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Third Tier Moist Garbage: University of Missouri School of Law

Tuition: In-state, full-time, first year law students attending this dung pit will be charged $17,784 in tuition – for the 2011-2012 academic year. Second and third year law students, from Missouri, will only pay $17,180. Non-resident, full-time, first year law students will be hit with a $34,000 tuition bill, for 2011-2011, whereas second and third year, out-of-state students will have a tuition bill of $33,144.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same page, the school estimates that a full-time, in-state first year law student will face $34,326 in total costs, for 2011-2012. The commode lists this figure as $50,542, for first year, non-residents attending this trash pit, on a full-time basis, for the 2011-2012 school year. Keep in mind that these hags only consider nine month living expenses.

Recognizing that actual law students will require twelve month living costs, we can reach a more accurate total COA. In the worst-case scenario, i.e. full-time, first year law students, Missouri residents will be looking at a total expenses of $39,299, for the current academic year. Non-resident, full-time law students will be burdened with a comprehensive tab of $55,515 – for 2011-2012.

Ranking: With such a hefty price tag, this school must have a sterling reputation, in legal and academic circles, right?!?! Well…according to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTTy of Mi$$ouri Sewer of Law is the 107th greatest, most magnificent and wonderful law school, in the entire nation!! It shares this distinction with two other toilets, i.e. Third Tier Quinnipiac and the University of Mississippi. Their mothers must be very proud.

On April 16, 2010, scamblogger Angel, author of BIDER, posted the following entry, documenting the fall of this commode in the USN&WR rankings.

“Today is the big day. U.S. News and World Report released law school rankings for 2011. My alma mater has slipped 5 spots since I've graduated. At least I went to a T1 school (and according to me, that means #1 through #50)--but some schools have dropped quite a bit more. Take University of Missouri University School of Law, for example. Apparently, that school has slipped from 65 to 93. Woah!!! That is quite a dive. To me, it's still a second tier toilet, but it's a big deal to MU Law Students. I'm just wondering why this happened[.]” [Emphasis in original]

Based on the above post, this school has fallen 42 spots in this idiotic rankings scheme. That is truly impressive, huh?! By the way, why the hell does tuition keep increasing, when the job prospects are shrinking?!?! Anyone with an IQ above 80 can figure this out. The ABA – and its approved dung heaps - simply does not give a damn about the students, or recent graduates. The pigs will continue to defend their practices.

Alleged Employment Placement Rate: The school provides a chart, measuring employment “placement” rates over the last several years. For $ome rea$on, the trash can did not include overall median or average starting salary data. According to this graph, 82.3% of the Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. Furthermore, only 78.5 percent of the commode’s Class of 2009 found jobs, within nine months of earning their JDs. Yes, those numbers certainly justify such high tuition, right?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTy of Mi$$ouri JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $69,046. Fully 90 percent of this cesspool’s particular class took on such toxic debt. This figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.
Law Faculty Salaries: Let’s see how well the “educators” are doing, in juxtaposition to the debt-strapped students and graduates. Collegiate Times furnishes this data, for this school. Keep in mind that the following figures – for 2009 – may not include bonuses, nontaxable benefits, or other compensation. Dean Ralph Lawrence Dessem raked in $230,420 in salary. (Apparently, that is not enough money to him to get his yellow teeth cleaned, at the dentist’s office.) Rodney J. Uphoff “earned” $214,680, as “Elwood Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law” and Director of the University of Missouri South Africa Educational Program, while now-deceased James Richard Devine, then “David Ross Hardy Professor of Law” made $193,403. Does anyone with an ounce of integrity or honesty want to defend this wealth transfer program, from debt-soaked students to well-off, failed lawyers masquerading as “professors”?!?!


“Established in 1993, the Missouri Environmental Law & Policy Review (“MELPR”) is an academic journal published three times a year. MELPR focuses on regional and national environmental issues of interest to practitioners and policymakers. While under the umbrella of environmental law, the journal’s broad scope often includes: agriculture, criminal and civil litigation, property, administrative, maritime, and other areas of law.”

As a student of this public stench pit, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the “world-renowned” Missouri Environmental Law & Policy Review. Imagine how impressed women will be, when you tell them that you are Notes Editor of MELPR . Potential employers are only group that will surpass your coeds’ enthusiasm. [Disclaimer: women and employers will actually continue to ignore your sorry ass.]

Conclusion: The University of Missouri Sewer of Law is an overpriced pile of waste, that feeds off of taxpayer assistance and the dreams and aspirations of naive, prospective students. You DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $70K-$100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to have a chance at practicing law. The “scholars” and administrators are paid up front, in full – while YOU, the student and graduate, are stuck paying the bill, with interest, for the next 25-30 years. Furthermore, the law school does not bear any of the risk of these loans. This helps explain why ABA-accredited schools continue to enroll too many students, and pump out FAR TOO MANY grads each year – for the available number of attorney positions.


  1. Another flagship down the toilet. Nice work.

  2. The proudest names of our profession-- Lincoln, Darrow, Justice Robert Jackson-- were trained as attorneys according to the apprenticeship model.

    In those olden times, they believed that law was a learn-by-doing profession.

    Good thing we know better now, and charge kids in the neighborhood of 100K to enrich lazy pompous academics who stretch out a few months of doctrinal material into three long years, while providing near-zero clinical training. Good thing that legal education is entrusted to persons who haven't seen the inside of a courtroom in 15 years, if ever, but can tell you everything you want to know about Friedrich Nietszche.

  3. 9:22

    All three of those guys you mentioned would've told the schools to get fucked if they had been required to take on the equivalent of $100,000 in debt. All for the privilege of sitting for a bar exam.

  4. How does a school drop 42 spots in the rankings in just two years? No one should pay attention to these stupid rankings. There's no rhyme or reason to this.

  5. Now now Nando you have to give props to this school for not offering a course in Equine or Bovine Law. Kids, if you want to practice international law, Mizzou seems to offer a solid curriculum:

    For example, you can take "European Union Law" and "Comparative Criminal Justice (South Africa)" or for those history buffs out there, you can take "American Legal History to 1865" and learn useful chattel law and slavery. Or you can take "(In)Famous Trials" and learn salient trial tips such as "if da glove don't fit, you gots sta aquit" from the OJ Simpson trial. Oh and for you fem bots out there, this school has the classic "Gender & the Law Course" so you can learn some feminist perspective to practice law. And the selections of ridiculous courses goes on and on (just check out the "Law and X" selections).

    None of these courses will prepare you for the bar exam, much less to practice law. So much for this "flagship" school.

  6. Classes in Gender and the Law. Of course. The purposes of such classes is that it helps the professors persuade themselves that they are radical intellectuals, rather than rich scammers.

    In mind's eye, I see a woman
    visiting a recently admitted lawyer, and begging the lawyer to save her home from foreclosure, pursue a wrongful termination claim, defend her or her child against a criminal charge, sue some tortfeasor, ect. ect.

    And the lawyer can answer: "Whatever your specific legal problem, I cannot help you. Though I am a doctor of law, I have zero training in representing a client on any matter. However, as a female, you will be pleased to know that I can spout a lot of academese jargon about how the law oppresses women."

  7. I came out of MU 2 years ago with less than 20k in debt, due to the in-state tuition. I came in the top half of my graduating class, but not near the upper end. I'm working for a small firm in Jeff City making nearly 60k with solid benefits for me and my family. Anyone who would do actual research would find that graduates are doing pretty well coming out of MU right now if they did not pay out-of-state or if they got decent scholarships. Is it worth 30k a year? No. 16k? For me, without a doubt. You should realize that a great deal of people have an interest in law other than getting into the big city firms making 6 figures right out of LS. I have a feeling some of you critics grew up in an environment that gave you a sense of undeserved entitlement. Yeah, the legal field sucks right now, but if you want to be a lawyer and don't mind working hard, you can do well. Mizzou at in-state price is a great place to go to school, if you like Missouri.

  8. law school is for the benefit of law professors and deans.

    If you don't know that, you're too stupid or reckless to represent people in crucial matters.

  9. Nando, you neglected to mention what separates Mizzou from the rest of the third tier law schools. It was the first law school to offer an LLM in dispute resolution.

    I am sure you can skip being a judge and with an LLM in dispute resolution, JAMS will do anything to hire you as an arbitrator.

    Oh wait a minute. I just went through JAMS website and they have not hired one Missouri grad. If you can't get hired by JAMS, what can you do with an LLM in dispute resolution from this toilet law school?

  10. Does this pile of shit law school offer a space law certificate? If not, it should set one up. That should be good for a bump of 5-10 spots in the USN rankings.

  11. Wait, this guy went to Drake?!?!?! And you're going to complain about your shitty life? Jesus, do your research beforehand and get into a better school. Drake won't even tell you your life will be ok with a JD from them. Stop posting bullshit about decent schools by copying and pasting the same crap for every school that wouldn't accept you.


    To the douche-bag who posted last night at 9:39 pm,

    Quit bitching and crying about all of these entries. Many of the figures I cite come from the schools' web sites, Saint Louis dung beetle. Don’t get hysterical, simply because someone pointed out that the University of Missouri College of Law is a joke.

    By the way, I received a full-tuition scholarship to attend Third Tier Drake. As a result, I was able to keep my student debt to a somewhat reasonable level. My wife worked full-time, while I worked summers, and we maintained a frugal lifestyle. However, I ended up incurring about $37K in student loans - for living expenses. Furthermore, the University of Missouri Commode of Law is ranked 107, whereas Third Tier Drake is rated 110th. With a three-way tie for the “prestigious” title of 107th greatest, most amazing and wondrous law school in the land, the schools are not separated by much, i.e. they are both in the wasteland known as the third tier.

    If you want to remain an ignorant pig, then stop visiting this site. You also may not want to do any research into the schools that you are applying to, bitch. Then again, you did perform a search regarding whether John Marshall Chicago is a scam.

    From analytics:

    Visitor detail
    IP address:
    IP lookup: ARIN / RIPE
    Unique ID: 124930497
    First visit: Sun Jan 22 2012 9:28pm
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    Language: English
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    Operating system: Windows 7
    Web browser: Firefox 9.0
    Resolution: 1024x600
    Javascript: Enabled

    Time Visitor Session Referrer
    Jan 22 2012 9:28pm 7 actions 15m 25s isjohn marshallchicago a scam

    In the end, you are an ignorant law school APPLICANT. You are not even enrolled in law school yet, cockroach. This means that you simply do not know about the prevailing legal job market, that a “legal education” does not prepare one to practice law, or that the schools continue to annually produce FAR TOO MANY grads – for the available number of attorney positions.

    According to NALP, with surveys/numbers furnished by the law schools, there were 44,258 members of the JD Class of 2010 competing for a mere 28,167 jobs “requiring bar passage.” How do you like those odds, Ass-Clown?!?!

  13. I love when nando gets shit ripping mad. You would think the lemmings would have figured out by now that nando will rip them a new asshole when they post gibberish.

  14. You need check your shit, I graduated 2 years ago. Its incredible what kids think running someone's IP will tell them. Schools like Mizzou place well because of the notoriety of the University. Drake doesn't have that. I'm also guessing you placed in the bottom third of your class, as I know several recent Drake grads that are doing very, very well. As for you 44,000 grads for 28,000 jobs, that means that a third won't find employment. Suck it up in school and don't come in the bottom third. I think someone's parents told them that everything would be ok for a bit too long and their entitled mindset led them to coast through graduate school. The LS system is flawed, sure, but overall you can still do fine if you don't suck. You probably should have worked harder in that regard.

  15. To the piece of trash who posted at 8:43 am,

    Can you manage to make a cogent argument, based on facts, logic, and basic reasoning?! Or is that too much to ask from a waterhead, i.e. you?

    I graduated from Third Tier Drake, and I know SEVERAL former classmates who are struggling to make ends meet, bitch. MANY are not practicing law. Some have foolishly enrolled in LLM programs. Others simply returned to the jobs they held, prior to going to law school. Hell, former classmates who graduated in the top 5-10 slots ended up working for insurance defense mills, pussy. Some incurred $120K+, for the "honor" or earning/buying a law degree from that school. In the subsequent class, the outgoing SBA president at Third Tier Drake mentioned – at the commencement ceremony – that he did not have anything lined up.

    Imagine if medical and dental schools produced roughly 36.36% TOO MANY GRADUATES each year, mental midget. Do you think students and grads would see those programs as "professional schools" or diploma mills?!?!

    By the way, cockroach: you can shove that “hard work” meme up your ass. It is beyond tiring, and it is nonsense. Ninety percent of a typical law school class is aiming to land in the top ten percent. Even the alcoholics and potheads are busting their ass, studying meaningless, archaic, parsed appellate cases.

    In the end, connections and personal or family wealth are going to take one a hell of a lot further than “hard work” or “persistence.” For instance, how do you explain well-off college students, with average to subpar grades, ending up in management positions, immediately after college – with a BS in American History?! Their parents are in the right social networks, bitch. They belong to the same clubs, churches, and philanthropic or political organizations. Those families share the same tastes, and know people in positions of power – which helps them further entrench their wealth and holdings. Daddy can simply call in a favor, and his kid lands a decent job.

    PLENTY of people work their ass to the bone in order to get ahead, you ignorant rat, and yet MANY of them simply do not make much progress. The fact is many of those “persistent” students and workers do not come from wealth. They do not have the right family name, and they cannot call in favors from influential people, ass-wipe.

    Check out the January 22, 2012 entry on the above site, mental deficient. You will see how that blog author completely destroys the lame-ass “argument” that “How Much You Study In College Determines What You'll Get Paid For The Rest Of Your Life.”

    From the June 27, 2011 edition of the New York Times Economix blog:

    “According to this model, every state but Wisconsin and Nebraska (plus Washington, D.C.) is producing many more lawyers than it needs. (See table after the jump for full data, and additional caveats.)

    In fact, across the country, there were twice as many people who passed the bar in 2009 (53,508) as there were openings (26,239).”

    Based on this data, compiled by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., the State of Missouri is the TENTH MOST GLUTTED LEGAL JOB MARKET, in the nation.

  16. The lemmings don't want facts. They want to hear encouraging words from others that have been through law school. If you give them facts, they'll get upset with you. When you confront them with more stats and talk down to them, they're going to be even more upset.

    I like the blog, and I've followed it for some time now. But you should stop arguing with these delusional people.

  17. You did not mention how well you did in law school. Maybe you worked hard and suck...that's reasonable. The fact that you know "SEVERAL" other Drake grads that aren't doing well isn't surprising. Plenty of us that went TT or TTT are doing fine, even without finishing in the top 10%. You must have been quite, quite bad...Sorry.


    Hard work. Lot of good that did this guy (former editor in chief of his school's law review).

  19. Missouri is a shithole. You drop 42 spots in a couple of years, and that cements your status as a shitter.

  20. thanks for posting this. i thought about going to MU law school. i did not, thank goodness. at least its a public school and not a private school, still expensive though. let the buyer beware.

  21. Pardon my ignorance, but I have only two questions:

    (1) where is Missouri? and
    (2) why there is a law skool there?

    Oh, I forgot, it is a refuge for all those useless (but entitled) deadbeats lacking any talent and abilities with English, history, anthropology, and my all time favorite - political SCIENCE (cough, cough) degrees.

    Common, lemmings, line up for your LSATs. We need more ambulance chasers that are giving seven hour free initial consultations.

    I love to watch any of you ten years from now bold, fat, having bad breath, ruined financially, abusing all sorts of substances, and dating your left hand. What did you expect, dickheads? Are you seriously thinking that spending 24 months studying useless drivel will set you up for life? There are no shortcuts in life, unless, of course, your family is fully loaded.

  22. Unfortunately Nando left out the biggest attraction of schools like Kentucky and Missouri. These jurisdictions will allow a foreign trained attorney to sit for the bar exam. That's right you red neck folks. While you spend 3 years attending these toilets and flushing your student loan dollars down the commode, you will have to compete with Nigerian lawyers who attended law school on the cheap. Yes, these Nigerian lawyers will come to your jurisdiction with no debt and have an edge in competing with you while you chase ambulances in the red district in St. Louis. You have to love Kentucky and Missouri in that they are doing their best to diversify the local bar.

  23. Hey dumbshit lemmings. Just so you know, Nigerians speak English. They were a British colony and they still use a common law system. Given it might be crap. But these attorneys will not need to learn a new language or legal system. Enjoy competing with these men and women for doc review and shitlaw work.

  24. Look at these amazing dual degree programs offered by the University of Missouri Sewer of Law.

    “Dual Degree Programs

    Business — JD/MBA
    Public Affairs — JD/MPA
    Health Administration — JD/MHA
    Economics — JD/MA
    Journalism — JD/MA
    Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis — JD/MA
    Human Development & Family Studies — JD/MA or MS
    Personal Financial Planning — JD/MS
    Journalism — JD/PhD
    Library & Information Science — JD/MLS”

    Who wouldn’t want to earn a dual degree in Law and Journalism? Perhaps the JD/MA or JD/MS in Human Development & Family Studies will serve your better.

    “Juris Doctor/Masters of Human Development & Family Studies

    Dual Degree Program

    The Department of Human Development and Family Studies and the School of Law offer an integrated program in which students may obtain both a JD degree from the School of Law and an MS or MA degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Although a Master's degree normally requires two years of study, and a JD requires three, many students will be able to complete the program in four years.”

    “Juris Doctor/Masters of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

    Dual Degree Program

    With and (sic) Emphasis in Higher & Continuing Education

    The College of Education's Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis and the School of Law offer an integrated program in which students may obtain both an MA degree in higher and continuing education with a concentration in general higher education administration and a JD degree from the School of Law.”

    The morons cannot even correctly spell “with an emphasis.” Yes, who wouldn’t benefit by learning from such “intellectual giants”?!?! In the final analysis, the schools don’t give a damn if you find decent employment, upon graduation. While the school acts as if it is doing you a favor – by allowing you to earn two degrees in four years rather than five – it is simply after another year of tuition. Would you otherwise even consider attaining an MS in Personal Financial Planning?!

    If the school provides you with two physical diplomas, then you will be able to wipe your ass with both degrees. Is that worth another year of boring studies, and one more year of student loans?

  25. To underscore the point made at January 23, 2012 8:53 PM, in most foreign countries, a law degree is an undergraduate degree. In Nigeria, you can get an LLB, which is the equivalent of a law degree in 4 years. Then, schools like Kentucky and Missouri will entice these foreigners to obtain a one year LLM so they can sit to take the bar exam in their jurisdiction. I believe there are only 6 jurisdictions in the U.S. that allow foreign educated lawyers to sit for the bar exam, including NY and CA. Essentially, a foreigner, let's say a Nigerian, can complete an LLB for peanuts, pay in-state tuition at Mizzou or Kentucky for an LLM (after marrying a local Southern belle who gives him a green card and in-state residency) and bam, that Nigerian can sit for the bar just like you lemmings that overpaid and spent 2 more years to get that same credential. Ain't America great? What's even better is that a JD from these toilet schools isn't portable abroad. Don't believe me, try taking your JD to Sydney, Austrailia and practice law there. Isn't the ABA great? They allow people to come to this country to become lawyers and they allow doc review to be peformed by non-attorneys abroad. God, I love this profession. Now get back to studying that easy A elective called "Gender and the Law" to pull up your GPA (not that it matters after your first year).

  26. Some critics of this blog say that it is too negative of the legal profession, especially the wise words of the commenters. Well, to answer those critics, I am here to provide good news for the lemmings in law school or are about to attend. The ABA published an article today where the USN&WR suggest alternative careers once you realize you won't be getting a paid job working as a lawyer.

    Let's see, you can become the new Jerry Rivers, I mean, Geraldo Rivera. If your name is James Cruise and you are in law school, you can grow a mustache, put oil in your hair, comb it back, change your name to Jaime Cruz and become an instant latino news anchor. Or you can open a business, become a writer or become a real estate tycoon in this real estate market. See, the ABA is optimistic that you too can succeed with a JD even if it means you can't find as a paid attorney.

  27. Didn't Geraldo get his law degree from Crooklyn? Probably the school's most successful alum.

  28. Or you can do what Joan King, former extraordinaire director of career services at Brooklyn Law School, now does after leaving the hallowed halls of academia: you can become a realtor and live off of commissions:

  29. Are you ever gonna cover a school that's not shittier than shit?

  30. Nando, do you care to comment on the ABA's message in the USNWR article about what you can do with a law degree?

    My take on the article is that it is a big FUCK YOU to current law grads and students. It is an admission that there are few legal jobs out there so you better look elsewhere. This is the A BEE FUCKIN A saying this. Are lemmings this deaf and blind?

    This article is almost as bad as the LSU one about what you can do with a law degree (i.e., artist, actor, singer, beauty queen, etc.).

  31. This school dropped 42 spots, and it was already a piece of shit before then. I mean it doesn't matter if its ranked 65, 93 or 107. All of those numbers equal shit. I imagine the school can bill itself as being near the top of the third tier.

  32. There seems to be a trend of posters to this blog who try to make an issue of Nando's law school career, his class rank and his decision not to take the bar exam in order to invalidate Nando's claims. These postings miss the entire point of this blog and of the scamblogs in general.

    Nando and the other scambloggers are discussing systemic issues, are pointing out probable outcomes of enrolling in law school, are casting light on the lies that law schools tell and are generally making public a countervailing point of view to the slick salesmanship the law schools engage in. Concerns about Nando's own personal decisions and background are irrelevant to the very real problems of sky high law school tuition, the lack of legal jobs, the uselessness of legal education and the deceptive tactics law schools use to attract new students.

    Speaking for myself, I graduated from a TT, passed the bar, have a job making 75k a year and would discourage anyone willing to listen from taking out student loans to go to law school just about anywhere. I know plenty of other lawyers in practice who would say the same thing.

    So if you are going to come here to argue, just try to remember that Nando is discussing large scale, systemic issues. As far as I can tell, he is not complaining about his own lot in life. Hopefully law students and graduates should be able to discern relevant arguments from irrelevant ones.

  33. You need to get to the Texas law schools. We have too many of them down here. Anyone not going to UT Austin is wasting their fucking time.

  34. Check out this silly garbage:

    “MU School of Law Pride Points

    Our Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution is nationally recognized, with leading scholars from around the country serving as fellows. MU Law was recently granted “Recognised Course Provider” status by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for four courses in the JD program, including three arbitration courses.

    Our Career Development staff has increased in the last year to offer students more personalized attention as they examine career options and a wider array of career-related programs. One of the new positions is focused exclusively on public service and includes administration of a no-interest loan program for students who wish to pursue public interest work.”

    Pride points should be reserved for elementary schools, not universities and law schools. By the way, how the hell does Univer$iTTTy of Mi$$ouri become MU?!

    “Living in Columbia

    Columbia has been rated by Money Magazine as one of the best U.S. cities in which to reside, and among the best places to raise a family in 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family, which says of Columbia: "It operates like a well-oiled machine, and community spirit borders on the embarrassing."

    Students describe Columbia as an attractive and manageable city. The cosmopolitan atmosphere, diverse mix of people, cultural offerings, and natural resources (biking trails, hiking, lakes, state and municipal parks) make Columbia a Missouri treasure.


    With a population of 80,000, Columbia is located in central Missouri, midway between St. Louis and Kansas City, and a half hour from the capital, Jefferson City. Besides MU, Columbia boasts two private colleges: Stephens College and Columbia College. The three campuses offer a rich array of cultural, social, and intellectual opportunities.

    As a university town and large medical center, Columbia is home to a widely diverse population of professionals from around the country and the world. The racial and ethnic mix gives Columbia a favor that might otherwise be unexpected in mid-Missouri.

    Columbia's Greatest Draw

    For law students, perhaps Columbia's greatest draw is its proximity to employers from both Kansas City and St. Louis, and to an array of government and judicial opportunities in nearby Jefferson City. Because of its ideal mid-Missouri location, MU brings a variety of employers on campus to interview students. Our graduates are employed throughout Missouri, in every field of law and in all employment sectors.”

    This third tier commode KNOWS that it must sell the student on location, social atmosphere, diversity, etc. Don’t forget that these things will not help you land a decent job. Furthermore, the state of Missouri is a humid dump.

  35. The location thing is bullshit. Low ranked schools act like it matters if the school is located in the state capital or near markets like Kansas City or St. Louis. You don't see people sweating because they go to law school in New Haven.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    Visits: 3

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    Locale: Kinder, LA, USA / English
    Platform: Internet Explorer 7.0 / Windows XP / 1280x800

    Mar 2 2012 3:14pm 2 actions 33s
    Mar 2 2012 2:30pm 2 actions 22s

    The lousy cockroach tried to post a comment on this blog, at 3:15 pm today. She was bragging about giving head to a senior partner - for a supposed job. (She also told me to "suck [her] tits." Then again, this could have been a fat bastard troll with boobs.) Develop some self-esteem, mental midget. That will save you from having a law firm partners nads and semen on your chin, Stupid Bitch.,+MO/to/Kinder,+LA

    This piece of moist excrement LIED when she said that she has a $105K job lined up, after graduation. As you can see, this waterhead/mentally unhinged loser is viewing and posting from Kinder, Louisiana. According to the link above, this city is located roughly 769 miles outside of Columbia, Missouri. Does this third tier dung pit have a branch in another state, Ass-Hat?!?!

    By the way, the Univer$iTTTy of Mi$$ouri Sewer of Law is ranked 107th, you pile of rancid waste. Third Tier Drake is rated 110th, in the nation. This means that both schools are garbage pits, Deep Throat. Also, no one cares about a "flagship" law journal, dick-nose.

    Finally, how can you claim that no one from out of state attends the law school - and then in the next sentence state that only about 20 students - out of a total enrollment of 400 - are not Missouri residents?!?! Learn some basic logic, dung beetle.

    Grab a tissue to wipe that bodily fluid off your face and lips. And don't forget to brush your teeth, bitch. Some mouthwash and several breath mints would also help out. Have a bad day, pathetic ass-wipe.

  38. This school is a steaming shit pile. The students going here probably think they're safe because they went to a flagship. LOL.

    Oh and their 2nd seeded basketball team got smoked by a 15 seed in the NCAA tournament. Losers.


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