Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly: Washburn University School of Law

A hot-ass associate asked me to profile this school, several weeks ago. After tearing down several other commodes - and bitch-slapping Bob Morse with a steel pipe - I can finally meet this request.

Tuition: A Kansas resident attending this school on a full-time basis will be charged $16,560, for the 2010-2011 school year. An out-of-state, full-time law student will pay $25,830, for the same academic year.

Total Cost of Attendance: This same page lists the estimated total COA for a full-time Washburn Law student - who is a Kansas resident - at $33,667. The public commode states that this figure will reach $42,937, for full-time, non-resident law students. You can be certain that this school is only taking nine-month living expenses into account.

In fact, if you look at the text box in the middle of the page, you will see that the school lists room and board for the summer term. Adding the costs for room and board, personal costs, and transportation, we reach a more accurate, estimated COA of $40,752.50 for Kansas residents attending on a full-time basis; for full-time students who are not Kansas residents, this figure is $50,022.50. That is one hell of a deal, isn‘t it?!?!

Ranking: Here is the scenario: you have received an acceptance letter from this school - and perhaps some scholarship money. You are feeling great. Then, you remember that this school’s reputation is lower than dog excrement. According to US “News” & World Report, Wa$hburn Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is the 140th greatest, most amazing and wonderful law school in the United States. These students are sure to set the world on fire, huh?!?! Don’t be a dumbass and attend this school, simply because all of the other schools denied your application.

Alleged Employment Placement Rate: The school’s career planning office claims that 88% of its Class of 2010 was employed within 9 months of graduation. Yeah, sure it was - and Lauren Graham just spent the night, climbed on top of me, and massaged my balls afterward.

I suppose that the commode is likely including JDs working as customer service representatives at Blue Cross and Blue Cross of Kansas, managers at Dillons grocery stores, and real estate agents, in order to reach this figure. Notice that the school does not provide any starting salary info. Perhaps, they were too modest to list their graduates’ large incomes.

Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Washburn JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - at $80,488. By the way, 89 percent of the graduates from this unfortunate class took on such toxic debt. This figure does not take undergrad debt into account.

Faculty and Administrator Salaries: Seeing that Washburn University is a public toilet, we are not going to find salary info on Guidestar. Scroll down to the Law Department at Washburn University to see how well the faculty is doing.

We can see that Dean Thomas Romig made $244,400 in fiscal year 2009. John Christensen, "director" of the law library, “earned” $157,494 for the same year. It must be difficult making sure that the students have access to Westlaw and Lexis accounts.

As a student at this world-famous “in$TTTiTTTuTTTion of higher learning,” you will have the unique opportunity to write onto Family Law Quarterly! Imagine how beautiful women will react, when they realize that you have this credential under your belt. Women will be so impressed with this achievement that they will decide to undo your belt - with their teeth. [Disclaimer: Actually, nothing of the sort will happen. Women will continue to date muscled, tanned men with charming personalities - while ignoring your pasty ass. The same goes for potential employers.]

As you can see, the school accepts students who earned pathetic 2.91 GPAs, in their undergraduate work. By the way, such low UGPA scores show that these people will not have the work ethic or intelligence to excel in law school - even at a third tier turd such as Washburn SOL. Could you imagine medical schools taken in such cretins?!

Conclusion: Washburn University Sewer of Law provides its students with TTT job prospects. Ask yourself the following: if you were a Kansas law firm or non-law employer, would you rather hire a JD from the University of Kansas or one from something called Washburn University?!

In the final analysis, you do not need to take out an additional $80K-$110K - in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for the privilege of sitting for a bar exam. Keep in mind, that in three years from now, you will likely be graduating with no job lined up. If you want to impress your family, then send me $10K. By doing so, you can tell your friends and relatives that I tossed your ass out of a window. In the process, you will have saved tons of money, and not pissed away three years of your life.


  1. How anyone be so stupid to believe this is a worthwhile investment? I guess their 2.9 GPA can answer that.

    Does anyone know how the ABA elections work? Perhaps we can organize to elect a few representatives to tell them how the situation really is out there. I don't we would need too may votes.


    You should also do a follow up about the newest letter from Senator Boxer to the ABA. She wanted the data provided by law schools to be regularly audited. Also, a few days ago a bunch of law school presidents and representatives send a letter to the DOE asking them, instead of the ABA, to collect and distribute employment data.

    To everybody:

    I think it would help a lot if if all send a "thank you" note to Sen. Boxer, and if we also contact our Representatives and urge them to join the fight against the ABA.

  2. Is a Washburn what you get when you scrub your skin raw trying to rid yourself of stench or filth?

  3. I like what you had under ranking. Those were the exact same sentiments I had in 2002. I received an acceptance letter and scholarship offer from another school you profiled and I felt like I was on cloud 9. The feeling lasted until I got my first semester grades.

  4. It shocks the conscience when one realizes just how MANY of these third and fourth tier toilets exist. Have they no shame?

    A HOUSECAT will enjoy perhaps better odds of landing decent legal employment post-bar then many of the unfortunate kids who make the choice of attending this non-elite dumpster. Law is about prestige and connections; only a very lucky few need neither.

    And, the cat likely won't be in non-dischargeable six-figure debt!

  5. On the plus side, cost of living in Topeka is fairly cheap.

    Of course, that also means that the Dean's salary is that much more egregious. 250k in Topeka is equal to about 350k in Chicago.

  6. j-dog,

    The down side of the cheap living costs of Topeka is that you're living in Topeka.

  7. Why would an out of state student want to go to this shithole? They wouldn't have connections to the local community. They would be paying the full load. For shit ass employment prospects. Pass on this school, kids. If its the best you can do, rethink your choice of profession.

  8. Middle Class ConMay 25, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    When Yahoo front-page posts how crappy being a lawyer is becoming, you know what a shit profession this is becoming.

    It's especially funny how the lawyers who are taking these positions rationalize that they'll have better hours and more time with their families. This is making me sick, seriously.

    If you're really into self-deprecation, scroll through all the comments, where you can see that the majority of people simply don't give a fuck or think that law students deserve to fail. We'll see what happens to all these morons when they need legal help.

    God...I love this profession.

  9. Kids. Ask yourself this: Why would any big firm in one of the major metropolitan areas ever hire a student from this school. Would a NYC partner hire someone from Washburn? Nope. Would they hire someone from Univ. Kansas? Not likely. You need to choose a school in an area where you anticipate practicing in. OK. Univ. of Cincinnati is a first tier school, but is that school going to get you hired at a big law firm on the east coast? I'm sure we can always find an exception that beat the odds, but my feeling is that you would have a hell of a time getting hired at a firm outside of Ohio (or within about 200 miles in any direction). It's all about a school's alumni base. The legal profession doesn't like "outsiders." I for one would not hire some local yokel from either Kansas or Ohio. Just my 0.02.

    1. You are assuming that anyone that will most likely attend this school has any desire at all to move to the northeast...personally - I have no desire to move to that area of the country. If you are even remotely intelligent, you do not go to a law school simply because you have been accepted; you go where you want to be. You are aptly named anonymous - you take no name for your assumptious statements. Ignorance breeds ignorance. As such, I sign anonymous as well...

  10. Middle Class ConMay 25, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    OK, I'm not done ranting yet. I'm on vacation right now (and yes I have nothing better to do than get pissed off - well, at least I have a date tonight to look forward to). Looking over at the blogroll links, and read Outside Lies Magic's entry on Emory grads.

    Is anyone else getting tired of being shit on? This is absolutely ridiculous. Oh by the way, here are some of the better comments from posters on the Yahoo article. Here's what you get from American citizens for being a zealous advocate for justice and a "giver":

    "Screw these @#$% lawyer scumbags. They are greedy, arrogant, and ignorant. They think they are smart with all their bullshit legal mumbo jumbo. If I saw a lawyer dying of a stroke or heart attack, I wouldn't lift a finger to help: I am afraid of litigation."

    "With 3.2 lawyers for every one's about time to thin them looks like the slippery slime has turned on it self....and over of things: Greed......go figure"

    "They are a dime a dozen. It doesn't take any smarts to make it through Law School. They want the easy route ( they think). Too stupid to accomplish any real skills like Engineering, Science, or Math. Should have taken Film Studies. Or Poly Sci. All Lawyers can do is suck other peoples money. Or get into politics- which is the same"

    "Good to hear that these worthless parasites are now feeding on each other. Our world would be a better place without lawyers and they all need to die. The sooner the better"

    "Here's an idea ..... why not hang out your own shingle? Do it for Less, alot LESS, and you will be able to pay yourself according to your "success"!"

    Haha, that's cute ^^^^^^^ Why didn't I think of that? This is the most depressing thing that I can think of as a lawyer. Basically, big firms are now just coming out and admitting that they can pay/treat you like shit, and you'll like it.

    Nando - please compose an email to send to that Emory commencement speaker. Better yet, I want a special guest post on him/her. I want him/her to read your entry and cry. I want it's children to be ashamed for life. I will contribute in any way necessary.

  11. @928: LOL - so true.

    IMO, the broad hatred of lawyers may actually be a good thing. Hatred leads to favorable reform conditions. Just need to spin it the right way and make average joes (who are convinced lawyers are evil even though their ire should be directed at each other) see the need for broad reform, including the new accreditation standards, transparency, etc.

  12. Yahoo? LOL. Not a credible news source! People who post replies on Yahoo? Not worth reading. This blog. Not credible. Nando? Not credible. Honestly, all the stupidity here and now bringing in Yahoo news? Wow, just wow! I have no more....

  13. Specifically, in what way is this particular blog not credible?
    Show your work.

  14. I wash my hands...of Washburn, that is. Heheh.

  15. Credit where due, $16,560 (in-state) tuition/ yr. is quite the bargain by toilet law school ripoff standards. Kind of like a half-Madoff, to the full-blown variety at other toilets. Most of their JDs will never work in the legal field but, at least, with these debt levels, they probably won't be ruined for life.


    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    May 25 2011 11:50am 8 actions 25m 33s
    May 19 2011 2:11pm 3 actions 1m 23s
    May 18 2011 6:10pm 1 action 8m 55s
    May 18 2011 5:44pm 1 action 10s
    May 18 2011 1:31pm 1 action 10s
    May 18 2011 12:04pm 6 actions 7m 32s
    May 17 2011 9:43am 3 actions 9m 26s
    May 13 2011 6:32pm 3 actions 5m 14s
    May 11 2011 7:32pm 2 actions 3m 44s
    May 11 2011 5:16pm 3 actions 18m 1s
    May 2 2011 5:21pm 6 actions 7m 56s

    Hello, cockroach. It appears that you live in Costa Rica. Then again, I suppose that you could be taking a month-long vacation in San Jose. If that is the case, then it is beyond sad that you have the time to visit this site, and post idiotic comments.

    At this point, you probably do not care about credibility, i.e. you have none. Did you tell the cabana boy to stir your Mojito or strawberry daiquiris with his penis, again? Check this out, bitch:

    “Avoid this overpriced sewer pit as if your life depended on it,” writes the anonymous author of the blog Third Tier Reality — a reference to the second-to-bottom tier of the U.S. News rankings — in a typically scatological review. “Unless, of course, you think that you will be better off with $110k-$190k in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a degree that qualifies you to wait tables at the Battery Park Bar and Lounge.”

    When is the last time YOU were quoted in the New York Times, you piece of trash?!?!

    Back on July 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm, Professor J. Gordon Hylton at Marquette Law School had this to say about Third Tier Reality:

    “For a thought-provoking (and sobering) blog devoted to the realities of legal education in the 21st century, one should check out Third Tier Reality”

    12:46, the guy getting a facial in San Jose cannot provide any work or proof. The only thing this pathetic pussy can do is shriek “Not credible!” His mother must be very proud. The mental deficient cannot make a cogent argument as to why law school is a wise investment, either. Who knows? Maybe the borderline retard could only get accepted into a Costa Rican law school.

  17. Middle Class ConMay 25, 2011 at 1:48 PM

    "Honestly, all the stupidity here and now bringing in Yahoo news? Wow, just wow! I have no more.... "

    @ 12:14....that's the point oxygen thief. If Yahoo takes a break from "kittens that look like Hitler" to do a pretend post on career finance, it goes to show how sad things really have become.

    PS, the same lemmings that go on Yahoo are the ones who still believe they'll make loads of money as an attorney.

    Now go back to listening to your Yanni CD.

  18. Don't blame the oxygen thief. His mother gave birth to him and his parents didn't drown him in the bathtub like they should've done. B-T-dubs, middle class con handled you.

  19. That unbelievable Emory speech reminded me of a lot reactions to this:

    Older folks just don't get it. The system worked for them, so they just assume we all need a swift kick in the ass. Finding a job where you can reasonably expect to pay off your debts in a lifetime is now "entitlement." It's infuriating.

    At my old job I met a lot of bright and capable people hitting their 30's. When I mentioned I was considering grad school, a lot of them shared stories of their own experiences. Incidentally, they all had their master's degrees.

    The pay was $10 an hour.

  20. nando it's time for you to humiliate this Emory bitch. I've seen you drill others for less. This cunt deserves the ttr treatment.

  21. They might as well call it Chris Washburn University School of Law.

    As much as I hate getting old, I would hate to go back 20 years when I was graduating with my worthless liberal arts poli sci degree wanting to be a lawyer and barely being able to get accepted into the worst of the worst 4th tier crappers angry at the world that my future was determined by an LSAT score despite doing so well in school grade/activity wise...and then deciding to go thinking I was bad ass because I was now in law school with a bunch of assholes...then you realize it is a waste after first year grades come out..and then you still finish up coming out with 50k debt and the only job you can get is slinging family, broke, and after getting a few law jobs and getting screwed by the experienced lawyers, you eventually go out on your own and practice shit law seeing that carrot right in front of you every day..some times you grab it, most times you dont, and all the while wondering what the job does do your psyche and health...its not for everyone, but if you are not skilled in manual labor or the sciences, after you fail in this profession you will sell insurance or work in some other shit type sales its probably 100x worse in terms of loans and lack of opportunity so I feel sorry for these kids and these schools that come out now that make my alma mater look like Harvard should be ashamed. With all this information out there, why would any kid go to a crapper school like this and take on debt.

  22. I am a law professor at Washburn, and I am very disgruntled by the way you have negatively profiled the school. 95 percent of our graduates are practicing law within 9 months, and making a median salary of 110 grand in the private sector. How DARE YOU SPEAK about my school this way! It is a highly underrated school, and many of our graduates go on to work on Wall Street. You are just jealous. Jealous that you did not pass the bar or earn high enough grades to become an attorney.

    1. I attended Washburn from 94-97, and found a job straight away. I am currently earning $120,000 annually not counting benefits such as matching retirement funds, overtime pay, and what my employer pays for my health ins, etc. i feel like I received a decent education and learned a lot about researching and drafting, which are the primary duties of my non litigating job.

  23. If the author hadn't mentioned where this place was located I wouldn't have known. I wonder how well these poor saps do in Kansas. There's only one other law school in the state.

  24. The person claiming to be a "law professor" at Washburn is in fact a troll from Alexandria, VA. According to my stats, he has made 186 visits to this site, since February 18, 2011.

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    May 26 2011 8:14am 9 actions 19m 18s
    May 26 2011 7:52am 2 actions 11m 53s
    May 23 2011 1:40pm 2 actions 16m 57s
    May 22 2011 8:05pm 2 actions 8m 44s
    May 21 2011 3:35pm 2 actions 8m 47s
    May 21 2011 9:37am 9 actions 37m 31s
    May 20 2011 9:31pm 14 actions 35m 33s
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    May 12 2011 6:47pm 3 actions 18m 59s
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    May 10 2011 8:42am 1 action 10s
    May 9 2011 4:22pm 6 actions 11m 50s
    May 8 2011 3:16pm 8 actions 22m 45s
    May 8 2011 2:46pm 3 actions 15m 43s

    This piece of trash, at various times, has claimed to be: (a) a recent graduate of American University COL, making $120K as a Biglaw attorney; (b) a tax lawyer pulling down $150K per year; (c) a "law professor" at the University of the District of Columbia; and (d) a graduate of various toilets - who earned average grades - but yet landed at Goldman Sachs in New York. Waterhead later admitted that he is not a “law professor” at UDC.

    “Anonymous said...

    Alright guys, I lied and I am sorry. I am currently a professor at the University of D.C school of law, and I am deeply angered by this entire blog which is filled with lies and false information. How dare you disrespect legitimate law schools like these? You have no right to spread such lies about reputable institutions. I am going to request that you either end this blog now, or change it to another topic. Failure to do so, and I will notify my superiors, and a course of legal action could be taken against this drivel.

    February 21, 2011 2:33 PM”

    This Alexandria cockroach has ZERO credibility and NO integrity. This loser is beyond pathetic. He actually has used SEVERAL IPs to view this site. Dumbass, when you use the same laptop, it links the different IP addresses to one computer.

    Waste pile, quit trying to pose as a "law professor" and Biglaw attorney. You are nothing but a bitch and a ball-less shill.

  25. ^^^ Agreed. Get lost asshole.

  26. Emory Prof Tells Students Without Jerb To "Get Over It" and be "Givers, Not Takers"



  27. Yeah, Nando. You gotta do the Emory speech story. It's amazing that these law schools pigs are either too isolated from the real world to realize what is going on, or too greedy, or both.

  28. The Emory law "professor" speaker is in my opinion the lowest form of subhuman excrement. She talks about these kids being takers and that they should be givers. Fuck, they already gave three years of their lives plus $150K in tuition money. What more should they give? They should give her the Marie Antionette chair at that declining commode known as Emory Law.

  29. I have a feeling nando is going to skullfuck this bitch. I am looking forward to seeing what he's got in store for that piece of shit Emory law professor. Don't disappoint us. I'll have my morning donut and coffee ready.

  30. I saw the a portion of the youtube video of Emory's commencement. Many of those kids looked puzzled as they were receiving their diplomas. However, notice the kids that were being hooded by their daddies and mommies who are already established lawyers. Those kids were smiling from ear to ear. See that kids, if you want a shot in this "profession" you have to be born into the right family or have the right connections. Working your ass off is not enough anymore.

  31. If mommy is a judge or dad is a law prof or well-established well known lawyer, you're set. Game. Set. Match.

    If you have no connections and wealth, you have to break your biscuits, make law review, finish in the top of the class (not top 10%). clerk for a judge just to have a halfway decent chance to make biglaw.

    Get the lesson, fuckheads?

  32. It's high risk for the unwary, that's for sure.

    Kids, think long and hard about going into any substantial debt to achieve a law degree from one of these non-elite toilets, particularly if you are unconnected. If you get a full scholarship or if you have money (which may or may not overlap with being connected to the legal community) knock yourself out. Otherwise, you MUST drop out from a non-elite school if your First Year grades are poor. You MUST. Do not thnk there are any "points" given for "toughing it out" and getting through law school, albeit with a poor showing First Year, which, by the way, is the only year that counts in law school.

    Keep in mind also that non-law employers HATE people with law degrees. At least, those without substantial non-law experinces and contacts of value to bring in the door with them. People with JD's who are not practicing law are treated with a high degree of suspicion by HR people and others who will be intrigued as to why you are not choosing to be in the "lucrative" practice of law.

    Ergo, you, young lemmings, will be hard-pressed to find non-legal employment with your JD, as you will be "overqualified" for everything else. If you are "defaulting" into law school, that is, going to law school in an attempt to "cure" a useless underlying BA, it is a mistake. Don't go to law school just to try to make your useless undergrad background "marketable".

    Do something else.

  33. ^correct. Non-law employers fucking h-a-t-e applicants with law degrees. Their worry is 'Are we gonna get sued by this asshole if things don't turn out well?"

    Another thing is supervisors don't like subordinates that have higher levels of education. Sure the younger workers have student debt to pay off. But supervisors can be very sensitive and petty about such things. If you get hired by nonlaw, don't be surprised if such bosses make it a point to show you who's in control.

    If your grades do not place you near the very top of the class, get the fuck out.

    (The above does not apply if you have wealth and know the right people. If that's the situation, drink during the week, eat pussy to your heart's content and coast through law school. You've got it made.)

  34. I watched the Emory law graduation speech. If this speech was given to the incoming 1L class on the first day of orientation, I might say it was a great speech. In a sense, the professor isn't saying anything all that different from what the people on this board say - that lawyering can suck, that the biglaw jobs don't exist, and that new graduates are going to have to set their sights low. She acknowledges that a good percent of the graduates have no jobs. The problem is, she is telling this to graduates who are going to be in debt hell for the rest of their lives.

    If this kind of speech was given to all incoming law students on the first day of orientation when a tuition refund could still be had, and if the law schools' websites and printed promotional materials reflected the realities the professor cited in her speech, then I would say that the law schools were being responsible and honest.

    To tell a group of graduates who have taken out three years worth of loans to just get over it and have a good attitude about things is below disgusting. When you have one or two thousand dollars worth of loans to pay off every month, and the credit card bills that piled up when you were paying expenses that you couldn't afford because you gave up three years of income to go to law school, you don't need to get over it or have a better attitude. You need adequate income or a way out of debt. Sallie Mae won't cash your positive attitude.

  35. When I was at BPP studying my famous law professors the, vast, majority of my class at Holborn had TCs. I can't speak for Waterloo though, didn't know anyone over there but did here that the situation was almost the opposite. Really strange. Visit for more information on

  36. Middle Class ConMay 26, 2011 at 10:37 PM

    Well put, 6:04.

    The problem with this tubby wubby is that she ignorantly believes that she is helping these kids, somewhat akin to a sympathetic slave owner. Think that's harsh? Listen to her speech. Notice the reference of her buying knitting supplies and referring to the people in the shops as content simpletons who are "on drugs." Glad to know that these simple folk are too dumb/happy in the knitting projects to know what a great life they could have had as an accomplished law school professor like you Sarah.

    She wants us to believe that she is hip to the cause. Why's that? Because she references almost swearing in her speech? Because she wants less "complicatedness" in the law so that her "business executive" friend can figure out how to screw over his workers without violating major anti-trust or union laws? Save the rhetorical bullshit Hillary Rodham Clinton, 'cuz we ain't buyin' it.

    She likes to talk about bein' harsh in her classroom. Who. The. Fuck. Cares. I read your bio - you graduated from law school 20 years ago, did a federal clerkship - burnt out of Sullivan & Cromwell - bounced around and ended up right back in the womb of academia. *Starts slow clap*

    Please, allow a moment of silence.

    Congratulations on being the Marie Antoinette of the law school movement. You obviously haven't missed too many meals while you were "giving" and knitting away in the local community. If you're so great at the practice of law, why haven't you been doing it for the past DECADE? Too busy getting law review articles published in the prestigious, wait for it, *drum-roll* Iowa Law Review.

  37. I haven't seen the speech yet on YT, but I have read the excerpts and I agree with everybody who wants Nando to rake this woman over the coals - that is a fucking shitty thing for a shitty person to say just as the school is dumping these people into the meatgrinder. The anon. guy at 3:04 is totally right; that sort of speech should be given to first year law students or better yet, college seniors thinking about the law - not to the "survivors" of the legal branch of EduScam Incorporated of America. Fuck her and the school she works for.

  38. Alright I am listening to her speech right begins about 36 minutes in; at 42 minutes she calls the job market terrible.

    I wish there still was a Soviet Union so I could exile law profs like her to 50 years of tree-felling in Siberia with a gun at her back.

  39. Wow, just wow. That Emory professor rails against takers, and yet she "takes" in at least $200,000 annually for her grueling 6 hour work-weeks. She might as well strut up to the podium and say: "Thanks for the money, suckers."

    And just to think, I was almost part of Emory's 2011 class. Back in 2008 I had paid the school and housing deposits to a total of $1000 (which I never got back). I avoided that 200k dump only to get assraped at another school 2 years later. Still, I'm glad I did not attend Emory. Those fuckers can eat shit.

  40. ^^^ Maybe she should look at herself in the mirror when she talks about "Takers." I doubt, based on her Emory profile, that she understands the meaning of struggle.

  41. Yep, yet another example of "do as I say, not as I do."

    According to the professor's bio, she worked at Sullivan and Cromwell as an associate. Hmm, I wonder why this "giver" did not work for Legal Aid or a non-profit. She decided to work in high-paying corporate law instead.

    Once the parasite realized she would not make partner, she went into academia where six figure paychecks with minimal work were guaranteed. Ability is not important. Everyone knows law professors grade on a curve because they can't teach the drivel which isn't even relevant for practice anyways. With the curve the least shittiest student gets the A.

    I also have to lol at the Emory students sitting tamely as they are mocked and insulted by the scum who destroyed their lives. Go lemmings go!

  42. "that sort of speech should be given to first year law students or better yet, college seniors thinking about the law - not to the "survivors" of the legal branch of EduScam Incorporated of America. Fuck her and the school she works for."

    They should, but of course, the scum do not. When I went to Emory's accepted student's weekend back in 2008, the Dean bragged about how the school was ranked 22 in the USNEWS roll of toilet paper. He claimed Emory would be a top 15 school by the time we graduated. I guess he's right if you multiply 15 by 2 lol. The shyster boasted of Emory's strong connections and how they dominate the Atlanta legal market (Not true, Emory gets sloppy fourths after UVA, Duke, and Vandy) The smaller firms will not touch Emory students because they prefer UGA (which is about 8 times cheaper)

    The speech was basically one of those "come here and your wildest dreams will come true" spiels. The stern speeches about the tough legal market probably didn't come until the tuition checks were cashed.

  43. I am shocked that no one threw a chair at that abominable "human being" that gave that speech at Emory's commencement. Instead, the lemmings applauded like good sheep. I read the professor's bio. I have seen better credentials from law professors at other TTT law schools. Speaking of TTT, I cannot understand how people continue to believe Emory is elite or the "Harvard of the South." I have over 20 years of legal experience in NY and I have come across maybe two or three Emory law alums. I guess they "dominated" the Atlanta market but according to the compassionate professor, Emory kids should set their sights on the cornhusker state of Nebraska. That professor is so out of touch with reality but I suppose she considers herself a hip person for giving those poor sap grads a dose of "tough love."

  44. Thomas Jefferson is getting sued:

    Oh, I am so happy...

  45. That is one scary toilet. WOuldn't surprise me if the school gives its students shittier job outlook than depicted in this article.

  46. I doubt that this school is that bad, Nando, settle down. Also, I do agree that the speech was bad. I do not think she should talk of entitlement. However, I do wish this blog would be more honest about law school, and include the virtues of law school. All of these schools have helped a lot of people-especially the hardest of workers who were diligent and passionate about learning-and mastering the law, the same law that I have come to love learning about. Nando, do a post about how wonderful these schools are. Add some balance, and some credibility to this blog.

    The world traveling law student

  47. "The world traveling law student
    May 27, 2011 11:58 AM"

    I, on the other hand, believe this particular blog is MILD in its exposing these festering sewers of law and their collective bilking of these children of massive sums of money in the hopes of getting a job in the legal "profession". Of knowingly putting persons who have no reasonable hope of practicing remunerative law into six-figure, crippling, non-dischargeable student loan debt.

    The legal "profession" is a gigantic sewer pipe. Real professions protect and nurture their candidates, making sure that through small class sizes and rigorous and extensive clinicals and residencies, that they are prepared to practice. Not so law schools. These toilets DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about their graduates. They are well aware that they are graduating far, far too many students beyond what the market will bear, in a most unconscionable way.

    Law school gives little, if any, value to its students. Can you imagine if all medical schools did was to teach kids how to "think like a doctor"? Can you pssibly think of any position easier than that of law professor, of reciting the details of Palsgraf and Pennoyer & Neff over and over and over again, year after filthy year? What the hell value is in that to warrant spending six figures on it?

    And you want this blog to make nice about that?

  48. Oh, oh ... looks like a class-action lawsuit has been filed against TJSofL!

  49. Nando - Time for a post on this class action. Enjoy your long weekend. Now get busy... :)

  50. If TJSoL is smashed by this suit and goes out of business, I call dibs on the converted generator store building; it would make a good porno shop or sleazy private investigator know, the type where the secretary is a peroxide blonde and there are old bullet holes in the back wall. Nice and skeezy.

    BTW, where the hell is the Coin'el?

  51. I read the complaint against TJSL and was sadly unimpressed. Also, it was a HUGE mistake to have it hit the news today..... the Friday before Memorial Day? TJSL couldn't have asked for better timing. By the time Tuesday rolls around and reporters return to work, this complaint will have disappeared in the horizon of the rear view mirror. There's a reason politicians dump personally unfavorable information on the Friday before a three day weekend people. Sadly, this lawsuit goes no where.

    I assume that Nando understands this timing principle, and I expect that is why we haven't seen him light up the entitlement professor at Emory. I'm betting we'll see it Tuesday, and I'll bet it will be EPIC!

  52. Anon. at 9:16, you don't get it; what counts is that there is a suit against TJSoL in the first place. Even if this one is not sucessful, other former students could sue as well, and with luck the Tijuana Skool o' Lawl suffers a death by 1000 cuts. Once stuff gets on the Internet, it never goes away.

    Getting back to Emory; the dumbshits at Emory Law's IT department actually posted the video twice(!); the one with only 800+ views has most of the nasty comments.

  53. "what counts is that there is a suit against TJSoL in the first place."

    Hence my comment about the timing in terms of media coverage. Blown opportunity. You don't allow stuff like this to hit the Friday before Memorial Day. Let's hope the plaintiffs legal instincts are slightly better than her public relation instincts.

    Also, what do you want to bet that TJSL doesn't retain a single graduate of its own school to defend itself?

  54. "Also, what do you want to bet that TJSL doesn't retain a single graduate of its own school to defend itself?

    May 28, 2011 6:09 PM "

    Indeed, that will be interesting to see. I'll bet you're right, too. Sort of analogous to the "Innocence Project" of, what is it, Cardozo I believe (Carbozo) where all the attorneys on the project are strictly non-Cardozo. Hilarious.

  55. Oh no, a series of schools who promised certain employment numbers to its students had to settle a class-action lawsuit as well???

  56. Haha this dude sucks. He sounds like he is a bitter son of a bitch who has nothing better to do than trash the world around him

  57. "Haha this dude sucks. He sounds like he is a bitter son of a bitch who has nothing better to do than trash the world around him

    July 5, 2011 7:29 PM"

    Perhaps. But what is even funnier (ha ha) is you have nothing better to do whatsoever in your life than hand out on a bitter-ass law school scamblog!

  58. Dude, WTF is your problem with Washburn? Bob Dole graduated from this school as have the Kansas AG and most of the Justices on the Kansas Supreme Court. I am sorry your life sucks and you live in your mom's basement interrupting your World of Warcraft sessions only long enough to bitch on this sad little blog but you don't have to bash everyone who attends schools that aren't Harvard or Yale. Get help man.


    Gender: Male
    Industry: Student
    Occupation: University of Memphis
    Location: Memphis : Tennessee : United States

    About Me

    I am a 23 year old full time student at the Univerity of Memphis where I am majoring in Spanish and Paralegal studies, I am graduating in May and I hope to be going to Law school in September. Right now I weigh 278 lbs which is 123 lbs over my ideal weight of 165. I am undergoing an extremely intense weight loss regimen that involves limiting calories and exceeding 4-6hours a day on my Wii Fit, at the YMCA, the campus gym, and with a fitness group that does P90X and "Insanity" workouts. My goal is to lose 90 lbs by Graduation and the remaining weight over the summer before I begin Law School next Fall. I hope to become an inspiration to others who can follow my progress on this blog!

    Losing Weight!

    My Blogs
    Hole in the Neighborhood"

    I am a homeowner, fatboy. Now go stuff your face with some more nachos and pastries, bitch. Also, I have never played “World of Warcraft.” That is called projection, loser. Get a life, pussy.

    By the way, dough boy: Robert Dole graduated from Washburn University Sewer of Law in 1952! That was 59 years ago, moron!! You know that he was able to attend law school, when it was cheap, right?! Plus, it appears that he took advantage of the GI Bill.

    I know that you have your clogged heart set on going to law school, Ass-Clown. Yet, try to be objective, cockroach. I graduated from law school. YOU have yet to attend your first law lecture, bitch.

    Now that I have shoved a second hole in your rotund, portly ass, you can focus on your studies at the University of Memphis, ass-wipe. The school is such a turd that it felt the need to change its name from Memphis State University, on July 1, 1994.

    By the way, who gives a damn if several members of the “prestigious” Kansas State Supreme Court are Washburn Law grads, you fat pile of waste?!?! They are politicians in black robes - nothing more!

  60. I don't really get you, dude. Your school, Drake, has good employment stats. What went wrong with you? Did you take the bar? Did you try and get interviews? Why didn't you try hanging your own shingle?

  61. This site is amazing. Ok, question for anyone who might still read this thread: If I have been offered a full ride to Washburn, have a job guarantee after I graduate, and don't really care about working in the big leagues, should I go?

  62. Actually, in Kansas, KU and Washburn place the same. There might be a huge difference in rankings, but the employment stats are identical. Sure, you'll probably be working as a poorly paid public defender post-grad, but I doubt anyone who considers a TTT school actually believes they have a shot at making big money.

  63. Well, here's a great big thought, if there are so many 3rd and 4th tier law schools, that must mean there are are too many 3rd and 4th tier attorneys in this country. The answer to this problem is to shut down all the 3rd and 4th tier schools and only allow the highest ranking students into the top schools. This of course would mean that many people would not be able to be represented by an attorney and per hour rates would drop.Then all the lower ranking graduates would have the opportunity to work for the government.

  64. NOT VETERAN FRIENDLY and a waste of time. I got accepted into 3 higher ranking schools and just to appease my wife I applied to Washburn since it's closer to her family and didn't get accepted. I can find no other way to explain the rejection letter I received other than the fact that they are not veteran friendly...I mean come on, a Purple Heart coupled with numerous other military awards, countless ACADEMIC scholarships in undergrad, finished college with two young children earning a complex degree. I'm not trying to complain, just want to give my fellow veterans a heads up; don't even bother with Washburn.

    1. I'm a veteran. I went to Washburn for undergrad. Now in the law school on scholarship. This is a great school for veterans. You just didn't get in. Not veteran friendly? Nope. Not "you" friendly. BTW: I'm a 1st generation, married, 37 year old veteran - go figure that one out...Quit complaining and make something of yourself. I'm really sick and tired of people using the 'vet' card as a way to complain. Have more honor. You had some once...find it again. Quit complaining and do something worthwhile.

  65. Washburn grad here. I don't recommend this school to anyone. If you're a rich kid and too dumb to get into a real law school (and you have a job waiting for you) don't even go here. Enjoy your 1% life, and do something you'll enjoy like chase women or hiking the Alps.


    Poll: Most Unnecessary Law School?

    "ignominioustroll (Feb 13, 2013 - 1:06 pm)

    Washburn. Both KU and Washburn proudly tout their prestige and there's no way the state of Kansas can support 2 schools. With 2 to the west and north; 3 to the south and 4 to the east why does Washburn exist?"


  67. Sooooooooooo wait, do these comments ONLY pertain to the Law field at Washburn or the school in its entirety? From research I see its a pretty good school. But are you guys saying don't the school period or just don't get into their law program???

  68. Quite obviously, ANYbody who has enough time on his/her hands to write a blog about "third tier" law schools is either unemployed or grossly underemployed...Raising the very strong likelihood that the author is no Cardozo, either.

    Moreover, ANY person who spews that much invective must be dealing with some serious anger issues seeing an entire team of psychiatrists.

    Having said all of that...I am a Washburn Law grad, nearing the end of a VERY successful 40-year career at the bar. A/V rated firm, six-figure income...and I just bought a retirement home on Hilton Head. Not bad for a rube who went to a toilet law school.

    The point the author misses entirely is that one's law school pedigree has almost NOTHING to do with one's success at the bar. True, the law school you attended might help you get your first job on Wall Street or K Street...but, thereafter, you're on your own.

    In my career, I have met absolute dunces who attended Harvard, Yale or Stanford...and absolute aces who attended the dreaded "third tier" schools. The salient point is this: your success in the law is driven almost entirely by YOU and NOT by the school you attended.

    Anyone who believes otherwise is an effing moron with a personality disorder. (Like the fool who wrote this blog.)


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