Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grab a Plumber’s Snake: Gonzaga University School of Law

Tuition: For $ome rea$on, these bitches list tuition for each credit hour. The price is $1132 per credit. Seeing that a full-time law student will take 30 credits, over the course of a school year, we can determine that full-time JD tuition at Gonzaga Univer$iTTTy will amount to $33,960 for one year.

Ranking: Sure, the cost is a little steep. But surely the school’s amazing reputation in the legal community will justify the price of admission, right?!?! (If you don’t want your dreams shattered by reality, then look away right now.) US “News” & World Report rates this commode as the 121st greatest, most phenomenal law school in the land. It shares this distinction with the following five toilets: CUNY, Howard, Maine, Southwestern, and Wayne $TTTaTTTe. I’m sure that the parents of these lemmings must be brimming with pride. Why shouldn’t they be proud? After all, only 120 law schools are ranked ahead of Gonzaga.

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: Since the dung heap refuses to provide a link to its Class of 2010 employment placement data, we will look at info from Law School Numbers. As you can see, 86.1% of Gonzaga’s JD Class of 2005 was alegedly employed, within nine months of graduation. Keep in mind that this counts those who are working in positions that do not require a law degree.

Furthermore, the school awarded full-tuition scholarships to 0.00% of its students – for 2005-2006. However, these good Chri$tian$ did offer half-tuition scholarships to 7.1 percent of its customers. This page also shows that, in 2007-2008, a total of NINE law firms participated in OCI. This shows that the school cannot produce results. They cannot even attract law firms to the campus!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Gonzaga JD Class of 2010 who incurred law school debt - as $100,092. Furthermore, 99% of the members of this toilet’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt. That is correct – NINETY-NINE PERCENT!!

Faculty and Administrator Pay: We will head over to page of the Corporation of Gonzaga University’s 2009 IRS Form 990, to see how well these pigs are making out on the federal teat.

Dean Earl F. Martin “earned” $258,862 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008. Yes, Earl made $196,499 in base compensation; $50 in bonus & incentive compensation; $25,745 in “other” compensation; $19,407 in deferred compensation; and $17,161 in nontaxable benefits. Hell, the law school’s dean made more money than the university president. In addition, “adjunct professor” Michael Casey made $151,055 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the same tax year.

As a student at this third tier festering commode, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the Gonzaga Journal of International Law. This will set you apart from your fellow job seekers. After all, legal and non-law employers love seeing that graduates have spent countless hours learning how to correctly cite article submissions for a secondary journal, right?!?!

The school’s mission statement reads:

“To provide an excellent legal education informed by our humanistic, Jesuit, and Catholic traditions and values.”

Apparently, charging students $33,960 per year for a third-tier, third-rate “legal education” is enlightened by humanistic ideals. Furthermore, pumping out graduates - MANY of whom will never practice law - with $100K+ in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - is instructed by Catholic traditions?!?!

I understand that the corrupt and morally bankrupt corporation known as the Roman Catholic Church employed torture chambers during The Inquisition. In addition, the Catholic Church also permitted its bishops to sexually abuse children, for decades. Yet, people still belong to this dung heap of a religion. In light of that, it should be no surprise that people are willing to pay $33,960 per year in TTTuiTTTion.

Conclusion: Gonzaga University Sewer of Law is a joke. Attending this waste pile will not result in a better life. Unless, of course, you think that practicing toiletlaw is worth taking out $100K-$140K to attend this dump. A law degree from this third tier waste pile will not open more doors for you. Sure, the school has an “innovative” curriculum - and touts its International Law program. Guess what? YOU will not be practicing “international law.”

Instead, you will be lucky to land a job related to law. If you do practice law, you will more than likely have the distinct honor of defending drunk drivers, and chasing down clients for payment. That seems adventurous, doesn’t it?! Actually, it strikes one as hell on earth. Perhaps you can look forward to representing minor league scam artists in slip and fall cases. Maybe you would prefer to help lazy bastards receive SSDI. If you go into Worker’s Comp, please make sure that your “severely mentally injured” client is not caught shooting 18 holes of golf.


  1. you know i was thinking nando, we should googlebomb your site so it's the top result when people search "law school" on google.

    that'd be so awesome haha


  2. I am all for that. How does one googlebomb? Perhaps I should google that.

    Great post, Nando. It is nice to see that law schools no longer control the dissemination of information and that their propaganda have been exposed.

  3. What is a Gonzaga? Is that some sort of Pacific Northwest gnat?

  4. Why would someone go to a law school with a name like that smh.

  5. Nice thread on gonzaga ("The Real Deal on Gonzaga law School"), circa 2007-2010, at, included these comments from a 3L and a graduate:

    From a posting dated April, 2007 (i.e. pre-crash, pre-public sector austerity, pre-ABA outsourcing decision):

    "Now almost a 3L, I am beginning to take a step back and be more pragmatic about the very REAL situation my class is in as we approach graduation...If any of you honestly asked people what they make after graduation, you'd probably be shocked to know that the average starting salary... is 42K from GU. 42K may be great to you, but consider this: GU has the highest tuition in WA law schools."

    From a posting dated November, 2009 (i.e. apres le deluge):

    "Our class is getting close to our 2nd year out of school, and I recently got together with a couple of friends, we got out the old "facebook" yearbook, and compared what we had heard through the grapevine and looked people up on facebook. While not a scientific survey by any means our tally about 50% of the class had either never found a job as an attorney, or had been laid off."

  6. Gonzaga produces shitlawyers just like the article says. I went to UW for undergrad and thought about LS for a second. This was around 2000. Thank God I had a decent job with room for growth. If I hadn't I might have taken the plunge.

    That's not why I'm writing this. My nephew just graduated from this school. A few of his friends are going to go solo. Good luck with that. I know a few Gonzaga grads that representing ins. companies and making dick.

    If you live in Spokane, you'll see cheesy ads for ambulance chasers. The bus advertisements for DUI are my favorite. I laugh when I see "Jones" Law Office. Usually a good sign this is a one man operation.

    The kid went straight to law school after college. I know he has more than $100,000 in student loans. When is this madness going to end?

  7. Thanks for grossing everybody out with those photos. Maybe if you guys had studied and worked harder you wouldn't be on here bitching about your lives.

  8. Words of wisdom from Hot Carl.

  9. eat shiat, carl, and bark at the moon.

    I gradded magna and nearly went broke...

  10. yes carl, if only students had worked harder to memorize crucial legal doctrine like the rule against perpetuities, they could have gotten a better job. Maybe, like Nando says, they could have put their noses to the grindstone and gotten that space law certificate, big law employers would sit up and take notice. Nothing impresses hiring partners like being in the top 52% of the class and on the Sports Law Journal.

    p.s. I liked the reference to "international law" to this day, I still have no idea of what the fuck that is. Is it just corporate law, or is it working for the U.N.? (Good luck getting an attorney job with the UN lol. I'm sure they are dying to hire you and your St. John's law degree)

  11. I didn't know Gonzaga had a law school. I can't say anything good about Gonzaga except that back in the '90s, I made a few hundred bucks betting on an NCAA tournament game with Gonzaga covering the spread. That being said, I would rather bet on the Gonzaga basketball team than take a chance with a Gonzaga JD holder.

    NYC Hiring Partner

  12. I love how this blog manages to attract dumb people even no that what this blog says has become an accepted truth.

    "Worked harder," Carl? Go tell that to the law review editors, "honors" graduates, etc. working in doc review, as paralegals, as LSAT tutors, or in non-law retail/restaurant gigs. I can name name 8-10 off the top of my head who aced final exam after final exam.

    And of course that's ignoring that at most law schools, the median grad is hard-working and intelligent, and yet they're screwed. Get a clue, Carl.

  13. We can talk about “hard work” until we are blue in the face, Carl. When I am bored, I sometimes look up friends and former high school and college classmates - especially those who had great poise, high intelligence, and drive - to see what they are doing with their lives.

    So far, I have seen one toilet lawyer, who graduated from American University Commode of Law. One kid made the local paper, for making a hole in one, as a senior on his high school golf team. He ended up attending New Mexico State University, and was on the school’s golf team, as well. A few went into law enforcement - including one guy who was about 5’2” and weighed close to 115 pounds, at age 17. One toothpick played college basketball, where he had a career average of 3.36 points per game. In three years, a span of 75 games - of which he had 49 starts, the guy scored 252 points.

    In the end, it is MUCH better to be born into a wealthy family.

    I recently stumbled across this article. Here is a brief exchange between a former classmate and St. Louis Magazine:

    “[Q] Where did you start cooking in the US?

    [A] I dropped out of college in Salt Lake City and began cooking at the ski resorts nearby. Incidentally, I worked for Perry Hendrix there, who is now our Executive Chef at Brasserie by Niche.”

    I went to school with Gerard Craft, who is now the executive chef and owner of Niche Restaurant, in St. Louis. To be fair, this man had the business sense to understand how to run a successful restaurant. However, the article notes that luck played a large roll. (For some reason, the reporter does not mention how this college dropout, at age 25, had access to large sums of startup money.)

    “In 2004, while searching the Internet for an affordable place to open a restaurant, a 25-year-old Gerard Craft zeroed in on a building in the Benton Park neighborhood, having never even seen Benton Park—or St. Louis. Yet Craft managed to parlay what he calls “the craziest decision I ever made” into three of this city’s most successful restaurants: Niche pushes the limits of creative food; Taste by Niche pushes the limits of cocktail mixology; and Brasserie by Niche limits itself to simple, well-executed, French comfort food.”

    He had never even been to St. Louis, but leased a building for a restaurant anyway! He now owns three restaurants, and looks to expand his business operations. Gerard’s family was involved in DC Republican Party politics. In fact, his middle name is Ford, in reference to Gerald Ford. Frankly, Gerard was a lazy college student when I knew him. He was about as friendly as I am, too. However, his example shows that college is pretty useless. It must be nice having a reserve of play money.

  14. Pathetic that 33k a year is actually cheap by law school standards.

  15. "carl said...
    Thanks for grossing everybody out with those photos. Maybe if you guys had studied and worked harder you wouldn't be on here bitching about your lives.

    May 15, 2011 5:23 PM"

    I find it not only appropriate, but immensely entertaining, the way this and the other scamblogs go after these horrendous, conscienceless, fraudulent sewers of law.

    The coming collapse of the graduate/law school student loan debacle will be upon us shortly. It may end up dwarfing the real estate bubble collapse. All because these filthy sewers take these kids in and screw them over with not only false hope at exorbitant prices, but training so grossly inadequate that even the glimmer of a hope of successful soloing is out of reach for th vast majority of these unfortunate lemmings.

    good luck to all.

  16. Law school is a sick joke. You're basically paying $100K so you can SIT for the bar exam. Would you pay $200 for a chance to ask a man or woman out on a date? Course not. So why waste 3 years and tons of money for this shit? LS doesn't teach you how to practice. Shit, you don't even learn how to file a motion. Unless you are fortunate to land one of the slots for clinic.

  17. 12:35. I've always thought that having to sit for a standardized exam after sheeling out 200K for law school to be a huge scam. Of course, the idea is to weed out the utter idiots, which the bar exams do a frightsully poor job of. he first step should be to bar foreign trained attorneys from sitting for any state bar. Why we should sit here and allow them to take the few jobs we have left is beyond me. Next, they must shuter at least 50% of the law schools. Once the academics are doing doc review they'll understand what many others have to go through.

  18. And the sad part about the 33k a year is that it will go up. At the school I attended tuition increased by $10,000 over 3 f@#king years. This TTT has been profiled here already. Sure they gave me a small (very small) scholarship but it did not rise with the cost. Keep up the good work nando, I talk about your blog and the others to anyone who will listen. Your blog should be required reading for any liberal arts majors or high school pre-law club kids.

  19. "Student Loan Debt: Next Bubble to Burst?"

    And the drumbeat continues...

  20. Which shit-ass law school is next on your blog? If you don't have any school targeted, I have a suggestion. UMKC. You've got to cover this shithole.

  21. My CAT has a greater likelihood of practicing law than most grads of this terlet.

    And, he won't be in six-figure non-dischargeable debt, I assure you.

    Not on my watch.

  22. if you think its bad when you are trying to be a lawyer, assuming you can pass the bar and become one, the money scams continue once you are a member of that prestigious State Bar .
    All the CLE and the different local district bars they make you join, oh and I have to pay the State Bar a small fee each year to use my name in practice, plus this latest CLE offering Im pondering "Cross Examination in International Arbitration"

    I am seriously laughing my ass off at that as I practice in a bumfuck State where most of my clients have never been west of the mississippi much less somewhere international, unless you count Mexico once they dropped an anchor baby in the USA. That is just their way of saying all the jobs are being outsourced to Lagos and New Delhi so if you wannt to stay in practice, better learn how to arbitrate overseas. Christ.

    The world changes folks and I can say this objectively as a 20 year shit lawyer from a crap school who has made some good money but is watching things change in would be a fool to go to law school that isnt a top rated school nowdays. This 4th tier stuff is a waste of money. 20 years ago we had a shot but we were also not educated by the internet otherwise 75% of my classmates would have gone in to sales and not law. Most of them walked out with 50k in debt, which was a lot back then, and ended up doing something else for many of the same reasons kids do today. The only problem is now the cost is much higher and wages have probably gone down.

    Just like people years ago stopped selling encyclopedias door to door, people now need to stop going to law schools that are barely accredited and who offer scholarships that will disapper after the first year.

    Being a lawyer just is not that big a deal anymore.

    While Nando is kind of dick to people who disagree with him, the information he provides is valuable and you kids considering law school need to take a long hard look at why you are doing it. Its a dead end for most and three years in school in your prime is not the best way to spend this short life we are given considering the financial and personal heartbreak you will likely experience.

  23. Holy crap the former Dean was basically ripping off the school--I'm so happy I let this school's request for money go unanswered. I found law jobs in San Francisco Bay area with a degree from this school but I didn't stay in Spokane. Had tuition been what it is now I wouldn't have gone and do not recommend it at all at this price absent a full ride. From my experience had I not contributed to retirement and not vacationed as much as I did, I could have paid off all my $135K student loan/credit card debt within 5 years of working. I do know I didn't do any of that journal/moot court crap and will have made over 6 figures 2 years in a row. Can vouch for the journals' reputation when I was in judge chambers in LA discussing a criminal case the local judge mentioned how good the law journal of this school was which surprised me. As far as no prepartion for law school not so sure. Law school in generals are deficient about that, but before I graduated I clerked/was in family, criminal and credit court, attended 2 contract negotiations seminars, and learned alot about corporate law. Also all of my law professors were actual law practicioners which I found very helpful to learn from. Did career service help me? Hell no. I was looking only in CA so I had to early on reach out harder/worker hard for jobs then my counterparts staying locally. I didn't start at $75K job until exactly 1 year after graduation. At 6 months I was still temping everywhere.

  24. As I wrote in another thread, the law schools need to be burned down on some moonless Sunday night*....I fear for the universities that don't have some leaching law school attached to them; many good places of learning are either going to go tits up or begin resembling Pripyat, the town next to the Chernobyl reactors; loads of abandonded buildings, very few students or staff, campus cops driving around in beat up Mad Max-like vehicles, weeds in the quad. And may God have mercy on some of the Northeast schools like Widener or Temple U. which are located in ghettoish parts of town to begin with. The student loan "industry" has fucked the students, fucked the schools, and fucked itself.

  25. * Unless the school building is good looking, like at Thomas Jefferson Skool o' Lawl; in that case, chuck everything out of the building into the parking lot and change all the locks.

    Where the hell is the Coin'el? I want to hear more about JDs cooking chickens.

  26. Oh God! Some sick animal just defecated a twenty pound 'SETON HALL LAW' in the office toilet!

  27. Maybe colonel Sanders wouldn't hire anyone from this shithole.

  28. Our friend Strelnikov has I think identified a very likely secnario.

    A number of these "institutions of higher learning" are just going to look like abandoned shopping malls when this tuition bubble, and it IS a bubble, finally bursts.

    This whole scam is going to cave in. Kids are just not going to forever be able to pay top dollar to get a BA in PoliSci, only to end up at Starbucks. This train has to fall off the tracks sometime. It is only a matter of when. The politicians keep propping it up with their facile chestnuts about the "value of higher education" per se, with no real thought about the kind of degrees these kids are still gettng, most, not all of which are and will be useless.

  29. The founding fathers started all this.

    Ben Franklyn held my hands, and George Washington pinned my feet, and John Adams pummeled my face into a pulp.

    Anyway, that is what the History Professors are all teaching now.

    Oh, and yeah, Lady Gaga, in her meatsuit calls it Ronzoni.

    Where do I live?

  30. Even though Columbia is top 5 law school, can someone pick apart this:

  31. I have a friend that went here for undergrad. The Je$uits certainly prepared him for his managerial career at Zumiez!

  32. Thanks for the tip, 10:24 am.

    On April 19, 2007 at 3:30:28 pm, LSD poster "jd2be" wrote:

    "GU does give out lots of scholarships, but they're usually about 5-7K. There are no free rides here, even the Thomas Moore Scholars (look into it if interested) only get 80% of tuition paid. Even if you're lucky enough to get a scholarship, they tack a GPA requirement onto it. Usually you have to keep a 2.85. Sounds fine, right? Well the curve here is set at 2.6-2.9, so lots of people loose their scholarships. The curve is not like undergrad, it means that all grades must fit the curve so that the mean grade for the class must be between a 2.6-2.9. At the point you hit below the 2.85 at the end of your first year, you've already invested several thousands, so you stay on. I've not experienced this since I didn't get a scholarship, but that's what I've seen with my friends."

    On April 30, 2011, the NYT published reporter David Segal's piece on law schools use of merit scholarships. For $ome rea$on, schools make it very difficult for their merit scholarship recipients to maintain the required GPA. WHY would they do that?!?! Oh that's right! The pigs are trying to increase their ranking, by attracting students with high UGPAs and strong LSAT scores. However, they do not want to renew all of those offers. As Segal notes:

    "Why would a school offer more scholarships than it planned to renew?

    The short answer is this: to build the best class that money can buy, and with it, prestige. But these grant programs often succeed at the expense of students, who in many cases figure out the perils of the merit scholarship game far too late."

    “jd2be” continues:

    “The Career Services Office is flagrantly underpaid and understaffed. The best they can do for you is give you some alumni contacts and send you 10-20 emails per day about unpaid summer internships or jobs requiring 2-3 years experience as an attorney. They do put on several brown bag luncheons with practicing attorneys each semester, but those people aren't here to interview. When they do OCI in the fall, all the firms are from Spokane or CDA, Idaho. Only a few from Seattle, Portland, etc. On top of that, the OCI interviews all require top 20% or above. (Okay, before law school we ALL thought we'd be in that group right?!) But the other 80% of students need jobs too!”

    In the final analysis, the law schools DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN what happens to their graduates upon graduation. These filthy cockroaches get paid up front, in full - whether you are practicing law or serving up lattes. Keep in mind, you will counted as “employed,” even if you are waiting tables.

  33. Kids, are you listening?

    Now, explain for the rest of the class of future law students how crucial it is, barring substantial connections, to DROP THE HELL OUT if First Year grades are poor. Show your work.

    This cannot be emphasized enough. Poor First Year grades from one of these utterly reprehensible fraud academies can be fatal to your future career, legal and non-legal. Non-law employers could not give a damn about you sub-par JD when you come knocking on the door. And, your chances of landing any kind of PAYING legal work with shitty grades are now almost nil. Soloing is for the very brave and/or the very lucky.

    Are you?

    Make sure those malpractice premiums are paid before you enter the big water.

  34. The jobs are in China and Mexico. Kids are graduating from college with no fucking employment. Is someone who graduated from Norhtwestern or Stanford supposed to go to work for fucking McDonalds? Which means more people will look at law school and MBAs.

  35. I haven't used the word Gonzagas since I was a teenager.

    But if I were to start my own school, I'd probably use a slang term for women's breasts too.

  36. Indeed. Let us further explore the irony for the rest of the class.

    Note how the "Gonzagas" of your youth brought only joy, whilst the "Gonzagas" of today bring mostly, if not only, sadness.

  37. 3:02 comment = brilliant.

    I don't need to shell out $100K to suck on a nice pair of tits. Gonzaga Law School, on the other hand, is a piece of shit. Boo-yah!

  38. Yep, you can get it for free. Even if you pay for a super hot escort, she will probably put you back 2k max?

    $2,000 for sex with a beautiful eastern european call girl >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $200,000, 3 years of hell with deformed, abrasive law students, professors, and administrators, and complete and utter financial ruin.

  39. "This whole scam is going to cave in. Kids are just not going to forever be able to pay top dollar to get a BA in PoliSci, only to end up at Starbucks."

    One possibility is that schools will then recruit foreign students to attend. This will be particularly important as the dollar continues to decline relative to other currencies. If a guy in China can essentially go to law school in the U.S. on pocket change based on the valuation of the yaun (and devaluation of the U.S. dollar), who do you think the school administrators are going to target as potential students? Same thing with real estate. I can see how in the future people from overseas are going to buy our homes for essentially pocket change while we Americans starve to death.

  40. "One possibility is that schools will then recruit foreign students to attend."

    That process has already started in some places. Some graduate programs now are basically factories to bring in Chinese, Korean, and Indian money. The Legal Dollar had a post on this a while back:

  41. "can see how in the future people from overseas are going to buy our homes for essentially pocket change while we Americans starve to death."

    I hear of Aust. expats doing just so right now. not all though. lots get paid in USD and are HATING life. long way from when the little Aussie bleeder traded at USD .50. they can eat my shit.

  42. Nando,
    Sorry to bring the bad news, but a law degree isn't required for helping folks get SSDI benefits. My friend works for a company that hospitals contract with to get their patients onto benefits (and thus, off free care). Part of her job is to go to court as a client "advocate." She has a master's in Sociology, but most of the people who work under her just have bachelor's. She said there's no degree requirement at all & there are all types of bottom feeders who hang their own shingle, taking 1/3 of the initial lump sum payments.

    As far as I know, slip & falls and drunk drivers are still represented by attorneys exclusively.

  43. @9:50,

    I know that one does not need to be a licensed attorney to help people receive SSDI. (Many disabled people do not require the services of a client advocate, either.) This means that one need not take out $100K+ in loans - or spend seven years in the "higher education" $y$tem. However, plenty of law firms are happy to highlight their success rate in SSDI claims. In the end, these ambulance chasers simply want a large cut of the settlement.

    "EXPERIENCE COUNTS – Over 8 out of 10 cases we file result in a fully favorable decision from the Social Security Administration."

    Big deal. Twelve days ago, I made 19 out of 20 free throws. In fact, after missing my second attempt, I connected on the last 18 shots. The point is this: anyone who has the brains, a legitimate disability, and the willingness to traverse this system can successfully file their own claim.

    Check out this advertisement, from Binder & Binder.

    My favorite part is where attorney Charles Binder wears a cowboy hat and states:

    "We'll deal with the government. You have enough to worry about."

    The fact remains that tons of patients successfully file their own SSDI claims. The way the system is set up, plenty of claimants simply give up. If their claim is denied, many do not bother to appeal the decision. People would rather move on than deal with more paperwork. This opens the door for shady-ass disability law firms to drum up some business.

  44. It's an informative post. I very much look forward to read this post. Most incoming law students have no idea what they are getting into and find the results of all of their hard work and skills stretched to the breaking point during their first year of law school. So, you can visit for more information on

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  45. I applied here twice and was rejected both times. Or maybe it was 3? I was lucky enough to land a spot in my current school. Gonzaga would have grabbed me quick after seeing my first year grades. Many higher ranked schools were quick to admit me once I showed them my 1L transcript. I realized I didn't really want to go back to Spokane (that's where I was married and most of my family lives).

    The World Traveling Law Student

  46. Still a good school though^

    The World Traveling Law Student

  47. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. To the steaming pile of waste who posted on September 14, 2011 at 10:33 pm:

    Your grammar and punctuation establish that YOU are a borderline retard. To wit:

    "Just graduated from this school, ya, I have a stupid amount of debt, and I teeter on regret of going to law school all the time, but I have a job that pays well and a law degree is something Im proud to have."

    If you attended Gonzaga, then this sewer is lucky to be in the third tier. By the way, bitch: you are the one who is defending this sick, depraved system - even though you incurred "a stupid amount of debt." That makes you a tool, and a house slave. You were exploited by this stench pit, and yet you defend it. You truly are a pathetic pussy. Maybe you will grow some balls, one day. The odds of that occurring are slim, though. You don't even have the brain or spine to recognize that you were raped over a coffee table.

  49. Went to GU Law. I know several folks who ended up in Alaska, and several who are chasing DUI and Personal Injuries. I got super lucky. I ended up going into Federal Contracting (Business, not Legal), and two years later make 85k (with genuine promotion prospects to 6 figures in the next two years). Career services was absolutely no help. I didn't even bother sitting for the Bar Exam (I'm not giving one more penny to the legal field, unless they are representing me). I genuinely regret the decision to attend. I now have 110k in student debt and everything I got job wise I think I could have done without accruing the debt. I don't hold any ill will towards the school because I choose to go their and I was very proud of what I had achieved even getting in (I'm a first generation college grad). I definately do not recommend the legal field to people when they ask a d certainly would not recommend GU (not because most of them are not good people, just because the ROI does not justify the expense). I learned to write, and spent 3 years with a lot of entitled rich kids. Taught me a lot about a world I hadn't really been exposed to as a state school kid, and I worked harder in my studies then I ever thought I could (and realized how much harder I can work). I will sweat out my ten years on IRB and the get PSLF (if it's still there). The cost of law school and the availability of student loans which I had no business getting (since I can't discharge them in BX), taught me—and lots of my peers–that higher education can be a sales job just like anything else.

  50. As a Gonzaga Law Grad I laughed at this post, because it is so true. I have been out of there for about 8 years now and am still struggling to make a living. I am stuck in Seattle/King County where there are more lawyers than stray cats. Seattle University has the same story. They charge your a fortune for a career that won't pay you jack. I spoke with a hiring partner of a large firm, who was a good close friend. I asked him about working for his firm and his reply was, "You didn't got to an ivy league school, so they would just throw your resume into the garbage and not call you or send an acknowledgement letter."

    Gonzaga blatantly made promises about the practice of law and ability to get a job and the proceeding to increase tuition and increase the GPA standard to keep your scholarship. It is insane. I am now looking for a way out of the legal practice and it is harder than people think. Lawyers really don't necessarily bring the skills that people want.
    To those considering going to law school: DON'T.

  51. I am a 2010 grad of Gonzaga Law. Never has anyone at that school inquired as to my employment status, or what I earn. I am not included in the statistics at all. Yet the school has "closed" the compilation of 2010 employment and earning statistics. I wonder how many of this woefully un-and under-employed class are not represented in the 2010 stats.

  52. Why even bother with this school? Seriously, Gonzaga Law is a shithole and it produces worthless, incompetent lawyers.

  53. I am a Gonzaga Law graduate and completely agree. I applied to about 5 or 6 schools and Gonzaga was the only one I got accepted to. They even offered me a partial scholarship, which I quickly lost after being unable to meet their strict GPA requirements. It was then encouraged to me by the Dean of Students to drop out! Having already accumulated about $50K in debt, I decided I should stay in and gut it out. Unfortunately, right after my second year, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to take about a year off treatment. Fortunately, I was able to get better and finish my last year just under their 5-year limit to graduate in. However, I am currently unemployed, have no insurance, and over $160K in student debt to deal with the rest of my life, aside from health issues, which I strongly believe were a result of the stress I was under at Gonzaga. I think all former law students like myself should come out with their stories. Nothing will ever be done unless people really start talking about. This is a huge problem not just with Gonzaga, but nearly ALL law schools in the country! Don't go!!!

  54. Gonzaga Law decided to increase the standards for retaining scholarships after they accepted too many students. That is, they didn't have enough seats in the school for the number of students accepted. So, they lowered the grade curve and raised the GPA required to retain your scholarship. This ensured that statistically, 1/2 of the students would not be able to retain their scholarships because they could not beat the statistical curve. What a rip!

  55. Interesting blog, but I sense just a touch of bitterness.

    I'm a mid-90's GU Law grad and did not have family connections; got an associate's position with a major regional firm upon graduation and within a year of graduating was earning $85k per year pre-bonus. Not the stuff of legend, but a good job.

    Practiced in civil litigation for a few years than took an in-house position. Am now a fairly senior manager of a contracts department with a strong equity position in a oil & gas company. I was not by any means the most brilliant, energetic, or smart graduate in my class; nor am I the most successful. Can't speak for later years, but I think you're a bit off for the two or three graduating classes that I'm familiar with.

  56. Gonzaga's law school is for idiots that couldn't get into a real law school. Avoid this shithole like the plague.

  57. Take it from someone who went to this school. Gonzaga Law School is a shithole. An even bigger shithole than the one depicted in the picture.


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