Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Tier Waste Product: American University Washington College of Law

Hello, readers. I was inspired by a piece of garbage in the Alexandria, VA area to profile this first tier stack of dung. This imbecile claims to be a DC Biglaw attorney - and American University JD from the Class of 2007 - making $120K per year. That doesn’t quite add up, does it? Dumbass then asserted that he actually teaches at the University of D.C. school of law (sic).

Tuition: A full-time law student at American University will be charged the perfectly reasonable sum of $42,614, in tuition alone – for the 2010-2011 school year!! General, technology and Sports Center fees will add an extra $844 to the tab. (Hell, the Sports Center annual fee alone accounts for $130.) Part-time students will only need to pay $29,282 in tuition, for the same academic year.

Estimated Cost of Attendance: The commode estimates that the total COA – for 2010-2011 – will amount to $65,646. However, did you see how they reached that figure?! The school only listed housing and food for nine months. How many law students do you know who only need shelter and food for nine months out of the year?! After including these adjusted costs, a more-accurate COA for the current school year would be $70,594.

Ranking: According to US News & World Report, American Univer$ity Washington Commode of Law is the 48th best, most mesmerizing law school in the entire country. (That includes Alaska and Hawaii.) The first tier toilet shares this prestigious honor with three other schools.

Supposed Employment Statistics: The school projects that its Class of 2009 will have a 91.3% employment rate, within nine months of graduation. By the way, only 43 percent of this particular graduating class is in private practice.

Starting Salary Statistics: On page 2, the school points out that its mean public and private sector salaries are slightly higher than the national figures. The private sector mean salary for 2009 WCL grads is $116,812, versus the 2009 national mean of $112,207 - whereas the public sector mean salary for American Law grads is $53,585 compared to the national mean of $50,916. Why not take out $128K in student loans to attend such a prestigious, illustrious law school, right?!?!

Law Student Indebtedness: Here, the school is in truly elite company. As you can see, the school is rated 4th highest – in terms of law student indebtedness. According to US News, the average student indebtedness – for those members of WCL’s Class of 2009 who incurred law school debt – was $128,258. Only 84 percent of this particular graduating class took on such NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.

Faculty and Administrator Pay: Head over to page 33 of American University’s 2009 Form 990, and take a peek at how well the “professors” are doing, in comparison. Dean Claudio Grossman made $427,201 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for 2008. Yes, that is correct. Claudio received $381,441 in base compensation; $13,833 in other compensation; $22,999 in deferred compensation; and $8,928 in nontaxable benefits.

“Professor of law and faculty director of the Gushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Clinic” Peter Jaczi “earned” $287,644 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the same year. Peter received $251,408 in base compensation; $24,610 in deferred compensation; and $11,626 in nontaxable benefits. “Higher education” sure paid off for these academics.

Entering GPA and LSAT Scores: According to Law School Numbers, the 75th percentile UGPA - for 2005-2006 - was 3.59. The 75th percentile LSAT score was 163. These are rather impressive figures. You could reach these levels, and still end up at a first tier toilet such as American Univer$ity Was$hington Commode of Law.

As a student at this sewage pit, you can write on the Legislation & Policy Brief. Walk into any bar in town, tell the waitress you are a student editor, and she will be thrilled to remove your briefs. Actually, she won’t. Sorry.

If you want some serious action, just become a member of the illustrious Administrative Law Review. The world will be your oyster. (In reality, no one will give a damn about your achievement.)

Conclusion: This school is a grotesquely-overpriced pile of garbage. You do not need to take on an additional $128K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt to go into public interest. This debt will stick with you, for life. If this level of monstrous debt does not dissuade you, then nothing will.

In the final brutal analysis, this school is not that much different from a second tier sewer - in terms of job prospects.
Again, the school’s 2009 graduates had the fourth-highest level of average law school debt, as listed by US News. Keep in mind that this figure includes those students who were fortunate enough to take out much smaller amounts of debt. YOU could end up with closer to $170K in student debt, from law school alone. How will you benefit from taking on such debt, when you land a $54K public sector job?!


  1. AND, to top it all off, kids, those public sector jobs are now coveted positions for the many and not at all easy to find. Check out USA Jobs or the like to see the kind of qualifications and EXPERIENCE they want for any government gig.

  2. $53K for public sector jobs? Who would be dumb enough to take out $128K when it is likely they're gonna come out making $50K?

  3. I had a conversation with an acquaintance about this school. I'd never heard of it before. Honestly. I never had heard of it until that point. Parents are a large part of the blame in perpetuating the Law School Scam. Who did he talk to when he met someone from there? Why, of course the one student who had a $180K job lined up after graduation. So now its a good school, right? Jesus Christ, I surrender.. Its pointless. The Federal money to this dumps has to stop before a dent is made towards convincing these idiot kids and their equally idiot parents that law school simply does not pay off for 95% plus of graduates.

  4. American is a diploma mill. I'm pretty sure they toss out about 450 grads per year. It is also in saturated DC. This school does qualify as a shitter.

  5. When theres an ever increasing supply of Greater Fools, it's hard to believe that this scam will ever end.

  6. American JDs must compete with G'town, George Mason and Washington & Lee. You can even add UVA. That is a tough lineup to up against.

  7. Nando:

    Are you kidding? American is pretty highly rated. A friend of mine graduated 7 years ago, clerked for a dc judge, became a federal attorney and is now an M&A associate in New York.

    You realize, as someone who almost became an attorney, that when you make even one ridiculous assertion it makes your entire case lose credibility.

    I look forward to write ups of Harvard, Yale & Stanford underneath pictures of toilets.

  8. American University is a true toilet. Almost no one who graduated in 2010 had a job upon graduation.

  9. "A friend of mine graduated 7 years ago"

    March 6, 2011 7:40 PM

    7 years ago was a different world.

    The dump of a school I went to slipped from the second to the third tier in that time frame by erroneously releasing too-honest employment statistics. Under the administration of Dean Wu at Wayne State, the school thereby fell cataclysmically in the eyes of the omnipotent USNWR.
    Things change.

    Two things never do: Law school is a total scam and the legal "profession" a prestige-obsessed, connections-crazy rathole.


    Check out this book, from American University Washington COL grad Matthew Marzetti. He focuses on the numbers. I read this a while back. It is pretty concise

    As you can see, Matt graduated from this school in 2006. Anonymous at 7:40 pm feels that this school is stellar. (The comparisons to Harvard, Yale and Stanford hurt your credibility, 7:40.) The fact this school is barely in the first tier of American law schools. Why a graduate from this *amazing* law school write a book entitled “The Law School Gamble”?!

    “Publisher, and now Editor-in-Chief, Jack Crittenden has implemented many new and exciting features into both The National Jurist and preLaw editorial calendars for the upcoming year. Crittenden founded The National Jurist upon graduating from American University Washington College of Law in 1991 where he received his JD.”

    My old friend Jack Crittenden graduated from this same commode, in 1991. He publishes magazines that are geared toward pre-law students, as well as current law students. Note that he has not practiced law. To his credit, he has featured a few pieces that are critical of legal education - when he is not busy selling ad space to filthy TTTTs, that is.

    Back in September 2009, fourth-ranked Columbia Law informed its students that they should attend the undergrad job fair. Yes, that is uplifting, promising news, isn’t it? Wait, maybe it’s the students’ fault for not getting into a higher-ranked school, right?!

    Wow! Ninth-rated Michigan Law students can now find exciting new job opportunities as doc review monkeys in India! Yay!!

    Here is a look at 11th-ranked Duke’s Bridge to Practice Program. For good measure, take a look at SMU Dedman below. They are also ranked 48th greatest, most fantastic law school in the land.

    “The SMU Dedman School of Law has started a program called Test Drive, which is just what it sounds like: The university will pay a firm $3,500 to test drive one of its recent graduates for one month."

    Hint: attending these elite schools is no longer a guarantee of employment. By the way, American University is FAR from elite.

  11. I wouldn't say the school sucks ass, but they certainly charge a lot of money. This school is right up there with Boston University, George Washington University, et al. for those schools that financially butt rape their students. It ain't worth it. I went to BU for undergrad until I wised up and left this overpriced piece of crap for greener ... and cheaper pastures ... of crap. No pun intended.

  12. To my point above, GW, BU and American have high populations of rich, international, foreign students. All these schools give a crap about it rakking in oodles of cash to the highest bidder. Rich, spoiled brats attend these schools.

  13. Three years @ 70K+ a year would buy one a house almost anywhere-including New Jersey! WTF would anyone take out $200k in student loans?

  14. A law student provides invaluable information about law school, applying, transferring, succeeding, using a law degree for a non-legal career and dealing with all the nerds along the way.
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  15. American charges $42,000+ per yearly tuition. Their own charts show that the average or mean public salary is about $53K. Who is crazy enough to take on such debt for a law degree. Shit, only 43% of the last class worked for a private firm. (And think of how this doesn't include the unemployed lawyers and the people that didn't report.)


    To the piece of trash who posted at 10:44 am:

    I do not live in my sister in law’s basement, ignorant bitch. I live in a three bedroom house. If you want, I can show you the paperwork. If you ever land a lawyer job, don’t take offense if your wife or girlfriend blows Hector the gardener. After all, the client comes first, right?!?! When you post inflammatory comments such as that, you are not entitled to anonymity. This is why I track down info. (For instance, when someone claims to be making $160K as a Biglaw attorney, showing that the person is posting from a university is an indicator that the person is full of crap.)

    Time Visitor Session

    Mar 8 2011 10:37am 6 actions 7m 45s

    I can see that you posted from This is a patent law firm, not a tax firm. I doubt these guys will hire you, but good luck, moron. By the way, you do not spell alma mater with a hyphen, idiot. For your information, “denigrate” is spelled with an “e.” Also, “despicable” is spelled with an “e.” Hopefully, you are not in charge of anything - other than pouring butter on movie popcorn.

    Out of 265 employees in the DC office, only 11 have their JDs from American Univer$ity Wa$hington Commode of Law. (This includes the following positions: student associate, associate, partner, of counsel, senior counsel, staff attorney, and patent agent.) What does that tell you about the quality of this toilet?

    For the sake of argument, which of these eleven WCL grads *could have* posted the filth at 10:44 am?! We cannot overlook that it appears to have been written by a man, on the verge of a stroke.

    Could it be 2009 WCL grad Michael D. Stone? (Those thick eyebrows and narrow forehead make him look suspicious. However, he can probably spell and make an argument without calling me a “son of a bitch” or having an aneurism.) There are two female associates who graduated from WCL in 2007. However, no one at the firm practices tax law. It is pretty apparent that this is some poor wretch claiming to work as a tax attorney.

    I never took the bar exam. What is the point when I did not have a legal job lined up? (I took the professional responsibility portion during my third year; my score would have allowed me to sit for any bar exam in the nation.) Anyway, I found a non-law job within 2 months of graduating from Third Tier Drake.

    As far as my fellow classmates are concerned, some are on public assistance, several are under-employed, quite a few are unemployed, and many are working in non-legal positions. A few are getting by with solo practices. Some are living off of court-appointed dreck.

  17. The poor paralegal just submitted a great new post about unemployed young people

  18. Hi Nando,

    do you have an email address that I can use to forward you an embarrassing email from my TTToilet? You should make a "tipline" email address more prominent on your blog.


  19. Money
    Get Back

    I'm all right Jack
    Keep your hands off of my stack.

    New Car,
    Four Star Daydream.

    Think I'll buy
    a Football Team.

  20. JD Painter in da house!

    Look what Da Colonel gots coooked up. A ten dollar bucket 'o chickin, enny recipe. Mix 'n match it up like a sumbitch. I's don't give a rat's ass. Imagine dat! Y’all can bes watchin’ the NCAA tornament on a Sunday and scarf down a mother-fuckin’ bucket a chickins. Whatcha thinks ‘bouts dat? Yay-yo! I’s so excited by dis prospect mah dick is hard.

    Hells bells. Whys can'ts deez new lawyers pull 'emselves up by there bootstraps? My ol' raggedy ass wuz drivin' cross country sellin' mah special recipe to businesses. And ya wants meh to be sympathetic ‘n shit to their plight? Get outta here. I’da eat at a Popeyes Chickin ‘stablishment befo’ I’d get all ’dignant ’n shit ’bouts hows we’s gonna have too many fuckin’ lawyerfolk out there.

  21. AMerican is a mill. No one should go here unless they are committed to public service positions. And by that I mean they don't give a shit how much money they make when they get out.

  22. Dear Nando,
    I am flattered that I inspired you to write about my alma mater. So basically, you spent 3 years in law school and decided to not even take the bar? Seems quite odd that someone would work so hard for something, just to quit at the very end. It would be like Ben Roethlisberger refusing to play in the Super Bowl!

    Seems to me that you were ranked in the lower half of your class, and realized you would never make it as a lawyer. In any event you are a quitter, and people with your negative attitude don't go far in life, as evidenced by your 40 grand a year job (less than the national average). Hell, I made 45 grand a year as a paralegal eight years ago!

    In any event, giving up you dream of being a lawyer has sure worked out well for you, hasn't it? Even though you are poor (by American standards), you are peaceful, happy, and very comfortable with yourself. You are so happy and comfortable in your own skin that you spend countless hours a day researching law schools for the soul purpose of bashing them. Sounds like you have it made!

    I admire people who persevere, make the best out of the hand they're dealt, and don't make excuses. You are the complete opposite. You are mediocre in every sense of the word. You will never amount to anything, and probably spend the rest of your life bitching about how law school screwed you, when the fact of the matter is that you screwed yourself.

    Even though you will never admit it to anyone, deep down inside you wish you were a lawyer. Your story is analogous to a guy who gets dumped by a girl he was infatuated with. After he gets dumped, he hates her, and spreads nasty rumors behind her back.

    You probably hate yourself, and hate successful lawyers even more.

    Warmest regards,
    AU Grad and Tax Attorney

  23. Guys, the 'AU grad' is a troll. I was looking at some older posts and it's plain as day the guy is a troll. On another post he said he was a law professor. When called on it (by admin) the guy backtracked and said he was joking about that. Either way, dickface has no cred.

  24. The AU grad who claims to be a tax lawyer, per Nando, posts from a patent firm.

    Why would he lie about practice areas? Is tax more prestigious than intellectual property? I wouldn't think so. I always thought of both as respected biglaw practice areas.

    Any ideas from anyone?

  25. Uhhhh not taking the bar is like sitting out of the super bowl? Did I really just read that garbage? I feel so sorry for anyone who goes to AU. My best friend went there and she is miserable, in debt, and guess what: she took the bar twice.

    Stop spreading lies, please. A lot of kids who get in just go because they worked and studied hard to do so. However, the smart kids will do research and dodge a bullet.

  26. Hannah, what do you do for a living? Dodging the bullet? So you are promoting mediocrity, and saying that anything that is hard to get is not worth trying for? I have news for you bitch. You only live once. Aspire to meet your goals, and even if you fail, you won't have regrets. Or, one could live in mediocrity like you, never aspire to anything, thus and never be disappointed, However, someone like you will never be happy or fulfilled, because you never tried for success, and you settled for total mediocrity. You and Nando are both losers, who quit when the going gets tough, due to your negative attitudes. I can't think of one remotely successful person who had a negative attitude.

  27. Nando, I caught onto the "scamblog" movement when I found BIDER almost a year ago. I've since followed many of the popular scamblogs i.e. yours, LSTB, FTT, subprime, restoring dignity, things could be worse, etc. etc.

    This is probably your most ineffective post/review ever. It amounts to "this place is really, really expensive." I know the most recent employments stats for AU (CO 2008) are actually not that bad since they did OCI in 2006 and that was a pretty bullish time for law, which is probably why you don't dig too deeply into them in the post.

    Also, AU's LRAP is pretty solid (unlike the LRAPs of many lower tiered schools, which are oftentimes nonexistent) so many people who fall
    in the lower mode of the salary distribution are not too bad off.

    However, I bet the upcoming stats for CO 2009 will be much, much worse. DC employers are just not looking at many AU grads anymore when they have T14s and GW knocking on their door.

    The 2009 stats will be released by USNWR on 3/15. That would have given you some nice ammo for this review so it didn't feel so watered down.

    I really think you may have hurt yourself a bit on this one and missed out on an opportunity. Someone drops by to casually read this and takes from it "American is expensive". The reader then thinks, well everyone knows that ffs, what's this guy's problem? Then they see that 30% of AU's class is confirmed in "biglaw" and that AU has a good LRAP, and think they're fine. They may do the calculation of 125k of debt, 116k salary. Imagine living lean for a few years on 40k, probably spending another 40k on taxes. That's almost 40k left to pay off the loans, that's doable in 5 years. You could have at least pointed out how outdated the current stats are, where the economy was when they did OCI, and where the economy is now.

    For the higher-tiered schools, whose updated employment data isn't out yet, you need to either wait for that data or talk about the school in the larger context of the "law school scam" so people understand why even tier ones can be a terrible investment (not everyone has this context when they come to your blog for the first time).

    I know you were "inspired" by the supposed AU grad, but it just wasn't worth it to forego waiting for the new employment stats. Those are going to be pretty damning.

  28. 3/11/10:20 here

    Sorry Nando, I just noticed you pulled AU's 2009 stats off their site rather than getting stats off of LST or USNWR. My mistake.

    Still, this post/review will not, I think, leave any but the most risk/debt averse out there to conclude that AU is a terrible investment. Like I said, many will do a quick calculation and conclude that, while it may take a 5 or so years of living lean, they will ultimately jot that solid middle-class lifestyle by the time they're 30 and ready to get married and have kids. Also, AU's LRAP is pretty solid and a lot of DCers that can't get into GULC but want to do PI in DC go to AU because of the LRAP.

    You just didn't paint that bad of a picture, in comparison to other reviews you've done. It's not a rosey rainbows and ponies picture, so it may bring the very most bright eyed and naieve out there down a few notches. I don't think it's going to deter the average Joe, however.

  29. Offically scared shitlesss

  30. I understand what you're trying to accomplish here with this blog, but do you really think the gross poop pictures are necessary?

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  32. Nando,

    Thank you for also profiling this illustrious bastion of "human rights lawyers" such as Claudio Grossman, Reed Brody, and Roberta Cohen of The Brookings Institution. Oh, that's right, Roberta Cohen isn't even a lawyer. But that doesn't prevent AU-WCL from according her a full professorship to teach law. Provided you have the right nexus with elitist N.E. establishment Jewry, hey, I guess anything's possible!

    Yes, but then, the real joke's on us, isn't it? Or more correctly, on me. For, I have that rarest privilege of having been black dildo shanked in the behind twice by the Law School establishment. Having first attended Penn State for a J.D., and having remained unemployed for four (sic) four straight years, I entered AU-WCL for an LL.M. in 2003, and the rest of this story must certainly prove the wisdom of my decision. To be sure, an LL.M. from AU-WCL is certainly the panacea to any third-tier dilemma.

    And, it was, in fact, in a way! Sorry to burst your Marxian bubble (or at least, blogger icon), but during my stay in Washington, DC, I found out what the best curative is for hard-earned continuous unemployment after a prestigious AU-WCL career in international human rigths law. And here it is: Fascism!

    During my time at AU, I looked up an old college chum from Wharton at the Salvadoran embassy. And, there he was, just a few Kevin Bacon-steps away, still working for the ARENA party and willing to help out an old Penna. Dutch Kraut from a legacy of old Nazis like myself. In fact, we both shared the same old meister, "Schultze" of the Wehrmacht (now dead, so don't bother JDL), at Penn many, many years, and many tens of thousands of dollars of bad debt, ago in happier times.

    (Incidentally, as a mere aside, my friend, who I will call, "Felix Leiter" inasmuch as at least the first name is accurate, helped my family out before. In the year 2002, after my old devoted but very naive mother had put up her own credit for my PSU-Dickinson private loans, Felix lent us $25K so that my parent's home would not be foreclosed. He never asked for one penny of it back, simply saying, "perhaps one day, you might help out somebody from El Salvador." What a goddamned Nazi bastard. By all means, please notify the Anti-Defamation League about this fascist at once.)

    To find out how this story turns out, simply review my allegedly "anti-Semitic" rant on your Penn State-Dickinson review in regards the pedophile and sociopath, Associate Dean Harvey A. Feldman.

    And, personally, I would like to give a "shout out" to all those surviving members of the Abswehr who followed the rat line into South America for making this all possible. Thanks for helping set up those struggling dictatorships in Central America in the 1970's and 80's so that, generations later, the sons and daughters of those dictators could bail out a fellow American sodomized to the point of rectal hemmorhage by Goldman Sachs and Citibank (all in the name of human rights of course.)

    Respectfully submitted,
    Heil N. Seig

  33. "Almost no one who graduated in 2010 had a job upon graduation." I graduated from WCL in 2010 and I've had no problems getting jobs. I had decent grades, but certainly not top 10% or even 20%. I've even had the luxury of getting bored with one job (private practice) and switching seamlessly to a new one (public sector). At some point, people will have to stop blaming WCL and start blaming themselves. WCL is a fine school (if overpriced, as are all law schools) that offers a fine legal education and fine career opportunities for those who are willing to put in the work it takes to find decent jobs in a rough economy.

  34. To the tool above,

    The students pay the price, plus interest, for their decision - which is often influenced by each law school's marketing and misleading, rosy projections. While the banksters and schools are repeat, sophisticated players in this game, for $ome rea$on, these pigs bear NONE of the risk.

    As far as you supposed success, make sure to thank your parents for calling in some favors. Perhaps, you have exceptional fellatio skills. In either case, quit acting as if MANY of your former classmates didn't "put in the work," ass-clown.

    Take a look at this brief excerpt from Paul Campos's December 4, 2012 entry "Executive summary":

    "Working harder than everybody else is not a plan if everybody else has the same plan."

    In the final analysis, roughly 90% of each class seeks to land in the top ten percent. Hell, even the alcoholics and potheads are working hard on their studies. In fact, the kids from wealthy families are typically the ones who take it easy in law school. They usually have jobs lined up well before graduation, due to family or business connections - and they merely need the degree, i.e. their grades don't make a difference.

    Average Law Student Indebtedness for American University: US “News” & World Report lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the American Univer$ity WaShington Commode of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $151,318. This represents THE THIRD HIGHEST DEBT TOTAL, among all ABA-accredited dung heaps. Fully 80 percent of this toilet’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.

    Do YOU believe that this is a wise investment, for the average law student?!?! Your answer will reveal plenty about your character, honesty and candor. Take your time getting back to me on that question.

  35. My post is late, but here it is anyway. I was one of the applicants who was offered a one-year scholarship. I've talked to several other people who received the same deal. For what it's worth, I and everyone I've spoken with fully intend to turn American down on their offer.

    When I began the application process, I thought being in DC was a plus (a shot at a DC biglaw or federal government job!) How wrong I was. After doing a lot of research and talking to every lawyer, law grad and student I could find, I realized that American 1) has either a middling reputation (in DC/the Northeast) or none at all (everywhere else) and 2) that its place in DC is actually a liability, because its grads are competing with newly minted JDs from Georgetown, GW, UVA and the other T14 schools looking for DC jobs.

    Thanks to the scamblogs such as this one, Campos etc. for shedding some light on this issue. Some people will still accept a place at American, but it seems that particular group is getting less and less elite (hence American's falling medians and its severe drop in the 2013 US News rankings.)

  36. American U College of Law is a shit heap. The jobs just aren't there (unless you're in the top 10% or have the right family name).

  37. I recently graduated from AU-WCL for law school. While I concede that the school is over-priced, you should know that going in, as most private schools cost far more than they are worth. That being said, the professors are fantastic -- some of the best in D.C., even after comparison to Georgetown and GW. As is the case for almost any law school outside of those ranked in the top 20(ish), you'll need to be in the top 10-15% of your class to secure one of the coveted biglaw positions.

    Honestly, the saddest truth about all of this is that prospective students are drastically misled regarding the availability and accessibility of the best-paying jobs, thereby defeating the main reason to go to law school. I wish I had not ruined my life by going here.

  38. The DC school of law should be ashamed of itself. They can't even begin to know how silly it looks when not even 20% of its graduates find employment working in the profession of their choice within 9 months of graduation. Joseph Libertelli needs to stop singing that school's praises and get a real job befitting a graduate of Princeton University.

  39. DC School of Law should be shut down and eliminated from the DC Government's budget. The ABA should at least consider the success of its program in terms of whether its graduates even employ the skills they obtained in law school during post-graduate employment. Essentially, the ABA should at least consider provisional accreditation once more as this school does not deserve full accreditation.

  40. Just to let Joe Libertelli and the rest of those losers at DC School of Law - I don't give a damn about your mission after working as a damned paralegal for 5 years. That's it. Your school is a worthless piece of trash and should be embarrassed that so many of its graduates experience angst. Just because 10% of the graduates land good careers does not a great law school make. The rest of us poor suckers had to fall back on other degrees. Your school can go to hell.

  41. I graduated WCL 2002. I went into business after graduation. I have 6 friends I still keep in touch with from school. All 6 are employed as lawyers and have excellent paying jobs. None were in the top 10% of the class as far as I know.


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