Sunday, June 12, 2011

ABA Pigs Out of Compliance with 17 Regulations, but the Spree Continues

“The ABA drew intense scrutiny on Thursday from a federal panel that reviews accrediting agencies. The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity, which advises the U.S. education secretary on accreditation issues, used a meeting here to review the applications of 10 accrediting agencies to be recognized by the federal government. ...

Of the 10 agencies being reviewed on Wednesday and Thursday, all were recommended for continued recognition. ... But several members of the committee expressed reservations about approving that status for the ABA, which was found to be out of compliance with 17 regulations, including the need to consider student-loan default rates in assessing programs; to solicit and consider public comments; and to set a standard for job placement by its member institutions.

Arthur E. Keiser, chancellor of the Keiser Collegiate System, said that an accrediting agency would not accredit an institution with 17 outstanding issues. "There is a real concern that this agency doesn't get it," he said. Anne D. Neal, president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, was one of three committee members who opposed the motion to continue the bar association's recognition, saying that she had no confidence it would be in compliance within a year.”
[Emphasis mine]

Clearly, the ABA does not care if commodes continue to pump out legions of jobless JDs.

“In any event, here’s the ABA’s response:

Representatives of the association assured the committee that the changes recommended by the department were already in the process of being carried out and would be completed in time.

I’ll believe that when I see it, and not a moment before.”

Sure these pieces of trash are working on correcting the ABA’s SEVENTEEN violations - and Lauren Graham’s toes just locked, after I gave her six orgasms in the span of ten minutes. Trust must be earned - not given away freely.

ABA’s History of Deception:

Keep in mind that on January 27, 2010, then ABA president and pathologically dishonest Carolyn Lamm falsely stated that the ABA cannot limit the number of law schools, because this would violate anti-trust laws.

“Greenbaum's proposal to erect barriers to entry in the profession and/or to new law schools would violate the antitrust laws of the United States, something the ABA cannot and will not attempt to do.”

The ABA already disregarded the Sherman Act, Dumbass!! Maybe this lying cockroach is unaware that the ABA was charged with violating antitrust laws, by the Clinton Department of “Justice” in 1995 - for setting up compensation levels and course loads for full-time “law professors.” Remember, these ABA committees are stacked with “law professors.” Do you apologists see how that could amount to a violation of antitrust law?!?!

In fact, the ABA admitted in 2006 that it violated the consent decree that it entered into with the DOJ, in 1996. The pigs disregarded six structural and compliance provisions, of the agreement. The swine paid a small $185,000 fine. Yes, that will make these bastards think twice about violating antitrust law, won’t it?!?!

ABA Considering Accrediting Foreign Law Schools:

"Lehman has long hoped to make the Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) the first law school outside the United States to be accredited by the ABA, which would allow its graduates to take the bar exam in any U.S. state."

Keep in mind that the whore is the dean of Peking University Sewer of Transnational Law. Of course, he wants this foreign law school to receive ABA accreditation.

But That’s Not All - the Bitches Also Want to Expand the Number of States That Admit Foreign Lawyers Via LLMs:

“[T]he American Bar Association's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has proposed specific curriculum requirements for LL.M. programs geared toward foreign-trained lawyers. Individual states that adopt the proposed model rule would let graduates of those programs sit for their bar exams. That may result in an expansion of states admitting foreign attorneys, since few states beyond New York and California currently allow the LL.M.-to-bar exam path.”

Yes, this is going to alleviate the glut of attorneys, in the U.S., right?!?!

As you can see, the ABA is a morally-bankrupt organization. It looks out for Biglaw and “law professors.” It does not give one damn what happens to debt-strapped, unemployed law grads. In contrast, the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association keep the number of medical and dental schools down. Could you imagine if these true professional bodies allowed their member schools to count physicians and dentists working as baristas or bartenders as “employed”?!


  1. The ABA is more and more useless. It is just a rubber stamp, overtly flaccid organization that does nothing to assist in the careers of young lawyers or non-biglaw practitioners. It is an outrageous disgrace.

    The ABA has single handedly destroyed the "profession"of law. American law schools will need to be dismantled if they continue to allow foreign lawyers to flood markets like NYC with little or no protection for American citizens.

    Let's go back to the apprenticeship model and forego these expensive, useless schools propped up by easy government loans.

    Why should American lawyers be the suckers paying full freight when any chimp with a BA in India will do the same work for pennies on the dollar and with ABA's imprimatur.

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  3. I suggest two solutions:

    1. Increase membership and/or awareness of ABA members (lawyers) so that they actually vote and keep these pigs from doing more harm.

    2. Lobby to restrict the conditions by which student loans are provided to students. For law school, instead of merely requiring a pulse, student loans should only be given to students with decent LSAT and GPAs.

  4. I am not too concerned about the foreign LL.M grads. The bar passage rate among foreign LL.M grads is very low (around 20%) in states that allow foreign LL.M grads to sit for the bar (e.g. CA, NY and a couple of other fly over jurisdictions). If anything, these foreign LL.M students are also being scammed into paying $50K for an LL.M that is basically a ticket to sit for the NY or CA bar exam where they will have a 20% chance of passing. I am not saying foreigners are dumb but their English and writing is generally poor.

    Folks this is all about money. The Peking law school will be granted provisional ABA approval. Remember Al Gore? The pitchman for NAFTA and GATT who said that these open market policies will be good for the U.S.; instead, most U.S. manufacturing plants went overseas for cheap labor, thereby, selling America short? Trust me, this will be another way the ABA sells out on currently struggling lawyers. The lemmings should really attempt to understand the ABA dynamic and learn that the system is rigged against them. Fuck spending $160K for a useless degree when you can go to China and get one for a fraction of the price and still have the same privileges to sit for the bar in the good ole Obama led Amerika.

  5. Nando,

    Why do you work so hard against the law school scum? You should just pray to god, and let him take care of it. After all, this is all in his "plan" right? So sit back, and let your god(fake) handle it, am I right?

    Of course I'm wrong. Because there is no god. And this blog is proof that you do not trust a fake god to change the world. Only "we" the people can.

    No gods, no kings, only men.

  6. love the picture. I also agree with the idea that law school should be shitcanned. Law school is the most useless and worthless program I can think of. You spend 3 years and a fortune for a piece of paper, and absolutely no fucking idea of how to do your job.

    Instead of learning how to practice law, you spent your time jerking off over little nuances of some old case which you will never see in real life. One time in Torts we had to talk about whether A was liable for something if he shot a bullet at B, but B was struck by lightning and killed before the bullet hit.

    The analysis of SCOTUS cases was hilarious as well. Why read hundreds of SCOTUS cases when most of my work will involve Shavonda slipping on a packet of ketchup at Burger King?

    Can you imagine the massive changes that would occur if the apprenticeship model replaced law school? Students would learn how to make a living in the legal field and not kill themselves with enormous loans.

  7. As a follow up to my post at 10:08,

    I find it ironic that you put in your profile "Were you taught to think or to believe?"

    If anything, religious fruitcakes "believe". They believe in a fraud god, they believe in a fake holy book, they "believe" there will be a heaven for them in the end.

    I think.---

    That's why I'm confused why you would bash atheism. The atheist will stand up against law school slime. The atheist will fight for the people, those who have and are currently suffering from the mountains of non-dischargable debt. The debt that was used to pay for the fat cow's (sarah stadler) salary.

    Nando, let me ask you...Do you think sarah stadler believes in the fraud called jesus?

    The answer is YES.

    Yet you support the hypocrite? You support the parasite?

    You are free to kneel before any tribal fetish you favor in the comfort of your own home. (jesus the fake) But in America, secularism must be our only public law.

    The hypocrites and the parasites must be punished for their crimes. They have stolen our youth, they created the lost generation for their own selfish desires.

    I am 27, and I am doomed. Why? Because in 2010 I received a "J.D."

  8. Paintman, paint man grab a muthafuckin’ paint can. Dat was impressive. I’s got me a rhyming’ scheme too.

    Wanna see it? Here is go.

    Fmr senate maj. Leader Bobdolio
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    How’s y’all be likin’ dat, muddafuckazz? Da Colonel be getting’ his write on!

    I’s still be waitin’ t’ see if this piece o’ shit organ-izayshun is gonna be approving’ my plans fer a new law college. I’s already has the dat-gum, sonuvabasterin’ bitchin’ buildin’. What da fuck mo’s does mah ass need?

    An' Fuck Booger King. War eagle. Er chickin. Peace out.

  9. Nando:

    The ABA is in the ropes. I urge you and the other scambloggers to start a campaign complaining to the Dept. of Education about the ABA and requesting that it be stripped of its regulatory authority. Campaign season is coming and there's hardly been a better time.

  10. ^And scambloggers are not alone:

    "Student Body Presidents of 55 Law Schools Call for Reform in the Reporting of Data Pertaining to Legal Education"

    "Enough With The ABA; Law Students Appeal to the DOE To Force Law School Transparency"

    We should come together and claim for change, and an internet campaign is the best way to do this. Everyone is fed up of the ABA. Let's also ask for a more democratic organization to represent lawyers.

  11. Meant: We should come together and clamor for change INSTEAD OF We should come together and claim for change. Sorry.

  12. I agree. Let's go after the ABA. Enough of this mother fucking shit.

  13. It is amazing that the ABA didn't follow the practice of the AMA and ADA, and protect profession from being swamped by unqualified practitioners flooding out of newly-opened fly-by-night schools.

    It reminds me of the phrase "systemic risk" we heard during the 2008 meltdown-- meaning that institutional market participants get so freaking greedy for short-term gains that they jeopardize the survival of the very system that provided them such rich bounty. Or, translated into cliche: they are slaughtering the goose that gave them gold.

  14. ^The ABA is mostly composed of academia, people that directly benefit from enrolling as many students as possible and are at the same time shielded from the labor market woes because of tenure. The AMA and ADA is composed of working professional and/or untenured clinical professors that work part-time as practitioners ans part-time as professors. See the difference? That's why nothing substantial and long-lasting will happen until the ABA is brought down.

  15. Fuck the American Bar Association. This is a clown organization. These cocksuckers are so greedy, they would rather approve more law schools than look out for the long-temr health of their own profession.

    Do we need more law schools taking in kids with 147 LSATs and 2.8 undergrad GPAs? Sweet Christ, man. In all honesty such students don't have a prayer of making law review. If you can't manage better than a 2.8 from the poli sci dept. at Ball State University how the fuck are you gonna score a 3.5+ GPA in law school? Especially when the law schools employ a forced curve. Those curves can be severe. Wrote a strong paper, but maybe missed a key issue or two out of 50 issues? You're fucked. In your first year profs pride themselves on their brutal curve. They don't want to give out more than 2 As or so. That means you could've written a strong paper, but end up with a B-.

    And remember this: your first semester grades pretty much set the course of your future. If you are not in the top 5-10% of your class after first semester, get the fuck out of there stat!

  16. You guys are all completely misguided. If anything, law schools are undereporting their graduates average starting salary. The reality is that if law schools were to publish true employment and salary data, they would be overrun by literally hundreds of thousands of applicants. Unfortunately, the law schools do not have the resources to handle such a flood of applicants due to the low costs of tuition. We should all be grateful that these law professors have been undercutting themselves by taking in below market salaries. Once american law students are patriotic enough to take on double the student loan debt they are already incurring, only then will the law schools have the capacity to accept more students. And with more lawyers, society benefits with big verdicts and massive settlements.


    Senor Ponzi


  17. I am sick and tired of political correctness and the government's attempts to label people as "racist," "bigots," "Birthers," "oath keepers," or "conspiracy theorists" so as to discredit a person's views.

    The ABA and the government take the position that if you are against opening new law schools, you are against capitalism or you are racist for wanting to keep minorities out of law school with a 2.8 GPA and a 147 LSAT score. We all know this is bullshit. The name of the game is making money. Professors, deans, staff and administrators are going to ride the gravy train until the wheels come off. God forbid you want to prevent the ABA from opening a law school. You will be labelled a racist, anti-Obama (the "education" President) and anti-American. Be careful, you may even be labelled anti-patriotic-an enemy of the State, in which case Obama can order your assasination without a judge, jury or trial.

  18. I talked with a dentist not long ago who had recently graduated from dental school. I asked him what the job prospects for newly graduated dentists are like. He said that there is no real problem finding jobs, its just a matter of what sort of practice the new graduate wants to go into.

    Then there is law school. The job prospects suck. To make matters worse, the education doesn't really teach anything. Case in point - I was going through some papers recently and found my law school transcripts (gradutated in 2004). I actually forgot that I had taken some of the classes that I was in during 3L. I got an A- in Remedies and don't even remember what the hell happened during that class, who taught it or anything else about it. The third year of law school is one of the biggest wastes of time and money on earth.

    If the ABA wanted to do something useful, they might begin by suggesting that 3L go away entirely, or be replaced by clerking or apprenticeing. I would bet that most law graduates who read this blog don't have much memory of 3L, and would confirm that 3L is useless.

    After flushing 3L down the crapper, the ABA might next suggest that some of the overpriced 3rd and 4th tier toilets go away. Other posters are exactly right - the world does not need more schools that will take 2.7 GPAs and 146 LSAT scores. Also, everyone needs to stand up and say "NO" when the powers that be trot out the usual canards about access for underrepresented groups to justify the need for the 4th tier law sewers. An underrepresented minority with a degree from a 4th tier toilet is a debt slave with dismal job prospects just the same as the white guy who graduated from the same toilet.

    Also, did anybody ever stop and think that an oversupply of lawyers might just tend to decrease the value of legal services and depress wages throughout the profession?


    "In complying with her Rule 1.1 obligations, a lawyer who engages lawyers or nonlawyers to provide outsourced legal or nonlegal services is required to comply with Rules 5.1 and 5.3. She should make reasonable efforts to ensure that the conduct of the lawyers or nonlawyers to whom tasks are outsourced is compatible with her own professional obligations as a lawyer with “direct supervisory authority” over them."

    As many of you are aware, the ABA Standing Committee on "Ethics" and "Professional Responsibility" issued ABA "Ethics" Opinion 08-451, on August 5, 2008. This decision has had terrible effects on American doc reviewers. The ABA permitted U.S. law firms to hire foreign lawyers and non-lawyers, for the purpose of off-shoring American legal discovery.

    Does anyone think that this decision was designed to benefit the average attorney or law firm?!?! Isn't it comical how the ABA pigs wrote their decision? The fact is that your typical small firm is NOT going to hire foreigners to conduct legal discovery. This opinion was clearly written for the benefit of Biglaw.

    “Though its students are almost all Chinese, the school teaches a predominantly U.S. law curriculum in English and employs a faculty whose members mostly hold J.D.s from American law schools. Lehman and other supporters see the school as promoting U.S. law and the values behind it as a sort of legal lingua franca in an increasingly globalized world.

    But that aim has run headlong into the still-weak U.S. legal job market. Fears of a tide of new overseas competition for scarce work were evident in many of the 60 comments the ABA received in response to a special-committee report released last fall recommending the accreditation section begin considering foreign schools.”

    Do you see how this could impact the anemic U.S. lawyer job market even further?!?! The students are learning American case law, in English.

    The JD Class of 2009 had 44,000 graduates – competing for 28,901 jobs requiring a law degree. (Hint: not all of these jobs are attorney positions.)

    Looking at the number of law grads from 1980-1981 to 2008-2009 - a span of 29 years - shows that a cumulative total of 1,127,235 law degrees were awarded by ABA-accredited law schools. Yes, ONE MILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE law degrees have been issued in the last 29 years, in the United States. Do you think that accrediting foreign law schools will reduce the glut of attorneys, in the U.S.?!?!

  20. I spoke with a dentist not long ago who had recently graduated dental school. I asked him how job prospects are for new dental graduates. He said there is no problem with job prospects, and that the only issue is what sort of practice new graduates want to go into. Of course this makes sense, since dental school admissions are limited and the training actually has something to do with practicing dentistry.

    Then there is law school. Giving impractical theoretical training for three years. Case in point - I found my law school transcripts recently (graduated in 2004). Looking at my 3L classes, I realized that I didn't even remember taking some of the classes. I got an A- in Remedies during 3L and don't honestly remember who taught the class or what the class involved or anything else about it. I would bet that most people who read this blog will confirm that they don't recall much about the academic portion of 3L.

    If the ABA was smart, they would suggest the law schools get rid of 3L entirely, or have it involve 100% practical experience, so that the future lawyers might graduate having some clue about how to practice law, instead of pushing practical training off on whoever hires the graduates. Not that this will ever happen, because no 3L = no 30 or 40k in extra tuition for the law school pigs.

    Other thing that needs to be done - most of the overpriced 3rd and 4th tier toilets need to go. The world does not need more law schools that accept 2.6 GPAs and 145 LSAT scores. The powers that be will argue that these schools are needed so that underrepresented minorities can be lawyers too. The thing is, an underrepresented minority who graduates from a 4th tier toilet with a mountain of student loans is a debt slave with dismal job prospects just the same as the white guy who graduates from the same 4th tier sewer. The idea that having more crap law schools admit more barely qualified students creates more opportunity is disingenuous when the job market is contracting and shows no sign of expanding anytime ever.

  21. Hell, I would be willing for the U.S. Government to give a free ride to qualified minority students who wish to go to law school if we could not loan to all students with 2.6 GPAs and 145 LSAT scores.

  22. I have heard the ABA say they cannot limit law schools because of anti-trust concerns. How about if they had some quality standards for the profession? You don't see doctors going to med school with a 2.9 GPA and a MCAT equivalent of a 157 LSAT.

  23. Let's bring down the ABA...

  24. The ABA is almost as rottten as the SetTTon Hall Law TTTOILeT!

  25. the united states is a festering, worthless foul piece of shitJune 12, 2011 at 8:51 PM

    6:33 gets it. A minority or average white guy with a 2.8 UGPA or 148 LSAT does not have a shot in fuck of practicing law and getting ahead. (If the kid is rich, he can eat hot pussy and drink 24-7 and still get a job.) A regualr person with those shitty numbers isn't getting a scholarship. And they're not going to kick the shit out of their legal studies. This means these poor men and women will end up taking out tons of loans for a TTTT law degree.

    Their going to end up with mediocre grades in law school. This will not attract law firms. (Shit, those firms won't even look at such students. To them, you don't exist.)

    On top of this, non-law employers don't want to hire lawyers. To them, you're over-qualified. It's more likely they just don't want to deal with assholes. And we all know that law schools attract assholes. Asshole students. Both the suckups and type-A personality fuckheads. Asshole professors who denigrate lawyers and the profession. They sucked dick at practice, so it *must* be shitty. Asshole administrators that just want to churn out graduates, regardless of the shitty fucking legal market. Asshole judges that keep the status quo in place under the guise of 'precedent' and 'legal analysis.' Try not to be a fuckin' idiot, people. These legal decisions or opinions are almost entirely purely political. When they are not, they're based on emotion and what the piece of shit judge had for breakfast. Or if the moron before you pissed the touchy judge off.

    The owners of this shithole keep selling the lower classes on upward mobility. That ain’t happening unless you marry into wealth, create some kick ass software program (that will further fuck your fellow workers ass-hole) , or can dunk a basketball, rush for 100 yards a game or crack into the entertainment industry.

  26. You guys will get a kick out of this:

    A new erotica Kindle novel involving student debt:

    "In the very near future, where failing to pay student loan debts is a crime, Emily is in big trouble. She has a large student loan and no job. She’s heard, of course, that student loan debtors weren’t sent to jail. Instead, they’re rented by the government to corporations and businesses so that their work can help pay off their student debts. But renting becomes purchasing, and crafty lawyers and greedy companies turn student debt bondage into slavery with hardly anyone paying attention. Now, sold to a former classmate, a sadistic lawyer eager to test the boundaries of the law, Emily is a non-person, purchased property. And if her owner wants her to be nude in public, wants to walk her on all fours on a leash, well, it’s not like she’s a person any more. Not according to the law for defaulters on student loans. And if he wants to whip her in public, well that’s all right, too."

    If you guys had written the novel, the wealthy "sadistic lawyer" would have been in the top 5% and his S&M debt slave would have been an average TTT lawyer.


  27. How about making law school FOUR years instead of three? The fourth year would be practical training. This would have the effect of diminishing the number of students since many either wouldn't want to go the extra year and/or don't have the funds to pay for the added year. Fewer students, fewer law schools. The only negative is that it would skew the profession toward the rich who can pay - wait isn't it already that way?

  28. its like Pavlovs dog...people have to learn not to continue bad behavior. With all the info out there now combined with the significant cost for the degree, if you go to a crapper law school its on you. Why would any middle class type kid take the risk of going to 3T or 4T shitholes. 1991 seems like eons ago so dont listen to even 40 yr old lawyers who you think can be an example of success.

    The ABA creates these bad law school so rich kids who are slackers or who are just not smart enough to be lawyers can have a place to go. Why they go is up for debate...parents will cut him off if he is not in law school so they can brag about their kid, a job is waiting for them upon graduation, or daddy has plenty of money and it just keeps jr out of trouble for three years...sprinkle in the rich foreign morons in the application pool who has no shot at practicing law in the USA and will go back to Kenya to be a big wig where his bullshit about success in the USA will be believed, and you can create Jack in the Box Univ School of Law and the applicants will be overflowing. If you are a business person, is there not a better business model to get rich then opening a law school?

    There you have it, the need for law schools will continue to increase people so instead of trying to close them down, teach your friends and family not to go unless you fit in to a certain class of people as noted above.

    Law school, with rare exception, is designed to help make the middle class poor. Now there are some kids who go to these crapper schools and make it very nicely but most will get nowhere and be in big debt and will end up bitter like Nando and others. Smart kids who learned a tough lesson. JDPAinter guy is probably typical. A smart person, but not quite smart or rich enough, who goes to school and is now broke and painting houses while he jerks off daily and wonders if only. What kind of life is that?

    Law Schools are not going anywhere. We are giving our country to foreigners who could not give a shit about being an american but love to use its resources. Kids who are smart will take huge financial risk to be the exception and is not worth it. They do it for many reasons with blinders on. I understand why.

    Let Law School serve who it needs to serve ie the foreign idiots and the rich elite and just do something else unless you can get in to a T20 school or meet the criteria outlined by this blog. I know all you kids are smart, but life is short and you destroy it before it even really begins. Stop obsessing over it as you will destroy yourself with bitterness. Not all men were created equal.


  30. Nando:

    Lets' see if we can bring these pigs down by nagging the DOE or any other better way you can think of. The time is perfect: a recession, lots of unemployed students, ample career dissatisfaction, the ABA has got reprimanded by the DOE and Sen. Boxer, and election season is upon us.
    Even if we fail, we could still force the DOE and the ABA to be adopt more stringent requirements.

  31. "The ABA and the government take the position that if you are against opening new law schools, you are against capitalism or you are racist for wanting to keep minorities out of law school with a 2.8 GPA and a 147 LSAT score. We all know this is bullshit."

    This IS bullshit, since 90% of students and graduates at TTTs are white; I'm sure you're one of those bitter white TTT graduates without the grades or LSAT to get into a school that would have gotten you a job, or you wouldn't be here. You can moan about affirmative action all you want: if every "URM" was kicked out of law school tomorrow, you still couldn't get a job, and I'm sure even you aren't deluded enough to think otherwise.

  32. The ABA has largely accomplished its mission. And, it's not a pretty sight.

    The ABA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Biglaw and the Ivy elites. By accomplishing its long-term goal of, essentially, sanctioning any converted garage with heat, lights and running water as a "law school", it has assisted the elites in differentiating themselves.

    It was and is all an exercise in "branding". The elites need the toilet-level schools to create the illusion of "value" in their "brand". With legal services demand being represented by an ever-shrinking pie (what with do-it-yourself software, laypeople getting away with practicing law, overseas doc review, etc.)it therefore became necessry to stratify the legal supply-side. To wit: "our product is different than that of all those guys over there. Our guys went to REAL law schools."

    Furthermore, with politicians of every partisan shade pushing "higher education" as the answer to all of society's ills, we have the ideal conditions necessary for the continuation of this phenomenon up to and until the tuition bubble finally bursts, with critical mass being reached in the numbers of these kids who will just never be able to pay back these unconscionable loans.

    That's when the scam will finally end. Unfortunately, it will cause a ripple effect across the economy, and innocent people will be economically screwed, once again.

  33. The poster at 210 PM misses the entire point of this thread and probably this entire blog. The point is, the third and fourth tier schools are largely unnecessary. They give law degrees to students who probably shouldn't be in law school, and who will probably never practice anything other than shitlaw. These schools justify their existences in no small part by stating that they make law school accessible to URM. Its true that the lower tier schools do make law school accessible to more people. If attending law school in and of itself is the goal of those who argue for more inclusion, then the lower tier law schools serve a useful purpose.

    The problem is what happens AFTER law school. Once law school is done, the third and fourth tier toilets churn out a rainbow coalition of debt slaves with meager job opportunities. This is where the crap law schools are intellectually dishonest in arguing that they make law accessible to URM. They make law school more accessible. Actually practicing law is little more than a pipe dream for many of these graduates regardless of their race or gender. Years of debt servitude for these same graduates is a certainty.

  34. TTTTs only exist to rob the poor. If you got a 3.0 GPA studying American History at South Dakota State University and scored a 149 on the lsat, you aren't getting any money to attend law school.

    Astonishingly enough, some fucktards are happy to go into serious debt so they can say 'I am an attorney at law.' I'm more impressed with the construction worker with a hot redneck wife, a boat and a camper.

  35. I am starting to believe that law schools, especially the lower tiered ones, exist in part to further President Obama's Eugenics program as endorsed by his science czar, John Holdren. Think about it. Would you want to marry or procreate with someone with a TTT law degree and $150K in student loan debt? Let's face it, student loan debt is the modern day STD. People will want to stay away from you.


    "The American Bar Association has denied the University of La Verne College of Law's application for full approval and withdrawn its provisional status, according to an university news release."

  37. ^Too little, too late...

  38. Fareed Zakaria appeared on the Daily Show last week to discuss the downward spiral of wages and salaries in America. Guess which profession Mr. Zakaria uses as his first example? That's right: the legal sector. At the 1:45 mark, he states that computers are now handling discovery, which used to supply law firms with 1000s of hours of paper-pushing billable hours.

    For the lemmings who believe that working as an attorney is prestigious, listen to Jon Stewart's subsequent dig to lawyers.


  39. this is what i think of TTTs

  40. Thank you for providing that link, 5:45 pm.

    It is good to see that the corrupt, morally-bankrupt organization known as the ABA has stripped this commode of its provisional accreditation. My guess is that the ABA was partially influenced by the negative press it received - as well as by the fact that The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity found the organization to be a piece of garbage.

    However, the San Bernardino Sun article above concludes:

    "Law school officials plan this week to seek an expedited timeline to regain provisional approval from the ABA, and will proceed immediately with the steps necessary to gain California Bar approval, according to the news release."

    Apparently, the school does not yet have California Bar approval. Now, that is impressive!! As it stands, I could purchase a double-wide - and install some bookshelves, a fax machine, some printers, a running toilet, and wi-fi - and I could gain approval of the state’s bar.

    The posters at JDU are busy laughing at this latest episode of Laverne & Shirley. Actually, the TTTT theme song and series is actually better than this festering dung heap of a law school.

    In the final analysis, it does not really matter whether the Laverne & Shirley Commode of Law loses its provisional ABA accreditation. At least not to those who entered the school, while it was still (provisionally) accredited - and graduated before the toilet lost accreditation. These grads can still sit for the California state bar exam. Looking at the trash pit’s bar passage rate, not many will even have a chance to practice law. Furthermore, considering that the school has less prestige than a dead rat, MANY of those who pass the test will not practice law, either.

    Oh well. The piece of trash is happy with its grade of B+ from NaTTTional Juri$TTT magazine, with regards to its diversity. Yes, it was ranked 4th in Mexican-American population, at 13.8 percent. Frankly, I would be more impressed if it was rated fourth, in terms of the number of left-handed, seven-foot tall Romanian lesbians enrolled in the commode. Look! Pertaining to Asian population, Western State was ranked 9th best.

    Lastly, this pile of rancid waste charges its students $37,630 in tuition.

  41. Egads! I have never heard of such a place until now.

    Truly, an Arby's franchisee has to undergo more rigorous qualification than does an administrator of one of these "schools". And, the tuition is positively scandalous. These bastards truly hath no shame.

    I am convinced that there are also now more law schools in America than Arby's franchises.

    Jamocha shake, anyone?

  42. Shit, scoring an A on my weekly seventh grade spelling tests in Ms. Collier's class was more difficult than getting into this Laverne and Shirley College of Law.

    Even if you're a rich kid, why would you want to have a law degree that fucking says 'University of Laverne' on it? Why?? Shit, I'd be too embarrassed to use it as a floormat in my fucking car, man.

  43. The pigs are in trouble. I love it. The law school farce is like a dam to me, and the cracks are growing steadily larger. I was first made aware of the ls scamblog movement during my senior year of college, in 2007, when the WSJ article with L4L was published.

    Since then, the scamblogs have grown in number and followers. These blogs faced a lot of criticism for a long time. I suspect many of them were test-prep companies, "admissions consultants" and the law school pigs themselves masquerading as prelaw students. They gave the same tired excuses: "you didn't work hard enough in ls, you should have networked, etc."

    After that NYTimes article came out (the one with Rupert Grint on the front) the number of shills dropped dramatically. The fuckers shut up. They know the word has spread, that their prestigious programs are nothing but smoke and mirrors. I think the pigs have known for a while that the party is almost over. This is why they raised tuition through the roof the last few years, but the NYTimes article has hastened their decline.

    I don't think enough law schools will go out of business. Ideally, I'd like to see the top 10 schools remain open, and have the rest of the students work in an apprenticeship. Still, with any luck, at least several dozen toilets will close. Wouldn't that be great? the pompous asshole professors will lose their grueling 6 hour workweeks and have to get a real job. I wonder who will pay them 200k per year for a lecture on International Shoe? The other law schools? not if the academic business is contracting.

    I will enjoy watching these scum put out to pasture.

  44. This is a link to the obituary that the Laverne and Shirley School of Law wrote for itself. In one of the greatest moments ever of a fourth tier toilet trying to justify its own existence, the writer describes La Verne as having been "The only ABA approved law school in inland Southern California."

    Almost inspires me to go open up the Lenny and Squiggy School of Law. Maybe I will advertise it as "The only law school in Milwaukee not called Marquette."

  45. Nando, what is going on with you and Cooley?

  46. I like how the pig in the middle of the picture looks like he knows he's just been caught doing something he wasn't supposed to. Kind of like the look a dog gives you when you catch him shitting on the living room rug. Very fitting.

  47. Just got accepted to Florida Coastal School of Law, bitches! A law degree is a law degree, and the lawyers I have spoken to have told me that degree caliber means very little in the hiring process. Class rank, and extra curriculars are much more important. I am ready to take FLCO by storm. Fuck you Nando, fuck your blog, and fuck the horse you rode in on. You are the exception, not the rule. As long as you pass the bar, and network, finding a job as a lawyer is not difficult.

  48. ^ No need to respond Nando. This fucktard has all the answers. Probably that D-Bag from Alexandria, VA.

  49. "As long as you pass the bar, and network, finding a job as a lawyer is not difficult.

    June 14, 2011 2:08 PM"

    Florida Coastal is a reprehensible sewer looking to bag every last sucker it can before the bottom falls out of the law school scam.

    Anyone not properly connected/wealthy/receiving full scholarship is nuts for attending a crapper such as Florida Coastal. WHERE one goes to law school means a whole, whole lot. Sure, you can succeed at a toilet such as FCSL, but you better hit that top 10% of said toilet's class; otherwise, drop the hell out.

    And, that's all the scamblogs are saying, doofus. No one is trying to stop you from attending one of these unconscionably-priced dumps such as FCSL. Just educating the kids about the odds and the stakes, that's all. Why would it offend YOU if the scambloggers helped take out YOUR future competitors in the legal market? Are you irrational? Apparently so.

    Good luck, you will need it, with thinking processes like that. Anger at those seeking to help weed out your future competition is really silly, kid.

  50. Instead of focusing only at reforming the law schools, why not make the bar exam much tougher?!
    I think it's not just the ABA, but also the local state bars which must share the blame for admitting too many unqualified lawyers. Here in California we should add another day, to make it a 4 day exam. Also, you should only get 2 chances. Fail twice, and you're disqualified for good! The bar exam should be adjusted and made tougher in times of oversupply, and easier in times of undersupply.

  51. It appears that the ABA just denied and revoked the University of La Verne School of Law's provisional ABA accreditation.,_dings_another/

  52. ^@ 4:39

    I would do something similar to med schools: have an exam in the middle of the curriculum. For LS, after the 1st year. That way the flunking out at TTTs that takes place would be made much more public, and schools would also have to explain these failures, rather than reporting them as a simply "attrition rate."

    What is really amazing is that we all have much more inventive and useful ideas/proposals than the ABA and its hogs.


    A recap:

    UCI, Elon, and Charlotte - Fully accredited

    La Verne - Revoked

    The ABA sucks 3-1=+2. We need a more effective and aggressive tactics... any ideas?

  54. Bottom Line: If law schools had to place each and every single grad into a "residency"-type position with a firm or established practice, virtually all the toilet law schools and even some others would have to close down. Period.

  55. All these sinkhole law schools justify there existence by claiming they serve a geographic or under-represented area.

    Can someone who knows about this explain how many lawyers a community actually needs? Is there an "ideal" ratio or proportion? I would guess a community needs more doctors than lawyers, but I could be wrong.

  56. "Can someone who knows about this explain how many lawyers a community actually needs?"

    Let the market decide. But the market doesn't currently decide. The market has been kept for doing its work by student loans that are not dischargeable, but statistics that are blatant lies and by magazines (looking at you Bob Morse) who don't have the courage or the ethics to speak truth to power.

    The real solution is to let the market mete out its judgments on the law schools. Let there be transparency through independent audits. Let there be accountability through an accredidation agency other than the ABA. Let there be a true supply and demand curve through eliminating federally backed student loans.

    Let the market mete out justice. It will do a far better job than the government or any of us.

  57. Great job guys. I almost went to law school in 2008. I received a half-scholarship to a TT in the south. Everyone and I mean everyone was pressuring me to go. I did the math and couldn't jsutify the cost. Even if I had kept the scholarship money (a huge if) I would have been looking at graduating and having $70K or $80K in debt, after counting living expenses. When these blogs came down the pike, I knew then I made the right decision. My debt is low and I make a nice salary. I'm content knowing that I'll never be a bigshot in this life. I am happy with where I'm at. (I say this not to gloat in any way. I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you guys are doing.)

  58. ^ Even with a law degree, the likelihood of you actually being a "big shot" is quite slim. You have a better chance of being struck by lightening than making partner at a big law firm these days. You made the right decision by not attending. Enjoy your debt-free life.

  59. To the lying piece of trash who posted on June 14, 2011 2:02 pm,

    Many people sell their ass and soul. Quite a few do so very cheaply. Maybe you should ask the law school industry for a girlfriend, cockroach. You spent 69 minutes and 50 seconds on this blog yesterday. In contrast, I looked at the blog twice yesterday, for a total of less than five minutes.

    Jun 14 2011 9:03pm 2 actions 8m 44s
    Jun 14 2011 7:13pm 2 actions 8m 45s
    Jun 14 2011 1:46pm 16 actions 52m 21s

    By the way, this rank vagina has made 205 visits to this site, since February 18, 2011. In that time, he has claimed to be: (a) a “law professor” at the University of the District of Columbia; (b) a 2008 graduate of American University Commode of Law, now making $120K as a DC Biglaw attorney; (c) a tax lawyer earning $150K per year; and (d) a recent graduate of various toilets profiled on this blog, who is now working at “Goldman Sachs in New York.” (Apparently, the moron does not realize that these financial thugs and criminals have offices in other locations.)

    By the way, bitch: Goldman Sachs will not even look at the vast majority of TTT graduates. Perhaps, if someone has OUTSTANDING political and business connections, that person MAY be able to attend a turd such as Florida CoasTTTTal and land a job on Wall Street - or in a federal agency. However, such people are the exception. Plus, you cannot attribute their success to attending law school, cretin. Their connections resulted in their employment. You would expect someone who claims to work at Goldman Sachs to be aware of this reality. Furthermore, how can work in New York, and visit this blog (daily) from Alexandria, VA?!?!

    “Anonymous said...

    Alright guys, I lied and I am sorry. I am currently a professor at the University of D.C school of law, and I am deeply angered by this entire blog which is filled with lies and false information. How dare you disrespect legitimate law schools like these? You have no right to spread such lies about reputable institutions. I am going to request that you either end this blog now, or change it to another topic. Failure to do so, and I will notify my superiors, and a course of legal action could be taken against this drivel.

    February 21, 2011 2:33 PM”

    It must be very sad to be such a pathetic loser and overall piece of garbage. Go toss yourself into the Potomac River, loser. No one will miss you. By the way, the horse I rode in on had a smaller ass than your bitch mother.


    “Anonymous said...

    I am a law professor at Washburn, and I am very disgruntled by the way you have negatively profiled the school. 95 percent of our graduates are practicing law within 9 months, and making a median salary of 110 grand in the private sector. How DARE YOU SPEAK about my school this way! It is a highly underrated school, and many of our graduates go on to work on Wall Street. You are just jealous. Jealous that you did not pass the bar or earn high enough grades to become an attorney.

    May 26, 2011 8:14 AM”

    The Alexandria Cockroach has told so many LIES, I almost forgot that the moron also claimed to be a “law professor” at Washburn University, in Topeka, KS.

    Thanks for the link, Stephen. Seeing that Jon Stewart’s program is popular, maybe that will enter the public consciousness. Fareed Zakaria said, “There’s now computer programs that can do stuff that lawyers used to be able to do. Discovery and things like that. May not be such a bad thing.”

    To the commenters who posted on June 12, 7:37 pm; June 13, 10:46 am; and June 14, 8:10 am:

    Feel free to email me at I am working on a few items.


    Nothing is going on between me and the trash pit known as TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer. However, the commode’s general counsel was able to convince/bully JDU’s admin to take down a thread, regarding an investigation of Cooley.

    Back on April 28, 2011, James B. Thelen sent Cryn Johannsen, of All Education Matters, a threatening legal, demanding that she remove a “false and misleading” post about the trash pit known as Cooley. It seems that it would be very difficult to defame a pile of garbage.

    Check out this critique of the school’s tactics, from a former Cooley student who transferred to a better law school. As you can see, from the comments, trolls have already descended on that blog. This is telling, considering that the author has only posted one entry.

  61. Excellent post Nando. And I concur with every point made regarding the ABA and other points other posters have made.

    I have lurked on TTR for quite a while now and I have made mention regarding my 23 y/o cousin who *was* attending Cooley a few times. Cooley was the only law school which accepted my cousin who was a average student at a 4T UGC and only scored 146 on his LSAT. Cooley accepted him, and off he went to Lansing with three other guys who graduated from the same toilet UGC as him. Fast forward six months latter, the kid has to pay off $30K for tuition, $5K for his books, and is stuck with a two year lease on some apartment in downtown Lansing. The kid was told last week by his advisor that this was his last semester at Cooley.

    Now how did this TTTT help this kid out? Seriously, I would like some apologist to speak up. This kid had no business going to law school. He barely passed the SAT to begin with; his HS GPA was 2.1 and he was only able to be accepted into Community College and 4T private UGC's. Be honest, if you needed an attorney to help you fight charges placed against you, or even to close your home, would you honestly hire my cousin? He's a great kid, do not get me wrong--wonderful kid, heart of gold. But would you actually entrust him in helping you out of a legal bind? I know I wouldn't. I would easily hire one my friends who graduated from Fordham and NYU. I would even hire some of the attorneys I have worked with who graduated from Pace and Brooklyn who graduated in the top percent of their class (of course depending on the complexity of my legal issue if I would hire these attorneys).

    Folks, it's more challenging to get accepting into veterinarian school than it is to get accepted into law school. There's a law school out there for anyone. I know some may say my cousin is dumb, and he got kicked out one of the worse law schools in the world. Bottom line: there was a law school out there who indeed accepted him as a student, and took his $30K. Other professions would have never have schools accredited that have such low standards in accepting below average students. Let's call it as it is.

    It's fine to target and go after the TTTT's and some TTT's, but the fact is that the ABA screwed this field major, big time. The ABA needs to be shut down. It's a worthless organization which has allowed the likes of Jeffrey Lehman to excel and even place a target on newly minted American attorneys. The ABA is also continuing to screw the paralegal profession as well (I know plenty of kids and middle age women on LinkedIn scratching their heads wondering how they will manage find a paralegal position in this awful market).

    @Nando, Knut and other bloggers: Please keep up the fight. If there is something you think people like me that I can do to help your cause, please let me know.


  62. @ TMF 1977

    I agree with you and Nando wholeheartedly. But I have to disagree on a few points about Cooley and other low tiered schools.

    You need great paper credentials to get into biglaw. In the rest of law, paper credentials don’t matter except for helping people without connections get a first job. Beyond that, no one knows or cares where you went to law school. It only matters how good a lawyer you are.

    I recently represented the leader of a large drug conspiracy. I wasn’t comfortable doing it alone so I associated a very good criminal lawyer who had gone to Cooley 15 years ago. He got a very good result for the client. In areas like criminal, divorce, personal injury (ie areas where you represent people instead of corporations) it doesn’t matter where you went to school. In fact, in these areas street smarts are more important than brief writing so lower tiered lawyers tend to do much better. (Street smarts are the most important thing in all of law if you intend to be one of the actual leaders of the practice, but for sophisticated litigation you also need to excel at the theoretical side as well). Of course if you have no connections, you still need some paper credentials to get a foot in the door so someone can teach you how to actually practice law. (My Colley trial lawyer friend is an ex Assistant District Attorney) So like Nando says still be selective and hit the books, or drop out, if you have no good connections.

  63. Cooley is a piece of fucking shit. Got that? It's not just a piece of shit. It's so awful it's transcended that label. It's a piece of fucking shit.

    Michigan residents have known this for years. What separated Cooley from other shitters is Cooley's national reputation. That's usually a good thing. Not in Cooley's case. At least, if you go to a regional shithole like Cumberland you're not a national laughingstock. If you go to Cooley, people in Wyoming or New Orleans know that you're a fuckup.

    The school is such a piece of shit the whole nation knows about it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Random thought. Is it even possible to defame a piece of shit school like Cooley? Is it?

  64. holy shit, Greek leader is offering to step down b/c the Greek govt is nearly on the verge of default. Wall St. fears that it'll spark a contagion and bring down the EU. Still think TTT is a great idea though. Hyperinflation will solve any debts i get into. lol

  65. ^^^ Yes, but generally wages lag inflation. So unless you're able to wait it out, hyperinflation won't necessarily be of any benefit in the short term. Long-term, yes.

  66. If you are unsatisfied with being bankrupt and unemployable because of your TTT Law Degree there is only one plausible solution....GO FOR THE LLM BABY!!!!

  67. LLMs only help foreign lawyers crack into the U.S. legal system as lawyers. If you get a Food Law LLM from Valdosta State Seminary & Culinary School, how is that gonna help you find a job? It won't.

  68. ^Amazing how America continues to fly its door open for every other nation's citizens and opportunists to come over and raid our social services, work here, school here, and take jobs away via outsourcing, yet other nations actually have regulations to protect its citizens from raiders, whether it be corporate raiders, or social service raiders. I'm beginning to really wonder if Glen Beck is not that mad after all when he said people in our government and in positions of power want to take the US down?

  69. The only LLM that will help you get a job is an LLM in tax from a reputable law school. Some might claim that an LLM in IP will enhance your job prospects. It might have some sway with certain firms, but overall, an LLM in IP offers very little benefit from an employment perspective. You're better spending all that money going to IP conferences and rubbing shoulders with hiring partners. So the long and short is, with the exception of an LLM in tax, all LLMs are basically worthless. LLM programs are basically just money makers for law schools, especially to extract more and more money from foreign students, the vast vast majority of which will NEVER get a legal job in the U.S. I know I wouldn't hire a foreign LLM student.

  70. I 100% agree with 2:36. I'd like to get a job in France. Will France allow me to do so? Highly unlikely. Yet, we open our doors to every tom dick and harry to take our jobs. When is there going to be some degree of equality here? As a U.S. citizen, am I supposed to essentially bend over for every fuzzy little foreigner that wants to get a job here at the expense of unemployed citizens? Seems like it.

  71. the united states of america is a big steamy pile of gorilla shitJune 15, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    See. Some of you guys are starting to get it. This country is finished. The rulers have let it go to shit so they can save a few extra million or billion dollars.

    You think those greedy cocksuckers care if the infrastructure goes to shit? Or if the schools are crumbling? Nah. They'll just put their spoiled shitlings in private schools. They will be happy to pay private security guards to protect their compounds from looters and poor people. These scumbags don't want to pay their taxes, but they'll shell out big money to install 8 foot high brick walls outside their yard.

    Think the politicians will change things when they are dependent on rich cocksuckers and corporations for campaign money so they can run ads, make visits, and get reelected? You see how the system operates? If you go to college, don't get a worhtless political science degree. Just look at how the politicians are dependent on the very cockroaches that ruined the country for campaign money.

    Abandon this sinking turd called America. I mean this, so listen up. This country is a foul, pungent piece of shit. I wouldn't pay $5 for this shitpile. If I did one of the oligarchs would just shoot me and take my $5 anyway.



    Your comments on this thread are superb. The idea that Cooley exists to provide "affordable" education, while paying its employees $300-500,000 a year is ridiculous.

    I know you've flushed them before, but they've now floated back up to the top and need to be flushed again, specifically regarding that letter as compared to their dividends.... I mean salaries.

    How is it that Thomas Jefferson School of Law was sued before Thomas Cooley? Every TJSL grad has one thing to fall back on.... At least I didn't get my degree from TTTThoma$$$$$$ M. Cooley $$$$$$$chool of Law.

    So yeah, that's a request from the peanut gallery. Could you please flush Cooley again?

  73. Cooley is in high demand. And it a major league pile of rat shit.

    But c'mon. I've been waiting for you to flush Texas Tech's law school for about a year now. Forget Cooley. You've already flushed that turd.

  74. The Seton Hall Law Toilet has produced proud graduatttes like the enlightened servant leaders Chris Christie and Peter Cammarano.

  75. Nando, I agree with the poster on 10:27PM. You have become the Batman of fighting law school scams and Cooley's counterpart is the Joker. In the comics, the Joker would be introduced into a Batman storyline at least once every 12-18 months. The Joker is a recurring villain, much like Cooley. I agree, you need to deal with your arch nemesis again. Are you afraid to dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

  76. I wouldn't bother with Cooley; there are so many law schools to "explore." I am sure that in the near future there will be some sort of negative headline coming out from Cooley; then I think it would be a idea to re-visit that latrine.

    I also think that all your scambloggers should get together and present a unified message to accomplish specific policy changes in the DOE. We would all support you in those efforts.

  77. Scambloggers:

    Has anyone of you guys thought of contacting Michael Moore and making a documentary about higher ed, the scamblog movement, debt, etc? I am sure he would be favorable to your cause.

  78. That fatass should make a movie about higher education in general. It's all a scam. All of it.

  79. Cooley is the biggest shithole of any law school in the country. Hands down. Grab a plunger and get to work flushing it again. Thanks.

  80. Apropos of nothing, but I was just tooling around the faculty bios of the LaVerne law school website. I know we shouldn't get hung up on credentials, but there are full time faculty there with five and six degrees, each more worthless than the next. Who would pay money to go to a place like that? It boggles the mind.

  81. I would like to apologize to DC Comics for my comment above (re: Cooley = Joker). The Joker is a first rate villain and Batman is a first rate comic. There is nothing first rate about Cooley. Hence, I shouldn't be comparing any characters in the DC Comics universe to the stenchpit universally known throughout the legal profession as Cooley.

  82. Conan alludes to the baby boomers


    Are law schools opening themselves to deceptive-advertising claims?

  84. Not to get off topic, but whenever someone tells me they went to Cooley, I cringe. Here's the deal kids - when you go to a respectable school, i.e., top-14, there's a presumption in your favor. Conversely, how would you feel if every single interview you walked into (if you received any interviews at all), there would be an immediate presumption against you? That is your future coming out of Cooley. Very few people will take you seriously. Lawyers, being the nit-picky people that we are, go out of our way to look for things to "ding" people on their resumes. Going to Cooley is an instant "ding" with your resume going into the trash. Ruling out the very rare exception, the only way you could make it as an attorney coming out of Cooley is to go out on your own - easier said than done.

  85. There is still a huge under-served market for attorneys that work for wages which most most people can afford. However, with the debt that comes from law school its no wonder you can't find legal help for reasonable prices.

    My opinion is allow anyone to sit for the bar, if they pass then they get licensed. Whether you learn through studying in a library, consulting lawyer friends, being mentored as an apprentice, or attending an over priced school should not matter. If you pass the bar exam that is all that should matter.

    With a structure like this, those who cannot afford a traditional education can still try their hand in lawyering without going into debt and if they fail at becoming an attorney in the end the impact is not that significant to the person and they can move on to greener pastures.

    Currently, the ABA has locked down the legal profession and turned it into a for-profit business. "[T]he practice of law is a profession, not a business." It seems ironic to me that most of the disciplinary actions taken against the members of the ABA financial mismanagement. Meanwhile, attorneys engage in many underhanded tactics aimed at undermining the court itself.


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