Monday, November 21, 2011

Putrid, Foul Excrement: The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University

Joseph Vincent Paterno, Gerald Arthur Sandusky, and the spineless bastards and water-heads who held Penn State football in the highest esteem fully deserve the following treatment. Now, it is the university’s turn to have something shoved up its ass. Here is a link to the disturbing 23 page grand jury report, regarding the Penn State Child Rape Case.

Tuition: For the 2011-2012 school year, full-time law students at this dump will pay $37,704 in tuition. This rate applies to Pennsylvania residents, and out-of-state students. By the way, this toilet has two campuses - one located in University Park and the other in Carlisle, PA. Fees at the University Park branch amount to $910, whereas they only total $530 at the Carlisle site.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to the sewer of law, food and housing also cost significantly less in Carlisle than in University Park. At least, utility usage and rates - as well as miscellaneous costs and transportation expenses - are the same at both locations, right?! The dung heap estimates that total COA - for 2011-2012 - for University Park law students will be $61,670. For those attending the Carlisle campus, this figure is listed as $58,968.

Keep in mind that the bastards at ABA-accredited law schools only take nine-month living expenses into account. Applying twelve month costs into account, total COA, for 2011-2012, will amount to $67,829 for full-time law students attending the University Park branch - and $64,353 for those at the Carlisle campus. Isn’t it great that these public schools keep their costs down?!

Ranking: At these ridiculous, prohibitive prices, this school must have one hell of a reputation in the legal and academic communities, huh?!?! Actually, US “News” & World Report rates this as the 60th most prestigious and outstanding law school, in the United States. Yes, their mothers must be very proud.

Employment Placement Rate: The school does not supply “job placement” figures. Then again, the university allows weirdos/ex-assistant head football coaches to maintain emeritus status - and continued access to the school’s facilities. If the pigs cannot look out for alleged child rape victims, how the hell can we expect them to provide statistics on recent JD employment?! Relying on Law School Numbers for this data, evidently 89.2% of Penn State’s JD Class of 2005 was employed - within nine months of graduation.

Average Student Loan Indebtedness: How much NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt can you look forward to taking out, as a graduate of this foul toilet?!?! US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Penn State JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $117,989. Furthermore, 83 percent of this second tier sewer’s 2010 class took on such miserable debt. Remember, this total does not include debt from undergrad.

The Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs (JLIA) is a joint publication of the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law and the Penn State School of International Affairs. Law and Masters of International Affairs students work together to edit this multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal. JLIA includes work in all disciplines relevant to the understanding and analysis of law and regulation affecting more than one state. This includes public and private international law, international relations, comparative law and politics, geography, economics, history, and policy issues in the various sciences.”

As a student at this overpriced, public dung heap, you have the unique opportunity to write onto the world-famous Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs! What Biglaw firm wouldn’t throw money at you, with such sterling credentials, right?!?!

Penn State recently invested $130 million in new facilities. The award-winning Lewis Katz Building was dedicated in 2007, and is located at the Penn State University campus in State College, PA. It includes the state-of-the-art Apfelbaum Courtroom and a 237-seat Sutliff auditorium. Lewis Katz Hall is located in Carlisle, PA, and has similarly appointed facilities and includes a legislative hearing room.” [Emphasis mine]

Imagine how Penn State could have lessened the average student debt burden - for its students- if it had used those funds for scholarships. Then again, “law professors” only care about making a financial killing, at the expense of the students and taxpayers.

Conclusion: In the end, this school is a grossly overpriced, steaming rot pile. The sewer provides rotten job prospects. Keep in mind that there are seven law schools in the state. Sure, this school is not located in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. The fact remains that the overall Pennsylvania legal job market is glutted. Did I mention that the university allowed Sandusky continued access to the school, and furnished him with an office and phone, AFTER some university officials were aware of the sick allegations?!?!

You simply DO NOT NEED to take out an additional $120K-$145K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE, for a chance to practice law. Do you want to represent inherently dishonest, criminal defendant scum?! Remember, MOST criminal defendants differ from Gerald Sandusky, in that they do not have deep pockets.


  1. First!

    Just had to do that one time :o)

    PA has a very, very few "Biglaw" firms in the state and the mythical "boutique" firms only want ex-Biglaw refugees. The PA legal market is a unique (cough!) landscape with every difficulty of the larger markets (NYC/CA) plus a plethora of its own.

    Very stratified. Do some quick research Lemmings, if you don't believe it, and find out for yourselves. For the clueless among you, this means going to Martindale Hubbell and looking at large firms in the state.

    Stay away from law school, especially in PA, or you will be sorry. Very sorry.

  2. If a law school can't help you get a job in its home state, what can it do for you?

    Oh, and you wouldn't want to bring your kids anywhere near it!

  3. If you attend Penn State for a JD, you'll be as fucked over as those little boys Sandusky plowed in the shower.

  4. I was hoping you'd get to this shithole. What took you so long?

  5. 755..why do you think they call it DICK-IN-SON University? It was named for Sandusky. Parents will be asking themselves why their kids owe 100k and have to move back home after going to school here.

    The parents will then understand that the school stuck their Dick in the their son. Sanduskys victims got off much easier. Atleast they dont owe 100k after getting fucked by those in charge of a school who lure them with false promises.

  6. Vulgar comments. Well what can one expect from a website that shows pictures of shit.

    I'm considering PSU for law. Right now I'm just a college sophmore but I know I want to be a lawyer. And nothing you guys say is going to stop me from going to law school. Fuck you.

  7. Anonymous on November 21, 2011 12:49PM. I urge you to reconsider.

    There are twice as many people graduating from law school as there are jobs which require credentialed lawyers, also the legal profession has structural problems (You are shut out of the market if you are not a member of the T14, first year associates do not know enough to practice law and so can't really hang a shingle, law firms are going to continue to cut back on hiring unless you are connected some kind of way, low paid document review will expand at the expense of high paid associate positions)

    If you're a sophomore you still have two years to avoid having to go to law school! Consider what else you want to do with your life, find out if there are jobs in that field, and what you have to do to get one.

  8. @ 12:49PM:

    Please go to law school. The legal world is waiting for a mental dynamo to come out of PSU. You will be fisted and fucked without lube but that is ok because aunt sallie will be there to comfort you every month when she sends you monthly reminders that she owns your ass.

    I just walked by a bar swearing-in ceremony. Hundreds of new unemployed attorneys await your inclusion into this saturated pathetic fraternity.

  9. I am a Penn State grad and can confirm that it is indeed a shithole and definitely not worth 37k per year.

  10. Hey 12:49

    You are fucking 20 year old retard without any life experience. By all means go to law skool. You are sounding arrogant enough to fit in well among those assholes that will comprise your class. It is very comforting to know that a moron like you will be initially sodomized for 3 years in classroom and then outside the classroom for the rest of your life. By the end of this journey your asshole will be stretched wider than basketball loop.


    Here is a listing of the top five salaries for Dickinson Law faculty, from 1999. Let’s head to page 7 of this commode’s 1999 IRS Form 990. As you can see, faculty members have been raking in serious cash, for quite some time - for Employer ID Number 23-0524700. For instance, Peter G. Glenn made $202,172 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for 2009. This glutton “earned” 163,596 in compensation, plus $38,576 in contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred compensation.

    Here is an archive link to his Washington and Lee profile:

    “At the Dickinson School of Law of The Pennsylvania State University he served as Dean and professor of law for eight years.”

    Glenn is apparently working at a private law firm, in Reading, Pennsylvania.

    “As Stevens & Lee’s General Counsel, Peter is responsible for lawyer recruiting and professional development programs. He also manages professional responsibility and professional liability risk management for the firm.

    Peter joined Stevens & Lee from The Dickinson School of Law of The Pennsylvania State University, where he served as Dean and Donald B. Farage Professor of Law for eight years. During his tenure, Peter played an instrumental role in Dickinson’s affiliation with The Pennsylvania State University. Peter is a veteran educator, having taught on the law faculties of the University of South Carolina, Case Western Reserve University, Washington and Lee and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”

    I wonder if he works diligently to ensure that some recent Penn $TTaTTe Law grads are hired by his firm. After all, his attorney bio notes that he is responsible for lawyer recruiting.

    Then-associate dean Harvey A. Feldman raked in $167,797 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year beginning July 1, 1998. Here is his Penn State University bio:

    “After thirty-seven years of energetic service to the Law School, Professor Harvey Feldman retired from the full-time faculty in June 2007. During his tenure, Professor Feldman taught Property and Real Estate Transactions. Additionally, he ran one of the best appellate advocacy programs in the country. He will continue to teach Property on a part-time basis to first-year students.

    From 1977 until 2003, he served as associate dean for academic affairs; he was one of the longest-serving academic deans in the nation.”

    The pinheads point this fact out, as if it is a point of pride or excellence.

  12. On page 7, you will also notice that then-vice dean Michael J. Navin made $167,649 in TOTAL COMPENSATION.

    “Former Dean Dies

    By David Blymire
    The Sentinel
    February 27, 2004


    A professor and former dean of the Dickinson School of Law died Thursday at home.

    Michael J. Navin became the school's seventh dean in 1987, a position he held for two years.

    More recently, he taught courses in contracts, insurance and corporations and real estate transactions law.

    Death spurs cancellation

    The death was a factor in a decision to postpone Thursday's scheduled visit to the law school by Penn State University President Graham Spanier.”

    Those of you following the sick, depraved news at Penn State may recognize Spanier’s name. He was recently canned by the university’s board of trustees.

    Then-associate dean – and now “professor of law, emerita” – Christine H. Kellett raked in $160,456 in TOTAL COMPENSATION. Here is her faculty bio:

    Lastly, James R. Fox made $144,277 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, as associate dean of the Dickinson Sewer of Law – in the tax year commencing July 1, 1998. Here is his faculty page:

    “Author of a two volume work, The Regulation of International Commercial Aviation and the Dictionary of International and Comparative Law, Professor Fox's primary interest is Aviation and Space Law. He is co-author of a casebook in the field, Aviation Law. He also teaches a course in legislation. He is a former chair of the Association of American Law School's Section on Air and Space Law and has twice served as a scholar in residence at McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law and as a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna Institute for European Law.”

    Yes, space law and aviation law are rapidly expanding areas of legal practice, right?!?! Hell, why didn’t the school pay him $250K annually back then, for his “expertise”?!


    Heh. The Colonel is still producin' shit, even aftah his death. What a cool sumbitch, eh, boys? Read 'em 'n weep 'n shit, mufucka. Waita gosh-muthafuckin' chickin pluckin' -damn minnit, folks. They'sa gonna go 'head 'n publish meh 200 page cookin' book fo' fuckin;' free?? And dem sonsabitches ain't gonna be fixin' t' include mah recipe fo' da 11 heav'nly hoibs 'n spices ' n shit. Fuck dat.
    I'sa so goshdurn upset, I;s can'ts eevn finish dis dem thar there them over yonder chickin drumstick. I don't even want t' hire enny Penn State J.D.s at meh famous chickin 'stablishments or law grads from enny other school fo' dat matter.

  14. What law school lemmings don't understand is the true nature of the scam.

    The student is simply a conduit for the law school's faculty/administration to extract 3 years of student loan payments from to enrich themselves.

    That's it. End of story.

    All the bullshit, hoop-jumping, classes, hard work, time, etc.. That's merely window-dressing as part of the extraction process.

    As Nando writes in the title of this blog (to paraphrase): All the hard work, time spent, monetary investment, etc. guarantees nothing. Nor was it meant to.

    Its just a SCAM designed to funnel Federal dollars. At the end of the day, that's all it is.

    No one will tell Lemmings this directly, it seems. But its the truth. People use people horribly for their own purposes and at the end of the day it always comes down to money made/lost.

    You have to see these schools and their faculty/staff as ruthless people because that's what they are. "Student X" doesn't pay their salaries. They don't give a damn that they haven't only taken money/time/effort for 3 years. They don't even accept or look at the same "Student X" 5-10-15-20++ years out and what their actions likely mean for their future. That's how ruthless people are.

    Nando has highlighted these toilets and the paragons of hypocrisy within them. People like Brian Leiter spring to mind. However, he is merely the most obvious example. The deans, law professors, staff which "teach" at most 6 hours per week at all these schools are all the same. Some (most?) not as obnoxious but they are all in it for the money. They live in nice homes, eat well, sleep well, etc. have nice things. The same, however, cannot be said for the students whose lives they are ruining - year after year.

    It's a perfect scam because "education" can never be bad, right? It's always the fault of the students. Year after year, a new crop is willing and able and waiting it seems. The propaganda and glossy brochures work.

    Nando has spoken Truth to Power Lemmings. Disregard him and others like him at your peril.

  15. "Sanduskys victims got off much easier. Atleast they dont owe 100k after getting fucked"

    If that comment does not sum things up for you people with blinders on, I dont know what does.

  16. i just got poopoo all over my fingersNovember 22, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    That is one disgusting glob of shit. This might make you laugh. But here goes. I just took a nasty shit after lunch. I went to wipe my ass and I got poop all over my middle finger. I even got some shit under my nail. I probably haven't done that since I was in 5th grade. I was like Fuuuuuck!

    Then I washed my hands with plenty of handsoap and hot water for at least a solid mnute. Poof. Hands clean. Shit gone. Smell gone. Unlike lawyers that graduate from schools like Penn State with a shit-ton of bad debt. Can't fucking find decent jobs. You can't just wash away the stench with one minute of handsoap and warm water. You see how that works now? I got shit all over my fingers and it was gone in a minute. When I go to my dead end piece of shit job I can't just wash away my $90K first tier law degree. When I interview at other agencies like Robert Half the stench of my degree follows. if you're still considering law school, good luck you priceless fuckwit.

  17. ^bwahahahahahahah

  18. These parasites know full well that they are truly fucking over their students.

    How can the deans and professors even look students in the eye? They know what the realities are, the fact of the matter is they just don't care.


    If you go in a corner and die somewhere they WOULDN'T CARE.

    And people wonder why I advocate killing these people? Because it is what they deserve.

  19. Tearing up the Big Ten schools huh? Let's start a pool and guess which school is next guys. My money is on Indiana and your old friend Wm Henderson. C'mon. I got a $20 riding on this.

  20. Too many Law Schools, pumping out too many graduates into a job market that simply cannot absorb them.

    And the larger, non-legal job market avoids these graduates and sees them as oddities, and avoids them like the plague.

    That has been my experience.

    Jesus, with respect to this problem, the ABA is asleep at the wheel and is doing a half-ass job.

    And if the Half-Ass Job were a political movement, the ABA would be starting a Revolution!

  21. Yesterday someone mentioned getting poop all over their hand when wiping their ass. Learn how to wipe. No wonder you went $90,000 in the hole for a shitty first tier degree.

  22. Look at these poor unsuspecting lemmings talk about being members of the PSU Law Class of 2012:

    “SoxyPirate wrote:
    Damn that's a big incoming class.

    yeah, this might hurt us next year in the rankings. THey hired a bunch of professors which got the student teacher ratio to 10.? : 1 and it probably contributed quite a bit to the rankings jump. When all of us scrubs get there it might water that number down and it will hurt the ranking.”

    The cretins are worried about how the big class size might affect the commode’s USN&WR ranking. They need to be concerned with the fact that this WILL further impact the already-glutted Pennsylvania legal job market.

    As you can see, there are seven law schools in the state. As listed by the site, they are: Penn State, Duquesne, Drexel, University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Temple and Villanova. While some ass-hats will argue that PSU is located in central PA, keep in mind that graduates of the other six law Pennsylvania schools - who cannot find jobs in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh – will trek across the state to find work. Have fun in “Happy Valley,” idiots!

    According to Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., Pennsylvania’s legal job market is the SIXTH MOST OVERSATURATED, IN THE NATION! Do you understand the implications of that, lemming?!?!

    Seeing that Penn State is a football school, I will take another jab at the program. The page below notes that prolific Penn State running back - and NFL bust - Ki-Jana Carter is now a sanitation worker:

    "So what is Ki-Jana Carter doing now you ask?

    Ki-Jana Carter is now the CEO at ByoGlobe, a Miami area sanitation company. He sells products that are all purpose cleaners, disinfectant, mold remover and odor eliminators. Basically Carter is selling products that eliminate the stench of garbage odors.

    So, Carter went from a garbage NFL career, to trying to eliminate the odor of garbage, talk about irony.

    Good luck with your garbage job Ki-Jana. You Flop!"

    Here is Carter's LinkedIn profile:

  23. Happy Thanksgiving to these fucker professors and law school deans. Happy Thanksgiving to the cunts making money from student loans. I'm sure they all have nice turkey meals with their families and a long four days off to enjoy it all, with no worry about money or jobs or anything.

    I was working my temp doc review job yesterday until 9pm. Today I'm off, but the project I'm on requested volunteers to come in. I'm sitting at home watching the fucking parade then going round to my parents house where I will ashamedly tell my relatives that my life is going well right now. My parents are so proud that I graduated from law school and I don't have the heart to break it to them that their daughter is a failure and was duped by the whole law school scam and now has a career of miserable slavery to look forward to instead of a relatively happy, debt-free and stable existence working as an elementary school teacher. They can't afford to help me out and I will not dump my problems on their shoulders. I'll get fucking wasted on a couple of bottles of wine, eat my only good meal this entire month, then wake up early tomorrow morning to get back to my temp doc review job which I will also do on saturday.

    Like many law students I used to look down on my blue collar cousins at thanksgiving. One has a job with UPS and the other went into the military. I used to secretly think that I was better than that, and better than my aunt and uncle. He worked in a stable but boring job at a local bank as a teller, and she was a teacher for many years but retired early for health reasons. I thought that law school would be a way to a professional career. But instead it has led to a pile of debt and a job that is more boring and tedious than anything I used to look down on.

    Fuck this scam. Fuck law schools. And fuck myself. Every holiday is the most depressing event ever as I see the success of normal people with normal little jobs and families and lives who didn't get greedy or overstretch themselves by thinking they were better than that.

    Me suicidal? Sure, on days like today, the thought crosses my mind many times, but I'll never do it. Law school has led to a hopeless debt trap. I'll settle for getting wasted.

    What I should have done in law school is find out which of the guys ended up with the biglaw job after the 2L summer. Then I should have sucked his cock, let him fuck me any way he wanted at any time, stick stuff up my cunt, piss on him, whatever he wanted to do. I would have gotten pregnant on purpose or married him or something. I know that is whoreish but even that kind of life would be a million times preferable to what I have now.

    I'm a little drunk now already but thats the only way I can get through days like today.

    1. I am a graduate of "Penn State Dickinson" although at the time it was still in its first incarnation as merely "DSL". I graduated from PSU-DSL in 1999. I searched in vain for a job for nearly two years. I applied for military service twice and was declined. I eventually settled in as a security guard at a nursing home. I remember walking through the old DSL campus late at night, and literally feeling like I wanted to kill myself. During this time I developed some raging addicitions to deal with the pain of what increasingly felt like a failure of a life and a burden of debt. I will say that the mere fact that I am still alive is because of two things: 1) developing a meditation practice; and 2) getting a good psychiatrist. The latter in fact told me after hearing the sexual abuse of faculty-student boundaries, and outright emotional abuse perpetrated by the professors mentioned above (Harvey A. Feldman is nothing more than Jerry Sandusky with a law degree), that I was entitled to some form of redress against these people. But after 3.5 years of this nonsense, I have had enough of "lawyers." It has taken me literally a decade to rebuild my life after PSU-DSL. During this time, I received absolutely zero help from Penn State. I attempted to enter a computer science program at PSU and the registrar at Dickinson, one "Susan Lamma" who I remember pregnant during all four years there, refused to return my phone calls or forward my Dickinson transcripts. I returned to my undergraduate alma mater (thankfully not Penn State) and completed two Master's degrees in CS and DBMS. My undergraduate alma mater didn't need my "Dickinson transcripts." The job I currently have, which has absolutely nothing to do with the practice of law, and which I could have done without ever leaving my undergraduate alma mater or studying at this mess called Dickinson in the first place, nets in over six-figures a year. On my CV, I do not list "Penn State," nor the fact that I graduated law school, or that I am a licensed attorney. Like many perfected Soviet-style enterprises, the Dickinson School of Law has literally made those five years of my life -- literally Disappear. Yet, every year without fail, I receive their solicitations to "give to the school that gave so much to you." They have since gone as far as soliciting my 80-year-old mother who lives in an assisted living community for their hard-up cash, after they learned that they are never going to get one nickel out of me.
      I have taken some satisfaction that these people did not really ever know me. They certainly did not know anything about my family, nor where we came from, or our ancestral home. This is despite the fact of course that most of the Jews there view themselves as possessing a book of ubiquitous knowledge. When I was at Dickinson, the hubris flowing out of these people was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. So, as Marie Antoinette said as her last words, "I thank God my blood is German." I must tell this writer that computer science will offer you the road out of Dickinson. It wil not be easy, but you must fight. My ancestors devised virtually the entire town of what was formerly called Pine Grove Furnance, as self-reliant German farmers, to the agricultural institutes of an university filled with pederasts, sociopaths and ingrates. Fight these people with the discipline and the good mind and intellect which you obviously have.

      And, whereever you have a chance, warn others on websites such as this with the good advice of the esteemed psychiatrist Martha Stout of Harvard, namely, "To stay the fuck away from these people."

  24. Ahh yes the all familiar Thanksgiving table gathering with the family.

    Dad: I am thankful that Johnny has made it here from his busy and glamorous life as an attorney in NYC.

    Mom: I am so proud of you Johnny. You are the envy of all my friends' kids. So tell us, how do you like your job and your fancy duplex apartment on the upper east side?

    Johnny: Mom, Dad, I am not doing this again this year. The truth is I live with a 55 year- old cat lady that I have to bang once in awhile so I can live in her rent controlled apartment in Sunnyside, Queens. I lived in NYC briefly with 4 other dudes in a tiny 1 bedroom apt. while I was attending NYLS.

    Stunned Dad: You mean NYU law school.

  25. PART 2

    Johnny: No Dad, I went to NYLS. I never bothered to correct anyone before because I did not think it would matter. Everyone kept telling me to go to law school so I could get a license to print money. Well, I printed money alright, unfortunately it all went into the pockets of the law professors and deans and I have a huge IOU that will follow me for the next 25-30 years if I am lucky.

    Mom: What about Becky? Wasn't she working for a prestigious firm? Weren't you two getting married?

    Johnny: Mom, Becky dumped me for some old solo guy who hired her to work out of his office in Flatbush, Brooklyn. She owed as much as I did after law school and she decided she did not want to play "who is cooking the ramen noodles tonight" routine with me.

    Blue collar cousin Mike: Hey Johnny, how much you pulling down these days?

    Johnny: I get by with $20-25/hr with doc review gigs whenever I can get them.

    Blue collar cousin Mike: Booyah mutherfucker. I make $90K plus overtime and government bennies working for the NY Sanitation Dept. I remember you used to call me a loser and a chump. Something about you chasing the life of models and bottles. Well, look at you today you fucking loser. Now pass me the cranberries you fucking loser.

  26. On NPR last Sunday, they interviewed Penn State law students who attempted to downplay the child rape allegations by arguing that "Grand Jury reports are notorious for exaggerating"! I had to ask myself what kind of intelligent people would stake that argument? These students have no real legal experience but that didn't stop them from expressing opinions that made their school look even more ridiculous.

  27. @8:49AM

    Blue-collar cousin Mike also forgot to say he has no student loan debt, has a nice house in the burbs with 10 years left on the mortgage and is married to a hot trailer trash redhead who gives him head every night.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving Nando!

    Hope you and your Family are well, and wishing y'all the best!

    And I hope for better things to come in the New Year!

  29. @7:52

    Would you have stuck to the guy on biglaw track, even if was a weirdo that insisted on sucking your toes in public? Or if was an abusive asshole? Just a little curious after reading your drunken comments.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. To the mental midget who posted this morning, at 5:26 am:

    Hello, cockroach. For casual readers, this troll suffers from severe mental illness. The piece of trash constantly posts on this blog, from various IP addresses. Apparently, he is upset because he blew Gerald Arthur Sandusky in his basement, at various parks, hotel rooms, in the back seat of Sandusky’s automobiles, etc. Unlike the child rape victims, the commenter above - whose post was removed - submitted to Sandusky’s demands, as an adult.

    From GetClicky:

    IP address:
    IP lookup: ARIN / RIPE
    Unique ID: 2021202417
    First visit: Fri Nov 25 2011 5:20am
    Visits: 1
    Language: English
    Location: Leland, NC, USA
    Operating system: Mac OS X
    Web browser: Safari 5.1
    Resolution: 1280x800
    Javascript: Enabled

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Nov 25 2011 5:20am 7 actions 13m 30s third tier reality

    Get a life, bitch. In the alternative, run into freeway traffic. No one will miss you - not even your $2 whore mother.

  32. It appears like everyone on this site is just a bunch of pissed off failures who never went/got into law school. The author of this blog uses two primary strategies: 1) ridicule the costs of an institution and 2) mock the school's posted employment figures.

    Instead of saying that "no one will check these numbers" or it's "all bullsit," why don't you get off your fat, lazy ass and do some research yourself. The way I see it, you are simply nothing more than an unproductive leech on society who lacks the ability to conduct his own research.

    I'm am a college senior at a highly-ranked liberal arts school who's interested in attending law school next year. For the past four years of my life, I've done nothing in school besides sift through tomes of writing and assessing their credibility. At first, you hooked me with your lies, but after reading further, I saw the big, fat B.S. that you post all over your site. You are not legitimate in any way, shape, or form. You write at the level of a special education third-grader. Get a life, or better yet: get a job.

    Also, one major piece of evidence is missing is the plethora of lawyers coming forth on the site complaining about their job situations. The problem is that you, and many other people, categorize every law school grad who does not get a "biglaw" job as a failure. However, despite the pay of these jobs, who the fuck wants to work 70 hours a week at age 25? I'd be quite pleased if my second tier school I plan on attending gets me a 9-5 government job paying 65k a year. 25 years old with that kind of income is nothing to bitch about.

  33. To the sensitive vagina who posted today at 8:45 am,

    I do have a job, cockroach. I landed this position about two months after graduating from Third Tier Drake, retard. You have not even spent one day in law school, as a student, bitch.

    By the way, where are your facts to back up your little opinions and "arguments," you piece of garbage?!?! Apparently, you cannot read or understand reality. If you had done any objective research, cockroach, you would realize that certain law professors, U.S. senators, social commentators, businessmen, and major U.S. newspapers have pointed out that law schools lie about their employment placement and starting salary figures.

    In the final analysis, you are a pathetic loser who sincerely believes that he is going to make $65K as a government lawyer, at age 25. Get a life, dung beetle. Have fun making $30K per year, while owing $130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt, ass-hat.

    On October 6, 2011, Debta Cassens Weiss wrote a piece for the ABA Journal, entitled "Sen. Barbara Boxer Accuses ABA of Taking ‘Half Measures’ to Collect Better Job Stats." Check it out, pussy.

    The controversy over law school job statistics didn’t end when the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar decided to collect and disseminate more detailed data.

    Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., announced today that she has written a letter to ABA President Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III that takes issue with the timing. In her view, the Legal Education Section, which accredits law schools for the U.S. Department of Education, should have begun its collection efforts more quickly. “It is surprising that the ABA is resorting to half measures instead of tackling a major problem head on,” she writes.

    Boxer is among the critics who point out that law schools often tout high employment rates for law grads without disclosing whether the jobs require a law degree. “We know that most law schools report that nearly all of their students have jobs shortly after graduation,” she writes. “The difference between the information reported by schools and the real legal employment rate for recent graduates is very troubling. That is why requiring law schools to accurately report the real legal employment rate of their graduates is so important.”


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    The virgin from 8:45 am is (supposedly) a senior at something called Gettysburg College. He is posting on this Penn State post; the moron has been looking up starting salary info for recent Villanova Law grads.

  35. They do actually supply job placement figures.

  36. The figures are lies. They temp hire grads so they appear "employed" on the form and then fire them ASAP.

    I go to PSU DSL and it's worse than this site makes it sound. DSL is a dump, and PSU is worse.

    Those jobs aren't easy to get either.

  37. Maybe Jerry Sandusky can teach a law class at Penn State Dickinson while he's behind bars?

  38. Thank you for this much needed post. It has been over 5 years since I left this disgusting school. I am one of a few females who had a first hand experience with a former dean and professor at DSL who emotionally and psychologically tormented me. At the time, I was completely naive and ignorant to his advances. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no support system or guidance from anyone on how to handle the highly sensitive and complex situation. I felt like I was drowning and the majority of the staff who was aware was either too afraid of the repercussions associated in helping me or turned the shoulder due to their own career motives. I learned then for the first time what and how dark real depression was…After a huge and completely unfair battle with the administration, I was forced to leave the school. It took me a while to get back on my feet with the help of my first therapist, who was excellent. However, to be quiet honest, I am still triggered the incidents that occurred their, especially by this horrific evil mans face and the committee members who protected him. Life I suppose will knock you down very hard sometimes with certain circumstances or evil out of your control but all you can do is keep moving forward and try to learn from it. I only hope that the DSL predator and the professors who were afraid to speak up one day understand and feel exactly what I went through!

    To fellow students considering this school, please look elsewhere. If law school is in your career goals then consider a school that will offer you resources from the moment that you go to visit. I had a bad feeling from the my first visit there but was blindsided by the new attractive campus. Trust your instincts and intuition with the professors you meet and the resources they have to support you!


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