Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Check Your Drawers: Chapman University School of Law


Tuition: For the 2010-2011 school year, this commode charged its full-time students $41,460 in tuition. For the same academic year, part-time students at Chapman University Sewer of Law only needed to pay $33,000 in tuition.

Total Cost of Attendance: Under the worst case scenario, i.e. attending this piece of trash on a full-time basis while living off-campus, the school estimates that the COA – for 2010-2011 – amounted to $70,959. Keep in mind that these cockroaches are only looking at nine-month living expenses.

Taking twelve month expenses for room and board, personal costs, and transportation into account, we reach a more accurate COA figure of $79,845, for 2010-2011. Imagine attending this school, for all three years.


Ranking: The cost of admission is high, and the school is located in pricey Orange, California. Surely, the school’s sterling reputation will justify this extensive price tag, right?!?! Actually, US “News” & World Report rates this toilet as the 104th best and most elite law school in the land.


Employment Placement and Starting Salary Data: According to this page, the toilet’s Career Services Office shows that 83.4 percent of Chapman’s JD Class of 2010 was employed within nine months of graduation. Furthermore, the school notes: “This percentage includes both full-time and part-time employment.” The pie chart notes that 18% of “employed” grads are working in academia - which includes Chapman Law’s Post-Graduate Research Assistant Program!!

On top of this, the overall average starting salary is $71,013, whereas the median starting salary is $60K. Yes, that is very impressive, isn’t it?!?! In fact, this is well worth the cost of admission, right?! After all, WHO WOULDN’T want to pay $79K per year – for such wondrous job prospects?!?!


Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Crapman University JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $115,064. Furthermore, 88% of this trash pit’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt.


Administrator and Faculty Pay: We will head over to page 36 of Chapman University’s 2009 IRS Form 990, to see how well the pigs are doing. Before we head to the law school swine, we will note that university president James Doti made $1,254,991 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for 2008. By the way, James: the fact that the commode is located in Orange does not mean that your skin color must be tangerine.

The following figures likewise show TOTAL COMPENSATION, for law faculty members in 2008: Jeremy Miller “earned” $287,291, for “teaching” criminal law and legal ethic$. Then-dean John Eastman banked $309,933, in 2008. Timothy Canova, “professor” of International Economic Law, made $210,078, for the same tax year. Lastly, seeing that Vernon Smith made $582,797, he is well-situated to be a “professor of law and economics.”


Wow! You can intern at the law school’s Entertainment Contracts Law Clinic. Yes, because Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie will look no further than Chapman’s sewer of law when deciding to hire their next agent!! [Disclaimer: You, as a TTT grad have NO SHOT IN HELL of ever representing such clients.] The fact that this garbage can features such a clinic is outrageous.


As a student at the pre$TTTigiou$ Chapman University Sewer of Law, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the Chapman Journal of Criminal Justice. How many people can honestly say that they accomplished their dreams?! Here is a brief breakdown of criminal “justice”: (a) if you have enough money, you can buy the best legal defense available – and perhaps walk away free, when you are flat-out guilty of a horrendous crime; and (b) if you do not have money or power – but are falsely accused of a serious crime – you can rot in prison for decades. How is that for a just and equitable system?! By the way, I didn't charge you ten cents, let alone $41,460, for the lesson.

Conclusion: Good luck finding a decent legal position, in the LEGENDARILY- OVERSATURATED Southern California lawyer job market. Have fun competing for jobs against better-situated graduates from USC, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Hastings, etc. Do you think that law firms will give you the time of day?

If we take the school’s $elf-publi$hed figures at face value – and look at the average law student indebtedness – we can see that this is a MORONIC financial decision. Why would any rational being take out an additional $115K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – for a chance to earn $60K-$70K per year?!?! Keep in mind that MANY grads did not report their salary info. Now, imagine trying to repay that mountain of debt - while earning $35K-$45K per year. Remember that the debt amount does not count student loans incurred during undergrad.

Check out FinAid’s advice on the amount of total student debt one should incur:


“A good rule of thumb is that your total education debt SHOULD BE LESS THAN your expected starting salary. If you borrow more than twice your expected starting salary you will find it extremely difficult to repay the debt.” [Emphasis mine]


  1. doing a great job--e.g., your writeup on washburn comes up on page 4 of the google results.

    kids gonna see that when they google washburn

  2. http://www.chapman.edu/law/about/acma2009.asp

    About Chapman and Orange, CA

    "Located on the campus of the nearly 150 year old Chapman University, the School of Law is housed in a beautiful 4 story building that includes an award winning law library and state-of-the-art trial and appellate courtrooms. The law school is ranked in the Top 10 nationally for "Best Quality of Life" in Princeton Review's Best 174 Law Schools (2009)."



    * Earned a Top Schools position in the U.S. News and World Report.
    *Secured the services of its current dean, Tom Campbell, a former U.S. congressman, UC Berkeley dean and Stanford Law professor.
    * Seen a significant rise in first-time California Bar exam pass rates.
    * Received full and unconditional approval by the American Bar Association.
    * Opened a spectacular facility for legal study.
    * Placed graduates in high-profile firms, prestigious judicial clerkships and government positions.
    * Competed exceedingly well against many well-established schools in key law school rankings.
    * Attracted faculty who have clerked for Supreme Court Justices and who hold degrees from Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, UCLA, USC, Pennsylvania, Georgetown and Michigan and with publications in distinguished law reviews and journals such as Minnesota Law Review, Wisconsin Law Review, Harvard Environmental Law Review, the Georgetown Journal of Law and Policy, Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy and many others.
    * Launched new LL.M. degrees in taxation and prosecutorial science, and added an exciting new certificate program in entertainment law.
    * Seated students with consistently stronger academic credentials year after year.
    * Routinely competed head to head against some of the nation's top law schools in its burgeoning student competition program.



    Chapman University's Campus

    "Where else can you surf in the morning and
    hit the slopes in the afternoon..."


    And at $79k per year, including living expenses, its a bargain!! Of course this dump attracted faculty from Harvard, Chicago, Penn, Michigan.. They are the ones who'll be living it up at the beach, all expenses paid for by the heavily debt-ridden, indentured students.

    LLM programs to soak even more money off people..


    And its not even ranked in the first tier!! The only thing "Top 10" about this school is their greed. You've been warned Lemmings.

  3. Oh, btw, this toilet has only been open since 1995!!



    And only fully accredited since 2002!!

    Alumni base, you say??


    Q) Is Chapman ranked on the U.S. News & World Report Rankings? If so, what is the ranking?

    A) Yes. Chapman is ranked in the Top Schools category of U.S News and World Report's annual survey, with a current position of #104. For a newer school (opened in 1995) this is a major accomplishment. To put this in perspective, of the 19 ABA accredited law schools that launched since 1980, Chapman is the highest ranking private school and the third highest ranking school overall. The solid ranking is attributable to deliberate efforts that have included the hiring of top scholars and clinicians, increasingly demanding entrance requirements, rising bar pass rates, and one of the lowest student-faculty ratios among ABA law schools.

    Q) What does it mean that Chapman is a top 10 school for Best Classroom Experience?

    A) Chapman University School of Law earned a top 10 national ranking in the “Best Classroom Experience” category of the 2011 edition of "The Best 172 Law Schools” (Random House / Princeton Review). The ranking is based on student responses to surveys conducted by Princeton Review, an independent educational services company.

    Q) Is Chapman ABA accredited?

    A) Yes. After a provisional accreditation period that is required of all new law schools, Chapman became fully accredited in 2002. Chapman is now reviewed every seven years by the ABA -- the same schedule for regular site visits as every other ABA law school. Chapman's next site visit is scheduled for 2011-12.


  4. This Chapman 'School' makes the Setttttttttttton Hall Law TOILET look like Harvard!


  5. For best results, combine the above-mentioned Entertainment Contracts Law Clinic with the International Law Emphasis Program. Enjoy the three years of delusion.

    Nice photo, Nando. Matches the subject well.

  6. Mah ass has been bizzy whippin' up some ol' heavenly biscuits. Apologies fo' da delays, folk. Lemme jus' say dis. I's not sures I's would hire jus' enny ol' grad from dis them there here school o' law. How's do I knows if these boys 'n girls can pack the cole slaw in tight. Or know whens to turn the sweet corn on the goddamn mutherfuckin' cob over jus' in time?

    I'd be takin' a big risk if I's was to hire a TTT grad. Tell ya what. If ya make law review at dis shit ass law college, I'lls hire ya ass on a probashunnary basis. How's ya likes the sound o' dat, beeeeeeeeeeeyotch?

    Bee-tee-dubs, muthafuckas. Make sure to try some of my grilled chickins. Grab yerself a 10 piece er 20 piece bucket a fuckin chikin. Gobble dat shit down when yas applying to and bein' turned away left 'n right 'n shit by potenshul employers. Ya's gots dat?

  7. Now that is one hell of a dump!

  8. I have a question.

    When will Taco Bell open up its own law school? Smart money says they would have more applicatns than seats to fill.

  9. As simply as can be stated, if you go to this school, you are making a grave mistake unless you are independently wealthy or have parents footing the bill. The chance of you securing legal employment, which would enable you to pay back your loans, is practically nil. I'm a TTT grad and I wouldn't hire anyone from this school.

  10. You are better off attending a plumbing school than this dump. Those highly compensated "educators" that run this school are trying to emulate the criminal compensation schemes of Goldman Sachs, etc..

    People will continue to enroll in these places and roll the proverbial dice. Don't be surprised if you roll a "snake eyes" coming out of this heap.

  11. good job on profiling this hole. Chapman law school is insanely overpriced. I know a girl that went there, graduated in the top 2% and is working at westlaw as a rep. The money isnt too bad but it shows how hard it is for chapman law grads to find work, despite the fact that she was an excellent student.

  12. ^ That's about the best you could hope for coming out of this school, i.e., Westlaw rep, unless you have the financial means to open up your own law office. Basically, everyone that goes to law school thinks that they will be able to get "some" legal job that will enable them to pay their loans off. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You might be able to find a legal job. How about one that pays $12/hr? Does that sound reasonable? Or you may not be able to get any "legal" job and end up doing non-legal work, that is IF you can convince your prospective employer that you won't jump ship. Remember that non-legal employers are very wary of people with J.D.s. First, most non-lawyers don't like lawyers. Hell, I'm an attorney and I don't like lawyers so what does that say. Moral of the story, unless you can envision yourself going off on your own and have the financial means to do so, do not attend law school unless you are accepted into a T14 school. If you go to a T14 school, the likelihood of getting a decent job is greatly improved, although certainly not a guarantee.

  13. How does such a rotten TOILET continue to exist in the age of 'information'. Who in their right mind would pay money to go to this sewer. You would literally be better off being incarcerated in minimum security for four years. You would have no debt, and be able to workout and improve your physical health.

  14. Interviewer: Good morning! I went to the University of Kentucky when Rex Chapman played for the Wildcats. How are you related to Rex Chapman?

    Chapman Law Grad: I am not related to Rex Chapman.

    Interviewer: But it says so on your resume.

    Chapman Law Grad: No, my resume says I went to Chapman Law School.

    Interviewer: Get the fuck out of my office for wasting my time.

  15. "...includes an award winning law library and state-of-the-art trial and appellate courtrooms."

    All law schools from T1 down through to unaccredited boast about this shit, and I don't see why. In the digital age, a Westlaw subscription is a fine substitute for a law library. As for the mock courtrooms...who freaking cares?...you can do mock trials and mock appellate arguments in any old classroom, by handy arrangments of desks, tables, and chairs.

    One part of the law school scam is the vast sums of money extracted (from taxpayers as well as students) to pay for and maintain these "state of the art" law school facilities.

  16. I can get a wifi signal in my garage. Does that make my garage state of the art?

  17. "I can get a wifi signal in my garage. Does that make my garage state of the art?"

    Better yet, does that make your garage the next accredited law school? Based on current ABA standards, you might want to consider that possibility.

  18. Is Kimber Russell still blogging at Shilling Me Softly? I am getting the "Blog has been removed" page.

  19. If your toilet flushes and has blue coloring, does it mean it's 'state of the art'?

  20. Teach the law in the damn garage, if it will save the poor kids some money. Who needs a "spectactular facility for legal study"? I went to a law school that was described in promotional material as a "nine million dollar state-of-the-art gem" and my legal skills would be no worse if instruction had taken place in a garage.

  21. FYI: Conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt is a law professor at Chapman. He's a regular commentator on Fox and wrote a book on Romney a few years back entitled: "A Mormon in the White House?"

  22. Regarding Kimber's blog, who gives a damn? It became watered-down shortly after she was quoted in the January 8, 2011 edition of the New York Times. As I have stated before, she used her scam-blog for self-promotion. She never really cared about the fact that students are becoming despondent - after incurring $200K in non-dischargeable debt, and not landing a job.


    Hell, she works at Kaplan PMBR. Her rationale was, “Well, they already have the debt. They may as well be able to use their degree to practice law.” (As we all know, bar passage does not equal legal employment, cretin. In effect, you are simply removing more (borrowed) money from these desperate souls.) This is akin to someone kicking a homeless guy, after he has been savagely beaten by a group of bastards – and then telling himself “Those other people already took his money and possessions, and knocked the hell out of this guy. I am just kicking him once.”

    I wouldn't be surprised if the filthy, foul pigs at Kaplan told her to tone her blog down. After all, these cockroaches are participants in the scam. They are AWARE that people of reasonable intelligence could pass the bar exam WITHOUT attending law $chool. Those who are willing to pay for a bar review course are more likely to pass the exam, than those who decide to forego this course. Instead of pointing this out, the swine keep their snouts shut – and prepare the debt-soaked graduates to pass the test. Why would they want one of their employees to scare away potential future customers?!?!

    The fact is that David Segal initially contacted former scam-blogger L4L/Skadden Farts, for the story. L4L then let others know that the paper was interested in running a feature on law school and higher education. Kimber couldn't wait to call the reporter back. She was elated when the NYT decided to photograph her, for the piece. For some reason, she decided to mimic English actor Rupert Grint’s hairstyle and dress. Think of how many people will read the article. You may not want your audience asking, “Why does this guy appear to be so feminine?”


    I recall when this dog was barking, "Your blog is over, Nando!" Yes, which is why it is still going strong, right, Dumbass?!?! Then again, she was fooled by TTTThomas Cooley grad Zenovia Evans, and the fake hunger strike. The fact remains that her blog went soft on the ABA, US “News” and the law schools - after the NYT piece was published.

    As far as I am concerned, good riddance! In this fight, we need people who have heart. We DO NOT want shameless self-promoters. Those who have the balls, the brains and the backbone to stand up to the law school shills are welcome. Sellouts, shills and ingrates can go jump in front of traffic.

  23. That pic has to take the all time TTR prize!

    Maybe some of that stuff that gives toilet water a pretty blue color would help the image.

  24. Law School is like Obamas eligibility to be President. We all know schools like this are rip offs and the faculty does not care that you know. They will keep lying about their credentials, use your money to line their pockets and continue to do it as long as you let them by going to the school.

    Its like Obama. Hes not a natural born citizen, providers a forged so called long form birth certificate, and runs up our debt beyond crazy and is clearly a muslim sympathizer yet we do nothing about it.

    Why would things change if those in power continue to benefit with no resistance. Keep voting Democrat and signing up for law school at these expensive shitholes idiots.

  25. It's understandable to call Kimber a sell-out, but in fairness though, everyone needs to make a living. I assume her Kaplan gig pays decently. Honestly nando, you and any other scamblogger would take that gig in a heartbeat, especially if that is all you can get with your TTT degrees. I mean one new JD is even prostituting herself to make a living.

    While its disappointing that she sold out, I don't know that we can ask her turn down a good gig out of "principle".

  26. ^good one. I needed the laugh.

    He is pointing out that KImber's blog went from decent to watered down. Like the shit in that picture.

  27. 2:13,

    Hey let's not condemn Benedict Arnold for betraying the American Revolution! After all, working for the King had its perks!

  28. You can tell a lot about the actual quality of a law school by what the schools shills brag about on the school's website. The absolute top schools don't brag about anything. They don't need to try to hard to sell the school, knowing that their students will probably do well after graduation.

    Thereafter, there is a steady downward trend from the law sewers that advertise their useless certificate programs and their state of the art facilities. Below that are the toilets that go on and on about how the moot court team won something once.

    Somewhere toward the bottom tier you get this sort of puffery: "Crap Law School is the only private law school built on filled swamp land in a county with between 100,000 and 500,000 residents! And we have Wi-Fi AND a fax machine! And drinking fountains! With water that comes out! Cold! Seriously!"

    Maybe now the new bottom tier sales pitch will be, "We are the best fourth tier school in the state not to have an alumna arrested for prostitution!"

  29. We are the best fourth tier law school in the city not to have an alum featured on "Cops".

    Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
    When the law school slams it doors on you?

  30. "You are better off attending a plumbing school than this dump.

    June 7, 2011 8:33 AM"

    I hear ya. Actually, it is harder in some ways to become a licensed journeyman plumber than it is to become an attorney. You actually have to find an apprenticeship with a journeyman AND complete the academics in a "related trades" program. Plumbing is a respectable gig, highly skilled, and I respect plumbers and what they do. I am in one of the other trades. A licensed journeyman plumber can make a very respectable living, which of course is not without some dirty jobs to do. In today's marketplace, I would much rather my kid apprentice to a qualified person than attend one of these clown colleges or non-elite law schools, that is for sure.

  31. As a student planning on returning to California, if I do not make an NYC transfer, I will have to consider shooting them an application. I am intriged, and I know I will do well from any ABA school.

    The world traveling law student

    p.s. Nando, you and these sheep who comment here are DEAD wrong!!!!!!!!!

  32. June 7, 2011 7:59 PM:

    The word is "intrigued", idiot.

  33. "I can get a wifi signal in my garage. Does that make my garage state of the art?"

    Better yet, does that make your garage the next accredited law school? Based on current ABA standards, you might want to consider that possibility.

    A fax machine will be needed before the ABA will accredit this garage.

  34. I don't consider myself a sheep Mr. World Traveling Law Student with No Practical or Real Life Experience. Maybe you're just delusional. Like I said in a prior post, enjoy fanning your balls in Panama jagoff.

  35. World traveling law student is so full of shit, he's going to float away one day. Dumbshit can't even spell 'intrigued.' Maybe the word never came up in his international conflict resolution law class.

  36. Hey kids, if you go to law school and finance it with Sallie Mae, you better pay back your student loans. Otherwise, the S.W.A.T. team may break through your door, arrest you and hold an M-16 to your head just like they did this morning in Stockton, CA:


    Still want to roll the dice lemmings?

  37. Nando, can you reconcile Barry Soetoro's message about education below:


    with the SWAT team arrests of student loan defaulters? Why does Barry want to enslave America's youth?

  38. I first started reading SMS when there was an article on Cornell's Prelaw program (which ATL also addressed). Then I clicked around her blog and saw her posting on the Evans swindle, the Jesse J. Clark issue, and a variety of other dumb shit and got turned off at how stupid some of her posts were. Then I saw Nando roasting her and I stopped reading SMS.

  39. Nando grilled her a while back. One of his better posts too.

  40. To those still wondering why Kimber took her blog down:


    “Locke (Jun 8 - 1:38 pm)

    I'll admit it straight out...I sold out.

    I'm going to be in charge of social media for my company, so I had to choose.

    And, considering the amount of money I'm in the hole to Sallie Mae, I chose work. Don't need those S.W.A.T. guys breaking down my door!”

    Wow, an opportunistic shill sold out! Stop the presses!! Here is lucid summation/post-mortem of her blog:


    “It has come to my attention that Shilling Me Softly has ceased to exist. This blog was once part of the "law school scam-blog movement." Unfortunately, the blog's author decided to turn against the bloggers who helped her ride to the top of The New York Times' most read articles. After achieving nationwide attention, she thought it would be a good idea to chum it up with Bob Morse, a questionable figure who does for law schools what the ratings agencies did for securitized debt.

    Her blog descended into a sorry state, going so far as to feature posts about the weather; and today Shilling Me Softly shuts down with its reputation in tatters.”

    Yes, remember those life-altering posts on snow and blizzards? Yes, that definitely changed the debate on American legal “education,” didn’t it?!?!


    Who could forget when she attacked a 14 year old girl, on her blog – but continued to stick up for poor little cockroach Bob Morse? (I know that the ingrate took her blog down, but here is the now-defunct link to Kimber’s entry on Christina Lee.)


    I am sure that this child has at least 30 IQ points on Kimber.

    In the final analysis, Kimber Russell is a shameless attention whore and shill. Towards the end, her blog was about as entertaining, engaging and informative as an episode of TTT sitcom “Three’s Company.” THE MOMENT you start trying to make friends with the pigs at the ABA, US “News” and law school administrators, you lose credibility. She was co-opted shockingly quickly, once the ABA started inviting her to meetings. Looking back, we recognize that those with no integrity are quickly compromised - with little effort.

  41. Middle Class ConJune 8, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    Kimber's demise was comical. She can state that it was due to her job, but let's be honest, she sold out long ago. After Nando took her off the blogroll, that "blawg" took a bigger shit than Jim Carrey's career.

    Easy on the Three's Company rips Nando...John Ritter is as dead as Kimber's blog.

    Suzanne Sommers....not....too....bad. Hell, I'd even shack up w/ a 70s Joyce Dewitt (assuming I got the replacement blond chic to go with).

    Come and knock on my door......

  42. Sometimes eyve been known to spell things wrong on purpose.

    The world traveling law student

    ps. I win. Always do. Always right!

  43. With regards to Kimber:

    That's how all the whores end up; forgotten and irrelevant. She chose the wrong cock to suck: Morse's.

  44. I attended Chapman, graduated in 2007, and now work for a large tax firm on Wall Street. My grades were average, but it was not very difficult to find a job. The Chapman name alone was well respected by those interviewing me, and although I only ranked in the top 30 percent of my class, I could tell they were impressed that I went there.

    I bet every ignoramus that has posted above has not actually attended Chapman, and therefore is speaking out of his ass. The school was outstanding, with a plethora of OCIs, and had an extremely helpful career services department. Nando, don't comment on something you know nothing about. You are a fool who was too stupid to make it as a lawyer, or even pass the bar. Why do you hold any credibility whatsoever when advising people on the quality of law schools. Even though you are a failure, not every other aspiring lawyer is.

    Yours in anger,
    Wall Street Tax Attorney

  45. Hello Alexandria cockroach. Look at the numerous IP addresses that this piece of waste has used, in order to view this site. We all KNOW that you don’t have a girlfriend or a life.


    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jun 8 2011 6:42pm 4 actions 15m 4s
    Jun 7 2011 10:13pm 9 actions 17m 39s
    Jun 7 2011 9:45pm 2 actions 8m 49s
    Jun 7 2011 1:02pm 2 actions 8m 57s
    Jun 6 2011 9:55pm 6 actions 31m 59s
    Jun 2 2011 1:39pm 2 actions 3m 51s
    Jun 2 2011 12:56pm 2 actions 9m 38s
    May 27 2011 4:14pm 1 action 10s
    May 26 2011 11:50am 3 actions 9m 23s
    May 26 2011 11:20am 5 actions 14m 14s
    May 26 2011 8:14am 9 actions 19m 18s
    May 26 2011 7:52am 2 actions 11m 53s
    May 23 2011 1:40pm 2 actions 16m 57s
    May 22 2011 8:05pm 2 actions 8m 44s
    May 21 2011 3:35pm 2 actions 8m 47s
    May 21 2011 9:37am 9 actions 37m 31s
    May 20 2011 9:31pm 14 actions 35m 33s
    May 19 2011 11:11pm 2 actions 8m 54s
    May 18 2011 5:44pm 1 action 8m 39s
    May 12 2011 6:47pm 3 actions 18m 59s
    May 10 2011 12:56pm 1 action 10s
    May 10 2011 8:42am 1 action 10s

    By the way, bitch, I never took the bar exam. I have mentioned this SEVERAL times, since I started the blog. Do you feel that you solved a puzzle, moron?!?! By the way, there is NOTHING more pathetic than a piece of trash who pretends to be a lawyer, or a “law professor.”

    You have been exposed as a liar, on several occasions. First, you were a 2008 American University COL grad making $120K as a DC Biglaw attorney. That doesn’t add up, moron, as Biglaw associates were starting out at around $160K per year, back then. Next, you were a tax attorney earning $150K per year. After that, you claimed to be a “law professor” at University of DC.

    Then you said that you were a wildly successful, recent graduate of SEVERAL commodes featured on this blog. You also posted idiotic comments to the effect of “I knew a guy who attended this TTT. He graduated in the top 30 percent of his class, and is now making huge sums of money at Goldman Sachs in New York.”

    Get a life, loser.

  46. The ABA meets in August to consider accrediting a foreign law school:


    "Lehman has long hoped to make the Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) the first law school outside the United States to be accredited by the ABA, which would allow its graduates to take the bar exam in any U.S. state."

  47. Here are a few examples of this troll’s dishonesty and lack of integrity.


    “Anonymous said...

    I am a law professor at Washburn, and I am very disgruntled by the way you have negatively profiled the school. 95 percent of our graduates are practicing law within 9 months, and making a median salary of 110 grand in the private sector. How DARE YOU SPEAK about my school this way! It is a highly underrated school, and many of our graduates go on to work on Wall Street. You are just jealous. Jealous that you did not pass the bar or earn high enough grades to become an attorney.

    May 26, 2011 8:14 AM”

    This piece of garbage, at various times, has claimed to be: (a) a recent graduate of American University COL, making $120K as a Biglaw attorney; (b) a tax lawyer pulling down $150K per year; (c) a "law professor" at the University of the District of Columbia; and (d) a graduate of various toilets - who earned average grades - but yet landed at Goldman Sachs in New York.


    “Anonymous said...

    Alright guys, I lied and I am sorry. I am currently a professor at the University of D.C school of law, and I am deeply angered by this entire blog which is filled with lies and false information. How dare you disrespect legitimate law schools like these? You have no right to spread such lies about reputable institutions. I am going to request that you either end this blog now, or change it to another topic. Failure to do so, and I will notify my superiors, and a course of legal action could be taken against this drivel.

    February 21, 2011 2:33 PM”

    Waterhead later admitted that he is not a “law professor” at UDC.

    This Alexandria cockroach has ZERO credibility and NO integrity. This loser is beyond pathetic. He actually has used SEVERAL IPs to view this site. Dumbass, when you use the same laptop, it links the different IP addresses to one computer.

    Quit trying to pose as a "law professor" and Biglaw attorney. You can barely write, at a high school level, bitch.

  48. Sorry, no one at Chapman even knows what a NYC Wall Street firm looks like. I guarantee it.

    The only thing they know about NYC, maybe, is that people call it the "Big Apple" for some reason.

    Top 30% from a dump like Chapman, unknown on the east coast, won't even get you to McDonald's in NYC.

  49. I have never heard of this Chumpman law school. Are they a subsidiary of the Chapstick company?

  50. The Seton Hall Law Toilet wouldn't even accept a Chapman TTTransfer!

  51. Nando:

    Maybe you have done this already and I am just unaware of it, but I would like to hear the story of how you decided to go law school, and, later, how you realized that it had been a terrible mistake. Why did you pick the specific law school that you attended? What was the atmosphere there? What prompted you to specifically start TTR?

    Thanks for the blog.

  52. Mark David Chapman shot and killed JOhn Lennon in New York.


    Is that how you got your 'Wall St. job'? Is this how the interview went?

    Hiring partner: Normally we don't hire from non-elite firms. Especially those from out of state. And almost never from all the way out in California. But there's something about the name Chapman.

    Shit muncher: My personal hero and idol growing up Mark David Chapman done shot John Lennon of the Beatles dead in NYC.

    (ten seconds of silence)

    Hiring partner: We expect those toilet stalls to be glittering and the floors shining. Got that?

    Shit muncher: Affirmative. I've always wanted to live in NYC!! SO I can be cool.

    Hiring partner: Whatever. Just make sure to come in tomorrow night at 10 pm when everyone has gone home for the day. Do not be here at 6 when we open the doors.

    Shit muncher: (mumbling under his breath) BUt I graduated in the top 30 percent.

    Congrats. You've made the big time, haven't you? Now, shut the fuck up.

  53. I was thinking of writing something negative about this school until I read the post at 7:04 AM on June 7th. Realizing that Chapman has an International Law Emphasis Program, the completion of which results in the receipt of a certificate and a notation on the transcript has made me change my plans in life. Even though I already have a JD from a second tier toilet and the six figure debt to go with it, I have decided to attend Chapman so that I can participate in the International Law Emphasis Program. I am sure that with my certificate and transcript notation from this fine institution, I will be appointed Secretary of State upon graduation - likely without having to go through the inconvenience of a Senate confirmation hearing.

    Then there is reality. These certificate programs are not worth the paper they are written on. If you are considering going to law school, do not base your decision on the fact that a school has a certificate in something or other. NO ONE WHO MIGHT HIRE YOU CARES! There is no one with hiring authority who is looking at a stack of resumes from average students from 2nd - 4th tier toilets who will decide that your certificate in whathefuckever makes you the right candidate for the job.

  54. ^ 100% agree. These certificate programs are nothing but money making ventures for the academic pigs.

    School Admissions Officer: Oh ... but we are the ONLY school in the nation that offers a LLM in animal husbandry law.

    Prospective Student: Great, I'm guaranteed to find a job after completing that program.

    My response: Nope!!!! Dumbass!!!!

    No one in law in a position of hiring authority cares about certification programs, OR specialty rankings - even in IP. Hiring partners will take a student from a higher ranked law school over someone that graduated from a lower ranked school that is known for it specialty emphasis. Obviously exceptions are made, but this is the general rule.

  55. I got a recruiting brochure from Widener a few years back. Their big selling point:

    They are the only law school in the nation with campuses in two different states.


  56. Speaking of LLM programs, I ran across an article where the A.B.A. wants to make it easier for foreign lawyers to practice here via LLMs. Now I can't find it. Can anyone find this?

  57. I'd be interested in reading that article. Obviously, the ABA doesn't give a hoot about you. They want to destroy the profession further increasing supply and hence bringing down salaries for biglaw all the while increasing the profits of schools by luring in another unsuspecting sucker, i.e., foreign students. Mark my words, you will see more and more foreigners studying in the U.S. since most of us in the U.S. are already tapped out financially. They need new blood to perpetuate the fraud. You may not be able to get blood from a stone, but the schools seem to think they can continue to get blood from foreign students.

  58. ^The supply of American blood is endless because of the students loans supplied by the Gov. All a school needs is a warm body able to sign on the dotted line. Because of this, and over the long run, students loans are responsible for the massive higher education inflation we have witnessed for the last few decades (or ever since students loans became available).

  59. Kids, whatever you do, don't do the "law school death march".

    The law school death march is that period of time when an unconnected student at a non-elite law school, having seen his dismal 1L grades, chooses nonetheless to continue his law studies and "tough it out" to the end.

    BAD IDEA. Drop the hell out. You will be better off than with a TTT degree and sub-par grades.

  60. ^ The only way I would recommend against this advice is IF you plan to practice on your own and you have the financial means to do so. Otherwise you are making a grave mistake, literally one that will follow you to your grave because if you don't have the money to launch your own practice and simultaneously the funds to support your living expenses, you will forever be beholden to someone else to pay your expenses - that is IF you can find a legal job, or any job that will allow you to pay off your student loans before you are literally in the grave. If you have the $$$ or your parents are footing the bill, then you obviously don't have much to worry about.

  61. @Anon. 6-9-11 1:56pm
    It would make a lot more sense to not go to law school at all, but the LSDM is based on the "sunk-cost" fallacy humans are prone to: "I made it through high school, I made it through college, I WILL BEAT LAW SCHOOL!"

    What they don't get is, like an old-time Las Vegas casino, the house always wins.

  62. I actually helped to rescue someone from the law school scam before she got sucked all the way in. She was at the end of the first 1L semester at the local third tier toilet. She is 40+, married with young kids, etc. She was having concerns about balancing her job, family and law school and about the debt.

    I asked her a very simple question, which was whether she honestly believed that there would be a job in existence at the end of law school that she couldn't get without the law degree that would pay enough to justify the time and money spent on law school.

    She is no longer in law school.

  63. "Speaking of LLM programs, I ran across an article where the A.B.A. wants to make it easier for foreign lawyers to practice here via LLMs. Now I can't find it. Can anyone find this? "


    This one?


  64. http://www.americanbar.org/groups/legal_education/resources/aba_approved_law_schools/by_year_approved.html

    As you can see, this piece of garbage has only been accredited since 1998. The school was provisionally-accredited, at that time.


    Under the header of “Congrats to Chapman, Roger Williams,” you will read that the school received full ABA accreditation in 2002. The article notes that the toilet first opened its doors in 1995. In comparison to established California law schools, this commode has a small alumni base. Who wants to attend a pile of trash that has only been around for 16 years?!?!

    These black skid marks do not stop this commode from charging $41,460 in yearly tuition. Remember to take living expenses into account, when considering this festering dung heap.

    In the final analysis, these fourth tier trash pits feed off of the dreams of ignorant, idealistic kids. Unless you have ARDENT family, business or political connections, do not attend such schools. There is no valid reason to borrow $115K-$165K, for a realistic chance to earn $35K-$45K per year. Would you pay $40K for a 1996 Toyota Corolla, with 210,000 miles on it?!?!


    On February 25, 2011, The National Law Journal reported that this pile of fecal matter hired a politician as its new dean.

    “Campbell himself is no stranger to politics. The Republican represented California in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1989 to 1993 and again from 1995 to 2001. He served two years in the California State Senate between those stints in Washington. He has made three unsuccessful bids to represent California in the U.S. Senate — most recently in 2010, when he lost in the Republican primary to former Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina.

    Between his political life and being dean of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, from 2002 to 2008, Campbell said he's comfortable raising money, which will be one of his primary duties at Chapman.”

    This hiring decision shows you what law schools care about, i.e. raising money. In the end, the school will continue to pump out hapless graduates into the GLUTTED California legal job market - and put them in crushing debt, in the process. The sewer of law does not care about the fate of its students and graduates. Its sole concern is to keep the gravy train running.

  65. June 9, 2011 3:28 P:

    328, you have done the LORD'S WORK.

    If even one lemming can be saved...

  66. "What they don't get is, like an old-time Las Vegas casino, the house always wins.

    June 9, 2011 3:13 PM":

    My favorite re the sunk cost thing: "when you find yourself in a hole, perhaps it is time to stop digging."

  67. Nando, a few days ago I was a 0L. But, thanks to your blog (and some additional research), I decided not to send in my final deposit to a 2nd tier law school. This is possibly one of the best, most informed decisions of my life thus far. Keep up the good work!

  68. A new message from pussy Morse:


  69. These blogs are doing the lord's work. The defenders are paid shitlings for the industry. It's not even a question of credibility? The shills have none.

  70. This information on this blog convinced me not to attend Suffolk or Western New England College of Law in fall 2011. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but it isn't worth the terrible debt and lack of employment.

  71. Hey can you do a review on Ann Levine "The Law School Expert" and how much she charges for her law school admission consulting packages?

  72. Anyone considering Chapman, know this:

    The school has been around for less than 20 yrs. It is ranked 104th. You might think, 'Oh, that's good for such a new school.'

    Well, it still has the following defects: it is in southern California. (think of the job market and cost of living). It chages way too much in tuition. It does not have a large established base of alumni.

    Need I go on any more about this laughingstock?

  73. Nando:

    You should cover this:



  74. Done with my first year baby yeah! WOOOOOOT!!! LAW SCHOOL RULES!!!! GPA PLUMMETTED FROM A MIDTERM GPA OF THREE POINT FIVE, I REPEAT, 3.5 GPA YA'LL TO A 3 POINT ONE PHOUR. THAT'S 3.14. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO YEEEHAW!!! I'M CONSIDERING not typing in caps, and doing business school instead.


    TL/DR for all you slows:

    Midterm GPA 3.5+, Final GPA 3.15. I imagine I would have been close to the top of my class with that midterm GPA. now I know not where the hell I am at! WOOT! Lovin' it!

  75. Wheres Drake Law on the list? That's the real toilet.

  76. Wheres Drake Law on the list? That's the real toilet.

    July 3, 2011 2:58 AM

    Drake? that's been covered on this blog long ago. Hold on, I'll get a link for you.

  77. Drake? Ah, yes, an oldie but goodie:


  78. why do you guys hate tier iii, ii law school so much? even though it may be expansive and all, better than not having any degree. also the fact that you were able to graduate from law school means you have certain knowledge than those who didn't go law school.
    money isn't everything in life you know. its about what you do with.

    1. I know this post is one year old, but it has to be said: no, you're completely and extremely wrong. Can you do simple math? Yes, a degree that costs 200K and doesn't get you a job is far worse than not getting that degree and not paying 200K. Remember, law school is a professional school. Pursuit of knowledge is what a liberal arts undergrad is for. If an expensive law school can't get most of its students a job, it has no reason to exist.

      As for your comment that "money isn't everything", it's easy to say that when you don't have to drop $2,000 a month in student loan repayments. You'll learn real quick exactly how important money is.

      The actual reason I came to this page was that I got a letter from something called a "Chapman University" about their fabulous international law program. I had to look these guys up to figure out who the hell they were. I had no intention of moving across the country to Orange, CA anyway, but what I've seen confirms my suspicions that Chapman has no shot at sending any of its international law-interested grads to Brussels or The Hague.


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