Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Look at Fourth Tier Thomas M. Cooley Law School's Fifth Rate Lawsuit

Head to the top of page 6 of this 424 page pile of waste known as the Twelfth Edition of Judging the Law Schools, to see how the founder and former dean at Cooley, Thomas E. Brennan, and current dean and president Don LeDuc, reached their results:

“We again offer some observations. Our rankings are subjective in that we assign value to each factor, such as ranking bigger libraries better than smaller libraries. And we give each of the 40 factors equal weight (2.5% each), a decision intended to reduce the impact of any single factor on the overall rankings, which is the fundamental flaw in US News.” [Emphasis mine]

You explicitly admit that your idiotic rankings scheme is subjective. However, you two “scholars” published this report, in response to the subjective nature of the rankings disseminated by US “News” & World Report. Everyone knows that the Cooley rankings were produced, because the festering sewage pit was upset that it is typically rated as a fourth tier pile of buffalo dung, by USN&WR.

In the Table of Contents, you can see that law library indicators account for 10 of the 40 factors. Yes, because legal employers are so concerned with the size of libraries and quantity of seats, right?!?! These ten criteria are: Library Materials Expenditure; Total Volumes in Library; Total Titles in Library; Total Serial Subscriptions; Professional Librarians Rankings; Library Hours Per Week; Library Hours Per Week with Professional Staff; Library Seating Capacity; Networked Computers Available; and Library Total Square Footage.

When you have four campuses, and the largest enrollment of any law school in the country, you are certain to have the largest law library. I’m surprised that these tools did not come up with 15 law library criteria, in their ratings scheme.

"Unfortunately, some bloggers have taken to demeaning our approach, offering criticisms that make it clear that they have read none of the explanatory material we offer and making comments that reinforce their commitment to elitism. And those criticisms universally reject the significance of the factors that the American Bar Association considers most important, if law school applicants are to be informed consumers.” [Emphasis mine]

Does the ABA feel that one should assign the same value to each indicator?!?!

Go to page 212 of this PDF. There you will see how the rankings for Percent Graduates Employed. Keep in mind that this extremely important measurement only counts for 2.5 percent of the overall score. On page 216, note that Thomas M. Cooley is ranked 181st - out of 193 law schools - regarding percentage of employed JDs. The commode lists a placement rate of 78.8 percent.

It seems that finding a decent job would be a HIGH priority for those entering law school. The fact is that this dump does not provide its students and graduates with adequate employment prospects, in comparison to other schools. Hell, the toilet’s own rankings data shows this reality. Page 222 shows the First Time Bar Passage Percentage rankings. Guess where TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer ended up? That’s right! On the bottom of page 225, you will notice that this dung heap is ranked 160th - out of 191 schools!

Don LeDuc’s Salary: Head to page 37 of this septic tank’s 2009 IRS Form 990. There, you will see that Don LeDuc, dean and president, “earned” $548,067 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the 2008 calendar year. Yes, LeDuc received $400,000 in base compensation; $75,000 in bonus & incentive compensation; $31,644 in other compensation; $19,160 in deferred compensation; and $22,263 in nontaxable benefits.

On page 2, Section A, Part I, line 9, you can see that the school’s revenue in 2008 was $96,091,697. Of this amount, $44,769,472 went to salaries, other compensation and employee benefits. This information is listed on Part I, line 15. On Part I, lines 20-22, you will note that this foul pile of waste had $231,587,804 in end of year total assets, balanced by $149,977,265 in liabilities. The commode had $81,610,539 in end-of-year net assets. See how profitable it can be to operate a “non-profit corporation” known as an “institution of higher learning”?!?!

As you can see, “RockStar05” noted the following, on JDU:

“Finally, I would like to add that Cooley has not attempted to contact me even once, either through e-mail or through a blog comment on this post.”

He also mentioned that his blog had been receiving about 30 hits a day, prior to Cooley‘s fifth-rate lawsuit. Let’s see if his attorney, John T. Hermann, can flush this suit down the drain.

Yet, the “educator” who made $548,067 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for 2008, has the nerve to claim that he filed suit to protect the toilet’s students, alumni and reputation. What a man of principle, fighting for the average man and woman, huh?!?!

In sum, the following is beyond dispute: (1) Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer has a terrible reputation; (2) the rankings scheme published by Cooley is a pathetic attempt to enhance its TTTT image; (3) As in Butler University v. Zimmerman, this moronic lawsuit was filed to stifle the views of discontented students and former students; (4) the school received $96,091,697 in revenues, for calendar year 2008 - yet the school is suing four bloggers for $25,000 each in Ingham County Circuit Court; (5) the commode still has the largest enrollment of any U.S. law school; and (6) dean and president Don Leduc “earned” more than $548K in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for 2008.


  1. I am surprised that none of the administrators at Cooley have installed bidets next to their toilets. I can't see other law schools having bidets so if they went ahead and installed bidets in all their bathrooms, it could boast having the students with the cleanest assholes in all law schools across America. I am sure such a stat would finally push Cooley past Harvard in the next rankings publication.

  2. If I take a dump in one of the law library's toilets, clogging it beyond all repair, does that mean there is one less toilet for Cooley to compute in its vaunted rankings?

    Also, the fact that Cooley claims its reputation was damaged is hilarious. Cooley is so bad that even the TLS lemmings think they are crap; you know, the ones who think they will be driving Ferraris after graduating from Carbozo.

  3. Fact of the matter Cooley students fall into three categories: students who know that they bombed out on the LSAT, but are using Cooley to gain admission to a better ranked 3T or 2T law school, students who are either politically connected, or have family already in the business who will take them on as an associate after passing the bar, and students who have no clue what they are getting themselves into by going to this school. The only grads whom have it made are those who have connections. There are grads from schools that are way better ranked than Cooley in which those new JD's have problems landing entry level attorney and even being hired senior paralegal positions.

    For the general public however, they are still clueless how this profession works. I was told by one guy who was sitting next to me over the weekend that I should have went to law school when I was accepted because I would have had it made by now since I graduated during the late 90's. All I know that it's hard as hell for anyone getting a job in this economy and if you are working, the pressure is on more than ever to rack up billable hours. For me, I just could not bring myself to get myself into further debt after graduating from my undergrad. It was expensive back then, but even more ridiculous now with the costs of tuition now and there is no excuse for colleges to charge that much money for a degree.

  4. It is the digital age. A LEXIS password + your own damn sofa is just as good as a well-stocked law library with the seating capacity of Yankee Stadium.


    Cooley now opens a fifth campus; this one is in Tampa, Fla.

  6. Since there are now more law schools in this country than Waffle House franchises, it would seem the goal of the "profession" is to see every man, woman and child in America be a licensed attorney. At this rate, that could happen.

    As to the bidet question above, you will note that this very blog provided ample coverage of the bidet situation on the page dedicated to the Oklahoma City University School of Law.

    A European touch of class, to be sure.

  7. Cooley is shitter than shit when shit feels shitty.

  8. Cooley is building a new campus/franchise in Florida:

  9. Cooley is a shit pile of the lowest order.

  10. "Every Chump can take a dump. But not every dump is from a Cooley Chump!"

    Oscar Wilde

  11. This school is such a piece of shit its diplomas should be printed on 2-ply tp. There are plenty of awful law schools in this country, but how many of them have 5 campuses?


    Bad to the Boner!


    Don't mind me Nando, some person wants you to drop me from your blog list and makes nasty comments on my blog reiterating that idea, because that person hates my blog so much that he or she keeps coming back (because he or she secretly LOVES my blog :)

    Tee Hee!


    And Jerkin off! Wangum Wangum Wangum

  13. The factors Cooley law commode uses to rate law schools are fascinating. Ten factors relate to the library. When I was in law school, after I got my Westlaw and Lexis Nexis passwords, I never used the printed materials in the law library again. I spoke with a librarian exactly once. I brought a styrofoam cup of coffee into the library. I was informed that styrofoam cups were not allowed in the library. She gave me a very nice mug with a lid and the Chicago Kent logo on the side to use in the library.

    Some of the Cooley factors that are equally worthy of derision are the bigness scores. Apparently having a large facility with a lot of students means that the law school has to be good. Sort of like how the LA Dodgers have to be the best team in baseball right now because they have the biggest stadium in terms of seating capacity. (52-61, 10GB). All the Cooley rankings prove is that you can make anything true if you just manipulate the data sets enough.

    Here's an example of Cooley logic:

    I am the greatest chess player in the world. I have used four factors in making my determination. 1) Location - all chess games have to have been played at my house. 2) All chess games have to have been played against me. 3) My opponent has to have been my 8 year old son who does not know how to play very well and 4) Games that I lost at my house to my 8 year old son do not count. I have weighted these factors equally and have found that I am the greatest chess player in the world!

    Shit. I think I might go to a bar later and use this logic on the hottest woman there. I will let her know that I am the best looking and most desirable man based upon my own ranking system. Looks like I'm getting lucky tonight!

  14. I say everyone should drop JD Painterguy off their blog list because his posts rarely have anything to do with the law school "scam," they are just the rantings of a mad man.

    I mean, everyone on the blog roll has something serious/productive to say, and Painter's headline is "BONERS!!"


    “First off, I cannot think of a better way for a law school to take a relatively minor and obscure series of comments and complaints (in the form of the bloggers) and make it into something that could be known nationwide (cf. Streisand Effect). The scambloggers are going to have a field day with this. Let the battle begin…..”

    “You see what happens, Cooley? You see what happens when you sue anonymous commenters on the internet?

    We’re only on day two of Cooley’s reputation defense lawsuits, and it’s already obvious that the lawsuits have made it possible for more people to be more critical of the education offered by the school.

    So far, the most damning statement about Cooley’s education has come from Cooley itself. Cooley president Don LeDuc said that the school filed these suits: “to protect Cooley’s reputation and stand up for our students and more than 15,000 graduates.”

    And yet, of those 15,000 graduates, when it came time to defend Cooley’s reputation, the school went with lawyers who were not educated at Cooley.”

    “Cooley, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Michigan educational corporation, has acquired a 130,000 square-foot facility in Riverview, comparable in size to its current campus in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Renovations and staffing details are expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. The facility will accommodate the approximately 700 students who are expected to attend.

    Professor Jeffrey L. Martlew, a former Michigan circuit court judge, has been designated as the Associate Dean for the Tampa Bay campus. Associate Dean Martlew explained that the new campus in Tampa Bay will cater to an underserved sector of law students, particularly part-time students and minority populations, but will provide Cooley’s full-time program as well.”

    TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool announced that it will open a fifth campus. (At least, the school can solidify its # 2 overall ranking - according to the cess pool’s moronic rankings scheme.) Does anyone with an IQ above 85 still believe that this commode is primarily concerned with its students’ outcomes?!?!


    I wonder if Cooley bothered to follow up with their unemployed graduates.

  17. narcicissm at its best..its not enough the people who run this place are making significant sums for teaching "law" to people, most of which will never work for any length of time in the legal industry, all while probably paying taxes like GE by calling themselves a non profit, they then draw attention to themselves because some unemployed non connected former law students talk smack on an internet forum by suing these people who likely dont have two cents to rub together.

    That is about as idiotic as it gets and from people who teach law no doubt. Let it go and keep making your money.

    They deserve whatever negative attention they get and the ramifications that come from it.

  18. Write a short email to your Senators and Representatives, and let them know how much you dislike the ABA and disagree with their policies.

    Let them know that you support and would them to join the efforts of Senators Boxer and Grassley against the ABA.

    It won't take more than 5 minutes... Stop taking it up the ass and do something!

  19. You guys have the truth on your side. Make sure to support this defendant and the others. Yes the schools have plenty money and advertising dollars to spend. I doubt they thank the taxpayers who support these loans.

    Anyway, the point is this: the school went after a former student for expressing his opinion about the school. If the school was adamant about protecting its reputation it would provide its 4000 students with better job prospects. From any objective viewpoint, this school is best described as a diploma mill.

  20. I saw the ads for Cooley's new Tampa School. We DO NOT need another Law school in Fla.
    1)Fla State Tallahasse
    2)Univ Fla Gainsville
    3)Florida Atlantic Jacksonville
    4)Barry Univ Orlando
    5)FAMU Orlando
    6)Stetson Tampa
    7)Ave Maria Venice
    8)Univ Miami Miami
    9)Nova Ft Lauterdale
    10)St Thomas Miami
    11) New Law School under construction, Ft Myers
    12) New LAw School under construction, Miami
    13) Cooley, Tampa??????????????

    I will give you Fla is the 4th largest state. But, there is no damn reason for another law school: 1)when Lawyers can't find jobs down here. 2)underemployed lawyers are waiting tables as 2d jobs. 3) underemployed lawyers are defaulting on loans because they can't find jobs. This has to stop!!

    Cooley is taking my tax dollars and sentencing its grads to years of hardship.

  21. Nando, you should read some of these delusional professor comments. Got this from ITLSS's latest post.

  22. Nando, you can keep ignoring the posts about deleting JD Painter's blog from the list, but people will continue to complain. I am the individual that Painter refers to above, but I'm not the only one complaining. Please check the ISPs as you are so fond of doing. There is nothing useful about his rants except some warped sense of self gratification. People don;t care (at least myself) to read about Boners, et al. This guy needs to join a creative writing blog for retards.

  23. I like JDP. Keep him on. Cautionary tale.

  24. I second keeping him as a cautionary tale, though every time I am on his blog I tell him to leave the country so he can have a decent life somewhere else, but he says no dice....I'm sorry, but for me if the choice was exile for a few decades or living in the US under grinding poverty, I WOULD LEAVE.

    Getting back to Cooley; it's a shithole, everybody who works there has disgraced themselves, the buildings should collapse into a black hole in shame, Wes Cooley is rolling in his grave.

  25. I agree with 11:40 AM that JD Painter is a powerful cautionary tale. When he first started blogging he was an occasionally interesting, apparantly sane individual. He is now clearly batshit crazy--pushed over the edge by the pain and humiliation of investing all that time and money in an "education" that he will never use, reduced to the most menial of labor beside illegal aliens and ex-cons. Yes, he is writing about "BONERS!" in a desperate attempt to garner the attention that otherwise utterly eludes him, just as this blog defiantly posts revolting photos of excrement, despite repeated pleas to discard such images and focus instead on vital stats on faculty salaries and post-employment prospects. Many people don't want to see your photos and many people don't want to read JDP's sad blog. But they both illustrate something about what becomes of many law school graduates that prospective law students need to see.

  26. Eh Painter never even passed the bar exam, and he graduated in the mid-90s. I think he says it's because Touro teaches witchcraft, instead of bar subject courses. Or may he was thinking about boners during the bar exam (or had one). Who knows....he's batshit crazy either way.

    He's a cautionary tale yes, but he contributes next to nothing nowadays to the movement.

  27. @1:33

    I take umbrage!


    Has the state of Humanity finally degraded itself to such a sad juncture? A crossroads where God fearing tickly people cannot speak gregariously, affably, urbanely, openly, honestly, and with conviction about:


    FOr Yea! I say unto thee: "BOOOOOOONERS!"

    They Plump when you cook em!

    OK cuddles?

    (Gotta go paint :)

    (Just Fucking with your head, you literal lawyer lunk)

  28. ^^My point exactly.

  29. Jesus H. Christ. If there are two things in life I cannot stand it is hypocrites and trolls. Nando is doing a fine job in exposing the hypocrites in the ABA and law school. I cannot state the same with Nando controlling the trolls. Last week we were ::cough:: graced with the presence of WTLS. Today it's JDP and his dumb ass posts about "boners". Even as much as I get a kick out of the Colonel sometimes, his posts contribute nothing. While I think this blog and majority of the posters here provide great discussion, I don't want this blog to turn into another ATL with ridiculous ranting by you know who.

    Anyway, if I was the dean of Cooley, I would have not filed a lawsuit unless the bloggers were making outlandish claims which were false (in which in Rockstar05's case, he was not making false allegations). Instead, I would have fought back in putting forth a public relations campaign in showing the public that Cooley has a long history of graduates who have moved on from graduation and are doing very well in the legal field. On other blogs I follow, this lawsuit is a big joke. It's like Goliath going after an unarmed, malnourished David.

  30. Well if you plan to keep JD Painter on your blog roll, I guess I have to accept the fact that he is a "cautionary tale,: the abject poster child for legal loserdom. How about putting a picture of Painter on you blog Nando saying, "go to law school, and this could be you." Maybe Painter can give you a picture of himself dressed up as Pennywise the Clown (since he seems to like clowns for some reason). Maybe he'll even give you a picture of himself spanking his monkey as he bellows "BONER!"

  31. Cooley Law School is a pile of shit. The reputation is shit. The job prospects are shit. Having the largest library means dick. And saying they're opening the doors to racial minorities is a bullshit argument. if these students have no connections or money, how does an expensive shit-ass law degree help them?

  32. @ August 9, 2011 10:50 am,

    I am not ignoring the calls for me to remove JD Painter's site from my blogroll. I have a full-time job, and I cannot always check out my blog.

    Today, I am informing you, as well as everyone else, that I will not succumb or acquiesce to annoying requests to delete a blog from my list. If you do not like JD Painter's comments, then ignore them.

    Also, is he forcing you to read his blog? In fact, if you click on his link, there is a Content Warning in big-ass letters. At that point, the reader has the option to click on either of two large buttons: one reads "I understand and I wish to continue," while the other box states "I do not wish to continue."

    Remember, JD Painter is not the dean of a fourth tier trash pit. Furthermore, he is not earning $548,067. He is not opening a FIFTH branch, and consigning more students to a lifetime of debt servitude.

    Additionally, the Touro grad did not contrive a moronic rankings scheme that places his commode in the second overall spot, right behind Harvard. He is not the one who is flooding the oversaturated legal job market with more JDs.

    Keep up the good work, JD Painter!

  33. You guys sound like butt buddies. Maybe you should have a circle jerk and show each other yer boners.


    Cooley and NYLS sued over their stats.

    9:52 mistakes standing on principle with being butt buddies. I don't like Painter's rantings either. But I respect this guy's choice to allow his comments on the blog. If you don't like Painter's posts, go somewhere else. Gee, that sounds simple enough, dunnit?

  35. I just don't care to be subjected to constant, chronic and idiotic postings on THIS blog about subject matter that is not in any way related to the scam blog movement. Would you like me to start posting incessantly about eating my boogers? Every hour on the hour? Please let me know. Thanks.

  36. You eat your boogers? That's kind of gross, man.

  37. I'm going to have to agree with the above posters regarding JDpainter. He is nothing more than a christian evangelical tea bagger. It makes the scam blog movement look stupid and provides more ammo for the ivory tower christian slime.

  38. My boogers are looking quite tasty at the present moment. A couple nostril hairs will certainly add some protein to this delicious treat...

  39. ^read: My boyfriend's asshole is lookin quite tasty at the present moment. A couple butt hairs will certainly add some protein to this delicious treat...

  40. My name is Painter
    I'm a slacker
    I went to law school
    but couldn't hack'r

    Now I sit here
    writing stories
    About things that people find to be most boring.

  41. My name is Painter
    Woe is me
    I like attention
    As you can see

    Crying wolf
    Just for fun
    Of looking down the barrel of a gun

  42. My name is Painter
    I'm a erudite (wannabe)
    I play banjo
    and poetry I recite

    I want your sympathy
    All day long
    Aren't you impressed by little pictures of my dog?

  43. My name is Painter
    I'm a debtor
    I like boozing
    cuz' it beats schmoozing (for a job)

    When I'm drunk
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  44. My name is Painter
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  45. Diggin' for Gold, Diggin' for Gold
    I've got some tasty nuggets in my nose
    They're delicious, nutritious and full of protein
    Maybe I can convince the Colonel to put them in his secret recipe.

  46. Uh . . . I think it might be time to delete the posts ranting about JD Painter's posts. They seem designed to focus on something irrelevant in an effort to derail the discussion here, when the guy is barely a factor on this blog. Sounds like either a personal either or World-Traveling Law Stundet trying to get some attention.

  47. I once met a chick who had a cat name Boner. I think I got my last Boner a couple hours ago. I tried to use Boner as a word during a game of Scrabble once, but the other players wouldn't let me keep Boner on the board.


  48. Can we move on and get past this boogers and boners shit. Grow the fuck up.

    Keep the focus on Thomas M. Piece of Shit Cooley Law Skool. Thanks.

  49. I think I've made my point. I would like nothing more than to have a useful discussion on the scamblog movement, particularly at this time when the scammers are getting sued. Nando, put a lid on your "friend" JDP in the future. It's getting old. I'm not saying he shouldn't participate, but tell him to quit abusing this board with his ridiculous posts. Otherwise we can keep talking about boogers. Clearly others feel the same way. Once again, check the ISPs as you are so fond of doing. Boogers ... MMMMmmmmm good!

  50. Rockstar05 has posted another brutal entry on the dung heap known as Thomas M. Cooley Law School. I'm glad that he flushed this turd again.


    Non-elitist is basically a code word for we will take your money regardless of whether or not you will pass your first year, we will continue taking your money year after year if you pass the first year and have a shot at passing the bar, and if you pass the bar after we fail out at least a third of the incoming class to inflate first time bar passage rates which are still mediocre despite the crème a la crème of Cooley making it to writing the bar exam as according to COOLEY’S OWN RANKINGS (Flip to page 395/424 of the PDF document) 160/193 schools ranked in bar passage rates and placing 181/193 in percentage of graduates employed out of all law schools (traditional law school indicators) we are still fine with you attending our law school and adding to our almost 100 MILLION+ tuition revenues and we will continually hold ourselves out to the general public and paying prospective students as the SECOND BEST LAW SCHOOL IN AMERICA."

    The author rakes TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer over the coals, regarding its deci$ion to open a new branch in Tampa Bay, Florida. Apparently, the school does not feel that an enrollment of 4,001 students is enough.

    “Cooley is the largest law school in the country with over 14,000 graduates and four campuses across Michigan. In addition to the J.D. degree, students can pursue a graduate or joint degree.”

    "Student Profile

    4,001 students enrolled (JD + LL.M.)
    1,071 are members of minority groups
    1,949 are women
    215 are from foreign countries
    82% are enrolled part-time
    66% are from outside Michigan
    Median LSAT score 146
    Median undergraduate GPA 2.99"

  51. lol @ 146 LSAT.

    Jesus christ

  52. median ugpa: 2.99

    Got dayem. Summamahbitch those are some shitty-ass numbers. I's wouldn't dares t' hire a fry cook or cashier with such a low college gpa.

    Shit, you showly aint qualified t' wipe down mah counters er t' mop mah floors with a 146. I's mights let yas scrub da toilet bowls depending on whethers er nots ya can manage t' graduate from dis them here shitter of a law college.

  53. A score of 146 is really, really pushing it. Even if a kid comes to Cooley with a GPA of 3.6 to off set a low LSAT, there is a **big** difference between receiving a GPA of 3.0 from NYU, Hopkins, and Fordham, and receiving a GPA of 3.0 from some 4T school like Berkley College (in White Plains, NY) or John Jay. A majority of kids who go to Cooley are graduates of low ranked and unranked UGC's.

    The apologists can claim that this school is providing an opportunity, but the reality is no chance in hell anyone will take you seriously with a law degree from this school. Not everyone is an academic. While I can justify the existence of a **small** number of 3T UGC's, sorry, you cannot justify the existence of 4T law schools. You need to have a strong skill set in researching, writing, and be analytical. A majority of these kids who go to Cooley and other fourth rate schools just don't have the raw skill set. Let's be honest.

    This whole hippie-boomer crap in giving everyone an "opportunity" to people who cannot get into 1T and 2T schools is a well oiled, profit machine and the only ones benefiting are deans and professors. We are also seeing the aftermath of having two decades in watering down standards in this field. Good luck in trying to reason with an attorney who doesn't even know what he is doing, but thinks he's hot shit anyway because he has a JD and managed to pass the bar. Try calling the Court these days to obtain information, and try filing documentation there. You'll get to experience two decades in providing "opportunity" to the masses.

  54. I think we seriously need to do something substantial! LEts face it we need another Cooley campus in Fla like we need an STD. If we could just stop one flake ass school from opening maybe we could accomplish something. Any ideas???

  55. ^^Send emails to your Senators and Representatives asking them to join the efforts of Sens. Boxer and Grassley against the ABA. Tell them no more student loans without accountability and ethical behavior and guidelines.

  56. Cooley is the drizzling shits of American legal edumacation.

  57. Hey thanks Nando. I haven't read anything since Tuesday.

    My critics (mainly two: the WTLS poet babe in the woods, and also the Hanover PA kid) ought to thank me for making them feel alive.

    Everyone knows that my issue is SL debt more than the LS scam.

    I am not Nando, or Subprime. Nor am I Cryn.

    It's like telling a young kid not to smoke cigarettes because it is bad for you.

    The kid will do it anyway.

    But if I tell the kid not to smoke, and then act like a luntatic while doing so....

    The kid will go on smoking anyway.

    But the kid might remember the message the next time he or she lights up.

    Ot the time after that one. Or the time after.

    The squeaky wheel. The squeaky wheel: Cry, kick, scream, laugh, holler, hop up and down.

    People, you are ALIVE!

    There is LIFE out there! Don't just eat shit and call it ice cream!

    Anyway, I have a new banjo song I am going to post this weekend. I call it the Law School song, and it's a Jim Dandy, rootin-tootin' cool Daddy O! hullabaloo of a melody.

    OK all youse squinchy faces?

    Oh! Go ahead. Crack a smile once in a while, and give a big squinchy face.

    Some people, a lot of thems Lawyer types BTW, never change expressions, even while having an orgasm.

    So if you feel good, notify your face!

    Cheeeeeeez Louise!

  58. 'Some people, a lot of thems Lawyer types BTW, never change expressions, even while having an orgasm.'

    That was rich. Have you ever noticed how many lawyers have bad posture, pot bellies, a constant scowl and receding hair? Even while the good ones are making bank you can bet a good many of their wives are banging the muscled up pool boy while hubby is doing M&As and bringing home the dough.

  59. "There is LIFE out there! Don't just eat shit and call it ice cream!"

    I'm going to start eating my boogers unless you shut the hell up.

    "Anyway, I have a new banjo song I am going to post this weekend."

    I can hardly wait . . .

    In sum, will you please shut the hell up unless you have something relevant to say AND you can say it in a reasonably minimal number of words without sounding like a complete jackass as usual. Thanks!

  60. @ 4:19 is Linden NJ, and after commenting he or she came right over to my blog ASAP, because he or she heates me so much.

    Hooooooo Hummmmmm


  61. "I am not Nando, or Subprime. Nor am I Cryn."

    I think most of us pretty much figured that out.

    You want to add to this discussion and give your perspective on things, be my guest. All some of us are asking is for you to do is to stay on topic and post something relevant. You can go off composing banjo songs and writing about boners, but keep that stuff on your own blog. It's a fucking pain to always have to scroll past the stuff you post.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: I'm from NY.

  62. I attended Cooley, graduated in the top 20 percent of my class, and now work for a large corporate firm in Detroit. Cooley did a superb job in preparing me for the practice of law, and I will be damned if I'm going to sit here silently and read this gibberish. Cooley has a great reputation in Michigan, as well as across the country. I now make over 200 k a year, and many of the partners at my firm are Cooley grads. So everyone on here who has not attended Cooley can shut the hell up, because I am living proof of a successful Cooley grad.

  63. August 11, 2011 8:39 PM:

    That's great and congratulations. Which firm might that be?

    I note that you graduated in the top 20% of your class. Congratulations on that as well.

    But the esence of the scamblogs is in fact all about that: to wit, drop the hell out of ANY lower-tiered school (like Cooley) unless you are in at least te top 25% of your class at the end of the First Year. That is, unles independently wealthy or well-connected.

    So, the scamblogs essentially are not in conflict with you here. They only warn the kids of the very real pitfalls of law school; of the necessity of either connections, an elite school, and/or very high class rank.

    What's wrong with giving the kids a dose of reality? Your own experience, and success, seems to fit that. The scamblogs don't keep anyone from going to law school. They just point out the vivid realities if you don't do well, particular at one of these lower-tiered schools, which Cooley undoubtedly is.

    By the way, no one here is obliged in any way to "shut the hell up."

  64. Cooley is a piece of shit
    A piece of shit
    A piece of shit

    Cooley is a piece of shit
    A piece of shit
    A piece of fucking shit.

    C'mon everybody! Join in.

    Cooley is a piece of shit
    A piece of shit
    A piece of shit.
    La-dee-dah da.

  65. Shut the FUCK UP! Stop fucking talking about my school that way. Fuck you and go to hell. I am a Cooley grad making 200k, and on partner track; who THE FUCK ARE YOU!

  66. ^Great, another Cooley tard suffering from stockholm syndrome.

  67. ^ Wow. This guy is delusional. I don't know what Cooley put in the Kool-Aid that these kids were drinking. Bottom line - lemmings (and everyone else for that matter) need to realize is that there will ALWAYS be success stories no matter where one went to law school. In the case of a Cooley grad, you might have a 1 in 1,000 chance of "making it" (and I'm being generous with those odds). So to the angry Cooley grad - congratulations - you beat very, very long odds. I'm happy for you; I just wouldn't hire you if I was in a hiring position.

  68. I was bored off my ass late last night and I decided to do a search for firms in Detroit that actually hired counsel who graduated from Cooley. There was one firm I found that was an AM100 that had SOME of its counsel who graduated from Cooley.

    There were 14 attorneys out of the firm who were graduates of Cooley. Roughly 25 (late at night when I counted, I could be slightly more/less) attorneys who graduated from Wayne, and about ((DRUMROLL)) 100 attorneys who graduated from Michigan State. There were a few other counsel from other 1T and 2T schools such as Georgetown, GW, and Brooklym who practiced at this firm.

    One thing I immediately noticed: Cooley attorneys handled the small stuff: Taxes for local businesses, Lit Support, Contract Administration, RP Closings, PI suits, and pro bono work. Other counsel headed departments, M&A, Class Actions, etc.

    You can't hide from the fact that this school is a diploma mill. Yeah you may be lucky to get hired in Detroit, Lansing, elsewhere in MI, but your Cooley degree will not land you anything outside of MI unless you have connections. Over 60% of the students that go to Cooley are from out of state. You also cannot turn a blind eye to this school's massive attrition rate either.

  69. Some delusional cocksucker at 10:49 PM basically wrote this:

    "I make 200k, but I go completely off my fucking rocker when someone points out my school (Cooley) is a worthless pile of shit. I'm not stable or financially secure enough to ignore the insults directed at my school."

    This guy is not making $200,000 per year. Such a person would be too busy practicing law or living life to post several comments around midnight defending their sorry law school. The shitbag cannot even use punctuation. Count 'em. This moron wrote fuck four times in three short sentences. What a way to show you are erudite and professional.

    Cooley grad: go fuck your mother on top of your Cooley diploma.

  70. "Shut the FUCK UP! Stop fucking talking about my school that way. Fuck you and go to hell. I am a Cooley grad making 200k, and on partner track; who THE FUCK ARE YOU!"

    Oh man; I would love to read this guy's briefs and motions.

  71. "Shut the FUCK UP! Stop fucking talking about my school that way. Fuck you and go to hell. I am a Cooley grad making 200k, and on partner track; who THE FUCK ARE YOU!

    August 11, 2011 10:49 PM"

    Once again, may we ask which firm you are on partner track at for 200k? Your level of vehemence towards others would seem to demand you back it up with the goods.

  72. im a 5th tier non aba grad, and im still averaging about 10K/mo.... you don't really need any of this tier shit if you know how to market. no one got rich working at someone else's firm anyway.

  73. Hey Nando, is this motherfucking Cooley troll the WTLS loser, or am I paranoid?

    Good to see the Coin'l in here again.

  74. Thank God that Cooley is opening a non-elitist law school in Florida. Florida needs more law schools. Personally, I won't be satisfied until every Publix in Florida has a law school.

    More importantly, there needs to be more non-elitist law schools. Admissions standards are for assholes. Who really cares if someone went to elitist or non-elitist law school? Comparing this to a different field, would anyone really care whether their doctor went to Harvard Medical School and then did their residency at Johns Hopkins, or learned their craft by reading "Thoracic Surgery for Dummies" during their breaks while washing dishes at Waffle House?

    In all seriousness, Cooley's BS excuse that there needs to be non-elitist law schools is nothing more than an means of shutting down debate before it starts. The formula is this - make the claim that the law school will serve minorities and the poor who are underrepresented in the legal community and law schools. When someone comes out and says that there are too many 4th tier law schools in general and / or too many law schools overall in Florida, accuse those detractors of being racist or classist or against equal opportunity. Scumbag operations like Cooley depend on everyone being afraid of being accused of racism or classism or whatever -ism. As long as you claim to be in favor of minorities and the poor, you have an easy argument against everyone who might oppose you.

    I hope that the scambloggers make an active, public effort to protest the Tampa campus of Cooley. This seems like the ideal situation to draw a line in the sand against the law school industry. I am sure that any protest will be met by allegations that anyone who is against Cooley is against poor people and against minorities and against equal opportunity.

    Thankfully Cooley exists to allow people of all backgrounds to experience six figure non-dischargeable debt with no useful job prospects. God bless them for making that opportunity available to everyone.

  75. ^Excellent post right there. But here's the dillio--many of Cooley's students could not get accepted into anywhere and that is why they are there. What an insult to minorities (which that word needs to be retired soon in this country) who managed to get accepted into T15 and T50 law schools. It's a smoke screen to make money, period.

    I don't get why the ABA would do the honorable thing and instead in allowing 4T law schools to exist, create some other way that for those who want to work in law and practice it (to some extent) to just license paralegals and give the opportunity for people to handle the small stuff first. Have people go to school for two years and pass an exam, and have these people go for continuing ed. If they want to be attorneys, then let them try to get into law school.

    These 4Ts are charging people a hell of a lot of money. How the hell is charging someone $30K helping anyone? Known fact that some of these JD's graduating within the last few years don't know what they are doing. Create a way that paralegals fast track in being attorneys. At least those who cannot afford or are unable to be accepted into elite schools can still have a chance in making decent money and handle things without the crushing debt. Maybe being in the field for a little bit will help people decide if they are up to task in becoming an attorney.

  76. "im a 5th tier non aba grad, and im still averaging about 10K/mo.... you don't really need any of this tier shit if you know how to market. no one got rich working at someone else's firm anyway.

    August 12, 2011 11:23 AM"

    Congratulations and well done. May I ask for an example of a "5th Tier" school? It doesn't necessarily have to be your alma mater. Also, what are your particular practice areas?

  77. Let me tell you what a Cooley diploma is good for.

    it is good for wiping your ass with.

    You can also use it as a coaster when you serve company with drinks. You don't want to leave watermarks on your coffee table, do you? So use the TTTT diploma instead.

    You can crumple it up and use it to shoot basketball hoops in the office trash bin.

    Does anyone else have uses for a Cooley degree?

  78. According to my stats, this loser has made 337 trips to my blog, since February 18, 2011.

    Time Visitor Session
    Aug 11 2011 10:47pm 4 actions 5m 24s
    Aug 11 2011 9:22pm 3 actions 28m 16s
    Aug 11 2011 8:23pm 3 actions 25m 17s
    Aug 11 2011 4:53pm 1 action 6m 59s
    Aug 11 2011 1:04pm 4 actions 17m 40s

    As you can see, the Alexandria, VA Cockroach is responsible for the retarded comments posted on August 11, 2011, at 8:39 pm and 10:49 pm. The following is CLEAR: (a) this piece of trash is not practicing law in New York; and (b) he is not making $200K per year. Would anyone pay this mental midget more than $8 an hour?!?!

    This is the same lying pig who - at various times - has claimed to be the following: (a) a 2008 American University COL grad now making $120K as a Biglaw DC lawyer; (b) a tax attorney earning $150K per year; (c) a "professor" at the University of the District of Columbia Sewer of Law; (d) a Washburn University "law professor"; and (e) a JD from several TTTs and TTTTs who "graduated in the top 30 percent of his class and is now working at Goldman Sachs in New York."

    From Ass-Clown’s February 21, 2011 1:22 pm comment:

    “Alright guys, I lied and I am sorry. I am currently a professor at the University of D.C school of law.”

    The lying cockroach also has stated that he knows an average graduate of a third tier commode who is now working at Goldman Sachs in (wait for it) New York! According to my stats, this moron has made 266 visits to this site since February 18, 2011. Someone needs a life and a girlfriend, huh?!?!

    Readers of this blog are aware that the boy does not have a job, a girlfriend or a life. It is beyond pathetic to see someone who feels the need to lie about graduating from law school, and now raking in $200K per year. If you are going to lie, at least tell people that you graduated from a real law school, bitch.


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