Monday, September 19, 2011

Profiles in Verbal Diarrhea: Fourth Tier Duquesne Law Dean Kenneth Gormley

Dean/Ass-Clown Deposits Some Excrement:

In this September 16, 2011 op-ed piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kenneth Gormley chastises law students and JDs who expect to make $100K and drive BMW convertibles, immediately after earning their diploma. It was entitled, “The law school numbers game: Lawyers should seek justice, not riches.”

“After reading a recent article in the Post-Gazette about the lack of fabulously paying jobs in the legal market, "Students Seeking Legal Career Urged to Go to Top Schools" (Aug. 29), my stomach did double somersaults.

The national economy is in deep distress, homes are being foreclosed, health care benefits are being slashed, average citizens need ethical, competent attorneys to provide affordable legal services more than ever. And we're supposed to worry that a student had trouble landing a job paying $100,000 within a month of taking the bar exam? Pardon my indigestion.”
[Emphasis mine]

Hello, Kenneth. Being a law dean, at a pile of waste in$titution, you must be very familiar with indigestion. Pardon me while I take a plunger to your drivel. Most students are NOT expecting to land six-figure jobs, upon graduation, you intellectually dishonest cockroach!!

“The Post-Gazette writer described entry-level legal salaries of $60,000 as "measly." With all due respect, there are many important jobs -- serving on the legal staff of foundations, working for nonprofits assisting children and minorities, serving one's country in the Navy JAG Corps -- that pay such "measly" amounts. As with new graduates of medical schools who perform residencies at salaries that do not translate into instant condos in Hawaii, these jobs provide experience that is irreplaceable.”

Good luck landing a JAG position, coming out of this festering dung pit. Perhaps, the Duquesne grad was comparing his income, to his overall student debt load. By the way, how many non-profit are paying recent JDs, from low-tiered schools, 60K per year?!?! How many Duquesne law grads have been hired by JAG, in the last ten years, Kenneth?

As you can see, the school's CSO does not even list employment placement or starting salary info, for their recent graduates. Douche-bag - and his cheesy mustache - concluded his op-ed article, with this pile of excrement:

“One can call a legal education many things: difficult, costly, rigorous. However, as long as lawyers use their talents to serve others and to bring fairness to our democratic system, obtaining a law degree will never be a bad investment.”

And you wonder why lemmings continue to apply to law schools, in droves.

Taking a Look at the Numbers:

Kenneth Gormley is the dean of the law school at the “non-profit” corporation known as Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit, i.e. Employer ID No. 25-1035663. I’m sure that we can trust his objectivity, huh?!?! By the way, isn’t it fitting that the company address is listed as 600 Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA? On the first page of the link below, you will notice that the university raked in $350,004,351 in total revenue - for 2009!

Let’s see how much this “scholar” makes. For that info, we head to page 15 of Duque$ne Univer$ity of the Holy $pirit’s 2010 IRS Form 990. This document shows that Sewer Rat Kenneth Gormley “earned” $306,986 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the 2009 calendar year. Yes, this “educator” made $239,024, in reportable compensation from the organization - in addition to $67,962 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”

How do you think you earned that loot, Ned Flanders?!?! Do you still want to cry about people simply pointing out the fact that many law students will end up in the red, because they chose to pursue an advanced degree?

US “News” & World Report ranks Duquesne University as a fourth tier pile of moist diarrhea. I’m sure Kenneth’s mother must be proud of him - and his mustache. Yes, graduating from a TTTT will work wonders, in one’s job search, right?!?!

Furthermore, US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those Duquesne JDs from the Class of 2010, who incurred such debt - as $88,908. Then again, “only” 83 percent of this commode’s 2010 graduating class took on debt for law school. This does not take undergrad debt, into account.

Conclusion: Kenneth Gormley is a pathetic hypocrite, and an intellectual fraud. He makes more than $306K per year, running a diploma mill. He thinks that Duquesne law grads should be happy making $60K, upon graduation. Guess what, ass-wipe? MANY of your graduates are earning much less than $60K per year - working in non-legal jobs, living with family, and scraping by on low-wages and temporary positions.

For those making $60K annually, a figure which is not bad, how the hell is someone supposed to reasonably pay off $100K-$150K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt off - on that amount?!?! Such a person is taking home a mere $45K-$48K, after taxes. Do…you…understand…that?!?! When this ass-clown went to law school, student loans were dischargeable in bankruptcy. However, tuition was a small fraction of where it stands today. For $ome rea$on, this pile of rat droppings forgot to mention that in his little opinion piece.


  1. Yeah: Serving Others

    Serve Others

    Serve Others

    But how can anyone serve others when they are in deep financial debt and distress, and cannot serve the debt and themselves, let alone "Others"

  2. Go get fucked by a buffalo bull, Ned Flanders.

  3. What the hell is a Duquesne? Dew-QUESS-knee?
    With French phonetics, it's probably closer to DOUCHE-ann, or DUKE-in.

    BTW: Maybe they'll print a response to his op-ed. Maybe you should write one.

  4. The math on a 60K salary while servicing 150K of non-dischargeable debt:

    60K gross...
    45k after taxes
    45K/12 months: 3,750.00 monthly after taxes.


    1,000.00 (rent in a shitty neighborhood)
    1,000.00 (loan payment on 150K over 30 years)
    400.00 (food if male)
    250.00 (conservative car payment)
    400.00 (health insurance)
    125.00 (car insurance)
    75.00 (cell or landline)
    300.00 (combined utilities: water, gas,
    garbage, electric)
    200.00 (leftovers)

    Conclusion: This person, if they are lucky enough to land a job at 60K better not ever get married or have kids. I am sure the 200.00 leftovers is plenty of money to put towards saving for retirement, putting money into savings for emergencies, entertainment, etc...

    The last line was sarcasm.

  5. Talk about a bait and switch. You could become a Federal Judge, or a State Supreme Court Justice, or president of the Pittsburg Steelers. Or get wealthy in the lucrative field of litigation. You could do all those things with a degree from Duguesne, while humbly accepting a $60K public service job or small firm job to get started.
    Sure, and I could start as defensive end for the Green Bay Packers.

    Why can't these jokers tell the truth? The reality for most third tier law grads is, if they can find a legal job at all in this economy, they might be making closer to half of $60k.

    I am 8 years out of law school, having finished in the top 20% of my class, and I worked for close to 6 years for a small firm that had to let me go because of the horrible economy. That was in 2009. I never made close to $60K, in fact never even got health benefits. I did get lots of litigation experience in both civil and criminal law. You would think one of the white shoe firms in town would be knocking down my door, right? Wrong.

    I try to keep my head above water as a solo, still can't afford health benefits, and I can barely pay the interest on my student loans, which are smaller than what a lot of new grads today can expect. A large percentage of my criminal cases are public defender appointments at an hourly rate of $40/hour, and I have to eat all administrative costs, so no money for time spent photocopying discovery, either for my clients or for appellate counsel. I am not complaining. The reason I even have that source of revenue is because of the number of criminal trials I did while I worked for the small firm. Someone right out of law school wouldn't even get that because you need a certain number of hours handling misdemeanor trials before the public defender will assign you felonies. And right now, they aren't assigning misdemeanors to newly minted grads/ Even so, I don't make even close to $60/year.

    If and when I find a job paying $60K/year, legal or especially nonlegal, I would take it and not look back.

    1. 40 bucks and hour, is a fine wage.
      combine that with retainers = 1500 for misdemeanors and 2500 for felonies.

      Hunt to keep revenue up, keep overhead cost down you can do well over 6 figures.... (if no student loan debt).

  6. Typical straw-man argument. Cast your opposition (the students who trusted you and took out a fortune to attend your TTTT dump) as whiny entitled losers who missed out on a 160k paycheck.

    Lemmings, this is what you're paying mountains of cash for. Notice the pathetically weak reasoning skills of this scammer. Straw-man arguments are always the "easy" questions on the LSAT because they are so simple to spot. You buttholes are paying 40k+ per year to suffer these "educators", who have the intellectual capacity of a horseshoe crab.

  7. I remember when the Lakers found out Norm Nixon went to this shithole, they traded him to the Clippers just to make a point. I see things have not changed in regards to this places reputation.

  8. Classic hypocrisy. This shithead makes $300K+ per year. And he's lecturing grads who're making $60K? I doubt many Douche-anne grads make that amount. Get the fuck outta here.

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  9. Actually, this piece of shit is lecturing grads who are making 30k IF THEY ARE LUCKY.

    Most make MUCH LESS. And this pile of waste is raking in 300k+ per year for DOING WHAT EXACTLY?

    What the fuck do you need to do as "Dean" of a fourth tier pile of shit?

    Besides writing op-eds about the need for lawyers serving others?


  10. Duquesne grad here, recent grad. Top 20%. Made law review. No job for six months. Partnered with a solo in Philly. Made 6k in 5 months. I would kill for a 60k job. Hell, I'd kill for a 40k/year job at this point.

  11. Law school graduates do serve thier clients:
    at McDonalds,
    at Starbucks,
    at KFC
    at Sonic.
    Will that be supersized?
    Alot he knows.

  12. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why this piece of shit makes 300k+ a year?


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  13. @ 8:43 a.m. -- I made $60k in 1999 at a small law firm in California with just $60k in student loans and only had $200-$400 bucks at the end of each month. I can't even imagine trying to do that with $150k.

    Here's the test to Gormley's nonsense-- law students aren't expecting to make $100k a year-- THE LAW SCHOOLS EXPECT THEM TO. Yes, we all can't make law review. But then why are (or in my case, why were) we expected to pay a tuition calculated based on the top earners.

    Invoking that troll that's shown up on Exposing the Law School Scam, here's my challenge to the law school administrators who "chastiste" law students for unrealistic expectations. Before you make ant statement that law student's hopes for employment are unjustified, you should demonstrate what steps you are making to ensure your tuition is justified by your graduate's actual employment outlook.

  14. $60K salaries coming out of Duquesne? Really. These kids would literally kill for a chance to make that coming out of this shithole.

  15. Typical Boomer logic: do as I say, not as I do.

    $300k/year? Doesn't sound like this guy has been pursuing "Justice" lately, as we all know it doesn't pay that much.

    (sigh) Must be great to be free of the constraints of cognative dissonance.

  16. I went here. The administration treats the students like garbage. Career Services does not return emails and treats you like garbage- puts all the responsibility on you. If you fail, its your fault. Some of the faculty is very good, some is awful, but they are all on the gravy train and won't talk about employment or the practice of law, I think because of the awkwardness. Faculty acts holier than thou, puts people down saying things like "This is a School of Law!" and you will be "among the most highly educated people on earth!" and shit like that that means absoultely nothing- so don't criticize us.

  17. Wow what a fucking little oinking piglet, fuck this mother fucker. Nice mustache you fucking douche queen, Gormley.

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  18. @ 8:43AM

    Well said!

    You forgot clothes (maybe a winter oat instead of the ratty old one you have now) and shoes, and gas and oil changes for the car, or possible 200 bucks a month in tolls or commuting expenses, haircuts, health insurance co-payments, the cost of cold and flu medicine or asparin, soap, bleach, laundry detergent etc etc.

    So then you start to use credit cards, because your car needs a new muffler or catalytic converter, which is 400 bucks or more.

  19. What a pig. WOuld somebody please give a valid reason why a TTTT dean is worth $300K per year? Anybody at all?

  20. “One can call a legal education many things: difficult, costly, rigorous. However, as long as lawyers use their talents to serve others and to bring fairness to our democratic system, obtaining a law degree will never be a bad investment.”

    I love this quote from the editorial best. I think I will compose a letter to some of my friends using this line.

    Dear Sallie Mae, Access Group and Federal Direct Loans:

    Please excuse me from paying my student loans this month. I am using my talents to serve others and to bring fairness to our democratic system. Dean Gormley of Duquesne Law School said that if I do these things, law school will never be a bad investment.

    Seriously, this guy should be up for an Asshole of the Year award. I assume that he knows how much his unranked commode charges for tuition. I assume that he knows that his students have to pay for three years of tuition to get a JD. He probably even knows that his students take out these things called student loans to pay their tuition.

    So how can this prick say that its a good thing that law students don't make much money out of school? Because its really a lot of fun to try to pay down 100k+ in loans on 30k a year? Its fun to eat Ramen twice a day? Its fun to see how much water you can pour into pancake flour but still have pancakes? Its fun to think about having to move back in with mom and dad? Because this is the kind of thing that actually happens to law students.

    I think that these law school scumbags are so used to the fantasy about law school that they sell to their students that they are no longer able to see the truth about what happens to their students after they graduate. In Gormley's little world, it probably is a good thing that Duquesne graduates struggle doing shitlaw or $10/hr doc review.

    Maybe the answer to all this is to organize protests at law schools. Seriously. Maybe its time the scambloggers go picket in front of some of the most offensive law schools. Put these law school scumbags on the spot and make them squirm a little. I am positive that no law dean anywhere wants angry people with signs picketing outside their school.

  21. Well done, Nando; this one really had me laughing my ass off. This guy looks like a more retarded version Geraldo Rivera

  22. Geraldo Rivera with Dysentery.

  23. Kenneth Gormley is a lying pig, for the following reasons:

    1. Douche-bag runs a fourth tier pile of dung. As such, he knows that MANY of his former students will be lucky to make $40K per year, coming out of this dump.

    2. Ass-Clowns’s TTTT does not dare list an average or median starting salary, for recent grads. Yet, the bitch insists on using a $60K starting salary figure, to make his points. Keep the useless hypotheticals in the classroom, you swine.

    3. Ned Flanders should realize that paying back $85K-$130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE loans on a $30K-$60K salary is not feasible. Gormley cannot rely on the “lawyers suck at math” excuse. Only a damn retard - or intellectually dishonest piece of trash - would insist that one can repay mountains of student loans on that level of income.

    4. Gormley took in all of these students, knowing that the legal job market was oversaturated - and shrinking due to outsourcing, advances in software, downsizing, etc. I am CERTAIN that this “man” did not inform his students - during the application process - that they should be happy to repay $100K+ in student debt, while (hopefully) making $60K annually.

    5. Pennsylvania is home to eight law schools. Again, Duquesne University Sewer of Law is rated as a fourth tier pile of waste, by US “News.” (While the rankings scheme is idiotic, employers look to it, when making hiring and interview decisions.) How are these TTTT students and grads supposed to compete for Biglaw positions?!?!

    6. In his op-ed piece, the cockroach acted as if TTTT students could land jobs with JAG, if they would only apply themselves harder. Listen, bitch: your fourth tier students would need EXCELLENT business, family and political connections - in order to land an interview with JAG Corps, upon graduation. With the economy in the toilet, JAG can pick and choose from elite law school grads.

    7. Ass-hat feeds into the public’s hatred of lawyers, including debt-strapped, jobless attorneys - with his disparaging tone and remarks. (It is time that we start educating the public on how their tax dollars support the lazy, welfare pigs known as “law professors” and administrators.) Way to look out for your students, bitch.

    8. The pig disingenuously compares small-time lawyers to doctors who are in their residency programs. This is deceptive, even for a cockroach. American-trained medical doctors actually learn how to be physicians, during their third and fourth year of medical school!! After graduation, they receive several more years of on-the-job training. When they are hired on, upon completion of their residency, they can look forward to decent salaries.

    9. Kenneth then notes that Duquesne law grads hold positions such as president of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the CEO of U.S. Steel. When did those people receive their law degrees, turd?!?! Also, did they come from money - or have incredible business connections before attending law school?

    10. Lastly, obtaining a law degree IS a bad investment - when one takes out $100K in student debt, and cannot land a job! Get that through your thick skull, sewer rat!

  24. Yes, lets nominate this fuckface to the "Asshole of the Year" award which he can share with this fat cow Sara Stadler. After that, lets mate these two animals. I am seriously thinking about going into pig farming. I would love to have offspring of these two domesticated animals on my farm.

  25. If the two pigs mated imagine how much shit they would be rolling around in.

  26. If Ken ever reads this, I'm sure it will ruin his day. It's funny to imagine the reactions of these deans and professors when they see themselves profiled on here.

  27. Howda-doodly neighborino. Yankee doodly-dandy. Diddly doddly doodly. Law student-lee-oodlies ought to work their way up the oodly oodly ladderino.

  28. If someone offered me a job at $50k per year, I'd take it without asking what I would be doing. No joke. I would clean septic tanks and slaughterhouses for $50k a year at this point.

    $60k a year as a low/target salary for this school? Ha!

    Reality check:

    Temp Doc review for 23/hr

    Part-time family law, experience a must, $100-200 a case, insurance not provided.

    Freelance contract work targeted at unemployed grads, $100-250 a pop.

    Very few opportunities listed for such a "booming" legal market that can afford to pay scraplings $60k a year.

  29. Nando,

    JAG is about as difficult as scoring biglaw nowadays.

    I had a friend who was contracted ROTC during law school and he still missed Army JAG. They had over 2000 applicants for about 200 spots.

    There was an article on the Navy JAG a few years back. Over 1000 people applied for 50 spots.

    The AF JAG boards have a selection rate of about 2%

    The Coast Guard did not even have a JAG board this year.

  30. Only the Marines are hiring for their 20 or so spots, but you have to go through Boot Camp which 99% of law students could not hack.

    Keep in mind these spots will decrease in the future as the wars on wound down and the defense budget is targeted.

  31. "The national economy is in deep distress, homes are being foreclosed, health care benefits are being slashed, average citizens need ethical, competent attorneys to provide affordable legal services more than ever." -gormley

    Gormley should choke on his arrogance and hypocrisy. Being of a sentimental disposition, I too am in favor of young attorneys representing suffering people for token pay, home-cooked meals, Spanish lessons, whatever. There are two drawbacks to that, both due to gormley and his fellow racketeers: (1) law school does not provide its grads with the skills or training to competently represent anybody on anything; and (2) the debt loads that law grads undertook to make gormley rich are a serious obstacle to providing low-cost representation.

    We need to eliminate the model of legal education that gives us $320,000/yr. deans who write Marie Antoinetteish op-ed shit like this, $160,000/yr. lazy-ass "professors" who publish gobbledygook about critical gender theory and tomes like "Nietzsche and Morality", but who have never seen the inside of the courtroom, and the hellishly inefficient Socratic method of teaching-- or, rather, not teaching--legal doctrine.

    Legal education should be a series of clinics and externships, supervised by successful local practitioners, to teach students how to handle circuit court gruntwork, try a case, and write an appeal. There should be some classes thrown into the mix, especially at the beginning, to teach core legal doctrine fast and to help students polish their legal writing skills. And you would not need a single "dean" or "professor" for any of this, not a single goddamn one.


    Well, upon reviewing this $hithole's academic prospectus, all of the alumni who have apparently succeeded as lawyers and business people, graduated between the 50s - 90s. There might be one 2002 grad in that brochure. However, a majority of their alums who have done well are from the 70s and 80s. They sure as hell aren't featuring grads since 2004, are they????

    And Gormley likely does not give two shits about this blog. I am sure he sleeps well at night because he is well paid. I assume the man is not drowning in 195K of non-dischargeable student loan debt like most of us. I make 90K a year in government contracting and still live paycheck to paycheck. They laid off 1000 people at my job today and our group is probably next.

    I have been lucky because I started to work in government contracting before I passed the bar. However, the law degree is a burden. I am always having to justify why I am not practicing law. People come at me like some sort of failure.

    I have friends working for $10-$12/hour. Freaking In-n-Out Burger's starting wage is $11/hour. WTF????????????????

    I am sure doucheman sleeps quite well at night. I haven't slept well in years because all I think about is how I cannot get ahead with my loans. I think about student debt everyday.

    This fucking sucks. I am 40, single, no home, and no kids. I work and pay bills. The JD did not add to the quality of my life. UGH! I want to be free of this bondage.

  33. 7:21 here....I forgot to add that my job (although pays well) is dreadfully boring. My life feels meaningless and I am bored shitless. I have been bored since 2004 out of my goddamn mind and if I didn't have these fucking loans...I would be doing something fun instead of living out my life like "Office Space." I am going apeshit from boredom.

  34. Gormley is a douche bag. His article was a thinly veiled sales pitch for his shitty law school. When law administrators and faculty take a vow of poverty, I will take them seriously, until then, shut the fuck up about public service!

    Those bastards have taken every chance they could to raise tuition for teaching the same old, low cost, except for faculty, product for decades. Law schools have had pricing power, any for-profit, Fortune 500 company would kill for. So quit the Mother Teresa act.

  35. Turde is correct: JAG Corps positions are at least as difficult to land as Biglaw. In fact, there are far fewer positions. JAG wants grads from elite law schools, not corroded dung heaps such as Duquesne.

    Tuition at Fourth Tier Duque$ne Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law, for the 2011-2012 school year, amounts to $33,064.

    Yet, Dumbass thinks that grads should be thrilled to make $60K per year. The reality is that many recent Duquesne JDs are unemployed, under-employed, or living with family members. How many of them are working in retail or other low-wage, service-based positions?!

    If you look at the last fee, you can see that this fourth tier trash heap could not pass up one last chance to financially rape its students: it charges them $150, as a graduation fee. Imagine the sheer contempt that this (Catholic) school holds for its students. MANY of these people will not have any job prospects, when they graduate - but the commode insists on one last big-ass fee. I guess that is corporate Christianity in action!

    On November 3, 2010, Elie Mystal posted the following piece, documenting the fact that many Duque$ne law students are of modest means:

    “Law students are struggling to find jobs; this we know. But what I didn’t know until this very day was that law students are also struggling to find the basic professional necessities. Like clothes. That’s right, clothing drives are not just for homeless people and impoverished third-world children. Not anymore.

    The good people at Duquesne University School of Law are putting together a clothing drive to help out their first year law students get the professional clothing they need for interview season. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to give your used clothing to distressed 1Ls in need of assistance…

    Okay, I know I shouldn’t poke fun. The bleeding heart that pumps inside me tells me that this is a compassionate, even laudable idea. Not every law student comes to school with an interview-appropriate wardrobe at the ready. And not every law student, especially the ones who are trying to minimize their debt burdens, has the spare cash to purchase appropriate business attire for their crucial meetings.”

    This story also highlights the insanity and idiocy of lemmings. If you cannot afford a decent suit, why in the hell would you take out an additional $90K in debt, for a TTTT law degree?!?!

    By the way, I am sure that Cockroach Kenneth Gormley can afford dozens of sharp suits, on his $306,986 yearly income. Keep in mind that this pig makes this princely sum, off of the backs of his debt-strapped students - and the federally-backed student loan $y$tem. Do you see how the scam works, Duquesne students?!

  36. This guy is dangerous. He is selling a sucker's myth for his own benefit. He may have degrees, but he is no better than the used car salesperson trying to unload the 1996 Jaguar and make 5k on the deal for a car that will eat up your money and spend more time in the garage than on the road.

    They use some of the same logic as Televangelists.

  37. Dangerous are the 0Ls who still want to go to law school. I show my friends this blog and other scamblogs, yet they disregard the info. God help them.

  38. Just another snakeoil salesman. Almost a big a bastard as Jim Bakker or Oral Roberts. Fuck him!

  39. Lol I think Oral Roberts University had a law school several years ago.

  40. Gormely makes over $300k a year? For what? Being the law school dean of "DuKane?" Want to know why people never bother to pronounce DuKane correctly? It's because it is a rancid lowly regarded law school. In fact, I once met a Dukane alum (who did not know I was a lawyer) who tried to tell me that it was a Canadian school. Gormely is obscenely overcompensated. With that mustache I am surprised he doesn't wear a top hat and a long tuxedo jacket with coattails. This charlatan looks better qualified to run a circus than a law school. Then again, Dukane students are probably not as trainable as circus animals.

  41. With this sleazy mustache Gormley looks like out of work porn star from 70s. I bet this cocksucker has even a bigger bush down there than he has under his nose. Indeed, it is better to have a daughter who is a prostitute, than a son who is a law school dean. Fuck this piece of human shit.

  42. He talks about the public interest jobs his grads should be doing. Doesn't he know that with a degree from that school (or any law school for that matter) that most recent grads qualify for the free or low cost services he would like God knows who to provide?

    My coming to Jesus moment was when I realized that I had become that low-paid, financially needy client law schools had talked about that law grads should remember and serve upon graduating. Do these people not get that they are making paupers out of us? Gosh, these people just don't get it....

  43. Ken Gormley is dean of Duquesne Law School and the author most recently of "The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr"

    He gets paid 300K+ a year, so he can write articles that have zero benefit to the law students that subsidize such drivel. Law faculty jobs are one of the few jobs I know where a majority of their work has little benefit to the consumers that pay their salary.

  44. If these schools were really wanting to prevent students from getting J.D.s for the purposes of making big money, then they would use the most effective deterrent and simply inform students that they won't be getting those 6 figure salaries.

  45. I love how he bashes USNWR, but on the schools web site they proudly boast, "For the fourth consecutive year, the School of Law’s Legal Research and Writing Program was ranked as one of the best in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report."

  46. Thank you, 11:16. I remember seeing that on the law school's website.

    "Legal Research and Writing Program Ranked in the Top 10 Nationally

    For the fourth consecutive year, the School of Law’s Legal Research and Writing Program was ranked as one of the best in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report. The magazine’s most recent rankings issue places Duquesne’s program in the top ten of all law schools on its Best Law Schools Specialty Rankings: Legal Writing List and ahead of more than 170 schools nationwide.

    “IT IS A GREAT HONOR FOR THE SCHOOL TO RECEIVE THIS SORT OF NATIONAL RECOGNITION in an area that is truly at the core of legal education,” said Dean Ken Gormley. “It is also a great testament to the talent of Professor Jan Levine, the director of the program who built it from the ground up, as well as Assistant Professors Julia Glencer, Erin Karsman and Tara Willke, who have worked tirelessly to create this world-class Legal Research and Writing program at Duquesne.” [Emphasis mine]

    This is a slightly different tone, than the one contained in Ass-Clown's September 16, 2011 letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    "Much of the problem goes back to the notoriously misleading U.S. News and World Report surveys. These "special edition" publications are born of a desire to sell magazines. (The print version of U.S. News went out of business due to financial woes, yet the money-making "best of" editions still flourish).

    They are packed with slick advertisements by those featured in the magazines. Sadly, they have encouraged many law schools to fudge numbers to keep up with their "competitors," by artificially inflating their statistics. (Several law schools have faced lawsuits and sanctions from the American Bar Association recently for playing fast-and-loose in reporting their statistics.)

    Here's a secret for your readers: The numbers are only as good as the people supplying and spinning them."

    This takes BLATANT HYPOCRISY to a whole new level. So, the USN&WR rankings are garbage - which we are all aware of - UNTIL the same TTT publication benefits your school?!?! This further solidifies Kenneth Gormley as a dishonest, manipulative, deceptive piece of trash.

    Here is an open secret for any lemmings reading this entry: The deans, administrators and “law professors” are AWARE of the overall legal job market, and that the rankings schemes are idiotic - yet they continue to play the game and spin facts. Many, such as Kenneth G. Gormley - of 228 Glasgow Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15221-3751 - have no integrity. Others practice “situational ethics.”

  47. Question for anyone who can answer: do any of these law schools offer free or reduced cost legal services to the communities in which it operates its school in? I keep hearing over and over from various law school deans that attorneys should not focus on the salary, but instead focus on justice and serving their communities.

    I'm just wondering since some these schools must have some professors on its roster who are licensed attorneys, a library, Westlaw access, etc., do any of these schools actually offer its services to those in need?

    I volunteered at Legal Services while I was downsized, and many of these non-profit legal services are busting at the seams due to the economy. These organizations are also suffering from lack of corporate and personal contributions, and lack of grant money. I'm just wondering since these law schools have the means to provide legal services if they actually practice what they preach to its students?

  48. ^Some schools offer clinics aimed at helping low income people and seniors. How much does it really help students if they're only in there for a semester. That's nice enough time to do a case from start to finish.

  49. ^You mean "not enough time to do a case from start to finish"? Agreed; some cases take well over a year to resolve. Longer for most civil suits.

    Which leads me to my next question: how come all law schools do not have clinics serving the community? And for schools which od offer such services, why doesn't the school require its students to volunteer (for credit) and work on cases for at least one year? It would make more sense if law schools would operate like medical schools do: two years of intensive studies, one year for clinical work. At least a newly minted attorney would be a little more prepared for the real world. The current structure just does not benefit any of the students.

    My apologies if I am repeating something which was already discussed here.

  50. 7:28 here.

    I meant to write: That's not enough time to do a case from start to finish.

  51. These observations about clinic are pretty obvious. It should speak volumes that the pigs at law school don't realize this, or simply ignore the facts that 1 semester at the legal clinic really helps nothing.

    I speak from personal experience. I wasn't able to accomplish much in my 1 semester at the legal clinic because of the nature of civil litigation.

    Anyone who has ANY experience at all knows that these issues cannot be resolved within 1 semester of law school.

    Once again these law school pigs need to be tied up and roasted.



  52. Send your grievances about this guy to the Pittsburgh Gazette. Flood that office with your complaints, and demand that they write something about it!

  53. Good point Cryn. The reaction to his op ed is quite newsworthy! You wouldn't even need to demand it, the story just begs to be written.

  54. Later this evening, I am sending the following letter - which contains several hyperlinks to relevant sources - to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    "Rebuttal to Gormley’s September 16, 2011 Op-Ed

    Gormley’s abrupt change of tone, regarding US News & World Report

    On the Duquesne Law website, Kenneth Gormley took a different tone, with regard to the US News & World Report law school rankings scheme:

    " For the fourth consecutive year, the School of Law’s Legal Research and Writing Program was ranked as one of the best in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report.

    “It is a great honor for the school to receive this sort of national recognition in an area that is truly at the core of legal education,” said Dean Ken Gormley.”

    However, in his September 16, 2011 op-ed piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gormley wrote the following, about the publication:

    "Much of the problem goes back to the notoriously misleading U.S. News and World Report surveys. These "special edition" publications are born of a desire to sell magazines. (The print version of U.S. News went out of business due to financial woes, yet the money-making "best of" editions still flourish).”

    This takes hypocrisy to another level. Basically, the USN&WR rankings are “notoriously misleading” - until they benefit your school, right? I suppose that he takes issue with the financially-troubled magazine listing his school as “Rank Not Published.” Previously, US News labeled this as the fourth tier.

    How much Gormley makes as dean – in comparison to average law student debt

    On page 15 of Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit’s 2010 IRS Form 990, we can see that Dean Kenneth G. Gormley made $306,986 in total compensation - for the 2009 calendar year. He makes this princely sum, due to the federally-backed student loan system. His students are the ones incurring all the risk, as well as the burden of non-dischargeable student debt. In stark contrast, US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those Duquesne JDs from the Class of 2010, who incurred such debt - as $88,908. (This figure does not include student debt, from undergrad.) Why doesn’t Kenneth Gormley attempt to repay $100,000 or more in student loans, on a $35,000-$60,000 salary?

    Telling Duquesne law students that they can become the president of the Pittsburgh Steelers is disingenuous - at best. As you can see, Art Rooney II earned his JD from Duquesne, in 1982. By the way, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been owned by the Rooney family, since 1933. In addition, the job market has changed drastically, since 1982. Furthermore, implying that law students expect to make $100,000 and drive BMW convertibles, within one month of graduation, is a classic straw man argument. It is a falsehood, which he deliberately published.

  55. "Due to the few openings available, it is exceptionally difficult to land a JAG Corps position, graduating from a non-elite law school. Comparing law students to medical doctors in residency is deceptive. Unlike law students, doctors learn how to be physicians - during professional school. The last two years are spent in clinic, working on patients, and rotations. In addition to this, doctors must then complete a residency program. Obtaining a law degree is a bad investment for those who are trapped re-paying immense student debt loads, while facing unemployment, under-employment or low-paid work.

    After publishing such nonsense, I can see why Mr. Gormley is suffering from indigestion. Surely, many of those law grads who read his commentary ended up with severe nausea. Take some antacid, and stick to the facts, Kenneth.

    [Nando] is the author of the blog “Third Tier Reality.” His work has appeared in He can be reached at

    Keep in mind that I once wrote a solid, fact-based, professional letter to the LA Times - in response to then ABA head mutt Carolyn Lamm. For $ome rea$on, the pigs chose not to place my submission, on its forum. On February 1, 2010, Temporary Attorney, a.k.a. Tom the Temp, published the piece, in its entirety.

    Take a look at this entry, when you have a chance.

    Duquesne law grads need to weigh in on this op-ed, as well. Write to the paper, and discuss your job situation. Do not allow this rat to set the agenda! The average reader may not be aware that his opinion piece was filled with straw men, lies, and distortions. It is up to you to correct his baseless assetions.

  56. A problem as I see it is the lock-step, monolithic, 1960s New Left groupthink that pervades the law school teaching ranks. These are people with absolute contempt for the real work actual lawyers do. Because of this, they are constantly sprouting platitudinous bromides about serving the public interest and working for non-profits. Of course, on their two class teaching load, these same individuals would seemingly have plenty of time to represent illegal immigrants, welfare mothers, the wrongly accused, the environment, death row convicts, etc., etc., etc. They are probably too "busy" producing useless law review articles, however. Then again, considering they don't know how to practice law anyway, its probably better they stay in their well appointed offices. Your average undocumented migrant worker doesn't give a rat's ass that you can lead a discussion about Hadley v. Baxendale.

  57. Bring Consumer Bankrupty protections back for Student Loans now.

    Otherwise, blood and life sucking monsters like Gormley will continue to crop up, with absolutely no risk to himself, and shit all over the rest of youth, and Society in general, with impunity.

    We are talking about Usury, and crimes against humanity by now.

    Who wants to live two or three generations in Student Loan Debt?

    Jesus Christ. Does anyone out there care?

  58. Gormley's fucking nose hairs have reached his upper lip. Fuck off, Flanders.

  59. HAHAHAHahah. This guy truly does remind me of Ned Flanders. Except ol Neddy is probably cringing being compared to this unethical dishonest shill. This was an EPIC BLAST and I hope this lying hypocritical son of a bitch reads your post and all the comments. Gormley, you are a piece of shit, a disgrace, and a further testament to the lack of integrity in law schools today (along with that fat cow Sara Stadler- btw LOL @ the pig breeding comments).

  60. Welcome to this shitty TTTTT country called "The United States of America".

    A country where idiotic law school deans can rake in 300k+ per year off the backs of young men and women.

    This country is dead. I CANNOT WAIT until America collapses.

    Fuck this shitty country.

  61. I never thought I would say this but this country is a piece of shit. I served in the military for 3 years. I have three cousins who also served (army).

    I've lost that patriotic feeling long ago. I look at this run down country and see nothing but empty factories, long unemployment lines. Productivity is up but wages are down. Except for the greedy cocksucker CEOs. Those fucks are raking it in. Even when they run their companies into the ground. Seriosly, fuck this country. Watch this turn into a subterranean shithole like Mad Max or Escape from New York.

  62. 657..if you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why...this country has certainly gone to crap because of entitlements and our failure to enforce immigration laws while our leaders vote to ship jobs overseas, but what is the alternative? Europe where people live like sardines with generations of their family in the same apt? The middle east where it is such a shit hole it makes the USA look like heaven on earth. Africa? LOL. Australia/New Zealand? Maybe, but that is a shit long way to travel and is it really better then here.

    Life continues to get worse because liberal policies destroy the middle class which most of us are. The CEOS are not the problem, its the inability they have to create jobs because of all the ridiculous taxes and jobs being shipped overseas.

    Just curious where you would go and when are you leaving?

  63. Mating Gormley and Stadler would be a real show. I picture how Gormley, very aroused and exited, mounts Stadler from behind, in a piggy style. He then starts to hump her and they both grunt in pleasure. Gormley is so excited that he occasionally misses the main hole and stuffs Sara right in her fat ass. The would like to have an exclusive right to sell tickets for this show.

  64. "The CEOS are not the problem, its the inability they have to create jobs because of all the ridiculous taxes and jobs being shipped overseas."

    Who do you think is shipping the jobs overseas, fool? Can you even hear yourself? This is the product of the law school scam: multi-degreed individuals who cannot write even a single internally logically sentence.

  65. The CEO pigs need to be murdered, just like this ugly Flanders "law school dean"




  66. 8:23 - Australian here. Universal health care, affordable education, decent employment prospects, robust economy. I visited the States for 5 weeks in June and while I had a great time, I thank god I am where I am.

    A law degree cost me $14K, owed to the Federal govt. I now make 6 figures in secure employment. My debt, while not dischargeable, was very soft. Repayments were only made after my salary reached a certain level and the interest rate was pegged to CPI. I blew it off five years ago.

    Don't get me wrong, we have our issues, not least of which is our slavish adherence to US foreign policy, and a nasty housing bubble. Still, it's easier to get by day to day here as a middle class mug than in the tooth and claw setup you've got there.

    Keep battling on.

  67. To dunce who posted at 8:23 am,

    With regards to the higher education mess, I assign much of the blame to liberals who believe that "EVERYONE should go to college." However, pertaining to larger economic policy, you have your head firmly up your ass - if you feel that CEOs are incapable of creating jobs, due to tax increases. Check out this article, from August 12, 2008:

    "GAO: 2/3 of Corporations Pay Zero Federal Income Tax

    The Government Accountability Office today released Comparison of the Reported Tax Liabilities of Foreign- and U.S.-Controlled Corporations, 1998-2005 (GAO-08-957), issued in response to a request from Senators Carl Levin and Byron Dorgan. From Sen Levin's press release:

    Most corporations doing business in the United States pay no federal income tax to the federal government ... The report says that two thirds of both American companies and foreign companies doing business in the United States end up avoiding all income tax obligations to the federal government despite corporate sales totaling $2.5 trillion.

    The report discloses that each year from 1998 to 2005, an average of 68% of the foreign companies doing business in the U.S. paid zero federal income taxes. During the same period 66% of U. S. domestic corporations paid no federal income taxes to the federal government.

    In 2005, 28% of large foreign companies (over $250 million in assets or $50 million in sales) doing business in the U.S. paid no taxes even though they reported $372 billion in gross receipts that year. This amounts to 998 companies. 25% of the largest U.S. corporations had $1.1 trillion in gross sales in 2005 and yet paid no federal income taxes for the year."

    In light of this situation, why haven’t your corporate heroes hired more U.S. workers?!?! Take a look at this May 3, 2011 article, in Forbes magazine, bitch:

    “[C]orporations have absolutely no reason to complain about taxes. After all, they earned record 2010 profits of $1.68 trillion and 85% of them are beating their first quarter 2011 earnings estimates as 70% are growing revenue faster than expected while their operating margins stand at a near record 19.8%.

    And companies are achieving that record profitability by squeezing workers. After all, 2010 productivity rose 3.9% while unit labor costs fell 1.5%. To get more work out of the same number of workers while paying them less, it helps to have 13.5 million people out of work and the easy ability to hire part-time labor and outsource to countries that pay much lower wages.

    So tax cuts have not spurred big companies to create jobs.”

  68. Next toilet? (I'm so tired of seeing this asshole's face)

  69. Nando, I can stomach the pictures of feces, pigs rolling in shit, strippers on poles and turd filled toilets, but I second the motion of 6:48AM. I am tired of seeing this mugshot of a douche that looks less honorable than a snakeoil salesman. I can't believe this asshole said law school is never a bad investment. Was he talking about working within the law school system? $300K a year for writing bullshit stories about Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton? I guess it is a good investment from his perspective. But for students, it's a raw deal.

  70. @6:48 AM, 9/22/2011: LOL! Thank you; I really needed the chuckle this morning.

    With all of this talk about who was more responsible in destroying the US, Dems vs. Repubs, Right vs. Left, let's just be honest and call it a draw: both liberals and conservatives just SUCK and have been banging nails into this country's coffin for many, many years.

    While the extreme right made choices and passed legislation enabling US based companies to send our jobs to the far east, liberals for many years maintained a silent position when factories were closing up shop and heading over to China during the 90’s and early 00’s. Liberals only recently started screaming about outsourcing because *their* jobs are now also on the line and being lost to India. The liberals took full advantage in increasing tuition when the Fed Reserve becaume involved with student loans. In debt because you have a degree(s)? Well, thank the liberals for that mess. Not an academic and cannot find a trade or manufacturing job because that plant you worked for is now located in Beijing? Thank the conservatives. (See how both political parties really do not care about you?)

    But while we are on topic regarding education, the liberals not only destroyed higher education, but the same philosophies of everyone being an academic has damaged our early child hood and elementary education beyond repair. I am seriously contemplating in starting a blog in chronically my friends’ frustrations in trying to teach elementary education while being managed by a severely broken system that continues to remain extremely politically correct that it is actually doing more harm than good to its students.

  71. You know, it's pretty remarkable that a blog that posts pictures of shit (see the pic of the guy on the top of this entry) and rips the shit out of law schools can lead to serious conversations about economics and politics. I come here to laugh (I too am a law school washout) and I often end up thinking about deeper issues. Thanks you guys.

  72. AtheistATLLawyer, I understand your anger. The charlatans are raking in LARGE sums of money every year - by publishing misleading data. They do so, for the purpose of attracting more applicants and law students. As it stands, law schools would be financially foolish to turn down student loan money.

    This article is entitled, “Options for Student Borrowers: A Derivatives-Based Proposal to Protect Students and Control Debt-Fueled Inflation in the Higher Education Market.” It appeared in the 20th volume of the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. The authors actually cited to THIRD TIER REALITY, in footnote 260.

    The basic gist of this 72-page article is that the burden should be placed on those who benefit from the system. After all, student loan companies and law schools are in the position of the well-informed, repeat player. They make serious cash, in the current scheme. Therefore, the student should not bear the brunt of the risk – which is now the case. Students simply do not understand the job market, whereas the schools know how to play the game. These “institutions of higher learning” can also fudge the numbers, thereby providing an overly-optimistic picture of the industry.

    These cockroaches are not going to willingly and voluntarily give up this constant stream of money. Furthermore, the law school swine - as well as the greedy banksters - are not taking on ANY of the risk. The loans are non-dischargeable, and they are federally-guaranteed. In sum, those loans WILL be repaid – with interest, of course.

    If you default, or miss a payment, you can look forward to TONS of penalties, fees and assessments being added onto your outstanding balance. Isn’t it sickening that those who pissed away money, on the craps tables and slot machines, can have their debts discharged in bankruptcy – but student debtors do not have this option?!?!

    This is why I accept your earlier comments as hyperbole. Yes, the pigs have financially ruined and killed THOUSANDS of current and former students. For their active role in this mess, the administrators, deans and “law professors” ought to be charged with fraud, found guilty, and sentenced to federal prison. In the future, please refrain from mentioning “murder” and law school personnel. I enjoy your comments, and I hope that you will continue to post on this blog. Be responsible; I don't need some moron or liar claiming that I somehow condone killing "professors."

    Lastly, you are well aware that financial criminals are not eligible for the death penalty, in the U.S. That punishment is reserved for poor people, who have been found guilty of major crimes.

  73. The word for the day is Gormless

    Gormless is british for stupid, lacking intelligence, or naieve to the point of foolishness. It also implies helplessness to solve this problem.

    Believing a law school dean's praises of law school is a Gormless act.
    People are Gormless who enroll in law school after reading Third Tier Reality, Temporary Attoney, But I did Everything Right, Or even Inside the Law School Scam.

  74. Can we take a pictures of our own shit as a "featured turds" for your next trashing? I'm willing to take a shit on my fucking law school diploma and send it to you if you like!

  75. As a recent graduate of this law school, I can tell you that I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. This institution, and law schools in general, are taking the country's best and brightest students and destroying their financial futures. I say change the entrance requirements. If you can pay cash up front, let them in, if not than no entrance. Pay the professors according to class size. How the fuck does 60k sound now you greasy fuck bag?

  76. I'm Australian as well. And to the person who stated "Australia/New Zealand, is it really any better than here?"...the answer is YES. As I am a dual Australia/U.S. citizen, I have lived extensively in both countries.

    10-15 years ago,EASILY the U.S. would've been the pick..but with the bad economy that never seems to have an end, other countries are now profiting from where the U.S. is not. And some of those are Australia,New Zealand and Canada.

  77. I look at this guy, and he looks basically like a grifter. I feel like his natural trade involves grifting people on used car lots, but for the grace of student loans he has gotten to aspire to much more, forth tier law school deanship.

  78. I graduated from this TTTT in 2008, when the recession really hit hard. I am not from Pittsburgh and have no family or any kind of connections here. Even if my family were here, they are all teachers and not business people. I went to law school right after undergrad and graduated at age 24. I owe $250,000. I started a small business at the end of 2008. I made just over $40,000 in 2008. In 2009, I made $95,000. In 2010, I made $100,000. In 2011, I made $132,000. This year, I will make about $136,000. I started a business immediately after taking the bar. The business was very successful and made me very attractive to law firms in the city. By the end of 2010, I was offered an associate position at a large firm. If you go out and get yours and take some risks in life you can still be successful. No one is going to hand you a job today. Do not expect your first job out to be as a lawyer and think outside the box and you can do just fine. Also, I got a great education at Duquesne, even though the administration and career services totally sucked.

  79. To the commenter above,

    Good for you. However, by your dubious account, you owe a hell of a lot of student loan debt. Also, relatively few JDs expect someone to hand them a job. Perhaps your assumption applies to grads from wealthy or connected families.

  80. I am the last commenter to say I am a current 1L at this University, I would like to make a correction, I do see you mentioned the writing program, however, it was played down as if it didnt matter. That is all.

  81. The writing program doesn't matter as much as they tell you.

    Recent Duquesne Grad. I lucked out and got a job not 60,000 a year, but it was heaven knowing I had a place to work.

    That being said, Duquesne did NOT help me get this job. I turned down much better schools for the full ride at this school. I wish I had taken out a loan and paid for a better school!

    In the end, I have no debt and a job, but all this is from my hard work and my family's support. Duquesne was the institution that tries to screw students for more and more money without teaching them jack!

  82. I enrolled in Duquesne in fall 1992 and dropped out after the first week. I knew the school sucked and simply couldn't live with it staining my Degrees from Rutgers and Drew. Sometimes I regret it but then I recall how I scholarshiped and work studied through 3 degrees that don't pay shit either but at least left without owing anyone a nickel and not ashamed to admit where my education was enhanced. I thank you all for this blog. The 5,000 dollar bath I took for walking away was money well spent. Andrew Carnegie was right. Pittsburgh really is Hell with the Lid Off.

  83. As a Pittsburgh native and paralegal, I can confirm that those of us in southwestern Pennsylvania who can think critically are aware that Duquesne Law is a joke. However, even our uneducated masses know the difference between Andrew Carnegie and James Parton. Besides, Carnegie was far too busy unleashing Pinkertons on the Homestead steel workers and building unfunded public libraries to the glory of his own memory to come up with anything quite so pithy as "hell with the lid off."

  84. When did Ned Flanders become an asshole?

  85. This story is not factually correct. There was a drop in the law school rankings after the great recession of 2008 just like other schools. It is true that alumni that choose to work in the City of Pittsburgh make less than other attorneys in larger cities. However, that is because the cost of living in Pittsburgh is one of the lowest in the nation. In the last several years, Duquesne Law School has improved its ranking, and will likely be back to its pre-recession standing within 12 months. It is false that the law school is in the third or forth tier. It isn't. Please check the rankings according to U.S. News and Report and you will see that it is one spot away from the top 100 tied with several other very good schools. In terms of the rankings this year, last year, and the year prior to that the school is on the increase and is well above dozens of other schools. Further, the school is happy to take suggestions and make improvements where ever it can. It will meet with students and alumni who have questions about how they can help the school or how the school can help them. Furthermore, career services always welcomes and encourages alumni to stop in and chat. One area the school could use some additional improvement is its law school library. It needs to increase its resources and subscriptions and try to a little harder to get more seats and computers in the library.


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