who hates the site so much. Most of the commenters have jobs, significant others, and adult responsibilities. The only ones who are immune to reason, logic, and facts are moronic lemmings such as you. Apparently, you are INTENT on going to law school - regardless of the shrinking job prospects and mountains of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.

    Time Visitor Session
    Mar 1 2011 9:46pm 7 actions 7m 34s
    Mar 1 2011 9:18pm 7 actions 11m 9s
    Feb 28 2011 10:58am 8 actions

    Check out this quote, in the New York Times:

    “Avoid this overpriced sewer pit as if your life depended on it,” writes the anonymous author of the blog Third Tier Reality — a reference to the second-to-bottom tier of the U.S. News rankings — in a typically scatological review. “Unless, of course, you think that you will be better off with $110k-$190k in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a degree that qualifies you to wait tables at the Battery Park Bar and Lounge.”

    How do you spell “credibility”?!

    “They know the score now. But they didn’t know it when they first applied to law school. They bought into the numbers provided by law schools. The mission of these sites is to educate, to warn away, the incoming crop of prospective law students—to save them from becoming victims of the law school scam.”

    This is from a current “law professor.” Look at the bi-modal distribution of recent lawyer salaries, from another “professor,” William Henderson of Indiana University:

    The point is that if you do not land a Biglaw associate position, you will NOT be making $75K-$110K. If you failed to land $160K, it is likely that you will be earning $35K-$50K upon graduation. How does that sound - especially if you take out $120K in student loans.

    The law school Class of 2009 had 44,000 graduates. And ONLY 28,901 jobs required bar passage. Could it be possible that there are too many law schools producing FAR TOO MANY lawyers?!?!

    Do these charts, statements and facts hurt your feelings, and shatter your dreams of earning a law degree?! Welcome to reality, moron. There is a GLUT of licensed attorneys out there. What makes you so special, lemming?!?!

  65. So according to you, 65 percent of grads are able to find jobs. Therefore, so long as you graduate in the top 50 percent of your class at a tier one or tier two, you will probably get a job as a lawyer. You would probably still be fine if you graduated in the top 25 percent at a tier three or tier four. Anyone who can't graduate in the top 25 percent of a T3 or T4 doesn't deserve a job as a lawyer anyway.

  66. "It intrigues me how happy everyone who posts on here seems. Get lives assholes. Or just get laid or something. Please.

    March 1, 2011 9:46 PM"

    If they are all so happy, why the need to get laid? This makes no sense.

  67. As a former law student, could you please do a piece on Widener located in Wilmington, DE? I got out before it was too late thanks to the urging of my family (lots of lawyers who were unemployed) and am now pursuing my masters in finance. Widener has some of the worst teachers I've ever experienced, an administration that is miserable and a tuition that totals in the the 50k-60k region (all things considered). Great website, and I hope you can do a piece of Widener soon. Thanks.

  68. 8:18am: it's sarcasm

  69. Matt,

    I profiled this festering turd back on August 19, 2010. Here is the entry:

    Take a look at the commenters defending this fourth tier pile of waste. Perhaps, as a former Widener law student, you could provide your perspective on this dump. Thank you for checking out this blog.

    For instance, check out this drivel:

    "Anonymous said...

    I notice a distinct lack of comments in this (and in virtually every other board that criticizes a specific law school or law school in general) along the lines of "I graduated from Widener in the top of my class and I can't find a job". I wonder why that is...

    January 26, 2011 2:43 PM"

    By the way, the peon responsible for this comment is wrong. There are plenty of comments from supposed former students, informing others that Widener is a dung heap.

    Widener University’s 2008 IRS Form 990 shows that Dean Linda L. Ammons made $288,419 for 2007. Furthermore, John L. Gedid, “assistant vice dean” of the school "earned" $229,661 for the same tax year.

  70. "It intrigues me how happy everyone who posts on here seems. Get lives assholes. Or just get laid or something. Please.

    March 1, 2011 9:46 PM"

    Get a life? This guy is doing a public service by providing a reality check to students in pursuit of their J.D.'s and the "lucrative" legal profession.

    You took the time to visit this site and read all the comments, THEN contribute your useless drivel. So by your logic you must need a life just as much as anyone else.

    Additionally, if you feel that posting on a blog and spreading public awareness speaks towards not getting laid enough I really feel bad for you.

    Do you really need all the time in the world at your disposal to get laid?? Rough times, must be tough being you.

  71. Hail Bob Morse! He did another fine job at ranking the law schools, and continues to be the premier educator of where law schools in this country stand. All of you should be ashamed of insulting this great and heroic man! God bless Bob Morse, and may all of you Morse haters rot in hell!

  72. He publishes bullshit rankings. What makes him heroic exactly?


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