Sunday, May 29, 2011

Profiles in Brazen Ingratitude: Emory University “Associate Professor of Law” Sara K. Stadler

Due to popular demand, I am taking out the trash this morning. Others have covered this story, but I prefer to make sure that all of the waste baskets have been emptied and that every garbage bag has been tied down - before I haul the trash can out to the curb. I have also sent “Professor” Stadler a link to this entry. Before you have a stroke, Sara, remember that you brought this thrashing upon yourself, leech.

Here is the video of Sara Stadler delivering the commencement address to the 2011 graduating class of Emory University. The speech starts at 36:10 and ends at 45:20 of the video. What nerve for a “law professor” - who makes her living by strapping down young people down with NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - to refer to students as “takers.”

“Emory University law professor Sara Stadler thinks law grads need to stop coveting high-paying jobs that just aren’t available. And she said so in a commencement speech earlier this month.

"Get over it,” Stadler told law grads. “The one thing standing in the way of your happiness is a sense of entitlement." The Fulton County Daily Report covered the speech.

Stadler said many law grads don’t have jobs or didn’t get the job they wanted, and she wished she could change that, according to the story. But that doesn’t mean opportunities for happiness are lacking. "You might have to move to Nebraska,” Stadler said. “You might have to join a small firm where they don't make the big bucks.”

"You might also have to learn to be a giver, not a taker. Givers tend to be happy people. Takers are never satisfied. I want you to be satisfied with your professional lives. To look back later and say … look at the people I helped."
[Emphasis mine]

Listen, parasite: I lived in Des Moines, Iowa for three years. I am familiar with Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Why don’t YOU move out to that bug-infested hellhole, and lead by example, Sara?!?! By their fruits ye shall know them.

As far as I am concerned, you should be down on your knees kissing the feet of each of those graduates. They have taken on large sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - so that YOU could make a nice living as a “law professor.” Is there an easier “job” on the planet?!?! Apparently, you did not have the stomach to stay in a real job.


As you can tell, Emory charges $45,098 in tuition and fees – for the 2011-2012 school year. Furthermore, the school estimates that living expenses will add another $24,298 to the tab. This would bring the total cost of attendance – for one year – to $69,396. Keep in mind that these selfish, greedy pigs are only taking nine-month living expenses into account. Estimating living costs for twelve months would bring the total COA to $75,559. At this level, does it really matter?!

Emory Law claims that it had a 93% employment placement rate, for its Class of 2009. Furthermore, the school asserts that 69.1% of this class was employed in law firms - with an AVERAGE STARTING SALARY of $116,155. This is listed under Information for Applicants.

The school also stated that 95% of its Class of 2008 was employed within nine months of graduation - with 71.77% of respondents working in law firms. The average starting salary - for those in private firms - was listed as $124,615.

For the Class of 2007, Emory Law claimed that 97% of these JDs were employed within nine months. The school also alleged that 65.31 percent of these grads were working in private law offices. The average starting salary for this group was (supposedly) $119,056.

Finally, the Office of Career Services claims that 98% of its 2006 graduating class was employed within nine months of graduation, with 69.95% working in law firms. The average starting salary for such Emory lawyers was $104,230.

Head over to page 65 of Emory University’s IRS Form 990. You will see that James Wagner, president of the university, made $1,077,514 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008. “Higher education” is BIG business, in this country.

US “News“ & World Report shows that the average law student indebtedness - for members of the Emory JD Class of 2009 who incurred law school debt - was $99,236. Fully 81 percent of this class took on such debt.

According to USN&WR, Emory operates the 30th best law school in the land. Keep in mind that the school dropped 8 spots from the last edition.

Sara, in light of all of the above information, do you see how Emory law students may have had some expectations of finding decent-paid legal employment?!?! Conversely, “law professors” feel entitled to make well into the six figures for teaching 4-6 hours per week, rehashing the same doctrinal drivel year after year. Like you, many of them did not practice law for much time. Why don’t you tell them not to expect such compensation?!


  1. I guess she thinks it's pretty neat
    to gobble on that lending teat
    and ride the gravy train on tracks
    laid across poor debtors backs.

  2. Philosopher and poet?

    A rare combination.

  3. Wait until I post my banjo song later today, and with her speaking in the background.

  4. Great post Nando, I like how you are starting to cover schools ranked in the top 50. These diploma mills may be labeled first tier, but we all know they are shit outside of the top 10, maybe top 15?

    Emory has been bleating the "work somewhere else" line for at least two years now. I deferred my acceptance from 2008 to 2009 and received a magazine in which the school admitted hiring was down, and that students should look for work elsewhere.

    You see, Emory's main selling point during 0L accepted students weekend is their "dominance" of the Atlanta legal market. During ASW they mention it at least 250 billion times. One of the events was dinner at the house of an Atlanta biglaw partner who graduated from Emory. The implicit assumption was that you would be hired by Atlanta biglaw if you enrolled. During ASW, there were no mentions of givers, takers, and working in Nebraska.

  5. 2 things:


    It's nice to be a "giver" who makes ~$100k doing 6 hrs. of work per week, likely less.


    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

  6. Unfortunately, the truth is that Emory gets sloppy fourths in Atlanta. Most biglaw attorneys in Atlanta are from UVA and Duke. Even Vandy gets priority over Emory. Hiring partners in ATL don't take Emory seriously. Last fall, only 28 firms interviewed at OCI for a class of 250 students.

    I researched the biglaw firms in Atlanta in 2008 before the economy tanked. Most associates were from Duke and UVA. There were also a bunch from Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Penn, and a handful from Yale. Most of them didn't have honors, just the top 10 JD.

    The few Emory students that were hired were all order of the coif/LR/cum laude superachievers. What Emory doesn't tell 0L's is that Atlanta biglaw won't touch you unless you are top 10% plus law review. Another ugly truth is that state governments + local firms won't touch you either. They perceive Emory as a haven for spoiled kids from the Northeast. The local firms hire UGA students, the ones who pay about a third of the tuition Emory students do.

    The Emory's prof's speech is unbelievable. Her arrogance, her contempt, her cruelty. Sadler's tone is a sharp contrast to Emory's message to the class of 2011 during ASW 2008. I wonder if students remember back then, when the administration bragged about Emory being a top 20 school, that they would be ranked top 15 by the time the class of 2011 graduated, and how Atlanta biglaw absolutely LOVED to hire Emory grads. It's a far cry from "go work in Nebraska"

  7. What galls me, in addition to what you have written Turde, is the complete disconnect/hypocrisy of the faculty and administration. The video is good in that it shows this.

    Talking about "giving" when you have the easy 6-figure job, when you've worked at Biglaw, when your debts are paid, when you have job stability and can own a nice home and car and don't have to worry about putting food on the table, paying loans, rent, and living in a small studio apartment and - most of all - struggling for the next 20 years, possibly life - is just sheer arrogance. Do you think the students, now in debt to the tune of +$100,000, have nothing and will likely have nothing for the foreseeable future, need to be told to be "givers"? Haven't they earned something?

    The bottom line is that the school will now cast them off and repeat the process with another bunch of clueless 1L's to replace them and that employers don't care. The school doesn't care. Employers don't care. They have your money. You've been played. AND, worst of all, you can't now do something else. You're trapped.

  8. It's astonishing what some people can get away with.

  9. Yet another "let them eat cake" moment provided by the esteemed law school community. What is staggering is those spoiled rich kids from Scarsdale just sat there slack jawed and didn't boo, or protest in any manner.

    Of course not, they have been bred to be whiny little sheep.

    I really hope that this school places the text of her speech in its next glossy admissions brochure, just to assure these gullible morons that are heading for the shitpile, stat. Maybe inside the front cover...

  10. If one has to waste $150K to graduate from a second tier law school with a third rate education just for the chance to work for a third rate firm such as Alston & Bird or King & Spalding, I will pass on Emory. I would be better off working on a farm in Nebraska than being a lawyer there.

  11. 0L lemmings: Want to see the face of a recent law grad who is $200K in the hole, NY licensed attorney, 29 years old and living in mommy and daddy's basement located in third world Detroit?

    Take a gander:

    If you want to be like this chum, take the plunge and join the wonderful legal profession.

  12. Some troll on JDU was claiming that the "Nebraska" line was a joke because she's from Nebraska. Well, how the heck is the entire audience supposed to know that? Is she so egotistical as to think the whole student body knows her background?

    People who were there claim it's being taken out of context. Like I've said, I don't think there's any "context" required to understand that she's out of touch (especially re: entitlement and happiness).

  13. Thank you for exposing this disgusting hypocrite for what she is. As I am a Christian, I will pray that "Professor Stadler" repents of her hypocrisy and grossly over-inflated sense of entitlement and develops something resembling a sense of humility and moral responsibility. In the meantime, Go Go Go Nando. As I have written before, you are one of the very few select voices today who actually makes this former "scholarship student" proud (and not ashamed) to be a lawyer.

  14. OK, I did one take and did the song, with Stadler's speech in the backdrop. It is on my most recent post. Hope you like it Nando.

    I'm going out for more beer.

  15. Student files class action lawsuit against law school for misrepresenting employment data:

    I thought of soliciting one of you guys to file such a suit myself, but I'm already up to my neck in a few other contingency suits that haven't paid out yet.

    I hope this is a trend.

  16. Ms. Stadler belongs in the same category as a sociopathic criminal who lures a trusting kid into his clutches, and then rapes, robs, and beats her....and, after it is all over, smiles and advises his destroyed victim to just get over it and learn to be a giver.

    Although to be fair, I don't think Stadler deliberately meant it as a mind-fuck, she was just expressing her own arrogance, stupidity, and hypocrisy.

  17. This woman is a pig. Thanks for giving her a taste of her own medicine. If you want advice on the job market, don' take it from some asshole that's part of the scam.

  18. Step 1. Give 0L's misleading employment and salary data;

    Step 2. Have them take a ride on the student loan gravy train;

    Step 3. Give them a piece of paper at the end of 3 years that will lead to jobs that most likely fail to meet the employment and salary data you presented as facts in Step 1;

    Step 4. Blame the students for believing your bullshit.

    Brilliant work there, Stadler. Must be hard to give so much of yourself, working six hour weeks each semester for a six figure salary in this economy.

  19. Scrub:

    Your post is as brilliantly funny as it is true.

  20. I haven't seen this level of disgusting ivory tower arrogance since roaming the rotten pipes of the SETON HALL LAW TOILET! 'Professor' Stadler should transfer to Seton Hall she would fit right in

  21. Sweet. Excellent post. The end is near for the law school bubble...

  22. "They have your money. You've been played. AND, worst of all, you can't now do something else. You're trapped.

    May 29, 2011 8:48 AM"

    Indeed. One of the worst things about the JD is the fact that it closes more doors than it opens. Kids, I cannot emphasize this enough: non-law employers HATE the JD degree. The usefulness touted about of a JD outside of law is exclusively for those with preexisting valuable experiences, contacts and connections which they bring to the employer's table. That is not the case for most of these kids, who are conventional, traditional "straight-throughs" in the educational system.

    That is one of the phenomena I hate the most. The fact that EVEN IF a person accepts the fact his JD is useless and is willing to set out in pursuit of another type of job, the JD will be used against him--mercilessly, that is.

    When one takes into consideration the possible decades-long era of financial hardship some of these kids will have, plus the very strong downside of the degree itself, the "let them eat cake" attitude of this law "professor" is sickening at best. Strutting about the stage telling kids to "give" when they haven't gotten their first paying job yet is unconscionable and downright stupid.

    Giving is for people who actually have something.

  23. I don't have much to add. This bitch got what was coming to her. How dare you blame the students for being greedy. Emory charges an arm and a leg for tuition.

  24. I agree fully with turde above. Please cover G.W.U. Law.

  25. This 'professor' is soft, pasty, and fat. Her cozy middle/upper middleclass comforts have not been lost on her appearance. Have another bon bon and talk about 'tough love' and 'sacrifice', you cow. GO EFF YOURSELF.

  26. ^^^ I wouldn't mind buttering her muffin. Not! She looks like a pig.

  27. It's about the detachment from reality some people have once they perceive themselves to have "made it."

    From what I can see, she spent a relatively few years actually practicing law. And, being a law "professor" she is not exactly a self-sacrificing, poverty-oath-taking missionary herself. She is simply not the one who should be lecturing about sacrifice and denial, that's all, given the softball job she has. I am embarrassed for her.

    I hope the school is too. No wonder people ridicule the legal profession.


    "I'm sure Emory has failed you in some way," Stadler added, saying she wished she could change that. But the terrible job market, she said, offers opportunity for happiness.”

    Thanks for the “refreshing honesty” and “tough love,” Sara. By the way, Emory Law failed its students in MANY ways. What do you propose that the school should do about this?! Oh, that’s right! You informed them of the anemic job market - after they had pissed away three years of their lives, and amassed a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. What a beacon of integrity!

    Earlier today, I sent a link to this entry, as well as the following message to Sara Stadler:

    “By the way, did you tell your students about the abysmal job market during orientation or in their first week of Property? Or did you wait until after Emory had taken all of their (borrowed) money - for the three years?”

    For $ome rea$on, you forgot to tell incoming, first-year law students about the fact that the legal job market is shrinking.

    This “institution of higher learning” wants its grads to support Campaign Emory. As if these students have not GIVEN enough to this sewage pit. In addition, the law school pigs have TAKEN these students’ financial future - via federally-backed student loans.

    Take a look at this, Sara. Count the donors - from the Class of 2011.

    “2011 Class Gift Campaign

    An annual tradition, the graduating class is honored to give back to Emory Law through the 3L Class Gift.

    This year, funds from the class gift will support Emory Law's Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), which offers graduates the opportunity to pursue public interest and public sector positions by providing financial assistance to offset their educational debt.”

    Of course, this is not enough. The swine at Emory are constantly squealing for more money. As you can see, the dean is compelling grads to donate to the school, i.e. “We at Emory Law are not immune from the roiling of the nation’s and the world economy.”


    Take a peek at this drivel:

    “This new economic climate presents challenges to both our alumni and our students. It calls upon us to rethink normal ways of doing business and look for new and creative opportunities. For our students, this means ensuring their future in the legal profession is sound; it means making an Emory Law education more affordable so they can be free to pursue all career options available to them.

    Through the generous support of our alumni and friends, we have worked hard to increase our tuition discount rate to be more in line with our peer institutions.

    These are unique times. With your continued support, we can make a difference for future generations of Emory lawyers.”

    Yes, charging your students $45,098 - for one damn year of tuition and fees - is affordable, right?!?! In addition, the Class of 2010 had an average law student indebtedness of $99,236.

    Being strapped down with such immense NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt will allow them to pursue all career options available to them - such as practicing law in Nebraska!!

    On the overpriced commode’s main page, under News, the school actually provides a link to Sara K. Stadler’s commencement remarks. These bastards are apparently proud of this cow. Her opening:

    “Thank you Dustin, for that glowing, uh, introduction. Several of you asked me before today, what I was planning to say. And I said ’I don’t know, but I am going to be completely honest.’ Which scares a few people. But first of all, that’s because who I am. Those of you who know me, know that. Also, if you love somebody, you have to be honest with them about the things that matter. And then you’ve got to give them hope, as well.”

    Sara then blames this on lawyers “making things complicated.” Well, how were these lawyers “trained”?! The ABA permitted U.S. law firms to hire foreign lawyers and non-lawyers to engage in American legal discovery, via ABA “Ethics” Opinion 08-451.


    Where was your “honesty” when it mattered?!?! You decided to inform them about the job market when it was too late, bitch. If you are upset with this post - and the remarks from readers - I have some advice for you, Sara: GET OVER IT!!

  30. Would the student loan companies and the federal government "get over it" if unemployed law grads default on their student loans? Would the law schools "get over it" if they were made to return all of the tuition dollars they collected from unemployed law students?

    This woman comes off sounding like a rapist who tells his victim to "get over it".

  31. For such an arrogant ass, her CV seems rather thin. No publications in Harvard Law Review there.

  32. Her father was J. Lee Rankin, who began his legal career in Lincoln, Nebraska after graduating law school from the University of Nebraska. That's probably the explanation for the Nebraska reference.

    I don't believe that she intended malice. She is disconnected. She thinks that law grads are upset because we don't have $160k jobs. This assumption of Sara's is false. We are upset because we don't have any fucking jobs, legal or otherwise.

    Winning a debate is about framing the debate. If you frame the debate in such a manner as to portray law grads as upset about not having $160k jobs, then we law grads look like a bunch of whiny entitled snots. But that's not reality. No one in my graduating class was experiencing angst because they did not get a come-hither from Cravath. They were tied in knots because there are NO JOBS, LEGAL OR OTHERWISE for them. That's why we're upset Sara. It has nothing to do with entitlement. For my peers, they don't give a shit about living an upper middle class lifestyle. That ship sailed long ago. We only hope to pay the rent, have reliable transportation and buy groceries. We are subsistence seekers, living on the edge of desperation. We only hope to survive.

    Keep that in mind as you work your 6 hours a week, Sara. (I know you write esoteric articles that no one reads too, but that adds nothing of value to the economy or to the practice of law - CJ Roberts himself agrees on this point)

  33. No need for fraudulent tough love. Just full disclosure. The cow should have got up in front of the graduating class and declared either:

    (1) Dear graduates, you have a 69 percent chance of landing a job with a starting salary in the six figures, consistent with the figures our honorable institution has provided to you.

    (2) Dear graduates, you have been had. We, the administration and faculty of this institution, have been deceiving you all along. And, in deceiving you, we have made ourselves rich while burdening you with a lifetime of hellish debt servitude. Oh, and if you haven't realized it yet, even after three years of our brutally expensive program, you are totally unqualified to actually represent clients.

  34. James Lee Rankin is her daddy? She looks great considering that. And she never had to worry about landing a job either.

    What's that she was saying towards the end about lawyers being servants of the state? Yep, he helped cover up the death of JFK.

  35. Actually, that is a cute picture of Professor Stadler.

    But don't mind me. I'm always falling in Love.

  36. ^ That's because you're a hopeless romantic sap Painter! Get a backbone.

  37. From the "Million Dollar" Man's web page: "Dr. and Mrs. Wagner [President of Emory] have two grown daughters, Kimberly and Christine. Dr. Wagner's avocational interests include restoring antique cars, sailing, and metal shop-work."

    I guess when you make a million dollars a year, you have no qualms about restoring vintage Ferraris, sailing on your big ass yawl and designing sharper knives to stick it to students a little more than you already have. This guy certainly fits the definition of a "taker." Doctor Wagner, how about sharing some of your wealth? After all, givers are ultimately happier individuals.

  38. Good catch, 5:58 am.

    “Dr. and Mrs. Wagner have two grown daughters, Kimberly and Christine. Dr. Wagner's avocational interests include restoring antique cars, sailing, and metal shop-work.”

    If he is so concerned with keeping tuition “affordable,” why doesn’t James Wagner take a significant pay cut?!?! That’s right - those were mere empty words.

    The school’s tagline appears to be “More Than Practice.” It is pretty difficult to accomplish that task when one cannot even find a legal job, ass-clowns. With this backdrop, “More Than Practice” comes across as a punch line.

    “As an Emory Law student, you are encouraged to challenge the status quo and follow your mind and your heart. You may aspire to do mergers and acquisitions in a large corporation, or to be on the ground pursuing the personal cause or in the courtroom defending an abused child. Whichever path you choose, you will leave Emory with a deep knowledge of the law and a set of valuable skills.

    At Emory, we prepare you for more than practice. We prepare you to challenge and change the world.”

    You cockroaches claim that you want your students to challenge the status quo. If that is the case, then someone in that audience should have thrown their shoes at Sara K. Stadler - when she told them to get over their financial hell.

    “[Rankin] was married on September 4, 1931 to Gertrude Carpenter, the daughter of a prominent Lincoln family that owned a large paper company. The couple had sent 550 wedding invitations, and among the performers at the ceremony was noted Nebraska music educator Wilbur Chenoweth, who five years later composed the music for "Hail Varsity," which became the UNL fight song at sports events.”

    Given the fact that Sara’s father was U.S. Solicitor General - and later “served” as general counsel on the Warren Commission - little Sara never had to worry much about finding legal employment. Her father also married well. When she couldn’t hack it in the legal “profession,” she returned to the safe confines of academia. This daughter of privilege then has the nerve to tell her students - MANY of modest means - that they shouldn’t be “takers.”

  39. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    By Jove, I think Nando's got it!

  40. Fuck her.

    That shit about Nebraska is bullshit. I know people out there tryin like hell to get public defender gigs.

    Her resume looks weak too.

  41. yep, Nando hit the nail on the head. A commentor on ATL wrote that prof. Stadler "dislikes whiny, entitled students." Stadler is proof of a farce I've noticed for years: The ones who rail against entitlement and rah rah over one "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps" are the assholes who were born into a wealthy family. These fuckers went to the most expensive private schools, vacationed in the Hamptons or wherever rich people hang out, and walked into a cozy job courtesy of their parents. For them, sacrifice is when the chaffeur got sick one day in high school, and the fledging asshole had to drive the family Maybach to school by themselves.

    The Nebraska thing is pure hilarity as well. Everyone knows law is provincial. I wish the Emory students the best of luck as they compete against the law students from the University of Nebraska, the ones who have been networking and schmoozing local attorneys for the last 3 years. I'm sure employers will be impressed by your top 30 credentials.

  42. Like this one from a famous rich cocksucker named Theodore Roosevelt -

    "Have you got a problem? Do what you can where you are with what you've got."

    This asshole was born in the lap of luxury.

  43. Turde,

    I graduated from Nebraska. Nebraska firms won't give out of staters the time of day (even if they went to Nebraska). Nebraska is one of the worst places Emory grads could go. If you want to practice law in Nebraska, you've got to be (1) born in Nebraska AND (2) go to Nebraska.*

    *If you want to practice in Omaha, you could go to Creighton, but you'd have to finish in the Top 10 (people, no percent) in your class. Outside of Douglas County, CU degrees are completely worthless.

  44. It's good to hear from people that know what they're talking about. This Emory gal is so clueless she wouldn't know reality if it bit her on the ass.

    She could've just as well told them to go to South Dakota or Montana for that matter. Small areas like that don't like outsiders much. Law firms and agenceis in those states would probably just see Emory grads as fuckups and losers that couldn't get hired in Atlanta.

    Solid advice there, butter thighs.



    Read the comments. They rip her (and Emory grads) to shreds. They are right, in my opinion. These donkeys are too stupid to know just how bad it is out there, which is why they just sat there, dumbfounded as she spoke. Unfortunately, they will learn in due time.

  46. Laughed at butter thighs.

  47. Seems Ms. Stadler is more well-connected han I had thought at first. That makes her comments all the more insensitive and regrettable.

    In fact, her comments I believe show projection on her part. She assumes (quite wrongly, I believe) that her listening audience is all in it for the bucks. While that may be her underlying animus, her projecting it on all the grads gathered there was patently unfair. She has no idea what the dreams, expectations and goals of these kids are.

    If anything, rather than being proud of that embarrassing little speech of hers, she actually owes these kids an apology for being so presumptive. And, naturally, it turns out she was basically "born on third base" as it were, so she never had to worry about finding work herself, that's for sure. A phone call from Mummy or Daddy and she's in. She would be better off keeping quiet next time and simply enjoy the salary she gets for that tough six hours a week she works.

    Disgusting. Ugh. I'm having flashbacks to my own swearing-in, where the "connected" kids were all up front with the lawyer/judge parents/uncles/family friends, and the rest of us suckers in the back. You guys know what I'm talking about.

  48. carl says fuck youMay 30, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    The pig was born on third base alright. I'm just glad nando finally barbecued her on this blog.

    3:05, the same thing happens at graduation ceremonies. You'll see people walking for their diplomas that you never saw in three years of law school. They'll announce the name and then you see them being welcomed by Judge Williams or Magistrate Collins. Parents that are biglaw partners or the DA or state AG.

    Ya think these motherfuckers have to worry about landing a job like you pawns? Do they have to study 10 hours a day and go to bed at 2 AM five nights a week? Nah, working hard and networking is for poor people.

    While you are trying to schmooze local judges, profs and shitlawyers, all while busting your biscuit to make law review, these connected students just need mommy or daddy to make a call. While you're volunteering your time to legal services or helping immigrants file paperwork, the connected are busy watching football and knocking back a few cold ones with their parent's friends and associates. Yeah. Good luck competing with that.

  49. "If you want to practice law in Nebraska, you've got to be (1) born in Nebraska AND (2) go to Nebraska." It works in the opposite way too, i.e., no firm on the east coast is going to hire someone from Nebraska Law - that's just the way it is kiddies - I didn't make the rules.

  50. Yup. Nando pretty much summed it up quite well, but let me elaborate further - she's a privileged, little bitch from Nebraska that but for her daddy, she likely would not be in her current position. She would not have made it into UVA Law, she would not have worked at Sullivan & Cromwell. Basically another elitist riding on her daddy's coat tails.

  51. 5:40 ripped this bitch a new one. I wonder if our princess was referring to her dad when she said lawyers are functionaries of the state.

    The guy was general counsel on the commission that said conclusively that JFK was killed by a lone gunman. Fuck, you had Gerald Ford moving the bullet from the top of Kennedy's back to the bottom of his neck to make the single bullet bullshit theory even plausible.

    'Gerald Ford publicly admitted to re-naming the location of the wound, so as "to make things clearer". The Bethesda autopsy noted that JFK was hit in the "upper back" and Ford changed this to "the base of the neck"[9][10][11]'

  52. I wrote it in another thread, but it needs repeating: Stadler should be sentenced to 58 years of tree-felling and related hard labor in Siberia with either a gun in her back or a trained Gernam Shepherd growling at her heels. I only write this because breaking her on the wheel gains us no labor.

  53. Wasn't this school just outside the top 15 a few years back? As the author pointed out the school kept showing that ~70% of its grads are working in private firms. With an average salary of about $120K.

    The school played itself up as setting its grads in private law firms making good money. As a final parting slap they sent this water buffalo to yell at the students for buying into the school's bullshit. Nice. Go suck a bag of dicks, Emory.

  54. and yet kids continue to enroll in law school..

    considering all the information that is out there, these kids deserve to be bitch slapped by the elites in their own school. If you are dumb enough to enroll in the internet age in a crap school, then you deserve what you get. Everyone knows the employment salaries are bogus yet they still go.

    Where these law schools hurt themselves is with the arrogance in which they treat their victims. Rubbing it in their face is going to cause more lawsuits and all it takes is one good result to change the game.

    They need to take a lesson from Madoff. Rip people off and stay under the radar for as long as possible and you will enjoy the fruits of your scam for a long time.

    The problem will continue until enrollment drops signficantly but it never will because you have too many risk takers that ignore the employment evidence, who dont want to work in insurance sales or managment for Taco Bell, so they role the dice.

    Law is a lottery scam and the last time i checked, lotteries were not lacking sales and I know that from seeing all the no good lottery tickets scattered in the parking lot of my law office from all the fine local citizens.

  55. @ nando,

    I wanted to tell you about this because I think its on topic with this particular issue of arrogance in the higher edu community. I live in the NY/NJ metro area so I listen to W-nyc (NPR) a lot for news and interesting programing etc. However, today I have to say I almost broke my radio. The segment was about debt in higher edu and expectations of grads. The shill they had on was Anya Kamenetz (some writer of debt books) who refused to acknowledge a bubble in higher ed. Despite the criteria of a bubble being read to her and pretty much being told that's what it was. She never really answered the question though. But she did manage to make time for major fact obfuscations, lots of them. She stated that it was the government "bailout" of the student loan industry that allowed a "correction." Ending the secondary market and saving us all from higher cost/risk. I was screaming BULLSHIT BITCH in my head. Everyone knows that move which created a federal monopoly is what feeds this huge tuition spike - why lower your cost when your potential students can get free money from the gov't? She never mentioned debt collectors/providers like Sallie Mae getting 2-3 bites of our apples. Her book must be filled with pretty pictures of butterflies rather than facts about the hard realities of student loan debt.

    Then she stated that higher education is still a good investment. She did admit it was somewhat diminished for "few groups" of people. Oh big concession there Anya. Keep spouting that party line.

    Before that segment they had a economist who pretty much stated party line: education is the best long term investment, higher earnings, yada, yada. That clip was replayed to Anya Kamenetz who said pretty much this out-of-touch with reality economist was right. With student loan debt now overtaking credit card debt as the nations NO 1 debt related problem, how do these hacks sleep at night?

    But the acutramon of the entire train wreak was this caller from long island. He went to an expensive liberal art$ college for 35k a year and graduated in 2003. What was his degree in? Journalism. He said he had is BA paid for with scholarships. So he decides rather than go out and get a job... to go and get a MA in journalism! That cost him a pretty penny something north of 80k. Now, with no job prospects, he is in a PHd program. When asked why, he said, oh well, I'm just a big nerd and my wife is supporting me because I only make less 20k a year at my retail job. His dream job... -.-

    I can't really blame him though. I'm sure he was told like us all - go to school get lots of degrees = big money. The formula for success is to follow your dreams at the expense of practicality? What was the response to that you might ask? Well Anya Kamenetz seemed totally ambivalent to the cost of graduate education. She had nothing of any importance other than more shilling to add.

    anyone who wants to listen to the segment:

    Thanks for all your hard work nando!

  56. I listened to this radio segment as well and I was not very impressed with the issues raised. It was a puff piece mainly with little or no substance. No commentary was elicited regarding the root causes of this fiasco - in my mind easy credit and stupid kids taking on ever increasing amounts of money to major in basket weaving. Seriously, when are these kids going to get a brain and realize that majoring in humanities or [fill in your own useless major] is not going to get you very far in this day and age. Yet, they continue to go because their boomer parents, who overwhelmingly benefited from college, believe that their little precious is going to beat the odds. remember, you can be whatever you want to be. Right... Someone should send an e-mail to this Anya woman and indicate that her commentary is a bunch of crap. Sounds like a industry shill to me.

  57. I don't know why I got so angry. I think it was because I had just listened to the housing segment before that. That dipshit economist was telling people to go buy distressed properties because the market is "bound to come around." That plan makes NO fucken sense. To get tied down to a property in bumfuck Connecticut which there are NO guarantees that it will raise considerably in value? Good investment in this market? Lulz.

    But the topping on that was when he compared buying a house with getting a college degree. I almost wanted to call in a bomb threat and revoke my donation to the station. I generally support more liberal media vs. the fox news sort of thing, but sometimes they just espouse the worst kind of social engineering BS. Like claiming you NEED college to be upwardly mobile? I don't know if that is necessarily true or even good advice right now to give anyone.

    Buyer beware

  58. I'm an under-employed lawyer with a story about the lack of versatility of a J.D. One day, in the last year I noticed I had nothing going on during a particular week. nada, zip. At the same time the daily disappointment was advertising a two day focus group for $200 a day. So I applied and got a phone interview. "It's a mock trial" the minion chirped, do you have any experience with legal system? "I am a lawyer" I stupidly admitted. "We use only laypeople" the functionary replied, end of interview.

    When a degree prevents you from getting applicable temp work, you know things are fucked up.

  59. Law school is for suckers.

    Girls don't want to hang out with some legal pinhead. Even if you break into biglaw, she doesn't want you. While youre working 80 and 90 hr weeks, she'll be sucking some ripped stud's dick.

    Even the biglaw winners get fucked.

  60. "water buffalo"
    May 31, 2011 9:03 AM :

    I love that.

  61. Nando, this post and your comments relating thereto are your magnum opus to date. Kudos to the commenter who found the link to Stadler and the Solicitor General that signed off on the Kennedy cover-up of his assasination.

    People like Stadler don't know the meaning of struggle or sacrifice. I think it is rich that she is preaching to the poor suckers that just received that worthless piece of paper from Emory about the virtues of "giving."

    Nando, I know you communicate with Tom the Temp. Although Stadler is an unrelated caricature to the legal temping scene, she definitely gets my vote for the 2011 Beastly Award.

  62. How precisely does securing a high paying job make one a "taker" rather than a "giver" to this bitch? When I was in Biglaw, I "gave" over 100K one year in federal, state and local taxes. This bitch should put her money where her mouth is and "give" me head.

  63. An Emory Law grad deigning to join a small law firm in Nebraska! That is such outrageous out-of-the-box thinking that it just might work!

    I only hope that the primitive cornhusking natives aren't so dazzled by their encounter with highly advanced legal civilization that they begin to worship the Emory JD as a god.

  64. @Anon. 5/31 9:03AM

    The reason these poor motherfuckers are going off to law school (or grad school) is that there are no jobs (or they THINK there are no jobs.) Many of the doomed who go to joints like Emory or Beasley either don't have the grades to make the top tier, or the money to move to another state, or whatever. I don't want to piss off Nando, but to me, a lot of these people almost did LS as a lark; "Well, I survived the undergrad years; let's see what will happen with Law." I think it says a lot about the state of college/university education when a graduate of 4+ years of higher ed thinks that they are either underprepared or un-educated enough NOT to find a living of some sort.

  65. ^Your point is well taken. A lot of people did go to law school because there was nothing else to do. Nonetheless, that does not justify the lies and misconceptions that law schools promote about employment prospects. If lemmings want to keep going to law school and mess up their lives, fine with me, as long as law schools present a true, accurate, and clear picture of the legal market.

  66. Yes. What the scambloggers are really doing is putting it out there as to what a high risk attending these non-elite schools is. That being said, a lot of these kids are still going to go, as long as that student loan pipeline contnues to flow the dollars.

    This is because there are still WAY too many people "defaulting" into law school, in the hopes of repairing or rehabilitating a worthless BA. That's the real root of the problem: Politicians, Boomer parents, the media, all bleating a continuous cacophony of how "higher education" per se is the cure for everything, when, in fact, it is now dooming many to a lifetime of debt servitude.

    There is no lack of irony in this, is there?

  67. Fact: Emory Law bills itself as a school that trains future private lawyers.

    Fact: The school conspicuously listed employment rate and starting salary figures so that prospective law students would see the numbers, and rely on this info when making their decision to apply to law school.

    On April 15, 2010, Emory was bragging about being ranked 22nd, by US “News.”

    In April 2009, Emory Law was rated 20th best law school in the land, by USN&WR.

    When you go to the Admissions page, you see the link that reads “Review employment stats” on the right-hand side - under Quick Links.

    This Office of Career Services then provides links to employment reports - for the JD classes of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

    Again, the school published a 98% employment rate for the Class of 2006. In addition, Emory Law shows an average starting salary of $104,230 for those grads who went into private practice. According to First Tier Toilet Emory University School of Law, 69.95% of this graduating class was employed in private law firms.

    For the Class of 2007, Emory Law asserts that 97% of these JDs were employed within nine months. The school also alleged that 65.31% of these grads were working in private law offices. OCS listed the average starting salary for this group at $119,056.

    The members of the Class of 2011 presumably saw these numbers when making their decision. Seeing those salary figures presumably helped cement their choice to attend Emory. Sara K. Stadler and the other members of Emory’s faculty are AWARE of this reality. Yet, when many of the students cannot find ANY legal work, the school cuts them loose - and puts the blame on them.

  68. Streetwalking, heroine-addicted, AIDS-suffering prostitutes. Beneath them exists Sara Stadler.

  69. 10:09 damn! That...was...harsh.

    Unfortunately for Sara Stadler it's the truth.

  70. i've had it in for Emory undergraduates for a long ass time. someone shouldve taught these entitled assclowns how to calculate NPV before they went to college. Emory Law is a mere extension of the bullshit. These entitled assclowns from Long Island, Westchester, Alpharetta and any overpriced suburb flock to Emory because it's the coca cola school. Have fun slamming back those sodas instead of the Cristal you thought u were going to drink.

  71. "You might have to move to Nebraska,” Stadler said. “You might have to join a small firm where they don't make the big bucks.”

    Nebraska has enough lawyers already and I don't need more competition. I swear Omaha has a law firm on almost every freaking street corner. Get a bar license in almost any other state and you can get admitted by motion in Nebraska. Pathetic and sad.

  72. How could you dis this lady? Here I am, in Panama, and this I see. I understand the anger, but maybe write her a letter instead? And play nice, k? Also, on a side note Nando, why not write about how long it takes for grades to post. If anything needs to be changed this is more important than all the conspiracy theory you are speculating on.

    The world traveling law student

  73. ^^ You've got to be kidding me.

    Dear World Traveling Law Student with Otherworldly Travel Experience, But Absolutely No Practical Experience:

    Please suck on a sugar cane stalk. When you actually get back to the U.S. (better yet, please stay where you're at), come talk to us about being "nice." The time for being "nice" is over. Many of us don't have the luxury of jaunting off to Panama on daddy's money to enliven one's mundane law school experience. Then again, maybe you're JAG, which is even worse in my opinion. When you actually land a job that enables you to pay down your educational debt, then come talk to us about being "nice." Until that time, please fuck off.

  74. I dont rely on parents money, both are unemployed, and live far off. To be honest, i live very very modest (ie no car, cell phones, etc. ) to afford to travel. I also plan on doing the same after law school. Spankyou.

  75. Genius, nando sent the link and email to this cow. Speaking of, did the bitch ever get back to you?

  76. Ah! The life of a professor:

  77. ^Thta's why the Fed Gov should be out of the student loans business. It all goes to feed these fat cats.

  78. "The world traveling law student

    June 1, 2011 4:12 PM"

    Globetrotting as you undoubtedly are, why on Earth would you want to hang out on a scamblog? Also, what "conspiracy" or "conspiracy theory" are you speaking of?

  79. P.S.: Fuck playing nice.

  80. Along the same "Blame the Victim" line, here's an article from Kaplan, a group that makes its living off the Law School Scam:

    (Let's see how long the link to the article stays up on the Kaplan site before someone yanks it..)


    Why students are to blame when merit-based scholarships go awry

    Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/10/2011 - 1:47pm

    By Jeff Thomas:

    The New York Times garnered a lot of attention in the legal education community on May 1 with its article “Law Students Lose the Grant Game as Schools Win,” regarding the disappearing act of merit-based scholarships for may 2L students.

    The article surprised just about everyone – except law school students themselves. As you may know, the reporter, David Segal, contends that some law schools game the law school rankings by luring in applicants who have stellar LSAT scores and high GPAs with generous financial aid packages (the rankings are very much driven by these two factors for students in the class) all the while knowing that it will be difficult for them to achieve the level of academic success demanded of them to keep the scholarships. David indicts law schools on this point.

    Me? I indict prospective law students. (cont.)

  81. (cont.)

    Now, I’m not necessarily indicting you. I’m indicting the thousands of 1L students who will make their law school “bet” on their favorite name or number – either the school’s ranking or germane to this article, the significance of a scholarship award without a full understanding of exactly what it takes to keep it.

    Virtually all law schools, with rare exception, use a standard bell curve in their 1L grading system. Schools set the median GPA ahead of time, and in different places. Some as low as 2.0, some as high 3.4. (The average median, or mean median if you will, is a 2.95 on a 4.0 scale – slightly below a B.) To be painstakingly obvious, 50 percent of students will be above the bell of the curve, 50 percent below. But here’s a key point that often falls in the “yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that” category: by virtue of gaining acceptance to your law school, every one of your classmates is equally as qualified as you to be there. You – and they – will be entering into a new realm of academia, with new challenges, new assignments, new exams and new requisite study techniques. At the end of the semester, 50 percent of all 1L students will be at or below the bell in the curve. If your school has a 1L grading curve with a median set at a 2.5, and you required a 3.0 to maintain your scholarship, understand your “odds” are going to be steep. Law schools aren’t trying to be tricky. They just know they’ll be able to offer a lot more scholarship awards and only need to pay out X percent of them on a continual basis through years two and three.

    (And to further rebuff conspiracy theorists, remember that law professors themselves cannot be a part of any alleged ponzi scheme to take students’ scholarships away because not only are grades per class almost universally based upon one exam taken at the end of the semester, but grading is blind – students are given an anonymous number so professors don’t even know who you are when grading.)

    One question we get on a regular basis from the tens of thousands of students we help every year is this: ”I’ve been accepted to a top ranked, more expensive school who offered me just a little money and also a lower ranked school who’s offering me a full ride. What do I do?”

    It’s always about you personal goals. There are many great reasons to go to law school – it’s a noble profession and you can do many things with it – but for many it’s not an easy decision because of the investment of time and money. We cannot imagine a worse situation for a 1L student to be in at the end of the academic year than finding out that the money they counted on to help them through law school won’t be there after all. This may cause a student to drop out, plus then be thousands of dollars in debt toward a degree he or she will never have because they cannot afford it.

    What we say is that while law schools must be responsible when offering hefty merit-based scholarships to applicants (the American Bar Association is actually discussing new rules right now,) responsibility is a two-way street. Aspiring law school students themselves have to ask the tough questions – a skill they will need as successful lawyers anyway.

    · Is this scholarship guaranteed every year?
    · If not, what does it depend on?
    · What is the median GPA for students in your 1L class?
    · What percentage of your students maintain their scholarships for 2L and 3L?

    And let me tell you – schools will gladly give you the answers, if you ask the right questions. Handicap your law school list on a number of metrics – this being one of them – and you’ll be sure to end up a winner at the end of your 1L year.

    Jeff Thomas is the director of pre-law programs for Kaplan Test Prep, managing the company’s LSAT business,


  82. The shitbag works for Kaplan, just like that androgynous Kimber Russell cunt nando lit up a while back. Look for the entry. You'll find it. It's still up. In contrast Kimber has taken down many of her stronger posts. (what else would you expect from a Kaplan salesperson?) Try not to die laughing if you read the ttr piece on Kimber.

    Can we expect this blog to highlight Kaplan's Jeff Thomas?

  83. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! Some DISGUSTING ANIMAL just took a HuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUGE 'SETTTON HALL LAW' in the office toilet!

  84. Dear Fuckbag wannabe lawyers,

    Don't come to Nebraska either. I'll kill you. Our lawyers are just as unemployed as yours.

  85. WATER BUFFALO LMAOOOOO. This "hippo"critical whore got exactly what she deserved. Imagine this cushy overfed pig telling people to just "get over" buying into false and misleading salary and employment data. Of course its easy for this shamoo whale to sit there on her high horse in academia. Talk about entitlement you fat whore u wouldn't be spewing that BS if you were $150,000+ in debt and unemployed. Of course you probably never have had to worry about this prospect as a wealthy cow to begin with you surely have never experienced the fear in your gut upon graduation and crushing debilitating six-figure-debt that thousands of grads experience each year when they realize they have finished their prized JD but have no reliable means to provide for a living or to pay off their debt while you have the audacity to sit there and say "Get Over It"?. This bitch clearly has no integrity and besides the obvious reasons from her picture above I have no idea how this oversized gremlin can look in the mirror or sleep peacefully at night...

    I hope you read this entry and cry yourself to sleep every night you self-entitled pig while your husband is trying to console you telling you that you aren't the dishonest opportunistic academic critter that this blog post exposes you to be and he tells you that you aren't the dumb fat ugly monstrosity of a hippo whale that 99% of the posters here have described u as. All this while he is pretending to have an important business meetings the next day to get away from the fat whiny mess you are to the comforting tight-bodied 20 year old opportunistic whores he's banging with that brand new car while you're out drowning yourself in Big Macs and Dairy Queen on your lunch breaks between classes and office hours- you are a disgrace to human life.

  86. Bend over Stadler, I'd like to ram it in your poop hole and make you squeal like the pig that you are...


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