Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Second Tier Swamp: Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center


Tuition: Louisiana residents attending this public dung heap, on a full-time basis, will pay $17,473.75 in tuition and fees – for the 2011-2012 school year. Out-of-state, full-time LSU law students will be charged $33,799.75, in tuition plus fees – for 2011-2012. These rates apply to first and second year law students. Those enrolled in their third or fourth year will receive a lower tuition bill. By the way, isn’t it nice that the commode gives all of its students a discount of $0.25 for the Spring Semester?!?!


Ranking: As the “flagship” law school in the state, surely this school has a stellar reputation in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! Well, US “News” & World Report rates the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Cesspool as the 84th greatest, most prolific, and amazing law school in the United States. In fact, the school shares this ranking with ten other trash pits.


Supposed Employment Statistics: The dung heap claims that 92 percent of its Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. To wit:

“LSU Law graduates typically succeed in securing employment within nine months of graduation and bar passage. Some 92% of graduates from 2010 were employed within nine months. Starting salaries ranged from $59,568 to $160,000 for the students reporting for the Class of 2010.”

The overall average starting salary was listed as $59,568. Keep in mind that this information pertains to those who bothered to provide their income data. Those earning small salaries are much less likely to report their earnings, to their law school. The stated minimum salary was $23,920. For $ome rea$on, the dung heap does not consider the incomes of unemployed grads, in this category.


Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the LSU Law Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $69,462. A mere 79 percent of this trash heap’s particular class took on such foul debt. This figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.


Faculty and Administrator Pay: Since this is a public school, we cannot rely on Guidestar, for this information. Instead, we head to the worthless LSU Reveille:

“These figures reflect the non-classified 2010-2011 annual salaries of University employees as of July 1, 2010. Note that employee salary is not necessarily the same as employee pay; the latter can be affected by other factors like bonuses.”

The statement above is correct, regarding the fact that these figures do not represent employee pay. For instance, Les Miles, head football coach at LSU, is listed as earning a $300K salary, for 2010-2011. For $ome rea$on, the Lousiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College does not furnish the salaries of its “law professors.” Since these pigs claim to be performing a “public service,” they should not be ashamed to provide their incomes. Oh wait. That public service line is simply another lie.

Let’s take a look at one bastard employed by this commode:


"I think [ABA head cockroach William T. Robinson III] is absolutely right," said Paul R. Baier, a law professor at Louisiana State University. "The dire economy is obvious. In law we have a doctrine: You are assumed to know the law. I'd add to that and say you must know the economy." [Emphasis mine] 


Check out the gray pig’s LSU faculty page:

“LEGAL DRAMA - LSU law professor Paul R. Baier, in the role of Professor Richard Henry Jesse, left, and Luling's Justice Harry T. Lemmon as Chief Justice E. D. White, right, starred in Father Chief Justice, a five-act play written and directed by Baier. The play was designed to preserve the memory and life of Louisiana's own Edward Douglass White, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1910-1921. Father Chief Justice was performed in the Colonnade Theater at the LSU Union on March 25 and also featured Judge Mary Ann Lemmon, Chief Judge William V. Redmann, Garland Rolling, Harry Rosenberg and David Madden."


If you take a look at Baier’s 20 page resume, you will notice that the academic reveres judges, especially members of The Supremes. Isn’t it sad that such an educated man puts these rats in black robes on a pedestal?!


This drivel is entitled “What Else You Can Do With a Law Degree.” Here are a few of the fields mentioned: artists; actors; directors; scientists and inventors; media personalities. The pigs forget to mention that you can also wipe your ass, with a law diploma from LSU.

Conclusion: The Loui$iana $TTaTTe Univer$iTTy Paul M. HeberTT Law CenTTer is a sweltering, second tier scat pile. You DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $75K-$100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to practice law in the backwaters of Louisiana. The “professors” will continue to make a fat salary; you do not need to personally go into financial hell, in order to pay their mortgages.


  1. What the hell is that? Is that a picture of shit in a bathtub? WTF, man.

  2. The picture is a urinal filled with turds. I can see how someone would think it a bathtub at first glance. Good lord, that's a gross picture.

    1. That's a squatter toilet commonly seen in Asia.

  3. That "What Else You Can Do With a Law Degree" is priceless. In spite of the tongue-in-cheek tone, it really is a giant fuck-you to law students and prospective law students. NONE of the activities listed is enhanced by a law degree.

    They actually list "philanthropist," as one of those things you can do with your law degree. Wouldn't a person be a better philanthropist if he or she does NOT go to law school and, therefore, has an extra 100K to donate to worthy causes?

    On the plus side, the in-state tuition is low-end for law schools--though, arguably, this shithole of a school is a ripoff at any price. A person from outside Louisiana intent on going there, should definitely spend a year establishing residency first.

  4. Shithole offers lame excuses for how to use a law degree. Yeah. That's groundbreaking.

  5. Things you can do with a JD: Actor.

    I laughed out loud when I read this. Especially since I have a an out of work friend attorney who went to a casting call for a role as a an attorney. Needless to say the casting director was not impressed with his JD and the role went to someone else who undoubtedly did not have a JD on his resume.

    I remember when I applied to law school, Ruben Blades had just graduated from HLS. People would say, you can go law school and become a singer and actor like Ruben Blades. What these law school administrators fail to disclose is that people like Ruben Blades were actors and singers long before they went to law school.

    Contrary to what LSU says, a JD won't give you entry into the club where you get to rub elbows with royalty.

  6. What a scam.

    Like in the song from the old TV show:

    "Easy credit rip off"

    "Good Times!"

  7. That 59K bottom starting salary is bullshit. I recently placed an ad for an attorney position paying peanuts and was flooded with responses. Some people had work experience that included working at law firms for free after being licensed.

    These guys need to be sued for false advertising. I bet I could get a few of their grads to work for free or $10 an hour.

  8. That would be one of those in-floor weird Japanese toilets, not a urinal.

  9. That is one nasty photo. It's apropos for the "flagship" law school in the most corrupt state in the nation.

  10. Any time you need to make a payment, and want to shoot your head off –Good Times.

    Any time you tell you tell people you are a lawyer who lives in a basement --- Good Times.

    Anytime you go further and under.
    Getting hassled and hustled by Sally.

    Barely keeping your head above the water. Only splashing...if you can.

    Temporary Assignments! Good Times!
    Midnight Doc Reviews! Good Times!
    Working as a waiter! Good Times!
    Stuck with that damn JD! Good Times!

    Ain’t I stupid sucka?! GOOD TIMES! YEEEEAAAAHH!!



  12. http://www.law.lsu.edu/index.cfm?geaux=centersandinstitutes.home

    As a student at this toxic waste dump, you can choose any of five centers and institutions, which are (allegedly) devoted to scholarly research and attracting the public’s attention to a variety of relevant issues. Here are a few examples:


    The Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS) was established in 1965 to promote and encourage the scientific study of the civil law system, its history, structure, principles, and actualities. Its purpose or mission is to facilitate a better understanding and further development of the private law of the State of Louisiana and other civil law jurisdictions, particularly those of continental Europe and Latin America, through theoretical and practical activities, such as publications, translations, sponsorship of faculty and student exchanges, visiting scholars, seminars and lectures.”

    Yes, that will be useful for one looking to practice law, right?!?!


    The George W. and Jean H. Pugh Institute for Justice provides support for research, educational and pro bono activities that promote justice for individuals in the administration of the criminal and civil justice systems in Louisiana and elsewhere. The Pugh Institute is a tax-exempt, charitable organization founded in 1998.”

    I am certain that this institute’s true benefactors enjoy tax-exempt status.


    The Judicial College, directed by Vice Chancellor Cheney Joseph, provides continuing education for the state’s judiciary. Topics including recent developments in juvenile law, tort law, civil law, criminal law, interdiction procedures, evidentiary/procedural issues in tort and first-degree murder cases, waiver of counsel, eyewitness perception and memory, and domestic and elder abuse were among the highlights of recent continuing legal education programs sponsored by the Judicial College for Louisiana’s judges. Over 900 members of the judiciary took part in sessions, which featured some 100 speakers. The College continued to issue its Criminal Law Newsletter and, in cooperation with the Louisiana District Judges’ Association, published the Louisiana Capital Crimes Bench Book.”

    No link is provided to the site. By the verbiage above, it appears that this is no longer active. If that is the case, at least no one will be pissing away more funds on this exercise in academic futility. Then again, it provided two reserves of emergency toilet paper.

  13. I done saw dat you done damn did an entreh on Kentucky College o' Law da other day. Ya even had the noive t' talk down 'bout their equine law program. How dare ya be talkin' 'bout mah beloved Kentucky like dat. I let dat shit slide. Jus' don' be doin' dat again, 'k?

    Ennyway, when ya's talkin' 'bout Louisifuckin'ana, I'sa gotsa a good idea. Yeah I sho'ly do. Teehee. Here it is. How's 'bout The Colonel comes up wit' some tasty, mouthwaterin' fried alligator? makes me 'cited jus' hearin' 'bout it. How's ya likes dat idea folks? Heheh. The Colonel still has it after bein' in the grave afta all deez years. Got dayem. Now go get yerself some yummy fuckin' cole slaw, cornbread, and add some of dem heav'nly biscuits. Then toss in a 15 piece bucket o' crispy, grilld o' 'riginal chickins. If ya wants a tossed salad, you'sa gonna have t' talk t' ya significant other 'bout dat. The Colonel can't help ya wit' dat one. Even if he wanted ta. if ya has a nice perky ass and some childbearin' hips mebbe we can woiks sumthin' out.

  14. BC Law. You got to cover this school sooner or later. The school charges Ivy League tuition. Think the results are Ivy League?

  15. LA is home to petrochemical companies and gas extraction. The bayou serves as a nice dumping ground for all sorts of toxic shit and biomedical waste too.

    I didn't see anything related to environmental law on the school's website. So I'll give them a little credit.

  16. Take a look at how this second tier law school sells itself, to prospective students:



    LSU Law is far more than a common law school. We like to say, “We’re a law school that’s On the Move.” The LSU Law Center remained solidly positioned among the top 100 American law schools in rankings released on April 15. The 2011 U.S. News and World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings placed the Center at 80th nationally, down slightly from the previous rankings in 2010.

    You ask, “What does the LSU Law Center offer that is different from other law schools?”

    Our answer:

    At LSU Law, you’ll receive a legal education that is demanding yet personal. It’s a place that offers guidance to help you chart your course, and an education that prepares you for practice or service in Louisiana or beyond our boarders in the global workplace. And finally, LSU Law offers a great education at a great value. The tuition advantage that we enjoy over private university peers has become even more dramatic over the past decade.

    In terms of Curriculum, you’ll receive preparation in the common law—similar to that provided in other American law schools. But, at LSU Law, you’ll also study and receive an additional degree that recognizes your preparation in the civil law—a blend of Roman, Spanish, and French legal traditions.”

    The school thinks that this qualifies as wit. By the way, who gives a damn if your law school is ranked “solidly” in the top 100 U.S. law programs?!?! Now, the school is ranked 84th – in an eleven-way tie.



    On the front of the law school building, above the frieze, are three sculpted life-sized figures: a lawyer in the center, a soldier representing those who have fought to safeguard rule by law, and a laborer symbolizing the role of the masses in support of the law.

    The LSU Law Center features the only joint degree program, Juris Doctor/Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law, in the United States and is only one of two such programs in the Western Hemisphere.”

    That joint JD/Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law is going to set you apart from the teeming masses of newly-admitted lawyers, right?!?! Furthermore, no one cares that the front of the law building features sculptures of a lawyer, a soldier and a laborer.

  17. Hello, LSU employees. How are you doing today?


    IP Information -
    Host name: macdaddy.law.lsu.edu
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: LA
    City: Baton Rouge
    Latitude: 30.405
    Longitude: -91.1868

    NetRange: -
    NetName: TIGERLAN
    NetHandle: NET-130-39-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-130-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    RegDate: 1988-05-09
    Updated: 2001-01-25
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-130-39-0-0-1

    OrgName: Louisiana State University
    OrgId: LSU-1
    Address: 200 Computing Services Center
    City: Baton Rouge
    StateProv: LA
    PostalCode: 70803
    Country: US
    RegDate: 1988-05-09
    Updated: 2008-07-08
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/LSU-1

    What a stupid nickname, i.e. Macdaddy.


    IP Information -
    Host name: eguruli-1.lsu.edu


    Would this be Erin Guruli, recently-named Director of LSU Law Center’s Office of Career Services?!


    IP Information -
    Host name: gferre2-1.lsu.edu


    Could this be Gwendolyn L. Ferrell, associate director of Career Services at LSU Law?!

  18. "...or service in Louisiana or beyond our boarders in the global workplace."

    you mean 'borders', dildos.

    re the pic - 6.10 is correct, it's an asian toilet. though as they're used by most of the world and promote healthy bowel action, i'd say our western sit-down crappers with their rectum-kinking sit-down postures are what's weird.

  19. must say I'm enjoying the student photo galleries - this cat getting in some valuable experience mock trialling a soup kitchen queue:


    who says these law schools don't prepare grads for the real world?

  20. LSU is a toxic dump located in the gigantic shit hole of Louisiana. Petro giants and pharmaceutical companies of the world: bring us your waste!

  21. Nando, given that you have featured Seton Hall twice on this blog (does that make it a double toilet?), I thought for your third annual Seton Hall law installment, you may run a feature called "Notable Seton Hall Law alums." Of course you could list the former Hoboken mayor who is scheduled to be released from Federal prison later this year and this guy:


    Oh and he is a CUM laude grad of Seton Hall law.

  22. From my analytics:

    Visitor detail
    IP address:
    IP lookup: ARIN / RIPE
    Unique ID: 609269295179450975
    First visit: Thu Jan 19 2012 6:14am
    Visits: 2
    Language: English
    Location: Baton Rouge, LA, USA
    Operating system: Windows 7
    Web browser: Internet Explorer 9.0Resolution: 1280x1024

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jan 19 2012 6:25am 4 actions 45s google.com lsu paul m. hebert center blog
    Jan 19 2012 6:14am 1 action 10s google.com lsu paul m. hebert center blog

    We can see that someone at the commode, i.e. “gferre2-1.lsu.edu,” was checking out this blog’s assessment of the law center.

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jan 19 2012 6:32am 4 actions 5m 46s

    LSU’s “Macdaddy” spent 5 minutes and 46 seconds on this site, yesterday. He or she made a total of four actions, during that time.

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jan 19 2012 7:39am 1 action 10s
    Jan 19 2012 7:26am 1 action 10s

    Lastly, we notice that “eguruli-1.lsu.edu” stopped by TTR twice, briefly. Isn’t it great to see that these “public servants” are so hard at work, making sure that LSU’s law students can find employment in the field?!?!

    By the way, the piece of garbage who posted nine comments to spell out "Go Big Blue" is a great example of mental illness, combined with blatant stupidity. Hell, the tool nearly ran out of fingers to count. The loser is a student at the University of Kentucky Commode of Law, located in Lexington, KY. Perhaps, he should spend some time getting to know judges, so that he can at least understand how to get on “court-appointed counsel” listings. The school published an overall median starting salary of $45K, for its Class of 2010. What a great school, huh?!?!

    @ 9:28 am, someone once commented that I should feature Seton Hall on this blog, at least once every six weeks. It truly is a cesspool. At least, the dean of the law school is no longer simultaneously serving at the university’s Athletics Director and law dean.

  23. Getting under your skin, huh?

  24. Fordham (cough!) (cough!) Fordham.

  25. I don't mind spraying cockroaches with RAID. However, some are very persistent. One day, when you have a job, a life, and some responsibility, you will not have so much time to waste. By the way, it is BEYOND PATHETIC that UK law students - and perhaps faculty - have time to cry online, because someone called the school a second tier toilet.

    That is one hell of a school, right?!?! You should develop some tougher skin, and not go hysterical because someone slammed your second tier law school.

  26. What tier was your law school?

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Get a job and a life, 12:27 am. You clearly have none, if you were on this blog at 3:37 am Lexington time, Saturday morning. Let me guess, before you say it: your "girlfriend" and you had such a great time last night that you felt the need to post a foolish comment on this site.

    More likely scenarios: you do not have a girlfriend. (Perhaps you decided to go to law school, in the hopes of FINALLY attracting someone of the opposite sex.) Another likelihood: you caught your girlfriend blowing a reserve point guard on the UK men's basketball team last night. Instead of being a man and confronting her, or parting ways, you brought your hysterical ass to this blog.

    Enjoy life in a tiny, run-down apartment, while applying for positions with temp hag agencies, bitch. Quit crying over a blog entry, from eight days ago, cockroach. Set your hurt feelings aside, pussy, and try finding a job.

    Also, MANY of my former Drake classmates are worse off than before they went to law school. I know some who cannot makes ends meet, ass-wipe. Others resorted to enrolling in other advanced degree programs. By the way, I have received several supportive emails from current and former Third Tier Drake students and graduates.

    In the end, you attend a second tier sewer. The "professors" and administrators are laughing at YOU, and collecting big-ass paychecks - courtesy of your student loans. (Have fun repaying that mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, when you are making $35K per year.) Instead of being a man, and standing up to this corrupt system, you support this scheme. You truly are a piece of trash and a tool.

  29. http://money.msn.com/family-money/the-poorest-counties-in-america/

    "The poorest counties in America

    These 15 counties have the nation's highest poverty rates, with the worst at or close to 50%, according to the most recent Census Bureau data.

    By MainStreet"

    I knew that Kentucky would have at least one slot, on this ominous list.

    "No. 13: Owsley County, Ky.

    Poverty rate: 40.1%

    Poverty rate of children under 18: 54.4%

    Median household income: $22,335

    Owsley County is a small area in the eastern part of Kentucky, roughly 90 miles from Lexington. The homeownership rate is high, with 76.3% of residents owning a home, higher than the Kentucky state average of 70.2%. However, the poverty rate for children is above 50%."

    Yes, have fun collecting payments from deadbeat dads, broke-ass criminal defendants, and clients seeking custody of their children. Remember, that as a member of this "profession," you will be obligated to continue to represent clients - even if they can no longer pay you. If you seek to be released as counsel - and note that it is due to non-payment - then be prepared for the judge to rip you a new rectum in open court, bitch.

    The University of Kentucky College of Law is a pile of wet excrement. It accepts mentally-imbalanced and emotionally disturbed cretins, as students. When someone points out that the school is sub-par, those morons then lose what little sanity that remained.

    Here is some personal advice, 12:27 am. Most colleges and universities offer a counseling center. In your specific case, they will need to refer your scrawny, zit-covered ass to a professional not associated with the school. Hell, YOU may qualify to become an in-patient clinic at a psychiatric hospital. Who knows? If you end up as a long-term resident of the mental institution, you may have grounds for discharge of your student loans - via the hard-to-reach "undue hardship" standard.

  30. "Not a common law school." That seems to be a play on the fact that most of Louisiana's law is not based on English Common Law, as most Federal and State law is in the United States. Rather, the laws of Louisiana, like those of Quebec, have their bases in French law.

  31. Do University of Kentucky law students understand this post is about LSU?

    You should just ignore those pieces of shit. They are not going to grow a brain stem any time soon.

  32. Wtf will these people pay you in?


    They need a law school there like mid-town NYC needs a toxic landfill..

    These schools are open for business because of the availability of Fed. dollars, nothing more.

    Free-market capitalism? We wish.. Big EDU + Big Gov't = $$$ Profits $$$.

    The new tried and true formula for success in America.

  33. I propose a research study. Somebody post the names of 20 prominent law firms from New York, Chicago, DC, LA and Boston (I only really know NY). I will look up where the grads come from. I wonder if any UK or LSU grads will be found in them.

  34. Nice! I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  35. Nando, do you get paid to right these articles?

  36. Because of Louisiana's unique civil law system, one doesn't plan on attending LSU unless one plans on staying in Louisiana to practice.


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