Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fourth Tier Pile of Moist Feces: Phoenix School of Law


Tuition: A full-time student at this diploma factory will be charged $34,396 in tuition – for the 2010-2011 school year. There is also a general fee of $1,570, plus SBA dues of $70. This brings us to a grand total of $36,036, for one year of “legal educaTTTTion.” On the bright side, part-time law students will only be charged $27,516 in tuition, for the same academic year. To be fair, this school does not appear to be affiliated with the University of Phoenix.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: The sewage pit estimates that the total COA – for 2010-2011 – will amount to $62,136. Keep in mind that these pigs are only taking living expenses, for nine months, into account. Seeing that actual law students require living expenses over the course of twelve months, and not nine, we will determine a more accurate figure. Taking room and board, transportation and miscellaneous costs - for the full year - into account, total COA reaches $70,107.


Ranking: Do we even need to ask about the school’s reputation? That’s right. US News & World Report has Phoenix Law Sewer listed as a fourth tier piece of trash. (Actually, Pussy Boy Robert Morse has them listed under the euphemism of “unranked.” Let’s hope that Bob didn’t get a rash by shaving his bush too closely.)


Alleged Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: This festering pool of corroded toilet water claims a 97 percent placement rate, for its Class of 2010:

“Phoenix School of Law had seventy-one students in its 2010 graduating class. 97% of this graduating class secured employment, or is pursuing a full-time degree within nine months of graduation.” [Emphasis in original]

Yeah, sure they were – and I put Lauren Graham’s feet behind her ears last night. Keep in mind that this piece of filth received full ABA accreditation on June 11, 2010. The commode also asserts that the median starting salary for this class was $60,000. Who knew that working the register at Sunrider or busing tables at Chili’s paid so well?


Average Law School Indebtedness: US News lists the average law student indebtedness - for those poor fools from the Phoenix Law School Class of 2010 who incurred debt for a TTTT law degree - as $83,213. For some reason, USN&WR is not aware of how many of these graduates took on such debt.


2010-2011 Admissions Outcomes: As you can see from this graph, this school accepts students with 2.72 undergraduate GPAs and 144 LSAT scores. Apparently, four water-heads were denied admission. Can you believe this nonsense?!?! The fact that the ABA permits such sweltering toilets to operate SHOWS CONCLUSIVELY that this morally bankrupt organization does not give one damn about students or the public.

This school is part of the Infilaw empire. Look at some of the cockroaches on their board.


Dennis Archer is a former “president” of the ABA. Rudy Hasl is dean of TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law, and former chair of the ABA Section of “Legal Education” and Admission to the Bar. This division oversees the law school accreditation process. Martha Walters Barnett “served” as ABA “president” in 2000-2001. She was also on the Board of Governors and chaired the ABA’s House of Delegates. Robert K. Walsh has chaired the ABA Section of “Legal Education” and Admission to the Bar, as well as the Accreditation Committee and the Standards Review Committee.

Conclusion: The Phoenix Law School is a disgusting, foul, putrid, rotting piece of excrement that should be avoided at all costs. I don’t care if these dogs give you a full-tuition scholarship to attend their dung heap. Walk away from this turd – and never look back.

This for-profit pile of moist fecal matter only cares about raking in money. These selfish swine plan to do so at the expense of your future. Simply put, this school accepts people who have no shot in hell of ever practicing law. One can be accepted to this commode with a pathetic 2.72 UGPA and 144 LSAT score. Sure, you can add the letters J.D. behind your name, if you graduate from this place. However, is it worth taking out an additional $100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt - and ending up as a bartender?!


  1. Let me just preface this by saying I am not a rankings snob. In fact, I attended a TTT and I am currently unemployed. Now that you know where I'm coming from, I want to alert prospective students to this school that the probability of obtaining permanent, full-time employment from this school is virtually nil. Forget big law, forget just about "anylaw," unless you fully plan on starting your own practice and have the means to actually do so, above and beyond your living expenses, debt repayment and otherwise. Unless you have the financial means, you are just fooling yourself and your firm will fail miserably within a 2-3 years. But even if you do have the financial means, I would not recommend anyone attending this piece of shit school. I don't know much about the school, but what I do know is that it is an unranked TTTT, recently accredited, very few alumni, no name recognition at all - nationally or regional, charges a shit load of money for basically an "opportunity" to take the bar exam. That is not a good return on investment. Anyone who decides to attend this school deserves what is coming to them. If this is the best you can do, please - retake the LSAT, and study. Try to get into a better law school - and by this I do not mean Cooley Law. This place is just a money making venture without a care in the world about whether you succeed or fail. You have been warned.

  2. The commenter above cut through all the bullshit and just laid it flat. I commend you. This school is part of a profit seeking enterprise. Do not attend this shithole.

  3. Although it is not associated with the Univeristy of Phoenix, this school is still a scam. 2.72 and a 144 LSAT score? Are they admitting people that have diminished capacity? Rest assured if you attend this school, your career and life will cease to exist. And, unlike the legend of the phoenix, you will not rise from the ashes in triumphant fashion.

  4. So this is how the elites from overseas send their spoiled moronic kids to school in the USA for law degrees. At some point you have to know you are getting fucked in the ass when making life decisions. No one who comes from any kind of middle/lower class background should ever consider taking the loans out to go to this school.

    I know some of the posts on schools can be a bit harsh, but this post is necessary as it is simply a cash grab from those who actually think they have a chance to get anywhere in this hagged out profession.

    Makes my 4th tier crapper look prestigious.

  5. The worst thing about this school is that people reading your resume will honestly think that it's a branch of the U. of Phoenix. Seriously, change the damn name.

    Better yet, close the school. The people running this place have to know how unemployable their graduates are. $180,000 for a near-worthless sheet of paper. At that point, I honestly believe it's better to go to a California online state-accredited school.

    This place is in Cooley territory, and I don't say that about many places (I would argue places like Widener or Dayton or South Texas at least have some merit). Maybe 1% of graduates will be for the better for attending this place. The only good thing is its location in a fast-growing state. Other than that, it's one giant deceptive business practice designed to transfer wealth from 20-somethings to 50- and 60-somethings who are selling one type of education to people who sorely need a different kind of education.

    While I won't argue the entire system is a scam, these newly-created schools with 60k+ COAs and zero employability are most certainly scams. Their 97% claim seals the deal for me; in an age when even Georgetown has to lie to get to a respectable number, these clowns are getting everybody a job (or in more school...)? Give me a break.

  6. Great post!

    This post nicely shows what the real, underlying problem is: the cockroaches of the ABA, the alleged regulators of legal education, are either in bed with the scammers or they are the scammers themselves. Talk about a conflict of interest in this "noble, ethical, and honest" profession. What a joke?

    I doesn't matter, though. The law school bubble has finally popped, and the ABA is going to be unable to contain the decimation of this corrupt system. Watch in the next few years as the number of applicants tumbles and school after school goes bust...

  7. Here comes Da Colonel to weigh in on this shit-ass college o' law. Cluck, cluck, squaaaawk!

    Lemme jus' say dis. There is no motha-fuckin' way this school's grads be makin' $60K per year. I know fer a goddamn fact I don't pay Phoenix Law grads much mo' than $8 an hour for cleaning mah grease traps.

    And 97% 'mployment? Get fuckin' real, peolpe. Mah ass wouldn't be hirin' no 97% of the graduates from dis place. I wouldn't hire 97% fo' free. How's ya likes dat? I's wouldn't hire ya if ya gave me head once per shift.

    Dis is pure bullshit. Why don't be the ABA be investigatin' dis type o' blatant fraud? Oh. Dat's right. You gots about 4 high powered pieces of shit from da good ol' ABA on the governin' board of this place.

  8. "I doesn't matter, though. The law school bubble has finally popped, and the ABA is going to be unable to contain the decimation of this corrupt system. Watch in the next few years as the number of applicants tumbles and school after school goes bust."

    God I hope so, because it is getting way out of control here.

    I seriously feel for these kids who have been brainwashed in thinking that they have to go to college to open the door to a better way of life. Maybe going to a TTT wasn't such a big deal back in the 70's or even the 80's, but the ABA recently accrediting this TTTT in the midst of the Great Recession? Shame on them! Further proof that the ABA is not about upholding standards in this profession.

  9. Good God. Seriously, I am shocked, and I thought I was beyond shockability.

    My TTTT at least had been around for a century or so...had graduated lawyers that actually went out and did things. Like 7:16 AM, I'm not a rankings snob either, but at least I thought I could rely on the history and network of the institution. I was wrong, but hey...at least it seemed reasonable.

    How can graduates posibly fare better from a TTTT that has been around for less than 5 minutes?

    J-Dog said it best: "one giant deceptive business practice designed to transfer wealth from 20-somethings to 50- and 60-somethings". End of discussion.

  10. http://infilaw.com/teammembers.htm#mays

    "Shirley Mays, Dean, Phoenix School of Law

    Shirley Mays became dean of Phoenix School of Law on August 2, 2010. She was formerly associate dean of academic affairs at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, where she provided administrative leadership to the academic departments of the law school, including Academic Success, Legal Writing and Legal Drafting, Bar Services, Graduate Programs, Externships and the Legal Clinic, and the Paralegal Program. She also oversaw the Office of Student Administration. She chaired the Faculty Hiring, Minorities in Law, and Honor Code Committees and was a member of the University-wide Strategic Planning Committee, and the committees on Academic Affairs, Externships, and Admissions/Readmissions. Mays has served on several ABA site visit accreditation teams, was a member of the Ohio State Bar Association Task Force on Legal Education and was appointed by the Governor to the Ohio Ethics Commission where she served as the vice-chair.

    Dean Mayes received her undergraduate degree from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio and her Juris Doctor from Harvard University Law School."

    Scott E. Thompson, President, Phoenix School of Law

    "Scott Thompson is the former chief financial officer and group vice president for the Consumer-International sector of Travelport, Inc., formerly part of Cendant Corporation. During Thompson’s Travelport tenure, he held various positions including chief financial officer, controllership and planning & analysis. Prior to Cendant, he held global financial positions with Ingersoll Rand, Applied Power, Inc., and Aqua-Chem, Inc.

    Thompson’s career began in public accounting with KPMG and he has worked and lived internationally in London, England. He received a Global Executive MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and an undergraduate degree in accounting from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He was a 4-year varsity basketball player and a member of the 1984 NCAA Division III national championship team."

    As you can see, this school is run by venture capitalists. (By the way, who gives a damn that this swine was a member of a third tier, Division III national title winner, nearly thirty years ago?) Such firms do not really care about the quality of their work or their customers. They dabble in various profitable enterprises, such as “higher education.” To paraphrase J-Dog, “higher education” is simply a wealth transfer program from young people to old farts in their 50s and 60s. The students end up in financial ruin, with anemic job prospects, to further line the pockets of greedy Boomer pigs.

    Think about that for a second. These young people are mortgaging their futures on this product. They are certainly not established. Many of them will be financially unable to get married, purchase homes, or have children. In contrast, the “educators” are pulling down deep six-figure salaries – by consigning entire generations to debt servitude. In the end, the administrators and “professors” know that this system cannot go on indefinitely. They are simply playing this scheme out, as long as they can.

  11. "The students end up in financial ruin, with anemic job prospects, to further line the pockets of greedy Boomer pigs."


    But these boomer pigs are even worse than that. Even if one never went to law school or any other higher ed institution to get scammed, one still has to pay for their reckless management of the country. Boomers were handed a vibrant economy with low government debt and pass onto us the "great recession" and sky high levels of government debt.
    Their solution? Pay for our Medicare and Social Security but cut it for later generations... What a bunch of greedy pigs!!!

  12. This is the quality of law professor you get at University of Phoenix Law:


    How do you like them apples for $70,000 annual COA? This place needs to be shut down ASAP!

  13. ^^^ In other words, we also have to pay for the Boomers retirement through higher taxes...

  14. the united states is a big giant pile of fucking shitApril 26, 2011 at 5:58 PM

    Boomers are bloated disgusting fucking pigs. You should spend more time on this blogs grilling these selfish cocksuckers. I know its not exactly law related. But these cunts have earned the contempt of younger people. As an added bonus, these are the shitlings who run the universities and law schools. They inherited a good economy. They were able to waltz into good paying jobs after finishing up an easy major at Valdosta State College.

    Things were so good these shitbags decided that they should own bigger homes, faster cars, maybe a boat. When wages started going down, these greedy fucks did not temper their passion for more shit. They just put it all on plastic. Don't let economic realities get in the way of your quest for shiny expensive stuff. The country is now on the decline. We are a financial wreck. I don't feel bad for the cocksniffers that decided to buy a $350K home when they had 5 years left on their mortgage. Well we younger folks get fucked on that front too. You see this makes it necessary for irreponsible Boomers to work until they are 75. Their main concern is paying off that house. Well, you should have paid your home off 15-20 years ago, shit stain.

  15. 5:58

    It is stupid to blame a generation. And, anyway, the boomers had some spirit once upon a time. Look what they did for civil rights, womens' rights, gay rights, environmentalism, the antiwar movement, and pop music. They were lucky that they came of age when the USA was functional, but that doesn't make them the villians of the story. And a lot of boomers can't retire because they are paying their kids' student loans, not because they bought a mansion!

    The problem traces back to the early 70s, when the corporate sector started to outsource jobs and rip up the tax base, and this problem is ongoing. This is the "why" of brutal tuitions, lack of govt. jobs, and the transformation of the legal profession, among much else, from something overhyped-but-honorable into a filthy scam and an empty shell.

  16. It is wrong to blame an entire generation. But I do see and hear Boomers label all Gen Xers as lazy slackers. They do it all the time.

    OK, so Boomers protested and marched for civil rights. In the process, they helped bring this country to its knees. While they were marching for gay rights, they ignored the offshoring of jobs. Plus all the wasteful spending on ineffective social programs helped bring us to financial ruin. Congrats Boomers. Even when you try to help people, you fuck them in the ass.

  17. As always a wonderful post Nando. Opening a law school that costs 35k, in the midst a giant economic clusterfuck! As others have said, if you need any more proof of the scam here it is laid out before you. The ABA is completely spineless and is shackling people to decades and decades of debt servitude. I've posted under the "America is shit" mantra before and man it just keeps getting better.

    Love how that one dean or whatever was at Crapital School of Law. Know a few people there who are being absolutely demolished by the brutal market. Not like they are coming out with 20k in debt; try 120k plus from undergrad and law. I don't know how the hell our generation is going to survive this shit storm.

    Great service Nando, if I were to meet you face-to-face I'd buy you a cold one because I'm sure you've saved at least a couple kids from making terrible decisions.

  18. Just a personal anecdote about this craphole school. I had an LSAT score of 150 and a
    GPA of 3.3 and these people came running to my door as soon as I signed up with LSAC. The "cult recruiter" emailed me and offered me a full scholarship for the first year. She also called me several times asking me to reconsider, saying that my "high level credentials" would be a boon to the school and they wanted me there really badly! Thankfully I came to my senses before I went to law school (almost got sucked into Thomas Jefferson School of Law, owned by Rudy Hasl who owns Phx School of Law). All of these places offer a scholarship for the first year you're there and I suspect they pull the scholarship the second and third years of law school, so the poor sap feels obligated to take out loans to finish. I ended up going to library school instead. Still can't find professional library work, but at least I'm only $15000 in debt, and not $115000. I've met some of the people who work there, and they're rude to boot! Anyway, this school is a scam so please be warned anyone that is reading this and is still God knows why considering going to law school or grad school for that matter.

  19. @739

    I completely forgot that this school used to send me emails. I got like five or six during the summer after I'd not applied there. Here's one example of their spam:

    Dear [name],

    I am glad to tell you that your [#] LSAT and [#] undergrad GPA qualifies you for a Merit Scholarship at Phoenix School of Law. By the way, we are not affiliated with the online school, University of Phoenix. Our campus is located in Phoenix, Arizona (at Central & Indian School) and our recent graduates have a 97% bar pass rate (#1 in AZ and in the top 3% of all law schools in the country). We also have a 94% job placement rate, too.

    This is the perfect time of year to apply for Fall [year]. I am still taking applications and have some room in my scholarship budget- I think that you're a good fit for our J.D. program and hope to see your application soon (the application fee is waived through LSAC).

    Is this a good email address to send you the information?

    You can reach me at []@phoenixlaw.edu.

    Thank you,


    ---my favorite part is the question "is this a good email to send you the information?" Um...what if it isn't?

  20. The boomer pigs lol lol too fucking funny. I've noticed that more anger is being directed towards the boomers from this generation. By the time the country is broke it will be our generation that will have to pick up the pieces. The boomers, after wrecking this nation, will be relying on us to take care of them when they are old and withered.

  21. J-Dog, that's the same exact wording on the email they sent me! Guess I wasn't special after all. I hadn't applied there either.

  22. When Nando said "As you can see from this graph, this school accepts students with 2.72 undergraduate GPAs and 144 LSAT scores." I was like, surely he means a 2.72 undergraduate GPA OR a 144 LSAT score. So I clicked on the graph, and sure enough someone got in with both a 2.72 GPA and a 144 on the LSAT.

    I had some fun with the website, I looked up Yale and Third Tier Drake. Apparently rejects from Yale are on average better law school candidates than people accepted to this school here.
    Also the guy accepted with a 144 on the LSAT and a 2.72 Undergrad GPA was rejected from Drake University School of Law.

  23. http://www.guidestar.org/FinDocuments/2009/330/696/2009-330696561-05f521aa-9.pdf

    On page 24 of Thomas Jefferson School of Law's IRS 2009 Form 990, you will see that dean, president and “professor of law” Rudolph Hasl made $363,025 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008. Yes, this pig/“educator” made $302,390 in base compensation; $29,719 in bonus & incentive compensation; $10,547 in other compensation; $14,700 in deferred compensation; and $5,670 in non-taxable benefits. Who says "higher education" does not pay off? This glutton also "serves" on Infilaw's policy board. I suppose that Rudy cannot keep his hooves out of another venture.

    Boomers have squandered so much wealth, and depleted so many (finite) resources during their existence. As a generation, they acted as if those who came after them did not matter. Of course, now that they are approaching retirement age, they want to make sure that we continue to support them in old age. Even in their old age, they are looking out solely for themselves. They don’t care that our “population pyramid” cannot reasonably sustain the HUGE expense of ensuring their retirement and other government programs. Because they have been so responsible with the future of subsequent generations, right?!?!

    Of course, Boomers are not solely responsible for this mess. The policymakers and corporate class threw the working classes overboard nearly 40 years ago. They never looked back, either. In fact, the pigs expedited the job-slashing process with NAFTA and GATT. One-sided free trade agreements ended up hurting us. What a surprise, huh?!


    Check out this historical chart of the US trade deficit. These figures are in the millions of dollars. From 1960 to 1970, the nation still exported more than it imported. Not once, did we have a trade deficit.

    From 1971 to 1983, the nation started experiencing relatively small trade deficits, with the rest of the world. Then look at the HUGE jump that occurred from 1984-1988. The trade imbalance increased from $57.8 billion in 1983 to $109.1 billion in 1984. (Remember, Ronald Reagan helped pave the way for multinational corporations to move overseas. These wealthy pigs/ingrates received giant tax cuts, and showed their appreciation by moving operations offshore.)

  24. http://www.rense.com/general76/cclle.htm

    The deficit leveled off somewhat, until 1994. NAFTA went into effect on January 1, 1994. Americans were told by Clinton administration officials, ad nauseam, that these agreements would create MORE jobs here. Americans knew better; they actually got off their asses and told their members of Congress that this was nonsense. But the “conservative” Republicans and corporate Democrats ignored reality and common sense, and voted for lower tariffs and “free trade.” Clinton did not hesitate to sign these agreements.

    Manufacturing jobs are scarce now. Millions then went to college to improve their “marketability.” After all, we were going to be engaging in intellectual, white-collar jobs. We then discovered that white-collar jobs are even easier to offshore and outsource.

    This helps explain why we have millions of college-educated Americans working at jobs that do not require a 4 year degree. Now, we are seeing people with advanced degrees who are now making $10-$12 an hour. All while the cost of “higher education” skyrocketed. What a great $y$tem, huh?!


  25. My parents are boomers and in many respects, they irritate the hell out of me. All they give a crap about is bigger and bigger houses, going on vacation, etc. They would rather spend $30,000 on f-'in landscaping than help out their only son with his law school debt while he manages to squeak by doing intermittent contract work. Then they wonder why they don't feel connected to family. Well, you get what you give out. Obviously, material goods are more important in your little boomer world than your immediate relatives. /s/ one of those slack-bastard Gen-X'ers /s/

  26. That cowpie reminds me of the story about the little birdie. You can guess who the cyote represents.


  27. Have you guys given serious thought to talking to a consumer class action law firm?

    The various law schools claim a 90-95% employment rate, when it is really about 60%. The law schools new that this was false or misleading information. They presented it to increase their USNWR rankings and therefore attract students/customers. You read this employment information prior to applying and it induced you take massive student loans and waste 3 years. You are now unemployed.

    About 40% of the graduating class is in the same boat.

    I think this might be a consumer fraud class action.

    -MMA lawyer

    1. what is your contact info?

  28. Or if the students don't have precisely identifiable equivalent damages, at least it's a big consumer fraud lawsuit with lots of plaintiffs.

    -MMA lawyer

  29. How about this: reporting law school deans to their respective state bar disciplinary committees for dishonesty and fraud?

  30. @7:03. I like that idea. How is this situation any different from Sarbanes-Oxley with respect to company executives reporting truthful information to shareholders and the public? To some extent, there is even more of an public policy argument to be made for law schools' truthful reporting - they (or their students) receiving federal monies in the form of student loans. Granted, "some" companies receive federal funding, but not to the extent that schools do.

  31. Like usual, the picture is appetizing! ;)

  32. stop paying the loans. leave the country. herd together enough scratch for a cheap ticket to Canada, or down where I am, Australia. we'll get a debt dodgers safe house network up for you sorry bastards, marry you off to a local, and you can make your pile helping us rip shit out of the ground and flogging it to China or India. sweet.

  33. ...plus you can earn $AUD (trading $1.08 plus as I write) and ship 'em back home - the world wiping its arse with the greenback the way it is, you'll have paid down those filthy loans on the exchange in no time.

  34. This law school in China is applying for accreditation from the US ABA:


  35. Yes, I am curious why there isn't a voice or movement for a class action lawsuit for fraud (especially scienter with regard to employment statistics).

  36. @1:23

    Nando already gave the smack down to douche-bag dean, Jeffrey "Fuck America" Lehman, a while ago. Last I checked, the ABA did not go through in accrediting that school; per the ABA's site, it needed more time to "investigate" and "study" if foreign law schools should be accredited (and thank fuck for that).

  37. Wow. I finally agreed with Nando. WTF? Cooley is not the worst. Yeah Cooley. Ha. Cooley actually has a lot of old grads working. The new ones are bagging groceries.

  38. I'm a loser baby. So why don't you kill me?


  39. The New York Times takes devotes 5 pgs to the law school scam - http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/01/business/law-school-grants.html?

    The article's focus is on TTToilet's use of merit scholarships to incoming students, which is merely a bait and switch scheme because many recipients curve out of the scholarship requirements.

    Here are few money quotes:

    "'By the middle of second semester of that first year, everyone saw the system for what it was,” she said. 'We were furious. We realized that statistically, because of the curve, there was no way for many of us to keep our scholarships. But at that point, you’re a year in. They’ve got you. You feel stuck.'"

    "Actually, it takes a bit of forensic accounting to figure out how hard it is to keep a 3.0 at Golden Gate."

    "But the A.B.A. seems unaware of the issues raised by merit grants. Its annual survey of law schools is granular enough to ask for the number of hours the library is open, but it doesn’t ask how many students lose their scholarships each year."

    Why is merit scholarship retention not part of the U.S. News data haul?

    Hear what the cockroach Robert Morse has to say: “This isn’t meant to be sarcastic,” he said, “but these students are going to law school and they need to learn to read the fine print.”

    Thanks you to Golden Gate students Alexandra Leumer, Rachael Welden-Smith and Cassady Toles for your bravery and going on the record.

    Folks, time to grab your napalm spewing flamethrowers because it's time to disinfect these TTToilets and administrator$.


  40. The New York Times takes devotes 5 pgs to the law school scam - http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/01/business/law-school-grants.html?

    The article's focus is on TTToilet's use of merit scholarships to lure incoming students, which is merely a bait and switch scheme because many recipients curve out of the scholarship requirements.

    Here are few money quotes:

    "'By the middle of second semester of that first year, everyone saw the system for what it was,” she said. 'We were furious. We realized that statistically, because of the curve, there was no way for many of us to keep our scholarships. But at that point, you’re a year in. They’ve got you. You feel stuck.'"

    "Actually, it takes a bit of forensic accounting to figure out how hard it is to keep a 3.0 at Golden Gate."

    "But the A.B.A. seems unaware of the issues raised by merit grants. Its annual survey of law schools is granular enough to ask for the number of hours the library is open, but it doesn’t ask how many students lose their scholarships each year."

    Why is merit scholarship retention not part of the U.S. News data haul?

    Hear what the cockroach Robert Morse has to say: “This isn’t meant to be sarcastic,” he said, “but these students are going to law school and they need to learn to read the fine print.”

    Thanks you to Golden Gate students Alexandra Leumer, Rachael Welden-Smith and Cassady Toles for your bravery and going on the record.

    Folks, time to grab your napalm spewing flamethrowers because it's time to disinfect these TTToilets and administrator$.


  41. I saw that Times piece about scholarships. Can we finally quit referring to law school as professional school? Professions look out for their own, not fuck them in the ass with shards of glass.

  42. ...there is so much hate in this blog about third tier law schools. However, there's always two sides in every story. I am currently a 1L student in a California Bar Examiner School, its not even ABA and to read the posts above is very depressing. However, I am not intimidated.... even before law school I have succesfully represented myself for different cases in which I have all won...including a legal malpractice case (which is very hard to prove) against a lawyer with 34 years experience, a magna cumlaude from a Pepperdine University School of Law, a top tier school in CA...that sob paid to the last cent...Bottom line - its the student not the school. There are big firms here in California (yes the hardes bar in the U.S.) that are from unaccredited school and yet they work for big firms - Dollar Smith ( a big firm representing Banks and Financial institution is a firm own by a laywer who even went to an online law school...
    In addition, if you go to JESSUP International Moot Competitions, US Top Tier School like Harvard and Yale is nowhere near to the frequent winners like University of the Philippines, National University of Singapore and University of Texas...two of these schools are not even ABA?

  43. I agree with some of what was said here but I feel schools like Phoenix School of Law have a place. I applied to 12 schools with a 156 LSAT and 3.4 undergrad GPA and was not accepted to any schools except for 4th tier PSL. I have a few theories as to why this was (maybe because of the fact that I'm white and male?) but it's hard to say and out of my control.

    Yes, they do accept a lot of people and they may be robbing their money. But people make their own decisions to enter law school. More factors are considered in this decision than just relying on recruiting emails or scholarship offers. The ones who shouldn't be in law school are the ones getting robbed. Unfortunately, they're not smart enough to decide against law school and get taken advantage of.

    If it wasn't for PSL I would not be in law school. PSL gives one the opportunity to get a JD and an opportunity to pass the bar. Even if PSL has the worst bar passage rate at least I have the chance to be one of those that do pass.

    As a student here I don't particularly agree with many things they do. I do not see in their plans anything that will get them out of the 4th tier. In fact, their goals as a business will likely keep them there.

    For such reasons and many others my goal is to transfer.

    Anonymous PSL Student

  44. Hey Anonymous PSL Student 4:52,

    Maybe you should have taken that fact (that the best place you can get into is a diploma-mill) as a sign that you're not cut out to be a lawyer. My theory is that you didn't get accepted anywhere else because your LSAT score is awful, not because you're "white and male". Look around at the student body of your typical (real) law school. Isn't it all white men? How'd they get accepted?

    I don't mean to insult you, but you seriously need to reconsider your decision here. You said this:

    "The ones who shouldn't be in law school are the ones getting robbed. Unfortunately, they're not smart enough to decide against law school and get taken advantage of."

    Can you honestly say that this statement doesn't apply to you? You need to get real. You may very well pass the bar, but you will never practice law. Look at the employment numbers. Half of all new JDs will never practice, and you're not just going to be in the bottom half of all grads, you're right at the bottom of the barrel. No firm will ever hire you.

    And you can forget about transferring. If better law schools didn't want you when you applied before, they're certainly not going to be impressed with your year at a school no one's ever heard of.

    Just drop out. Right now. It may seem like the wrong thing to do after all the work you've done to get here, but if that's the case, you should educate yourself about the sunk-cost fallacy:


    You've wasted a lot of time and money already, but throwing more time and money at the problem isn't going to fix it. Drop out now and start sending out some resumes. I bailed from a much better law school, and I found a job that will pay me more than the attorneys I used to clerk for.

  45. I agree with the other posts. This school is a scam. I actually applied and attended for one year. They initially gave a scholarship for the first year and then pulled it the next year. Also one of the professors was such a bitch and did not like me and actually admitted that she new which exam papers were mine and gave me poor grades on purpose. When I approached the Dean, he told me he could not get involved in such matters. WTF? He is the dean. I actually went after them and informed the ABA but the ABA never responded to me. I pulled out after that. I also know that the top law firms in the city refused to recruit or hire students from this school.

    1. They pulled your scholarship because you did not maintain the 3.0 gpa you needed to keep the scholarship. I kept my scholarship for three years which is hard to do in a school that has a mandated C curve when the majority of schools have a B curve.
      PSL definitely has low standards and that is my main problem with the school, but I attended the school when the focus was on non-traditional students (people who work and need flexibility). Somewhere along the way they became a school for low standard students. I take issue with that.
      However, the Professors are great and I felt prepared for the bar exam. I will post whether I passed or fail later.
      I also agree with the person that wrote the article. $36,000 a year is a lot of money for a school that has not proven itself in the legal community. The school is not honest with the incoming students regarding their chances of employment.
      In regards to transferring, I know students that transferred to Arizona State, University of Arizona, George Washington University, Georgetown, University of Maryland, etc. I know students that have jobs working in small to medium law firms, Attorney General office, state clerkships and local prosecutor offices. Of course, most of the graduates start their own firms, I am currently working on non profit organization.
      For the most part, I had a great experience at PSL. I love the location, the students and especially the Professors who have an open door policy. The administration and the for-profit atmosphere is a challenge but the education more than make up for that!

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. To the piece of trash above, who posted on July 31, 2012 at 3:11 am,

    How is life in Slovenia, cockroach?!?!


    IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
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    From my analytics:

    Visits: 1
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    Locale: Medvode, Slovenia / Slovenian
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    Visits by this user in the last 7 days

    Jul 31 2012 3:11am 3 actions 8s google.si/


    "Historically, the current territory of Slovenia was part of many different state formations, including the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, followed by the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1918, the Slovenes exercised self-determination for the first time by co-founding the internationally unrecognized State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs, which merged into Yugoslavia. During World War II, Slovenia was occupied and annexed by Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia, only to emerge afterwards as a founding member of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In June 1991, after the introduction of multi-party representative democracy, Slovenia became an independent country. In 2004, it entered NATO and the European Union, in 2007 became the first former Communist country to join the Eurozone, and in 2010 joined the OECD, a global association of high-income developed countries."

    Get back to your customers, bitch. They don't want stale bagels or cold coffee, because you are too busy playing online. Also, make sure your mother douches daily and cleans her entire body thoroughly - as her clients don't want to smell the previous john. Get a life, loser.

  48. A true example of people with way too much time on your hands. You all are what I can't stand about the states.

  49. DO these comments come from folks that flunked out or something? What were your experiences with the teaching style of PSL?

  50. As a current 2L at PSL I am find this post and many of the comments hilarious. You post your opinion on a school and then admit you dont know much if anything about it. LOL! Many of you discuss the cost of attendance, like it is much more then any other university out there, really, seriously, we all know we are all getting raped when it comes to tuition. My LSAT and GPA put me exceedingly beyond the 90th percentile of PSL's stats but I chose this school because I can attend part time and in the evening, which neither of the other TWO schools in AZ offered. School is school, no matter what school you go to, we learn the same cases, the same subjects, the only difference may be the quality of the teachers themselves. There are crap teachers at PSL, like every other school, and there are some amazing teachers as well, such as Jalila Jefferson-Bullock (a harvard law grad) While I do pay an assload in tuition, my school is stacked with the newest in technology for EVERY classroom. Most of you who comment most likely have no idea of the Phoenix market. Currently PSL does a better job at preparing students to hit the job market with experiance then ASU. The firms in Phoenix have a different view (a real view of the product) coming from PSL and it shows. PSL students are desired by firms all thoughout the valley. I am certain many of you ignorant of any facts related to my post will make sure to bash me and I expect that but truth is that unless you are top 10% at the top schools then you are not being recruited from school anyway, so unless you go to harvard, yale, or the like, you may want to take a hard look at yourself and your school before you talk your crap to make yourself feel better for the mass of tuition you pay.


    1. You truly are an idiot. Law firms and government agencies look at an applicant's alma mater. They do this in order to narrow down the field, Stupid Bitch. They figure that those who attend the best schools have stronger skills. Your FOR-PROFIT "institution of higher learning" can train you extensively, and it does not matter. Firms care about a school's reputation.


      According to US "News" & World Report, Phoenix Sewer of Law is still listed as a FOURTH TIER PILE OF EXCREMENT! Yes, HR departments must be thrilled to see your resume and cover letter, huh?!?!

      Check out this entry on your fourth tier waste heap:


      "Employment Statistics and Rankings[edit source

      According to The Faculty Lounge, 43.6% of the Class of 2012 was employed in full-time, long-term positions requiring bar admission, ranking 158th out of 197 law schools. [5] This school is consistently ranked as "one of the worst law schools in the country."[6]"

      How do you like those facts, waterhead?!?! Also, nobody cares about the supposed "quality" of your "law professors," moron.

  51. Its even worse now. It costs almost $42,000 a year! About $6,000 in tuition increases in 2 years!

  52. Are you actually suggesting that you chose PSL over ASU and UA because PSL offers part-time options? That would be laughably stupid. The truth is that you didn't get into ASU or UA. It's also laughably stupid to think that PSL prepares its graduates better than ASU, which is a completely meaningless boast. What "preparation" are you referring to? How to draft a Rule 26.1 disclosure statement? A PSL grad is superior to an ASU grad because the PSL grad knows how to copypaste text from a template to stick into a new disclosure and the ASU grad does not? Seriously?

    The PSL graduates I've come across have been employed as secretaries and paralegals, because no one wants to hire them as lawyers. Some are working for free. I know partners of law firms who would flatly refuse to hire any PSL graduates. Many lawyers in town question why we needed an extra law school in the first place. It's hard enough to find jobs for fresh graduates of ASU, who tend to be very bright and often reach the pinnacles of success in this profession (look at our state Supreme Court: 2 UA grads, 1 Harvard grad, and 2 ASU grads). Now they're supposed to make room for PSLs too? Good luck.

  53. This shitty ass law school is undergoing a name change. It'll be known as Arizona Summit Law School.

    The retards that run this place finally figured out people thought it was part of the University of Phoenix, which is a super shithole.

    It won't make a difference. This school will still rely on morons with 143 LSATs and 2.9 college GPAs to fill its seats.

  54. Check out this pathetic email from their admissions office. Names omitted for anonymity. Basically it's just terrible, grasping shit that should send anybody with a working brain running in the opposite direction.

    "I have sent you a couple of emails, but unfortunately have not yet received a response. Some applicants have found my previous emails in their junk email folders. I want to assist you in the application process could you please let me know how best to assist you?
    Are you interested in the scholarship opportunities I previously notified you about? If so, I can provide you with additional information.
    Are you looking to apply to law school to our current Spring 2015 term or would you rather start in our Summer or Fall terms? All applications are available on LSAC.org and there is no application fee to apply.
    Are you no longer interested in learning more about Arizona Summit Law School? To unsubscribe, click here to remove yourself from our communications.
    I know there are many unanswered questions about law school and I am here to help you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you. "

  55. As a HR manager we have refused Resumes from the above listed school (Uni of Phoenix).
    A brain that has stayed at home and completed a degree is piece of garbage.

    Why should i consider someone who stayed home and earned a degree over a person who worked their behind off and went to school, attended different clubs, became part of different organizations has earned actual life experience.


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