Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dishonest Cockroaches: “First Tier” University of Illinois College of Law

The Dung Heap’s Extensive History of Cooking the Books

From September 19, 2011:

“The accurate, independently verified data for the class of 2014’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores and grade point averages (GPA) are as follows: median LSAT, 163; median GPA, 3.70. Information originally posted on the College of Law website last month inaccurately listed the median LSAT score as 168 and the median GPA as 3.81.”

What is the big deal? The school “only” added 5 points to the average LSAT score, for its entering Class of 2014. ABA-accredited law schools view such conduct as an accounting error. Take a look at this update, posted on September 28, 2011:

“CHAMPAIGN — In an investigation into the past 10 years of College of Law test scores and grade point averages, the University of Illinois has determined that inaccurate data were reported for four of those years.”

For $ome rea$on, these “errors” always benefited the school. The article concludes:

“Paul Pless, assistant dean for admissions in the law school, has been place on administrative leave.”

This festering sewer pit is no stranger to cooking the books. Check out this Chicago Tribune article, from July 7, 2009:,0,370456.story

“The University of Illinois' favoritism toward students backed by powerful sponsors must come to an end, the principal enforcer of the campus' secret admissions system testified Monday.

Chancellor Richard Herman took responsibility for the special treatment given to students with political connections but weak academic credentials. He also acknowledged trying to mitigate damage to the law school by seeking jobs for graduates and thereby improving the school's job-placement rate.”
[Emphasis mine]

If you are going to lie, cheat and manipulate, you may as well be thorough, huh?!?!

Tuition and Fees: In-state residents attending this pile of excrement, on a full-time basis, will pay $40,585 in tuition and fees - for the 2011-2012 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students at this dung heap will be charged $47,585 in tuition and fees, for 2011-2012. Apparently, one cannot expect the law school to be honest, at such prices.

Total Cost of Attendance: For Illinois residents, the commode estimates that total COA will amount to $56,105, whereas non-residents will face overall costs of $63,105, for the current academic year. Keep in mind that these pathological liars are only considering nine-month living expenses. Taking twelve month room and board plus miscellaneous costs into account, we come up with a more accurate total COA of $61,345 for in-state residents, for 2011-2012. For non-residents, this figure amounts to $68,345.

Ranking: According to Vagisil Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, the University of Illinois Commode of Law is the 23rd most phenomenal and amazing law school, in the United States. Perhaps the pigs felt that they needed to falsify data, in order to maintain the school's high ranking.

Employment Placement Info: The sewage pit does not publish employment and starting salary data, on its web site. Then again, could we trust the bastards to provide accurate info?! Hence, we head to Law School Numbers. According to this source, 90.9% of UIUC law grads - for the Class of 2005 - were employed within nine months of graduation.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those member of the Univer$ity of Illinoi$ Commode of Law Class of 2010, who incurred such debt - as $80,005. Fully 74 percent of this trash can’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt for a law degree.

Conclusion: This putrid waste pile LIED about incoming class LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs. They did so FOR THE PURPOSE of increasing their law school ranking, which will attract more applicants and students. The public sewer charges a small fortune in tuition and fees, even for in-state residents. Presumably, a high rating justifies such prohibitive costs. Students feel that attending this pile of excrement will enhance their job prospects.

Furthermore, this was a campaign of dishonesty, not a one-time deal. The school admitted that it provided false data, in four out of ten years reported. In addition, a chancellor noted that he tried to improve the commode’s job placement rate - in order to balance out the damage to the school’s practice of admitting connected students with weaker academic credentials. In the final analysis, this school DOES NOT give one damn about you or your future. It simply wants to enroll your ass, rake in mountains of federally-backed student loan money, and then toss you out into the shrinking legal job market.


  1. Well done, Nando.

    We all know what the ABA's "severe" punishment against UIUC is going to be: posting a 10-page memo in some dark corner of UIUC's website about the "mistakes."

    I am sure such a harsh penalty will deter other schools from engaging in this type of behavior; after all, if one gets caught, the consequences are nothing short of devastating.

  2. Paul Pless must be fired. How much is that faggot making every year?

    Were you able to find out Nando? This pile of trash was raking in the big bucks all while lying to students who were seeking federally backed tuition money.






  3. Are we gonna pretend the school didn't know about this shit when it was going on? The article said the school lied 4 out of 10 years. You have to figure the fucking school at least suspected something.

  4. Maybe we should start our own ranking system. In it, there would be first, second, third and fourth tiers for dishonesty and lack of ethics. Then, some school like Cooley could actually rationalize claiming itself as Number One.

    What's scary is that, as bad as U of Ill is, it's hardly the most egregious example of a law (or graduate) school "cooking the books".

  5. I'm glad you're going up the ranks finally. All of these schools are run by incompetent hacks. You think Harvard, Yale or Stanford teach their students how to practice law? I worked in a legal aid office summer after 1L and I had to teach a Harvard student how to file a motion to produce. How's that for the best and the brightest?

  6. Sad to see a school like the University of Illinois acting like Cooley.

    My own first-tier-toilet alma mater has found a way to lie-without-lying about the even more important metric of employment after graduation. The school has a "fellowship" program where their grads volunteer at a law office, receive a quarterly stipend from the school that runs out after 9 months, and are counted as "employed" for the purposes of job placement reporting statistics.

    I hate to say it, but law school-- even a first tier law school-- is only for rich kids, and the infinitesimal few who are offered a full tuition ride.

  7. What about the other law schools that cheat? Surely, Illinois isn't the only one. Does the ABA catch them? Does the ABA let students know when they catch them? What does the ABA do? Nothing. At least somebody at Illinois was honest.

  8. Government should stay out of Higher Education.

    The Student Lending Gravy train has led to all sorts of abuses, and ha sdriven salaries and tuition costs way up.

    In the end, it is the student and graduate that suffers, with no risk on the part of the schools, to date.

    What a sweet deal for them, and everyone else in the Student Lending system.

    Restoring Consumer Bankruptcy protections would place a big check on all this.

    But everyone knows that.

  9. When I was in law school on long island from 2002-05 there was a rumor that a nearby law school had been caught cheating on the numbers. They were punished by the ABA, but nothing was ever made public.

  10. Either restore bankruptcy protections and make higher education absorb its toxic products, or get the federal government out of the student loan industry. Higher education has a sweet deal: lots of benefits without any risks.


    PLEASE TELL THIS TO YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES. It won't take more than 5 minutes by email.


    Remember when Villanova University Sewer of Law was caught fudging its numbers?

    “As if lawyers don't have a hard enough time living an ethical life, it turns out that law schools themselves can have questionable integrity. As reported recently in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

    Villanova University said Monday that its law school had inflated grade point averages and other admissions data, which figure into a school's national rankings, for an unspecified number of years before 2010.

    The university said it had launched an internal investigation into the matter. . . .

    The inflated academic credentials were discovered by a committee of the law school trying to correlate academic performance with the admissions scores of incoming freshmen, said university spokesman Jonathan Gust.”

    Did anyone ever hear what punishment the ABA dished out, for that concerted effort to deceive?!?!

    Keep in mind that Vanillanova is ranked as the 67th greatest, most fantastic and exhilarating law school in the land, by USN&WR.

    “The law school world was scandalized in February when Villanova University School of Law announced that its former dean and admissions officials had for years inflated the Law School Admission Test scores and grade-point averages of the school's incoming classes.

    On Sept. 11, officials at the University of Illinois announced that they were investigating the veracity of the same statistics reported by its College of Law after getting a tip that the numbers released for its new class were wrong.”

    The piece continues:

    "It really makes you wonder," said Sarah Zearfoss, senior assistant dean for admissions, financial aid and career planning at the University of Michigan Law School. "There have been schools that my colleagues and I thought were cheating, because we knew enough about their applicant pools that their numbers didn't seem credible. Maybe they really weren't credible."

    Plenty of attention has been paid during the past two years to what critics see as the manipulation of graduate employment and salary data by law schools. The American Bar Association (ABA) has adopted reforms intended to clamp down on the misrepresentation of jobs data and to increase accountability.”

  12. @11:07 am,

    Thank you for providing that insight. Look forward to reading more upcoming profiles of first tier toilets, on this blog. Some idiots - such as the piece of trash calling himself TTTheaven on JDU - have their feelings hurt when someone refers to these first tier schools as trash pits. Apparently, these cretins and pussies believe that a school with a good reputation is not a toilet - even if it CLEARLY engages in deceptive conduct.

    “The SMU Dedman School of Law has started a program called Test Drive, which is just what it sounds like: The university will pay a firm $3,500 to test drive one of its recent graduates for one month. And, says the school's pitch to prospective employers, it "will consider funding an additional month of employment if you and the graduate intend to continue the relationship toward full-time employment." [Emphasis mine]

    SMU is shelling out $3,500 to firms who hire its law grads for one month.

    This is an embarrassment, especially considering that $outhern Methodi$t Univer$ity Sewer of Law is now ranked 50th in the nation, by U.S. “News” & World Report. At the time of this article, it was rated 47th.

    “As Duke Law News reported, Duke worked hard to ensure its graduates had jobs. While it didn’t go the SMU route of paying employers to “test drive” its graduates, it does now provide stipends to some of its unemployed graduates to allow them to work for a couple months at no cost to employers. Using SMU’s car metaphor, the law school pays for the gas while Dukies and prospective employers take a little spin. Duke calls it “The Bridge to Practice” program.

    It started in 2008 — employing the nine graduates who would have otherwise ruined that nice round 100%. The numbers of participants have increased since then, as the economy has worsened.

    The program had nine participants in 2008 and 15 in 2009. The number will likely double this year.”

    The eleventh-best law school in the nation – according to the bitches and hags at U.S. “News” – joined in on the act. As you can see, the dogs will go to any lengths, in order to maintain their 100% placement rate.

    By the way, could anyone picture AMA-approved medical schools artificially increasing the undergrad GPA or MCAT scores, of their incoming first year students? Could you imagine ADA-accredited dental schools fudging the employment placement data, of their recent graduates.

  13. Okay. Now this photo will leave an impression. Disgusting. As. Hell. But not quite as disgusting as the school's actions.

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  15. Cockroaches have been here long before humans... and they will be here long after them.

    Please don't insult these wonderful organisms by comparing them with the disgusting, greedy actions of humans:

    Cockroaches don't falsity LSAT data;
    cockroaches don't falsify GPA data;
    Cockroaches don't lie for four years;
    Cockroaches don't milk the Federal Government;
    Cockroaches don't leave people in ruins; and
    Cockroaches stop eating once sated.

    In sum, cockroaches are far better than humans. At the very least, they don't hurt their own kind.

  16. NALP could find this info out with little effort on their part. Lazy cocksuckers.

    This fraud perpetuates because the shitlings involved refuse to act or discipline the bad apples. Makes you wonder how many of these schools are cooking the books. 75 percent? 50 percent? The ABA and state bars aren't doing shit about this problem either. So these cocksuckers are suposed to make law students aware of the high ethical standards of being a lawyer, but they can lie to those very same students?? Get the fuck outta here.

  17. Paul Horowitz and Debbie Borman are tired of dealing with the "consumerist" attitudes of students.

  18. @11:07:

    Look what this old lawyer says about us being "consumerists" and cry babies:

  19. I wonder if the law profs catch the irony in them bitching and crying about students pointing out that law school is a shit ass deal.

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  21. I don't think U of I is a bad investment. In Chicago the prestige rankings are U Chicago, Northwerstern, and then U of I.

    Following that is a 3 way tie between DePaul, Loyola and Chicago-Kent.

    Following that is John Marshall, Northern and Southern.

    U of I is a public school and very cheap. Before the Great Recession, may aluni went to biglaw. Now, even if you go to shitlaw, U of I tuition is state school tuition and very cheap. It is one of the cheapest law schools in Illinois.

    I wanted to go there, but got wait listed and nixed.

  22. ^Only in the world of higher education is 45K a year in tuition and fees "very cheap."

  23. Cockroaches? I thought that was a picture of the faculty.

  24. 4:35 = director of admissions at this first tier shithole.

  25. Law education is an endless world of fail....these guys hide that they are cooking the books, Cooley sues over something its own graduates wrote, and on and on it goes.


    There are no good law schools. None at all. Even the best has a basement where the Dean sacrifices babies to Xuul so he/she can be immortal. At least "Dante's Inferno" had a rock bottom (where Satan is partially encased in ice, crying tears which become snow); the American legal education is like the atmosphere of Jupiter - miss the tiny core, and you fall right through and back out into space, if the whirling maelstrom of gunk doesn't rip your spaceship apart first.

  26. Are you still a silly man who won't (can't) pay his bills but continues to stay in range of collectors? It is nice here in France. You should come.

  27. "Are you still a silly man who won't (can't) pay his bills but continues to stay in range of collectors? It is nice here in France. You should come."

    I keep on telling JD Painterguy to flee to a former British Empire country so he doesn't have to learn a new language; he's going to a shrink instead.

    So where are you in France? Paris? Lyon? If I fled to La Republique Francaise I would hang around the Bay of Biscay towns and do U-boat tours for the sons of WW II vets; some of the old pens are there, along with wrecked V-2 launching platforms.

    I know too much about World War II.

  28. A reader provided me with a link, which further shows that the Univer$ity of Illinoi$ Commode of Law has a lengthy history of cooking the books. Check out this July 31, 2005 article, in The New York Times:

    "Pop quiz: What do the water bills at Stanford have in common with library expenditures at the University of Illinois?

    Answer: Everything, if you are a law school looking to increase your U.S. News & World Report ranking."

    The piece continues:

    "Consider library costs at the University of Illinois College of Law in Urbana-Champaign. Like all law schools, Illinois pays a flat rate for unlimited access to LexisNexis and Westlaw's comprehensive online legal databases. Law students troll them for hours, downloading and printing reams of case law. To build user loyalty, the two suppliers charge institutions a total of $75,000 to $100,000 a year, far below per-use rates.

    But in what it calls a longstanding practice, Illinois has calculated a fair market value for these online legal resources and submitted that number to U.S. News. For this year's rankings, the school put that figure at $8.78 million, more than 80 times what LexisNexis and Westlaw actually charge. This inflated expense accounted for 28 percent of the law school's total expenditures on students, according to confidential data filed with U.S. News and the bar association and provided to The New York Times by legal educators who are critical of rankings and concerned about the accurate reporting of data.

    These student expenditures affect only 1.5 percent of a school's U.S. News ranking, but this is a competition where fractions of a point matter. In this year's survey, the magazine ranked Illinois No. 26 of 179 accredited law schools."

    Do you see how these dishonest pigs operate? The article goes on:

    "For at least the last two years, the University of Illinois College of Law included its Westlaw and LexisNexis valuation in both the annual bar association questionnaire and the U.S. News survey.

    The practice had been carried over from the previous law school administration, and the bar association approved it then, says Heidi M. Hurd, the law school's dean. Because the association declines to discuss individual schools, its approval of the Illinois practice could not be confirmed. "It was a formula that effectively attempted to get at the relative discount value as it were, which was deemed to be of genuine value to students," Dean Hurd says. "I don't know that when they adopted the practice it was driven by their desire to exploit ambiguities for purposes of rankings."

    But earlier this year, she says, the bar association told Illinois that the $8.78 million was not legitimate and needed to be removed, causing Illinois's expenditures per student to drop by more than $12,000. Illinois removed the figure from bar association data but did not tell U.S. News. "We're under an obligation to report to U.S. News precisely what we report to the A.B.A. in the end of November, early December, what happens after that is what happens after that," says Dean Hurd, who will remove the valuation in the next U.S. News submission."

  29. Fun fact for today: University of Illinois School of Law tuition for 2001-2002 (in state): $9,872.

    2011-2012 tuition: $35,000.

    So, as you can see, in 10 years U of I in state law school tuition has had a perfectly reasonable increase of 250%. I am confident that this is because some combination of teaching quality, value of the degree and institutional costs have had a 250% increase.

    Or, heaven forbid, could it be that the University of Illinois has inflated its tuition based upon freely available, non-dischargeable student loans? If I didn't know better, I would almost start to think that maybe the only reason U of I charges $35,000 for one year of in state tuition is because there is a free flowing source of money that allows students to pay this exorbitant sum for a JD.

    Gee, anyone think that U of I or any other law sewer would be able to inflate tuition by 250% over a decade without non-dischargeable, easily obtained student loans?

  30. Nando:

    The above comment is mind boggling. I'm not a fan of attorney "prestige" but if US News really wants an accurate figure, they should:

    1. Get a list of most desirable entry legal jobs (biglaw, boutiques, federal clerkships, DOJ, SEC, investment banks, etc).

    2. Get on the internet and see how many grads of law school got a job there last year.

    3. Divide the number of student seats by number two, and there is your "prestige".

    I don't know why US News bothers with its pointless ranking algorithm, or why it bothers numbering ranks so precisely. Just giving the above data would give you all of the prestige info that you need.

    Instead you have everyone following Cooleys lead to manipulate the US News ranking algorithm by building libraries the way content link farms try to rank the Google algorithm.

    It amuses me that huge libraries filled with books that no one will ever read are now going up all over the country simply to game the US News ranking algorithm.

  31. Nando:

    You should do a post comparing search engine opitmization scams to manipulate the Google page ranking algorithm with law school optimization scams to manipulate US News "best" law school ranking algorithm.

    The difference is that Google spends billions of dollars to try to counter the spammers and provide quality search to its customers.
    US News couldn't give a damn.

  32. The schools blame the magazine for their conduct. Does US News rankings have any effect on how medical schools operate? And that's the difference between professional schools and law skool.

  33. For 2001-2002, in state tuition at U of I law school was $9,872. Ten years later, one year of tuition is $35,000 in state. That is a reasonable increase of just 250% over 10 years. I have trouble imagining that some combination of the value of the degree, the quality of the education and the insitutional costs increased 250% over 10 years.

    The only reason tuition is able to rise so much over such a short period of time is because of the freely available, non-dischargeable student loans. There is no way in hell that there would be enough students to fill a class at U of I or any other overpriced law school at current tuition rates without student loans.

    These loans allow the law school pigs to raise tuition as much as they want to, knowing that they will get theirs regardless of what happens to the students at the end of law school. Pull back on the student loans, and soon the law sewers will have to lower tuition or go under.

    Its a gravy train that can't ride on forever.

  34. I think U of I is an excellent school. You have a solid shot in Chicago or the rest of the midwest graduating from there. Whether its a good investment or not is a choice that every person has to make for themselves.

    Anyways, failure WILL happen to the vast majority of grads (regardless of school). I am just disturbed at how people believe blaming their alma mater is going to fix their current troubles.

    Here is a piece of advice from someone who just spent a year unemployed (2010 grad) and was homeless squatting in people's apartments for a month. Get street smart kids, learn to lie, and stop being so naive. This is survival. None of us are going to BIGLAW. We are fucken peons. Work 2 or 3 jobs if you have too. Keep at it, keep looking for legal work.

    GO TALK TO PEOPLE. Don't sit at home filling out applications. You won't get a job that way, legal or not. Go out to firms and talk to them. Even if you get a clerk job, its the best way to demonstrate to them you have what it takes. It pays! Even better!

    I'm happily working now as an attorney. IF a dumbass like me can do it. You can too.

  35. Student loans are the problem here. They feed this corrupt enterprise called Higher Education. There should be no Federal, non-dischargeable student loans.


    "As absurd as the rankings might sound, deans ignore them at their peril, and those who guide their schools higher up the U.S. News chart are rewarded with greater alumni donations, better students and jobs at higher-profile schools.

    “When I was a candidate for this job,” said Phillip J. Closius, the dean of the University of Baltimore School of Law, “I said ‘I can talk for 10 minutes about the fallacies of the U.S. News rankings,’ but nobody wants to hear about fallacies. There are millions of dollars riding on students’ decisions about where to go to law school, and that creates real institutional pressures.”

    Mr. Closius came from the University of Toledo College of Law, where he lifted the school to No. 83 from No. 140, he said. Among his strategies: shifting about 40 students with lower LSAT scores into the part-time program. Because part-time students didn’t then count in the U.S. News survey — the rules have since been changed — Toledo’s bar passage rate rose, which helped its ranking.

    “You can call it massaging the data if you want, but I never saw it that way,” he says. Weaker students wound up with lighter course loads, which meant that fewer of them flunked out. In his estimation, a dean who pays attention to the U.S. News rankings isn’t gaming the system; he’s making the school better.

    Of course, Phillip J. Closius does not see it as "massaging the data." Actually, neither do I - as the correct term is COOKING THE BOOKS.

    At least, this academic ass-hat was terminated as dean of the Univer$iTTTy of BalTTTimore Sewer of Law, on July 28, 2011. Of course, this was due to a disagreement with the "president" of the university.

    "Dean Phillip Closius sent an e-mail today reporting that the university’s president asked for his resignation on Thursday and it’s effective now. Why? Because Dean Closius told the ABA that the university was looting the law school, and the ABA requested an explanation."

    Yes, Closius wants to appear that he was trying to prevent the university from taking advantage of his law students. Does anyone with an IQ over 85 actually believe that tuition rates would have increased - at a much lower rate - had the university not been taking too much of the loot?!

    The point is that the schools are playing a game - one that negatively affects the students and recent grads. It impacts their future, as the schools KNOW that they are producing far too many JDs - for the available number of attorney openings, each year. (Furthermore, they are strapping these students down with mountains of additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process.)

    According to NALP, the JD Class of 2010 had 44,258 members. However, only 28,167 jobs required bar passage.

  37. Glad i got rejected from there

  38. "[P]eaceful protesting is for pathetic punk bitch pussies."

    I certainly would not go that far. People can protest without breaking things, destroying property, and harming others to get their point across. The problem with OWS is that there is no unified message with the exception in going after millionaires.

    If these protesters would clarify their issues in addressing problems which affect the masses such as outsourcing, at will employment, and student loan debt, then perhaps these people would be taken more seriously. Just going down and sitting in a park with make-shift signs protesting just anything, will not drive their point home.

    These protesters also have to stop doing dumb things like dressing like zombies. How is anyone going to take you seriously if you look like you are trying out as an extra for Glee or for a Yeah Yeah Yeahs video? Also going after the "rich" is pointless. The rich is not the problem here--it's corporations and our own government which is the problem. And these protesters should not limit themselves in attacking the right; both the Democrats and Repubs need to be called out on over spending, passing bills which do not help, and pander to corporations.

    I've seen peaceful protests in which people are unified and have a clear POV succeed. It's been done before. These people are just opening themselves in being exploited by any movement which has an ulterior motive.

    October 11, 2011 10:19 AM

  39. "GO TALK TO PEOPLE. Don't sit at home filling out applications."

    Yeah, ok. I'm sure White & Case would be thrilled to receive my call today that I am looking for a job.

    You are missing the point here. It's not just about people cannot finding work. It's being stuck with a huge bill, lack of opportunities to pay the damn bill off, and being out right lied to. That's the issue here.

    Look, I have been very fortunate for most of my career in landing jobs at Fortune 500 Companies. My luck ran out in early 2009 when my last company had corporate downsizing. I'm back on the pavement due to being terminated for bogus reasons. This stuff happens and unfortunately there are unreasonable people out there in management (like my ex-boss), who love to take advantage in hiring in an “At Will” State. Fact is there are few jobs out there and not everyone is in the financial position to run out and hang a shingle. I’m not making excuses here—I am stating fact. This is not the 1970's when someone can just pick up the phone and walk in for an interview.

  40. It seems that all posts on this blog support Nando's position on any given law school. I am just wondering if Nando, if you censor posts that disagree with you? Please be honest and don't give me a bullshit answer.

  41. To the pussy at 6:24 pm,

    If you learn how to read, you will see plenty of disagreement on these posts, bitch. This site attracts ball-less trolls and law school industry shills. I have posted more than 180 entries so far. One favorite tactic used by apologists and idiots is to post patent nonsense on older entries.

    Since I don't have time to review comments on every post, I have set up this blog so that comments older than one month require approval before being published. If someone posts absolute drivel, then it will probably not be approved, bitch. If that is "censorship," in your little mind, then go file suit claiming that I have abridged your First Amendment right to free speech, loser.

    By the way, your comment posted to the blog, ass-clown. What does that tell you?! I occasionally delete comments, if they contain NOTHING of substance or use racial slurs, for instance. I have removed comments, even when comments supportive of this blog have made this foolish mistake. The spam filter also removes many comments, sometimes for no apparent reason.

    If you want to disagree with the premise of this blog, then be prepared to back up your argument with SOLID facts. Too many trolls rely on unsubstantiated anecdotes, i.e. "I know two grads from this school that you call a toilet. They both make over $150K per year. This is a a good school. Get lost."


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