Friday, September 2, 2011

Grab the Wet Wipes: First Tier Toilet Wake Forest University School of Law

Tuition: As you can see, full-time law students at this private commode will pay $37,940 – in tuition – for the 2011-2012 school year. With required fees added, this figure reaches $38,756. This first tier “in$tituion of higher learning” reaches the combined figure of $38,656. Learn how to add, bitches.

Total Cost of Attendance: The toilet estimates that room, board and utilities, books and supplies, personal expenses, transportation and insurance will add another $19,351 to the big-ass tab. This brings the school’s estimated (mathematically incorrect) COA – for one year – to $58,107.

Keep in mind that these academic cash cows only consider nine-month costs. However, actual law students will require twelve months of room, board and utilities – as well as a full year of personal expenses and transportation. Calculating these costs, we can determine a more accurate, estimated COA – for 2011-2012 – of $63,524. At these rates, you are facing slim odds of capturing a positive return on your investment.

Ranking: US “News” & World Report lists this as the 39th greatest, most spectacular splendid, and illustrious law school in the United States. In addition, it is the third-best law school in North Carolina, after 11th rated Duke University and 30th ranked UNC-Chapel Hill. This is quite a prestigious law school, huh?!

Employment Placement Info: According to the sewage pit’s Office of Career Services, 96.6% of graduates – from the Class of 2008 – found jobs within nine months of graduation. I guess the school does not have enough resources to provide timely information on important matters such as job placement. The pigs also do not list starting salary figures.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” reports the average student indebtedness of Wake Forest University Sewer of Law grads from the Class of 2010, who incurred law school debt, as $93,223. By the way, 83 percent of this particular class took on such toxic debt, for their “legal education.” This figure does not include student debt incurred from undergrad, or in the pursuit of another advanced degree.

Administrator and Faculty Pay: Let’s head over to page 40 of Wake Fore$t Univer$ity’s 2010 Form 990. Dean Blake Morant “earned” $443,856 - in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the 2009 tax year. Likewise, Steve Nickles, the “C.C. Hope Chair in Law and Management” at this magnanimous institution, made $400,064 in TOTAL COMPENSATION. (By the way, the overall university has a bloated administration.)

Look at the following TOTAL COMPENSATION figures - for calendar year 2009: At least, this academic institution paid its football coach, Jim Grobe, $2,275,545. This “in$titution of higher education” also saw fit to pay its then head men’s basketball coach, Dino Gaudio, a total of $848,773. Additionally, the school shelled out $694,950 to its Athletic Director Ronald Wellman.

“There is concern among law students that getting a job after graduation may be more difficult this year, said Kim Fields, director of career services at Wake Forest University School of Law.

"I do think the jobs are out there, you just have to look harder for them. You have to dig," she said.”

Thanks for that great "insight," ass-hat. Then again, what did you expect Kim Fields, as a leech and shill, to say? Her job is contingent on more people continuing to place their faith in “higher education.

Did Wake Forest University game the law school rankings?! If this story is true, then it wouldn’t be the first time a first tier law school did so. Check out this May 1, 2009 entry from Elie Mystal.

As a student at this first-class, first tier septic tank, you have the unique opportunity to write onto the Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy. Imagine the reception you will receive when you walk into a local bar and mention that you are the symposium editor. Hopefully, none of the Wake Forest football players find out that their girlfriends tossed their panties at you, when you walked in the door. [Disclaimer: nothing similar to this scenario will occur, if you become symposium editor of this journal.]

Conclusion: This overpriced first tier toilet is contributing to the overflow of JDs and attorneys, in the state. While a decent amount of this school’s grads will enter the legal “profession,” keep in mind that this is still a risky gamble. For instance, Biglaw associates are churned and burned at an alarming rate. Those who do not land such positions must re-pay $90K-$130K of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, on a much smaller salary. Some graduates will not land any type of employment, for some time. Others will work in fields that DO NOT REQUIRE a law degree. These first tier commodes bill themselves as conduits to a career in Biglaw, when in fact, MANY of their graduates will never step foot in such a law firm.


  1. How is it that a so-called first tier Wake Forest charges "only" $38,000 in tuition and a fourth tier Elon charges "only" $34,000?

    This seems out of whack. Can you buy Wake Forest and sell short Elon?

  2. The law faculty salaries are obscene. I went to a top 20 law school, and none of these 3 hour a week teaching professors are worth six figures. It is just not worth the debt. Even tier one law schools are nothing special, supposedly Harvard and Yale have the cache but I can tell you many grads at my Harvard of the South were working as waiters and shoe salesmen after graduation.

    Law schools all teach the same material, year after year, it does not change much. When you pay for law school you are paying for reputation and the ability to get a law license. Sorry, to aspiring law students but you are learning almost nothing about how to practice law in law school. You are just enough prepared to submit a malpractice claim to your professional insurance carrier if you try to go solo from the start. You are on your own.

    If you don't go to the tip top of the heap of law schools, and I mean maybe the top 3, what is the point of shelling out 30K, 40K, or more a year. You would be better off with an internet based Robert Sahpiro, Legal Zoom type law school, 5K for the whole degree type program and the ability to take the Bar than taking on the debt at a traditional school.

    I can't even begin to understand why people pay 30K or more for the pig schools that are ranked below 50 these days. The legal employment market is a bloodbath. Attorneys fighting for free law jobs to gain experience, that is crazy. The news is out there, it is not like before. Law school is like cigarettes used to be, going to an expensive, low ranked law school is almost a sure bet for disaster down the road.

  3. Wake ForesTTT is another overpriced dump of a school. Don't be fooled by their ranking: 39th is closer to 200th than 10th in lawland.

    The schools ranked 15 to 50 are the worst IMO. They market themselves as elite programs when they are no better than the TTT dumps like TJLS.

  4. The posters above get it. WHen you purchase a law degree (and let's get that straight, you are buying a degree since hardly anyone fails out) you are buying a ticket to take the bar exam.

    Some low ranked shitholes might actually provide decent practicums, where you can at least figure out how to file a complaint or represnet victims of domestic violence. At the higher end law schools, you're learning theory and lots of it. Not much else. Sure, you get the kids with the highest aptitude for legal training. So they will pass the bar at higher rates. Not because of the school's doing. Ivy schools don't even really train you how to pass the bar exam. But with their students intelligence, the schools bet that they can pass the exam. These elite schools are shitters too. But they have a brand name.

  5. Nando,
    Why would a 0L take anything said on your blog seriously given all your hyperbole and 8th grade language? I'm not disputing that at least some of what you say is true.

  6. RE: The Big salaries for the Administrators and faculty, and other, unrelated people, I recall reading that, in the abstract, the comparatively small Law School, in relation to whatever University, can be the biggest cash cow for the entire, respective University, and can be a great source of Student Loan funds.

    In the most clinical sense:

    X company (Or University, if you will) sells 3 grades of widgets, and the grade A widget (The Law School) is the biggest seller,and brings in the most money.

    Hence the extra available cabbage/salary of the coaches and Law School overpaid creeps.

  7. @anonymous 3:30...who cares if someone writes at a 8th grade level. IT IS A BLOG!!!!! I read it every week and find it humourous. Pull the corn cob out of your rear. BTW...MOST OF WHAT NANDO SAYS (not some) is TRUE. All 0Ls need to do their research and pay attention to the truth written in these blogs.

  8. September 2, 2011 3:30 PM:

    The unconscionable behavior of these "schools" in selling a grossly-overpriced pipe dream to a bunch of soon-to-be-impoverished children is not the behavior of those due civility in discourse. If the lemmings don't pick up on these dire warnings about the law school industry, when in fact journals like the New York Times have, too bad for them. They have been warned.

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  10. In a way these lower-level Tier One Toilets are the most dangerous to a law student's future. How many students apply to several schools, find themselves accepted at a 15-50 tier one with no scholarship, along with a cheap but low ranked state school, and a TTT with a good chunk of scholarship money, but choose the T1 school because of its great reputation?

    The low end of Tier one is also dangerous because its top 10 or 20% probably will make the biglaw bucks, which makes going even more tempting. The issue is how much of the bottom 80% ends up in shitlaw or doc review or shut out of the legal job market?

    All I can say is if you are considering a lower level T1, and are passing up scholarship money at somewhere lower ranked(TT-TTTT), proceed very carefully. If you are going to end up in shitlaw or doc review or shut out of the legal job market, better to do it without the giant debt load.

    Also important not to put too much stock in what US News says. All they do is print out rankings once a year. Them saying that one school in #37 and the other is #44 and the other is TTT won't help you pay your student loans back if you end up unemployed or underemployed.

  11. Not to mention, it is located in lovely Winston Salem, NC. Great if you are a fundamentalist or a smoker (it's in the heart of tobacco country).

  12. I think it is a travesty that this school cares more about its athletic programs than it does for its own students. Then again college sports is a multi-billion dollar industry and these schools sell its logos and names for licensing fees on sports apparel, video games and anything you can slap a logo on. This school in particular values an inner city kid that can catch a football blindfolded while running a storm barefoot than some nerd with a perfect SAT score. The former gets a full scholarship with a stipend while the latter maybe gets a partial scholarship.

    Dig deeper for jobs? More like digging yourself into a lifetime of non-dischargeable debt. Pass on this school. Much like the Korean 1L chich who aspires to transfer to Yale from WF (as featured a few weeks ago on Above the Law), there is nothing special about the subject of this entry.

  13. @ 5:59,

    Thank you for the that story. Here is the account from prestige whore David Lat:

    "Living in public: that’s the premise behind a charming new law student blog by a 1L with ambition. Like a fair number of bloggers — Brian Stelter and his Twitter diet come to mind — law student Tammy Hsu seeks to harness public exposure for her own benefit. Hsu, a first-year student at Wake Forest University School of Law, writes a blog built around her goal of transferring into Yale Law School. It’s right there in the title of her site: “Confessions of an (Aspiring) Yalie.”

    By putting her ambition out in the open, Hsu is motivating herself to succeed, because failure would be so public. She is lighting the proverbial fire under her own arse, turning her classmates and the internet into one big Tiger Mother. If she’s not at 127 Wall Street this time next year, people will look down upon her — so now she has every incentive to excel in her 1L year at Wake Forest.

    Sounds like a great idea, right?

    Here’s what Tammy Hsu writes in the “About Me” section of her site:

    Tammy is a 1L juris doctor candidate at Wake Forest School of Law and unabashedly aspiring to complete her law degree at Yale Law School, a lifelong dream. This blog is a tongue-in-cheek effort to make that fact known to the Yale Law Admissions Office (and to entertain herself during CivPro).

    And here’s what she writes in her introductory post:

    I found the sudden “genius” inspiration today of blogging my 1L confessions in an effort to be noticed by the Yale Law Admissions Office. Whether they (you) are reading this because this blog has become a sudden internet sensation or whether they (you) are reading this because the URL is listed on my transfer application, I hope that this blog finds a place in your life today as a candid, honest look at law school by an over-achiever with a habitually belated sense of purpose. Trust me, if my sense of purpose weren’t always 3 months behind schedule, I wouldn’t be blogging to be noticed for a transfer seat."

    What an over-achiever, huh?! Tammy Hsu ended up at the third greatest law school in North Carolina. Perhaps she should focus more on her (pointless) “legal studies.” If she wants a shot in hell of getting into Yale, she better live in the law library at 39th-ranked Wake Forest University Sewer of Law. Lat continues:

    “In order to get into Yale Law, Hsu will have to excel at Wake Forest. Yale gets about 200 transfer applications a year, and it accepts only 10 to 15 transfers. The transfers I knew at Yale had blown the roofs off the schools where they spent their 1L years (and some of them had been at top 10 schools).”

  14. its a reach to attack this school. WF has a great regional reputation and its grads get jobs. Now if the school was in Detroit, New York, Boston, or some other northern arab infested shithole, you might have a point. It would be Elon. However, in the south, its a great place to go if you cant get in to a T14.

  15. If you are sick of the big-ass salaries paid to college athletic coaches, check out this study:

    This paper is entitled “Funding the Arms Race: A Case Study of Student Athletic Fees.” It was published by something called the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, in January 2011.


    Intercollegiate athletics (ICA) is becoming an increasingly expensive venture at America‘s colleges and universities. Some big-time athletic powers have athletic budgets exceeding $100 million annually, and even schools with lesser reputations in the NCAA‘s Divisions II and III have had sharp increases in athletic budgets in recent years. Schools vie to pay superstar coaches multi-million dollar salaries. This comes at a time when American higher education is facing at best stagnant resources, and, particularly for public schools, actually declining amounts of non-student support. The aging of the American population, stagnation in the 18 to 24 year old population pool, and massive governmental deficits and financial problems suggest that it is unlikely that non-student sources of academic funding will rise robustly over the next few years. Increasingly, ICA threatens to crowd out other higher education activities, including the core mission of teaching and research.

    As institutions dig into their own pockets to fund ICA programs not supported by ticket, logo, concession, broadcasting, parking revenues or private gifts, they are increasingly forced to rely directly on funds provided by student fees. In other cases, institutional subsidies implicitly drain resources that could otherwise support the core academic missions of teaching and research. General tuition fees may be raised to cover academic costs that would have been fundable from other revenues were it not for rising athletic costs.

    The funding of ICA has historically been mired by secrecy and, arguably, deception. Schools have fought to keep the public from knowing the subsidy students pay, the salary of the football coach, some of the less than optimal practices used to maintain player eligibility, etc. There has been the stench of both secrecy and corruption that reduces the respect that the public has for institutions of higher learning, which in turn hurts them in funding mainstream activities. The alleged positive ―spillover effects‖ of ICA in fact may be negative—damaging the viability and respect of universities in American society. It is ironic that the very institutions in our society that are supposed to be in the business of creating and disseminating knowledge at the highest levels—our universities—engage in such secrecy and sometimes deception. ”

    The fact is that American “institutions of higher education” are profit centers. (The term non-profit is simply a political designation, for the purposes of taxation. How else would you explain the fact that several dozen non-profit corporations known as universities and colleges have billion dollar endowments?!?!) The vast majority of major sports programs lose money. These athletic departments require massive subsidies from student fees. For $ome rea$on, many college administrators feel that a strong athletics program will attract larger student enrollment.

  16. Wake is an also ran law school. Shit, its outranked by two other schools in its own state.

  17. nando,

    when are you going to cover the DC area piles of dog crap (i.e., Maryland, American, George Mason, Catholic)?

  18. Off topic:

    Do the children of Faculty and Administrators go to College or Law School tuition free (as in, 2 bites at the apple)

    If so, don't other students ultimately cover that tuition cost?

    And Re: athletic scholarships--they are nothing new, as sports is big business and a commodity and always has been.

    What has changed is the way Education in general has become commercialized, at the cost of the financial lives of so many indebted students.

    And the Student Loan tax dollars keep on pouring in.

    What a gravy train.

  19. Nando my friend,

    This was on the front page of Yahoo today:

    Now, whether this story is buried or gains some traction remains to be seen. I am very happy to see, however, that the truth is starting to creep into the mainstream.

    The problem with the law school scam is that it lures innocent young people with misleading information about the profession which will quite possibly--even likely--ruin their lives. It is because of the relentless work that bloggers like you do in exposing this scam that provides the information to the unsuspecting public.

    Yes, the salaries of the professors are obscene and seem to be in direct proportion to their egoes. When I graduated in the 1990's I routinely heard arrogant tenured professors smugly berating students by badgering them about their limited prospects. They seemed to find it a source of amusement. I heard the same from some members of staff. I remember exactly who said what, even though it was almost 20 years ago.

    I dodged a bullet by having the foresight to go back to school and switch professions out of the gate. To get that opportunity I had to spin my resume and take off the law degree or I never would have gotten a foot in the door. In this job market, such massaging of one's background is much more difficult. I fear for my own non-law job, as so many do, but at least my loans are paid off.

    God bless you for all you do.

    Expat Lawyer

  20. The latest ruse to puff up the employment stats is to offer phony "fellowships" to unemployed grads who volunteer in a "law-related" office somewhere. The school pays the grad a "modest stipend" for a few months, and counts those grads as employed in the legal field. After which, of course, the fellowship ends.

    From the website of my own overrated Southern lower-tier-one-alma toilet, there is an explanation, in puffy academic PR language:

    "Beginning in 2010, our law school began offering a ten-month, post-graduate fellowship for members of our graduating class. Realizing the significant challenge posed by a legal economy in the midst of an unprecedented decline, we established the fellowship program to provide students with a bridge between graduation and future employment....For job placement reporting purposes, students in the program are included in our employed at graduation and at nine months data."

  21. Yeah, free tuition for relatives of law professors, that is another nice bene most people don't talk about. I remember an adjunct prof teaching one, two hour course, had her husband attending law school with us for free. I think the marginal cost of adding extra students costs a law school very little, so it is no big cost, other than the opportunity cost of charging someone else full tuition. I was irritated by this guy getting a free ride, when I paid full sticker.

  22. Before anyone questions why this school should be featured on Turd Tier Reality, let's not forget that this school was also embroiled in a "massaging" the employment numbers scandal back in 2009. In fact Above the Law covered the story:

    So it may appear that Wake Forest's ascension to the laughable USNWR "first" tier (schools ranked 1-100) may have been manufactured by employing Enron accounting methods.

  23. Hello toileteers. I hope that you all are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend.

    However, according to the financial blog 24/7 Wall Street, guess which profession didn't earn a 3-day weekend? If you said law professors, then you are right! Law professor is #2 for the job that pays the most with most time off.

    "Between these sabbaticals and the summer vacation, most professors work nearly 400 hours less than the average U.S. employee. Money Magazine and rated college professors at No.2 in their 2006 Best Jobs in America annual report."

  24. The New York Times ran a piece on Dewey & LeBoeuf's legal fees while representing the Dodgers' Bankruptcy proceedings.

    "For his time — one-tenth of a legal hour, or six minutes — Bennett earned $97.50, exactly what he billed for a more standard task, such as examining the day’s docket. That is a fine wage for Bennett, who makes $975 an hour as the Dodgers’ lead bankruptcy lawyer...

    ...On July 1, Sidney Levinson billed $232.50 to answer media requests for 0.3 of an hour, or 18 minutes.

    Later that day, Levinson billed $310 for 24 minutes that he spent reviewing news media reports."

    If you graduate from a TTT, you will never earn this cash or even come close to representing such a high-level client. Instead, if you are in the top 10% of a toilet, you may have the chance to work in the Public Pretenders office. There, you will have the opportunity to represent the raw sewage of human society. For example, in Tampa, police broke up a tax fraud ring. These neanderthals pulled social security numbers and names from and filed fraudulent tax returns in "rain parties" and bought Bentleys with the refunds. Look at the ABC coverage -

    Talk about prestigious, huh!

  25. The New York Times ran a piece on Dewey & LeBoeuf's charges while representing the Dodgers' Bankruptcy proceedings. The partner bills $975 an hour while associates are in the $650 range.

    If you graduate from a TTT, you will never earn this cash or even come close to representing such a high-level client. Instead, if you are in the top 10% of a toilet, you may have the chance to work in the Public Pretenders office. There, you will have the opportunity to represent the raw sewage of human society. For example, in Tampa, police broke up a tax fraud ring. These neanderthals pulled social security numbers and names from and filed fraudulent tax returns in "rain parties" and bought Bentleys with the refunds. Look at the ABC coverage -

    Talk about prestigious, huh!

  26. I don't blame these "neanderthals" for hosting these "rain parties".

    I am a victim of the law school scam. I'll do whatever I can to survive. Including hosting my own "rain parties".

    Wall street slime do it. So these "neanderthals" can't? Because they are black? I see.

  27. thank you for exposing this dump. Only 8 firms showed up to their 2010 OCI. Virtually the entire class was jobless. The professors and administration are terrible. The CSO is horrible, even by law school standards.


    Check out this article on AskMen. It pertains to "higher education," in general. (Of course, I took a few swings at the law school pigs, as well.) I hope you guys enjoy the piece. Personally, I am glad that the online magazine did not edit the hell out of this entry. You will recognize the aggressive tone and writing style.

  29. Anon 9/4 6:50

    Plenty of TTT Schools represented at that firm. I agree with you though, 99% of graduates from those schools will never work at a firm like that. In today's economy a HUGE chunk of top 10 law school graduates will never have that chance either. The economy is total crap, and blogs like this are doing a TREMENDOUS service highlighting the financial slavery 95% of 0L prospects will endure with choking student loans and NO law jobs.

  30. So the askmen article was on general higher ed? Looks like you couldn't resist bashing the law schools. Good job.

  31. "This school in particular values an inner city kid that can catch a football blindfolded while running a storm barefoot than some nerd with a perfect SAT score. The former gets a full scholarship with a stipend while the latter maybe gets a partial scholarship."

    The former is profitable to the university. The latter is a dime a dozen, and essentially worthless.

  32. And you get to live in Winston Salem. Are there any biglaw firms in that city?

  33. Hello Drake students! How are you doing today?! My guess is that you are not really visiting this blog from the Cowles Library. It seems more likely that you are sitting in the Dwight D. Opperman Hall and Law Library at Third Tier Drake, which is across the concourse from the university’s main library.

    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: IA
    City: Des Moines

    OrgId: DRAKE-7
    Address: 2717 CARPENTER AVE
    City: DES MOINES
    StateProv: IA
    PostalCode: 50311
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2008-04-11
    Updated: 2011-07-12

    OrgTechHandle: CMI96-ARIN
    OrgTechPhone: +1-515-271-4640

    Time Visitor Session
    5:49 pm 1 action 10s
    2pm 1 action 10s
    1:48pm 1 action 4m
    12:55pm 2 actions 9m 18s
    12:49pm 1 action 8m 1s
    12:44pm 3 actions 5m 32s
    12:11pm 1 action 10s
    10:22am 2 actions 14m 55s

    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: IA
    City: Des Moines

    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: IA
    City: Des Moines (This is not a Drake IP.)

  34. Dear Nando,

    I'm a recent drop out of a 2nd Tier law school. I made it through the first two weeks of 1L and dropped out, primarily due to the financial burden that law school would have imposed upon me. I have a fair amount of money in the bank I was going to use to fund the first one and a half years of my "legal education", but would have had had to take out at least $50,000 in loans to finance the rest of my "schooling". Knowing what kind of debt I was headed for, and how atrocious the current job market is for lawyers, I headed for the hills, keeping %75 of my tuition money for the first semester.

    I just wanted to let you know that your blog, as well as many of the online newspaper articles I've read, heavily influenced my decision to drop out. Before I left the school, I spoke with many of my now ex-classmates about why I was leaving. I told them 1) because of the nasty amount of debt I was going to incur, 2) the abominable state of the legal job market, 3) because I found my classes outright boring and tedious (during each class I kept thinking to myself, "I'm paying for this shit?!"), and 4) that even IF I were to find work as a lawyer, it would be highly ungratifying and overly demanding/stressful work. What's really discouraging is that almost all of the other students I talked to told me they had the same concerns. Still, they told me they were going to press on. To quote another law student I spoke to, "Well man, I feel the same way as you do, but for some reason I'm not going to do what you're doing." Sad.

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog is truly making an impact. Let it be known that there is now one less lemming in the world.

  35. Well, as I like to say, the entire scamblog movement is doing nothing less than THE LORD'S WORK. My motto: "If even one lemming can be saved...from a lifetime in his parents' basement."

    I concur with the poster above. Too often (as was the case with yours truly, back in the day) kids do what I have termed "The Law School Death March."

    This is the phenomenon of law students, having been taught to "never quit", continuing a pointless slog through the second and third years of a non-elite law school after a mediocre or poor first year. Bad mistake for MOST of these kids. Just "sticking it out" in one of these lower-tiered schools, without significant and valuable experiences, contacts and connections, with sub-par grades, is a losing proposition. You will quite likely come out in debt, having lost several earning years, and "overqualified" for everything else.

    Thes lower-tiered schools are largely unconscionable scams.

  36. That is great news, 11:57 pm! I am glad and proud to have played a small role, in your wise decision. I hope that you will continue to follow these blogs, and post comments on these entries. Others, especially prospective law students, will benefit from reading about your experience. Check out this May 4, 2011 article, by former Biglaw associate Will Meyerhofer:

    “I am prescribing a mass exodus from law schools. A semi-mass exodus might do the trick.

    Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.

    If you don’t know why you’re there – and you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into – if you’re not at a top school, or even if you are, and your grades are a little iffy, and likely to stay that way – then please, get out. Today. Before you spend another cent.”

    To the poster above:

    Don't forget that "law professors" and administrators actively talk kids out of leaving law school, after a poor showing their first year - or semester. The fact remains that one's future in the "profession" is pretty much set - once first semester grades are sent out and received.

    I realize that these are law students, but I refer to them as kids, because they are not wise to the ways of non-dischargeable debt. In relation to the greedy pig law schools, the students are ignorant children. While they may realize that a law firm job is out of the question, they can be persuaded that finishing a law degree shows "character" or "tenacity." An associate dean or other "scholar" will ask the disillusioned, sub-par student to drop by and talk about their future, I.e. “You can always go solo, or use your degree in business.”

    At Third Tier Drake, the salesman was Russ Lovell. As you can see, he prefers to be called Russell Lovell II. At least, that is not pretentious, huh?! From his academic profile:

    “Change Agent

    From the very beginning in 1839 Iowa courts and lawyers, often with a direct contribution by Drake Law School alums and faculty, have played a leadership role in the progressive evolution of civil rights and the development of the lawyer as private attorney general. It has been a joy to contribute in small part to that tradition, as a law teacher and scholar at Drake and as an advocate, and see the law work as an engine for justice and equality.”

    Yes, and convincing students - with GPAs hovering around the 1.9-2.2 range - to “stay the course” is just, and enhances equality, right?!?!

  37. How dirty is that toilet. But anyway it's still useful when there is no other toilet to be found.

  38. Ahh, the bravery that anonymous internet posting affords. Behind beating your wife, it is truly the most pathetic way to take-out your life's frustrations. Nando, I suggest you try and find a job bud. At least get a dog or something dude.

  39. To the piece of trash who posted on February 16, 2012 at 8:15 am,

    I have been beating the hell out of this filthy industry, for the last two and a half years, anonymous pussy. What have you done - other than kiss the pigs' asses, cockroach?!?!

    By the way, learn how to read, moron. I found a full-time job, with benefits, about two months after graduating from Third Tier Drake. I am still employed in that position, vagina. Quit projecting your failures onto others. YOU should try finding a job - and move out of your mother's basement.

    Lastly, if you compare wife-beating to internet posting, then you must suffer from a learning disability. Here are some better comparisons to one pathetically relieving his frustrations: pussies who scratch up someone's car with a set of keys; tossing trash in someone's yard; beating one's kids; making threats online; swindling the elderly with phone scams; relying on escorts/prostitutes because you cannot get laid on your own; etc. Why do you spell take out as "take-out"?! Does your $3 whore mother know that you are posting online, from her basement, bitch?

  40. Lmao Nando, I can still feel the burn you gave "February 16, 2012 at 8:15 AM" five years into the future.


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