Friday, October 28, 2011

Third Tier Public Waste Heap: University of Mississippi School of Law

Tuition: In-state students, attending this dung heap on a full-time basis, will be charged $11,293 in tuition – for the 2011-2012 academic year. So the school is somewhat affordable, for Mississippi residents. However, out-of-state, full-time law students will pay $24,693 in tuition, to attend this trash heap – for 2011-2012.

Ranking: When you received your Acceptance Letter, it was, without doubt, one of the proudest days of your life. Before you enrolled, did you bother to check the US “News” & World Report ranking, assigned to this school? If not, then look away for a moment. As you can see, the rag lists this commode as the 107th greatest, most exhilarating and fantastic law school in the land.

Putrid Employment Placement: According to this document – “The University of Mississippi School of Law graduated 162 students in 2010. One hundred seven (107) graduates, or 74.3 % of the class, were employed within 9 months of graduation. The Office of Career Services obtained the employment status of 144 out of 162, or 88.9% of the class.”

Note how the pigs rely on NALP’s methodology. Apparently, they feel that this shows that they are both “ethical” and in compliance with industry standards. By the way, a 74.3 percent “placement rate” is beyond pathetic!

Then again, Kristin Flierl, ancient witch and director of career services, told graduating Ole Miss law students that it is not her job to help them find employment. That might help explain why the placement figures are so putrid.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Mississippi Sewer of Law Class of 2010 who incurred student debt for law school - as $62,012. Fully 77 percent of this class took on such toxic debt. While the debt figure may not strike you as obscene, keep in mind that this figure does include student debt from undergrad. Furthermore, we are talking about the poverty-stricken state of Mississippi.

“Generosity” of the Sewer of Law: Law School Numbers shows that the commode provided full tuition and stipend to 5.2% of students; full tuition scholarships to 0.2 percent of its pupils; and half-tuition offers to 8.5% of law students – for 2005-2006.

“The National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law (Center), is the nation’s leading — and only — law school for the study of both air and space law. The Center offers a Certificate in Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law. For law students seeking such specialized legal courses, this certificate provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal processes regulating domestic and international aerospace activities. Students enrolled in the Certificate program receive the distinctive, interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise for which the Center is world-renowned.” [Emphasis mine]

As a student at this open garbage pit, you can earn a certificate in something called “Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law”!! Surely, this certification will come in handy, at some point, in your legal career, right?! Can you believe that the federally-backed student loan system funds this patent nonsense?!?!

Ole Miss Spends $50 Million for a New Law School Facility:

“Hundreds of alumni, friends faculty and staff gathered at the University of Mississippi on April 15 to dedicate the new $50 million law school facility to a man who is credited with shepherding the university through a renaissance of growth.

“Words cannot express the deep appreciation my family and I have to those responsible for the naming of the Law Center,” said Robert C. Khayat, esteemed Chancellor Emeritus and Board Distinguished Professor of Law.”

The 130,000-square-foot Robert C. Khayat Law Center opened for classes in January and is a state-of-the-art facility with room for the law school’s many clinical programs and research centers. The LEED-certified building is the first for a Mississippi public institution.”

This is what the schools care about, i.e. expanding, constructing new buildings, and adding to their “prestige.” In order to do so, they need to have asses in seats. You, the student, are simply a means to an end. The law school industry's interests do not align with your goals.

Conclusion: The school is a festering stench pit that provides its graduates with toilet job prospects. The commode published a job placement rate of 74.3 percent, for its Class of 2010!! If you do not have strong family, business or political connections, then you are taking on one hell of a risk by attending this “affordable” law school.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Profiles in Vile Waste: Kristin Flierl, Director of “Career Services” at the University of Mississippi School of Law

CSO Director at the University of Mississippi Sewer of Law- It is Not My Job to Find You a Job:

"In lieu of jobs or career advice, career services offices are now offering children’s poetry to their students….

A tipster from the University of Mississippi School of Law was pretty peeved that the school’s director of career services sent out an email yesterday “to passive aggressively say that WE, the students, are the ones that have to do all the work to find a job.”

On October 17, 2011, Elie Mystal reported on this situation:

"Hello, Students:

This is my final attempt to gather information about summer employment data from you. Between the two classes I received about 90 responses total. Thanks to all of those respondents! I would like to share this insight with you, though. “A little birdie” stopped by my office after I sent the last e-mail and informed me that there was some type of agreement among several of the 2L’s and 3L’s to refuse to supply this information in some form of protest against Career Services not “doing our job” — apparently misconstrued as “finding people jobs.” [Emphasis mine]

Kristin Flierl’s Background:

As you can see, the Director of “Career Services” at Ole Miss Sewer of Law is Kristin Flierl.

Kristin Flierl's Experience

Director Career Services
University of Mississippi School of Law
Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
July 2008 – Present (3 years 4 months)

Graduate Coordinator
University of Florida School of Art + Art History
Education Management industry
March 2003 – June 2008 (5 years 4 months)

Assistant Dean of Career Services
Tulane Law School
Education Management industry
November 1995 – June 2002 (6 years 8 months)

Kristin F. Flierl resides at: 622 Butler Dr., Oxford, MS 38655-6178. Her listed phone number is (662) 236-1729. She is listed at age range 60-64.

Call this old cow at home, late at night, and ask her if she can help you find a job. If you see fit, call from a pay phone and quote from your favorite Theodore Geisel book.

Accolades for the Old Hag:

“With a no-nonsense and realistic approach to the legal field, Kristin Flierl has earned the respect of law students who attend the University of Mississippi School of Law as well as the faculty and administration. She is dedicated, sincere and compassionate - and she pulls it off in the way only a true leader can.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, when you hear Kristin Flierl’s name, “dedication” and “compassionate” immediately come to mind, right?!?!

“Kristin Flierl has been on the job as the law school’s director of career services less than a year, but she’s already been named the school’s outstanding staff member for 2008-09. Flierl, who came to the law school in July 2008, brings more than 20 years of law placement experience to her new position.” [Emphasis mine]

According to the old bag, it is not her job to find employment for graduating law students. If she was named the sewer’s outstanding staff member, then how valuable are the other employees?! Then again, we are dealing with law school parasites. For $ome rea$on, in the article, Flierl sells her "skills":

"At UM, Flierl helps law students move from academia to the professional world by providing students with contacts, job listings, interview programs, mock interviews and advice on how to conduct a job search.

“In this economy, my main task is to scour the country for viable job opportunities,” Flierl said."

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this is further proof that law school pigs DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about the students or recent graduates. They seek to sell prospective students a bill of goods. The swine claim high employment placement rates. Yet, when you cannot find a job, suddenly this failure is solely YOUR fault. At that point, the cockroaches chirp, “Buyer beware.” By the way, you can stick those Dr. Seuss rhymes up your old, wrinkled, gray, decrepit ass, Kristin!

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Tier Garbage Pit: George Mason University School of Law

Tuition: For the 2011-2012 school year, in-state residents - attending George Ma$on Univer$ity $chool of Law on a full-time basis - will pay $23,720, in tuition. Non-resident full-time law students at this dung pit will be charged $38,112 in tuition, for 2011-2012. Who still believes that public law schools are affordable?!?!

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: The cockroaches and pigs at this school estimate that room and board, transportation, miscellaneous costs, and books will add $23,210 to the yearly tab. In the DC area, no less. Notice that the bitches did not provide a breakdown of living expenses.

If books amount to $1,500, then twelve-month living costs should amount to $28,947. Using this figure, we reach a more-accurate total COA of $52,667 for in-state, full-time GMU law students - whereas this figure will reach $67,059 for non-resident, full-time law students, at this trash heap.

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, George Ma$on Univer$ity Sewer of Law is the 40th best law school, in the United States. This is akin to being the tenth prettiest woman in your first year Torts class.

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: The bitches claim an employment rate of 99% for the Class of 2010. For $ome rea$on, they do not provide a real breakdown. The school claims an average starting salary of $112,909, for 2010 law grads in private practice. The pigs note, in the fine print, that “52% of employed graduates provided reportable salary information.”

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average student indebtedness - for those members of the GMU Law Class of 2010 who incurred student debt for law school - as $98,087. Fully 86% of this class took on such toxic debt. This figure does include student debt from undergrad.

Some ass-clown/GMU law grad provided me with an opportunity to publicly flog him, on this blog.

“Anonymous said...

Ok Nando, time for me to come clean. My name is Aaron, and I am a current associate at Finnegan Henderson in Washington DC. I WILL NOT give you my last name, but I will tell you that I graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 2003. I just messed around on this site because I been disgusted and appalled at the way you continue to degrade the legal profession.

You are a joke, as is everyone on this site. You flipped out about every stupid comment that I made, which was my exact intention. In any event, I am earning 400 plus a year, while you spend all day on a blog. Say what you want, but I am a lawyer who made it big, while you failed at becoming a lawyer, just like you do at life. Law school isn't for everyone, but those who pursue law with a passion, live a fulfilling life. I am not going to give me my last name, as I would prefer to remain anonymous. Have fun selling insurance for the next thirty years.

Yours truly,

May 21, 2011 9:55 AM"

This pig’s comment ended up in my Spam folder. When I discovered it, I then the emailed the following message to Finnegan Henderson associate Aaron Lee Parker:


Date Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:46 PM
Subject Re: Impersonation?

“If you posted this drivel, try to be smarter next time, Aaron Lee Parker. Somehow, this comment landed in my spam folder. I ended up publishing it on my blog. If you make $400K, good for you. Maybe, you can afford a decent haircut the next time you take a firm photo.”

Aaron was flapping his gums, when he thought that he was anonymous. When I called him out, Pussy Boy did not even respond to either of my two emails. Apparently, the moron didn’t realize that he is the only Finnegan associate named Aaron, who graduated from George Mason University Sewer of Law in 2003.

On April 13, 2011, Elie Mystal reported that GMU will inflate their students’ grades. What a truly “elite institution,” huh?!?!

“So there you go. Are you happy, GMU Law? You haven’t increased your academic offerings or put more resources into career services or done anything to make the quality of your education improve by 35%, but you’ve made everybody’s grade 35% more pretty. You think that’s an accomplishment?”

Conclusion: George Mason University Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced pile of waste. It is located in an area that has 15 law schools, including UVA, Georgetown, George Washington University, College of William & Mary, Washington and Lee University, et al. Hell, the University of Virginia School of Law and Georgetown Law Center are producing graduates without jobs. If you don’t have a decent-paying job lined up before entering - or do not come from a wealthy family - then DO NOT attend his festering trash pit.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Profiles in Deliberate Misinformation and Blatant Dishonesty: Aaron Nathaniel Taylor, “Law Professor” at St. Louis University

Some Background

This academic posted a patently dishonest article, which appeared in the TTThe NaTTTional Juri$TTT on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 9:46 am. Then again, what do you expect from a $elf-intere$ted academic?!?! As you can see, Aaron Nathaniel Taylor is a “professor” at Saint Louis University Sewer of Law. Taylor put together a string of lies, and published his piece in a magazine that is filled with advertisements from various fifth-rate law schools. He then entitled his piece, “Why law school is still worth it.”

“Professor Aaron Taylor joins SLU LAW after a career as a law school administrator. Most recently, he served as associate dean for admissions and scholarships at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. He joined Bowen from Harvard University, where he directed admissions for five master’s degree programs in the Graduate School of Education. Prior to that, he practiced ethics law in Washington, D.C.” [Emphasis mine]

His faculty bio continues:

“He has been very active with the Law School Admission Council, serving on its Finance and Legal Affairs Committee (2009-2011); its Annual Meeting and Educational Conference Planning Committee (2010-2011); and its Misconduct and Irregularities Subcommittee (2007-2009).” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, we all know that this PAID MOUTHPIECE has the students’ best interests at heart, right?!?! You should notice that this paid misinformation agent is well-trained in his task: ensuring that the law school diploma mills continue to feed off the federal teat, by selling “legal education” to uninformed lemmings.

Aaron Nathaniel Taylor's Deceptive Article

“Salary data show that the vast majority of lawyers earn relatively high salaries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, lawyers boast the fourth highest median salary behind medical doctors, dentists and CEOs (some of whom have law degrees). While the majority of occupations have median salaries between $20,000 and $49,999, the median for lawyers in 2010 was almost $113,000.”

That figure is counting the salaries of older lawyers, as well, dishonest rat. Isn’t is disgusting that U.S. law schools can include JDs and licensed attorneys working at Starbucks in their employment rate - but yet exclude them from the median salary for lawyers?!?! Take a look at this chart below, to see the extent of the GROSSLY-OVERSATURATED lawyer job market.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of 98,500 employed lawyers, from 2008-2018. Yet, law schools annually pump out more than 44,000 grads each year. Do the math, prospective law students.

Taylor continues:

“But it’s also true that there are many well-paying, stable, even prestigious jobs for which the law degree is not required, but for which a law degree can provide a useful advantage in the hiring process. Lawyers have always inhabited non-legal career fields, where employers value the skills and dispositions nurtured in law school. As such, most law schools provide specific career planning services to students pursuing non-legal jobs.” [Emphasis mine]

This is a lie, potential law students. Many JDs simply return to their old line or work, after completing law school. Thousands more scramble to take any non-legal job - because they simply cannot land anything in law. On November 3, 2010, former Biglaw associate William Meyerhofer laid this “versatility” myth to rest.

“Why is a law degree not versatile?

Let me count the ways.

For one thing, it costs about $180k. Anything that leaves you two hundred grand in a hole is not increasing your “versatility” – it’s trapping you in hell.

For another thing, studying arcane legal doctrine for three years (a purely arbitrary number) leaves you with no translatable skills. The arcane legal doctrine you learn in law school isn’t even useful at a law firm, let alone anywhere else.”
[Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that Ass-Clown Aaron N. Taylor is paid to keep the gravy train rolling along, while Meyerhofer is not affected personally or financially whether ignorant students continue to enroll in law school, in large numbers. Which of these men is trying to sell you something?!

According to NALP, the JD Class of 2010 had 44,258 members. However, only 28,167 jobs required bar passage. For further illustration of how the law schools are continuing to produce FAR TOO MANY graduates, head down to the bottom of page two, of this PDF. There, you will note that 26.9% of all reported jobs are SHORT-TERM, while 10.9 percent are PART-TIME. Sure there is some overlap in those two categories. However, could you imagine this being the case for U.S. medical and dental school grads?!?!

More misinformation from Taylor:

Applicant environment is favorable

The bad publicity about legal education contributed to a historic decrease in applications for admission during the 2010-2011 cycle. Applications fell 11 percent — the largest one-year decrease on record. When applications fall, law schools tend to admit a higher percentage of their applicants. And if applications fall again during the 2011-2012 cycle, as predicted, applicants will find themselves in a very favorable environment for gaining admission. At some schools, applicants who would have been considered “borderline” just two years ago might be shoo-ins for admission this year. So the strategic benefit of applying during a string of down years is worth ample consideration.”
[Emphasis mine]

What a disgusting, vile and pathetic sales pitch, i.e. “Since law school applications dropped significantly, this helps your chances of gaining admission, even if you are a borderline applicant." Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver, Aaron.

Average Law School Indebtedness for SLU’s JD Class of 2010: US “News” lists that the average student indebtedness - for those members of the $ainTTT Loui$ Univer$iTTTy JD Class of 2010 who incurred law school debt – as $120,000. (Last year’s edition published a figure of $99,000, for this toilet’s Class of 2009.) Fully 81 percent of this unfortunate graduating class took on additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for their TTT law degree.

Conclusion: It is CLEAR that Aaron Nathaniel Taylor simply wants to get as many asses in law school seats, as he possibly can. He is a salesman for the law school industrial complex. At one point in his idiotic editorial, Taylor states “Student loans aren’t all bad.” The debt is NON-DISCHARGEABLE, Aaron. If you truly believe that drivel, then go up to each member of the 2011 SLU Law graduating class, and tell them this to their face, you deceptive rat. By the way, his SLU faculty page lists "Legal Ethics" as one of Taylor's supposed areas of "expertise."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flushing the Current Bloated, Overpriced, Moronic Law School Model Down the Commode

Critiques of “Legal Education” From Practitioners and Scholars

On September 2, 2009, this piece - written by former litigator Dan Slater - appeared in the New York Times:

“The American Bar Association, which continues to approve law schools with impunity and with no end in sight, bears complicity in creating this mess. Yet a spokeswoman, citing antitrust concerns, says the A.B.A. takes no position on the optimal number of lawyers or law schools. So then how about the schools? Can they save future generations of students from themselves?

If it means shrinking classes, don’t count on it. Limiting education is un-American, not to mention anticapitalist, even if many law schools appear to profit from what may charitably be called an inefficient distribution of market information.”
[Emphasis mine]

Seeing that the ABA has no problem with overproducing JDs and attorneys, why not allow any college student to major in law, during undergrad? Also taking the likely public backlash against “limiting education” into account, this concept will actually allow more people to sit for the bar exam. The major losers would be the parasites at LSAC, the LSAT prep companies, and the law schools.

Check out this stinging indictment against “legal education” and “the law” - by Yale law professor Fred Rodell. The fact that it was published in 1939 further shows that this industry has been corrupt for generations. From page 87 of this document:

“Thus, law school courses, since they are cut out of the pseudo-science of Law, inevitably focus on generalities and abstractions rather than on the solution of specific problems. A student might even study a case in a dozen different courses – and thus learn all about The Law of the case – and still not have the slightest comprehension of, or insight into, the real down-to-earth factual difficulty or controversy that brought the case into court.” [Emphasis mine]

Push Down the Handle

My goal is modest. I seek to inform potential law students that American “legal education” is typically a terrible and foolish financial decision. Based on this law and economics paper, Vanderbilt University "law professor" Herwig Schlunk agrees with this assessment. In the end, we each want a chance at a decent life. If you incur too much NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loan debt, then later on you may be unable to afford a home, marriage or children. This will take away opportunities for happiness. For $ome rea$on, the law school industrial complex cockroaches do not mention these outcomes, in their glossy brochures, DVDs, and colorful web sites.

Despite complaints from academic Paul Campos that the scam-bloggers have posed no alternatives, several bloggers have proposed the following: (1) require law schools to submit their employment and starting salary figures to an outside, independent audit; (2) tie tuition increases to the rate of inflation; and (3) provide stiff penalties for non-compliance, including placing violators on probation or removing accreditation.

This was before everyone realized that the law school pigs would rather die of cholera than voluntarily comply with any of the above mild requests. The law school pigs see “transparency” in job placement and salary data as unreasonable. This helps explain why Law School Transparency has been an abject failure. You cannot politely ask Industry to change its ways, and expect results. Then again, if you asked law schools to prepare students to practice law, the bitches and hags would scream that this is not feasible. (Somehow, medical and dental schools are able to provide plenty of clinical training to their students. Many faculty members are practitioners on sadistically from their jobs.) The pigs would moan and wail that the schools would need to raise tuition even higher, in order to set up clinical programs. And we all how these pieces of trash are concerned with lowering the costs of “legal education,” right?!?!

In light of the above, we should first close down the law schools – every one of these dung pits. Turn them into pawn shops, petting zoos, boutiques/hair salons, night clubs, sports bars, parking garages, or public libraries. Secondly, make law an undergraduate program, where the last two years are devoted fully to an apprenticeship-type study underneath an experienced lawyer. No more Socratic Method nonsense defecated by FAILED LAWYERS masquerading as “law professors.” At the end of this testing period, all law students will have performed work on actual transactional cases, as well as litigation. They will have researched, drafted, and argued motions – on their own. Those deemed unqualified in these tasks will be unable to sit for a bar exam. The supervising attorney will provide valid reasons for, and sign his name to, his assessment. Lastly, upon successful completion of the degree and program, these students will then take the bar exam. Anyone who fails the test twice will not be eligible to sit for a third time.

Conclusion: In the last analysis, law school is a wildly overpriced, three year ticket to sit for the bar exam. There is no point in REQUIRING law students to spend seven years in “post-secondary education” - and accumulating mountains of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process. Especially, when the job market is oversaturated. Furthermore, outsourcing of legal work, greater public access to statutes and case law, and advances in software has led consumers to scale back on their need to hire lawyers.

It is clear that bar prep courses do a MUCH better job of preparing graduates to pass the bar exam than the law schools could hope to accomplish. The latter cockroaches are too busy training students in “how to think like a lawyer.” So what the hell is the point of law school - other than to provide overpaid work to a bunch of failed lawyers?! Lastly, it is CLEAR that the law schools will continue to game the system and cook the books - in order to help their rankings. Allowing any accredited college or university to provide legal education will get rid of this incentive. Corporate firms can still be selective, by focusing their recruitment efforts on those attending Ivy League schools. At least, the students will no longer expect to take out $120K in additional student debt for the chance to work for a Biglaw firm. Hell, such a system might produce (slightly) ethical Biglaw attorneys.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dishonest Cockroaches: “First Tier” University of Illinois College of Law

The Dung Heap’s Extensive History of Cooking the Books

From September 19, 2011:

“The accurate, independently verified data for the class of 2014’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores and grade point averages (GPA) are as follows: median LSAT, 163; median GPA, 3.70. Information originally posted on the College of Law website last month inaccurately listed the median LSAT score as 168 and the median GPA as 3.81.”

What is the big deal? The school “only” added 5 points to the average LSAT score, for its entering Class of 2014. ABA-accredited law schools view such conduct as an accounting error. Take a look at this update, posted on September 28, 2011:

“CHAMPAIGN — In an investigation into the past 10 years of College of Law test scores and grade point averages, the University of Illinois has determined that inaccurate data were reported for four of those years.”

For $ome rea$on, these “errors” always benefited the school. The article concludes:

“Paul Pless, assistant dean for admissions in the law school, has been place on administrative leave.”

This festering sewer pit is no stranger to cooking the books. Check out this Chicago Tribune article, from July 7, 2009:,0,370456.story

“The University of Illinois' favoritism toward students backed by powerful sponsors must come to an end, the principal enforcer of the campus' secret admissions system testified Monday.

Chancellor Richard Herman took responsibility for the special treatment given to students with political connections but weak academic credentials. He also acknowledged trying to mitigate damage to the law school by seeking jobs for graduates and thereby improving the school's job-placement rate.”
[Emphasis mine]

If you are going to lie, cheat and manipulate, you may as well be thorough, huh?!?!

Tuition and Fees: In-state residents attending this pile of excrement, on a full-time basis, will pay $40,585 in tuition and fees - for the 2011-2012 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students at this dung heap will be charged $47,585 in tuition and fees, for 2011-2012. Apparently, one cannot expect the law school to be honest, at such prices.

Total Cost of Attendance: For Illinois residents, the commode estimates that total COA will amount to $56,105, whereas non-residents will face overall costs of $63,105, for the current academic year. Keep in mind that these pathological liars are only considering nine-month living expenses. Taking twelve month room and board plus miscellaneous costs into account, we come up with a more accurate total COA of $61,345 for in-state residents, for 2011-2012. For non-residents, this figure amounts to $68,345.

Ranking: According to Vagisil Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, the University of Illinois Commode of Law is the 23rd most phenomenal and amazing law school, in the United States. Perhaps the pigs felt that they needed to falsify data, in order to maintain the school's high ranking.

Employment Placement Info: The sewage pit does not publish employment and starting salary data, on its web site. Then again, could we trust the bastards to provide accurate info?! Hence, we head to Law School Numbers. According to this source, 90.9% of UIUC law grads - for the Class of 2005 - were employed within nine months of graduation.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those member of the Univer$ity of Illinoi$ Commode of Law Class of 2010, who incurred such debt - as $80,005. Fully 74 percent of this trash can’s 2010 graduating class took on such toxic debt for a law degree.

Conclusion: This putrid waste pile LIED about incoming class LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs. They did so FOR THE PURPOSE of increasing their law school ranking, which will attract more applicants and students. The public sewer charges a small fortune in tuition and fees, even for in-state residents. Presumably, a high rating justifies such prohibitive costs. Students feel that attending this pile of excrement will enhance their job prospects.

Furthermore, this was a campaign of dishonesty, not a one-time deal. The school admitted that it provided false data, in four out of ten years reported. In addition, a chancellor noted that he tried to improve the commode’s job placement rate - in order to balance out the damage to the school’s practice of admitting connected students with weaker academic credentials. In the final analysis, this school DOES NOT give one damn about you or your future. It simply wants to enroll your ass, rake in mountains of federally-backed student loan money, and then toss you out into the shrinking legal job market.
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