Monday, October 17, 2011

First Tier Garbage Pit: George Mason University School of Law

Tuition: For the 2011-2012 school year, in-state residents - attending George Ma$on Univer$ity $chool of Law on a full-time basis - will pay $23,720, in tuition. Non-resident full-time law students at this dung pit will be charged $38,112 in tuition, for 2011-2012. Who still believes that public law schools are affordable?!?!

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: The cockroaches and pigs at this school estimate that room and board, transportation, miscellaneous costs, and books will add $23,210 to the yearly tab. In the DC area, no less. Notice that the bitches did not provide a breakdown of living expenses.

If books amount to $1,500, then twelve-month living costs should amount to $28,947. Using this figure, we reach a more-accurate total COA of $52,667 for in-state, full-time GMU law students - whereas this figure will reach $67,059 for non-resident, full-time law students, at this trash heap.

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, George Ma$on Univer$ity Sewer of Law is the 40th best law school, in the United States. This is akin to being the tenth prettiest woman in your first year Torts class.

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: The bitches claim an employment rate of 99% for the Class of 2010. For $ome rea$on, they do not provide a real breakdown. The school claims an average starting salary of $112,909, for 2010 law grads in private practice. The pigs note, in the fine print, that “52% of employed graduates provided reportable salary information.”

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average student indebtedness - for those members of the GMU Law Class of 2010 who incurred student debt for law school - as $98,087. Fully 86% of this class took on such toxic debt. This figure does include student debt from undergrad.

Some ass-clown/GMU law grad provided me with an opportunity to publicly flog him, on this blog.

“Anonymous said...

Ok Nando, time for me to come clean. My name is Aaron, and I am a current associate at Finnegan Henderson in Washington DC. I WILL NOT give you my last name, but I will tell you that I graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 2003. I just messed around on this site because I been disgusted and appalled at the way you continue to degrade the legal profession.

You are a joke, as is everyone on this site. You flipped out about every stupid comment that I made, which was my exact intention. In any event, I am earning 400 plus a year, while you spend all day on a blog. Say what you want, but I am a lawyer who made it big, while you failed at becoming a lawyer, just like you do at life. Law school isn't for everyone, but those who pursue law with a passion, live a fulfilling life. I am not going to give me my last name, as I would prefer to remain anonymous. Have fun selling insurance for the next thirty years.

Yours truly,

May 21, 2011 9:55 AM"

This pig’s comment ended up in my Spam folder. When I discovered it, I then the emailed the following message to Finnegan Henderson associate Aaron Lee Parker:


Date Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:46 PM
Subject Re: Impersonation?

“If you posted this drivel, try to be smarter next time, Aaron Lee Parker. Somehow, this comment landed in my spam folder. I ended up publishing it on my blog. If you make $400K, good for you. Maybe, you can afford a decent haircut the next time you take a firm photo.”

Aaron was flapping his gums, when he thought that he was anonymous. When I called him out, Pussy Boy did not even respond to either of my two emails. Apparently, the moron didn’t realize that he is the only Finnegan associate named Aaron, who graduated from George Mason University Sewer of Law in 2003.

On April 13, 2011, Elie Mystal reported that GMU will inflate their students’ grades. What a truly “elite institution,” huh?!?!

“So there you go. Are you happy, GMU Law? You haven’t increased your academic offerings or put more resources into career services or done anything to make the quality of your education improve by 35%, but you’ve made everybody’s grade 35% more pretty. You think that’s an accomplishment?”

Conclusion: George Mason University Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced pile of waste. It is located in an area that has 15 law schools, including UVA, Georgetown, George Washington University, College of William & Mary, Washington and Lee University, et al. Hell, the University of Virginia School of Law and Georgetown Law Center are producing graduates without jobs. If you don’t have a decent-paying job lined up before entering - or do not come from a wealthy family - then DO NOT attend his festering trash pit.


  1. And Nando slams the first tier toilets. I have spoken to numerous "tier 1" grads and many of them are having difficulty paying work. All the way up to George Washington which is top 20. Bottom line is that law schools need to cut their class sizes in half with the majority of lower tiered schools shutting down.

  2. I think the soon Yale Law School will be featured in TTR. And it should be, all these schools are filthy toilets that chase taxpayers cash--aka., student loans.

  3. Agree with 757. Nando you gotta profile Yale and Harvard on this blog. Those students can't even file basic motions.

    This is no joke. My friend worked for a law firm summer after 2L. He had to show a Harvard law student how to file a motion to produce. You can't make this stuff up. I saw your new site where everyone can now see all your school rankings. Nice.

  4. There is no way an associate is making over $400k working at Finnegan. If he is making that kind of money and it disclosed it in a public forum, that is grounds for termination at most firms.

  5. "If you make $400K, good for you. Maybe, you can afford a decent haircut the next time you take a firm photo.”

    LMAO! He didn't even respond to that? Sad.

  6. I found an obit for this guy:

    Aaron L. PARKER
    Visit Guest Book

    PARKER, Aaron L.May 3, 2011. Survived by Lewis & Dewayne (Shirley) Parker; companion, Janice Walker and a host of other relatives & friends. Family visitation Tuesday, May 10, 2011 from 6-7 p.m., with funeral to follow, Love United M.B. Church, 427 Humphreys St., Rev. Alvin White, Officiant. Interment Greenwood N. LEWIS & WRIGHT FUNERAL DIRECTORS, (615) 255-2371.

  7. Nando you must profile Fordham as well. The last attorney I worked with could not even write a cohesive paragraph, filed photocopied affirmations with the court, didn't know how to properly respond to a subpeona duces tecum, and had no clue in how to draft a stupid answer.


    You don’t be seein’ shit like dis be goin’ down at enny o’ mah chickin ‘stablishments, does ya? These bitches be lucky they didn’ try t’ pull dis shit at my restaurant.

    One female customer suffered a Fractured skull and a broken arm. The other just a deep cut. That’s all these bitches got. And they done had a helluva mo’ than dat comin’ if ya ask me. Plus da employee didn’ attack dem hoes. He was defendin’ hisself. Gets it right, folks.

    You try dat shit at one o’ mah restau’rants ‘n shit ‘n you’ll be seein’ The Colonel pull out a couple a tommy guns and go:

    “Here’s mah muth-fuckin’ farm!

    I’ma chickin farmer mutherfucker!”

  9. Passion and patent law are two things that just don't go together. Maybe, the people that invent the things that get patented have passion, but not patent lawyers. Patent law has to be one of the most boring areas of the law. I feel sorry for this guy, he seems like a real tool.

  10. I'm glad you're starting to hit the first tier. These schools are no better than the third tier schools. They also manipulate employment figures and lie to students. The career service offices are also shitholes and don't help their students find jobs.

    If the student finds his own job whether its as a lawyer or school teacher, the school gets credit for his 'placement.' If he makes $32K a year or is making $0 a year, the school doesn't include his income since he won't bother reporting his income. Actually, what's to stop the school from simply not recording his info? No one from the outside is gonna check on those numbers. If you're considering law school know this: the law schools lie because they don't respect you and they don't give a shit if you are financially ruined by going to law school. The end. If you don't understand that, then you're too damn stupid to do anything useful in this life.

  11. Aaron,

    You are famous now. You have been profiled on the TTR. Way to go, motherfucker.

    Are you saying you are taking out $400,000 doing patent drafting and paten counselling? I call a major BS in progress here. You only can make this kind of money if you blow guys (and swallow) after 8 pm when you are let go from your office. Taking it in the ass (and you are already doing this since you are keeping your job for 8 years) will not bring in this kind of revenue.

    To take $400,000 out as a lawyer you have to bill at least 1,200,000 a year. To bill 1,200,000 a year, you need to bill 10 hours a day, seven days a week, for 50 weeks every year. This is 3,500 hours a year at an hourly rate of $342.

    I realize that you are an Energizer Bunny of the legal profession, but even for a tool like you this is not possible. I bet you are dreaming to get $150,000 out and you are ready to blow (and swallow) provided you are given an opportunity. Straight advantage for you - all you need to do is to crawl under a partner’s desk on lunch break if you have one.

  12. I go to GMU. Their employment stats are bullshit. Fuckers here aint got jobs

  13. This blog makes another asshole famous. Wait...the idiot did that to himself by posting that shit on here. As an 8 year associate you'd think he would know that Nando is the angriest son of a bitch on the internet. What a dumbass.

  14. If he has been at Finnegan since 2003 and allegedly making 400K, why is he still an associate??? If he is sooo awesome, I would assume he would be partner by now.

    I went on several websites that provide salary data for firms. Finnegan in 2007 offered an 8th year associate base pay of 270,000.00. Since 2007, there were multiple layoffs, pay freezes and reductions, high attrition, bonuses withheld, and so on. I just cannot see a jump from 270K to 400K (including bonuses) with all of the economic turmoil going on. Finnegan also has a repution for renegging on bonuses ( AND,-Henderson,-Farabow,-Garrett-&-Dunner,--LLP?companyId=6584)

    Plus...this guy was stupid enough to tell you his first name, where he worked, and what law school he went to. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? He disclosed his alleged salary? Hello termination!

    You should've cc'd all of the partners in on your response. Hope that is what you did. Looks like Henderson, Dunner, and Farrabow are still there. I am sure they would love to see Aaron Lee Parker's email.

    If he loses his job as a result of this, he will soon find out what it is really like in the legal world. Tons of well paid lawyers at firms have lost jobs at firms and have been unable to secure new jobs that paid well.

    If he does make 400K, he needs to STFU and be thankful. Arrogant turd!

  15. There are seven law schools in Virginia, two in Maryland, and six in Washington, D.C.

    Simply put, attending this first tier toilet does not guarantee legal employment, upon graduation.

    On March 3, 2011, Elie Mystal goes off on GMU graduating law students who drafted a petition, over the cost of their commencement gown.

    “Yes, having to dip into your own pocket to fulfill an administrative requirement is onerous. Especially if you feel that the administration has sold you a bill of goods for three years and you’re staring into the unemployment abyss.

    You’ve taken it this far; now pay your $136 dollars and look pretty for all the parents. Maybe it’s not fair, but it’s a little late in the game to be bitching about how your law school is screwing you out of money.”

    As a student at this toilet, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal!! Law firms and government agencies will wet their pants upon seeing your resume and cover letter. Actually, they will likely toss your application in the trash.

    If you “work hard enough,” then you can become notes editor of the George Mason Journal of International Commercial Law. As you can see, this excrementitiously journal was founded in 2008. What law firm hiring partner wouldn’t want to extend you an offer, after seeing this experience on your resume?!?!

    In the final analysis, Aaron Lee Parker - of 2649 S Arlington Ridge Rd., Arlington, VA 22202-2269 - is a complete and total pussy. Moron felt the need to mouth off, but only when he thought that we would maintain his anonymity. Once confronted, the vagina melted and his labia folded.

  16. Hey Nando, I have to say a few things about the Center for College Affordability and Productivity; as far as I can tell it's a one-man outfit run by Richard Vedder, a think-tanker over at the American Enterpise Institute who occasionally writes for the "National Review." All of this stuff is right wing, and I don't think the American Right really wants to reform the fucked-up law school system (because many of their people are graduates of those schools.) This guy has already written a column for the "National Review" where he states that allowing bankruptcy for student loans is "the second worst idea ever."

  17. Salary stats for Washington and Lee Law which, like GMU, is a lower-first-tier Virginia toilet.

    The place claims these respectable numbers:

    Class Year Average Reported Salary Median Reported Salary
    2007 $86,284 $75,000
    2008 $95,526 $80,000
    2009 $101,920 $90,000

    Then you burrow in the details and note the following, from the class of 2010 survey (which is more detailed than surveys for preceding years):

    Out of 123 grads, nine months after graduation,
    83 reported salary data:

    14 reported earning 110K or more.
    9 reported earning 90-110K.
    8 reported earning 70-90K
    28 reported earning 50-70K
    24 reported earning less than 50K

    The true median of the survey reporters is between 50 and 70K, somewhat more modest than the 90k claimed.

    However, 40 graduates did not report salary data and it is a fair guess that almost all of them are earning below 50K. Thus, the true median salary is below 50K, nine months out.

    Therefore, class of 2010, you probably have a below 50K job, maybe or maybe not in the legal profession, maybe or maybe not something you could have snagged with an undergraduate degree only. And to get that job, you spent 180K (tuition + living expenses) on law school, plus interest accruing on the loans you took, plus three years' lost wages. But be of good cheer, at least your law professors are rich.

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    1. You should eat her ass and then tell her to return the favor. You will love it. Trust.

    2. Oh, eat the ass. definitely; makes some girls squirt.

  19. I sincerely hope that some assclown simply picked poor Aaron Lee Parker's moniker out of a hat to adopt for the purpose of trolling this blog. Otherwise, Mr. Parker is way too stupid to live, let alone have a job. However, he looks like a total dudebro in that firm photo, so I wouldn't be totally shocked if he was dumb enough to troll a message board under his own name.

  20. 6:37, eat it. Don't eat it. No one cares.

    George Mason's law school is an overpriced shitter. Some grads make good money coming out of there. Many do not. As a local resident I can tell you this place is not all it bills itselfd as. It's sure not worth $100,000 in extra student loans. If you have political or family connections and you;re not smart enough to get into a better school, you might try this place.

    If you just need a place to sit for three years so you can sit for a bar exam, there are plenty of cheaper options out there. I know this blog beat the shit out of UDC Law but its affordable by law school standards. Howard is okay if you're black and need to get your foot in the door somewhere. Look around. Lots of biglaw firms will hire a Howard lawyer, even if its just to show they like diversity.

    I don't recommend law school to people in general. But if you just have to be a lawyer, you can go to much cheaper places in the area. Forget George Mason.


    According to Law School Numbers, in-state tuition for full-time GMU law students was $15,274 - for the 2006-2007 school year. Full-time tuition for non-residents was priced at $26,502 - for 2006-2007.

    By the way, this LSN page shows that living expenses amounted to $20,228, for the same school year. (I am sure that LSN received this info from GMU's website, back then.) Amazingly, the school claims that living expenses will be $23,720 for the 2011-2012 academic year.

    So, living expenses in DC only increased by 14.74 percent over the course of six years, whereas in-state tuition SKYROCKETED by 55.3% in the same time span?!?! Living expenses likely increased higher than the rate listed above. Furthermore, this shows that law school tuition continues to rise at

    Advances in technology serve to LOWER operating costs. This explains why your dentist and physician purchase all of that expensive equipment. The initial costs are high, but the long-term savings make this a wise investment. Such breakthroughs cut down on the need to hire human beings. For instance, Lexis and Westlaw accounts largely remove the need for gigantic-ass law libraries, which contain untold numbers of hardbound law books, reporters, legal encyclopedias, hornbooks, etc.

    JDU poster “OhioDocReviewer” posted the following on Oct 17 at 12:30 pm:

    “GMU is doing the same thing other law schools are doing-striking while the iron is hot. On some level, the administration knows the current system is unsustainable. They're charging as much as possible while they still can.”

    By the way, LSN also notes that 1.3% of GMU Sewer of Law students received full-tuition plus a stipend, for the 2005-2006 school year, while 2.5% of students were offered half-tuition scholarships. What generous bastards, huh?!

    Lastly, Law School Numbers shows that 94.9 percent of the JD Class of 2005, within nine months of graduation from George Ma$on Univer$ity. Keep in mind that this was before the economy went to hell. Yet, we are supposed to believe that job “placement” improved during the fundamental restructuring of the U.S. economy.

  22. I'm a teacher's assistant at George Washington, and so I've heard undergraduate students who have what I'll call the 'Law school bug'. I've heard names like GW, Fordham, and UVa, (but not George Mason) being brandied about. I've been hesitant to tell them simply Don't go to Law school. I've been trying to steer students towards the T14, but I don't think that's sufficient anymore. I've also been hesitant to disrespect George Washington's law school even though it costs an arm and a leg because I go here.
    However I recently heard a Public Policy Professor here tell people straight up that 80% of all people in law school don't even want to be lawyers and that you have no business going to law school if you don't want to be a lawyer, so I probably should rethink.

    I think we all get the law school bug in undergrad. One of my stranger ambitions was to *start* a law school after I made a whole lot of money. This site convinced me otherwise. I'm just wondering what to say to my students when they talk about taking the LSAT and applying to law school.

  23. When your students talk about law school, ask them if they want to be lawyers. And if they've ever worked in a law office. If they answer no to both questions they have no fucking business in law school. If they're not from wealthy families, this goes double.

  24. How do you know that "Aaron" is even real, that is the one who wrote you? It could be anyone who just used this guy's name and whatever info was on that website.

  25. Someone must really hate Aaron. Or Aaron is simply a major douche.

  26. GMU law used to be a tier 3 school until in the late 1990s or early 2000s it had a miraculous jump right out of tier 3 into tier 1. It was common knowledge at the time that its rise was due solely to it collecting/processing/reporting its stats in a different manner overnight because it sure as hell didn't become a better school overnight. These fuckers have been playing the stats game for at least a decade. GMU has always been a tier 3 school dressed up as a tier 1 school.

  27. You sent the email to Aaron and he never responded? He could've simply wrote 'thanks for letting me know about some asshole pretending to be me.'

  28. I really wish this type blog would have existed when I graduated from my 4th tier crapper 20 years ago. We faced this lack of jobs crazy loan issues but not on the level these kids do today.

    My success or failure in 20 years of practice(well 19 because it took me a year to find a law job and it paid what my waiter job paid)aside, this information really puts the whole scam into perspective.

    For you recent graduates, wait until you get your quarterly alumni magazine and you will see what a farce it is. Reading about my schools new library and the law faculty who nominate each other for douchebag of the year awards so they can have a function to honor each other is laughable. Half these people have not done all the things they claim but if they get enough awards, then no one questions it.

    Then you read about the students who are just learning so much. I mean there is actually a class on climate change law. No shit. Then you have the featured professor who has never practiced a day in his life who all the students just love because he actually talks to them instead of lecturing in his classes.

    If I only knew then what I know now applies to our lifes experience but law school is a prime example. I remember sitting in these classes while overpaid professors bullshitted for an hour at a time while hot girls just squirted all over the place while getting in line to sleep with them because they wore a blazer and called themselves professor. 22-25 yr old girls are the most guiilble self absorbed people on the planet. We knew they were all frauds, but did what we had to do to get grades that now we know mattered little as my lack of conncections and crappy school mattered more then whatever good grades I tried to get. Now these law schools jack up tuition and overpay teachers who have no respect from practitioners like myself. We feel we earn our money practicing law and dealing with people while they insulate themselves from the people they tell us to represent.

    Saying all that and knowing these fools lie about employment statistics, with all the info out there about what a scam school truly is, if you dont educate yourself and just go to school blind and take out all these loans, its on you. Lawyers and potential lawyers are supposed to be smart enough to get all the info before they commit to 100k plus in loans or anything now to go to a bad school or even any school at all, especially in todays internet age.

    I appreciate all the excellent information on this blog but until people stop letting themselves be scammed, law schools will continue to be opened up and the tuition will increase as well. For only less then 10% of students, it is worth the investment. Life is too short to be miserable and law is a horrible profession that is only getting worse with all the laws being changed to eliminate the non established and or non connected lawyers.

  29. scammedgeorgemason2lOctober 19, 2011 at 1:42 PM


    Thanks for calling out George Mason University School of Law. Sadly, I currently attend this toilet and can confirm that career services here is absolutely worthless and lie through their teeth when it comes to employment stats.

    To people considering this school, don't come here. Retake your lsat, do whatever you need to do to get into a t-14, but do not come to Mason. The employment prospects here are pure shit. They got me with their bogus 99% employed rate, but it is pure fiction.

    I'm top 20% here, on a journal, and I can't even get interviews. OCI was a total joke--most of the firms that came wanted IP folks with technical background. Career services is pure shit-you ask them for advice, and they tell you that the economy is bad and even people in the top 10% here aren't getting jobs and to search martindale for firms to apply to (that's the extent of their help).

    This school has no business being in the top 50. Half the professors here don't even have JDs. I'm not kidding. They make us take an economics class and a class on the federalist papers our first year. The professors that teach these classes don't have JDs. That's Mason's big thing-law and economics. They pride themselves on it. Like i'm really going to get up in front of a judge and start arguing the coase theorem. Worthless fucking education.
    Here's a good example--you want to learn how to litigate? Why not learn litigation from someone who never went to law school!!

    First years here at Mason get fucked in the ass because 3Ls teach the legal writing class here. Yep-you're graded by 3Ls that haven't even graduated law school and can't write to save their lives.

    I really got shortchanged on my education and it's pissing me off. I couldn't file a motion to save my life--just like the Harvard kid--the difference is that at least the Harvard kid has a job to go to to learn what a motion is and how to file one. Not the chumps at Mason.

    Oh, you did a piece on the law school that let that murderer in. Well here at Mason, we get to learn from criminals, not just study with them:

    Not to mention that the law school has a homeless guy that comes into the law school from time to time to get out of the elements. Yep, you guessed it-the homeless guy graduated from Mason.

    Bottom line-employers see George Mason on your resume and that is a big strike against you. Please do your due diligence and avoid this shithole like the plague. This school does not have 99% employement-it is pure bullshit (i'd be surprised if a third of the students here have any employment at graduation. Mason needs to go back to the TTT, because that is what employers think of it.

    Nando, how do you find out how much Deans make? How much is that weasel Polsby making here at Mason?

  30. If you want to learn how to play the banjo, you pay a teacher, and you learn.

    If you want to learn how to be a plumber, you apprentice and learn while you earn.

    Same for a lot of trades.

    If you want to learn how to be a lawyer--May God Help you if you are not connected.

  31. Why is it that you believe this guy is even the Aaron Parker at this firm? You think he folded like a pussy for not responding to your email? I find it much more likely that the troll picked a random big firm found a guy and used his name. However, using your Columbo like skills, decided with 100% percent certainty that there is no possible way e-mail Aaron was AGAIN lying about his identity/job/salary.

    I believe a more likely explanation would be: the real Aaron Parker is overly worked associate at a big firm and (1) is too busy to care about an email from some blogger who he has no clue about or (2) never got the email because of a spam filter. Either option seems much more reasonable to me.

    The entire post about the Aaron guy just seemed ridiculous - stick to blasting the schools.

  32. "I think we all get the law school bug in undergrad. One of my stranger ambitions was to *start* a law school after I made a whole lot of money."

    Starting a law school makes a lot more sense than attending one.

    As I noted on 10/18 at 9:03, it is entirely possible that Mr. Parker is not the actual troll; but considering that this is the second entry that comes up when you Google his name now, he would do well at this point to inform Nando if that is the case.

  33. First, sadly I just googled his name and it wasn't even on the first page. My life is a little more entertaining than to actually search page by page to see where it actually appears.

    Second, simply noting that Parker "possibly" might not be the troll misses my point. What I am saying is that it is far more likely than not that Parker is not the troll and thus, the entire "outing" and claiming he "folded like a pussy" by Nando is ridiculous. Writing a entry like this as if it is somehow fact is problematic in my opinion.

    Third (in conjunction with point one), he has to google himself and then leaf through however many pages to find this associated blog. Furthermore, he has to care about this blog. Both of which I don't see happening.

    Fourth, unless a Finnegan Partner or one of their IP clients google him, manage to come across this blog, and then inturn question him about the legitimacy of the email referenced in the blog(highly unlikely), why would he care. Even if this happened the simple response to any inquiry by his firm of "I didn't send that email" would probably put the issue to rest.

    My point stands - Nando, stick to blasting schools and not making unreasonable assumptions because they put a negative light on the otherwise legitimate reviews of these schools.

  34. @ 1:17 PM above - "Hi Aaron Parker! Nice attempt at damage control!"

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. @ 1:48PM

    I get the hostile commenters too, and don't always publish the more depraved or racist, or threatening comments.

    Nando has better tech skills than me with respect to identifying whomever it is.

    Believe me, there are a number of shills that are hovering around these blogs, like birds of prey, and getting nervous.

  37. Nando,

    I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention before, but I'll take the risk. has an article titled "If Educational Kids Shows Were Honest." The first minute and a half is an interview with a corporate lawyer. You'll like it. Here's the link:

  38. ^

    It's a video, not an article

  39. This school is a shithole. It doesn't matter if it's ranked in the first tier. Big whoop. Half the class is financially ruined because they went here. That means more than some ranking from a defunct magazine.

  40. I'm a Mason grad, have to agree with the above posts. Most of the top 20% did well if they went back to their impoverished states of origin, so +1 for National Scope. However, in the area, maybe a handful of people got into BigLaw and 3 got Federal Clerkships. Waaay too many of the top10% of the class are doing local trial court clerkships.

  41. Aaron Parker is now "of counsel" at Finnegan, likely indicating that he was passed over for partnership there.

  42. George Mason changed the name to Antonin Scalia School of Law to honor that sarlacc of a man. ASS Law or better yet ASSoL. Lol

  43. I know a guy who got a JD from GMU, couldn't get a job, so got started to a PhD in Economics (Economists have a match system and see their graduates are employed).

    Guy can't get a girlfriend either. They check out when he starts droning on about how smart he is.

    GMU. Good times.


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