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Profiles in Rotten Pork: ABA “President” William T. Robinson III

The Subject’s Background:

When examining a subject, it is best to look at the specimen under the microscope. In this specific case, one should use a high-powered instrument.

“Robinson is a graduate of Thomas More College and the University of Kentucky, College of Law, where in 2004 he was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame. He served as Chair of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Board, Chair of the Cincinnati USA Partnership for Economic Development and is Founding Secretary-Treasurer of the Tri-County Economic Development Corporation (Tri-ED).”

Keep listing your “credentials,” Ass-Clown. As far as I am concerned, you can wipe your haunches with those “honors.” If you don’t have any integrity, then who gives a damn how many boards and committees you serve on?!?!

On August 9, 2011, Robinson’s employer proudly announced that he was named to lead the ABA:

“Frost Brown Todd is proud to announce attorney Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III has been named president of the American Bar Association (ABA).

“I am extremely honored and enthusiastically accept the responsibilities of representing you as your next president,” Robinson said in remarks to the ABA’s House of Delegates. “I am determined to lead this great association with commitment, clarity and continuity, as we work together to guide the future of our profession.”

What makes this morally bankrupt organization so great, William?!?! It is CLEAR that this body doesn’t give one damn about current students, recent grads or small firm and solo practitioners. You can shove that “commitment, clarity and continuity” platitude up your ass, William T. Robinson III.

As you can see, William T. Robinson III, was named to Kentucky Super Lawyers, in four consecutive years, i.e. 2008-2011.

ABA Head Swine Shoves His Hoof in His Snout:,0,1292258.story?page=1

On January 4, 2012, the Chicago Tribune published a piece, by reporter David Ingram, entitled “ABA head has little sympathy for jobless lawyers.” Here is the opening paragraph:

“Young lawyers with huge educational debts and no jobs in a depressed U.S. legal market should have known what they were getting into, the president of the American Bar Association said on Wednesday.” [Emphasis mine]

The article continued:

“[William] Robinson, a lawyer in Kentucky, said anyone entering lawschool has already completed an undergraduate degree or more.

"It's inconceivable to me that someone with a college education, or a graduate level education, would not know before deciding to go to law school that the economy has declined over the last several years and that the job market out there is not as opportune as it might have been five, six, seven, eight years ago," he said.”

Apparently, this cretin fails to understand that the ABA law schools have consistently published misleading and distorted employment and starting salary statistics, for years. By the way, Bernard Madoff’s defrauded investors included highly educated, connected, wealthy and powerful people. I guess they should not receive any consideration or compensation either, correct?!?!

Other Commentators Have Already Grilled This Pig for His Boar-like Behavior:

On Thursday, January 5, 2012, Staci Zaretsky kicked Robinson in the face, with an ATL piece entitled “The ABA Thinks It’s Your Own Fault If You’re Poor and Unemployed.”

“That’s funny, because it’s inconceivable to everyone else that someone at the head of the American Bar Association would not know before deciding to make such a statement that law schools have been painting pretty pictures of an extremely opportune job market for the last decade, despite the declining economy.”

On January 5, 2012, Paul Campos, law professor at the University of Colorado, also backhanded this swine across the snout and jowls:

“I'm personally looking forward to seeing Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III's testimony at the upcoming Senate hearings on the subject of, among many other fascinating topics, whether the current president of the ABA is as crooked as a three-dollar bill, or just remarkably stupid.

This isn't as easy a question to answer as you might imagine. It's true that it's hard to believe anyone with an IQ over 95 could say the things Robinson says in this interview (really, go read it). On the other hand, I've learned over the past couple of decades that there are some really, really dumb people in this business, some of whom, through the mysterious processes by which Persons of Quality rise to Positions of Leadership, are actually running important aspects of this thing of ours.”
[Emphasis mine]

Willfully Ignorant William T. Robinson III Gets His Panties in a Bunch Over “Attacks”:

“These are difficult times in legal education," Robinson said, referring to the tight legal job market, skyrocketing costs and criticism from The New York Times and elsewhere. "The attacks are not fair, in our opinion."

Imagine the effects of unjustified, skyrocketing tuition and the shrinking legal job market on debt-strapped, recent law grads, Porky.

Conclusion: In the last analysis, William T. Robinson III, is a greedy pig who does not want to see the gravy train come to an end. As such, this highly-educated idiot will do and say whatever it takes, in order to detract from the main issue. In short, he does not want anyone taking a skeptical look at American “legal education.” He is a confidence man who needs to build up the trust of naïve and ignorant students, in his organization. In comparison, used car salesmen don't burden you with six figures of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.


  1. William TTT. Robinson III got pwnd!!!1(one)!1

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  3. What a vile, disgusting pig this man is. The hypocrisy is unbelievable here. The ABA was encouraging law school attendance, accrediting more and more shit schools, and painting a picture of the possibility of viable career prospects in law when Pig Robinson is saying students should have known better than to believe it. What an a-hole, sociopath, and scumbag. The tides are turning Robinson, and you have been exposed as the fraud and criminal you are.

  4. to 8:03,

    I guess the fbi and DOJ should 'get a hobby' too right? Since exposing and punishing fraud is a waste of energy they should take up kite flying.

  5. At least Bernie's rich victims got some compensation. And they really "knew better." No one's that good. But they invested in his scheme anyway, and they had to at least suspect he was running a fraud pyramid.

  6. 3 ways to stop the Student Loan Gravy Train:

    1. Bring back consumer bankruptcy protections.
    2. Force Law Schools to cut back on enrollment until the job market normalizes.
    3. Make the law schools share in the risk by granting tuition refunds to those with neal flunking gpa's that do not want to continue after the 1st year.

    Of course there are other ways, but I think these 3 are pretty good.

  7. I could not believe the garbage this guy was saying. I am glad that your are covering him. As attorneys, I think we have the only trade organization that works against our interests. This guy is a douche. Either the ABA is clueless, pandering to law schools, or just does not give a damn about this profession.

  8. @ 11:02 -- not mutually exclusive.

  9. I don't understand how this person is still alive. These kids are all stuck making 20k per year after they obtain their J.D.

    Why aren't people rioting in the streets? Why has no one taken action against these criminals and frauds?

    Honestly, I'm surprised at what big pussies americans are.

    If I saw ANY dean or professor it would be VERY difficult for me not to strangle them.

  10. Hi William Robinson the Third,

    One F U deserves another.

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    On behalf of recent JDs everywhere.

  11. I am sure that most people think that the head of the ABA speaks for a big constituency of American lawyers. However, this is false. I work for a state agency that employs almost 200 lawyers and I have never come across a colleague who was an ABA member--even though my agency partially compensates employees for bar association dues. Instead, lawyers join the local bar association or the government bar association, which at least run free CLE programs, host meet-the-judges luncheons, lobby on behalf of their members, and throw holiday booze parties.

    So who does join the ABA? Who does Robinson speak for? My guess is other "superlawyers"--aka partners in major firms, as well as law school deans. In other words, the corrupt one percent of the legal profession, and not even all of them.

    In spite of this, the ABA, somehow, has been granted oversight and credentialing funtions over law schools, plus their "ethics" (aka outsourcing) decisions are taken as dispositive. So lawyers and law students do have an interest in what this unrepresentative outfit does.

    The ABA ought to be democratized. Every lawyer, JD-holder, and law student ought to have voting membership, though dues should be nominal and should be assessed on a sliding scale. Then, when the illustrious President of the ABA speaks, he or she will speak for the bar, not for his own piggish self-interest.

  12. Want to know how to insult the smelliest piece of shit living inside the most rotten toilet in the worst bathroom in all of Cooley's campus'?

    Call it William T. Robinson.


    On January 6, 2012, attorney Scott H. Greenfield wrote an entitled “Danger(ous), Will Robinson, regarding the pig’s conduct.

    “From an interview with Reuters:

    Robinson, a lawyer in Kentucky, said anyone entering law school has already completed an undergraduate degree or more.

    "It's inconceivable to me that someone with a college education, or a graduate-level education, would not know before deciding to go to law school that the economy has declined over the last several years and that the job market out there is not as opportune as it might have been five, six, seven, eight years ago," he said.

    Not as opportune? Well, that's a nice way to say it's in the toilet, with ABA approved law schools dumping about 15,000 new lawyers into a market that can't absorb them. But what about the ABA, Will? What about its role in this fiasco? What about the studies showing that the ABA's "management" of law schools has been a primary cause of their absurdly high tuitions, and cause for the huge debtload carried by new lawyers?

    "None of the studies show that the ABA rules of certification are what's responsible for the cost of legal education," he said. Other factors, such as competition for professors, are driving the increase in cost, he said.

    Robinson recalled his own experience paying for law school at the University of Kentucky, where he got a degree in 1971.

    "When I was going to law school, and I sold my Corvair to make first-semester tuition and books for $330, a sizeable portion of the faculty had tenure. They had tenure then and they have tenure now," he said.”

    Cockroach William T. Robinson III has the nerve to compare his situation to that of the recent graduate. Hell, Dumbass pointed out that he spent $330 on first semester tuition and books, in his Reuters interview. (It's a shame that he wasn't hit from behind, near the gas tank, while driving his old Chevrolet Corvair.)

    On this page, you will note that full-time, in-state tuition at the University of Kentucky Commode of Law - for 2011-2012 - amounts to $18,306. Out-of-state students attending this public stink pit, under full-time status, will pay $31,716 in tuition - for the 2011-2012 academic year. Of course, the school lists the charges on a per semester basis. Mandatory fees add another $1,006 to the tab.

    Greenfield also cites to the blog post written by NYU Law grad Derek Tokaz, regarding Robinson’s piggish comments. Although he is an overall douche-bag, at least he went after William the Pig.

  14. What's the job market like for law students at Kentucky's law school today? Well now they get to list this moron under distinguished alumni.

  15. If by nice you mean brutal but honest then yes this is nice.

  16. When the government wants to scare us, they run pictures of creepy and menacing looking men. They refer to them as criminals and terrorists. They put mugshots of dirty, filthy and unkempt men. Folks, the faces of evil have changed. Today, the face of crime and terror is not some purse snatching thug. No, when I see mugshots of Jon Corzine, Bernie Madoff and William Robinson III, I cringe with horror. These men and the evil they do would make Lucifer proud. Kudos to you Nando for exposing these types of human filth.

  17. Now that you mention it Robinson does look like a creepy bastard doesn't he?

  18. The old man thinks the criticisms about law school are unfair. Get the fuck outta here. How come it's okay for law schools to fudge their numbers?

  19. Very well said. No one deserves an expose more than this gentleman. You're doing a great job with this blog

  20. I'll bet this old fart gets a nice little salary from the ABA on top of his law firm income. With that setup, of course he's gonna say stupid shit like 'Young lawyers with huge educational debts and no jobs in a depressed U.S. legal market should have known what they were getting into.'

    Okay. In that case old bastards who say bullshit should have known they would be blasted by pissed off graduates.


    According to page 13 of the ABA’s 2010 IRS Form 990, then-“president” Carolyn Lamm raked in $100,000, in “reportable compensation from the organization,” whereas “president-elect” Stephen Zack made $50,000 from this cartel.

    On page 2 of this document, you will notice that Employer ID 36-0723150 received $140,834,962 in revenue - for the tax year beginning September 1, 2009 and ending August 31, 2010. Furthermore, the ABA had $92,461,901 in end of year net assets. The pigs stated that the ABA held $239,961,299 in end of year total assets, offset by $147,499,398 in end of year total liabilities. Not bad for a non-profit, huh?!?!

    The main number listed for this supposed “non-profit” corporation, based out of historically corrupt Chicago, Illinois, is 312-988-5000. If you want, you can tell the bastards that they are doing a fantastic job of fleecing the industry and the general public.

    On page 34 of the morally bankrupt organization’s Form 990, you will see that Carolyn Lamm, as “president-elect,” made $50,000, while then-”president” H. Thomas Wells Jr. “earned” $100,000 in reportable compensation from the ABA. For some reason, both Lamm and Wells are listed as merely devoting 20 hours per week, on average, to their “public service” positions.

    According to the 2010 report, filed with the IRS, Lamm put in 42 hours per week, on average, whereas Zack spent 34 hours each week, on average. Why would both the ABA “president” and “president-elect” suddenly increase their workload, by such an amount - in the span of one year?!?! Also, why wouldn’t the ABA increase these officers’ salaries, if they truly were spending 42 or 34 hours per week, on their respective positions?

    On page 27 of the ABA’s Form 990, you will notice that William H. Neukom “served” as “president” of this filthy corporation. In that role, he received $100,000 in compensation. H. Thomas Wells, Jr. “earned” $50,000 as “president-elect.” The ABA claims that each man worked 25 hours per week, on average, in their positions. Perhaps, the 2009 tax year required less “work” from the ABA’s officers, than the 2008 fiscal year.

    From these tax documents, you can deduce that William T. Robinson III likewise “earned” $50,000 from the ABA, when he was “president-elect” - and that as "president," he will receive $100,000 in compensation from this corrupt organization, which DOES NOT look out for the interests of recent law grads, current or future law students, or for non-Biglaw attorneys. He is presumably earning a salary, or “earnings,” from his law firm - while “leading” the ABA. He simply cannot relate to today’s law grads, which is why he can make such idiotic statements.

  22. I was appalled to read this. It is sick that the system that is supposed to represent us has turned it's back on those who are entering the profession.

    While I agree that we should come into law school with knowledge of what we are getting into (and my bad for not researching it enough, or I would have never), but to state that the schools are not inflating their own statistics and pushing the blame wholly on the students while law school prices are absurd is just asinine!

  23. Nando, thanks for the follow-up post on ABA officer salaries. For some reason, I thought attorneys served at the ABA out of altruism or benevolence. Foolish me to think that these paid shills would do something out of the kindness of their hearts. Spot on in calling William Robinson 3 a confidence man. Yet jokers like him will fleece people out of more money than your corner three card monte trickster.

  24. What a shameless swine.

    1. affordable website designsoftware developmentVery well said. No one deserves an expose more than this gentleman. You're doing a great job with this blog

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.


    On January 6, 2012, Thomas Reuters followed up their coverage of Dumbass William T. Robinson III, with a story entitled “Law professors dismayed at ‘out of touch’ comments by ABA pres.” A few “professors” actually called out this fat pig:

    “Some at the conference of the Association of American Law Schools - the largest annual gathering of law professors - called the comments tactless.

    "A lack of concern for law graduates - or anyone, for that matter - looking for a job in this economy smacks of questionable character," said Robert Ashford, a professor at Syracuse University College of Law who founded the AALS's Section on Socio-Economics, which focuses on economic issues in the legal profession and in legal education.

    Others said Robinson was unfairly picking on students.

    "Robinson focuses on the individuals who incurred debt rather than the institutions that induced them to incur that debt," said Kathleen Clark, a professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis. "Individuals can be held responsible for their decisions, but we should also examine the responsibility of institutions that have benefited from those individuals' ill-advised decisions."

    Ashford didn’t go far enough in his criticism of Robinson the Pig. In fact, William T. Robinson III lacks character, honesty and integrity. At least, when it comes to defending the law school industry. Kathleen Clark is a weasel, as the institutions benefited from students’ foolish decisions - which were definitely influenced by the rosy projections, misleading employment statistics, and skewed starting salary figures published by those institutions and the industry.

    A while back, I talked to a decent human being who happens to be a “law professor.” He stated the following: “Buyer beware doesn’t mean that you get to lie.”

    But not all disagreed with Robinson's remarks.

    "I think [Robinson] is absolutely right," said Paul R. Baier, a law professor at Louisiana State University. "The dire economy is obvious. In law we have a doctrine: You are assumed to know the law. I'd add to that and say you must know the economy."
    Robinson did not respond to email or phone messages left Friday afternoon. An ABA spokeswoman said he was not available for comment, but said, "We are very concerned about the way William Robinson's quotes were used out of context by Reuters."

    Robinson's remarks come as the legal job market continues to sputter. In December, the legal-services industry lost about 1,800 jobs, even as the economy as a whole added 200,000 jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday.

    Paul R. Baier is a sycophant and a moron. College graduates, including those from top universities, are discovering that the job market sucks ass. Many consider graduate school, and then determine that a JD is more marketable than an MA in Spanish Literature. The law schools also furnish misleading stats, which further cements in the applicant’s mind that he is making a wise decision. The schools take your money, and once you are out the door, they simply do not give one damn about you.

  27. "It's inconceivable to me that someone with a college education, or a graduate level education, would not know before deciding to go to law school that the economy has declined over the last several years and that the job market out there is not as opportune as it might have been five, six, seven, eight years ago," he said.”

    I understand the recession. This comment is pretty condescending. Because I dropped out after a semester, it's like he's talking directly to me.

    Hey asshole, I'm aware of the recession. Don't straw man my position. Recession or not, I watched smarter, more diligent students than myself flounder in the job market and end up taking unpaid work for the first summer. I'm not going 6 figures into debt so I can take unpaid internships.

    This guy sells pickaxes and shovels by the case, but the gold is gone from the hills, and the miners... they're walking straight toward indentured servitude.

  28. "This guy sells pickaxes and shovels by the case, but the gold is gone from the hills, and the miners... they're walking straight toward indentured servitude."

    Excellent way to put it!

    That WT Robinson is a real Jim Dandy, Rootin-Tootin fella fer sure!

  29. Excellent description of this fool's gold selling bastard, Carl.

  30. You owned this guy.

  31. Carl is correct. As a 20 year practitioner that has seen more than his fair share of struggling and starving attorneys, it is apt to compare a law degree with iron pyrite.

  32. This ABA punk has his head up his ass. Any prof that defends this puke should be declared disqualified from teaching ethics. Because someone like that clearly doesn't have any ethics.

  33. Is this guy serious!? How dare he compare 1971 to 2012? That's over 40 years ago. My cousin paid nearly $18K in 1978 to go to Pace (and yes, that is $18K for three years). Pace costs now over $38K *per year*; that's a pretty drastic comparison if you ask me.

    I had to pay my way through college back in the 90's when I went to school. I received partial scholarship and I footed the rest. That was in 1995. It took me seven years (with much sacrificing) to pay off my loan. No way in hell would I compare what I went through in paying for my undergrad to some kid going to college today. Costs today will take at least 15 years (if that) to pay off.

    I really do hope Congress sticks it to the ABA big time. What a horrible organization! So glad I passed on law school ten years ago.

  34. He's just a businessman whose business happens to be law, and a pig who should be skewered. Caveat emptor is another way of saying it's your fault for trusting my bullshit and getting swindled. When are otherwise smart people going to figure out the nature of capitalism as currently practiced is to screw you for every dollar you have and then blame you for paying? This is Economics 101.


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