Monday, December 19, 2011

Second Tier Steaming Pile of Waste: Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Tuition: Law students, attending this trash pit on a full-time basis, will pay $42,450 in tuition - for the 2011-2012 school year. The school is certainly looking out for its students’ interests, right?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: The commode estimates that the student activities fee, health insurance, books and supplies, and living expenses will add another $20,182 to the tab. Then again, the pigs only consider nine month living costs. Seeing that actual law students face twelve month expenses, a more accurate total COA - for 2011-2012 - would amount to $65,170.

Ranking: Based on these prohibitive costs, this school MUST have one hell of a reputation in the academic and legal communities! Well, according to Pussy Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, Ca$e We$TTern Re$erve Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is the 61st greatest, most amazing and fantastic law school in the United States. It shares this “prestigious honor” with the following five dung heaps: Georgia State, Chicago-Kent, Seton Hall, Temple and the University of Cincinnati. Their mothers must be very proud.

Supposed Employment Placement and Starting Salary Statistics: Under the Careers For Prospective Students tab, the sewage pit claims the following:

“Our 2010 graduates (the most recent information available) enjoyed a 91.6% employment rate, securing employment in private practice, judicial clerkships, public interest organizations, government agencies, businesses, and more. The median starting salary for the Class of 2010 was $65,000.”

The rats also note that this info was “compiled in accordance with the standards used by the National Association for Law Placement.” Yes, hide behind that “standard,” you brave bastards. Unsuspecting law school applicants may not be aware that JDs working as telemarketers, insurance salesmen and Burger King managers are considered “employed” - for the purposes of the NALP survey.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the CWRU Law Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $94,150. Keep in mind that 81 percent of this trash pit’s 2010 class took on such toxic debt. Again, this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account. Remember, the school itself asserts a median starting salary of $65K, for its Class of 2010.

Administrator Salaries: Let’s take a look at Case Western Reserve University’s 2010 Form 990. On the bottom of page 1, you will notice that the university had $1,725,158,386 in end-of-year net assets. There is a financial killing to be made in “higher education.”

Due to a bloated, big-ass administration and a dental school, no “law professors” are listed among the highest-compensated employees. For instance, on page 40, you will see that university “president” Barbara R. Snyder made $778,874 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2010. Snyder “earned” $525,946 in base compensation; $75,000 in bonus and incentive compensation; $126,985 in “other” compensation; $26,412 in deferred compensation; and $24,531 in nontaxable benefits. You do not need to personally contribute to this gigantic salary, by incurring a mountain of additional student debt.

As a student at this festering pool of rat piss, you can write onto the “world renowned” Case Western Reserve Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet!! Yes, you can truly set yourself apart from the glut of legal job applicants. Actually, your resume and cover letter will be used as a coaster, by the law firm hiring partner.

If you prefer, you can become a student editor at the equally idiotic Canada-United States Law Journal. Remember, law firms and government agencies want people who can hit the ground running - not gerbils with tertiary journal experience.

Conclusion: Case Western Reserve University Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced pile of dung, located in the “financially thriving” Cleveland job market. In the final analysis, you simply DO NOT need to take on an additional $100K-$150K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to practice law. The stench of this putrid school will follow you, when you are applying for legal and non-law positions.


  1. Where do you get all these disgusting photos? Maybe you could turn this blog into an art exhibit when you're done with it.

  2. $42K a year for a diploma from a place that sounds like a radio station or bottle of cheap scotch. Fuck that.

  3. I suggest you change the headline to:

    Case Western Law, the real Cleveland Steamer


  4. This school takes a Cleveland Steamer on all its students and still charges them up the yin yang for a piece of shit law degree.

  5. Maybe someone will open the Dirty Sanchez School of Law next.

  6. ^I would've guessed the dean's name would be Dirty Sanchez. With what they're charging in tuition and all.

  7. The operation was a success! I had my lobotomy, and I am now much more smarterer than ever!

    To wit:

    Emplotment is the paradigm for all that is heterogeneous in the narrative.

  8. You can tell the guy above went to law school. It makes people crazier than they were before getting a law degree. Still wanna go to law school, kiddies?

  9. Their graduates are employed in "businesses and more." Must be a fancy way of saying they're working at Starbucks and Wal-Mart.

  10. That is outrageous that a president of a non-profit college makes almost $800,000. It is worse that it comes from a middle of the road school like Case Western. Higher education scum bag faculty get their high salaries by putting thousands of students into debt. The government should stop supporting student loans. Let colleges lend out money for people to go to their schools, and let colleges have to collect it. Also, start taxing these bastards. They operate more like Goldman Sachs, than a non-profit.

  11. On a recent trip to NYC, I had dinner with a longtime friend who works for a per diem staffing agency. When I went to pick her up at the office, she had this amused look on her face. I asked her what happened and she told me that she had just interviewed a recent grad from Case Western. The project was paying $28 an hour and the Case Western grad was insisting on getting $45 an hour because she was on law review. My friend told her that $28 was the rate and a few NYU law grads were more than happy to receive that rate.

    Based on this encounter, it would seem that the faculty at Case Western is telling their students that their school is a top tier school that commands higher salary rates. Either that or students are deluded in thinking this third tier school (it's always been a third tier school regardless of the "porn for college student" rankings published by USNWR) is a powerhouse.

    I sure hope students of this "school" can hoodwink some law office in the boondocks into thinking it is the sister or cousin school of Northwestern. At the very minimum, I would hope graduates of this garbage school get a 25% discount off their stay at the Best Western (which is POS hotel).

    I am amazed that in 2011, college students still fall for the law school scam, hook, line and sinker.


    On May 7, 2011 at 3:32 am, TLS accountholder “DorothyV” posted the following comment, on a thread titled Re: Case Western Reserve University School of Law 2011:

    “Ersatz Haderach wrote:

    I wouldn't be surprised if the new dean has already told potential students this, but after we finished finals today, he sent an email saying that CWRU will no longer have a GPA cutoff for's ALL good standing from now on. This reverts back to an old policy of 100% good standing, actually. Seems like the Dean is reading the New York Times...

    There are a lot of happy people in Cleveland tonight...

    I hope this is true for incoming students as well!

    I got an email yesterday informing me that I didn't receive the Kramer full-tuition scholarship, but that the committee decided to increase my scholarship offer anyway. I had already planned on emailing an admissions counselor this weekend about the school's curve and the percentage of students who retain their scholarships. Hopefully, they will send me the same information about abandoning GPA cutoffs. If so, CWRU will cost (overall) about 75K less than OSU for me.”

    On May 9, 2011 at 2:28 pm, this same author noted:

    “Dstr15 wrote:

    I received a similar email as the current students (I'm a prospective). This was a really welcome surprise and makes my decision a little more complicated.

    I received the same email this morning. I have to choose between paying $15k/year at Case and $40k/year at OSU. Now that I know the money at Case is all but guaranteed, I am going there.”

    Based on her posts above, this person received a decent or substantial scholarship to attend this dung heap. Yet, she estimates that she will incur about $45K in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, when she graduates from this stench pit. That is great news for scholarship recipients attending this law school. However, we’ll see how long the school sticks to this policy.

    According to this page, good academic standing currently stands at a 2.33 GPA. When will the commode raise the standard - or lower the forced curve?!?!

  13. In the entry Nando says this
    "As a student at this festering pool of rat piss, you can write onto the “world renowned” Case Western Reserve Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet!! Yes, you can truly set yourself apart from the glut of legal job applicants. Actually, your resume and cover letter will be used as a coaster, by the law firm hiring partner."

    This could almost be read as a reason to pick Case Western Law School over some of the other law schools mentioned on this blog. Consider, will the resumes of graduates of lesser ranked schools be treated with such an honor as being used as a coaster by a biglaw hiring partner? I should think not! Now, will such graduates actually be hired? Probably not.

  14. I helped found Case law school's Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet when I was a student there 2 years ago. I'm happy to see it is now "world renowned." Seriously, though, it's more than a little scary for one to see all the thoughts and opinions he has held in private for so long become openly, defiantly discussed in public. Such is the zeitgeist of 2011. I did the best I could at Case to make lemonade out of lemons and, yes, chocolate out of shit. A few of my professors were truly amazing people that I continue to look up to. But I truly feel for all the "libertarian" white boys who were the majority of my classmates. These kids parents read them Ayn Rand books as bedtime stories and the degree they received this summer was a one-way ticket to the proletariat. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch, ain't it.

  15. 937,

    I've noticed that libertarian law professors never have any qualms about making a fat living off of federal student loans. Do these morons realize they wouldn't make $200K in the private sector by rehashing old law lectures and spending months on review articles that are read by no one. So, yes, cog-dis is a bitch.

  16. Ahhhh ... the smell of Cleveland in the morning. What a dump. How do I know this? I grew up there. Thankfully my parents had the guts to get out of Cleveland. Here's the deal with Case. It's a decent school in the Midwest. You might get some mileage in Chicago/Indy/Detroit/Cleveland (obviously)/Cincy/Pittsburgh, but my guess is your options will be more limited outside those areas. I knew a woman from Case that was working at my old firm (NJ), but she's the only individual from this school I've ever run into. Let me tell you, $42,000/yr is a lot of money to get stuck paying back with Midwestern pay rates ... if you can even find a job.

  17. Props, dude.. keep spreading the word.. I'm 42 fucking years old and am paying off the student loans I took on when I was 23!

    Meanwhile these profs and administrators live like kings off of idealistic twenty-something suckers.

  18. I graduated from Case Western in 2006 and am now a partner track associate at Reed Smith in Pittsburgh. The school was great, and I can easily say that law school was the best experience of my life. I graduated in the top half of my class an had no problem securing a job at Reed Smith without having any connections. Most of my classmates are making upwards of 100k at various firms in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I am now making 320k a year, and am extremely happy with my job. To any prospective 1L out there, law school is a great investment, and will be the best years of your life. Ignore Nando, he is bitter, and a bold-faced liar.

  19. The cocksucker at 9:16 pm left out that he blew the hiring manager at his daddy's firm. Most of his classmates are upwards of 100k at various firms? Flat out bullshit.

  20. Oh, come on, don't go hatin' on Case Western School of Law. After all, it's the alma mater of Bob Dole. And it's in Cleveland--the home of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. What was Le Bron James thinking when he left the town that basks in the grace of having CWU SOL in its midst?

  21. To the lying pig who posted at 9:16 pm last night,

    Keep dreaming in Pittsburgh, bitch. You can barely write a few sentences, moron.

    From Analytics:

    Visitor detail
    IP address:
    IP lookup: ARIN / RIPE
    Unique ID: 2430270932416246124
    First visit: Fri Feb 18 2011 11:59am
    Visits: 513
    Language: English
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    Operating system: Mac OS X
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    Javascript: Enabled

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Dec 20 2011 9:12pm 12 actions 37m 20s third tier reality blog
    Dec 11 2011 12:29pm 1 action 10s third tier reality blog

    You claim to be making “320k” per year, ass-clown. Somehow, you figure this will compensate for your lack of backbone - and your 2” penis. However, would such a person make 513 separate visits to this site, if that were the case?! Furthermore, you spent 37 minutes and 20 seconds on this blog last night alone.

    When your adversaries must rely on fabricated stories to make their “point,” you know the bastards are desperate.,302,10053&startLetter=

    By the way, I looked up all 71 associates at the Pittsburgh office. NONE OF THOSE ATTORNEYS GRADUATED FROM CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW, IN 2006. Try to be honest, for once, you piece of trash. It might help with credibility, bitch.

    Lastly, SEVERAL Reed Smith associates - in that location - graduated from law school in the early and mid-1990s. Yet, this cockroach wants people to believe that a 2006 graduate, from this trash heap, is on partner track.

    Dona Furiosa, Dole actually graduated from Washburn University Sewer of Law.

  22. Quite by accident, I discovered this

    Apparently a brand new law school The John J. Duncan Jr. School of Law at Lincoln Memorial University was denied provisional accreditation by the American Bar Association. Are standards being exhibited? Is the game up? Will the law school lose on appeal? This seems somewhat strange to me.

  23. Nando: Thanks for the correction. But even without Bob Dole as an alumnus, why would anybody pass up the opportunity to go to a school and get a degree that will help him or her make it in Cleveland? Who would not want to borrow $100,000 for such a privilege?

  24. Cleveland is a shithole. Certifiable garbage. It should be a Superfund site. Oh and it also happens to be in the economic dead zone of Ohio. If you like rusted out buildings and empty factories and baorded up windows go there.

  25. Attending a second-tier private school has a significant drawback over attending a similarly-ranked public school-- namely that nobody, outside the state in which it is located, has ever heard of the your second-tier private school. And, having never heard of it, the default assumption is that it is some bottom-of-the-barrel scam school like Cooley.

    1. I went to Cooley. I then transferred to Case. I'm proud of my decision and look forward to being one bad @ss attorney one day. To the guys who are crying about how bad cwru's school of law is, I'm sorry that you are bitter, because you didn't get a job right away. Grow up. The reason that you probably didn't get a job is because you can't argue. Try and make some decent points if you are going to bash a school; don't just attack the people who support it by calling them names. Firms don't hire fifth graders. And also, I wouldn't hire you either if you bashed your own school. That shows how bitter and ungrateful you are. Best of luck in the real world.

  26. @7:59AM

    As Roger Waters/The Pink Floyd said, in so many words:

    It's called: "Riding the Gravy Train"

    So, in this raping of the US taxpayer enviornment: why wouldn't any higher ed institution want to start up a new (law)school whereby the tuitions can be set at at any rip off level the "school" feels like setting it up as;

    and then sucking the US taxpayer teat for all it is worth, while dumping so many ridiculous law school graduates into a job market that has long ago proved its inability to absorb them?

    God how I wish there was a way to make the overall US populace understand what a scam the law school industrialcomplex is;

    To make every US citizen understand that the Student Lending system is horribly and criminally corrupted, in a basic human rights sense.

  27. People, the business world is about connections and wealth. Duh. I was reading this blog's last few entries. It looks like you've been doing this for a while. Anyway one conversation mentioned connections and new wealth. Established families usually win out. Lazy shits like Ted Kennedy and the Rockefellers thumb their noses at the nouveau rich. Even though they didn't earn their wealth. It was given to them at birth. They just inherited it. I've known plenty of driven men who have busted their balls to get ahead in this world. I used to be one of those guys. At 42 I know better now. They might get lucky and hook up with an occasional rich chick. Usually in college. Even then the guy better be in shape like an Olympic sprinter or be on the fasttrack to make good money. But she'll end up with someone her dad knows from the fancy club he belongs to. This doesn't necessarily hold true for women. You can be middle class and if you're hot, a rich guy could marry you. Don't count on him being faithful though. I've seen guys eventually catch up with hard work and a lotta luck. Sadly many of these successful guys can't get that rich girl from college out of there minds. Move on. Be happy you made it on your own merits. Know that you are superior to the lazy shits that had it made in the shade from birth. Forget those assholes and be content in that knowledge.

  28. Perhaps Case Western could create a special certificate for foreclosure specialists. Its the wave of the future in property law both in Cleveland and Detroit.

  29. ^That was harsh, man. True but harsh. While we're at it does Case Western have a space law program? The school is located in an economic black hole.

  30. ^

    Lol @ economic black hole.

    Welcome back to Ohio, TTR! Isn't Akron the only one left?

  31. How many shitters are there in Ohio? I thought they'd all been covered by now.

  32. ^

    As far as I know, Akron is the only one he hasn't covered yet in Ohio. Might be wrong, but I didn't see it when I checked the full list.

    I'll give you a hint though -- the only thing people really say that's good about Akron is that it's cheap (when compared to some other schools).

  33. It's like there is this giant, naked man walking all around the state of Ohio.

    And this giant man--maybe 200 feet tall-walks all around the state, and stomps and stamps with his huge bare feet and smashes and splashes smashes all around the Ohio swamps and mud and the neighborhoods, and the cities.

    And then, the huge naked man with the huge bare feet decides to squat down on his enormous hams and take an equally enormous dump all over the good and honest and hard working and decent and trusting taxpayers of the state of Ohio.

    Well, as you have probably already guessed:

    the obnoxious giant is the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

  34. More like a case of West Nile Virus for job seekers that attend this dump.

  35. Bring on the wave, against these liar law school scum:

  36. Three years is a huge chunk out of someone's life.To spend three years and 100,000 dollars, and then not get a job after graduation is a tragedy. A person could easily destroy their life by making this mistake. The only way I would attend law school is if it were free, and there was a realistic chance of a job immediately after graduation. But that's not going to happen.

  37. To the dung beetle who defended this ABA-accredited trash pit, with a comment on August 21, 2012 at 8:54 pm,

    YOU need to grow up, bitch. Case in point, mental midget: you are butthurt because several people pointed out that Ca$e We$TTern Re$erve Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is a grossly-overpriced filth pile.

    By the way, what is so "badass" about researching statutes, looking up case files, drafting and filing motions, and overall participation in the judicial system, Dumbass?!?! Do you believe that you are going to intimidate criminal prosecutors, each armed with years of experience, moron? Those "civil servants" - despite being boring, predictable drones - will mop the floor with your ass, in the courtroom.

    Perhaps, you feel that you are going to land multi-million dollar verdicts for your clients. Look up "tort reform," cockroach. You will see that this movement has significantly scaled back jury awards. Best of luck to you, in the real world.

    Make sure to clean out the espresso machine each night, after your shift, bitch. With your written communication "skills," no one should be surprised to see you making lattes for a living - even with a "presitigious" CWRU law degree. Get a life, gooch-muncher.

  38. I am attending this school right now as we speak as a lost, disillusioned 1L! The first semester, I realized what a sack this was. The problem is that for my intended state, to "Read the Law" also known as apprenticeship is not an option. This requires students such as myself who actually want to go to law school to practice law. The scam started with the ABA and the first schools to jump on their "money scamming" band wagon are known as top tier schools and will remain as such always and forever. I want to say that money is not a concern but the growing student debt is. What you forgot to add in your article is that the 20,182 for living expenses, books and etc is not nearly enough to cover the fact that you must live in off-campus housing and does not reflect the 2,002 that you loose from the loan origination fee. Lets not forget the money and expenses for all the events that you must attend to supposedly succeed in life. If we go back to the old ways and students apprenticeship then take the bar this would counteract this money scam of students. I commend the few states that took action to counteract the sewage of liars. ALL law schools are in on this including the top tier. All law students, with the supposed connections we have or should have with one another, should band together and request the old ways of apprenticeship should return to teach these for-profit scums a lesson. Furthermore, with their large salaries the schools administration officers should pick up the tab of all the student debt going back 10 years at least.

  39. As an unemployed grad of this lying institution I thought I'd throw out some props to my Alma Mater.

    This law school has a revolving door of deans. None of them last more than 2 years. The current dean joined Case after being ousted from his previous deanship for sleeping with the students. He walked away from his wife, went to Case.. and you guessed it. Started sleeping his way through the student body. Last I saw him he was with a 2011 grad. In fact, he was so obvious about sleeping with the students, he was brought before the disciplinary committee by the other academic deans who ended up resigning in protest because the university wouldn't fire his creepy ass. During his first few months at Case he fired about half the administrators and brought on his own posse of incompetents.

    The Dean before this was a temp. In fact there were a few temps in this time.

    The dean before that died on the rocky shores of the US News rankings. He had initially walked in when Case was at 55. He fired half the administrators of the school in his first few months and brought in his own short bus complement to replace them. It dropped to 67, and suddenly he started railing and writing editorials about how law school rankings are pernicious and don't capture the true spirit of the school. He was let go... but in the ultimate lame duck move, the university made him stay at the school as a professor to finish out the class he was teaching.

    Kudos Case, and I'll see you in hell.

  40. It looks like you have EVERY law school in Ohio on your list. Shouldn't there be at least one that is a good deal, for people who want to work in Cleveland or southern Ohio? I can't believe that we are importing all of our lawyers and politicians from out of state.

  41. Trilby's Svengali was a character of fiction. Conversely, Marc Breed, has captivated a generation with such a unique and engaging personality that we've allowed him the ultimately luxury of a true freedom. The Art he has created, as a result of this, only seems odd; in that we view it while tinged with envy. That we in Cleveland possess such a close-up look, should be a source of extreme pride. For we may live vicariously through his artistic rampage among us.
    -Dr. Stanley Workman,
    Art History, Professor Emeritus

  42. Non lawyer here, I'm saddened to see our nation's brightest students aren't happy. With the aging of baby boomers, maybe retirements will accelerate and job openings icrease. Good luck!

  43. Apparently, you have to be Jewish to be a Dean at CWRU Law:

    Ezra Wasserman (AKA Whore Mitchell)
    Gary Simson
    Gerald Korngold


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