Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year’s Moist, Drizzling Waste: Third Tier University of Akron School of Law

What better way to flush another year down the commode than to profile a true laughingstock? Due to popular demand, I am now featuring a staple of the third tier, i.e. the University of Akron Sewer of Law.

Tuition: Ohio residents, attending this dung pit on a full-time basis, will pay $21,873.20 in tuition and fees - for the 2011-2012 school year. Full-time, out of state law students will be charged $34,428.20 in tuition and fees, for 2011-2012.

Resident, part-time law students at Akron will only be hit with a bill of $14,068.65 for tuition and fees for the current academic year, whereas non-resident, part-time Akron law students will pay $22,020.15. Who says that public law schools don’t provide a strong “education” at a decent price?!?!

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: The morons provide different tuition and fee totals, on this page. For $ome rea$on, this page lists lower tuition and fees figures for full-time students, but higher costs than those detailed for part-time students. Using the amounts from the tuition archive PDF, we will then add the living expenses furnished by the commode. According to the school, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal costs will add another $16,034 to the tab.

Then again, the pigs only calculate nine-month living expenses. Seeing that actual law students will require twelve months of room, meals, transportation, and miscellaneous costs, this cumulative figure would actually amount to $21,078.67. Therefore, full-time law students - who are Ohio residents - will face an estimated total COA of $42,951.87 - for 2011-2012. Non-residents attending this foul cesspool on a full-time basis are looking at a total COA of $55,506.87 - for the 2011-2012 school year.

Ranking: With such high costs, for a public institution, this school must certainly have one hell of a reputation in legal and academic circles, right?!?! Well, according to Bob Morse and U.S. “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTTy of Akron Sewer of Law is the 127th greatest, most fantastic and amazing law school, in the United States. The trash pit shares this pathetic rating with four other schools, i.e. CreighTTTon, Mercer, $amford, and the University of Idaho.

Employment Placement and Starting Salary Info: The dung pile furnished data that it sent to NALP, for its Class of 2010 report. Based on this self-reported info, 91.8% of the Akron Law Class of 2010 was employed within nine months of graduation. Yeah, sure they were - and Salma Hayek is going to dig her nails into my back tonight. Then again, if you are selling insurance policies for Allstate, stocking shelves at Home Depot, or serving drinks at The Sky Lounge in Akron, then you are “employed” for the purposes of NALP and the ABA.

On page 2 of this PDF, you will notice that of the 49 grads who reported working in private practice, 26 were working in firms of 2-10 lawyers. This represents 53.1 percent of those Akron JDs - from the Class of 2010 - working as lawyers. Additionally, another 5 desperate grads from this unfortunate class went into solo practice, upon receiving their TTT law diploma. On this page, the school claims that the average starting salary for this class was $55,980. Do you like your chances coming out of this toilet now, lemmings?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTy of Akron’s JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $60,149. Furthermore, 84% of this third tier toilet’s 2010 class took on such corrosive debt. This amount does not take undergraduate debt into account.

Administrator and Faculty Salary Data: According to the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions, Martin H. Belsky made $239,218 in base pay, as dean of the sewer of law - in 2010. Likewise, William S. Jordan, III - associate dean and C. Blake McDowell, Jr. “professor of law” - “earned” $165,115, in base salary - for the same year. Furthermore, Wilson Huhn - another C. Blake McDowell, Jr. "professor of law" - received $171,241 in base compensation. Who doesn’t love this wealth transfer program - from indebted students and taxpayers to failed lawyers masquerading as “professors”?!?!

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this school is a true embarrassment to the term “institution of higher leaning.” If students from top law schools are finding it increasingly difficult to find legal jobs, how in the hell do you - as a recent graduate of, or current student at, Third Tier Akron - figure that you will make it in this field?!?! Remember that connections, family name and prestige matter. You can sometimes overcome deficits, in these critical areas, by being exceptional. However, if you do not even have decent academic credentials, you will likely not get your foot in the door. In all honesty, when decent employers see University of Akron on your law degree, most will not be impressed.


  1. Dude that is some seriously nasty shit. Where do you find these images at? In all seriousness whoever took that dump should probably go see a doctor.

  2. Nando, this school also plays the scholarship game in true TTT expertise.

    Akron gives out what appears to be generous scholarships to incoming 1Ls, and hey, in order to keep the full amount, they only need to have a 3.3 GPA. That's easy, right? Just work REAL hard and you'll get it!

    There's no way the grading curve could mean a 3.3 GPA was actually the top 15% of the class, right?

    So if you're not in the top 15% of the class, you lose that scholarship, and it can never come back. If you have a 3.0 (ish), you can keep either 2/3 or 3/3 of the scholarship. Lower than that, and it's all gone, and you're paying sticker the rest of your time at one of Ohio's many TTTs.

    Source -- This thread:

  3. If Hieronymous Bosch painted shit, it would look like the photo in this posting. Where did you find it? It looks completely appropriate to the topic.

  4. If you guys go too hard on the drink tonite that could be your shit later on. But even if you do who cares. Just don't go to law school like a dumbass. Especially not a shithouse like this one. Because that'll be the equivalent of having a permanent shit stain on your resume and career. Have a good new year everyone.

  5. I wish I owned all the law schools in the US so I could close them down. Law schools are a cancer on the legal profession. Current law schools are based on the late nineteenth century teaching methods developed by Harvard. Not much has changed since then. Legal education is about as relevant to practice as the telegraph machine is to communication.

    Despite being able to go back twenty years, and get almost word-for-word outlines of the classes taught today, one thing has changed, the cost of tuition. What has happened in tuition, can only be described as sodomy. How law students cannot be extremely angry about being forced into serious crushing debt to support ridiculous faculty salaries is beyond me. The whole law school experience can be put together on the internet for at most $10,000 per student. Of course, if you did that, even though the quality would be the same, you would not have US News doing their stupid rankings.

    US News is another scum bag organization in legal education. Their stupid rankings that people buy into has only added to the current low quality of today's legal education. The obsession of say a school at number 100 to jump 5 spots is dumb. As long as people are focused on this, things will remain the same. The legal profession should refuse to give information to US News. I believe dental schools did that several years ago.

    I don't care where you went to law school, your education sucked and you paid too much.

  6. I wish I had never gone to law school. I thought I would impress my woman at the time, majke my family proud. Little did I know what a mess I would get myself in by getting a law degree. Anyone considering law school should have their head examined. I feel sick. I started drinking early and I took a shit that would rival the one on this article. Best of luck to everyone in the new year. But not the law professors. I hope those fuckers die in a giant sinkhole for what they're doing to young people.

  7. I wish every day I hadn't wasted 3 years of my life in the toliet law school I have my JD from. In the 4 years I have been licensed I have had 30 legal and non legal job interviews... ZERO offers. You are right.. a JD is like a criminal conviction on your resume. I am going to dumb my resume down and take off every reference to my legal education.

    1. Sorry to break it to you, but a specific school on your resume can help you get an interview... from there on, it' YOU that get's you the job. Don't blame a school if your are getting the interviews, but not landing the jobs -- that falls on YOUR shoulders, no one else's

  8. So is this the last of Ohio's nine(!) toilets to be flushed on TTR? What did the Buckeye State ever do to deserve the punishment of having nine latrines?

  9. I see from the Law School Profiles page there's one more Ohio school to be reviewed--University of Cincinnati.

  10. Given the legal job market now and in the foreseeable future, 2/3 of law schools could be closed immediately.

    With so many extraneous law schools, why doesn't one of them try something experimental, if only for the sake of its own dignity, and depart from the discredited and staggeringly inefficient Socratic/caselaw method? Law is a learn-by-doing profession, and legal employers just might give a second glance to a recent lower-tier grad with extensive practical experience.

    The Socratic/caselaw model should be replaced with a clinical/apprenticeship model.

    You can teach the legal doctrine and the associated analytical framework of core subjects in about a year, maybe less. You can do this by teaching the law straight-up, from hornbooks and outlines. Caselaw should be assigned sparingly, to illustrate the application of doctrines that the students have already learned. Notably, bar review courses cover the material in seven weeks.

    After the first year, law school should consist of externships and clinics to teach students how to try a case, write an appeal, run an office, and represent clients in several practice areas of the student's choice. These externships and clinics ought to be taught or supervised by successful local practitioners, paid by the semester--not by tenured, massively overpaid scoundrels who haven't seen the inside of a courtroom in 15 years, if ever.

    It is my pet theory that the main reason a law degree is actively despised by non-legal employers is that it represents a bundle of elite expectations, but not actual skills. A skill-based legal education may restore a bit of the JD's dissipated cachet. It would also give grads the abiiity to function as solos if they can't find a job. And it would reduce the cost of legal education by giving adjunct practitioners, rather than tenured scammers, the starring role in legal education.

  11. Thank you for providing solid suggestions, in ways to improve U.S. “legal education,” 6:58 am. In fact, these changes could be easily implemented. However, the gluttonous pig “law professors” and administrators - as well as the rats at the ABA, NALP and US “News” - lack the political will and the integrity to do so. For $ome rea$on, these selfish cockroaches do not want to change the status quo.

    Of course, the law schools would rather focus their efforts on producing tripe, such as fifth-rate legal journals, centers on constitutional law, and perpetrating the outdated, idiotic Socratic method.

    “The Akron Tax Journal is ranked 3rd among student-edited publications in taxation as ranked by the Washington and Lee ranking of top law reviews. The Tax Journal presents in-depth articles on contemporary taxation issues with a primary focus on aiding practitioners in this complex field, and is published annually in the spring. The Tax Journal corresponds with the law school's offering of a joint degree program for a J.D./Masters of Taxation.”

    Yes, such journal experience is truly going to prepare students and recent graduates to practice tax law, right?!?!


    The Akron Intellectual Property Journal is a scholarly legal publication of The University of Akron School of Law that produces an annual volume of two issues for use by scholars, practitioners, and judges. The Akron Intellectual Property Journal accepts articles on the topics of intellectual property, cyberlaw (including privacy matters), antitrust, and technology transfer.”

    The description continues:

    “A study of curricular offerings ranked our Intellectual Property Program fifth (tie) in the nation. In addition, a survey of full-time faculty members who teach in the area of intellectual property ranked our program 24th in the nation. The Center for Intellectual Property holds an Annual IP Forum in the Fall, bringing together great legal minds from around the country to discuss and present papers on critical Intellectual Property Issues. In the Spring of 2010, The University of Akron School of Law will host its twelfth annual Richard C. Sughrue Symposium on Intellectual Property Law and Policy.”

    It is BEYOND PATHETIC to see these supposed “institutions of higher education” crow because some of their specific programs have been ranked in some obscure journal or academic poll as the “fifth best” or “third best” in the nation. You see this with low-ranked trash pits all the time, i.e. “We have the fourth best environmental law program!”

    In the end, this DOES NOT prepare students to practice law. In fact, you would be much better off working for a toilet-lawyer - talking to clients and performing legal research on actual cases. Furthermore, legal and non-law employers typically do not give one damn about your tertiary law journal experience. You can wipe your ass with these publications, in the event that you run out of toilet paper.

  12. why no posting on Boston College Law School as yet?
    I can tell you stories of how people with below average grades and with nothing (no substantive legal experience, no valuable internship anything throughout law school) on their resume finding jobs because their professors made calls for them.


    this is only one example

  14. Akron Law School. 'nuff said.

    If you don't know that this school is shittier than shit, you must be living in a fucking cave.

  15. here is a profile from the latest Bloomberg Businessweek.

    "Cindy Trinh
    2011 JD, Syracuse University College of Law
    Seven months since graduation, Brooklyn resident Trinh, 28, has been unable to parlay her law degree into a full-time job.

    I went to Syracuse in the fall of 2008. After my first year, I figured out what I wanted to practice. I took intellectual property and completely fell in love with the subject. I took entertainment law. I took media law. I took communi-cations law. I used to draw and design, and I’m very involved with the creative arts. I was never good enough to be a creative professional, but why not be the professional who protects those creative authors and their works?

    I took the New York bar exam in July, and I passed. During those two months, I was studying 16, 18 hours a day. I’ve been searching for a job far and wide. On Craigslist. On Monster. On Simply Hired. Directly to law firms. I signed up with a placement agency.

    I’ve been working for free at a law firm as a legal intern—at least I’m doing something in law. I’ve also been volunteering with the National Lawyers Guild, working on some cases for Occupy Wall Street.

    I have about $125,000 of debt. I’m on a 30-year plan, but it could take well over 30 years to pay it off.
    I’m stuck in this weird limbo phase, with a very highly regarded degree—and zero income. I’m overqualified to be a paralegal. I’m underqualified for jobs out there requiring three or four or 10 years of experience. How do you get that experience?"

  16. You're seeing a lot of stories like the one from Bloomberg now. I'm glad to see it. The scamblogs helped bring attention to this mess. Now lawyers feel comfortable telling their story. No more of this "I'm doin' great and have lots of new clients lined up" bullshit.

    If you are an unemployed lawyer and you've got a lot of debt, you should be shot in the face at close distance with a cannon if you lie to wannabe lawyers about the job market. These assholes are worse than the lying, scamming law professors. The profs just want to make sure their scam continues. It doesn't excuse their piggish behavior. But we know why they're defending the system. The unemployed lawyer on the other hand is just trying to save face and in so doing is assisting others in commiting financial and career suicide.

  17. My sister in law’s silk panties smell really, really, really, really good. I can’t get enough of ‘em.

    You see, I have a law degree and no future.
    I’m just another dime a dozen lawyer
    I went to law school to better myself
    Now, a good day for me is to go down to visit and raid my SIL’s panty drawer.
    My favorites are her silk ones.
    I have nothing better to do.
    When I inhale her scent, I can forget out my situation
    Just for a minute or two.

  18. Hey Nando, what happened to Eric Evan Sustad´s post? Did he scare you into taking it down?

  19. Did the 3:03 post come from Sustad? Oh wait. He didn't tell her to go off herself or threaten to sodomize her. Couldn't be him then.

  20. She is adorable, diu. Was it a male law professor who made calls on her behalf?

  21. yes.
    are you suggesting that she sucked his cock?

  22. except that she looks like a monkey.
    but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  23. you don't have to be that adorable to have your professor vouch for you.

    look at this one - she got her job through her male professor too.

  24. To 1:22 pm,

    Thank you for that article. The fact that licensed attorneys are interning FOR FREE at law offices - and volunteering their services for others - further shows the extent of the glut of attorneys, in this nation. This situation is not unusual. I have seen plenty of relatives, friends and other well-wishers tell unemployed lawyers to “Go intern at a law firm” or “Provide free legal services for non-profits or low-income people.” Yes, because THAT is going to help them pay their student loans, utilities, bills, rent and food, right?!?!

    Their little theory is that by providing free work, you might impress a firm to hire you - and at a minimum, “You will gain invaluable experience.” (In reality, the lawyer or law office will simply recognize that they can get free legal work out of you. They will likely see you as a gullible fool.) When people gave me such “advice,” I would tell them to go out and perform sexual favors on strangers, for free. After their jaws dropped, I told them that they would gain “invaluable experience.” If they feel comfortable furnishing crazy-ass suggestions, then why not respond in kind?! Could you imagine if licensed physicians were relegated to work for no pay?

    @4:13 pm,

    This blog is devoted to informing the general public about the selfish swine law schools, skyrocketing tuition, and the glutted legal job market. In documenting this sick system, I sometimes rip into condescending "law professors," apologists, and those making money off of this scheme.

    Going after a solo lawyer does not further the main purpose of this site. In fact, it has created some confusion among readers. I received several emails, regarding why I featured a struggling lawyer. Others thought that he must be a "law professor." One fellow scam-blogger even had his panties in a bunch, over that entry. In the end, this guy is also trying to make a living. He is not encouraging others to mortgage their future, in the pursuit of a “legal education.” His main problem is his history of attacking other people online - in various online discussion forums. I have established that he does not want to stand by his statements. However, this does not help in documenting the filthy law school industry.

    To those pointing out that female attorneys often benefit from an endorsement from a male “law professor,” this is nothing new. However, do not imply that the women above performed any sort of favors in exchange. (Plus, there is nothing to really confirm what you are alleging.) Keep in mind that many older, balding male “professors” simply may be content to help out an attractive female graduate.

    At Third Tier Drake, I knew a woman who received a great endorsement from a sitting, older male trial court judge. Apparently, she had worked in the courts, in some capacity, during law school. In her third year, she applied to work as a public defender. According to one “professor,” the old, mercurial judge made a couple of phone calls, which helped her land the position. The “educator” also said, “That is almost unheard of, for a fresh graduate to land in the Public Defender’s Office. Usually, those jobs go to trial lawyers with 5-10 years’ experience.”

    The woman was fairly attractive, but certainly not beautiful. Furthermore, no one suspected that she did anything improper to gain the judge’s endorsement. In the end, it was likely a case where an old judge simply wanted to help a young woman land a nice job.

  25. Law professors are bastards. They contribute nothing of significance to society. Shit, even correctional officers prevent prisoners from taking over the prisons. Even judges and prosecutors work to keep violent assholes behind bars.

    I don't know why people still get proud when their son or daughter gets into law school. The only explanation is they're ignorant about this shitty profession/.

    1. Some of us feel this way about ALL lawyers.

      Really, this blog is awesome. So glad to see wannabe lawyers suffering like this. Please, let me taste your tears.

  26. volunteering at law firms or the PDs office is nothing new. 20 years ago we did it when we couldnt find jobs. We lasted about a week once we realized what schmos we were for doing it when we were just being used for free labot and had no chance at a job. Lawyers are assholes for the most part and they make fun of and take advantage of newly minted associates/lawyers. Even members of your own firm wont help you as you might be better then they are at their job once you get some experience.

    As for old geezers helping good looking female law students, tell me something new. Men are always wanting the smell touch or admiration of young tail no matter how old bald and wrinkled you get and these women know how to play that like slot machine. Sometimes its a hug with real nice perfume, a tight blouse in a private office meeting, or no shame bjs or sex. Women use what they have because they know on a level playing field they have no shot. Have you ever seen an ugly woman work anywhere other then legal aid or some hole in a wall solo shop. No ugly women in decent firms and good looking women are a dime a dozen so they have to keep up their looks and or fuck or they dont make partner etc. The Judge is getting some action to his satisfaction if hes making a call for a non relative to get a job. Law professor are overpaid and oversexed with these lady wanna be lawyers.

    You need to add one caveat to your heading ie dont go to law school unless you are a woman who knows how to use her looks or sexual prowess to get favors from high powered men.

  27. That picture sums up my life. Went to law school, although one with a slightly firmer consistency. Struggled for a few years in the job market. Gave up after realizing that the best way to move forward was to put law behind me and face the fact that I will be paying loans for the rest of my working life.

    I am torn right now. Part of me is happy that I no longer have to wake up each morning and go off to work in such a shit-filled toilet of a profession. But part of me still resents - AND WILL ALWAYS RESENT - the fact that I was stupid enough to go to law school in the first place.

    I can even forgive the utter waste of time and years of my life that I spent in law school. But what I CANNOT EVER GET OVER is the fact that me, my wife and my kids will be struggling financially for the next thirty years for this terrible misjudgment.


  28. As a student at this third tier dung heap, you can proudly proclaim that your school houses the “world famous” John F. Seiberling Chair in Constitutional Law!

    “The John F. Seiberling Chair of Law
    The Constitutional Law Resource Center and the John F. Seiberling Chair in Constitutional Law

    In 1986, in anticipation of the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, the United States Congress established Constitutional Law Centers at four law schools. The University of Akron School of Law was proud to be selected as one of those centers designed to fund resource centers for constitutional law and public education. The primary purpose of the Center is to promote scholarship concerning the U.S. Constitution, to commemorate the creation of that document, and to help illuminate its application to modern times. The Center houses the John F. Seiberling Chair in Constitutional Law, sponsors conferences, conducts research on constitutional law issues and hosts the Ralph Regula Lecture. Past symposia have included "John Bingham and the Meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment" and "Education and the Constitution: Shaping Each Other and the Next Century." The 2008 symposium is entitled The Fourteenth Amendment: The 140th Anniversary Symposium .

    Richard L. Aynes, former Dean of the School of Law, holds the John F. Seiberling Chair in Constitutional Law. Professor Aynes publishes in the areas of Constitutional Law (especially the 14th Amendment) and Legal History.”

    I doubt that this center informs its students that Congress, the judiciary and the executive branch often wipe their asses with this “sacred” document. But they do go out of their way to make sure that corporations are considered “persons.” (Unfortunately, these entities can survive much longer than a living person, and you cannot punch one in the nose - or toss its ass in a prison cell.) By the way, the 14th Amendment benefits corporate entities more than any other group.

    Read this short document, when you have a moment. Now, can anyone imagine a U.S. “law professor” providing such insight into this amendment?! Constitutional law classes, at American law schools, usually serve as advanced philosophy courses.

    Lastly, according to the Buckeye Institute, Richard Aynes made $227,791 in base pay - for 2010. After all, he is making such valuable contributions to society, producing top notch academic “work,” and training the next generation of lawyers, right?!?!


  30. Hey lemming losers. Go to that site on this site called Shit Law Jobs. If you think this blog is too bitter for your tastes you'll see plenty of attorney jobs where you can make a whopping $10 an hour.

    Some of those jobs want lawyers with 2-3 experience. Even the doc review shit jobs usually want someone that can speak a foreign language fluently. And there's not too many of those jobs left in this country.

    On that site you'll even see 10-12 dollar an hour jobs that want someone with law review or T14 education. You're screwed. But keep getting mad at the people pointing this shit out to you. Cry your little eyes out. You should be thanking these people for pointing this out. They're trying to save you from financial hell. Now grow up and get law school out of your mind.

  31. For one thing, calling people lemming losers doesn't help bring them to your side. Another thing is people believe they are going to set the world on fire coming out of law school. You are not going to change people's minds.

  32. Sorry to go off the topic of Akron to mention a classier sack of shit--Northwestern--but I thought TTR readers might be interested to know that the new dean of Northwestern Law School, Dan Rodrigues, has started a blog to chart his "observations about our Law School, about legal education and the rapidly changing legal profession, and about (on a somewhat lighter note) the adventures of a new transplant to the City of Big Shoulders."

    This blog is not as spectactularly hypocritical as Leiter's, but still gives off a stench of self-satisfaction.

    In this "predictions" post for 2012-- which he quickly notes are more hopes than predictions--Dean Rodrigues calls on scambloggers to be less "antagonistic." (See Post of Dec. 27, titled "Northwestern Nostradamus").

    The post is endearingly pathetic coming from a mighty dean. To me, Rodrigues sounds like a somewhat chastened, but still evil, bully who has been punched in the snout a few times by a much abused little guy with a force he did not expect, and who now wants a more amicable relationship. Dean Rodrigues says:

    "(5) Give peace a chance: Understandably anxious, and occasionally antagonistic, current and ex-law students (along with an occasional law professor) have reached for the moral high ground by attacking law schools root-and-branch. But, there is a common interest in supporting the model of legal education that remains the envy of the world, while also engaging in constructive criticism. Maybe, just maybe, 2012 will see the replacement of scambloggers with rational, albeit hard-hitting, dialogue among the myriad stakeholders. All we are saying . . ."

  33. Calling prospective or actual law students lemming losers isn't that big of a deal. You have to consider the mentality of a big percentage of OLs and law students. They have sold themselves on the idea that law school is a great thing. They have stuck their heads in the law school echo chamber and heard everything they wanted to hear repeated back to them. Law schools are good at making it appear that their JD is the thing separating prospective and actual students from lives of happiness, fulfillment and financial stability.

    What a poster like 9:01 does is helps to put seeds of doubt into lemmings minds. He or she is absolutely right that a whole bunch of law toilet grads who actually do manage to get a job in law end up in doc review, or doing three figure personal injury cases. Like it or not, 9:01 is telling an unpleasant truth that lemmings need to hear, but that law schools are not about to tell.

    No law school is going to start publishing profiles of alums saying, "Joe Blow, Toilet State Sewer of Law, JD 2008 recently applied for food stamps after he lost his $11 an hour job doing DUI defense. He has 135k in student loan debt that he has no chance of ever paying off. He often thinks fondly of the professors who introduced him to the Coase theorem, Palsgraf and the Rule in Shelleys Case. Those essential lessons served him well when he was telling his alcoholic clients to just plead gulity to reckless driving. Joe is considering going back to his job tending bar at Applebees, which is what he was doing before he made the life changing decision to attend Toilet State."

    Maybe some of the lemmings out there will read some of the harsh language on the scamblogs and realize that they aren't special and that the end result of law school generally isn't a dream job travelling around the world doing international human rights law. Instead, its miserable paper pushing for crap wages and a lifetime of debt slavery.

  34. Are you ever concerned that your entries on these shitholes will increase their profile? I'm just waiting for a school to put the following on their DVDs to prospective students: "nando only beat the shit out of us slightly."

  35. Can u do Texas Tech? I am thinking of going there. I am graduating next year at Baylor U with a degree in Poly Sci. I am now just hearing that the law career field is a train wreck. Now I have no idea of what I am gonna do :(

  36. January 3rd 2102 4:18. This blog is not quite as harsh as Shit Law Jobs. Nando's blog hosts a vibrant comments section while he upbraids the law schools; particularly the ones in the second and third tier. He still might provide some hope for some people, particularly those who decide upon reading to avoid law school.

    Shit Law Jobs on the other hand simply has the type of positions available, their pay or lack thereof, and the experience required to garner those meager monies. No further comment, no hope.

    You can consider Third Tier Reality to be like Jacob Marley, and Shit Law Jobs is like the Ghost of Christmas Future.

  37. I graduated from UA Law in 1994 when the job market was as bad as it is now. Took and passed the bar on the first try. I was in the middle of my class, and it took me about a year to find a legal job after graduation.

    Important to note two things: there was no internet to assist with job searches and Ohio released bar passage results for July test takers in November. So, looking between July and November was completely worthless.

    The difference is that my tuition at UA was $2500 per semester. Yes, the total tuition at Akron Law for me was around $15,000 without any scholarship or financial assistance. I was fortunate to graduate with no loans and could afford to take my time searching.

    For reference purposes, I had to buy a car during my third year. That 1994 Toyota cost approximately $12,000 while my total tuition was $15,000. Only eighteen years later, that same car costs $17,000 while total UA Law tuition is $64,000. How does this happen in higher education?

  38. I graduated from UA in 1997. I was fortunate enough to have graduated from a prestigious undergraduate military academy and, therefore, had no student loans going into law school. UA did a very good job of teaching me the basics of being a day to day trial lawyer. Trial advocacy classes were taught by US attorneys. Pre-trial by a former trench worker in a top 10 firm. I tailored the curriculum to meet my own needs. After graduation, I passed the NY and NJ bars on 1 try. Using my undergraduate connections, I found an opening in a good NYC law firm, earing a modest but reasonable living. I did my real training on the job. After 16 years, I have my own firm that is taking off strongly. No one cares where I went to school, but only that I am very capable of competently seeing my cases to conclusion. Law school tuition is now completely out of touch with objective reality. Law school for the most part is a bad investment and I generally do not recommend it. To prospective law students, I tell them to ignore high tuition "top tier" schools and go bargain hunting unless they are being handed a scholarship. It's simply not worth the enormous expense and lack of jobs, unless you have a personal niche and contacts in the niche to help you, which is what I had. I have nothing to gripe about in UA. They did their job, I did mine.

  39. Nando,

    Not sure if you get notified about comments on old posts, but check this out:

    Scroll down to the "Employed at Graduation" section. Or just read on, because I'll post it here--21.6%

    21.6% employed at graduation.

    I almost went to law school, one of them in particular was THIS LAW SCHOOL, but your blog, amongst other things, showed me what a stupid choice that would've been.

    21.6% . . . holy fuck, you may have saved my life.


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