Monday, June 27, 2011

Fourth Tier Stack of Humid Excrement: University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law

Tuition: For D.C. residents, full-time tuition at UDC School of Law was only $8,850, for 2010-2011. Non-residents - including those living in Maryland or Virginia - full-time tuition totaled $17,700, for the same school year. Apparently, the bitches are unable or unwilling to list the rates for the school year that starts in less than two months. (I can already hear apologist cockroaches chirping, “That is a cheap! Why are going after this school?” Read the entire entry, and you will see why I am flushing this foul commode.)

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same page, students fees; health insurance; laptop computer; transportation; books/supplies; rent; utilities; food; and personal expenses will add up to $31,096. As you can see, for DC residents, this brought the total COA to $39,946; for non-residents, this figure was $49,296- due to an additional $500 in transportation costs.

Keep in mind that sewers of law only take nine-month living expenses into account. In reality, a law student will require living expenses over twelve months. Considering these expenses, a more accurate, total COA for District of Columbia residents amounted to $48,712 - for 2010-2011. For non-residents, this figure reached $58,229, last year. This commode doesn’t look so “affordable” any more, does it?!?!

Ranking: This school is located in the nation’s capital. This will give one access to those in positions of power, right?!?! Think of all the doors a UDC law degree will open! Wait a minute. US “News” & World Report lists this as a fourth tier piece of trash.

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: Seeing that the trash pit does not provide placement data, we go to Law School Numbers, for this info. Towards the bottom of the page, you can see that 82% of the JD Class of 2005 was employed, within nine months of graduation. In light of the “new” economy, imagine what the rate would be now.

In addition, take a look at the LSAT and UGPA scores of enrolled students. For the Class of 2009, the 25th percentile UGPA was 2.8, whereas the 75th percentile grade point average was 3.3. For this same class, the 25th percentile LSAT score was 149 - and the those who scored 153 landed in the 75th percentile. Yes, this school is really looking out for its students, and not filling them with false hope, right?!?!

As a student at this fourth tier pile of steaming waste, you can participate in the Housing & Consumer Law Clinic!! Good luck representing clients in illegal rent increases and eviction cases. While many are decent people down on their luck, don’t be surprised when your client is another deadbeat bum who hasn’t paid his rent in six months. (Somehow, the bastard will still have money for alcohol and satellite TV.)

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of D.C. JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $24,889. Fully 83% of this public commode’s 2010 graduating class took on such debt, for a TTTT law degree. This figure does not take undergrad debt into account. Remember that this is an “average” debt load, which means that some people took out $100K - for their worthless credential. In addition, these students still pissed away three years of their lives and lost income, on this scatological endeavor.

The sewage pit wants you, as a lemming, to imagine:

“…studying law in Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, at a law school that offers internship opportunities with various government, non-profit, and private law firms and offices that make D.C. their headquarters.”

Let’s not become sentimental. This is an important financial decision, that can change the course of your life. Do you want to be strapped down with a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - because some cockroach in the school’s marketing department played to your naiveté and idealism?

The fact is that various government agencies and non-profits are more than happy to take advantage of your free labor. If you attend a TTTT, do not expect any of these internships to turn into actual job offers, upon graduation. Think of this “relationship” in the following terms: just because some lovely society woman let you put her ankles behind her ears a few times, do not anticipate that she will leave her wealthy, connected husband for your broke ass.

Conclusion: Who gives a damn if this is the only public law school located in the nation’s capital?! There are seven law schools located in the District of Columbia. Do you think that YOU will have a chance in hell competing for jobs against law students and JDs from Georgetown, UVA, Duke, Harvard, etc?! What makes this place revolting is that it exploits the dreams and goals of minority men and women, of modest means. If you do not have STRONG business, family or political connections - and do not come from a wealthy background - then your odds of landing a decent legal job upon graduation from a TTTT are extremely slim.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Second Tier Pile of Dry Waste: University of Nevada, Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law

Tuition: For Nevada residents attending UNLV’s law school on a full-time basis, tuition for the 2010-2011 school year amounted to $20,000. For out-of-state, full-time law students, tuition totaled $33,400, for the same academic year.

Total Cost of Attendance: This same page lists estimated costs of attendance as $17,875 for full-time students – without a breakdown of expenses. Keeping in mind that the sewer only considers costs for the 9 month school year, we can determine that 12 month expenses will amount to $23,833. Fees will add another $838 to the tab. As such, total COA for a Nevada resident attending this law school full-time – for 2010-2011 - came out to $44,671. For non-resident, full-time law students, total COA reached $58,071, for the same school year. So much for attending a “cheap,” newer public school, huh?!?!

Ranking: The cost of attendance is a little steep, for a public law school that has only been around since 1998. Surely, the school has established a phenomenal alumni base and solid reputation in those 14 years of operation, right?!?! According to the dung beetles at US “News” & World Report, UNLV has a somewhat decent reputation. The problem is that it is still ranked as the 71st best law school in the United States. It shares this distinct honor with the following five commodes: Northeastern, Loyola-Chicago, Kentucky, Oklahoma, , and Pittsburgh. Their mothers must be very proud of this accomplishment.

Supposed Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: According to these $elf-reported figure$, 93.2% of the UNLV Sewer of Law’s Class of 2010 was employed within nine months of graduation. Yeah, sure they were – and Salma Hayek just shoved her bare breasts in my face. Then again, the ABA, NALP, and US “News” do not require law schools to distinguish between legal and non-legal employment.

How many of these graduates are stocking shelves as AutoZone, serving drinks at Crazy Horse III “gentlemen’s club” or selling insurance policies at Allstate?!?! Hell, a JD working the bar at Crazy Horse is probably bringing home more money than many practicing lawyers, who graduated from UNLV William $. Boyd Sewer of Law. The school also lists an average starting salary of $71,456, for this particular class.

Average Student Loan Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $76,478. Specifically, 86 percent of this public sewer’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this does not take undergrad debt into account.

Administrator and Faculty Salaries: Since this is a public toilet, we cannot find salary info on Guidestar. However, we can look up Clark County salaries – thanks to local CBS affiliate, channel 8. On this page, we can see that dean John Valery White “earned” $337,321.53 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2009. In fact, that was straight salary, i.e. no incentives or bonuses.

You will also notice that Jeffrey Stempel, “Doris S. and Theodore B. Lee Professor of Law,” made $216,105.96 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the same year. We can’t forget those 96 cents, can we? He made $204,105.96 in base compensation, plus $12,000 in other compensation. By the way, Stempel teaches “Professional Responsibility.” I’m sure he stresses the need for ethics, morality, pro bono services and “avoiding the appearance of impropriety.”

“The Wiener-Rogers Law Library has a collection of approximately 300,000 volumes or volume equivalents and is the largest law library in Nevada.”

Wow, this school has the largest law library in the State of Nevada! That is phenomenal. Surely, this will raise the commode’s profile further. Oh wait. This is the only law school in the state. By the way, the name of the law library is a harbinger of things to come, i.e. that many UNLV Law students will be screwed over a coffee table, upon graduation.

Conclusion: The Las Vegas legal job market was a haven for criminal defense lawyers, in the 1970s and 1980s. You could graduate from sub-par law schools in Southern California – or from BYU and University of Utah – and establish yourself as a skilled legal practitioner. In fact, lawyers from around the nation descended on rapidly-expanding Las Vegas, during this time. If you were concerned about being a solo attorney, you could team up with a couple of friends from law school, and open up your own firm. The debt load was not bad, either. Those days are gone, Lemming.

In case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, Las Vegas has been ground zero for home and business foreclosures. Don’t be sad, when faced with present-day reality. If you want to prognisticate your level of future of success, just think of Larry Johnson, who played basketball at UNLV. He had a ten year career in the NBA, and made millions of dollars. He only has a Bachelor's degree from the school. Surely, with your higher level of education, you can make serious bank, too!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fourth Tier Rot Pile: Roger Williams University School of Law

Tuition: The school charges $1,295 per credit hour. This is a way for the toilet to avoid listing an embarrassingly large number. Perhaps, it hopes to take advantage of mathematically-challenged applicants. Seeing that a year’s course-load is 30 credit hours, a full-time student will pay $38,850 - for one year of tuition. Clearly, you should not pay this amount, for the “opportunity” to attend such an institution. I don’t care if Jessica Alba is teaching “Entertainment Law” in a pink teddy.

Ranking: The school is requiring that you pay $38,850 - in tuition alone - as a full-time student. It must have one hell of a reputation, in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! According to Pussy Bob Morse of US “News” & World Report, the school is a fourth tier piece of garbage. Actually, the cockroach called Robert Morse lost his balls - and now refers to these schools as “rank not published.”

Vagina Bob now has the audacity to claim the following: “U.S. News had been among those urging the ABA to take action to improve the credibility of the important consumer information.”

Yeah, sure you have, opportunistic bitch. Bob, if you are going to be a ball-less shill for Industry, at least do so proudly and without regret. Is your conscious bothering you? Or are you simply trying to score some brownie points with your consumers/future law students?!

Pathetic Employment and Starting Salary Info: According to the commode, 83.44 percent of its Class of 2010 was employed - presumably within nine months of graduation. Yes, with such “stellar” results, who could possibly object to paying $38,850 per year?!?!

Furthermore, the tower of dung known as Roger Williams University Sewer of Law claims that the average starting salary for this class was $51,038, whereas the median starting figure was $47,000. Keep in mind that this data is based on 39 responses - even though the class had 171 graduates, and 123 of them reported being employed! Also note that successful grads are MUCH MORE LIKELY to list their income than those who are making less. This is human nature, I suppose. For instance, how many men would be happy to report that they have a 4” penis, on a random survey?

Average Law Student Indebtedness: Vagisil Bob Morse and USN&WR list the average indebtedness - for 2010 grads of Roger William$ Univer$iTTTTy who incurred law school debt - as $123,338. For those interested in human suffering, 88% of this unfortunate class took on such debilitating debt.

Administrator Pay: On page 36 of Roger Williams University’s 2009 Form 990, we can see how well the swine are doing. Surprisingly, no law faculty are on this list. Then-president Roy Nirschel made $537,201 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008. Before suddenly resigning in July 2010, Roy made $320,292 in base compensation; $100,000 in bonus & incentive compensation; $1,616 in other compensation; $115,293 in non-taxable benefits - in 2008.

Former Chair Forced to Resign: On July 16, 2007, Inside Higher Ed reported that the commode’s former chairman retired, after the following conduct:

“Roger Williams University announced last week that its board chair of nearly 40 years, Ralph R. Papitto, a major donor for whom the law school is named, was retiring from the board. The press release praised Papitto's "visionary leadership" and said that he considered the diversification of the board as one of his greatest accomplishments.

What the press release doesn't say is that the board today consists only of white men. Nor does it say that the board's two women and one other man were just ousted -- after the three demanded Papitto's resignation for using the slur "nigger" in a board meeting.”

Perhaps this incident is precluding the school from entering the vaunted third tier.

Conclusion: Who in the hell would take out an additional $125K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a TTTT law degree and the accompanying dismal job prospects?!?! Is this commode accepting mentally deficient students? You will not be served by taking on such debt, and earning $34K-$50K per year. Keep in mind that many grads will find it difficult to find employment, including non-legal positions.

You have one mortal life. Why spend it in bondage to student lenders? In the final analysis, this stench pit exists solely for the benefit of “law professors” and administrators. They are aware that many of the grads will never practice law. Do not toss yourself into the meat grinder. These pigs will be rewarded with nice incomes, without YOU going into life-altering, soul-crushing debt. If you have been accepted to this festering toilet, it is not too late to flush the offer and walk away. Wash your hands of this filth.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ABA Pigs Out of Compliance with 17 Regulations, but the Spree Continues

“The ABA drew intense scrutiny on Thursday from a federal panel that reviews accrediting agencies. The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity, which advises the U.S. education secretary on accreditation issues, used a meeting here to review the applications of 10 accrediting agencies to be recognized by the federal government. ...

Of the 10 agencies being reviewed on Wednesday and Thursday, all were recommended for continued recognition. ... But several members of the committee expressed reservations about approving that status for the ABA, which was found to be out of compliance with 17 regulations, including the need to consider student-loan default rates in assessing programs; to solicit and consider public comments; and to set a standard for job placement by its member institutions.

Arthur E. Keiser, chancellor of the Keiser Collegiate System, said that an accrediting agency would not accredit an institution with 17 outstanding issues. "There is a real concern that this agency doesn't get it," he said. Anne D. Neal, president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, was one of three committee members who opposed the motion to continue the bar association's recognition, saying that she had no confidence it would be in compliance within a year.”
[Emphasis mine]

Clearly, the ABA does not care if commodes continue to pump out legions of jobless JDs.

“In any event, here’s the ABA’s response:

Representatives of the association assured the committee that the changes recommended by the department were already in the process of being carried out and would be completed in time.

I’ll believe that when I see it, and not a moment before.”

Sure these pieces of trash are working on correcting the ABA’s SEVENTEEN violations - and Lauren Graham’s toes just locked, after I gave her six orgasms in the span of ten minutes. Trust must be earned - not given away freely.

ABA’s History of Deception:

Keep in mind that on January 27, 2010, then ABA president and pathologically dishonest Carolyn Lamm falsely stated that the ABA cannot limit the number of law schools, because this would violate anti-trust laws.

“Greenbaum's proposal to erect barriers to entry in the profession and/or to new law schools would violate the antitrust laws of the United States, something the ABA cannot and will not attempt to do.”

The ABA already disregarded the Sherman Act, Dumbass!! Maybe this lying cockroach is unaware that the ABA was charged with violating antitrust laws, by the Clinton Department of “Justice” in 1995 - for setting up compensation levels and course loads for full-time “law professors.” Remember, these ABA committees are stacked with “law professors.” Do you apologists see how that could amount to a violation of antitrust law?!?!

In fact, the ABA admitted in 2006 that it violated the consent decree that it entered into with the DOJ, in 1996. The pigs disregarded six structural and compliance provisions, of the agreement. The swine paid a small $185,000 fine. Yes, that will make these bastards think twice about violating antitrust law, won’t it?!?!

ABA Considering Accrediting Foreign Law Schools:

"Lehman has long hoped to make the Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) the first law school outside the United States to be accredited by the ABA, which would allow its graduates to take the bar exam in any U.S. state."

Keep in mind that the whore is the dean of Peking University Sewer of Transnational Law. Of course, he wants this foreign law school to receive ABA accreditation.

But That’s Not All - the Bitches Also Want to Expand the Number of States That Admit Foreign Lawyers Via LLMs:

“[T]he American Bar Association's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has proposed specific curriculum requirements for LL.M. programs geared toward foreign-trained lawyers. Individual states that adopt the proposed model rule would let graduates of those programs sit for their bar exams. That may result in an expansion of states admitting foreign attorneys, since few states beyond New York and California currently allow the LL.M.-to-bar exam path.”

Yes, this is going to alleviate the glut of attorneys, in the U.S., right?!?!

As you can see, the ABA is a morally-bankrupt organization. It looks out for Biglaw and “law professors.” It does not give one damn what happens to debt-strapped, unemployed law grads. In contrast, the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association keep the number of medical and dental schools down. Could you imagine if these true professional bodies allowed their member schools to count physicians and dentists working as baristas or bartenders as “employed”?!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Check Your Drawers: Chapman University School of Law

Tuition: For the 2010-2011 school year, this commode charged its full-time students $41,460 in tuition. For the same academic year, part-time students at Chapman University Sewer of Law only needed to pay $33,000 in tuition.

Total Cost of Attendance: Under the worst case scenario, i.e. attending this piece of trash on a full-time basis while living off-campus, the school estimates that the COA – for 2010-2011 – amounted to $70,959. Keep in mind that these cockroaches are only looking at nine-month living expenses.

Taking twelve month expenses for room and board, personal costs, and transportation into account, we reach a more accurate COA figure of $79,845, for 2010-2011. Imagine attending this school, for all three years.

Ranking: The cost of admission is high, and the school is located in pricey Orange, California. Surely, the school’s sterling reputation will justify this extensive price tag, right?!?! Actually, US “News” & World Report rates this toilet as the 104th best and most elite law school in the land.

Employment Placement and Starting Salary Data: According to this page, the toilet’s Career Services Office shows that 83.4 percent of Chapman’s JD Class of 2010 was employed within nine months of graduation. Furthermore, the school notes: “This percentage includes both full-time and part-time employment.” The pie chart notes that 18% of “employed” grads are working in academia - which includes Chapman Law’s Post-Graduate Research Assistant Program!!

On top of this, the overall average starting salary is $71,013, whereas the median starting salary is $60K. Yes, that is very impressive, isn’t it?!?! In fact, this is well worth the cost of admission, right?! After all, WHO WOULDN’T want to pay $79K per year – for such wondrous job prospects?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Crapman University JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $115,064. Furthermore, 88% of this trash pit’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt.

Administrator and Faculty Pay: We will head over to page 36 of Chapman University’s 2009 IRS Form 990, to see how well the pigs are doing. Before we head to the law school swine, we will note that university president James Doti made $1,254,991 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for 2008. By the way, James: the fact that the commode is located in Orange does not mean that your skin color must be tangerine.

The following figures likewise show TOTAL COMPENSATION, for law faculty members in 2008: Jeremy Miller “earned” $287,291, for “teaching” criminal law and legal ethic$. Then-dean John Eastman banked $309,933, in 2008. Timothy Canova, “professor” of International Economic Law, made $210,078, for the same tax year. Lastly, seeing that Vernon Smith made $582,797, he is well-situated to be a “professor of law and economics.”

Wow! You can intern at the law school’s Entertainment Contracts Law Clinic. Yes, because Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie will look no further than Chapman’s sewer of law when deciding to hire their next agent!! [Disclaimer: You, as a TTT grad have NO SHOT IN HELL of ever representing such clients.] The fact that this garbage can features such a clinic is outrageous.

As a student at the pre$TTTigiou$ Chapman University Sewer of Law, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the Chapman Journal of Criminal Justice. How many people can honestly say that they accomplished their dreams?! Here is a brief breakdown of criminal “justice”: (a) if you have enough money, you can buy the best legal defense available – and perhaps walk away free, when you are flat-out guilty of a horrendous crime; and (b) if you do not have money or power – but are falsely accused of a serious crime – you can rot in prison for decades. How is that for a just and equitable system?! By the way, I didn't charge you ten cents, let alone $41,460, for the lesson.

Conclusion: Good luck finding a decent legal position, in the LEGENDARILY- OVERSATURATED Southern California lawyer job market. Have fun competing for jobs against better-situated graduates from USC, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Hastings, etc. Do you think that law firms will give you the time of day?

If we take the school’s $elf-publi$hed figures at face value – and look at the average law student indebtedness – we can see that this is a MORONIC financial decision. Why would any rational being take out an additional $115K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – for a chance to earn $60K-$70K per year?!?! Keep in mind that MANY grads did not report their salary info. Now, imagine trying to repay that mountain of debt - while earning $35K-$45K per year. Remember that the debt amount does not count student loans incurred during undergrad.

Check out FinAid’s advice on the amount of total student debt one should incur:

“A good rule of thumb is that your total education debt SHOULD BE LESS THAN your expected starting salary. If you borrow more than twice your expected starting salary you will find it extremely difficult to repay the debt.” [Emphasis mine]

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nauseating, Noxious Dung Pile: Second Tier Northeastern University School of Law

Tuition: For the 2011-2012 school year, a full-time Northeastern law student will pay $42,061 in tuition. In comparison, full-time Boston University law students will be charged $41,780, for the 2011-2012 academic year. The school is ranked 22nd by Pussy Bob Morse.
Full-time law students at 27th-rated Boston College will pay $41,590 in tuition, for the same school year. Hell, second-ranked Harvard Law charged $45,450 in tuition, for 2010-2011. Yes, as a student at Northeastern Law, you are receiving one hell of a deal, huh?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: The school estimates that 12 month living expenses and other costs, in addition to tuition and fees, will bring the COA to $69,948 - for the 2011-2012 academic year. Imagine the salary that you will need to earn, in order to achieve a positive return on this “investment.”

Ranking: Seeing that Northeastern University School of Law charges more than 22nd ranked BU and 27th-rated BC, surely the school must be ranked pretty high, right?!?! Well…according to the emergency reserve of toilet paper known as US “News” & World Report, this school is rated as the 71st greatest, most fantastic and wondrous law school in the United States. What a unique honor, as it only shares this distinction with five other commodes: Loyola-Chicago; University of Kentucky; UNLV; University of Oklahoma; and University of Pittsburgh.

Supposed Employment Placement Rate: On the “Quick Facts” page, the school claims the following: “The Cooperative Legal Education Program significantly contributes to our placement success. Almost 40 percent of Northeastern law students accept post-graduate employment offers with a former co-op employe. In the class of 2010, 92 percent secured employment within six months of graduation.”

Yeah, sure it was - and Salma Hayek just massaged my torso with her bare breasts. The sewage pit has the nerve to assert that 92% of its 2010 grads were employed within six months! Then again, maybe these JDs jumped at the chance to sell insurance, teach grade school and tend bar.

Average Law School Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Northeastern JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $113,081. A mere 86 percent of this sewage pit’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt. Prospective law students: this figure DOES NOT take undergrad debt into account.

Administrator Pay: Surprisingly, no member of the law faculty made the highest-compensated list at this dung heap. On page 46 of Northeastern University’s 2009 Form 990, you can see that university president Joseph Aoun made $912,983 in TOTAL COMPENSATION -for 2008. Meanwhile, students and graduates will be left holding the non-dischargeable bill - and MANY will be unable to find decent jobs. Yet “higher education” is the key to success, right?!?!

Take a look at this job opening, for Boston-area lawyers:

“A good sense of humor is likewise essential. All applicants must be barred in Massachusetts and have reliable transportation. The salary range is between $30,000 and $40,000, depending upon work experience, and comes with other standard benefits including health insurance and paid vacation.”

Still not dissuaded from going to law school in Boston, cretin?! Check out this ad:

“Seeking an attorney with an opportunity for a permanant position with court experience. 90 day inhouse review. Compensation $300.00 pending mutual satisfaction.

Location: Cambridge
Compensation: $300 per week”

See how lucrative the field of law can be, Lemming?!?! Surely, $30K-$40K per year will go very far in the Boston area, correct?! By the way, the desperate soul who typed up the second attorney job ad misspelled “permanent” and “in-house.”

NaTTTional JUri$TTT magazine – and my old its CEO Jack CriTTenden – ranked this cesspool as one of the best public interest law schools in the country. Yes, because making $35K per year is going to help one pay off his $130K NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loan bill, isn't it?!?!

Conclusion: Good luck competing against JDs from Harvard, Boston College and Boston University. Furthermore, you are located in a city with six damn law schools!! Do you think that the Commonwealth of Taxachusetts requires such a yearly influx of additional lawyers?!?! Again, you DO NOT need to take out an additional $115K-$165K in non-dischargeable debt to go into “public service.” Any school that charges such grotesque sums - and tells YOU to go into low-paying positions - while the university president makes more than $912K per year is a festering, foul pile of waste!!
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