Sunday, July 10, 2011

Profiles in Shameless Ass-Kissing: Andrew Spillane, Marquette JD

Hello, Andrew Spillane. How are you doing today, you slack-jawed, beady-eyed brown noser?

After lamenting the task of landing employment in a down economy, Andrew decides to stick his head firmly up his rectum:

“And then, there are the scam bloggers. These law students and graduates have taken to the Internet to voice their complaints about the cost and quality of legal education. They claim that their schools defrauded them—or scammed them, if you will—into believing that most of the schools’ graduates landed employment in private practice or with the government or in business post-graduation, all implying to them that they would be working as attorneys. But lo and behold, the employment statistics reported by the schools may have been inflated, counting someone working at the law school on a part-time basis and someone working as a barista at Starbucks as employed under their statistics.” [Emphasis mine]

Child, many ABA-accredited law schools have definitely inflated their employment placement rates, as well as starting salary information.

Dean John Y. Gotanda ADMITTED that Villanova University School of Law KNOWINGLY reported inaccurate info to the ABA. How is that for reality?!?!

Look at how SEVERAL third tier commodes and fourth tier trash pits ADMITTED that their article III clerkship figures are wrong. Of course, the pigs at the University of North Dakota, University of St. Thomas, and Western New England College refer to these as reporting “errors.” For $ome rea$on, those “mistakes” seem to always benefit the schools.

Unlike Spineless Spillane, Paul Campos, law professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder, does not mince words.

“Law schools, however, make it much harder than it needs to be by publishing misleading data about their employment statistics. Many law schools all but explicitly promise that, within a few months of graduation, practically all their graduates will obtain jobs as lawyers, by trumpeting employment figures of 95 percent, 97 percent, and even 99.8 percent. The truth is that less than half will.” [Emphasis mine]

Sissy Spillane then cries that some of the scamblogs are “littered with curse words.” Get over it, and direct some of your ire to the "in$titition$ of higher education" that are crushing students with mountains of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. We are not the ones charging $47,800 for a single year of tuition and fees at a third tier commode. However, the 135th greatest, most fantastic law school in the nation, New York Law $chool, manages to do so. Also, the scam-blogs are not stating that Class of 2010 members in private practice earned a median starting salary of $125,000. Seton Hall University Sewer of Law makes this claim. How is that for professionalism and ethics?!?!

Thanks to scam-blogger Demosthenes, we can see that Andrew Spillane has always been a tool. He earned a “Political Science” degree from Marquette University, in 2008. Wow! That must have been very strenuous. What an achievement! Andrew then managed to graduate cum laude from 95th ranked Marquette University Law School. Yet, by his own admission, he has “struggled to find attorney positions with decent pay.” (At least you did not need to take the Wisconsin bar exam, and shell out more money.)

Furthermore, Andrew was a member of the foul trash pit known as the Federalist Society. This reprehensible organization was started, when neoconservatives realized that Republicans often occupy the Oval Office while facing congressional opposition. Hence, the cockroaches support the idiotic “unitary executive theory.”

Legal Intern
Office of Legal Counsel to Governor Scott Walker
Law Practice industry
February 2011 – April 2011 (3 months)”

What a beacon of integrity, huh?!?! Andrew also worked at Guaranty Bank FSB in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I don’t see where he had any law firm or clinic experience. So much for graduating with honors from a borderline second tier sewage pit, I guess.

Lastly, Andrew, why don’t you ask Gordon Hylton of MarqueTTe Univer$iTTy Law $chool what he thinks of this site?!?!

Back on July 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm, Professor J. Gordon Hylton at Marquette Law School wrote the following, about Third Tier Reality:

“For a thought-provoking (and sobering) blog devoted to the realities of legal education in the 21st century, one should check out Third Tier Reality”

In fact, he made this statement on the very Marquette Law Faculty Blog that you claim to thoroughly enjoy, bitch.

As you can see, Hylton has taught at Marquette Law since 1995. You do want his approval, don’t you?!


  1. Beautifully sliced and diced -- ouch.
    Please use the following word in a sentence:
       [sik-uh-fuhnt, -fant, sahy-kuh-]
    a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

    1530–40; < Latin sȳcophanta < Greek sȳkophántēs informer, equivalent to sŷko ( n ) fig + phan- (stem of phaínein to show) + -tēs agentive suffix
    -Related forms
    syc·o·phan·tic, syc·o·phan·ti·cal, syc·o·phant·ish, adjective
    syc·o·phan·ti·cal·ly, syc·o·phant·ish·ly, adverb
    syc·o·phant·ism, noun
    toady, yes man, flunky, fawner, flatterer.

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  3. Also, it's amazing how shills complain about pictures of toilets and bad language, yet they are silent on greedy law administrators stealing millions of dollars from students.

    Law schools are voraciously anticipating the new influx of cash coming in next month. A mountain of money, encouraged by fraudulent employment statistics and outright lies. Law school will destroy the lives of tens of thousands of students this year. But it's ok. Let's rage at Nando for posting a picture of a toilet.

  4. Wonderful article Nando. I feel bad for Andrew Spillane, I really do. I bet Andrew believes he can network his way into a legal position if he schmoozes with every faculty member at the school. He really thinks his professors have a deep, untapped network of highly-paid legal professionals dying to hire Marquette grads.

    In truth, law professors are gnats in the actual practice of law. They don't have the v10 partner's number on speed dial, they don't know any of the local judges (the ones at my school didn't) or local attorneys. The "educators" did an easy clerkship 20 years ago before going straight back into academia. Most of them never practiced law!!!

    At best, you have a professor who spent a few years as a junior associate before burning out, or they were forced out because they were crappy lawyers. Now the fraudsters teach 6 hours a week and spend the rest of the week enjoying their oversized paychecks. They make no effort whatsoever to help you get a job.

    If poor dupe Andrew knew these truths he wouldn't be shilling for the ones who fleeced him. Andrew, wake the fuck up. Your professors won't get you a job. They have zero contacts in the legal industry. They took your money. You have been had. Sorry man.

    Direct your energy towards the ones who swindled you, not the ones who try to prevent lemmings from making your mistake.

  5. Thanks for this. I posted a long detailed response explaining the flaws in his post, and either he or whoever administers his blog censored it even though I had obviously put a lot of time and thought into it. That's the kind of person Andrew Spillane is.

  6. I just checked his blog posts, and what's odd is he allowed a few short and somewhat inanely critical comments (like the one discussing vulgarity as a historic art form). But my long item by item critique - that took me 30 minutes and careful thought to write - was not allowed. Andrew Spillane decides who gets to talk and who doesn't. He controls the debate.

  7. Andrew is a tool. Its okay to fuck students in the ass for a TTT diploma. But it's not okay to call out the greedy schools. Get the fuck outta here.

  8. give the kid a break...hes just working on his writing skills because like others who graduate law school and cant make it in the legal profession, hes going to end up a blogger.

  9. (from the marquette blog)

    'These blogs are dripping with anger and vitriol. Some are littered with curse words.'

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This kid is probably downing in debt and he's mad about some foul language. You got kids with law degrees that cannot ever buy a home or get married. Get laid Andy.

  10. thanks to google, "profiles in shameless ass kissing" will be forever associated with andrew spillane. I'd say give this a week before it ranks in the 2nd or 3rd spot in google searches for his name....

  11. This kid's post is rich. If Andy Spillane cannot stomach a few curse words and pictures of fecal matter, wait until he practices law. Chances are, he will practice shitlaw where clients will be insulting him calling him every curse word in English and other assorted languages. Just wait until his opposing counsel tells him to roll his brief and stick up his momma's ass. Dignified? Noble? Son, this isn't 1867. The legal business (notice I did not use the term "profession") is filthy down to the core. Why is Andy upset that the spotlight of the dirt has been put on the law schools, where it is much deserved.

    Andy Spillane reminds me of a dumb schlub who believes a purse snatcher should get 20 years in jail for stealing $20 but the CEO of Goldman Sachs should be lauded for bankrupting Greece.

    Nando, why are you even devoting any blog space to this plebe? He just recently graduated, knows nothing about the practice of law and is clearly looking for brownie points from the Marquette law faculty.

  12. How did you find this kid's blog? Maybe if you spent more time trying to find a legal job and less time writing a blog to make fun of a stranger you've never met (almost completely without furthering the noble purpose of your valiant blog)...well, then you wouldn't be so angsty. In your next life, spend some time on the front end (other than looking at statistics on a website) and think that just maybe going to a "third tier" law school in Iowa might not land you a big bucks associate position in a lawyer factory straight out of law school.
    PS to the commenter who spent 30 minutes replying to Spillane's post only to have it be deleted: I'm sure the internet is hurting without your thoughtful insight. Spend less time flaming other bloggers and more time....doing something that might impress a potential employer?

  13. I have noticed that no one who criticizes the scamblogs ever says much of anything that calls into question the substance of the scamblogs. The objections are always to the naughty words, or the pictures of toilets, or the lack of polite and civil discourse.

    Gosh, maybe this could be because the things the scamblogs say about law school are actually accurate.

    Most of the people who post on this blog and try to argue against the substance of the blog end up making ad hominem attacks, or whine about how mean it is to stomp on someone's dream, or relate stories about how someone who graduated from this or that law toilet made it into the big time.

    I have yet to read a meaningful rebuttal to the core contention that the scamblogs make - that law school is too expensive, that the loans are nondischargeable, that the education is pretty much useless, that the law schools are full of shit with their employment stats and their explanations of how extremely helpful their certificates and law journals are and that the law schools have no intention of changing anything until they have to. Oh yeah, and the legal job market has gone to shit and is probably never coming back. Outside of those small problems, law school is a great idea and I would encourage everyone to go!

  14. And just as soon as I make my posting at 2:44, I look and see that the poster at 2:37 has made my point for me. Way to go, Mr. Ad Hominem! Not a word suggesting why law school might be a good idea. Nothing to suggest why this blog or any other scamblog is wrong. Just personal attacks on Nando.

    Once again, if someone has an argument in favor of law school that doesn't involve a personal attack on a blogger, or an anecdote about the odd fourth tier graduate who makes it big, or a statement that all the big time recent law graduates are too busy to post here, I would love to read it. Pretty sure I won't though.

  15. Nando, please keep using foul language and pictures of shit. That's the only way the fuckers will get the message. They "want" you to be nice and civilized so as not to draw attention to the scam. The time for niceties is over!

  16. hey are we accusing others of ad hominem when that is 90% of what this article was? Tsk tsk.

  17. Cockroaches love the dark. They can forage for food, leave their eggs and do their dirty deeds in the dark. When the lights come on, the roaches run for cover. Nando has turned the light on these roaches posing as law school administrators. Of course they don't like the light on them. They want to go back to the good old days where kids would enroll in school, never question the false stats and if shit hits the fan, well OCS is there to remind you that you didn't work hard or network enough. What the law schools are doing is CRIMINAL. Of course they are upset and this Andrew Spillane is probably employed as a teaching or research assistant to an overpaid, self-appointed king asshole law professor and the former writes these stupid articles to defend the latter's existence and salary.

    Some law schools have, on record, acknowledged the problem. However, their solution is disingenuous. Sure, they shrink the class sizes but then raise tuition on the suckers that enroll or continue as 2Ls and 3Ls. I see what these roaches are doing. There is nothing civil or noble about legal "academia." The time to play nice is over. The gloves are off and I am glad that Nando is putting the flashlight on these corrupt roaches.

  18. People like our friend at 2:37 like to bitch about the scamblogs, but no one, NO ONE, is stopping anyone from going to law school.

    The scamblogs present a point of view, backed up by some pretty convincing facts, that law school, particularly non-elite law school, is high risk. What is so horribly offensive in presenting that truism? Wanna go to one of these filthy, overpriced scams? Go right ahead. No one is stopping anyone else from pursuing "their dream".

    I think what these shills get upset about is that they are, at root, unsure of their decision, are in need of affirmation and, finding the very opposite of that in the scamblogs, they become enraged.

    Get over it. The scamblogs have garnered major attention to the law school scam, and have probably saved more than a few unfortunate potential lemmigs from attending one of these foul trash pits.

    It is the Lord's Work.

    P.S.: Spillane is a shameless ass-kisser.

  19. I think Spillane's greatest mistake was diverting any attention to these silly blogs. I have better things to do than read some kids' whining because they didn't get their cushy dream job. Boo fucking hoo. Man the fuck up, girls. And Spillane, tinfoil hat-wearing trolls don't deserve any more attention, jackass.

  20. @ July 10, 2011 3:38 PM

    Since you are reading this blog, apparently you don't have better things to do. As for "manning up", fighting the law school industry scam is "manning up". Just letting the scammers work you over and just taking it quietly would not be.

    Of course its no surprise that the scammers and their apologists would try to blame the victims to just get over it while they continue to perpetuate their scam!

  21. Ah, yes "unitary executive theory", i.e., Stalinism for the country-club GOP.

    Andrew "Mickey" Spillane; the little fucker acts like a tool, so it is fitting he wears a tool's face.

    Where is the Coin'el? He should off this little cocksucker a job frying chicken....

  22. Nando: Keep up what you're doing. When people criticize you for foul language and photos of overstuffed commodes (Am I being too polite?), they are simply upset that you're not playing their game, their way, which would mean fighting them by their rules on their turf. That's what the plutocracy, and those who massage them, want you to do because they have money and power. They know that if you don't have those things, you can't fight them that way. But, deep down, they must know that you're fighting for the truth--which is the only thing worth fighting for--if they're criticizing you the way they are.

  23. Colonel Walter E. KurtzJuly 10, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    "We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't them to write 'fuck' on their airplanes because it's obscene!"

  24. Colonel Walter E. KurtzJuly 10, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    "We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write 'fuck' on their airplanes because it's obscene!"

  25. I agree with Dona except I think referring to the money trust as a "plutocracy" is a misnomer. It's pretty much a full blown Kleptocracy at this point.

    Nando this may have been your best post yet. This kid is the perfect example of the unenlightened exceptionlism that allows the education cartel to bait and switch. I would LOVE to know how much this kid leveraged his ass to go to school. If it's anything more than 60K, he's officially a delusional idiot.

  26. @ 2:37- perfectly put. I notice this time and again. When scamblogs and other advocates are criticized, nothing is ever mentioned of the core message the scambloggers et. al are discussing. Rather, a blind defense of the system according to childlike notions takes place while judging the style and legitimacy of the bloggers, and their efforts. It strengthens the argument of the scamblogs.

  27. Nando beat the shit out of this kid good. He deserved it. Dumbshits want to put the focus on foul language while thousands of people are getting financially raped for life by these law schools. Get a clue. Keep up the great work, scambloggers. The truth is on your side.

  28. Dear Andrew Spillane,

    Please come back when you have some facts to back up the insane argument you insist on making. While you're at it, please find a better picture of yourself. That smarmy smile you're wearing makes me want to kick you until you're dead.


    Sue Anybody

  29. I read Spillane's article. His one and only complaint is that he thinks that the scambloggers' lack of "decorum" and "civility" might undermine any remaining positive mystique possessed by the legal profession. This he calls "unprofessional." He contrasts
    "bothersome" scambloggers with his professors, to whom he expresses his "sincerest gratitude."

    Contra Spillane, "professionalism" has more to do with competence, honesty, and integrity, than with "decorum." Therefore, if Spillane must himself breach decorum by branding colleagues as "unprofessional," let him first consider the professionalism of law school deans and faculty.

    Let him consider the piss-poor practical training, the massive tuitions, and the filthy lies about career prospects. Let him consider that the professors got rich (and the deans got super-rich) off the misplaced trust of bright but gullible kids. Unprofessional? Yes, and more: IMO, law school administration and faculty are Madoff-style racketeers.

  30. This guy looks toolrific. I am beyond angry. I am like a supernova ready to explode on the law schools, ABA, Board of Bar Examiners and everyone else that has sat by and let this profession trun to crap. Now, we have former law students bringing civil lawsuits against their law schools, some people used to think suing a law school was crazy. I will go a step further, I believe criminal prosecutions are appropriate for law school faculty. People steal a candy bar from a convenience and are arrested by police every day. Somehow, law schools are allowed to commit fraud to induce students to go to law school and not be held responsible. It is stealing. In my state, theft of over $250 is a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. I would love to see faculty brought out in handcuffs. It is not that different from the infomercial guys that went to prison, one for over fifteen years, for promising wealth in real estate. I know it is a radical idea. Someone takes $300 under false pretenses it is a crime and a felony, why isn't the systematic fraud on employment statistics used by law schools multiple counts of theft by false pretenses? Does this make the ABA an accomplice?

  31. Here is my opinion. I personally like the hard hitting posts from scam bloggers. A disgusting picture is simple, easy to understand and to the point. I think law schools, the ABA, and the Bar are the ones that lacks professionalism and ethics. I disagree with you because you are more worried about form instead of substance. People like you are very dangerous in any society.

    The legal profession is rotten to the core. Law schools, the ABA and Bar Examiners have failed horribly in their mission and you worry about politeness? It is unethical for law schools to lie about employment statistics, even when law schools do not outright lie but manipulate surveys to portray a false picture, saddle people with debt, it is wrong.

    Often, there is huge conflict of interest between the law school and its students best interests. If our key institutions are thoroughly corrupt, the whole idea of law as a noble profession is a joke. That is a lot more serious than someone using a little profanity.

    I kept it short, but another serious problem is the lack of proper training in law school. Most people I know that graduate law school are qualified to commit malpractice upon passing the Bar. Again, I think this issue is more serious than someone picturing a law school as a toilet.

  32. I recognize that Andrew Spillane is trying to score brownie points, with “law professors” and the larger industry. It is difficult to do so, if one has a moral compass or any integrity. If you want to be a sycophant, Andrew, at least rely on actual facts to make your little case.

    In the span of 29 years, covering 1980-1981 to 2008-2009, a cumulative total of 1,127,235 law degrees were awarded by ABA-accredited law schools. Yes, ONE MILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE law degrees have been issued in the last 29 years, in the United States. Do you think there might be a glut of attorneys out there?!?!

    How is pumping out FAR TOO MANY law grads for the available number of attorney positions “professional”?!?!

    Take a look at average law student indebtedness, by law school. Keep in mind that this does not include student debt accumulated during undergrad. You will notice that many of the schools at the top of this chart are third tier commodes and fourth tier trash pits. You should realize by now, Andrew, that graduates of such bottom-feeding in$titution$ face daunting odds of landing decent employment. How is strapping down thousands of highly-educated people - MANY of whom will never practice law - with monstrous levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt responsible?!?!

    Keep in mind that a law degree is NOT versatile, despite what the $elf-intere$ted “law professors” pronounce, i.e. “One can do anything with a law degree.”

    Former Biglaw associate and current psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer slayed the myth of the flexible law degree - in convincing fashion - back on November 3, 2010. This is from someone who has been through the process. Unlike the “law professors,” Meyerhofer does not have a financial stake in the matter. Andrew, explain how telling incoming first year students that a law degree is versatile is honest or ethical.

    As you can see, Snake Eyes Spillane does not address any of these valid concerns in-depth. In fact, the bitch seems to think that this is a joke or a game, I.e. “But lo and behold, the employment statistics reported by the schools may have been inflated.” This is a SERIOUS issue, cockroach. Hell, YOU graduated from law school with honors - and apparently remain unemployed. How does that feel? Wisconsin only has two law schools, yet apparently is oversaturated with attorneys.

  33. Keep up the good work Nando. The criminal pig-filth who run lawschools and drive students into debt deserve everything they get. These animals are sub-human.

  34. Poor little Andrew thinks writing an OpEd which agrees with the law faculty filth will garner him a job. Here's a hint: it wont.

    The professors and other low lifes who profit from starving law students should be strung up.

  35. The subhuman trash who operate these schools ought to be strung up by their thumbs and shot in the face at close range. Those that defend these fucks should be flogged severely.

  36. Heeeelp! Someone just took a Huuuuuge 'SETON HALL LAW' in the office toilet! The janitor keeps trying to plunge it but it won't go down!

  37. dupednontraditionalJuly 11, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    7:32 AM said "Poor little Andrew thinks writing an OpEd which agrees with the law faculty filth will garner him a job. Here's a hint: it wont."

    Exactly. This is akin to the rich kids inviting a poor kid to come play with them, only to not-so-subtley redicule him for being out of their class the entire time.

    But go ahead, Andrew. Buddy-up to your betters. While they laugh behind your back.


    Andrew, I will be happy to provide you a bottle of breath spray for ass-kissers. I would still advise you to brush your teeth first, cockroach. Actually, I recommend that you develop a backbone and grow some balls. Life is short. Do you want to spend your life on your knees, bitch?!?!

    Zac Bissonette concludes his Time article with this:

    “My advice to would-be law students is this: Don’t think that law school is a guarantee of anything, and only consider going if the career you are passionate about involves being a lawyer. Keep your ego out of it, and don’t be seduced by the bright lights of a J.D. Finally, let your results on the LSAT influence your decision: If you aren’t qualified to get into an elite law school, consider that it might not be the right career for you anyway.”

    “The golden era is gone, but this is not because the law itself is becoming less relevant. Rather, the sea change reflects an urgent need for better and cheaper legal services that can keep pace with the demands of a rapidly globalizing world. The Great Recession—a catalyst for change—provided an opportunity to re-examine some long-standing assumptions about lawyers and the clients they serve.”

    When you have a moment, Andrew, during your period of unemployment, take a look at outsourcing, advances in software, and the rise of LPOs. Also, MANY states allow non-lawyers to engage in the limited practice of law. CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU WERE TOLD, THE LOSS OF JOBS IS NOT DUE TO THE RECESSION. (By the way, cretin, the United States is experiencing a fundamental change in its economic structure.)

    Back on June 13, 2010, law professor Brian Tamanaha wrote the following:

    “This dismal situation was not created by the current recession—which merely spread the pain up the chain into the lower reaches of elite schools. This has been going on for years.”

    Lastly, take a look at this piece by Timothy D. Naegele, who has apparently practiced law for 44 years. It is a stinging indictment of your cherished “profession.” By the way, you are not even a member of this stink pit, Andrew. Why defend this excrementitious industry?!?!

  39. Lesson of the Day:

    "A de-industrialized country is a weak state that is ripe for the picking."


    I think the fundamental point that Mr. Spillane misses is that our industrial based economy has been destroyed by design. The Democrats helped with adopting NAFTA and GATT. The Republicans also helped by giving corporations tax breaks to export jobs overseas. So what does this all mean? Besides the fact that our politicians have sold us down the river, it means that we are witnessing the mop up of America's economy, which includes extracting money from the higher education scam.

    Mr. Spillane is a bit slow in identifying himself as a victim. There is no place in the legal "profession" for him, unless he goes solo. With no skills or practical knowledge, good luck with that. He has a useless degree from an unknown law school. The closest this guy will practice law is defending some drunk ruffian who is charged with disorderly conduct at a Brewers game. Six figure debt for the privilege of representing rowdy drunks? No thank you.

  40. nando posted Andrew's Linkedin profile. Does anyone see any law firm experience? He was on secondary journal. But that's about it. Everything else has been in politics or banking. (three stints at the same bank). Oh I guess he's got some research asst experience, too.

    This guy has no chance at practicing law. It looks like he is in doc review right now. If he decides to go solo, he is a walking malpractice suit waiting to happen. (This isn't even due to his deficiencies but by the faults of the ABA law schools for not teaching people how to practice). But this dumbass thinks its a profession. Sad.

  41. How does whining on the internet make a difference? Give it a rest, Nando.

    The World Traveling Law Student | Top 18%

  42. Quit whining about others posting facts and entertaining articles, douchebag. If you don't like the truth go somewhere else. Did anyone force you to read this blog?

  43. I think we all need to take up a collection to buy World Traveling Law Student some toys to play with. Maybe that'll give him something to do besides making the same posting here over and over.

    That, or else maybe someone should find him some traffic to go play in.

  44. @11:23
    This blog, and others similar to it, played a significant role in my final decision to not attend law school. I've started engineering prereqs instead. I had already come across what we now consider to be the 'hard facts' of the legal profession, but TTR's brand of brutal discourse was helpful in parting me from my lingering, unrealistic optimism.

    These blogs are not, and shouldn't be, the only factor in such a decision; at the very least, blogs like THIRD TIER REALITY give potential law students pause. More or less, I thought "really?" and began investigating and reading-between-the-lines of sources that I had previously trusted. This is relevant to what people are presently discussing: professionalism.

    Professionalism, here, is an affectation that stands in the way of honest discourse. For example, if you go to the official government job report for the legal profession, it describes job opportunities as "KEEN". What the fuck does that mean? You can click "KEEN" but the guide still won't give you a straight answer. As with law schools themselves, this professional report is 'technically' telling the truth, but in such a way that hides the gravity of the situation. Playing by the rules, describing the KEENESS of the legal profession (seriously, what the fuck?), isn't going to get to anybody.

    The establishment knows this; hence, Andrew Spillane. The only way to make a difference is to do what 11:23 calls "whining on the internet". Nowhere else is free from the blinds of "professionalism." Elsewhere, the odds of breaking free of false exceptionalism are KEEN.

    To all of you "whining on the internet": THANK YOU.

  45. That's sad that someone would choose not to go to law school based on the BS of this blog. I think credibility is lost when a person doesn't take the bar exam because they don't have a job lined up after law school. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE I talk to who has graduated law school has had very little problems finding a job as long as they are diligent.

    The facts and figures of this blog in no way refute that law school is a good investment. The schools state that a certain percent of people find jobs, and a certain percent of people make an income falling in a certain range. I don't understand how Nando can claim he is debunking that information by posting the exact same thing the schools state. Maybe a person with a background that isn't in math/statistics/economics is having the wool pulled over their eyes, but I am not fooled. A person should not be told he/she is an idiot for going to a third/fourth tier school. I did, and have had a few people tell me that they are interested in having me work for them. I am by no means a social person either.

    This blog, and others like it, are created in angst. Nando claims he is only giving real figures. However, when someone disagrees he argues like a 10 year old, using name calling. Many so-called scambloggers use this argument strategy. Calling me names does no way make an argument credible, but makes it look like you are desperate. Desperation reeks. There is no battle here to be won. Thousands upon thousands of people are going to law school. Law is a respected profession that has been around since the dawn of civilization and it will be around far far longer than any of us will live. Trying to fight the legal profession is like trying to fight the sun. You will only get burned and look like a fool by most. Sure, you will have some followers, everyone follows something. That, however, does not make one intelligent.

    Zero credibility for not taking the bar. Zero for not looking for a job in the legal profession. Zero for not posting grades/rank.

    You just got served.

    The World Traveling Law Student | Top 18%

  46. You haven't even finished school yet you daft twat. You have less than zero credibility.

    Being in the top 18% of your class is like being in the top 18% of a special ed class, you're still retarded.

    Also I suspect you may be suffering from some kind of intense, untreated mental illness. I would strongly encourage you to seek counseling.

  47. @3:59
    You don't need to fight the invincible horror, per say; you kill it by starving it. Don't go to law school.

    As fun as Mr. Top 18% sounds to work with (top 18% of what? why is a law STUDENT traveling the world? what is he doing on this blog?), there is always an alternative.


    You were going to spend 3-4+ years in grad school, anyways...why not get a technical degree or a Bachelor of Sciences from scratch?

    I'll see you all in Calc.

  48. Why do I travel? Why does the wind blow? Why does the sun shine? What the puff?

    The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence

  49. @4:37

    I agree. If you are in your 20's you can easily transition into Healthcare, Engineering, or Business IMO. Heck you could probably pull it off in your 30's too. Lemmings don't realize that they will be working for almost 40 years after they graduate from college. Why ruin your life with law school before you even leave the gate?

  50. Why do you call us leaders who want to go to law school lemmings? Keep in mind I followed nobody except myself into this. No family went to law school. No friends went to law school. No pets went to law school.

    The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence

  51. It looks like mentally-retarded and untreated schizoidphrenic World Traveler lost his internship. That lasted all of a week. No one called you a leader. DOing what millions of others have done is not the def. of leader. Dumbshit.

    Also...why would any pets go to law school?

  52. World Traveling Dumbass, your grasp of economic principles is laughable. I think the University of Phoenix ripped you off when it gave you that shiny degree in econ.

    The truth is we can't argue with you because you don't bring any intellect or experience to the table. You don't have the equipment to understand the premises or conclusions in this ongoing debate, but that doesn't stop you, unfortunately, from adding your own useless input.

    I think it was Mark Twain who said, "never argue with idiots. First, they bring you down to their level, then they beat you with experience."

    Anyway, just because it's pointless to argue with you, doesn't mean it's not fun to ridicule you. And you seem to enjoy being derided as well.

    By the way kid, your 18% rank in a special ed law school doesn't mean shit. Even if you were smart, that doesn't mean much either. Just as there are plenty of hot chicks sucking off ugly men, there are plenty of smart people working under idiots.

    You are a fool if you think intellect and hard work alone are going to save you from abject poverty.

  53. I don't think intellect and hard work alone will save me from abject poverty. I think it's funny when people on the internet call each other idiots when they have no idea. I went to school at a well respected Jesuit institution. I studied under amazing economics professors. Also, as for the internship, I still have it and an interview to work for a judge next week. That means during my first summer I may have not one, but 2 internships. Not only that, but taking the time to visit 2 Latin American countries.

    I am also married. And yes, she knows all about law school debt and we are 100% sure the marriage will never end. 10 years, and have the most amazing marriage in the history of mankind.

  54. The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence^

  55. World Traveling Law Student sighted!

  56. It's strange. If you listen closely you can hear him gurgling cum from a distance as his "happy, loving wife" watches in disgust from a corner.

  57. "The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence

    July 11, 2011 5:17 PM"

    WTLS: I am a BIG, HUGE FAN of this and other law school scamblogs. I am a licensed attorney, and I could not give a rat's ass if you go to law school or not. They are doing a good job in pointing out the very real risks of law school, especially at these astronomical prices.

    See you on the outside, kiddo.

  58. I hope world traveler is who he says he is and not some internet prankster. If so, his delusion-filled noggin is going to be whacked hard and repeatedly by the lead pipe of reality when he finally leaves the academic nursery with his toilet JD, his educational debt, and zero practical ability to actually represent a client.

    Some stats, from mainstream sources:

    * [A]cross the country, there were twice as many people who passed the bar in 2009 (53,508) as there were openings (26,239).

    * Law graduates in the class of 2010 have set a new record, and it’s not a good one. Only 68.4 percent of 2010 grads were able to land a job requiring bar passage, the lowest percentage since the legal career professionals group NALP began collecting statistics.

    * "When we take temporary employment into account, it appears that approximately 45 percent of 2010 graduates of this particular top-50 law school had real legal jobs nine months after graduation. And the overall number is likely lower, since it seems probable that the temporary employment figures for the graduates of almost any top 50 school would be better than the average outcome for the graduates of the 198 ABA-accredited law schools as a whole.",1


    Time Visitor Session
    Jul 11 2011 6:39pm 4 actions 1m 44s
    Jul 11 2011 5:56pm 5 actions 10m 53s
    Jul 11 2011 5:15pm 4 actions 21m 25s
    Jul 11 2011 4:38pm 4 actions 13m 16s
    Jul 11 2011 3:50pm 4 actions 10m 49s
    Jul 6 2011 12:26pm 4 actions 7m 9s

    Check out Ass-Clown’s comment on this thread:

    "Anonymous said...

    I am the piece of waste. I am not scared to tell you about my credentials. institution. WNEC, class rank: top 18%, section 2, LSAT score 153, Undergrad GPA 3.2, Law GPA 3.14.

    June 27, 2011 9:41 AM"

    This cretin is bragging about being in the top 18 percent of TTTT Western New England College Sewer of Law. This is akin to boasting about having a high test score, among a class of slow children. As you can see from his posts on this entry, the kid is working at an unpaid internship this summer.

    According to US “News” & World Report, WNEC is a fourth tier piece of garbage! Actually, Pussy Bob Morse now lists these cesspools as “Rank Not Published.” Now, you can see why this school is such a stack of steaming waste.

    This New York Times Economix Blog article notes that Massachusetts is the 5th most GLUTTED lawyer job market, in the nation. A study estimates that Massachusetts will have 715 annual openings, between 2010-2015. Fully 2,165 people passed the Massachusetts bar exam, in 2009. As such, there was a surplus of 1,450 new attorneys, in the state, for one year! Good luck trying to find a decent attorney position, after being flushed out of WNEC, bitch.

    By the way, cockroach, these blogs have been cited favorably in law review articles, New York Times, Slate, ABA Journal,, etc. How do you spell credibility, moron?!?!

    Also, if you don’t like reality, then keep sticking your head in the sand - and continue to borrow more money to attend Fourth Tier Trash Pit We$TTTTern New England College $chool of Law.

  60. You know, I think the World Traveling Law Student is a phony, but in the event he isn't -- has anyone ever noticed how low his GPA is? With a 3.14, to be in the top 18% of your law school class is pretty telling. I finished my first year with about a solid 3.1, and was ranked just around 100. Graduated with just above a 3.5, didn't crack the top 20%. Intellectual monoliths over there at Western New England.

  61. I graduated from a dump that has been featured on this blog. I graduated with a 3.1 and was barely in the top half of the class. WNEC must be home to a severe grading curve or the kids are just morons. The fact they ended up at one of the worst law schools in the country shows they aren't too bright to begin with.

  62. WNEC is a joke, we have been getting more and more resumes from these cretins lately, as apparently the incredibly fertile Springfield and Pittsfield legal job markets have dried up. (LOL.)

    WNEC, UMass Dartmouth (or whatever the fuck it's being called), Mass School of Law, and NESL are in a tight four-way race for the title of worst law school in Massachusetts. With Suffolk nipping at their heels!

  63. WNEC top 18%

    You know what the white stuff is on the top of bird shit? It's bird shit too. Congrats. JK.

  64. I don't get how you all get some kind of wicked glee out of talking down my rank. No offense, but many of you just stated you were in the bottom half or close to that of your class. I am not bragging when I say I am in the top 18%. In fact, maybe I should not post it anymore. Either way, I don't get the point of these blogs for those who are SERIOUS about going to law school and SERIOUS about being in the top 1/4th of the class.

    The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence.
    BA Economics 2010 | JD expected 2013
    "Climbing the ladder of success since birth"

  65. World Traveling Law Student:

    If you don't get the point of this blog, why do you keep posting here? Also, if you think something is wrong with the people who post here, what does it say about you that you participate in this blog with such frequency? If the posters here and Nando are losers and whiners, and you post here just about non stop, doesn't that kind of put you in the loser and whiners club?

    Either you are a troll who needs something better to do with your time, or you are a seriously, seriously disturbed individual. Either way, I suggest you seek some kind of help. All is definitely not well in your world.

  66. I am "a seriously, seriously disturbed individual."

    The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence.
    BA Economics 2010 | JD expected 2013
    "Climbing the ladder of success since birth"

  67. To the piece of trash who constantly posts from Chicopee, MA:

    "Mental illness is a serious medical illness that affects one in four families.

    NAMI's support and public education efforts are focused on educating America about mental illness, offering resources to those in need and insisting that mental illness become a high national priority."

    I don't deal well with the mentally ill, i.e. you. Go seek some professional help, bitch. Here is the contact info, for your state chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

    400 West Cummings Park
    Suite 6650
    Woburn, MA 01801-6528

    It must be sad to battle both mental illness and low intelligence. In fact, you are also suffering from ball shrinkage disroder and spinal atrophy.

  68. Yet I am still in the top 18% of my class. I don't get it Nando, you call me mentally deficient, not intelligent, and yet I am at the top of my class.

    What does that say about the other intelligent people that go to my law school? What about the others who worked oh so very hard not only to get into law school, but to excel?

    I shalt let thou ponder.

    The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence.
    BA Economics 2010 | JD expected 2013
    "Climbing the ladder of success since birth"

  69. By the way, I like how you deleted some of my comments. Goes to show you are not only scared of discourse, but you don't let the other side get a word in. More like the tactic of a dictator instead of someone who is trying to enlighten the masses. Again, credibility destroyed.

  70. @447:

    for the nth time, blogger's spam filter is over-active. if you leave a long rambling, angry post or one with links, it deletes them. it's happened to a lot of people on both sides of the "discourse."

  71. "Again, credibility destroyed.

    July 12, 2011 4:47 PM"

    Again, WTLS persists in the vain search for validation of his decisions. Why else on Earth to spend so much time on, of all things, a law school scamblog? It doesn't make any sense, the seeking of approval from people who will NEVER see things your way.

    That is because the central premise of the scamblogs is true: that for MOST people, non-elite law school, in this era, is a horrible investment.

    Again, WTLS proven silly.

  72. I bet World Traveling Law Student is Shithead from JDU.

  73. We should all send a big THANK YOU to Sen. Grassley.

    "Law School Accreditation Standards Questioned by U.S. Senator"

  74. WNEC cockroach,

    You are not entitled to any free publicity for your blog, bitch. Do you see how all of your posts without the hyperlink stay on this site?!?! By the way, no one is afraid of your comments, dogface. Make sure to post them anonymously. Hell, I have slapped you around so many times, you should be in a coma by now.

    It is now time for YOU to put up or shut up. Explain to the group WHY law school is a wise decision for MOST students. (In nearly all of your comments, you note that law students should land in the top ¼ of their class. Could you imagine if American dental or medical schools accepted far too many students?) The floor is yours, bitch. In fact, why don't you try to refute any of the links I have provided, cockroach?!?!

    By the way, you ended up at a fourth tier garbage pit. By your own admission, you scored a 153 on the LSAT and earned a pathetic 3.2 undergraduate GPA. What a great accomplishment, huh?!?!

    By the way, it does not surprise anyone that you, a mentally unhinged and ignorant dung beetle, would agree with Tool Andrew Spillane. However, if you look at his post on the Marquette Faculty Law Blog, most of the commenters point out that Spillane doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.

    Someone posting as Andy Carter posted this comment, on July 10, 2011 12:25 pm:

    “Andrew, you imply that you have not gotten a job; I am therefore a little puzzled as to where you obtained this view of what you consider professionalism. Certainly not from your professors, the vast majority of whom either never practiced or practiced for a few short years. The simple fact of the matter is there is a fundamental dishonesty in the law school industry, where it has become a business–even while law school administrators and faculty loudly argue it is not. That is the central argument behind the scam bloggers, who resort to over-the-top attacks because up to this point nothing else has worked. The law schools have failed in their duty as gatekeepers (Marquette accepts almost half the people who apply, which is ridiculous). The law school establishment knows what you do not; if they were honest, a lot of law schools would close down and a lot of career service personnel who compile employment statistics would be out of work. The anger that the scambloggers feel is legitimate.”

  75. revan said...

    I bet World Traveling Law Student is Shithead from JDU.

    July 12, 2011 6:23 PM

    JDU's shithead is a cunt of the lowest order.

  76. World Traveler is a prick; he does not make valid points. I welcome different opinions, but his observations and arguments are nonsense.

  77. Isnt the TTTT WNEC lemming the same douche who claimed to be a UDC professor? lmao! Nando don't ever ban this guy, he really brings me alot of LOLS.

  78. Andrew Spillane and the idiot who claimed the law has 'lost its prestige' should both go on the Amazing Race. They would likely drive into the ocean if their GPS told them to.

  79. This blog attracts trolls. I guess when you talk about shit (e.g. the legal profession and law schools), its relatives get upset. These law students are shelling out tons of cash to attend these TTTTs and they will face shit job prospects.

    But they get mad and have hurt feelings because some lawyers tell them the truth about this profession. It doesn't make sense. Either they're a hired mouthpiece (which would mean they have no credibility) or they are knee-jerk reactionaries who don't want to hear the truth (which makes them stupid and pathetic).

  80. I don't understand why and how the trolls and law school apologists have decided that the scamblogs keep people from their dream of attending law school. Nothing is stopping anyone from going to law school. The admission standards are so low that pretty much anyone can go. All the scamblogs do is point out that going to law school in no way guarantees a good paying job, or even a job that involves practicing law at all.

    Suggesting to prospective law students that obtaining a law degree is far from a guarantee that lucrative employment will be obtained is not unlike suggesting to a basketball player at a Division 1 school that a career as an NBA player is far from a certainty. The hypothetical D-1 basketball player certainly might make the NBA someday. Chances are much better he will play in the developmental league or in Europe or not at all. Would it be mean or unreasonable to tell this basketball player to major in something useful in college and get good grades, as the chances of him making a living playing basketball are not that great? Probably not.

    Advising a prospective law student that recent stats show that there are twice as many bar passers as jobs is not mean or hateful. Its not mean or dispiriting to point out that the practice of law can suck and that many, many lawyers leave law practice well before the end of their working lives. These things aren't mean spirited or hateful. This is cold, unpleasant reality.

    How many people out there playing pickup basketball right now at one time were certain that the NBA was in their future?

  81. That's essentially the point of the scamblogs. It's not offensive or "dream killing" at all. The scamblogs simply put forth the message that, at TODAY'S prices, attending a non-elite law school, for MOST people, is very high risk.

    It's that simple. It's true.

    Yet, some of these kids are obsessed with the fact that not everybody agrees with their decision to go to one of these sub-tier schools. They insist that everybody else, i.e., those of us who have been through all this, who have our degrees and/or licenses, approve their decision to roll the dice and attend one of these crappers.

    NO ONE is stopping anyone from going to law school. I personally don't care. But, along those same lines, NO ONE will ever get me to say that attending one of these shitters is a good bet. It's no more than a lottery ticket, and at least a lottery ticket won't make you "overqualified" to do anything else.

  82. Nando. I am impressed. This is much better than the same old song and dance you normally do. Not kidding here. Thanks.

  83. Nando, you want me to make an argument as to why law is a great investment? Here it is. Sure law school may be overpriced, but the untimate payoff is well worth the investment. I myself plan on working corporate law, and will have no trouble paying my debt. So long as a student finishes in the top fifty percent, finding a well paying job is not much of an issue. Having said that, in order to secure a corporate gig, I will probably have to finish in the top 25 percent, which should be no problem at all, considering the fact that I am already in the top 18 percent! You are just jealous of me Nando, because you never enjoyed the success in law school that I am now experiencing. What was your class rank? Too bashful to show it aren't you?

    Also, although you refuse to believe this, a JD is very versatile; it opens doors in government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security. It is also helpful in business, and many investment bankers have JDs. Anyway Nando, don't hate the player, hate the game.

    The World Traveling Law Student | 18th percentile excellence.
    BA Economics 2010 | JD expected 2013
    "Climbing the ladder of success since birth"

  84. Since at least the mid-90s there have been cogent, well-argued published articles (my favorite was "Go Home" in, of all places, The Student Lawyer, October 1995) explaining that attending law school is, for most people, a mistake. At some point only willful ignorance can account for the continuing behavior. I think that point was reached, long ago.
    When I was still in the U.S. I taught briefly at a second tier law school and was disgusted at the manner in which they admitted marginal students and then pontificated about opportunities. I have no particular affection for the "scambloggers" but, to the extent such things matter, they are preferable to the typical law faculty member. In other words, Mr. Spillane's chosen forum makes his views suspect right out of the gate. On the other hand, it makes me even happier that I abandoned academia more than a decade ago.

  85. Is there something wrong with my pc or is this how this dumbass's specialized signature looks on everyone else's screen?

    Overpaying for Partial Overseas Lemming | 18th percentile at the bottom of the barrel mediocre | Higher Ed Quisling unable to make a specific, cogent argument about anything | "Missing a chromosome since birth"

  86. Who knew that Third Tier Reality has a music video?:

  87. why did you delete my comment about how you all need to man the fuck up, etc? I should go on some rant about HOW YOU ARE TRYING TO SUPPRESS THE TRUTH OMFG /conspiracyboner

  88. 8:22,

    Grab a kleenex and get a fucking life. "Aww, the mean man deleted my bullshit comment. Sob sob. What a terrible thing to do."


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