Monday, October 24, 2011

Profiles in Vile Waste: Kristin Flierl, Director of “Career Services” at the University of Mississippi School of Law

CSO Director at the University of Mississippi Sewer of Law- It is Not My Job to Find You a Job:

"In lieu of jobs or career advice, career services offices are now offering children’s poetry to their students….

A tipster from the University of Mississippi School of Law was pretty peeved that the school’s director of career services sent out an email yesterday “to passive aggressively say that WE, the students, are the ones that have to do all the work to find a job.”

On October 17, 2011, Elie Mystal reported on this situation:

"Hello, Students:

This is my final attempt to gather information about summer employment data from you. Between the two classes I received about 90 responses total. Thanks to all of those respondents! I would like to share this insight with you, though. “A little birdie” stopped by my office after I sent the last e-mail and informed me that there was some type of agreement among several of the 2L’s and 3L’s to refuse to supply this information in some form of protest against Career Services not “doing our job” — apparently misconstrued as “finding people jobs.” [Emphasis mine]

Kristin Flierl’s Background:

As you can see, the Director of “Career Services” at Ole Miss Sewer of Law is Kristin Flierl.

Kristin Flierl's Experience

Director Career Services
University of Mississippi School of Law
Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
July 2008 – Present (3 years 4 months)

Graduate Coordinator
University of Florida School of Art + Art History
Education Management industry
March 2003 – June 2008 (5 years 4 months)

Assistant Dean of Career Services
Tulane Law School
Education Management industry
November 1995 – June 2002 (6 years 8 months)

Kristin F. Flierl resides at: 622 Butler Dr., Oxford, MS 38655-6178. Her listed phone number is (662) 236-1729. She is listed at age range 60-64.

Call this old cow at home, late at night, and ask her if she can help you find a job. If you see fit, call from a pay phone and quote from your favorite Theodore Geisel book.

Accolades for the Old Hag:

“With a no-nonsense and realistic approach to the legal field, Kristin Flierl has earned the respect of law students who attend the University of Mississippi School of Law as well as the faculty and administration. She is dedicated, sincere and compassionate - and she pulls it off in the way only a true leader can.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, when you hear Kristin Flierl’s name, “dedication” and “compassionate” immediately come to mind, right?!?!

“Kristin Flierl has been on the job as the law school’s director of career services less than a year, but she’s already been named the school’s outstanding staff member for 2008-09. Flierl, who came to the law school in July 2008, brings more than 20 years of law placement experience to her new position.” [Emphasis mine]

According to the old bag, it is not her job to find employment for graduating law students. If she was named the sewer’s outstanding staff member, then how valuable are the other employees?! Then again, we are dealing with law school parasites. For $ome rea$on, in the article, Flierl sells her "skills":

"At UM, Flierl helps law students move from academia to the professional world by providing students with contacts, job listings, interview programs, mock interviews and advice on how to conduct a job search.

“In this economy, my main task is to scour the country for viable job opportunities,” Flierl said."

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this is further proof that law school pigs DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about the students or recent graduates. They seek to sell prospective students a bill of goods. The swine claim high employment placement rates. Yet, when you cannot find a job, suddenly this failure is solely YOUR fault. At that point, the cockroaches chirp, “Buyer beware.” By the way, you can stick those Dr. Seuss rhymes up your old, wrinkled, gray, decrepit ass, Kristin!


  1. How much does this lady make in a year? The schools care about their PR. And this will hurt their image.

  2. Nando:
    I can only hope that one legal education might one day have an overseer with 1% of your perseverance and tenacity. God knows we need it.

  3. Nice. Picture and everything.

  4. Don't you think by now, if someone goes to law school and ends out going severely into debt, with few job prospects, that he has NOT been scammed. Maybe a few years ago, before the scamblogger movement, the NY Times articles, and all that, you could say that deceptive statistics are to blame.

    But suppose today, a "lemming" goes to law school and ends out like the readership of this blog and others like it. That person has PLENTY of information about the risks inherent in entering the profession. He really has no right to pretend he was scammed when in reality he was just rolling the dice and hoping he'd be one of the successful ones, when in fact he was just like most of the hopeful law students.

    In a couple of years these blogs should all be gone in my opinion.

  5. What a disgusting, self-serving woman. Why do career services people GET PAID FOR SHAMEFUL RESULTS?

    WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HER FUCKING JOB IF NOT TO FIND JOBS FOR STUDENTS? She should be out there pounding on every law firm door begging for jobs and pushing firms to hire her grads.

    But these days career services offices hire vapid unaggresive female law school failures who sit in that office and "proofread" resumes, oversee a "library" of a few dozen career books, and send out a monthly email with links to jobs that every student has already found themselves and has no chance of getting.

    Career services offices in almost every law school should be shut down. They are the peak of law school wasteful administrative spending.

    Just look at the junk this woman's office offers by way of career "services": how to write a resume, how to write a "winning" cover letter, a seminar called "the realities and responsibilities of your jobs search" (also known as "do the fucking work yourself"), and a seminar on getting hired as a navy JAG (like that's a reality for anyone these days).

    What a waste of space.

  6. 'Career services offices in almost every law school should be shut down.'

    These filthy pigs are not earning a paycheck. They know the jobs are not out there. But they continue to publish 97.5% employment for recent graduates. When you can't find a job, its on you the student. Close these shitholes down.

  7. I owe a $150K, and can't get a job!

  8. Gatdamn, dis ol' bulldog faced bee-yaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwtch can suck on one of The Colonel's corn on da cobs.

    How would dis battle axe feel if she came into one o' mah restaurants and I told her it's not mah job to feed ya? (Given it's mostly grease and starch, but it fills yer ass and belly up reals quick.) How woudl you feel if yous spent $200 for a night in one of dem nice hotel rooms and the manager told you to get the fuck outta his hotel 'coz they aren't there to make sure you has a place to rest? Theys took ya money. They owes ya a gotdamn service, sez The Colonel. and you can quote meh on dat.

  9. "How would you feel if yous spent $200 for a night in one of dem nice hotel rooms and the manager told you to get the fuck outta his hotel 'coz they aren't there to make sure you has a place to rest?"

    Fucking awesome! This perfectly sums up her attitude towards her job and the students. For $100,000 in tuition from each and every student, she sure as shit better start finding jobs for them. What a useless woman.

  10. Her picture makes her look like she could care less about what happens the students. She looks like an uptight, curmudgeon administrator that blames students for their problem of not finding a job. She is just another leech, paid to keep the gravy train going for the faculty. It is almost Halloween, does she ride her broomstick to work?

  11. Fuck these old coot criminals.

    I'm so happy this country is dying.

  12. If students are supposed to do the foot and drudge work in securing a job, then what is the purpose of this woman's job? There are also professional resume editors out there who charge between $150-$300 who could craft and edit your resume.

  13. From the same piece in the Spring/Summer 2009 edition of UM Lawyer - under "New faces in familiar roles":

    "At UM, Flierl helps law students move from academia to the professional world by providing students with contacts, job listings, interview programs, mock interviews and advice on how to conduct a job search.

    “In this economy, my main task is to scour the country for viable job opportunities,” Flierl said."

    For $ome rea$on, Kristin Flierl felt - or stated - that her main responsibility is to scour the nation for employment opportunities. My guess is that this was mere PR, on her part, i.e. she did not mean a word.

    "The University of Mississippi School of Law Career Services Offices helps students develop individualized career plans and provides instruction on job search skills. The staff also facilitates access to employers and employment resources.

    The Career Services staff DOES NOT GUARANTEE JOBS. Rather, work diligently with each student to ensure that he or she is positioned for success and possesses the skills necessary to conduct a successful job search." [Emphasis mine]

    This is a moronic straw man argument. Essentially no one is saying, "Law schools must find us jobs." However, when you spend three years of your life - and $50K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process - the school needs to work its ass off to help the students find work. Plus, if "a law degree is so versatile," then non-legal employers should not be so hostile towards JDs and lawyers. Then again, this is an absolute lie that is constantly put forth by law school pigs. A JD is not highly sought after, by non-legal employers.

    In case, the commode is not aware, sane people attend law school for the following reasons: (a) so that they can be prepared to practice law; (b) to become lawyers; and (c) to find decent employment, i.e. a career.

    A relative few law students go to law school, to avoid the job market for a few more years. (Such students typically come from privileged backgrounds, and are merely seeking to add to their "credentials.") However, even these students want decent employment, upon graduation. Those from wealthy or connected families can usually find jobs - even if they did not "work hard" in law school. That is one of those many advantages of being wealthy. After all, "hard work" is for suckers, right?!

  14. You're a completely brutal asshole and a dick to post her address, which is exactly how students should respond to these scumbags. Nothing will change until students fight back. Please do more of these profiles and thank you for your persistence. You are an icon of the scamblog movement.

  15. "Don't you think by now, if someone goes to law school and ends out going severely into debt, with few job prospects, that he has NOT been scammed."

    No, see the Cooley and NYLS motions to dismiss.

  16. I wish you would get to the rest of the law schools. Forget bitches like Flierl. They're always gonna say stupid shit. If you keep focusing on the dumbshits, you'll never get to all the law schools.

  17. This lady's incompetence and views are typical of a federal bureaucrat. I wonder why she is not on Obama's cabinet. I am sure she has a cacaphonous laugh similar to that other witch, Hillary Clinton.

  18. Kids, I can attest that as far back as 20 years ago, many law school career services' offices were just a waste of space and salaries. I had a job offer prior to attending law school, conditioned on keeping a 3.2 GPA. The CSO at my school only assisted kids who had at least a 3.7 GPA and were on law review. Mind you, these kids didn't need CSO to land a job. If you did not have a 3.7 GPA, they treated you like an STD. They did not want to talk to you. They would tell you "There is the resource library and sample resume and cover letter bank. It's self-service, good luck." These folks tried taking credit for my job offer and I corrected the CSO director after I graduated by leaving her a voicemail telling her to shove her phony stats up her ass. These people are worse than car salesmen. They sit "pretty" and all leisurely in their cushy offices with their "CSO Director" titles, collecting a nice six figure check so they can tell 90% of the class to go network (aka go fuck yourself) and "you have yourselves to blame if you can't land a job." The more I think of it, this a putrid industry. These schools, and especially these CSO's should be fired and the salary savings should be passed on to the students in the form of scholarships. The CSO directors blame the economy, the students, the lack of "pull up yourself by the boot-straps," lack of networking, etc., yet the are blameless. BULLSHIT.

  19. The perspective of a lawyer from 20 years ago trumps the ignorant opinions of lemmings every day of the week.

  20. I am tired of Federal dollars being used to pay incompetent people such as these one. Most of academia is pretty incompetent anyways, and it should not be funded by taxpayers dollars. Federal student loans need to end.

  21. at 7:41 AM:

    Here, here. I graduated ten years ago and I could almost use your experience as my own with my career center. Over the years, I have called them from time to time in order to explore career options. Regardless of who I contact, the message is the same: I have to network, I have to make my own contacts, I need to have a positive mental attitude. What a crock. They are useless.

    As an aside, I was speaking to a few classmates about a month ago. We all agreed that it was super hard to find a job even ten years ago. At the time, we all kept silent because we were ashamed to say anything. We blamed ourselves. However, after ten years of working, I think we are all a little more such we have each learned that our situation was not entirely of our own doing. It was not until this year, THIS year, that I stopped blaming myself. After reading the NY Times article in January, I realized there were a lot of us.

    I have made it my mission over these last few months to SPREAD THE WORD about these scamblogs and the law school scam. You should see the look on people's faces.

  22. These blogs are doing the Lord's work. Trying to prevent idiots from financially ruining themselves. And thanks for never really buying into the transparency bullshit. That was a ruse from the start. Hey, its about time you started going after the top tier schools too. Keep it up.

  23. 911..this has been the deal since I graduated law school in 1994. We all thought we were subhuman because we graduated, the career placement office offered no help finding a job, and I was left delivering pizza for the 12 months it took me to find a legal job which when I found it, I was now making less then I did delivering pizzas for Herman Cain. It was no different when I graduated college in 1991. The only difference is that our college career planning office was just a place to hire a recent hot female grad to give the students eye candy to keeep them from transferring so they could steal more of your tuition money.

    Until people stop enrolling in these schools, it will go on and you can listen a bunch of lazy old fucks steal a salary while lying to your face. The game is up but only when the demand for school goes away and with all the other career options out there for liberal arts types, it wont. Instead of a scam blog for law, we need one to teach kids going to college for a non specific degree that provides no skills is a waste of time. What the fuck can a history major do besides go to law school. Turn 4 yrs of worthlessness into 7. Its like a gambler losing a bet and saying double or nothing knowing they will likely lose again.

    Ultimately all of this our responsibility. We need to find our jobs and educate ourselves about the true risk/waste of going to law school. Unlike 20 years ago, the info is out there to get and you see you are not alone in getting fucked. 20 years ago, kids were a lot more quiet about their failures and thought they could disappear into oblivion without friends from school seeing you were working at Walmart with youe degree. The internet and more recently Facebook type sites make it impossible to disappear so kids atleast talk about fighting back now.

    What is the ultimate insult is that these schools hire a career counselor and they put out memos how much they are there to help students. Its just another section in the schools quarterly magazine where they show networking parties and how brilliant their law professors are who have never practiced in their life. These schools then slap their students in the face by not providing true data regarding legal employment and paying a career counselor serious jack when it should be eliminated and each students tuituion reduced no matter how small with that money.

    Nando should be commended for his work but anyone going to law school who does not know the deal by now deserves the fucking they get.

    To me this whole story is as laughable as those stupid OWS people who hang out protesting capitalism while they sell tshirts.

  24. 'What the fuck can a history major do besides go to law school. Turn 4 yrs of worthlessness into 7. Its like a gambler losing a bet and saying double or nothing knowing they will likely lose again.'

    Same goes for Political science majors. Psychology and even economics are not going to help you find a good job after college. Economics is pure shit science. Its science in the way that sucking on your girlfriends toes equals sex.

    Unless you have some major connections or money otherwise doesn't matter to you stay away from these type of college majors. Shit, even STEM majors are having troubles finding jobs in their fields.

  25. The career services people are maybe the biggest sleazebags in the law school scam. These are the people who know best that the students are screwed and are not going to be getting jobs of any kind, anywhere, anytime ever. A career services person with some sense of decency or shame would not tell the students at the bottom of the class to network more or consider different career paths. A decent career services person would tell these and most other students to drop out and cut their losses.

    How do you sleep at night knowing you are lying to students to keep them in school going further into debt so they can keep chasing an illusion? How can someone go to work and collect a paycheck knowing that the paycheck derived not from honest work, but from a transfer of wealth that is built on lies - and knowing that you are one of the liars in chief who keeps the whole thing going? I hope there is a special rung of hell for law school scamsters.

    Moreso, I wish that one career services person at one law school somewhere would step forward and tell the truth. Put it out in public that the students are almost all screwed and no amount of networking or resume polishing is going to change that fact. I am sure that I am hoping against hope, but I think law school students and grads everywhere would be eternally grateful if some disgruntled career services person somewhere would go public about the complete bullshit that the law schools shovel. Someone somewhere inside the law schools needs to find a loud, uncivil way to expose the law schools. It might be the tipping point that will begin the unravelling of the law school scam.

  26. ^there was an angry law admissions guy blog. it went belly up within a week. i guess someone figured out who he was. good luck getting a cso asshole with a conscience to do the same.

  27. Kristin the Pig’s actions are further proof that the law schools do not give one damn about the students or recent grads.

    Remember when Sara Stadler - the daughter of former U.S. Solicitor General James Lee Rankin - told the Emory JD Class of 2011 to “Get over it”?!?!

    “Emory University law professor Sara Stadler thinks law grads need to stop coveting high-paying jobs that just aren’t available. And she said so in a commencement speech earlier this month.

    "Get over it,” Stadler told law grads. “The one thing standing in the way of your happiness is a sense of entitlement." The Fulton County Daily Report covered the speech.

    Stadler said many law grads don’t have jobs or didn’t get the job they wanted, and she wished she could change that, according to the story. But that doesn’t mean opportunities for happiness are lacking. "You might have to move to Nebraska,” Stadler said. “You might have to join a small firm where they don't make the big bucks.”

    Does anyone recall when Robert Ackerman, the dean/cockroach at Wayne State University Law Sewer, told a Westlaw panel that “today’s law students expect six-figure jobs upon graduation” and that “you need to work for years before making that type of money”?! Of course, when this piece of trash attended law school, student loans were still dischargeable in bankruptcy - plus tuition was a fraction of today’s rates.

    Don’t forget when snake oil salesman/admissions officer/LSAC weasel Aaron Nathaniel Taylor stated the following:

    “Applicant environment is favorable

    The bad publicity about legal education contributed to a historic decrease in applications for admission during the 2010-2011 cycle. Applications fell 11 percent — the largest one-year decrease on record. When applications fall, law schools tend to admit a higher percentage of their applicants. And if applications fall again during the 2011-2012 cycle, as predicted, applicants will find themselves in a very favorable environment for gaining admission. At some schools, applicants who would have been considered “borderline” just two years ago might be shoo-ins for admission this year. So the strategic benefit of applying during a string of down years is worth ample consideration.”

    The liar also said that “Student loans aren’t all bad.” Of course, the rat conveniently forgot to mention that such loans are NON-DISCHARGEABLE.

  28. Everyone right now is on pins and needles waiting for Barry "The One" Soertoro's announcement regarding student loan relief. Before we hear the teleprompter reading "Chosen One's" words, I thought it appropriate to remember what this commenter at AEM wrote:

    "More 'hope and change?' No. People, we are approaching an election year. Obama is trying to regain the faith of the millenials and the "youth" vote. Remember that Obama supported a law that allows robocallers from India call centers to call student loan debt borrowers on their cell phones. This "aid package" is an empty campaign promise. Obama can sign an executive order to implement this policy but he will have it dragged out in Congress and blame the Republicans for not passing it. Obama is a phony. He is on the Tonight Show right now jive talking with Jay Leno. Wonder why he is on NBC and not on CBS? GE owns NBC. GE gives millions to Obama in exchange for tax breaks and tax dollars on solar R&D. College students matter little to Obama. Remember, he eliminated the interest subsidy while in grad school. The question is, will you fall for this snake oil salesman?"

  29. Of course idiots will fall for Obama's empty rhetoric. They'll justify it by saying He's better than the other side. Morons. They are all on the same side.

  30. Nando:

    You should do a post on the DoEd; after all, it is the one that funds all this insanity... with taxpayers dollars. The DoEd most likely knows about all these scams called "higher education", and yet it refuses to act. That, to me, deserves to be flushed down the toilet.

  31. Anonymous said...
    I am tired of Federal dollars being used to pay incompetent people such as these one. Most of academia is pretty incompetent anyways, and it should not be funded by taxpayers dollars. Federal student loans need to end.

    October 25, 2011 9:00 AM

    Do you have any federal student loans? If so, why haven't you repaid the taxpayers the money that was scammed out of them? Why don't you put an end to the waste of federal dollars that you have complete and immediate control over?

  32. ^ I wrote that line about student loans. I do not have any student loans.

    I don't like student loans currently because they more of a "wealth transfer vehicle" than an "opportunity vehicle."

    Part of the problem is that providing credit without any sort of price controls only leads to price inflation, negating the original benefit. Anyone can see how that is what occurred with academia: the cost of attending colleges or universities has simply exploded.

    So, I am for student loans if price controls are included; but I am against student loans under the current system.

  33. Help! It smells like SETTTTTTTTTTTTon Hall Law in here!

  34. Student loans have caused tuition to explode. The schools and lenders bear no risk. It all falls on the student. Great system...if you're one of the scammers.

  35. The shit that comes out of these pigs' mouths is worse than any of the photos shown on this site.


    "The University of Mississippi School of Law Employment Statistics – Class of 2010

    The University of Mississippi School of Law graduated 162 students in 2010. One hundred seven (107) graduates, or 74.3 %1 of the class, were employed within 9 months of graduation. The Office of Career Services obtained the employment status of 144 out of 162, or 88.9% of the class.

    1 Utilizing NALP Methodology (number employed divided by the number whose status is known, i.e. 107 employed divided by 144 graduates whose status is known)."

    Don’t you love that “creative accounting” trick?!?! Plus, the school was able to show that it complied with the NALP, i.e. “See how ethical we are?!” If you divide 107 – including those Ole Miss JDs working at Lowe’s – by the entire graduating class, the reported employment rate would be a miserable 66 percent. (For $ome rea$on, the NALP and ABA do not select this formula.)

    THE SEWAGE PIT CLAIMS A JOB PLACEMENT RATE OF 74.3%, FOR ITS CLASS OF 2010!! Here is a further breakdown, provided by the sewer of law:

    “Employment Status
    Employed F‐T

    Employed P‐T

    Enrolled in LLM Programs

    Seeking Employment

    Employment Status Unknown

    With these pathetic numbers – furnished by the school – there is no surprise as to why graduating students are seething and pissed at the festering stench pit. Of course, ass-hats such as Kristin Flierl have mastered the art of “placing blame solely on the students.”

  37. Quick Question.

    If you were drafted as a career councilor at your law school, how would you go about doing your job?
    What would your conception of the job of career services even be? Is it actually possible for a person to work to the conception? How would you measure success, and is success even possible?

  38. this shit literally makes me sick...a bunch of scamming bastards. My brother is in a top FIVE law school and had a bomb-ass legal job as a summer associate last summer- company loved him, the whole shebang. Well, the company is citing budget cuts and don't think he'll be able to come back...he's applied everywhere else and has no luck so far. He's over $200,000 in debt...I'm really freaking out for him-my whole family is. He's getting really depressed and pounding the pavement looking for anything that might be left for the summer. We thought he did everything right- ridiculously high GPA, LSAT, good job experience in the past, good class rank, top 5 school, etc. and it's still hard as nails for him. This isn't a joke, folks. These institutions are shaking their students down for all their worth while the job prospects are so dismal...It doesn't matter if you're in a top 5 law school or a top 50 law school- it's every man for himself. No one is safe. We need a real overhaul of all this bullshit. It's absolutely criminal...On the other hand I'm making $40,000 a year in my job with just a bachelor's. Nothing spectacular but to think that what I make in one year is less than what these fascist snake pits ask for ONE YEAR of education is sickening.

  39. All of the ABA schools are shitters. Even kids at YHS don't come out knowing how to practice law.

    So what's the point of law school anyway?

  40. Keep fighting the good fight, Nando and everybody keep spreading the word. These institutions are nothing without us. We need to stop acting as if they own us because it is our money that keeps them going! We need to let them know that we will not go into financial servitude for a legal education. The education system in this country has become a total joke- a cash cow. We need to take a stand. Keep it up, Nando.

  41. Has anyone bothered to call this bitch at her house? That would be funny.

  42. Dropped out from my school a few days ago as a 1L. Almost no debt because of scholarships and I feel really, really good. Most of the people at my school have no idea the shit-storm that awaits them in three years. It is a fucking slaughter out there right now. The JD will not do a damn thing for you but people are still talking about how much money they are going to make when they graduate. Great stuff Nando. P.S. My IP address will tell you what school I dropped out of but I'd like to try and remain anonymous so let's not post that part.

  43. 9:22, you've made a very wise decision. I wish that I made the same call when I was a 1L and before I accumulated $120,000 in student loans.

  44. @9:22 am,

    That is excellent news! You knew when to move on, before incurring any substantial losses. By the way, that school is a true sewage pit. Plus, it is easier to explain an employment gap of a few months rather than a three year period of unemployment.

    Remember this May 4, 2011 piece from former Biglaw associate Will Meyerhofer:

    “No one likes a quitter,” she quipped, exhaling a cloud of toxins.

    Uh…huh. Except there’s a proviso in that statement – a “carve-out” in the contract language – covering the quitting of something self-destructive. Like smoking.

    Or a pointless march through law school.

    I’d like to speak in defense of quitting, and quitters.

    Quitting can be about more than stopping whatever you’re doing. It can be about waking up and asking yourself if what you’re doing makes sense and is worth continuing.

    If you’re plugging away dutifully through the legal education process with no real idea why – it might be time to quit.

    Does this mean I’m seriously advising young law students all over the country to give up and drop out – simply abandon their legal education mid-way through?


    I am prescribing a mass exodus from law schools. A semi-mass exodus might do the trick.

    Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.

    If you don’t know why you’re there – and you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into – if you’re not at a top school, or even if you are, and your grades are a little iffy, and likely to stay that way – then please, get out. Today. Before you spend another cent."

    I am not saying that all or most of these factors applied to your situation. However, this is solid advice for law students, coming from a former associate at Sullivan & Cromwell - and not an angry scamblogger.

    Unfortunately, too many law students persuade themselves that they should "never quit." Furthermore, law school administrators and "professors" will often tell those considering dropping out that doing so is a bad decision. As if those pigs give a damn about the students - other than as dollar signs.

  45. One thing I heard quite often from people when I was a 1L, was that the law schools tried to "weed out" the students that were not serious.

    So I hung on, and did not quit, even though my GPA was always close to failing out.

    Look at me now. Living in my parents basement, and 304K in debt, and divorced, and semi suicidal, with another 23 years of Student Loan debt and a million dollars or more in interest to look forward to.

    With the taxpayer to foot the bill.

    But I plan to start an earthworm and maggot farm, which should make enough money to cover the debt.

    I'll be gone though, since the worms will feed on my corpse as an entree.

    Goddamn what a bought and sold Congress.

  46. This country is a dystopian shithole.

  47. ^Yes, it has become that. It has also become terribly unequal. Sadly, we all know how these stories end: not well at all.

  48. Your life after law school -
    Wipe your ass with the American flag.
    Blow your nose with your shit ass law degree.
    Sit at home and watch Tv.

  49. Anyone considering going to law school should be strapped into a chair with his eyes taped open and be forced to look at a photo of jdpainterguy for 24 hours straight. After that, would anybody not accepted to HYS go to law school? The whole scam would shut down overnight.


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