Thursday, May 5, 2011

Third Tier Diarrhea: Robert Morse, Director of “Data Research” at US News & World Report

Have you ever flushed a pile of waste down the commode, just to see a little nugget of excrement float to the top? Perhaps, you have walked into a public restroom stall – after someone left a mess in the bowl. Some inconsiderate pig decided that it would be cool to leave his waste for the next person – and now you must hold your nose and flush. (In many cases, it is better to walk away and put this nightmare out of your mind.) In essence, US News & World Report left a foul substance in the commode.

As you can see, I pushed the handle on this bitch back on February 25, 2011.

The cockroach re-surfaced and I had to flush his ass down the toilet again on March 20, 2011. This is one stubborn piece of waste, huh?! This being the case, it has made yet another appearance. David Segal, the NYT reporter who wrote “Is Law School a Losing Game?,” follows up that effort with a look at the merit-based scholarship scam. On page 5, Segal quotes the waste pile:

“Why is merit scholarship retention not part of the U.S. News data haul? “The main reason is that we haven’t thought about it,” said Robert Morse, who oversees the rankings. “It’s not a great answer, but it’s an honest answer.”

Then Mr. Morse thought about it.

“This isn’t meant to be sarcastic,” he said, “but these students are going to law school and they need to learn to read the fine print.” [Emphasis mine]

Hey, Pussy Boy Morse. This isn’t meant to be sarcastic, but you truly are a piece of trash, and a tool of the “higher education” industry. You do not care about the fact that law schools manipulate their employment placement rates and starting salary figures. In fact, you claimed that schools provide accurate info to your rag. (We are not talking about the one you place and remove from between your legs, Bob.) I’ll bet you sleep like a baby at night, knowing that you play a role in students becoming financially crippled by NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt.

By the way, thanks for taking up space on this blog, ass-clown. I have other schools to profile. Seeing that you keep floating to the rim, I have decided to take out a plunger and shove your face and ass down the commode. (Perhaps, the problem is that Robert Morse is a used tampon.)

As of March 13, 2011, Brian Kelly, Editor of US News, was urging law schools to furnish better employment data. Yet, Pussy Bob Morse, as recently as December 29, 2010, moronically claimed that law schools were providing accurate data to his magazine.

The duplicitous Robert Morse, in his own words:

The fact that Professor Bell was able to duplicate our methodology by using law school data he obtained directly from the ABA proves that the U.S. News rankings process is very transparent and can be duplicated using publicly available data. This exercise also establishes that U.S. News is calculating and weighting the ranking variables as stated in the posted methodology. Users of our law school rankings can be confident that the results are correct given the weights and rankings variables that U.S. News has chosen.” [Emphasis mine]

Too bad, Segal’s January 8, 2011 piece blew this arrogant turd out of the (toilet) water. Hey, moron. Simply because the schools reported the same info to the ABA and US News - making it possible for a “law professor” to duplicate your rankings - DOES NOT mean that your methodology is correct! Let’s try to employ some logic here, Pussy Boy. (Try not to have a stroke in the process, bitch.) If a husband is beating the hell out of his wife - but tells everyone that he is not doing so, and everyone takes him at his word – does this mean that he is not abusing his spouse?!?!

“The new standards would also require law schools to report many different employment rates based on disaggregated data that would separate out full-time and part-time jobs where bar passage is required and a J.D. is preferred; other professional and non-professional jobs; and whether the job is law-school funded. This would be in sharp contrast to the one aggregated employment rate for both full and part-time legal and non-legal jobs that is currently used. It would also require schools to report salary data by many job types, which would be more detailed than the one overall salary figure for private and public sector jobs that is currently available.” [Emphasis mine]

If the schools were already furnishing solid and accurate data, why was there a need for the ABA to request that they provide better reporting on placement rates, Vagina Bob?!?!

Brian Leiter, “law professor” at the University of Chicago, also flushed this piece of trash down the drain:

“[US News] combines too many factors, in an inexplicable formula, and much of the underlying data isn't reliable, and some of it (e.g., expenditures on secretarial salaries and electriciy) isn't even relevant. You all know this. So don't report it. The fact that this garbage appears in what used to be a major 'news' magazine doesn't change the fact that it is garbage.”

In the final analysis, Robert Morse is a despicable pile of excrement. If he had ANY integrity - one scintilla of honor or decency - Morse would stand up and state, "These rankings are pure nonsense. We pulled them out of our ass, under the guise of scientific research and data collection. The fact is some graduates from top 10 law schools cannot find legal jobs. Do you think you will have a shot in hell of landing such a position, coming out of the 141st ranked law school in the country?"


  1. Bob Morse < the scum on my shoe

  2. I feel like you should have gotten a more accurate picture to fully encapsulate his intent, views, opinions, and goals.

  3. Yes. Mr. Morse is a scumbag but he is only the messenger, and the real culprits are law schools (that provide false information) and the ABA (that allow this to happen).

    The law school bubble was dependent on misinforming prospective students, but thanks to the scamblogs and the free flow of information that the internet allows the bubble has been popped.

    If this last cycle applicants were down 12% in the US, imagine what will happen in the upcoming years as the headline that "law school is a scam" becomes more and more mainstream. The ABA might refuse to do anything because of its corrupt interests, but the invisible hand is merciless.

  4. Everyone is in it for themselves. Morse doesn't want to change the employment data. He wants to keep printing out average starting salaries of 125k per year. Lemmings won't buy his newspaper if they know law school is an assrape.

    Law schools get to advertise their bs "statistics" to a wide audience, and Morse makes a lot of money in the process. One hand washes the other.

    Still, Morse has a point. Students jump blindly into law school without a care in the world. They don't talk to practicing lawyers, research how long loans take to be paid off, or what the job market is like. They just throw 200k down the hole like it's nothing. Those dumbass kids should do some investigation/analyzing before making such an enormous decision.

    If a lemming wants to go to law school, let them. There is no shame in giving it a try. However, they should drop out at the end of the first semester if their grades are not outstanding.

    They should be told that the game is decided after the first semester. They should also know that law schools play dirty. If they get a scholarship, expect to be put in a section disproportionally packed with scholly students, and the hardest professors.

  5. I have a feeling this piece of shit will need to be flushed again. Pour some Comet in the bowl to mask Morse's presence. Or some of that 5000 flushes colored stuff in there.

  6. I love the argument that a prospective or current student "should have read the fine print" or if "they made a poor calculated risk then they will be a terrible lawyer"

    This begs the question. Do law schools actually make any difference whatsoever to helping someone become a good lawyer? Most litigators that do the California apprenticeship program in lieu of law school are not only tremendous trial lawyers, they make millions every year.

    It seems the only social value these schools contribute (besides being good to themselves) is to take once honest, hardworking students and show them they need to game the system to get theirs before its too late. I think at these prices, every law school should be put on probation and forced to prove why they should exist when

    1) they deceive and shit on their own students with "legal" bait and switch tactics
    2) get to behave like de-factor lenders regarding direct tuition payments from loans but have no liability on non-payment
    3) For the most part, have a real unemployment rate of 50% or greater; and;
    4) Don't create good lawyers. Just expose and humiliate shitty ones (according to them)

  7. "Students jump blindly into law school without a care in the world. They don't talk to practicing lawyers, research how long loans take to be paid off, or what the job market is like. They just throw 200k down the hole like it's nothing."

    Same old generalized crap. A prospective law student going to law school prior to 2009 or so would have had no way of finding out the turth about the legal sector. Even now prospective students face a major information asymmetry. Here are some various reasons:

    1. The most prominent and official-looking information available claimed high salaries were the norm.
    2. An ostensibly-objective newsmagazine (USNWR) verified the picture created by (1).
    3. The federal government verified the picture created by (1) with the BLS statistics which, when i actually researched them prior to paying my law school deposit, reported average entry salaries of attorneys in the 80k range.
    4. A canvassing of working lawyers would actually make the picture look better than it is (it would exclude all non-practicing law graduates).
    5. Isolated cases of unhappy lawyers are easy to write off as being one person's problems and not a systemic problem, especially when the objective data being presented shows no systemic problem.
    6. Unemployed lawyers could have been reasonably explained by the recession, and students could have gone on the good faith belief that the job market would rebound on the other side.
    7. Absent an extremely diligent surveying, bimodal salary distribution would have remained a mystery.
    8. Skeptics aside, there are many successful boomer lawyers out there who (a) had massive success despite lousy educational performance (and who brag about it!) and (b) are blithely ignorant of the problems exposed by these blogs and (c) are more than happy to write off the failures of others as laziness, ignorance, stupidity, etc.
    9. In the grand scheme of things, these blogs are still obscure.

    And so on. How much research is reasonable? How could a prospective law student navigate this minefield to make any kind of "informed" decision? Of course it's a monstrous decision, but you can't expect students to run their own survey data. They should be able to rely on ABA-supplied numbers to have integrity.

    The problem isn't that students actually treated law school like a casino blackjack game. The problem (well, one problem) is that even if they researched to make an informed decision, they never would have found neutral, unbiased information that truly helped them.

  8. The 'they should've known better' excuse didn't work out too well for Bernard Madoff. Nobody is that good. But he fucked with the wrong people. He ripped off other millionaires and billionaires. So he had to go to prison. Even his big shot lawyer plead him out in about 3 seconds.

    In the United States of Shitbag America it's only okay to steal from poor people. Because they have no power. No one will listen to them. It's fine to rip off college students. The shit-ass credit card companies do the same thing. The schools charge $220 for a fucking intro to biology text. The student dining halls are operated by for-profit behemoths like McDonald's, KFC and Sodexho. Think they give a shit about charging some starving freshman $8 for a fucking personal pan pizza that's smaller than my girlfriend's foot?

    Keep that in mind any future swindlers and con-men out there. I repeat it is fine and dandy to use fraud to induce young people or poor bastards to lose their money. Just don't make the mistake of trying to rip off rich cocksuckers. You do that and they'll find you in a bathtub in a shady motel. Or in prison.

    Oh, I almost forgot to say this. The United States is a giant shit pile.

  9. A professor at Touro said to the class once in the 90's that the "Pecking Order" in terms of your future in the Law Profession was decided after the first year.

    In other words, the grades and the school were regarded as all knowing and wise.

    And I have 300 thousand reasons to say that she was right about that, as she traipses around the globe on my dime now, teaching law outside the US in a hippie dress.

    I was young. So young.

    Over a decade of wild and panic and fear ridden debt has made me crack, for sure.

    God, I am so sorry I went to a t4 law School.

    It is too late for Morse to try and reincarnate the rankings and the four categories. Like trying to put paint on a house that has burned down to a pile of ashes.

    Every day I try to come up with a method for paying off the debt. Every day I push that stone up the hill in my mind, and the stone is always at the bottom in the morning, and it gets bigger, and bigger.

    I gotta pay that bill off. Then I'm free.
    Really free, and with no bullshit.

    Always faithful Nando!

  10. Turde,

    Former Biglaw associate and current psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer has the nuts to tell these kids that they should drop out if they do not truly want to practice law. This also applies to those who are at non-elite law schools who do not excel academically, and set themselves apart from the TTT crowd. Meyerhofer acknowledges that average students at top schools should likewise quit.

    “If you’re plugging away dutifully through the legal education process with no real idea why – it might be time to quit.

    Does this mean I’m seriously advising young law students all over the country to give up and drop out – simply abandon their legal education mid-way through?


    I am prescribing a mass exodus from law schools. A semi-mass exodus might do the trick.

    Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.

    If you don’t know why you’re there – and you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into – if you’re not at a top school, or even if you are, and your grades are a little iffy, and likely to stay that way – then please, get out. Today. Before you spend another cent.

    The legal education scam works because it follows two key rules of all successful Ponzi schemes:

    First, it plays to your greed. You dig your own hole because you’re in it for the money.

    Second, it keeps you distracted. You never realize you’re getting fleeced.”

    In “Law Students Lose the Grant Game as Schools Win,” NYT reporter David Segal notes that law schools award merit scholarships to attract those with higher LSAT scores and UGPAs, to their specific dung heap. The word is starting to spread about this scam. We need to keep the pressure on these pigs and cockroaches.

    “How hard could a 3.0 be? Really hard, it turned out. That might have been obvious if Golden Gate published a statistic that law schools are loath to share: the number of first-year students who lose their merit scholarships. That figure is not in the literature sent to prospective Golden Gate students or on its Web site.

    But it’s a number worth knowing. At Golden Gate and other law schools nationwide, students are graded on a curve, which carefully rations the number of A’s and B’s, as well as C’s and D’s, awarded each semester. That all but ensures that a certain number of students — at Golden Gate, it could be in the realm of 70 students this year — will lose their scholarships and wind up paying full tuition in their second and third years.”


    Back in September 2000, Washington Monthly journalist Nicholas Thompson wrote a stinging indictment entitled, “Playing With Numbers: How U.S. News mismeasures higher education and what we can do about it.”

    “U.S. News Internal Analysis: Methodology found to "lack any defensible empirical or theoretical basis."

    In 1997, U.S. News commissioned the National Opinion Research Council to write a critique of its ranking methodology. This internal document is probably the most detailed examination of the U.S. News rankings that has been done.”,8599,1917590,00.html

    “School may still be out for the summer, but all eyes are on college this week: the 2010 U.S. News & World Report college rankings hit stands today, with Harvard and Princeton tying for first place among national universities and Williams ranking first among liberal-arts colleges. TIME spoke to Robert Morse, director of data research at U.S. News and a two-decade veteran of the controversial rankings, about how the list is put together and how it could be better, plus a look at this year's rising stars.”

    Does anyone still believe that this ass-hat is not influencing people's decision to attend colleges, universities, graduate programs and law schools?

    Check out this entry from Brian Leiter:

    “US "News," which has aided, abetted, and encouraged the dissemination of fraudulent and misleading employment data...

    “...would like that to stop, but isn't going to do anything about it, except tweak the ranking formula. Mr. Morse, here is what you can do: don't use self-reported data at all. Follow the lead of Maclean's in Canada, who took my suggestion, and uses employment data in the public arena. This would require more work, but it would also report real information, not fiction.”

    As Leiter notes, US News & World Report is an aider and abettor of the scam.

  12. good article as always. btw which school is next on your hitlist? i recommend UMKC (its TTT) and MU university of Missouri. they were a high TT but dropped to almost TT. MU is cheap, at least compared to other law schools. Nando, keep up the good work.

  13. Bob Morse did nothing wrong this time.

    What is wrong with ranking law schools based on the caliber their student bodies? In my opinion 75% of the ranking should be that.

    Would you rather the ranking be determined less by GPA's and LSATs and more by the size of the library? How about the "quality" of the law professors? Seriously what kind of rankings system would make you happy?

  14. ^Personally, I don't have a problem with ranking schools based on the criteria of a magazine like USNWR. My beef with USNWR is that they serve as a giant megaphone to the lies of the law schools. Morse knows that, but refuses to do anything so far because of money. In this way, USNWR, instead of providing true, clean data, provides "massaged," polluted data, leading to very stupid career choices by young, naive law school lemmings.

  15. The rankings are bullshit. I don't see how any ranking system can measure everything.

    Some general rules

    (a) The truly elite law schools (Yale, Stanford, Harvard, NYU, Chicago) will get you places. If you're poor, you better excel here.

    (b) If your family has a lot of power (think Kennedys) you can go to Ave Maria and land a primo job. You can drink all week long and chase tail all night. Doesn't fuckin' matter. You made the right choice when picking your family. You're set for life. (In fact, you can just get a 4 year degree on daddy's dime and get head from the best-looking lasses on campus. Then you can run for office or get a corporate job and get head from beautiful secretaries. See how 'hard work' pays off?)

    (c) If you live in Montana and want to practice law in Montana, go to the flagship school. Don't be a fucking dumbass and pay out of state tuition to go here.

    (d) If you are poor and have no connections, do not attend a private school. I don't care if they give you a full ride and promise you that supermodels will sit on your face twice a week. Walk away.

    So long, kiddies.

  16. @ 7:15:

    Spot on. Now that the truth is finally coming out, US News, professors, deans, will all be parroting the "we had no idea, we wish we had better data, the recession has mad us aware of these issues" for the first time.

    We know this is all bs. Solo lawyers admitted in the 1990s and forward will tell you as much.

    Apparently, there was an expose like piece published in the "The Student Lawyer" in 1995 called "Go Home" that basically leaked the truth of the most expensive epidemic of consumer fraud that is 3 years of law school. Funny, it never got put online or re-published so prospective students could get both sides of the "argument"

    This whole nightmare has nothing to do with stupid ass students. It has to do with using loans, the american dream and the hubris of high achieving students against them. When you are a high achiever, you don't want to listen to non-success stories. You believe in yourself. And with law, you are too ashamed to admit you got taken because the profession is built on being cagey and questioning everything. You have to admit. It's a fucking brilliant ass scam. No single mastermind. No specific intent. No outright fraud.

    Kudos, boomers.

  17. Morse belongs in a lower circle of hell than a T3 dean. His rankings, so reliant on law school self-reporting, rewards schools for distorting and withholding info, and therefore brings out the worst from everybody.

  18. Morse had an online Q&A on law school rankings last year, before the law school scam became common knowledge. During the session, he would boot you for asking about the phoniness of the employment data. Is that not reprehensible?

  19. Heeeeeeeeeelp! Someone just took a huuuuuge "SETON HALL LAW" in the office toilet! The janitor keeps flushing and flushing but it won't go down!

  20. Nando,

    I read that post by Meyerhofer and I agree with basically everything he said. If, after students have been made aware of the 4 conditions you mention at the top of your page, and they still want to try law school, they should be informed that the game is over after first semester. If you have crappy grades (I was bottom 10%) it's over. Even if you dominate second semester, which is extremely unlikely, at best you will be in the middle of the class which isn't good enough.

  21. @ nando: Thanks so much for this blog. I graduated with a BA in the late '90s & took the LSAT. With a cum laude gpa from an average state university & a 160, I knew an elite law school was out of the question so I didn't apply anywhere. It helped that TT, TTT & TTTT schools kept sending me marketing materials. Like Dick Gregory said about democracy - you don't have to bring it to anyone, if something's good, people will steal it . If this blog had been around back then, I never would have even considered law school. Now my younger sister is in college & says she wants to go to law school. Ugh.

    Are you going to do a post on the latest NY Times article re: the grant game?

    @ 7:15: You make valid points that are also true for undergrad. Folks need to stop spending money they don't have on stuff they don't need to impress people they don't even know. But I digress.

  22. My favorite part of that article was:

    "First, it plays to your greed. You dig your own hole because you’re in it for the money.

    Second, it keeps you distracted. You never realize you’re getting fleeced."

    yes, these two points hit at the heart of what drives lemmings.

    1) 0L's either want to make a shitload of money or at least a comfortable living. From my experience, most of the students wanted biglaw. I overheard a 1L in my section telling someone on her cellphone that she was paying full price for tuition, but would probably pay it off in three years when she graduates. When I mentioned a job I was interested in to another 1L, she scoffed at its low salary and said "I won't settle for any job that pays less than 80k" When we did icebreakers in my section, virtually the entire class said they wanted to do corporate or international law.

    2) Students are kept busy with mountains of work. I considered studying law comparable to eating shit. That's how I felt when reading about Carroll Towing and Pennoyer v. Neff. Students are kept so busy running in the hamster wheel that they don't realize they are being financially assraped.

  23. "When we did icebreakers in my section, virtually the entire class said they wanted to do corporate or international law."

    Yeah - international law - that's the ticket. What a bunch of bullshit. I three years, you'll be saying, "I want to do divorce law" or better yet "I want to do document review." That's the reality awaiting the stupid fucks applying to law school these days.

  24. Nando and others:

    Check this out:

    "ULV College of Law could lose accreditation"

    Maybe the ABA is starting to wake up and finally crack the whip. What do you think?

  25. Sure, the schools are full of shitbags, and are aided and abetted by this scumball, but the real reason we have so many law schools and morons with JDs is due to the student loan scam. Students get useless liberal arts degrees, and then default into law school because they don't know what else to do. Or they want to right the wrongs and save the world. Morons.

    If the student loans were harder to get, then there would be fewer law students, fewer schools, and fewer morons with JDs.

  26. Blah blah, useless liberal arts degree, yadda yadda, women's studies, blah, student loans, yadda boomers, blah.

  27. your blog is great for people who did poorly in law school. very fun to see your general animosity. if you had put half the effort into studying, you probably would be happier with your results, even from a mediocre school. top of the class at any of these schools still does well. middle of the pack? when, you get what you deserve. ha ha. sucks for you. but it is sad to see you so bitter about life in general. i am sorry you are unhappy.

  28. 3:46, this blog speaks the truth. I am sorry you shudder at hearing the truth.

    Eh, didn't you just admit that law schools accept too many people? And top of the class at any of the crappers on this site does well? You mean the top person in the class, didn't you? 'Cause top ten percent at many of these shitholes still means:

    general shitlaw
    insurance defense mill
    DWI defense/criminal defense
    family law/divorces
    juvenile court

    Try paying off your $100,000 investment on $35,000 a year.

  29. i don't have to admit anything. i just stumbled across your blog and find it interesting to see your anger. then, i saw your profile and saw that you, basically, are pissed that things didn't work out that well for you. hey, that sucks. i know plenty of people who went to top tier law schools and plenty that went to lower tier schools. The ones that work hard and bust ass are doing pretty well and have a pretty happy outlook on life. This is independent of where they went to school. Sure, a higher tier school gives you a better shot. But life is what you make it. As for me, I find it a little sad that so many people are so focused on shitting on things. It is mostly the tone of this blog that is sad. Present the information, fine. But the tone of most of the commentators and the posts is so filled with hate and vehemence. Oh well. I wish you happiness.

  30. To May 6, 2011 4:17 PM:

    They are (sic) vehement because they are in the process of exposing a fraud in which, basically, little more than CHILDREN are going into six-figure non-dischargeable debt based on misrepresented salary and placement info. from these third-rate law "schools". What part of your self-satisfied, smug-ass mind cannot wrap around that concept? The scambloggers aren't keeping ANYONE from attending one of these academic outhouses who wishes to; they are merely warning that, for MOST persons, it is not a good idea.

    Save your anecdotal successes. There are persons who survive a fall from a five-storey building too; that does not make it a good idea for all to try. See what I am getting at, in the context of TODAY'S PRICES?

    You are also full of crap with your facile platitudes--most, if not all, of these kids DO bust their humps, with no job prospects in sight. Can you grasp the concept that,in the present supply and demand climate, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRY, 90% of any given law school class cannot, and will not, be in the top 10% of said class. Do you wish to dispute this mathematical fact?

    Sheesh. Move on, buddy. Try "Top Law Schools" or some shitbagsite like that where you can be comfortably bullshitted at length.

  31. I pretty much follow your blog and appreciate what you are trying to do. I feel like a lot of law students are in denial of their job prospects or simply ignorant of the reality of being a lawyer. Keep it up

  32. "very fun to see your general animosity.
    May 6, 2011 3:46 PM "

    The words of a true, mean-spirited prick.

    Do you in fact ENJOY the reality of thousands of kids in debt-ridden misery after attending one of these toilet-bowl fraud academies? What a strange and twisted notion of "fun" you have.

    Some self-examination may be warranted, if not that of a professional.

  33. @ Anonymous May 6, 2011 3:46 P.M. and 4:17 P.M

    "Hi, Bob Morse!"

  34. To the piece of trash who posted at 3:46 pm and 4:17 pm,

    Hey, how are things in Sausalito, CA, bitch/cockroach?!

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    May 6 2011 5:25pm 2 actions 7s
    May 6 2011 3:29pm 31 actions 1h 26m

    Nice to see that an apologist lemming has time to check out this blog for 1 hour and 26 minutes, making 31 actions in that time. Why are you looking up “David Firestone, Vermont Law School”? Are you researching your contracts “professor” before school starts? Because going across the country to attend a TTT is a bright idea, right?!?!

    By the way, cretin, I was busy moving a fridge into the top story of my house this afternoon. In fact, I did not even check this site until now. I back up my argument with the facts. You should give it a try sometime, mental deficient.

    Look what happens when the ABA accredits too many diploma mills, Stupid. NALP reports that the law school Class of 2009 had 44,000 graduates - competing for only 28,901 jobs requiring bar passage!! How many of those jobs are doc review positions or toiletlaw? NALP also noted that solo practitioners constituted WELL OVER 1,000 of those law firm jobs - and accounted for 2.9% of the overall employment rate of 88.3 percent. Furthermore, 24.9% of the jobs reported were short-term, while 10.3% of positions were part-time. Still feel confident about your chances, Dumbass?!?!

    How do you spell "credibility," Idiot?!?! When was the last time YOU were quoted in the New York Times Sunday edition, bitch?!

  35. “This isn’t meant to be sarcastic,” [Morse] said, “but these students are going to law school and they need to learn to read the fine print.”

    I think Mr. Morse seems to be confused as to why people buy books like his - to get guidance about the right school for them in order to seek their desired profession. They are, in other words, around to translate the fine print.

    So is he basically admitting that his guide is useless?

  36. It is interesting that the plague of tech and trade schools has penetrated legal education - and that the ABA can do nothing about it (antitrust reasons, I'd guess). Fly by night, for-profit tech and trade schools have been fleecing wanna-be hairdressers, auto mechanics, interior designers, helicopter pilots, and bartenders on the federally guaranteed teat for a couple of decades now.

    I'm old enough to have gone to law school back when it meant a bit more, but I do feel for (and know a couple of) the victims of the current wrecking of legal education. Nobody seems to be saying that the prospective hairdressers should have known better.

  37. "University of Delaware law school project delayed"

    "...The presentation to the senate left many with the impression that the law school would be substantially delayed or even tabled, said other faculty members who attended."


    Once the genie is out of the bottle, there is no turning back. Here comes the invisible hand to correct the market.

  38. The law school bubble-bursting is in its opening stages, thanks in large part to the scambloggers. A generation may yet be saved from debt-ridden misery inflicted fraudulently by the conscienceless pricks who run these filthy toilets of law.


  39. It's not just law school. I think this whole transition to a "white collar economy" or whatever, is absolute bullshit. I'm currently getting my undergrad and there's these mixing events for those seeking employment/unemployed. Everybody drinks juice together "networking."

    By the way, there are no internships anymore, as that might imply a job at the end. They are externships. You get the experience of slave labor and then you extern the fuck out.

    This is blog is a true public service - as the Brit's would say, "fuckin mint." I had a decent GPA, excellent preLSAT, and almost went to the the local shiTThole. Thank god I read the NYtimes, and came in via Rose Colored Glasses.

    Those who doubt: simply pretend you graduated law school yesterday and look for a job in the area or field that you want to practice. Now go look for a job.

    Also, everybody out there should really keep there head up. Don't let this debt become your identity. Don't forget who you should be.

  40. And for a bit of a laugh:

  41. And for a bit of a reality check:

    This is the new age we live in. Our economy needs people with education, but its becoming a snake eating its own tail.

  42. Yet one more article focusing on the debt and risk v reward of being a lawyer and/or going to law school.

    "Lawyers’ debt hits all-time high"

    These articles are everywhere now, thanks in large part to the scambloggers.

  43. The Valvoline Dean Lied.

    Careers died.

  44. Hey, are those toilet bowl photos of your own craps? If so, that's truly nasty dude.

  45. To Dumbass @ 12:02 pm,

    There is a website called "Google." You can use the search engine to find these images, bitch. Isn't that amazing?!?! Also, have you noticed that these are all different commodes?

    Here is Pussy Bob Morse's response to the NYT article.

    "U.S. News's take on these issues: One key question is whether law school students who lose their merit awards because they didn't achieve a certain GPA are being ripped off by the schools. Law school students who are depending on these awards to finance their entire legal education must make every effort to fully understand all the risks, rules, and trade-offs in advance of enrolling. At the same time, law schools need to disclose more information about how grading on the curve really works and what proportion of students lose their merit awards after the first year. Law School Transparency has made a new proposal to the ABA that requires law schools to disclose far more detailed scholarship retention information."

    Nice job, cockroach. Pussy Morse acts as if LST has ANY power to change things. (This ass-sniffing rat always puts the onus on some other organization.) In addition to being powerless, these kids are too polite. The ABA will continue to ignore those Vandy grads behind the "project." Wow! They proposed to the ABA that schools report detailed info on scholarship retention. Yes, the ABA will break down and comply with this request immediately, right?!?!

    People or groups who lack power and money can make all the requests of the rich and/or powerful they want. It is an exercise in futility. For instance, I propose that Lauren Graham spend the night at my house this weekend. Does anyone think that will go anywhere?

    Vagisil Bob goes on to state:

    "It's clear that the U.S. News law school rankings have a large impact on law schools and prospective law school students. However, the U.S. News Best Law School rankings are not why students lose their scholarships. In addition, the article implies that the U.S. News rankings are the key factor behind why law schools are offering more merit-based aid and less need-based aid in order to enroll students with higher LSATs and GPAs and, as a result, improve in the rankings. Law schools need to take far more direct responsibility for their policies instead of citing the oft-repeated claims that they are forced into these actions solely because U.S. News exerts so much power over law school behavior."

    Serpent Morse admits that US "News" plays a role in law school admission decisions. Of course, he wants the schools to take more responsibility for their policies. For some reason, this bitch wants to take credit for influencing law schools and students - but does not want any of the blame.

  46. hey Nando, you gotta check out Quinnipiac Law School's registrar MARY ELLEN DURSO getting convicted for fraud among other things.

    Holy Poopsie Batman, I went to that school!!! what a mistake

  47. Please write a review about Quinnipiac Law School, I was so badly ripped off that I want to light myself on fire and let my charring corpse mar thier new building. Please, oh please...


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