Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Open Letter to the Graduating JD Class of 2011

Welcome to Hell

In a few short days, MANY of you will be graduating with no job lined up. What a great reward for spending three years of your life on this “educational” endeavor, right?!?! Your law school experience will soon come to an end. You will wear your stupid little JD gown, and walk for your diploma. Think of the priceless memories you will gain, from attending this ceremony.

Classmates will be filled with despair and anxiety. (This is in stark contrast to how they felt when they received their acceptance letters to law school. Remember the exaltation, i.e. “I am going to use my degree to help people, and increase my profile”?!) If you don’t recall how excited how you were when you opened that thick packet, then check out how thrilled this stupid bitch was about starting law school:


You will overhear magna cum laude grads talking, in hushed tones, about their insurance defense law job – which will pay a grand total of $44K per year. Many of those who excelled academically will have nothing lined up! Of course, some delusional douche-bags will talk about maybe having an (unpaid) internship with a local traffic court judge. Congratulations. High school kids with part-time jobs make more money than that. You will notice that most of your classmates – and perhaps yourself – have seemed to age ten years in roughly the last 1,000 days.


Of course, ignorant, idiotic family members will record your walk of shame for posterity. In their minds, you have accomplished something of magnitude. Because pissing away three years of your life – plus taking out huge sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, and learning meaningless drivel – is a tremendous feat, huh?!?! Try to refrain from beating these people to death with a meat cleaver.

The Job Market


On September 23, 2009, Elie Mystal informed his readers that Columbia Law – the fourth best law school in the land – asked its students to attend the UNDERGRAD job fair.


On June 25, 2010, ATL reported that then ninth-ranked University of Michigan Law School was encouraging its grads to work for legal processes outsourcer Pangea3. Yes, that is a great indicator of how well the legal job market is doing, isn’t it?!


On March 29, 2011, Elie Mystal wrote an article about unemployed graduating UVA law students talking to prospective law students while wearing T-shirts that read: "Virginia Law $40,000 a year and NO JOB”. In case, you were wondering, UVA Law is rated as the 9th best law school in the country, according to US “News” & World Report.

If students at these elite law schools are struggling to find legal employment, how will you fare in the job market?!?!

Casting Blame

Moist farts such as Robert Ackerman feel that today’s generation of law students expects to land $160K per year jobs right out of law school. ($omehow, “law professors” feel entitled to make six figures, by teaching archaic legal doctrine, for 4-6 hours per week.) Of course, when Ass-Clown went to law school, a person could pay for much of his “legal education” by working part-time. In light of skyrocketing tuition over the past 10-30 years, this is NOT an option for today’s student. Perhaps, Ackerman can grow some gonads and assign fault where it lies – with the corrupt organization known as the American Bar Association.


On August 5, 2008, the ABA’s Standing Committee on “Ethics” and “Professional Responsibility” issued “Ethics” Opinion 08-451. This allowed U.S. law firms to hire foreign lawyers and non-lawyers to engage in American legal discovery. Yes, the ABA is definitely looking out for its members, right?!?! Doc review is not the practice of law, but it did allow JDs in this country to put food in the fridge – and pay for a roof over their heads. Apparently, the ABA pigs were against this stream of income. At least, the piece of filth who chaired the committee died at the tender age of 53 – after scarfing down a business lunch. It couldn’t have happened to a better bastard.


Furthermore, one can see that ABA-accredited law school continue to produce FAR TOO MANY graduates than the market can bear. NALP reported that the JD Class of 2009 had 44,000 members – competing for 28,901 jobs requiring bar passage. In addition, 10.3 percent of these positions were part-time, while 24.9% of reported jobs were short-term. Could you imagine the American Medical Association or American Dental Association pumping out such an excess of graduates each year?!?!


Even “law professors” are acknowledging that law schools COMPLETELY MISREPRESENT their employment figures. Law schools have no reservations about counting JDs stocking shelves at Home Depot - or those working as temporary research assistants - as “employed.” Paul Campos, who teaches law at the University of Colorado, states the following:

“Many law schools all but explicitly promise that, within a few months of graduation, practically all their graduates will obtain jobs as lawyers, by trumpeting employment figures of 95 percent, 97 percent, and even 99.8 percent. The truth is that less than half will.”

In the final analysis, you were sold a bill of goods. The fact remains that law schools do not give one damn what happens to you, upon graduation. If you cannot find a job, the thieves known as “law professors” will blame you, i.e. “You didn’t work hard enough” or “You aren’t entitled to a $160K job.” The faculty is paid up front, in full – via federally-backed student loans. You, the student and graduate, will be stuck re-paying that amount, plus interest.


  1. hey Nando, you gotta check out Quinnipiac Law School's registrar MARY ELLEN DURSO getting convicted for fraud among other things.


    Holy Poopsie Batman, I went to that school!!! what a mistake

  2. I think the surprising thing is how many of my fellow classmates or friends I've made from other law school are still so lost and or miserable even 2, 3, 4 or more years out from graduating. Some have moved on but at least the law schools have the decency to send fundraiser and alumni donation requests several times a year. That's kind of like getting flowers from a rapist.

    Good luck 2011! Welcome to thunderdome!

  3. I was having lunch on Saturday at a local restaurant. I usually sit in the same booth and have the same waiter. Anyway, the waiter advises me that he will be leaving the job in a couple of weeks. I asked where he was going and he replied that he was graduating from Seton Hall Law School and was going to study for the bar this summer. I asked if he had a job lined up and he said that he has a few "feelers" that may materialize once he passes the bar. I wished him luck and tipped him well. Of course, the best tip this kid could have received was a warning not to attend law school 3 years ago. I feel sorry for this kid, he seems good natured and always got my order right, although at times he was slow. In m gut I have a feeling he will be back at the restaurant in the Fall. A JD just ain't what it used to be.

  4. Ouch. No one can accuse you of softening the blow, that's for sure. These kids are fucked.

    Who wants to take a guess at how many commencementtt speakers extol the principles of integrity, honesty and ethics? And public service. You can't forget that. Paying off $100K on a $35K income is another matter.

  5. The law school graduation ceremony is a farce.



    The job market for young lawyers is catastrophic.

  6. Some of my friends from the class of 2009 are just now finding jobs, but the ones who were "lucky" enough to get firm jobs are all miserable. Even if you get what you want, lawyers are still screwed.

  7. I've been out of law school for 10 years and my only real option is doing doc review. I lost my associate position after 3 years and wasn't able to get back on track. Now firms look at me and only see a doc reviewer. I'm essentially unemployable. Can you imagine how firms will view you in 5 years if you've never even had an associate position? You only options will be to do document review or start your own firm - the latter not recommended as it costs a lot of money to get a firm up to profitability and if you have no experience, you are a walking malpractice claim. I wouldn't go to law school at this point. By the way, that Seton Hall enrollee is screwed. SH charges way too much money to be stuck in the dump known as Newark.

  8. I despise law professors, they are vile scum. They prey on naive, idealistic children and ruin them for life. The pigs oink about public service and how students must sacrifice, yet when faced with cuts to their 200k+ salaries, they wrote a letter to the ABA suggesting that student scholarships be cut instead. (I can't find the link but it was covered by taxprof)

    Of course it's not the professor's fault you don't know how to practice. It's not their job to teach you to be a lawyer (how can they if they have never been lawyers themselves?), but rather, to make you think like a lawyer. You won't learn to think like a lawyer either though, but who cares, at least the "professors" made a nice profit.

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  10. The professors also act like total shits in class. They think they are doing you a favor by simply being there, gracing the students with their presence. Who cares if you paid $40,000 for that years tuition? Your professor went to Columbia law school, their time is valuable. (It really is I guess, when you consider they are paid 200k to work 6 hours per week)

    They lecture on about drivel such as Palsgraf like it is the cure for cancer. The professors grade on a curve because they can't teach. If everyone does poorly, the least shitty student gets the A. Their clumsy attempts at imitating the Socratic method are nothing more then prattling about their pet topics, or bragging about their law review article which nobody read.

  11. Recently I talked to a 2008 alum from my school who said that many people in that class are still floating around looking for viable full-time attorney work.

    Not only are we wasting the skills of otherwise hardworking and talented people on three years of law school (plus LSAT and bar exam time), we're leaving them fallow while trying to find non-existent jobs. Those 2008 grads have now wasted six years - some of the most fertile years of one's mental and physical life - on a completely useless and quixotic quest. Six years down the drain! But yeah - I'm sure they can "think" better.

    Unless you have a good job w/in 6-12 months of graduation, you really need to look for steady non-legal employment, and we as a group really need to inform non-legal hiring people that (a) we really won't leave for attorney positions, as there aren't really any; (b) we really have no interest in suing anyone or enforcing any laws; and (c) that a law degree is a wonderful qualification, if only for the intellectual and emotional gauntlet one has to run through.

    I'm not sure about (c), but it's a good secondary message to be spreading.

  12. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-law-schools/law-rankings/page+2

    There are only two law schools in the State of Utah. Both are ranked 42nd best law school, by US “News.” Neither school admits large first year classes. However, over the last several years, typically half of these JDs graduate with no job lined up. I was talking to a colleague back in January. He is a licensed attorney who does not practice law. He informed me that half of the 2010 graduating classes from BYU and Quinney were still looking for jobs. (I have heard the same information from SEVERAL recent grads, from these two law schools.) This despite the fact that employers seem to love BYU graduates. What does that tell you about the state of the legal job market?!?!

    The fact is ABA-accredited law schools are pumping out far too many graduates. We have all heard that a law degree is versatile. Former Biglaw attorney and current psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer burned this myth to the ground, back on November 3, 2010.


    “For the record, a law degree is not “versatile.” Being a lawyer amounts to a strike against you if you ever decide to pursue another career.

    So why do people keep insisting it’s an “extremely versatile degree”?

    A bunch of reasons.

    Law schools are in it for the money. Teaching law doesn’t cost much, but they charge a fortune – made possible by [non-dischargeable]-in-bankruptcy loans. That makes each law school a massive cash cow for the rest of the university. Money flowing from the law school pays the heating bill for the not-so-profitable Department of Neo-Structuralist Linguistics.

    Law students play along with the “extremely versatile degree” farce to justify the three years of their life and the ungodly pile of cash they’re blowing on a degree they’re not interested in and know nothing about. This myth is also intended to calm down parents. You need a story to explain why you don’t have a job, but that it’s somehow okay.”

    If you are graduating soon, DO NOT play into this game. Do not be a chump – at least, not any more than you already are, after pissing away three years of your life on a worthless degree. You will find out that a JD – even from a third tier commode or fourth tier trash can – will suddenly make you “overqualified” for MOST non-legal positions. Here is an example:

    After I graduated from Third Tier Drake, I went to a temp hag agency. I was interviewed for a job, where I would review mortgage applications. It paid a grand sum of $13 an hour. I even told the ass-monkeys that I would be willing to work the late shift. A few days pass, and the pigs call to inform me that they are concerned that I would leave as soon as something better came along. In contrast, my wife’s friend applied for the same opening and was hired. She had been recently laid off from a delivery conglomerate, where she had been employed for years. Also, she had never been a college student. See how well seven years of “higher education” paid off?!?!

  13. Attorney from Non-T14 School = Not good enough for Big Law + Too Good for Non-Legal Jobs. That is an equation for poverty. Got that kiddies?

  14. It's not only law school, but the entire higher education system that is grossly misallocating human resources. This is a slow moving train-wreck, and, as Nando said, it is fueled by the Federal Government in the form of loans to naive and gullible kids. Get the Federal Government out of the student loan industry AND make student loans dischargeable under bankruptcy.

    We have to keep nagging and making noise. Pictures of toilets coupled with exposés help, but, as electoral season arrives, we should also contact/email our Representatives to let them know how unhappy we are about law schools and the higher education industry.

  15. Hello soon-to-be-graduate.

    Your life is over. Hope you didn't want to get married or have children. 'Cause that ship has sailed.

    Imagine spending the next 30 years of your miserable life waking up, so you can pay back your student loans. With a home you are at least getting a tax deduction on your taxes. When you pay it off you only pay utilities and property taxes.

    Did you believe that getting a stupid law degree would help get you laid? What woman wants tyo hang with some loser that can't even buy her some drinks? You picked the wrong profession.

    You will now get to apply with shit agencies like Robert Half for jobs. Doc review jobs have dried up just like the author of this blog said. Before you could go to a shithole like Cardozo and go into doc review. Now these fuckers want you to have several years experience, top grades and fluency in a second language. Shit, even calibur of your school matters now.

    You are finished.

  16. I disagree with this statement, "The fact remains that law schools do not give one damn what happens to you, upon graduation." Why? They care about you up until the Bar Exam. It isn't an altruistic caring. The school's re-accreditation depends upon their class' state bar passage rate. But, the law school has Barbri, Piper, and Micromash etc... teaching the students the law to pass the exam. After you pass the exam, you might as well drop off the face of the earth.

    Seriously, I have little sympathy for these new graduates. A simple Google(r) search three or four years ago would have shown them how bad the legal job market was! Due diligence. Look! Try your best for the next five years. Get as much legal experience as you can. IF you haven't made it your not alone. Just get on with your life.


  17. @ 11:04 - IF Robert Half with "have" you - that is. They're a permanent placement agency, not temporary. Get ready to enter the life of a lowly document reviewer you dipshits. Low pay, total job insecurity, no benefits, poor work environments, e.g., one bathroom for 200 people, rats, roaches, no vacation pay, no sick pay, no health insurance. You getting the picture? Bet you didn't envision this when you signed up to attend law school, did you? Suckers...

  18. I, for one, appreciate Adam Kaduce's expansive definitions of "goals" and "accomplishments" and intend to follow his example in my own life. So, next time I drain a 40, have a bowel movement, or spend an evening watching a sporting event I don't care about, I will not feel like I've wasted precious moments of life. Rather, I will reflect proudly on my most recent "accomplishent" and get to work setting a new "goal" to work towards.

    You would all do well to follow our example.

  19. Anonymous said...
    It's not only law school, but the entire higher education system that is grossly misallocating human resources.

    May 10, 2011 10:25 AM

    I agree that students shouldn't be wasting their time accumulating massive debt on degrees that won't lead to gainful employment. But I don't know that "human resources are being misallocated." What would most college/law students be doing if they weren't in school? Everybody can't work at Starbucks or Chilis. The sad fact is we just don't have enough jobs for everyone. It isn't that human resources are being misallocated, it's that they are simply going to waste because our economy no longer has any use for them, and no one will tell them the truth because our "leadership" fears the consequences if it does.

  20. The law skools don't give a shit what happens to you once you are in your last semester. Don't got a job? You ain't tryin' hard enough. Go intern at legal aid. Learn the ropes as unpaid labor from a tried lawyer and be glad he's even letting you step into his office. We've all heard the stories and bullshit rationale from CDO asswipes and profs.

    Why don't they give a shit once you graduate? Because they can make up their own stats. It's that simple. It's make believe! No one chekcs or audits the results. They are taken at face value.

  21. I may be in the minority here but these children graduating from law school in 2011 deserve to get sodomized for choosing so poorly. These kids were too dumb to read the writing on the wall (i.e., 2007 Wall Street Journal article on the poor investment law school is, August 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse, real estate bust, etc.). These spoiled children ignored the signs and now cry? Fuck them. They deserved it. As for the Classes of 2012, 2013 and 2014, you kids are just as, if not more fucked (higher student debt than 2011 grads). Enjoy indentured servitude.

  22. If the schools are smart they'll install metal detectors at the graduation hall. Catch my drift?

  23. http://www.economist.com/node/18651204?fsrc=scn/fb/wl/ar/howtocurbyourlegalbills

  24. Class of 2011 is FUCKED! Haha. Losers. YOu really thought you would get a law degree after your shitty liberal arts degree and take over the world huh? You guys are morons.

  25. Non-elite law school is just too much of a gamble right now and for the foreseeable future.

    Sure, there are anecdotal successes in each and every class. But overall, future law students need to really, seriously assess their chances and, if even attempting to study law at one of these third tier sewer pipes, accept the fact that if First Year grades are less-than-stellar, barring valuable connections, they MUST get the hell out and cut losses.

    You MUST drop at after a poor showing First Year, again, barring valuable connections. The non-elite JD is USELESS and in fact a detriment outside the field of law.

    That is all. Good luck, kids.

  26. Class of 2011 is fucked.

    So is the class of 2012. And the class of 2013.

    I can't find the article, but someone else here might have it. Someone was telling me that the Dept of Labor was prognosticating an additional 98K lawyer openings between 2008 and 2018. I know lawyers suck at math, but how the fuck are 40K+ graduates each year going to fit into that equation.

  27. "Class of 2011 is FUCKED! Haha. Losers. YOu really thought you would get a law degree after your shitty liberal arts degree and take over the world huh? You guys are morons.

    May 10, 2011 2:26 PM "

    Although I am a little less hard on the kids, I must fully agree with 2:26 that "defaulting" into law school in a blind attempt to "cure" a useless BA is a poor strategy indeed. Especially at the prices these third-tier toilets are charging. Vegas is a better bet.

  28. To Anonymous at 12:24,

    Yes, its true that it is the fault of the students for not being more aware of the dangers of choosing law school and student loans. However, be aware that it is YOUR problem too. An entire generation of debt slaves WILL affect you in some way. This is the new America. Either have a little sympathy, or realize that we are ALL in deep shit.

  29. It's not just the recent grads. The country is fucked. How do you like them apples?

  30. We need a new model for law schools. Four or five semesters, not six. A bar review type course at the beginning to teach the basics fast, a refresher course at the end, and nothing but clinicals in between. The clinicals would be taught/ supervised entirely by adjuncts, i.e. respected local practioners, not ivory tower aristocrats.

    Naturally, the law professors want to retain their goodies: cushy tenured gigs where they pull down six figures, teach two courses a semester, hold law and literature and critical gender theory symposia, and play Socratic and pseudo-Socratic classroom games.

    Well, fair is fair. If they want to maintain their goodies, then give the kids back the consolation prizes that existed when I graduated in 1998: $20,000/yr. tuition, not 40-45. Modest paying government jobs for a fair number of entry-level JDs and well-paying-if-soul-poisoning doc review projects for the rest.
    If they can't do that much for their students who trusted them and went into debt to make them rich, then: Ecrasez l'infame.

  31. I was looking for some examples of drafts I prepared for my last employer to prepare an agreement for my new employer. I came across three, five inch thick, files loaded with copies of job applications I submitted during 2008-2010 after I was downsized in early 2009. Although my new position is not perfect (my office is located near a farm and summer is comin'!), and I am swamped with work (two attorneys hired before me did absolutely nothing), I am so completely grateful that I found this job.

    Unless the US Gov gets out of bed with banks and stays out of the loan business, this country will continue to dwindle. What good is it sending kids off to college while families in the meantime lose their homes due to loans and refinancing or the kid graduates having six figure debt and there are no jobs? People in their 50's and 60's cannot simply retire anymore due to high cost of living (and no I am not referring to your typical selfish Boomers). Every single generation has been deeply affected by the deficit and dumb decision made by politicians.

    However adding insult to injury, just this past week IL passed legislation to allow funding for children of non-documented immigrants to attend college. Here we have kids who are US citizens graduating from college who cannot find jobs, let alone are deep in debt due to student loans, but IL is allowing funding of kids of illegal immigrants?! UNREAL. What was more disturbing, reading people's posts on Huff Po that it was ok for IL to do this, and that at least IL isn't a racist state. WOW; so much for people having concern in upholding the law, or the fact that American kids cannot find jobs. But when you get down to it, colleges and universities have become a big racket thanks in part to politicians, among other things both the GOP and Dems have screwed up for their own selfish needs. It just seems that Gen X and Y Gen and our kids will be screwed and there is little we can do about it.

  32. May 10, 8:47 is right.

    I went thru all that hostile socratic teaching abuse, and took all the shit than I could eat,especially in that first and horrible year, only to find out that the next decade would prove to be a downward spiral, and have no pay off, and would destroy my financial, emotional, spiritual, personal, psychological and mental life.

    How I hate some of those old professors, and may God forgive me for feeling that way.

    I truly had the shit kicked out of me in a law school classroom and had my whole future taken away from me as well.No reward for all the shit. No pay off.

    Kids, how many more ways are there to say: "Scam?"

    I will pay off my debts to society, no matter how much it has increased, but may God watch over this evil industry called the Law School Industrial Complex, and see that it is corrected, and reformed, and that no more lives are destroyed by it.

    My life sucks! SUCKS! SUCKS!

  33. The Socratic Method is overrated bullshit.

    The entire casebook system it is entwined with is horridly outdated. Can one imagine if they taught medical doctors the same way they did a couple of hundred years ago? Bleeding people with leeches and such? The stupid-ass casebook/Socratic method is responsible for turning mistrained and untrained solos out onto the streets with nary a clue as to how to conduct a real estate closing or defend on a traffic ticket. It is utter bullshit intended only to bolster the insecure egos of law "professors" rather than aimed at effectively training a new group of effective practitioners. What horrible and utterly useless garbage. It is based on an outdated model in which the assumption was that all the graduates would go on to be mentored and trained in a law firm as to the practicalities, which, as we all know too well, is no longer the fucking case.

    I know. I was there too.

  34. I think we would be better off getting rid of the law schools, even if it meant burning them to the ground on some moonless Sunday night. I agree with returning the bankruptcy provisions to student loans, because as it stands, the loans will become another Enron and the system won't stand the shock of $900 bil. going up in smoke. By going back to the pre-1995 rules we will also save the colleges from collapsing, because they will vanish when the student loan industry goes belly up....and not just the shit for-profit "universities"; I can see places like San Diego State easily becoming boarded-over crack dens or hipster apartments or half-empty office complexes or a combination of all of those things.

  35. @138:

    "These kids were too dumb to read the writing on the wall (i.e., 2007 Wall Street Journal article on the poor investment law school is, August 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse, real estate bust, etc.)."

    Hindsight, much? There was almost nothing of any note exposing law school problems until 2009 or so. And until just a few months ago, the powers-that-be were mostly writing off this blog and others as the whines of loonies.

    Every available statistic, including those endorsed by the ABA, a national news magazine, and the federal government, showed going to law school was still a profitable move, at least to many. The failures were anecdotal and mostly written off as the faults of lazy individuals.

    If you want to persist in pretending that everyone who went to law school in 2007/2008/2009 is a careless, clinical moron with no economic sense, be my guest. But I think a better explanation is an information gap and an industry that marketed itself as a recessionary shelter when it's really a debt abattoir.

    You can't expect 22-year old kids to be full-fledged economists or legal field experts. They are low-sophistication consumers and should be protected as such.

  36. @7:13; I hear you loud and clear. I am working in-house and cleaning up a huge mess left behind by an attorney who was a recent graduate from a T50 no less.

    If the ABA really cared about integrity, they would better utilize the paralegal profession and treat paralegals as a stepping stone in eventually becoming an attorney. Anyone who wanted to go on to law school and become an attorney, has to work at least two years as a paralegal prior to attending law school. But of course if people actually worked in law firms and in-house before going on to law school, they would realize how mundane law really is and the law schools will loose its large percentage of applicants.

  37. I'm with strelnikov. We'd be better off if marauders went and burned all of these shitholes to the ground. Think of the collective stench of that action. Shit, even Harvard doesn't teach its students how to practice law.

  38. Deans and professors are on welfare as far as I'm concerned.

    Here's a thought for reform that wouldn't require gutting the system:

    Schools are prohibited from spending tuition received via student loans on salaries or marketing.

    Until then, they are worthless anti-capitalistic welfare parasites as far as I'm concerned.

  39. Dan:

    The problem is that money is fungible, and schools can easily divert funds from one place to another.

    I say get the Federal Gov out of the student loan business and make these loans eligible for bankruptcy. Without crazy kids able to borrow irresponsibly the entire law school system (and higher education) in general would deflate very quickly, and they would then be forced to create and provide valuable education.

  40. The class of 2011 is soon to experience a swift kick in the ass when the student loan payments come due and the biglaw job hasn't miracled its way into existence for most of them.

    I graduated from a second tier commode in 2004 and still have over 100k in debt that I will be paying off for the next decade or two or three. Thankfully I landed a decent job in 2008 after four years of doing crap labor that had nothing to do with my JD and had me just about losing my mind in the process.

    The sad thing is, for way too many of the new graduates coming from the vaunted 2nd - 4th tier crappers, there won't be anything out there for them at all. There will be the heartwarming anecdotal stories about the little engine that could from the fourth tier toilet who made it over the biglaw mountain. For the most part, there will be reasonably bright, well intentioned people with debt they will never have a hope of hell of escaping wondering where the 98% placement rate is and where the 100k salary is.

    I think the law schools do a disservice not just with the BS employment stats and the anally procured salary ranges, but with the impression they create about the wonderful opportunities their schools will create for their future graduates. Every law toilet has their highly respected certificate program in International and Comparative law, or the ADR program that is ranked #1 in the entire solar system! And their moot court team beat Harvard at some competition! And they have world renowned scholars who have done groundbreaking research!

    The thing is, no one who might actually give you a job gives a flying fuck about your certificate in international law, or that your law school's cafeteria has the #5 ranked meatloaf in the country. You are entering into a rapidly contracting legal market with a degree that does not make you more attractive to non-legal employers and will very likely not open new doors for you.

    The law schools will not tell you any of this, but blogs like this one will. 0Ls would do well to look at this blog and ones like it before buying in to the horseshit the law schools spread.

  41. And don't forget kids, when law is not mundane, you're dealing with the bat-shit crazy clients who walk through your door. Forget the lawyer myth you see on TV, it doesn't exist for most of us. You are going to be dealing with the criminal defense client who's too stupid or ashamed to tell you the truth.

    Or the panic-stricken soon-to-be-divorced client who's calling you at 11:00 at night all worried that the ex will get the fishing boat. You'll want to scream at them "Is this really that important right now? Fucking call me in the morning during office hours, you twat! The only fucking reason anyone should be calling me at night is if they are in jail and really need a lawyer right now!"

    Or (my favorite) the middle school ex of your SO that said SO sent your way and still carries a torch for said SO almost thirty years later. Said SO was unaware of this and was just trying to push work your way. Jealousy makes a client really hostile and uncooperative towards you and you find yourself pulling teeth to get needed information out of them. You just thank God it's all billable hours, but wonder if being driven crazy almost 24/7 is really worth it.

    Mundane is nice. I like a little quiet, boring research after having to deal with crazy clients and their fucking RL soap operas, hangups and generally annoying attitudes.

    Kids, do yourselves a big favor and get a degree that is both useful and doesn't involve the shuffling hoards better known as the general public.

  42. @ Anon 9:18:

    I totally agree with you about no risk loans being the root cause of the problem. I was simply suggesting an idea within a broken system.

    People get angry with me all the time and spout lines like "why would schools want you to default" or "Lenders wouldn't make the loans if they were dischargeable."

    These ignorant questions are all based on the false assumption that interest rates, loan approvals, and tuition increases are based on market principles.

    Anyone who has been paying attention knows the system is totally rigged.

    A bank only lends money if it is profitable. The reason the only loan you can get these days is a student loan is precisely because it is a no risk proposition. Same for schools. There is no risk for the lenders and institutions.

    Since loans imply risk, it is disingenuous to assign blame for students taking risks. It also shows complete ignorance of the way the system actually works.

    For 2011 grads, do not blame yourselves. You are pawns in a complicated corporatist system. In my opinion, it is no accident that you can go 20+ years of education without a single compulsory class on compound interest.

    Also, 30 years ago a student loan contract was one page long. Modern finance is designed to trick you. As soon as the financial sector was given the keys to the economic kingdom under Jimmy Carter, our country's fate was sealed.

  43. Heeeeeeeeeelp! Some disgusting animal just took a twenty pound 'SETON HALL LAW' in the office toilet! the janitor keeps trying to flush it but it won't go down!

  44. All of you who are complaining about being unable to find a six-figure paying job clearly just didn't "network."

  45. I have been to several law school commencement ceremonies and have always observed the following:

    1) Law school deans have the biggest smile of anyone in the crowd (pushing one class of suckers out to make room for next class of morons).

    2) Facutly members usually have a bored or look of disdain (probably because they don't get paid extra for participating in the exercise).

    3) Parents, relatives and friends are generally happy, showering the grad with a misplaced sense of pride and accomplishment (if they only knew the real deal).

    4) Most grads have a sobering look as if to express "Gee I will no longer be in school. I have to tackle life and Sallie Mae. Fuck can I crawl back into my mom's womb?" Don't worry kids, home is where the heart is, or in most of your cases, your parents' basement is where your heart and souless life will be residing after taking off that silly cap and gown.

    Class of 2011: Congrats on your worthless JD. Remember, study your ass off for the bar'zam. Hundreds of thousands of starving lawyers are waiting to embrace you with open arms once you pass.

  46. @10:13, hey I have a few crazy fucks myself:

    - Dude claims he is a small time business owner and he is trying to dump is wife of 25 years and not pay for little Johnnie's and Judie's support because his business is losing money and not doing well. BUT...douche bag was laundering a shit load of money through his ma pa business for eight years and he is now under IRS investigation. OOOPS!

    - Little old lady who slipped and fell in a parking lot and claims she sustained personal injuries. Nice case, seemingly nice lady, deep pocket defendant, but...BUSTED: Defense counsel finds footage of your 60 y/o client dancing her ass off during a street festival two days before your client testifies at a deposition that she is still in a whole lotta of pain and she can't even stand for longer than 7 minutes. Whooopsie!

    - My personal fave: douche bag, jack ass client negates to tell you that he has not one, not two, but FOUR other personal injury actions pending in THREE other states while you are representing the fuck in a WC claim denial.

    Fan-fucking-tastic dealing with the public sometimes!

  47. 8:04's response was classic. The profs are there because they have to be there. They've been to dozens of these shit-ass ceremonies. All decked out in their goofy fucking gowns. Of course they're not excited. I have also noticed that the kids look sick. I've noticed a few with a green tint to their skin. It is a big fucking scam, people. Don't be taken in.

  48. Dear Nando,

    I am an attorney in New York who would love to talk to you about what exactly can be done to hold the Law School Industrial Complex accountable and how you can help. Feel free to contact me at anziska@kurzonstrauss.com or 215-219-9830. Thanks.

  49. @ 8:04

    "Faculty members usually have a bored or look of disdain (probably because they don't get paid extra for participating in the exercise)."

    The same professors bleat to their students about the need for public service, helping the community, and donating time. Just don't ask the professors to do these things, they are exempt.

    Looking back, I laugh at my professors who posed as "experts" in their fields. My Torts professor bragged about how he was the 5th most cited professor in the country for LR articles. He never actually practiced law though, the fraud clerked for two years and went straight into academia. If he ever tried a case I bet the local personal injury lawyer would rip him a new asshole in court.

  50. Fun exercise

    1) Type in phrase 'Valvoline Dean' into google image search
    2) Check out first image
    3) Laugh
    4) Repeat

  51. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/is_law_school_a_good_investment_no_law_profs_say_for_many_typical_students/

    “Does the cost of going to law school pay off for graduates? The answer to that question is no, for many "typical" students, according to a law professor at Vanderbilt University.

    In a research paper recapped by the Tax Prof Blog, professor Herwig Schlunk calculates the cost of tuition versus the potential benefit of being paid more over a lengthy legal career.”

    Schlunk’s analysis does not go far enough. Even the winners of the Biglaw lottery are not ensured of lengthy legal careers. For instance, many Biglaw associates tend to burn out or washout after a few years in practice. Do you think PI and criminal defense toiletlaw firms want to hire former corporate transactional attorneys? Can you imagine the Department of Justice seeking these “failures” out? They want hard-nosed, amibitious, highly-skilled litigators.

    By the way, if you think that their academic and “professional” credentials will make lawyers and litigators valuable to non-legal employers, then think again. Will Meyerhofer states:

    "Why is a law degree not versatile?

    Let me count the ways.

    For one thing, it costs about $180k. Anything that leaves you two hundred grand in a hole is not increasing your “versatility” – it’s trapping you in hell.

    For another thing, studying arcane legal doctrine for three years (a purely arbitrary number) leaves you with no translatable skills. The arcane legal doctrine you learn in law school isn’t even useful at a law firm, let alone anywhere else.

    And let’s talk about the “skills” a lawyer “hones” in his “profession.”

    A litigator is about the worst thing you can be if you want to do anything else. Why? Let’s examine the skills you “master” as a litigator.

    Pumping up billables. Dragging out discovery. Dreaming up and laboriously penning pointless motions to create delay. Behaving in an oddly aggressive and hostile manner at meetings that end in a standstill. Organizing complicated information into folders, and folders of folders and labeling everything and organizing that into lists, and lists of lists, then billing for it by the hour. Researching recondite issues and writing memos you’re not even sure you understand. Wrapping your head around Byzantine procedural rules and forum and jurisdictional niceties and arbitrary court filing deadlines, all so you can trip up the other side with needless delay and expense.

    Okay. Now translate those skills into the real world, where people make products and sell useful services."

  52. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/09/business/09law.html?pagewanted=6&_r=1

    NYT reporter David Segal cuts through much of the nonsense:

    “This gets to what might be the ultimate ugly truth about law school: plenty of those who borrow, study and glad-hand their way into the gated community of Big Law are miserable soon after they move in. The billable-hour business model pins them to their desks and devours their free time.

    Hence the cliché: law school is a pie-eating contest where the first prize is more pie.

    Law school defenders note that huge swaths of the country lack adequate and affordable access to lawyers, which suggests that the issue here isn’t oversupply so much as maldistribution. But when the numbers are crunched, studies find that most law students need to earn around $65,000 a year to get the upper hand on their debt.

    That kind of money is hard to earn hanging a shingle in rural Ohio or in public defenders’ offices, the budgets of which are often being cut. As elusive, and inhospitable, as jobs in Big Law may be, they are one of the few ways for new grads to keep out of delinquency.”

    That $65K figure is misleading. That is the amount that has been parroted by law deans and law school publications. Take a look at FinAid’s advice on the appropriate amount of total student debt to take out:


    “A good rule of thumb is that your total education debt SHOULD BE LESS THAN your expected starting salary. If you borrow more than twice your expected starting salary you will find it extremely difficult to repay the debt.” [Emphasis mine]

    This makes better sense. Try repaying $120K in law school loans – in addition to student debt racked up during undergrad or Master’s programs – on a $65K salary. Also, how many law firms start their associates out at $65K per year?!?!


    Take a look at the AVERAGE LAW STUDENT INDEBTEDNESS chart put out by US “News” & World Report. This is for 2010 JDs – and pertains to law school debt alone!!

  53. I've mentioned this before on these blogs, my only reason for repeating it is the hope that "someone" with some gonads will be able to effectuate this idea.

    Have the Feds mandate that schools, whether law schools or otherwise, may not increase their tuitions above a certain annual percentile, e.g., 3%, or else NONE of their students, current or prospective, will be eligible for federal student loans. While this will not help out past graduates, it will have the ultimate effect of putting the brakes on outrageous tuition increases that have been ongoing for FUCKING decades. That will be a start.

  54. @11:27, I totally agree about the amount of debt not being more than your annual salary. Easy to say, but more difficult to do in practice as everyone that attends law school "believes" they will be the one to get the $160K job. Also, keep in mind that your payments will be in after-tax dollars. That is something most graduates don't take into account. Also, these high-paying jobs tend to be in places with a high cost of living, e.g., NYC, etc. Your $160K salary will not get you as far as you think. In NYC, I think you need $200,000 to have a decent existence, particularly when you're paying $2,500+ per month on rent.

  55. the united states is a giant shitholeMay 11, 2011 at 4:25 PM

    Poor people who have no education can work in call centers, McDonald's or the local mall. So the fucks go to college. If you go to the wrong school, you can graduate and work in call centers, McDonald's or the local mall. (Now, you gotta pay back a bunch of loans that can't be written off.)

    So the stupid fucks then go for a Masters degree or to law school. If you have no connections and don't kick the bejeesus out of the place, you can graduate and work in insurance sales, shitlaw, doc review or social work.

    Americans are so stupid they'd rather have $150K in student debt and an insurance sales or shitlaw job rather than work in a call center, kick ass, and work their way into management.

    Walk up to any college student and ask him what he'd choose if given these two shitty choices. They'll confirm this. That is why the law schools can keep their doors open.

  56. reading these blogs from another country I'm continually having my tiny mind exploded at what a fucking disgraceful state of affairs the US is.

    I read somewhere else that a bunch of cooking school students sued, and have at least been offered a pissant settlement as a starting point - surely you law grads should be doing likewise?

  57. God. How I wish I could be free.

    How I wish I could have kept the Love I had found.

    What a terrible place and society I stare out at now, as a complete and lost Pariah. Deeply in debt. Deeply. Deeply.

    All because I went to a law school.


  58. The schools lied. Then they put the blame on the students for not figuring out that they were lied to. Talk about fucking gall.

  59. I tried to tell my fellow students this. They got really mad at me...lol...we can "make it" to law school...but as i discussed today, the issue is not making it to school...the question is what are you going to do when you get out?????????

  60. https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_8285981615

  61. while i despise my job, my line of work, and my life as a whole, i cannot imagine what wouldve happened if i chose law school over business school. as a cpa, there will seemingly always be a viable job market, and i'm 100k less in debt than my lawyer friends. I feel very bad for you guys, you were sold a bill of goods by a bunch of frauds. There is one similarity between our professions, the professional organizations which you end up a part of do not work to protect future members, all it does is work to protect current members. Just like they made a second degree necessary for cpa membership they have made entrance to the Legal profession just as hard. Now you have no choice but to take a 60 hour a week basement doc review job (if youre lucky!) to pay a student loan bill. very sad, but i love reading your stuff. keep up the good fight!

  62. Education is the worst scam IMO. With the housing bubble, at least you could buy a physical, tangible product. You can live in the house and maybe sell it. You will likely get less than what you paid for, but you will get some money back.

    The law degree on the other hand, is completely worthless. You mortgage away your future for a piece of paper, and no idea of how to work in your chosen field. You can't even wipe your ass with your diploma because it's printed on fancy paper.

  63. "At least, the piece of filth who chaired the committee died at the tender age of 53 – after scarfing down a business lunch. It couldn’t have happened to a better bastard."

    That's right Boomers keep feeding your fat faces.

  64. @4:25 That would be all fine and dandy if there were still several call centers in the US! Guess you lived under a rock for the past eight years, or never had to call a toll free number for service or info huh? Call center work has been outsourced to India and the Phillippines last decade.

    McDonalds? Ok...like over a thousand new restaurants opened during the recession which could accomodate the massive amount of unemployed people. Yeah...right! You do realize that 80% of retail and service jobs only employ part time workers right? Guess you didn't read that earlier this week Chipotle was busted for hiring over a thousand of undocumented workers. Both white and blue collar are screwed!

    Save your judgment and critisim for those who are responsible for this fucking mess: the ABA, law school deans and professors, legislators, and politicians. Asshole.

  65. I'm an under-employed lawyer with a funny story about the "flexability" of a JD degree.

    So I apply to participate in a two day focus group which will pay me $200 a day. Not good, but better then minimum wage.

    They're doing a pre-interview over the phone, and after telling me its a mock jury focus group they ask my job.

    Stupidly I told the truth.

    "Thank you Mr. _____ but we only hire laypeople for our mock juries".

    Noooooooooooooooo! :)

  66. Mistake Number 1: Getting a B.A. in a bullshit major.

    Mistake Number 2: Going to a third or fourth tier craptastic law school, hoping to salvage the bullshit B.A. and academic "career".

    Mistake Number 3: Borrowing $100,000+ to attend said craptastic school.

    Mistake Number 4: Thinking Obama and his Merry Pranksters will save your sorry ass.

  67. Yesterday I finished my Constitutional law exam, which I believe I aced, and went to the library. I printed out some forms and walked home, sad that my first year of law school is over. Today I got a letter in the mail saying that tuition goes up next year. And to be honest, I'd pay the higher price to do it again.

    I cannot begin to explain how much I have enjoyed my first year of law school. It was really sad for me to walk home in that hot sun knowing that a third of it is almost over. Now I will transfer to another school, maybe Cardozo, which was listed on this site. I will be paying sticker, but man oh man am I confident that I am going to do well. I read these blog posts and all I keep seeing is messed up logic. If law school has taught me one thing it is logic. How to think analytically, how to see past things that people say and instead see truth. I have read both sides, good and bad, about law school, and like anything worth while, it costs a lot. I don't mind leaving school with close to $200,000 in debt. I won't be like JDpainterguy with a 1.9 GPA. I know how important it is to work hard. I worked myself to the bone this last semester and I must say when I get that second year report card back I am going to feel proud, even if it's not as good as I hoped, because I put in so much effort. Yeah I could have done more, but that doesn't matter now. I had the best time of my life. While may people don't care much for the first year, I was reeling in the experience. It was hard. I know I don't have any job to go to, but I tell you this Nando, JDPainterguy, Colonel, I am going to be a beacon in the law world. A shining light. I have an amazing feeling about the things I am about to accomplish, and I will come back in a few years and I will explain what it takes to excel at any law school.

    You can't have excuses. You can't say your school isn't good enough, or that the economy is bad. You can't say that the system is messed up. All that is messed up is you. Anyone can climb out of the rut they are in and put a great life together. Nando! Why not send out some more resumes? Why not intern a bit, unpaid on the side? Why not work that JD? I can't honestly believe that you worked so hard and gave it all up.

  68. (continued)
    JDPainterguy, you can surely pass the bar. You don't have to write that poetry any longer. I would tell your wife "Hey, I decided to grow up. I have been thinking, I posted a lot of crap on the internet about how I hate my life, I looked emo, I am sorry. I really need to grow up, and even though my GPA was really, really low, baby, I am going to just really work to the bone. I might be interning a bit. You know, getting some unpaid experience. Getting my foot in the door. Showing the world I am a capable lawyer. After all, I owe my soul to Sallie Mae. I am going to at least show Sally Mae that I did something with that money."

    JDpainterguy, of course you are in angst. You are not allowing yourself to blossom and at the same time you have to pay back the money. Why not write down some goals and let yourself blossom.

    Nando, stop posting these gross pictures. I understand you want to shock people. We're no longer shocked, just disgusted. It's very childish to post pictures of poop to get your point across. You might consider taking this blog down and using that time to either 1. study for the bar if you have not passed it yet, or 2. putting together a nice resume and working that JD degree. Don't blame Drake University. There's nothing wrong with the school. People pay them to become lawyers, and it costs a lot to become a lawyer, because, face it, the rewards can, yes CAN be huge.

    Remember that day Nando when you got that acceptance letter? I bet you felt proud. Imagine the pride you can feel again once you really open yourself up to that dream.

    I hope I gave you something to think about, and you both have given me something to think about. Always be top of my class. Always go the extra mile, and no matter where I transfer to and graduate from, I know I am going to go that extra mile! It's time for me to get to the books and review 1L year baby! I can live the dream again, if even from my bedroom!

  69. @1034:

    I just about died laughing. Good stuff.

  70. @10:34.

    "I am going to be a beacon in the law world. A shining light. I have an amazing feeling about the things I am about to accomplish, and I will come back in a few years and I will explain what it takes to excel at any law school."

    OK - please tell me when you get there.

    "You can't have excuses. You can't say your school isn't good enough, or that the economy is bad. You can't say that the system is messed up. All that is messed up is you. Anyone can climb out of the rut they are in and put a great life together."

    You sound like my uninformed mother, or any non-attorney for that matter. I think you should transfer to Cooley instead and see if you still believe your words above. Life isn't always a "pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps" scenario. There are many things that are outside your control. Also, there are things that you may not have been made aware of when you decided to attend your particular law school, for example, a dismal employment outlook. But I think you should stay at your crappy school and suck it up guy b/c you obviously have all the answers after completing your 1st year in law school. I'd be very interested to see what tune you're singing about this time two years from now. Now go back to mummy for the summer and work at your neighborhood convenience store.

  71. I was once told some amazing internet advice, and that is don't feed the trolls. Of course one may think of me as a troll, but I feel that I am somewhat both in the majority as well as an enigma. You see, when I began law school I was working at a fast food place in California where I was told over and over how I could make $125+k if I was a manager, and my manager and the district manager could have helped me along the path. But I hated it and I kept saying over and over: "I'm going to law school." I have never looked back.

    1L. An amazing year. First day, bought $1200 in books. Went to class, was scared to death. "How am I going to be the top of the class, these people all are going to want the prize."

    Midterms roll around. To my surprise I am ranked quite high. I didn't study as much as I should have. I tried but took the weekends off, played World of Warcraft some, and read other things on the side. Second semester: "Time to take this train into da station"

    I saw that my first semester grades were good despite the studying I did and could have did. Of course, I researched law school heavily before starting. I read a ton of guides on how to do well. I knew I was going to do well but I didn't really know, you know, until first semester grades came in.

    I was told "only 10% can be in the top 10%." I have always been told stuff. Told I could not do something, it was too hard. Told that I may not get a job after law school. When I moved out and got married as a young adult I was told a lot of things, but you know, I didn't listen well, and to be honest, I am glad.

    Finals are done. I feel good. I am thrilled to death to get my grades back. Imagine the best Christmas you have ever had. Waking up, counting the days down, begging Santa for that Super Nintendo. Now, imagine that times 1000000000000 billionzillion. That's how thrilled i am about my grades. I wake up in the middle of the night and check to see if they are posted. I can't wait.

    Then there is the future. I may not have millions of dollars, even though I am sure I could if I set my goals towards that. I'll be happy with a $50,000 a year job using the intellect that I have gained from law school. (to be continued...)

  72. I think there is a lot more than money that can make a person happy. What ever happened to the whole "knowledge is wealth" thing? Why can't you be happy with the superior intellect that law school has bestowed upon you? I don't get it, but I know that when I see something crazy going on I know exactly what is really going on. Call it a sixth sense, but there's something about how one thinks after a year of law school.

    Let me rephrase that, there is something about how someone thinks after a year of law school getting higher than a 2.0 GPA. Seriously, don't hate the system. A system that allows people to become a lawyer who really want to be versus a system that only let a select few become a lawyer and others to work in mines and factories all their lives? Honestly, you prefer that? Yes, it costs a lot, but the alternative is being barred from even having a chance at being a member of the bar.

    I'll take this, thank you very much. Nando, keep dreaming of your silly Utopia, the one where law school is almost free and everyone gets a job. You're living in a fantasy. JDpainterguy, GET YOUR @$$ OUT THERE AND APPLY TO SOME LEGAL JOBS NOW!!!!!!! NO EXCUSES.

    The rest of you, don't align yourself with this non-sense. Be proud, half of you are gonna be lawyers and the other half are just scared. Don't listen to the fear. Don't listen to this madness! It's all lies and crazy-talk. Doom and Gloom. The end of the world is coming! They have said it throughout time. Those who try despite the fact that the world *may* or *may not end* are those who do something with their lives who can be proud. The rest find themselves waiting for society to collapse or for everyone who did better than them to die.

  73. I'm not denying the thrill and/or relief that comes after completing your first year. It's a lot of work and looking back, it is something to be proud of. What the people on this blog are trying to convey to you is that while you may feel warm and fuzzy about your law school "career," you may think differently when, at the end of your 3-year vacation from reality, you owe $200,000 with no feasible way of paying this sum back because there are very few legal jobs. Or if you get a legal job, how are you going to feel when you're working for a solo practitioner for $15/hr. Are you going to be able to pay off your debt? Nope. Are you going to be able to provide for your family? I'd say nope. We'll see how bright and cheery you are in a few years after you're (i) broke; (ii) faced with taking and passing the bar and (iii) no legal job lined up. Other than that, congratulations on getting through your first year - just try not to be so much of an idiot on these boards.

  74. @1034 am

    You sir, are an idiot.

    I am very lucky to be employed, and its only because I was LUCKY enough to have traversed the experience gap during good economic times. Many people who post here are employed either as lawyers or other occupations- so we know what we are talking about. I have 3 bar certificates and I don't make 160k a year bucko. Mass/NJ/NY <--that's right. I make 62k a year after taxes. My husband makes more but only by a little. The North East is a bad place to live and try to find work. Its a flooded market filled with people who have much better credentials than you. So get used to being rejected unless your coming from a TOP 5 with a decent rank.

    If you think real lawyering is anything like law school or school at all - roflmao. I can barely stay awake during the day because I work 45-50 hours a week. I telecommute a lot but still I am up till 2am sometimes I don't sleep at all. I have had to bust my ass to not get pink slipped this year. But I think that dark cloud is finally passing. Thank God or whatever entity is outthere.

    Be nice the JDpainter. You have yet to experience the soul numbing feeling of getting that bill from Edamerica or dealing with constant phone calls because your delinquent. Having to play subtle games of cat and mouse with your lenders to avoid paying so you might be able to go on vacation this year to somewhere other than the "jersey shore" for the day.

    Get ready for drinking champagne out of paper cups. That will be your life for a long time.

  75. I don't drink, actually. Bad for the health and the mind. Also, $62k would not be bad. I used to live like a king off $30k combined with the wife. Sheesh, soloing that would make me giddy.

    Also, don't call people idiots, it's rude. And, sorry you're so upset with your life that you come here and believe this. Spank you very much.

  76. You're still an idiot. And as Critick said, I hope you're coming from a top-5 school (or thereabouts) because all the ego mania that one derives in law school is quickly deflated when you start practicing law, if you are fortunate to find yourself in a position to practice law - that is. Now like I said, go back to mummy for the summer.

  77. $125k at fast food? Why do BigLaw when you can do BigMac?

  78. "JDpainterguy, of course you are in angst. You are not allowing yourself to blossom and at the same time you have to pay back the money. Why not write down some goals and let yourself blossom."

    Why not get some real life experience before lecturing others? You know, blossom first and then teach the rest of us wilting morons how it's done. I don't have the superior intellect afforded by getting a B-plus in Torts, but I think that would make a lot more sense.

    The whole mentality of these subprime students reminds me of crabs in a bucket. Somebody realizes "Oh shit, it's all a lie" and then everybody else starts parroting back some inspirational mishmash they probably got off the teevee. Two plus two is five.

  79. http://ip-whois-lookup.com/lookup.php?ip=

    Hello, cockroach. How are things in Chicopee/Cummington, MA, you piece of trash? Nice attempt at trying to make it seem as if the comments from 12:05, 12:11 and 12:59 are not from the same mentally challenged person who posted at 10:34 am. You even referred to yourself as a troll.

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    May 13 2011 12:55pm 3 actions 4m 15s
    May 13 2011 11:58am 5 actions 22m 17s
    May 13 2011 10:21am 6 actions 22m 6s
    May 13 2011 9:18am 2 actions 8m 46s
    May 13 2011 5:26am 5 actions 9m 37s

    How do you like that, bitch? We can see that you were on this site when all five of those ridiculous, moronic comments were made. Also, the writing style is the same.

    To the others telling this cretin that they hope he is at a top five law school:

    Stupid already noted that he is seeking to transfer to the trash pit known as Cardozo Law School. To wit:

    "Now I will transfer to another school, maybe Cardozo, which was listed on this site. I will be paying sticker, but man oh man am I confident that I am going to do well."

    Lastly, did I EVER say that law school should be “almost free,” retard?!?! Keep pushing for your dystopia, where law schools: (a) KNOWINGLY DISTORT their employment and starting salary figures; (b) charge students $46K per year; (c) do not teach their student how to practice law; and (d) produce far too many graduates for the available number of attorney positions, you piece of waste.


    Even “law professors” are acknowledging that law schools COMPLETELY MISREPRESENT their employment figures. Paul Campos, who teaches law at the University of Colorado, states the following:

    “Many law schools all but explicitly promise that, within a few months of graduation, practically all their graduates will obtain jobs as lawyers, by trumpeting employment figures of 95 percent, 97 percent, and even 99.8 percent. The truth is that less than half will.”

    Keep in mind that these sick in$titution$ of “higher education” CONSTANTLY harp on the need for lawyers and law students to be ethical giants. Yet, the law school pigs manipulate their output data - for the purpose of attracting more applicants and students to their particular diploma mills. I am sorry that you cannot accept reality, cockroach. Now, develop some integrity, apologist dog.

    By the way, you are welcome for the thorough beatdown, mental deficient.

  80. Here we go with another dose of know it all law students. Know this, losers. If you do not get a job making at least $160,000 straight out of law school, you are a fucking loser.

    And, even if you do get that job, you are still a fucking loser, because you are then several guys' bitches: the asshole partners, the asshole senior associates, the asshole junior associates, the asshole copy room guys and last, but not least, the major asshole clients.

    Oh, and you get to start paying off your hundreds of thousands in student loans every month until you die.

  81. 12:59: Where are you working 1L summer? Be an example to others as that "shining beacon": show us the way and tell us.

    I think this particular blog is MILD in its portrayal of the horrific misdeeds done by these unconscionable sewers of law. Law school is an incredible scam and ripoff which prepares the students for NOTHING.

    Plus, the JD has a horrific down-side no other degree has--that is, non-law employers HATE IT. The JD from one of these non-elite sewer pipes will cripple and maim a student for the rest of his or her life if solo practice doesn't miraculously work out for them, and they have to go outside law. Because soloing is all most of these unfortunate kids will have to look forward to.

    We all know you just come on here to be an idiot, but I am only writing in in case some hapless lemming should stop by and mistake you for someone who knows what the fuck he is talking about. Because you don't.

    The scamblogs merely warn the kids of the very significant and real dangers of law school. They don't stop ANYONE from going. By all means do. But you are a jackass making it sound like law school is some kind of privilege. It is in fact the ultimate ripoff and scam, just a very expensive ticket for the bar exam, that's all.

    P.S.: In the industry, it is known as "Carbozo", not "Cardozo". That is all.

  82. Pearls of wisdom from 10:34, and ect:

    1. "Why can't you be happy with the superior intellect that law school has bestowed upon you?"

    2. "I don't mind leaving school with close to $200,000 in debt.

    3. "I am going to be a beacon in the law world. A shining light."

    4. "It's time for me to get to the books and review 1L year baby! I can live the dream again, if even from my bedroom!"

    This poor soul sounds like someone who has joined a cult-- the euphoria, the mind-over-matter sloganeering, the I-have-the-key-to-enlightenment smugness, the mockery of critics as sore losers who just didn't try.

    Even though the Gods look out for scoundrels, they will not protect someone this stupid and this deluded. I hope his next two years are a blast, because he is in for a letdown that will poison the rest of his life.

  83. @12.11 "Nando, keep dreaming of your silly Utopia, the one where law school is almost free and everyone gets a job."

    Aah, that Brigadoon known as...Australia. Subsidised public ed, plenty of employment. And a local dollar at $1.05 to the greenback. With mandatory bike helmet laws though, 'utopia' is a stretch.

  84. 10:34 is living in Cummington, Mass? What shithole is he attending? Hey, that's Springfield!! He must be going to Western New England College School of Law. What a delusional piece of shit.

  85. "And, even if you do get that job, you are still a fucking loser, because you are then several guys' bitches: the asshole partners, the asshole senior associates, the asshole junior associates, the asshole copy room guys and last, but not least, the major asshole clients."

    yep, even if you "win" you still lose.

    Most of your money will go to paying off student loans.

    You will spend 100 hours a week working for a partner who values you as much as the bird shit he stepped in on the way to work.

    Women won't talk to you unless you give them your CC number first. You will marry a golddigger who gives you uninspired sex once or twice a month in exchange for your money.

    After a few years she will start screaming "half" you realize for the first time that your kid looks a lot like the gardener.

    You get assraped in divorce court.

    You spend all of your money on student loans and child support/alimony. Your ex-wife uses your money to buy lingerie to impress her new boyfriend

    You die alone, hated and despised by all.

  86. 7:21: Even by scamblog standards, turde, that is some GRIM stuff. But well-written and vivid in its portrayal nonetheless.

    Thanks for sharing.

  87. the industry is not quite at rock bottom. That will happen when Snooki or The Situation are your graduation speakers and they are paid as much as you spent on one years tuition to stand in front of you for an hour saying you can be a total worthless moron and still achieve anything.

    All the best
    Al Bundy

  88. To add to what turde said, the wife will then fuck her new boyfriend 6 or 7 days a week with plenty of BJs thrown in. If she's on her period, she'll give him a handjob, BJ or footjob. No reason why the new BF shoudl suffer. Watch as she spends you money for new breasts and a new wardrobe. Gotta keep the physical trainer happy.

  89. Yeah, my guess is 10:34 is at that complete and utter craphole called Western New England. Even if you do get into Carbozo, you're job opps are already down the shitter since big law is decided in the fall of your 2L year based on your 1L grades. Since no biglaw firms recruit out of Western New England, you're basically fucked guy. You will have to wear the shit stain of WNEC on your resume for life. I look forward to seeing you on my lunch hour where you ask me whether I want fries wit dat. Good luck idiot.

  90. Either WNEC or Albany, either way still a dump.

  91. We should all have a moment of silence for the poor souls who are walking for their law diplomas this weekend. Then again, what purpose would that serve? We need to keep the heat on the law school industry pigs.

    NYT reporter David Segal sums up the situation nicely:


    "This gets to what might be the ultimate ugly truth about law school: plenty of those who borrow, study and glad-hand their way into the gated community of Big Law are miserable soon after they move in. The billable-hour business model pins them to their desks and devours their free time.

    Hence the cliché: law school is a pie-eating contest where the first prize is more pie.

    Law school defenders note that huge swaths of the country lack adequate and affordable access to lawyers, which suggests that the issue here isn’t oversupply so much as maldistribution. But when the numbers are crunched, studies find that most law students need to earn around $65,000 a year to get the upper hand on their debt.

    That kind of money is hard to earn hanging a shingle in rural Ohio or in public defenders’ offices, the budgets of which are often being cut. As elusive, and inhospitable, as jobs in Big Law may be, they are one of the few ways for new grads to keep out of delinquency."

    By the way, even the Biglaw lottery winners are not guaranteed to have lengthy legal careers. Many are churned out - or burn out - after 3-5 years. Do you think these Biglaw "failures" will be highly sought after by small law firms - or the DOJ?! Those employers want ambitious, aggressive, highly-skilled litigators.

    Do you want to take a look at “quality of life”?


    According to a July 9, 2007 article in the (UK) Sunday Times, here are the top reasons why so many lawyers are unhappy:

    1. the dehumanising hours.
    2. the yawning gap between their intelligence and the mind-numbing nature of their work
    3. the yawning gap between the ideals of those entering the profession and the reality.
    4. the cumulatively lowering nature of the work.
    5. the vortex of hatred that envelops them entirely.
    6. the self-inflicted nature of their suffering.

    Does anyone - besides the mental midget posting from Cummington, MA - believe that working 80 hour weeks, in a highly-competitive field, is healthy - or makes someone a better person?

  92. "By the way, even the Biglaw lottery winners are not guaranteed to have lengthy legal careers. Many are churned out - or burn out - after 3-5 years. Do you think these Biglaw "failures" will be highly sought after by small law firms - or the DOJ?! Those employers want ambitious, aggressive, highly-skilled litigators."

    This is one of the most understated aspects of why you should NOT enter the field of law. Due to supply (saturated) and demand (low) of lawyers, there will always be a fresh supply of "young meat" to replace the 2-5 year associates who have either (1) burned out, (2) have low billables or (3) [fill in the blank]. Thus, you could indeed get a biglaw job, but the fact of the matter is you might only have that job for 2-5 years. Hopefully you can find another associate position, but what if you can't? Law firms just would likely just hire another piece of meat fresh out of law school who is hungry for success. Law can be a very short-lived profession.

  93. The professors insist on making a killing for doing a few hours of work each week. In the real world, they'd be out on their ass.

    Hey, kids. If law is such a great field, why did your professors only practice law for 12 seconds?

  94. @ 9:24

    spot on, my professors were either biglaw burnouts, or never practiced law. The most egregious fraud in the group went from law school to a clerkship. After clerking for two years he went straight into academia. He never once did any "real" lawyer stuff.

    Of course, the peacock strutted around the classroom and acted like his lectures were the cure for cancer.

    The business school shared the same building as the law school. The b-school professors were all ex-senior VP's, board of trustees types with serious connections. My professors were a bunch of shits who had zero pull in the industry.

    The business school is moving away from the law school into their own, brand new building. I guess they can't stand the stench of failure lol. Last fall, my school (ranked around 40) had a whopping 8 firms show up to OCI. Some 2L's asked the b-school's CSO for help (because ours was completely and utterly worthless) and were told to fuck off.

  95. @8:27 @7:57,

    It's another unfortunate truth about law. Nando, you should do a piece on how legions of sexually frustrated guys attend law school, thinking their piece of paper will cause women to finally notice them.

    Most of them are destroyed in ls. Women have even more reason to avoid these sorry losers, jobless and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red.

    Even if they do make it into those rare 160k jobs, being a provider is not enough. Girls will still think you're a boring tool. As mentioned before, you will be the sucker who supports her lifestyle while she gets fucked silly by a carousel of guys who pound her vag for free. Once she gets a few years in, you get crushed in divorce.

    I've always thought, if you want women to notice you, don't go to law school, go to the gym. Work out, get into shape, get a tan, and meet lots of women. They will appreciate your toned physique much more than a pasty schlub with some money in the bank.

    Sorry for taking up more of your bandwidth Nando, I just had to rant lol.

  96. May 14, 2011 2:20 PM:

    Nicely done, 2:20.

    Law? Feh. Medicine gets the chicks. A guy is even better off going into nursing than law.

  97. turde needs his own scamblog. This stuff is pure comedy gold.

    And I mean that. The real formula of tragedy + timing. If you are a fat schlub or have a receding hairline, don't go to law school. Try medicine. Those guys make bank. And most women are okay with being married to a doctor. Even if he looks a little goofy.

    Not so for the women stuck with unemployed lawyers and shitlawyers who struggle to pay the bills.

    Honestly, do you think real women want to be with some asshole with bad posture and $140K in loans? Or do they want to spend the night with a real man?

    Now, I hope this doesn't cause nando's 2 remaining female readers to leave. But I need to say this.

    turde, I have met several pharm reps. The women are usually fitness buffs and they make bank. I dated one briefly. This chick's biceps were almost as large as mine. And you could bounce dimes off her stomach. She was 25 and pulling in about $90K a year. Controlling as hell but that comes w/ the territory.

  98. part II

    The male reps I met were almost always in great shape and had winning personalities. I knew one kid, Hispanic guy, about 23. This son of a bitch was dating beautiful women. You know, the type that bring a tear to your eye?

    Anyway, one day he lets me use his friend's gym membership. He picks me up in his Mercedes M Class. Fucking thing must have had less than 5000 miles on it. The thing is you knew he could afford it. He was a smart kid. Anyway, I kid you not, I put my wallet in his glove compartment before we head in. Before I know it, I see these crothless panties. He was such a cool kid. He just looked at me and apologized. And that he had met one of his girlfriends the other night.

    He fucking apologized. Didn't blush or tell me how amazingly hot the conquest was. And I sure as hell didn't ask if he had her in the front seat or the back.

    At 23, this guy had shit that I can't afford at 34. He had other things going for him. I remember one blonde chick in particular he was dating. I still remember her, and she only said Hi to me maybe once. I swear I almost blacked out. And this 23 year old kid was banging the shit out of her on a consistent basis. She was so gorgeous, when you saw her your fucking heart skipped a few beats and the bloodflow to your brain temporarily stopped. We picked the wrong fucking field, folks.

  99. Nando,

    I just saw a sobering documentary called the "College Conspiracy" that was produced by the National Inflation Association. Here is the link for you and your readers:


    After watching this documentary, I feel sick how the schools, the government, the Federal Reserve and Obama are continuing to fuck over our youth. Obama says more education is the key. The key to what? Enslavement to the banks? Indentured servitude? A mortgage without a house? Kids, and this is just for undergrad. Imagine how much more fucked you will be with an extra $150K in student loans from law school?

  100. ^^^^

    Go to minute 16:55 of the video. Gerald Celente has a special message for smart kids that went to law school.

  101. ^^^^^

    Go to minute 32:32. The professor interviewed explains how diluted a 4.0 GPA is today compared to 30 years ago. Any kid with a pulse can get a 4.0 GPA and hire a tutor to get a 165LSAT score. This doesn't mean you are cut out for the legal profession.

  102. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    And finally, go to minute 43:34 law grads and 0L lemmings. That portion of the video is dedicated to you.

  103. Outstanding video, 10:13. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the class.

  104. @3:48

    Yup. A good, well-paying job is part of your appeal to women. It's a part, not the overriding whole. From what you told me, your friend was probably good looking, in shape, and charismatic. These are the qualities that women are after.

    I'm just upset at how people enroll in law school hoping for a better life. A lot of schlubs hope for a revenge of the nerds scenario in which women will line up to blow them and their spiffy law degree. Most students just want a respectable, decent-paying job though. It was said to see my carefree, happy, classmates turn into miserable, backstabbing human beings by the end of first semester.

    Fuck the law schools for their "caveat emptor" response to law grads. Yes, students should have known you are a bunch of lying scum, out to ruin people's lives for a quick buck. They should have intuitively and magically understood that your 102k average starting salary is an outright fabrication.

  105. good thing i checked this post first. i was also going to post the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpZtX32sKVE video

  106. All lies. Pathetic lies. Law school owns! Nando is wrong and knows it!

  107. To the piece of trash who posted at 12:12 pm,

    Why don't you provide some actual proof, bitch, instead of childish rants, i.e. "All lies"?!?!


    Back on July 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm, Professor J. Gordon Hylton at Marquette Law School had this to say about Third Tier Reality:

    “For a thought-provoking (and sobering) blog devoted to the realities of legal education in the 21st century, one should check out Third Tier Reality


    Another endorsement from an academic. And, let’s not forget this submitted law review article from Lucille A. Jewel of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School:


    Associate "professor of law” Lucille Jewel wrote a decent article about the scam-bloggers. She concludes that these blogs are serving a good purpose, and are exposing deep problems within the “profession.”


    "Look past the occasional vulgarity and disgusting pictures. Don’t dismiss the posters as whiners. To a person they accept responsibility for their poor decisions. But they make a strong case that something is deeply wrong with law schools.

    Their complaint is that non-elite law schools are selling a fraudulent bill of goods. Law schools advertise deceptively high rates of employment and misleading income figures. Many graduates can’t get jobs. Many graduates end up as temp attorneys working for $15 to $20 dollars an hour on two week gigs, with no benefits. The luckier graduates land jobs in government or small firms for maybe $45,000, with limited prospects for improvement. A handful of lottery winners score big firm jobs."


    “There are a lot of aspects of selling education that are tinged with consumer fraud,"[UCLA Law Professor, Richard] Sander says. "There is a definite conspiracy to lead students down a primrose path."

    Try reading and doing some actual research BEFORE you sound foolish, cockroach.

  108. Nancy,

    Still at it, I see... nothing better to do with your worthless (apparently) time, I guess.

    I see that instead of doing what you claim (trying to prevent people from beginning law school) you've now graduated to belittling those that have already committed to it and have obtained their degree.

    Nice work, buddy... what a total tool you still are.


    PS: Just graduated myself and am on vacation celebrating...and DO have a job lined up making more than you, loser!

  109. From an old RSS feed:


    The fun is over, for now, but school is starting anyhow. A lot was false, but bits were true, but must was just to have fun with…”

    In sum, you are a TOTAL FRAUD, Doug. You were exposed as such, and you even admit that "a lot was false." How does it feel to be exposed yet again as a liar, bitch?!?!

    For instance, you just started law school last August - and you already graduated?! Where did you attend law school, you piece of trash? You also "claimed" that your wife found a job, and that she would be supporting your worthless ass. I seriously doubt ANY woman would put up with you, bitch. Don't refer to your right hand as your "wife," moron.

    By the way, how long have you been off your medications?! You are the definition of loser, Doug. You fabricated an entire storyline, and you want to be taken seriously? I am more than happy to flush you down the commode once more, turd.

  110. May 18, 2011 9:02 PM :

    Doug, seriously, wht IS your stake in this? If you want to go to law school so bad, no one is stopping you. What overwhelming personal stake do you have in the opinion of the scambloggers on this? The main thing you should be concerned with is excelling there, not worrying about what someone ELSE thinks.

    Why do you care so much what others think? Do you think it is a trait of successful people, or are successful people more likely to travel their own path in life regardless of the opinions of others?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  111. Doug is some piece of shit that decided to go to law school somewhere in Florida last year. I wonder if he failed out of that place.

  112. It's an informative post. I very much look forward to read this post.I've always wanted to speak to a couple people who got their law degrees from an online school of law to see how their experience of studying law differed from mine - I went to a brick & mortar uni - and have always been interested in the
    online study experience.

    law courses

  113. @ 10:34- epic post, great troll job. Everyone including Nando bought it hook, line, and sinker.

  114. Nando - this is probably the best blog I've ever read.

    A few random thoughts from a 2011 grad:

    To the guy who said we're all idiots because we should have known better in 2007, I have this to say. There were few pieces of information counter to the law school marketing scheme when I started in 2008. Starting in 2008 means I applied and did the LSAT in 2007. Four years ago, people didn't want to shit on the notion that law was a meal ticket. I did dig deeply, however, and found a few prophets saying that things could suck. The market crashed AFTER I started, and the effects didn't hit law until around fall '09 when I was entrenched.

    I mitigated the damage somewhat: rather than take a full tuition offer at $eaTTle or waiting out the waitlist at Lewi$ and Clark, I went to a small TTT that charged low tuition and gave me some scholarships. I further hoped my wife would get a job at the school.

    She did get a job (a miracle - don't ever rely on that), which halved my tuition. Looking at how the math worked out, I basically got a TTT JD, for nothing more than cost of living expenses. I borrowed about $50,000 for three years of cost of living and some minimal tuition/books expenses and fees. I also graduated in the top 20%, with a bunch of extracurriculars like moot court and the flagship law review under my belt. I also gained 35 pounds, drink a lot, and have high blood pressure, but that's another story.

    So hey, good work me? Kind of. It is certainly far less painful not to owe a dime to private banks (who can rape you with VERY high interest, and still enjoy bankruptcy discharge protection). Going to a TTT for cheap, however, lowers my initial earning prospects SIGNIFICANTLY. I have to be content with a $50K a year job, hopefully, and cross my fingers that I can work until my eyes bleed and lateral to something that pays halfway decent. That is an OPTIMISTIC view, but if I think pessimistically after going through all this, I may as well just eat shit and die now. Cut me a break, assholes.

    I think the problem stems from the fact that most law students are shitheads who all think they will be in the top 10% (or top 10 students, at my TTTiny alma maTTTer). Certainly THEY, with their 4.0 GPA in communication and minor in underwater basketweaving, will demonstrate to the cretins with whom they compete their incredible natural legal prowess!

    I'll give an example. When I was starting 3L, this girl at the local Starbucks near my law school asked me what I thought about going to law school. I told her she probably wouldn't like what I had to say. She said she would be fine with it, and to tell her my opinion. I then told her that it was a horrible idea unless she got into Yale or Harvard, or it cost her next to nothing and she was content with a low/moderate wage starting job. She actually got OFFENDED, scoffed, and made some snide remark about how she would get great grades. I wished her luck and walked away, realizing I couldn't possibly win the 0L retard olympics. That dipshit is a prime example of why law schools will continue to milk supple young teats for every dime their banks loaned them. Law schools do the scamming and are fecal piles, absolutely, but the arrogant 0L idiots keep eating it up despite what they're told.

    Would I do it again? No. The classes sucked, the exams were ridiculous, the professors were asshats (with only one exception out of dozens), and I had to go out of my way over and above soul crushing class workloads to do tournaments to learn even the most basic legal skills. The cherry on the shit sundae is that those skills are but a fraction of what I'll need to learn to competently do this shit. I can sure write a helluva great 3 hour exam answer, though.

    Takeaway: any of you arrogant 0Ls reading this need to know what the hell you're getting into before you do this. Or don't, like that Starbucks chick, and ruin your pasty nerd life with your debt load and piss poor prospects. Good luck.

  115. June 30, 2011 10:39 PM:

    Well written, 10:39. Sounds like you've got at least a handle on it. Thanks for sharing.

  116. Hustle, that's all I can say. If you graduate and do not know how to network and play the game you will not accomplish a thing. This goes for a top 8 law school or a tier 3. You have to enter the workforce and take what you want. TOOOO many JD's expected to graduate and have a golden spoon put in their mouth. Grow up, face realities and make some shit happen. I'm doing it. Graduated from a Tier 4 School, working in DC on a federal contract and networking to set up something big in the future.

  117. To the piece of trash who posted on December 5, 2011 at 9:29 pm,

    It figures that you can only offer empty platitudes, ass-clown. To wit:

    "You have to enter the workforce and take what you want."

    You are a believer, and nothing more, bitch. Let’s apply this “principle” to another situation. Suppose that someone wants your girlfriend or wife. Should they simply kick down your front door, slap you around, and pound your girlfriend’s vagina?!?! More drooling idiocy:

    “TOOOO many JD's expected to graduate and have a golden spoon put in their mouth.”

    Yes, blame the scammed students and graduates. How “courageous” and original, cockroach. Sure, SOME law students expected big-ass salaries, upon graduation. But the schools played no role in such lofty expectations, did they, dicknose?!?! Remember, these diploma mills willingly and knowingly publish incomplete, false or manipulated starting salary and job “placement” figures. They do so, in order to attract more applicants and paying customers, water-head.

    Do you see the difference between us, moron? I back up my case with facts, charts, graphs, industry statements, etc. You merely rely on meaningless platitudes, and your own faith in the system. By the way, tramp: rich kids expect things to be handed to them. Notice how many connected people manage to do VERY well, with a mere BA or BS. Now keep your foul mouth shut, Stupid!


    “But Leipold told us that NALP is also counting deferred students as employed — even though NALP KNOWS that some deferrals will never result in actual employment.

    Since it was me, Leipold, and 11 other people who didn’t want to look tanned when they got back to work on Monday, I decided it was appropriate to question Leipold about this. Why was NALP providing “cover” for law schools when we all know that prospective law students will believe these inflated numbers? Doesn’t this make NALP complicit in this law school scam? To Leipold’s credit, he answered truthfully:

    “If we said to law schools you have to report a significant percentage of your graduates as ‘unemployed,’ they wouldn’t do it.”

    This is a disgusting, dishonest industry, cretin. Of course, you - being a pathetic pussy - are more offended by my harsh tone and aggressive reporting. You are an embarrassment to humanity. By the way, your “buyer beware” argument does not mean that the pigs are allowed to publish lies.


    Look at the NALP Class of 2010 National Summary Report, ass-wipe. There were 44,258 grads - competing for a mere 28,167 positions requiring bar passage. Head to page 2 of this PDF, under Source of Job, bitch. You will note that the vast majority of this class went out and FOUND their own positions. Now go jump in traffic.


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