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Third Tier Corroded Waste: Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law

Tuition: A full-time student at this law school will be charged $33,400 in tuition - for the 2011-2012 school year. Fees add an extra $510 to the tab. No need to sweat these figures. After all, you are making an “investment” in your future.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, the school claims that the total COA - for the 2011-2012 academic year - will amount to $60,610. One must remember that these “in$titution$ of higher education” only consider living costs, over the course of nine months.

Taking twelve month costs for room, board, personal expenses and transportation into account, we reach a more realistic COA - for 2011-2012- of $68,610. Who wouldn’t want to take out such an amount, for one year of “legal education”?

Ranking: Attending this law school comes at a hefty price. However, the school’s reputation in the legal and academic communities will surely justify the cost, right?!?! Actually, US “News” & World Report ranks this institution as a third tier pile of waste. In fact, it is rated as the 143rd greatest law school, in the United States - in a three-way tie with Loyola-New Orleans and the University of New Hampshire. Hell, Chief Wiggum of The Simpsons has more prestige.

Purported Employment Placement Data: From the commode’s “Career Center”:

"Employers of Campbell Law School graduates include small and larger firms, courts, military, judges, government agencies and offices, public service organizations, and corporations. Our 2009 graduates enjoyed an employment rate that exceeded 92% within nine months of graduation." [Emphasis in original]

Sure 92 percent of this particular TTT class was employed within nine months - and the Yankees just added me to their 40 man playoff roster last week.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average student indebtedness of Campbell University Sewer of Law grads from the Class of 2010, who incurred law school debt, as $121,648. The overwhelming majority, i.e. 92 percent, of this particular class took on such putrid debt, for their third tier “legal education.” This figure does not include student debt incurred from undergrad.

Administrator and Faculty Salaries: We head to page 16 (or 33) of Campbell University Inc.’s 2010 IRS Form 990, to see how well the “professors” are doing, in contrast to the debt-strapped, recent graduates. Dean Melissa Essary “earned” $284,813 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for 2009. The filing also “shows” that she worked 65 hours per week. Right - and Jessica Alba spends ten hours each week massaging my balls. By the way, who knew that Amanda Bearse had a career, after Married…with Children went off the air?!

Check out these other 2009 TOTAL COMPENSATION figures for Adrian Norman Wiggins “law professors”: Patrick Hetrick, $177,828; Richard Lord, $176,510; and James McLaughlin, $175,689. Apparently, the school is comfortable in claiming that these “educators” are working 35-60 hours per week. I suppose that perusing articles counts as “academic research.”

The dean can best sell this snake oil. In her words:

“As a Christian law school, we strive to develop lawyers who possess moral conviction, social compassion, professional competence, and who view the law as a personal calling to serve others and create a more just society. While our students do come from all faith traditions, they each have one common goal: service to others.”

Try practicing your compassion on current law students, hypocrites. What is Christian or Christ-like about charging students of modest means $33,910 - in yearly tuition and fees?!?! This pile of fecal matter dumps grads out - with an average debt load of $121,648. The dean also makes a big deal out of Wiggins being the only law school located in the heart of the state capital. (At least, those unemployment lines and social service offices will presumably be staffed to deal with an influx of jobless law grads each May.)

As a student at this festering, foul dung heap, you can write onto the presTTTigious Campbell Law Observer. Imagine the influence you can wield, as an associate editor, of a law journal that has about five subscribers, in total.

Here is one of the stated goals, of the Juvenile Justice Project:

"Give juveniles the opportunity to take responsibility for and become accountable for their actions."

Yes, you too can take out $125K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt to become a social worker!! By the way, if you want to be taken seriously for such (low-paying) jobs, earn a social work degree - for a fraction of the cost.

Conclusion: This school is a pathetic and miserable pile of waste. You will not be better served by incurring an additional $120K-$150K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a damn TTT law degree. If you want to go into public interest law, you can certainly do so at a much lower price. Honestly, how the hell can a law firm or non-legal employer keep a straight face, when they see a resume from a graduate of the Campbell University (Inc.) Norman Adrian Wiggins Sewer of Law?!?!


  1. Check out the dean's CV... she earned a "BJ(with distinction), University of Texas at Austin, 1982." lol.

  2. 9:19 - that's hard to swallow...

  3. Sometimes this blog inadvertently shows how the schools are dumber than a bag of hammers. Like the time when Wake Forest (a tier 1) miscalculated its cost. I remember when St. John's or maybe Touro claimed like a 93% employment rate and nando used their numbers to show that it is actually like 80 percent.

  4. Best shit picture yet!!!

  5. Where did you find this revolting image? Good choice on school too.

  6. Yeah, it always galls me how all these law schools and the ABA talk about public service but the law schools charge people outrageously because of greed and put their fellow man into serious debt. When law faculty take a vow of poverty, I will take their opinion seriously, otherwise STFU about public service you leeches.

  7. Anyone for a piece of bacon after looking at that picture?

  8. I was a Christian when I graduated from this third tier school and thought I could use my morals to change the world and make sure jury gave justice where it deserved.

    15 years later and seeing all the corruption used to destroy the truth and the stupidity of North Carolina juries, I am the devils spawn. Practicing law will do that to you if you want to survive. Even God cant correct this fucked up system.

    Two words for you wanna be lawyers in this state: "billed v. paid". Forget it fuckers. The door is shut and you are going to school 10 years too late.

    For those of you who think you can use the good ole boy system to make deals to get your criminal clients dismissals of DWI charges etc because your daddy is someone important in the small local town, you better make sure you are really a good ole boy or you will go to prison. They dont play where all us Campbell area lawyers practice because they have to punish pseudo good ol boys to keep the real good ol boy club rolling.

    What am I saying you wonder? Ask my boy Lee Hatch how he likes prison. 3 years for fixing DWI tickets ie representing his clients with zeal gets you prison in these parts. The illegal hispanics in the area commiting welfare fraud dont even get deported and they put lawyers in jail round here.

    Law is a shitty profession and I cant wait to get out of it. You kids going to these schools and paying the full boat might as well put a hole in your head now.

    Fuck the Colonel, youd live longer if you ate at Bojangles three meals a day then you would if you practice law in these parts and shopping at Whole Foods.

  9. Where on Earth, in the name of all that is unholy, do you FIND these schools? The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University? You gotta be kidding me?

    Granted, we are in an age when there are now, truly, more law schools in America than Costco outlets, but c'mon! Have these people no conscience nor morals, pumping out more, excessivel more, JD's than the market can handle?

    Apparently not.

  10. I went to this school's website and read the Message From the Dean. She says exactly what every TTT and TTTT shill says about their piece of crap law school. Sometimes I wonder if there is a script that every crap law school administrator is required to follow when describing their school.

    There is the standard line about bar passage rates. There is the crap about students being agents of change who are called to serve others. There is the crap about the small, personal community of faculty and students who come together to foster a learning environment that brings about the personal fulfillment of all involved parties.

    And then, in the last two paragraphs, the Dean makes a statement that only a true TTT or TTTT huckster can make. She says:

    "Campbell Law’s platform in the vibrant capital city of Raleigh truly provides a living legal laboratory where our students have unrivaled exposure to state and federal courts, scores of law firms and corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and the North Carolina general assembly.

    There are many law schools in North Carolina, but there is only one that is located in the heart of the state capital where policy is crafted, laws interpreted and opportunities for law students unlimited: Campbell Law."

    For anyone who does not know any better: The fact that a law school is located near a certain institution or in a certain city has little to no relationship to you ever having a job at that institution or a good paying job in that city. This is TTT puffery at its worst.

    If the school had something better to brag about, it would. For a quick example of a TTTT making a big deal of its location, go to New York Law School's website and see what the big banner says on the home page. For comparison, go to NYU and Columbia's website. You will notice that NYU and Columbia make very little of their location in NYC.

    Its bad enough that these law sewers charge astronomical tuition for a minimally valuable education. Its worse that they lie to 0Ls to make it seem like an incidental fact about the school makes the price of admission worth paying.

  11. There are about 100 or so law schools with no prestige, i.e. placing in the lower-second, third, or fourth tier of the old US News rankings and lacking a well-developed local reputation.

    It is telling that not one of these 100 schools, at least to my knowledge, has tried to fill a true market niche by doing something wildly innovative and experimental: providing solid practical training at a reasonable price.

    It wouldn't be hard:

    (1) Reduce costs for students by capping faculty and administrator pay at around 100K. Reduce the number of full-time faculty by relying on heavily on adjuncts. Maybe, also, eliminate "career services," which seems to simply be in-house PR departments.

    (2) revamp the curriculum so that, after the first year, most courses consist of clinics or externships to teach students how to try a case, write an appeal, and do circuit court gruntwork.

  12. Melissa A. Essary
    Melissa Essary is an expert on employment law. Having written numerous articles and presented papers on employment law issues to hundreds of employment law attorneys, she is in high demand as a speaker.
    Undergraduate Education:
    BJ (with distinction), University of Texas at Austin, 1982

    I’sa bets dis them there here professor be a real expert in ‘ployment law. ‘Speshully if she can give BJs with distinction. Oooh daddy. Shit, dat made The COlonel discharge some o' his 11 heavenly herbs 'n' spices, 'cludin' some a mah ranch dressin'.

    I's bes The Colonel sayin' 'We can beats the pants offa ol’ Bojangles enny day o' da week, twice on SUnday.' Same goes fer Popeyes, Church’s and enny ol’muthafuckin’ chickin ‘stablishments out them there here. Go suck on a chickin leg er a gotdamn drumstick, if yas bes thinkin' uthawise.

  13. Ok Mr. Nando, we are seven months from April Fool's day. Are you fucking kidding me? The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law? This website never ceases to amaze me in introducing me to schools I have never ever heard of. Needless to say, I would never hire anyone from this school, not even as a custodial engineer.

    NYC Hiring Partner

  14. To 11:30 am,

    A radiant beauty actually sent me this image. I held off on using it, until I found a truly decrepit, foul pile of waste law school. Campbell Univer$iTTTy Norman Adrian Wiggin$ Sewer of Law definitely fits the profile.

    @ 1:13 pm:

    Thank you for providing that insight into the fifth-rate North Carolina legal job market. Unfortunately, most lemmings will disregard the experience and honest commentary of a competent, licensed attorney. After all, these arrogant cretins must "forge their own path." For MANY of these ass-hats, that journey will lead to the unemployment line.

    “The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, a private American law school, was founded in 1976 and is located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The law school is one of six graduate programs offered by Campbell University. The law school is named after its founder Norman Adrian Wiggins, former President and Chancellor of Campbell University.

    There are 407 students enrolled in Campbell Law School, which just relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. The new downtown location provides opportunities for law students to see the law in action at the local, state and federal levels. The law school is also within walking distance of over 125 law firms, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.”

    Wow! The third tier commode is located within walking distance of over 125 law firms, non-profit industrial complex organizations, and government agencies. (That is more exciting than experiencing the joy of a gorgeous woman unbuttoning your shirt - or unzipping your pants - with her teeth, huh?!) Maybe, this pile of trash will jump a few spots in next year’s USN&WR rankings.

    Law School Numbers indicates that the pile of dung awarded full-tuition scholarships to 0.9% of its students, in 2005-2006. Furthermore, an additional 4.7 percent of Campbell law students received half-tuition scholarship offers, for the same school year.

    Check out another vital stat, prospective law students. As you can see, LSN shows that seven law firms were represented at OCI, in 2007-2008. Yes, that is correct; SEVEN law firms showed up for on campus interviews. This must be one hell of a law school, right?!?! That is certainly worth the (ridiculous) price of admission, isn’t it?!?!

  15. Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law?

    Who in their right mind would even apply to such a shithole?

  16. @5:32AM, A kid who is probably a graduate of a 3T or 4T UGC who majored in Poly Sci or Criminal Justice. I do believe the ABA accrediting these lower ranked law schools was done to serve as a niche for those who are less privilege. Big problem is (as Nando pointed out), these low ranking schools cost nearly as much as the higher ranked T50's and now there are way too many law schools. The ABA also ended up screwing not only the newly minted attorneys and law grads, but going overboard on the accreditation with the law schools has also killed the paralegal profession. (However that certainly is not stopping the ABA in continuing to approve new paralegal programs at several colleges, nor is the ABA doing anything about the overproduction of new attorneys.)

    The problem I see for Y Gen is that for those kids who are average to below average students, there really isn't any other alternate route to pursue some sort of career path now. Maybe at one time going to a lower 2T or high-mid 3T law school, a kid still had at least a shot making a decent living either working for an insurance company, public defender’s office, or even hanging his/her own shingle (granted if they were good students). That's no longer the case. With limited jobs available in manufacturing and customer service, and increased technology used in corporate America doing away with administrative support and middle management positions, one really has to wonder what the hell is going to happen to the Average Joe now. The way this current system and economy has been set up, the only ones who are capable of surviving are those with connections.

  17. Who or what the fuck is Norman Adrian Wiggins? I mean, this is an actual law school?

  18. This post, and the comments, are enough to turn anyone into a vegetarian and an atheist.


    Click on the Read More link. Here is Vault’s description of the Norman Adrian Wiggins Sewer of Law:

    “Named after Campbell University's third president who was integral in its creation, the Norman Adrian Wiggins School has plans to move from its current home in Buies Creek to a new campus in Raleigh in fall 2009. The planned facilities are closer to state and federal courts, as well as within reach of North Carolina's Research Triangle. Academically, Campbell Law focuses on practical skills, particularly through its strong trial advocacy department. In fact, students are required to participate in the advocacy program's mock trial course in their second year.

    The mandatory participation in mock trials in addition to other preset classes means that Campbell Law's curriculum is particularly requirement-heavy. Over two-thirds of the 90 credit hours in the program are devoted to predetermined classes. In Vault's Buzz Book surveys, students report that the school is harder to stay in than get in, with a workload that can be overwhelming and a relatively low C curve, and note the lack of academic advising presence on campus.

    Campbell Law has a good regional reputation, but little national recruiting presence. Most students go on to small- or mid-sized firms in the Southeast. Campbell Law is hoping that the move to Raleigh will improve career prospects as well as quality of life; its current location is inexpensive, but fairly quiet. Clubs and fraternities are the locus of the student social scene at Campbell Law, organizing regular mixers and parties.”

    Too bad this dung heap is located in a state that is home to SEVEN law schools, including Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. Keep in mind that the Vault description above is dry. For practical purposes, does it really matter if a third tier commode is located near federal courts?!?!

    If you are a North Carolina resident, and you want to practice law in-state, you are better off attending North Carolina Central University School of Law. The school is a pile of waste also. However, if you are CONVINCED that you want to be a lawyer - and your parents will allow you to live with them for free, for the next three years - then this is not an insane choice. (If you have a decent-paying job, with room for advancement, then you should still not attend this waste pile, either.) The main point is that NCCU charges a hell of lot less than $33,400 in annual tuition.

    On page 10 of this PDF, you can see that NCCU Sewer of Law students are paying $5,207.49 in tuition and fees, per semester, for the 2011-2012 school year. In fact, actual tuition, for a full-time law student, currently amounts to $3,854 each semester. There is simply no point in taking out $125K+ in student loans, for a TTT or TTTT law degree.

  20. What a waste of space this school is. By putting it on your blog you might have just increased the school's profile.

  21. I emailed the dean this message:

    "Good afternoon,

    I am considering an LLM at your prestigious law school, however I recently came across this site that is quite critical of the law school and would like your response before I enroll and obtain an LLM degree from Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law.

    Best regards"

    I emailed her with my law firm email address with my business card and name in the footer.

    I await her response, but I'm not holding my breath.

  22. ^and you didn't ask about how she earned a BJ with distinction from UT Austin?

  23. ^ The chances of getting a response from this "christian" pig are low enough.

  24. ^^ She is busy honing her BJ skills. Boy, we sure need more girls like this one.

  25. How can a Christian, that really believes the teachings of Christianity, continue to flood the overcrowded legal jobs market with law grads, and likewise sleep at night, with the knowledge that they have profited from it.

    As Steinbeck wrote in "The Grapes of Wrath," this is a greater sin than sinning.

  26. JD Painterguy,

    Are you calling the dean of this fine prestigious law school an atheist? Or if not an atheist, then at the very least "not a christian"?

    Fuck man, I do not want a pig like her in my atheist ranks. No better than the trash on wall street.

  27. How fitting to quote 'The Grapes of Wrath' to this situation. Nice job, Painter.

  28. OMG where do you get these photos!!??

  29. Check out the picture of a two-snouted piglet:

    This two faced little porker will make the perfect law school administraTTTor. It will tell you that a law degree is valuable, but once you graduate, will tell you that you shouldn't have believed the placement stats.

  30. These photos are disgusting!! They're almost as bad as these shitty ass law schools you cover.

  31. This article is entitled “Campbell law school tops Wake Forest, UNC, Duke on state bar exam.” It was published on September 21, 2009:

    “RALEIGH – Campbell University’s law graduates are back on top when it comes to the annual North Carolina Bar Exam, narrowly besting Wake Forest University’s law school grads for the highest bar passage rate in the state in the summer testing.

    Seventy-eight of 86 Campbell grads passed the exam, which was administered in Raleigh in July. That translates to a 90.69 percent passage rate. Of 75 grads at Wake Forest, 68 passed the test, which is a 90.66 percent passage rate.”

    This is a nice accomplishment. However, the article left out a few things, such as: (a) bar passage does not equal legal employment; (b) bar prep courses are more significant, in whether one passes the exam; and (c) perhaps many Duke Law grads ended up practicing law outside the state - especially those working in Biglaw.

    “ncjd (Apr 2 - 1:58 pm)

    Excluding the likely insignificant amount of people not listed due to having not passed the MPRE, 142 of 421 takers passed the NC Bar this February. That's a 33.7% pass rate.”

    JDU poster “ncjd” claims that 142 out 421 applicants passed the February 2011 NC Bar Exam. I recognize that this is a different exam, a distinct cohort - including those who are repeating the test, and that February results are typically worse than those in July. However, this is rather astonishing.

    By the way, the Triangle Business Journal piece notes the following:

    “A total of 1,120 took the exam, a record for the state. The overall bar passage rate, which included students from Elon University, Charlotte Law School and out-of-state students, was 73.5 percent. That was down from 78 percent a year ago. Those figures include first-time bar takers as well as students who were repeating the exam.”

    Roughly 823 passed the July 2009 North Carolina exam. Because the state truly requires an additional influx of 823 attorneys each summer, right?!?!

    According to the Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. - and the New York Times - the North Carolina legal job market is the 12th most oversaturated, in the nation.

    For the State of North Carolina:

    2010-15 Est. Annual Openings - 503;
    2009 Bar Exam Passers - 1,032;
    2009 Completers (IPEDS) - 279;
    Surplus/Shortage - 529

    Basically, the state licensed 51.26% TOO MANY attorneys, for 2009. Good luck, Wiggins students.

  32. Nando--funny name! I think Stephen Teel (or Steve Tell -- isn't that clever!) would be a more appropriate way to identify yourself. Can we direct personal questions to you at the Teel Law Office in Andover, MA??

  33. What's the next piece of shit law school you're covering?

  34. Nando, a few months ago, a commentator posted a link to a very disturbing picture of a man covered in shit in a tub. Are you ever going to post that picture with a write up of a law school? That picture still traumatizes me to this day. However, even more traumatic is the debt and the shitty job prospects these schools give you for life.

  35. i would never ask someone as ignorant or immature as you to represent me in a court of law.

  36. Unlike you, cretin, I actually know what the hell I am talking about. I am also able to back up my case with the facts, bitch. You should try it sometime, vagina.

    By the way, pussy, I would never represent a moronic piece of trash such as you - even if I had a gun pointed at me. Learn how to use capitalization.

  37. I will say firstly that I agree that law is a dying profession, and no one should enter it. However, several graduates from this school are high ranking attorneys/members of the judiciary in North Carolina. The degree does have some value regionally. Just saying. Full disclosure: I am at the school in a healthcare professional program.

  38. I went to this school. I initially couldn't find a job so I opened my own law office for a few months until I was offered the job I wanted. My gross receipts extrapolated over a years time (over 20 years ago) would have been over $50K. I passed the bar on the first try as did most of my colleagues. We beat the 'first tiers' bar exam passage rates by as much as 15% some years. What good is a cheaper law degree if you can't pass the bar? Or if you lose your job offer because you have to re-take the bar. I had no debt because my parents planned ahead and my mom began a career that paid for my tuition. Those professors you made fun of-- invited me and my fellow students into their homes after hours and invested in our lives. When I left the practice of law, a colleague who attended a 'first tier' school said I was the best trial attorney in our district. Even when you aren't practicing law, the education a person receives at law school is invaluable to be able to break down complicated concepts into easier to understand forms and to be able to communicate effectively. If you want to be able to open your own firm and prosper and you want to be a good trial attorney-- there is no better law school in NC for that than Campbell. Haters gonna hate but I'm offering another view.


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