Thursday, December 8, 2011

Humid, Second Tier Waste Pile: University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law

Tuition and Fees: In-state residents attending the University of Nebraska Commode of Law – on a full-time basis – will pay $12,906.50 in tuition and fees, for the 2011-2012 school year. Non-resident, full time law students, at this dung pit, will be charged $29,524 in tuition and fees – for 2011-2012. However, the pigs note that UNL law students take 18 credits their first semester:

“First year students take 18 credit hours the first semester and 15 credit hours the second semester. First year tuition and fees for a resident are $13,886.75. First year tuition and fees for a nonresident are $29,966.00.” [Emphasis mine]

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTy of Nebra$ka College of Law is rated as the 84th best law school in the land. Of course, it shares this prestigious "honor" with ten other schools, i.e. DePaul, Hofstra, LSU, Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Neward, Santa Clara, Seattle University, SUNY-Buffalo, Arkansas-Fayetteville, and Villanova!! Apparently, Pussy Bob Morse made some awkward political calculations when assigning scores.

Employment and Starting Salary Figures: The school claims the following: 89.6% of graduates completing the survey (116 = 95%) either reported employment (99 = 85.3%) or were enrolled in a full time degree program (5 = 4.3%).

The toilet admits that only 85.3 percent of its Class of 2010 reported being employed, presumably within nine months of graduation. That is embarrassing, but this is the highest-ranked law school in the state. Furthermore, the school features relatively small class sizes.

By the way, the Career Services Office hags LIED when they published the following: “The employment statistics for graduates of the University of Nebraska College of Law remain above the national average.”

According to the NALP Class of 2010 National Summary Chart, 87.6% of respondents reported being employed within nine months of graduation, whereas 2.9 percent reported pursuing another degree. Hence, the lying pigs are trying to pull one over on prospective students - as the national figures are better than the results produced by this dung heap.

Regarding starting income info, the CSO published an overall median starting figure of $49,000 – for the Class of 2010. The salary range published is $19,000-$150,000. The median starting salary, for those 2010 grads working in law firms, is listed as $51,500. The purported range was $32,500-$150,000.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Nebraska JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $49,706. Fully 90 percent of this school’s 2010 class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.

Faculty and Administrator Salaries: Head to page 115 of this PDF entitled “Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Personnel Roster, University of Nebraska.” Near the bottom of page 115 of the file - labeled as page 111 - you will see the subheading TOTAL WAGES AND SALARIES for the College of Law. This document does not itemize the entire figure, so we are uncertain if this info includes nontaxable benefits, deferred compensation, etc. On page 4, the Fiscal Period is listed as July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

You will notice that Susan Poser - dean of the commode of law, as well as “Richard and Catherine Schmoker professor of law” - will make $290,850, in TOTAL, for the current fiscal year. The following amounts represent TOTAL salary figures for the current fiscal year: Robert C. Denicola, “Margaret R. Larson Professor of Intellectual Property Law,” will rake in $231,264; Martin R. Gardner, “Steinhart Foundation professor of law,” will “earn” $219,241; and goofy-ass Steven L. Willborn, “Judge Harry A. Spencer professor of law,” will make $231,264. Who says that “higher education” doesn’t pay off?! Isn’t it great to see the wealth transfer - from the debt-strapped students to the “professors” - in action?!?!

Conclusion: The University of Nebraska Commode of Law is a public stink pile. When you drive through the state, the humidity and lake effect burn your nostrils. If you enjoy large insects and giant bugs - on top of the perpetual foul odor - then maybe you will not mind spending three years in this area. Keep in mind that even those from the area cannot stand living in Omaha or Lincoln, and those are the largest cities in the state. At any rate, you do not need to piss away seven years of your life - for a chance to make $30K-$50K as a toilet-lawyer. The average debt load, from this rot pile, is not egregious. However, it does not take undergrad student loans into account. If your undergrad student loan debt is a minimal $20K, then an additional $50K-$70K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, can bust you up financially - especially if you cannot find a job, or if you come out making $35K per year.


  1. Eleven way tie for 84th?


  2. Those salaries go a long way in that part of the country. You'd think the state would be willing to dock the professors' pay with such crappy job results for the students. I mean in all seriousness does any law professor need to make $200K in a year? We all know they don't do shit. They don't produce practice ready lawyers. The professors have precious little experience practicing law. And the one that've been teaching for 20 years, forget about it.

  3. Next time I am in Cornhusker country and I get caught with my dick in a sheep, I'll make sure to hire a grad from this dung pit. Maybe I can get a discount since the tuition is a steal compared to a NYLS. Outside of Nebraska, I can't see a JD from this place going far.

  4. Is that a picture of the Nebraska law school in the background?


    See where da video sez I used to swear a whole lots? Did'ja see dat part in da video. If ennyone here thinks it bes outta character fo' meh to talk 'n swear 'n shit like a muthafuckin' sailor, get real. Grab yerself a bucket 'o grilled chickin and some taters and chillax. Shit. Always got'sta make shit difficult dont'cha? Ya knows mah ol' ass can't handle dis shit 'n all the fuckin' stress. Nah but ya have to nag at meh like my wife ennyway. Funny I don't remembah doin' this relijous talk show thingy on digital recordin'. 'n fact, I's be pretty sho' dis dem there here video was recorded on beta.

    'Course 86 poycent a deez kids gotsa job after 'gradumatatin' from dis law college. I thinks mah ol' chickin 'stablishments hired 'bout ten of 'em last year alone. Like I's done gotdamn already fuckin' said 'bout 4,000 sonuvabasterin' bitchin' times before. I's don't cares if yas didn't make law review. I cares dat you can work the grease traps 'n scrub dem floors.

  6. I'm in an eleven-way tie for the 84th most beautiful woman on my block.

  7. The dean is the Richard and Catherine "Schmoker" professor of law? The only thing this greedy bitch needs to do is kneel down and "schmoke" my cock like a fat cigar until I blow my load all over her face.

  8. ^
    I am sure she's good at blowing cocks dry to the last drop or she would not be the Dean.

    I am also sure I would not fuck her even with your dick, bro. This dirty whore is ugly like a sin and caries a spectrum of STDs.

    You may consider fucking her up the ass, but give yourself a favor and put two condoms on and apply some Lysol.

  9. Vulgar blog attracts vulgar comments. Imagine that.

    If you guys hadn't screwed up so badly in school, you would be happily partaking of this profession and all it has to offer. Try not to ruin it for those who are passionate and truly want to practice law so they can fight for justice. That's more than what most of you guys are doing.

  10. ^
    Are you one of those 0L who are going to set legal world on fire? How is studying for your LSAT is going? Are the games giving your any problems?

  11. if you are doing big 12 schools now, i nominate the Missouri-columbia school of law next to be dumped. maybe Nando is trying so those don't piss away 3 years of the life and lots of $$. one of my prof. who was a lawyer and a judge for 30 years, said he would not recommend the law profession. it is saturated, too few jobs and too jd grads.

  12. @8:48

    Just about no one in their right mind who has actually been practicing law for any length of time has any delusion that they are fighting for justice. For most, its a job that puts food on the table, keeps the lights turned on and keeps Sallie Mae at bay.

    And what the fuck is this "passion" thing you mention? You really think most doc reviewers are passionate about clicking on documents? Or that most biglaw associates are really excited about drafting a memo about a motion about a motion about a memo that no one will ever read? Or that public defenders wet their pants every morning with excitement knowing that they will get to spend the day working with idiots who can't resist the urge to shoplift or beat their spouses or drive drunk and crash into somebody?

    Wait, I know. You must be talking about insurance defense attorneys. There's a passionate, justice seeking bunch. Or no, maybe you are referring to immigration lawyers. The passion is obvious for them when they get to sit through the umpteenth marriage interview listening to questions about which side of the sink the toothbrushes are on, or what time he or she gets home from work and exactly what did you have for dinner last night? Its riveting stuff.

    Sometimes the scamblogs can go too far in making it appear that every single person who goes to law school regrets the decision for the rest of their lives. This is not true. Still, most lawyers I know aren't exactly "happily partaking of the profession and all it has to offer." Saying shit like this makes it obvious you are a troll, a 1L who hasn't even taken a final yet, or a law prof who went law school - clerkship - academia.

  13. Of course the delusional prospective law student, who posted at 8:48 pm last night, is excited about this lame-ass industry. After all, you can earn an LLM in Space Law from the University of Nebraska Commode of Law! This “credential” will surely come in handy, right?!?!

    “Space & Telecom Law
    LL.M Degree

    The LL.M. program is open both to persons with J.D. degrees from ABA-accredited America law schools and to person with degrees in law from foreign universities.

    Required Courses

    International Law BASIC COURSE - 3 CREDITS
    National Security Space Law 1 CREDIT
    Telecommunications Law 3 CREDITS
    International Telecommunications Law OR Telecommunications Law II 3 CREDITS
    Researching Space Law 1 CREDIT

    Have fun at the University of Nebraska Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law!

    “Fred Campbell
    Campbell, a Nebraska Law alum, served as Chief of the Wireless Division at the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"). Campbell spoke in 2007 on orbital slot allocation and frequency allocation by the International Telecommunications Union and the FCC. Campbell continues sharing his knowledge with Space and Telecom students as an adjunct professor teaching law and spectrum policy each year.”

    “Why Space, Cyber, and Communications Law?

    Space industries are a $250 billion/year global market and growing rapidly. The telecommunications industry is a $1.4 trillion/year global market with continued strong growth anticipated. Both industries are global with the United States being the single largest actor. The space and telecommunications industries share an overlapping legal regime to an extent and increasingly share concerns over common problems, including space traffic management and security and risk management of space assets.”

    The school bills this as a lucrative and rapidly-growing field. That is pathetic and embarrassing. Then again, the pigs understand that other schools offer certificates, dual degrees and LLMs in food law, entertainment law and sports law.


    “Tuition Costs

    LL.M. tuition and fees are estimated roughly at $28,104 for the 2011-2012 academic year. Tuition may be increased by the Board of Regents, which generally occurs during the summer months. The LL.M. program consists of one full-time academic year. In addition to tuition, the University estimates approximately $1,379 for Books and Supplies, $9,000 for room and board (depending on where you choose to live), and $3,684 for personal expenses. The annual total estimate of education-related expenses to attend the program totals around $41,000. All applicants are automatically considered for internal program scholarships.”

    If you want to piss away another $28,104 in tuition, then go ahead. But don’t complain that you were duped by the glossy brochures, “space law” conference Power Point slides, and the “prestige” of the degree.

    If you are bored, then take a look at these slides from the "globally renowned" Lincoln conference.

    “J.D. (Juris Doctorate) with specialization in Space and Telecommunications Law
    (93 credit hours, minimum of 15 of those credits in space and telecommunications law)
    M.L.S. (Master of Legal Studies) with specialization in Space and Telecommunications Law
    (33 credit hours)”

    By the way, you can also earn a certificate in this nonsense, as part of the JD curriculum - or a “Master of Legal Studies” with specialization in Space and Telecommunications Law.

    Let's see how far your "passion" takes you in this field, armed with a degree or certificate in this garbage. Is this going to come in handy, when you are counseling your broke-ass client on his second OWI or DUI? Will a certificate in space law help you, when advising your career petty criminal client on complying with the terms of his probation?!

  15. Unless and until they invent a corn-ethanol propulsion system capable of extra-planetary flight, I wouldn’t bother with a degree in space law from this institution.

  16. What's that? Ah -- Space law? Don't talk about -- space law?! You kidding me?! Space law?! I just hope I can get put of her with a law degree! Another degree!

  17. An eleven way tie? WTF.

  18. Is it me or are the schools featured on this blog getting shittier and shittier?

  19. Law School is a path to success for some, and a path to absolute ruin for others.

    Be warned kids.

    Do not go into law school blind.

    If you have no leg up in terms of connections or help with landing a job when finished with Law school, you may well end up absolutely financially ruined by the Law School Scam.

    No corrections of the Law School Scam are likely for many years to come.

    Be warned Kids.

    Be warned.

  20. According to the link, Prof. Martin R. Gardener got his law degree in '72, an assistant professorship in '73, an associate professorship in '78, and a full professorship in '80. He is still at it, 40 years later, earning 219K in exchange for a law professor's 10 hour work week. That is one long comfy ride on the gravy train.

    Gardner has apparently written a book about Juvenile Law. But has he ever represented a juvenile client in a criminal case? Has he ever represented any client in any case? Well, perhaps not, but he does "find time to work out at the gym, play clarinet in several ensembles, and serve in church callings."

  21. It's all about the gravy train. Whenever I see an old law prof retire I just think of all the money he or she stole from the taxpayers and how many lives he financially ruined.

  22. Just when I thought I heard of every ridiculous degree and mandatory course requirement created by academia, it takes a blogger to discover that "Space Law" (whatever that is) is actually offered in Nebraska of all places.

    Aside from the disastrous decisions made so far by the Obama administration especially with regard to taxes (i.e. Christmas Tree Tax; extending Bush tax cuts), I'm hoping in 2012 the next president (whoever that may be) decides to start taxing colleges and universities. It's one thing to tax exempt religious institutions and non-profit organizations who actually help serve the poor and the community, but it's another thing to give a tax break to schools which rank hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars each year due to outrageous tuition. Add to the fact that colleges and universities do little in assisting its students in finding jobs after graduation, these "educational" institutions are no better than any firm on Wall Street which makes a profits from its services offered in that if the investors loses money for his investment, the broker still earns his commission.

  23. Take it from me, an LLM in space law from this outhouse law school is not prestigious enough to make it out here in the celestial planes. It is also doubtful that you can find a job, from coast to coast, with a JD from this trash heap.

    Space Ghost

  24. Space the heart of flyover country. it doesn't get any better than that.

    I thought this guy was startng to make shit up at first. What a joke the legal profession is. Here's a nice tie-in. If you go here, your debt can be astronomical.

  25. Continuing with the space theme here, I am sure if you attend this school, your life will come to a supernova moment and be sucked into a lifeless black hole. If you are a smart kid and are considering law school, there should be a "red alert" sound going off in your head.

  26. It is a little known fact that those life forms who acquire an L.L.M. in Space Law are not required to take the bar in order to be admitted to practice on Alpha Centauri.


    “WELCOME to the Robert J. Kutak Center for the Teaching and Study of Applied Ethics

    An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary resource for and promoter of ethics at UNL.

    Our Mission

    To highlight the importance of critical thinking and moral reasoning in resolving ethical dilemmas and to encourage its exploration in the context of different disciplines and methods of inquiry.

    We sponsor programs for UNL students and faculty
    We serve as a clearinghouse of resources for research and teaching about ethics and ethical decision-making.

    We partner with UNL faculty in grant proposals for externally sponsored research.”

    I realize that this center is university-wide, but the commode of law provides a link to this “ethics” resource clearinghouse, under the tab labeled Academics & Library.

    When your eyes are no longer watering from laughter, check out this link. You can earn a dual degree in the following areas:

    Law and Psychology
    Law and Accounting
    Law and Business (MBA)
    Law and Community and Regional Planning
    Law and Economics
    Law and Educational Administration
    Law and Journalism and Mass Communications
    Law and Political Science

    Under Law and Psychology:

    “The joint J.D./M.A. program is designed for students who wish to be legal practitioners but who also wish to obtain a strong background in psychology or social science methods. In this program, 15 hours of interdisciplinary course work apply toward both degrees.

    Individuals who are not interested in practicing law but who are interested in the law/psychology interface may seek the Masters of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) degree. The M.L.S. may be obtained in a joint degree program with a Ph.D. in Psychology or as an additional degree for Psychology post-doctoral fellows. Click here for M.L.S. degree information.”

    If you are one of those morons who needs the following letters behind your name - in order to earn others’ respect and validate yourself - then plow forward: BA/BS, JD, MA, MLS, Ph.D. Don't be shocked however, when your ass is stuck making $40K annually, with all of those "credentials." Why not seek an LLM, MSW or MBA afterward?!?!

  28. I cannot emphasize how important connections are, not only in this profession, but in life. Look at the example of Jon Corzine. As an attorney, if you mistakenly place $10 of your client's money in your operating account, you have just commingled funds and you can face disbarment as well as criminal proceedings. This is the likely fate of a shitlaw solo. However, if you are Jon Corzine, you can make $1.3Billion disappear, commingle private accounts with operating accounts and testify before Congress, to wit: "I am sorry. I don't know where the money is. That is all I am going to say about MF Global." This is the CEO of MF Global, not some joe blow trader. So why isn't Mr. Corzine in jail (where he belongs)? Connections folks. Jon is good buddies with Obama, for who he raises millions of dollars throwing $35K per plate dinners. Jon Corzine just pulled a capper without the cleverness that you see in "Ocean's Eleven" or "The Sting." We live in a society where open theft is pardoned or overlooked if you know the right people. This profession is the same way. For example, I know lawyers that have been caught stealing, with drug possession, screw up all the time and these attorneys are never sanctioned because they are either related to or sleeping with someone on the ethics board. If you are not related to or blowing someone with power and you get caught stealing, you will lose your license PERIOD. Don't think you are special or that you are going to change the system. The system, along with the higher ed. scam, will change you from bad to worse.

    P.S. Space law? Do these people have any shame? I suppose you can be a space law and international law attorney litigating at the Hague about whether the U.S. has an adverse possession claim over Russia or China on the Dark side of the moon. The stuff these schools promote is truly criminal.

  29. 10:04 beat me to the punch. I'm the guy that talked about connections in the last posting. Life is a game. A sport really. Those born into wealth are gonna do well short of a long series of bad decisions and shitting on their important friends and family. Think of the game in this way. You, poor or middle class fuck that you are, are facing no balls and two strikes when you step up to the plate. Maybe you have one ball and two strikes. Not much margin for error there. Shit, there's no room for error in that situation. Let's say you grit it out and foul off a couple of nasty curveballs and sliders. With some luck, you might draw a walk or slap a single down the first base line. Well the point of getting on base is to score isn't it? Many people get on base through hard work, determination, and luck. A few even manage to score. The people in this group that make it on base include first in the family to graduate. if they land a really nice job (and I'm not talking big salary right away) we'll call that a double. If that same person goes to law school or gets an MBA from a shithole, they'll probably be worse off. If they come out with a ton of debt and no job, they’ve effectively been thrown out trying to steal third base.

    Now, we'll go with your typical lazy idiot rich kid. Dumbass stumbles through high school and college. He majors in English literature or art history. He manages to graduate, while getting shitfaced three nights a week. The other nights he's getting high or going on long road trips to warm locales and eating his girlfriend's pussy on the beach. Or watching cartoons and porn or playing online poker. You don't have that luxury or even the opportunity except unless you are a five star college athlete. But scratch the constant drinking part if you are. Lo and behold, dumbass lands a really nice job. He'll be in management within six months. Daddy talked to some of his friends at the club and got junior the job. Even if the son is of extremely average intellect, he'll do pretty well. This is someone who was born on third base with no outs and the heart of the order coming up. As is typical with these fucking jokers, he'll think he made it to home on his own efforts. He'll view those below him as not pulling their own weight. Even though many of them have accomplished more than the bastard ever did. Many will have Master’s degrees and strong skills. But they don't have the right name or connections. And that counts for a lot in this world.

  30. Anonymous 11:46 A.M. hits the nail on the head. The dirty (not so) secret to success is the rich and/or connected have a lot more margin for error in life.

  31. You ever gonna feature a law school you do like? Or are they are shit heaps.

  32. It is asinine that they rate these. Honestly, what does it prove that 11 schools are tied for 84th? This proves that the whole system is a joke. I can't believe people take this crap seriously. Go to top-law-schools though, and you'll see people obsessing over their school's rank, as if that matters. People take this crap way too far. It's all arbitrary.

    Don't mind me though. I have finals tomorrow and can't get over how stupid this is. I can't say I studied much. Hell, I forget faster than I learn.

    Keep preaching. At first I did not know what to think of these blogs, but this system is truly messed up.

  33. 11:46 should go into preaching. That was one hell of a sermon.

  34. Without comments

  35. Low-ranked cess pools typically promote the cities where they are located. This is an indicator that the school knows that it is an also-ran, in the world of academia and “legal education.”

    “Top 10 Reasons You'll Love Lincoln

    1. #2 U.S. City, Quality of Life
    (The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 2011)
    2. Lincoln Public Schools was ranked 2nd in quality of education in an eight-state area of the Midwest. In fact, Lincoln maintains the 4th highest percentage of graduating high school seniors in the nation.
    3. 4th Best Place to Raise a Family
    (Children's Health, 2009)
    4. Top 10, America's Most Livable Cities
    ( 2010)
    5. 3rd Best City for Babies
    (Parents 2010)
    6. 5th Best Place for Business and Careers
    (, 2010)
    7. Top 10 College Town, Top 100 Place to Live
    (, 2010)
    8. Lincoln's health care costs are among the lowest in the nation and according to a study by Milliman & Robertson, Inc., Nebraska businesses pay among the lowest in employee-paid insurance coverage.
    9. Readers of The Scientist rated UNL 8th in the magazine's "Best Places to Work in Academia" rankings. (2007)
    10. Top 10 Best Places to Retire - Place to launch a second career
    (U.S. News & World Report, 2012)”

    Who gives a damn if Lincoln, Nebraska made some obscure listing of supposedly “best places to work in academia”?!?! YOU will not be working in academia, upon graduation. At best, you can hope to one day teach a couple of courses as a low-paid adjunct “professor.” Of course, that is an option solely for those who go on to practice law for 10-20 years.

    Take a glimpse at the Marvin and Virginia Schmid Law Library, located on the campus of the University of Nebraska Commode of Law.

    One computer, located on the first floor near the reference desk, is available for members of the general public wishing to conduct legal research. This computer is intended for legal research. Users must check out a keyboard and mouse, follow the usage guidelines posted and abide by all University of Nebraska Computer Use policies. Printing from this computer costs $.25/page and the instructions are posted in front of the printer next to the computer.”

    What a world-class institution, right?!?!

  36. The idea of law school brings to mind a poor joke I heard many years ago.

    Mr. X: I can show you how to make a million dollars.

    Mr. Y: Really? How?

    Mr. X: Give me $2 million and I will show you.

    Kids, do the cost benefit analysis. No one is trying to steal your dream of becoming the next Clarence Darrow or "Lincoln Lawyer."

    I recently met up with a longtime friend who I hadn't seen since she applied to law school 4 years ago. She was in her late 20s and making $70K a year at a government job. She had a masters degree, no debt. She was bit by the law school bug. Fast forward 3 years later, she is 32 year old, has $105K in student loan debt, aged terribly during law school, and took a $40K job working for a shitlaw practice. I can see the look of regret on her face. I warned her back then but my words fell on deaf ears. Don't be deaf or dumb. The author of this blog is trying to save lives.

    You know, talking to a lemming is like talking to a tough guy who thinks he is indestructable. I recall years ago, a mixed martial artist claimed he could withstand being tasered for 30 seconds. He yelled "STOP" after 5 seconds. Many college grads believe they can conquer the legal profession and the debt that goes with it. Too bad they won't get out of their plight by yelling "STOP." After the cap and hood come off, their true nightmare is only beginning.

  37. This blog reminds me of some guy who had a major crush on a girl, and when she rejected him, he lost it all, and could never move on. Move on, dude!

  38. To the piece of garbage who posted at 5:34 pm,

    The law schools are pumping out FAR TOO MANY grads - for the number of available number of attorney and law related positions. The "professors" and administrators are making a killing on the backs of the debt-strapped students and graduates. If that doesn't bother you, then you need to check your pulse, cretin.

    By the way, I have backed up my case with the facts. What have you done, other than post ignorant douchebag remarks? Also, I am not charging $40K per year, for an "education." In contrast, the pigs who defend this sick industry are being paid handsomely to do so. Do you think the "professors" might possibly have a motive for keeping the wool over your eyes, Stupid?!?!

  39. To those of you who post with excessive hubris but with little understanding, NU law has a space law program because its collaborates with the Offutt Airbase and Strategic Air Command operate outside of Omaha, Neb.

    Doesn't mean I disagree with any of these posts about excessive salaries and dim job prospects.

  40. Enrolling in this program was the biggest mistake I have ever made. A year after I gave up my social life, quit a job I loved, and accumulated student loan debt for the first time at age 28, my life and emotional well-being have been blown to pieces first by the incompetence of an adjunct instructor (Jessica Sidders) in this law college’s failing Legal Writing program, and then by the unconscionable bad faith of Dean of Students Glenda Pierce, who began a policy of blatant retaliation against me after I had the audacity to speak up about an unreasonable, extensive last-minute revision to my second-semester moot court problem affecting 5 of 122 first-year students that threatened to deprive me of the opportunity my classmates in other Legal Writing small groups had to devote the necessary time and effort to preparing for finals.

    The addition of a second issue embodying two sub-issues to my moot court problem only nine days before the deadline for the first of three assignments based on it was not the only problem the UNL Law College administration refused to remedy, and then punished me for in lieu of holding Sidders accountable for even one of her repeated missteps. Absent from the record I was given was any mention of the qualifications of an “expert witness” named Barney Stinson, whose testimony was the sole basis of my oral argument opponent’s case. Therefore, I based my argument on the lack of any evidence, and supported my points by invoking the relevant Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence. Following my oral argument, one of the non-grading judges used my argument to force my opponent to concede her entire case, and the problem writer himself said that what he “loved” “most” about my performance on the “shitty” (his word; not mine) problem was how completely I had “obliterated” it. My only piece of negative criticism both as part of my oral feedback and then my inexplicably severely downgraded written critique was that I spoke “slightly” too fast. After several attempts to get Sidders to explain the near-failing grade on my performance even my opponents had commended me on, she finally admitted that I had been docked because “none of the other [two] students” with my issue had “taken that approach.” When I asked these people how they overcame the gap in the record, one person said he did not notice it and another said she had asked the problem writer previously how to address this issue, who told her to accept the testimony of the “expert witness” on face value. Obviously, if I had been made privy to this secret instruction, I would not have taken the approach I did. I can only assume that Sidders did not reveal this instruction to everyone because doing so would mean admitting yet another error on her part, after selecting a flawed problem that was later unfairly revised without allowing those of us unlucky enough to be affected the extra time necessary to allow a fair and even playing field and to follow the 2-week timetable the Legal Writing director had provided the entire 1L class in anticipation of the three legal research/writing memos we would be assigned. Nevertheless, when I brought the issue of the unfair grading of my small group’s oral arguments to the attention of Dean Pierce, her response was: “At some point, you’re going to have to start taking responsibility for YOUR failures.” Never was it explained to me how the last-minute addition of two complex issues embodying upper-level subject matter or my adjunct’s hiding of the ball regarding the applicability of the Federal Rules were my fault. (cont.)

  41. (cont.) So what does all of this have to do with the retaliation I have alluded to, and why would the deans set me up to fail? Simple: Dean Pierce and Dean Poser did not want to injure the precious ego of this incompetent adjunct by acknowledging any of Sidders’s mistakes, and it was easier to solve the problems I had raised in my complaints by sabotaging my hopes and dreams. It wasn’t enough to simply stand by while the relentless chaos in my Legal Writing class ruined my semester; Dean Pierce forced me to take three finals while sick and/or on major prescription painkillers. During one of my finals, a large noisy group of my classmates suddenly congregated outside my test room only moments after the time I was allotted began, even though Dean Pierce had held a consistent presence in the hallways and common areas in order to quiet people during exam times. I was suspicious about the lack of supervision in the hallway where I took that exam, but when two screaming *unsupervised* young boys showed up outside my test room only minutes after my last final began, I knew this was a deliberate attempt to sabotage my GPA so I would be dismissed from the program under the guise of failing to meet the academic requirements in order to join my classmates in our 2L year. The law college is not near a preschool, a park, or a playground, and there is absolutely no explanation for why these children would happen to be running the building directly outside my test room at 8:30 in the morning during the second week of final exams.

    As if forcing me to take finals while ill, on heavy medication, and then while being distracted by screaming children and frat-boy types wasn’t enough, it is my belief that Dean Pierce further sabotaged my GPA by taking the last two pages off my Property exam, and then replacing them after I turned in the exam I had checked numerous time to be complete with my multiple-choice answers accurately transferred to the bubble sheet. I’m sure this is what happened, because when I went to the Registrar’s office to see for myself why I had received such a shockingly low grade in what should have been an easy class, I saw that the notes I had taken on what originally was the back side of my test booklet were now on the third-to-last page, and that I had circled my answers to all of the multiple-choice questions on all but the last two pages. I know that I did not fail to visually perceive these questions when I was taking the test, because my 2 and 3L friends had specifically warned me to be *very* sure to answer every question on Professor Duncan’s Property final; apparently, several people in last year’s 1L class neglected to answer one of the essay questions, which obviously would have detrimentally affected their Property final grades as well as their overall GPA. Not normally a conspiracy theorist, it is my belief that Glenda Pierce is in cahoots with Professor Duncan to use the Property final to set “problem students” like myself up to fail, as well as students whose retention of scholarship money depends on placement in the top 1/3 or half of the 1L class. (I will save the subject of Professor Duncan for Besides being singled out for retaliation on the basis of my tenacity in Legal Writing, I was awarded two generous merit-based scholarships that required placement in the top half of my class; keeping this much-needed funding was the reason I nearly killed myself to meet the ridiculous demands of Sidders when she suddenly realized she—OOPS!—forgot to assign half the students in her small group an issue actually making use of ~90% of the 8-page “shitty” problem we were assigned. In sum, the University of Nebraska College of Law is what some casebooks would refer to as a “house of ill repute,” and its Dean of Students, Glenda Pierce, is a shockingly unethical individual who will stop at nothing to screw over a student she doesn’t like for personal reasons.

  42. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.
    I will keep visiting this blog very often. Nebraska Business parties

  43. Two thoughts:

    First thought:
    My sister helps teach "Space-Law" at UNL. She's a joke, a nut-job, (and a UNL Law Alum).. rutro Relroy !

    UNL is full of arrogant folks--always has been, always will. ( See, first thought above)

    Glad I went to Creighton. Much better education in a real world setting.

  44. Agree with many of the late posts... the UNL College of Law is a joke. Nearly all of the professors and a large portion of the students are extremely arrogant for really no reason. I recall multiple examples of professors and students using blue-collar workers in hypos and then placing assumptions on the intelligence level of these people as a way of insulting laborers while uplifting themselves to statuses above others. It was very disturbing because many of these students never faced true adversity and thought that their worth was greater than everyone else. It was sad to see and it really disturbed me that I would be represented by these types of douchebags with their behaviors to others. I don't wish bad fate on anyone but a nice reality check should be in order for a number of these future attorneys.

    I sincerely hope that anyone considering law school should really determine whether they love the law because putting up with those attitudes, behaviors and unnecessary crap is certainly not worth your time and money unless you greatly desire to be an attorney in practice.


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