Friday, February 3, 2012

Bitch Slap Central: Twelve More ABA-Accredited Toilets Flushed with Class Action Lawsuits

One Dozen Additional Law School Diploma Mills Sued Due to Their Employment Data:

According to this press release from attorney David Anziska, the following twelve pieces of trash/waste piles have been sued for misrepresenting their employment data, to prospective law students: Albany Law School, Crooklyn Law School, Hofstra University, California Western School of Law, Golden Gate University Sewer of Law, $outhwe$tern Law $chool, University of San Francisco Sewer of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Depaul University Commode of Law, The John Marshall Law School, Florida Coa$tal $chool of Law, and Widener University Sewer of Law.

Media Coverage:

On February 1, 2012, the lovely Staci Zaretsky wrote a piece for Above the Law entitled “Twelve More Law Schools Slapped with Class Action Lawsuits Over Employment Data.” Here is an excerpt:

“Strauss and Anziska, who claim that they plan to sue 20-25 law schools every few months, held a media conference call this afternoon and introduced attorneys from each of the firms who will be assisting in the law school litigation. Named plaintiffs also introduced themselves on the call, including Cory Bennett of the University of San Francisco School of Law (who had to take a job at Macy’s for less than $10 an hour), Adam Bevelacqua of Brooklyn Law School (who can’t even get a document review job, even though his school’s career center assured him he’d be able to get a job), and Audra Awai of Florida Coastal School of Law (a mother who was forced to join the army because she knew she’d be unable to get a law job).”

Who doesn’t want to attend law school - and take out a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process - for the opportunity to make $10 an hour at Macy’s?!?! After all, that builds character, right?!

Sophia Pearson and Phil Milford covered this development, for Bloomberg, in a February 1, 2011 article labeled “New York, Chicago Law Schools Among Group Sued by Graduates Over Job Data”:

“The DePaul complaint, filed at the Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, accuses the law school of engaging in “Enron- style” accounting techniques to manipulate its employment statistics.

“Far from giving their graduates ‘a competitive edge,’ and placing them in good, secure, well-paying jobs,” its eight suing former students alleged, “DePaul consigns the majority of them to years of indentured servitude, saddling them with tens of thousands of dollars in crushing, non-dischargeable debt that will literally take decades to pay off.” [Emphasis mine]

Does that language sound familiar?!?! Anyone can see that this was lifted from several sources, such as Cryn Johannsen, several scam-bloggers, and other student debtor advocates. Before the law schools cringe at someone accusing them of employing Enron standards, take a look at this quote from Indiana University-Bloomington “law professor” William Henderson - before he tucked his nuts in and starting clucking:

“Enron-type accounting standards have become the norm,” says William Henderson of Indiana University, one of many exasperated law professors who are asking the American Bar Association to overhaul the way law schools assess themselves. “Every time I look at this data, I feel dirty.” [Emphasis mine]

The Schools Operating in Spin Mode:

Courtesy of the February 1st edition of the Wall Street Journal, in a piece entitled “A Dozen Law Schools Hit with Lawsuits over Job Data”:

“In a statement, Albany Law School Dean Connie Mayer said students are “well aware of the realities of today’s economy and we believe the information we provide during the admission process does not mislead our applicants, nor differ in standards of reporting from any other law school the applicant may have considered.”

How convenient of you to place the blame entirely on the law students, in defending your commode’s practices. Yeah, sure your data is accurate - and Sofia Vergara just locked her ankles around my waist, and dug her nails into my back.

From the Martha Neil piece for the ABA Journal, under the headline “12 More Law Schools Sued Over Reporting of Law Grad Employment and Salary Stats”:

“Leslie Steinberg, associate dean for public affairs at defendant Southwestern Law School told National Law Journal that the school stands by the employment data it has posted on its website and submitted to both the American Bar Association and U.S. News & World Report.”

What a "courageous" stand, huh?!?!

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this is not the end of the law school scam. With less morons registering with LSAC and applying to law school, I expect to see the diploma mills lower their admissions standards. However, these business enterprises - regardless of whether they are “non-profit,” for-profit, “private” or public - care about their reputations. “Law professors,” administrators, and apologist cockroaches KNOW that they mislead prospective law students, through their published statistics. They are now defending the indefensible. The pigs have no case and no argument. As Paul Campos, author of the blog “Inside the Law School Scam” once told me, “Buyer beware does not mean that you get to lie.”

Lastly, if you are an unemployed or marginally employed graduate from the JD Class of 2011, you have a moral obligation to report your status and pathetic income to your law school. Complete that graduate survey, in a honest manner. If you are making $12 an hour at Target - and have not yet provided your data to your toilet - then swallow a little pride, and provide that data to the school. Unless, of course, you feel that your temporary embarrassment is more important than helping others avoid student debt hell. Would you prefer that these pigs, rats and cockroaches continue to make fat salaries - on the backs of debt-strapped students?!  For good measure, send a copy to your senator.


  1. I look forward to being completely frank with my school when I graduate. Of course, I hope to say I make $160,000 and filled out the survey at a stop sign in my Lamborghini, but the reality I expect to say either 1. unemployed, or 2. under $30,000.

    1. I think "under $30,000" lets them off the hook pretty easily. Those who have stuck it out in law are often bringing in 10-15K, and that's if they're being paid anything at all.

  2. "Buyer beware does not mean that you get to lie." Yep, that's the situation in a nutshell.

    If the number of applications continue to decline, a lot of law schools will become desperate. And desperation turns into ruthlessness. So, not only will those schools lower their admissions standards, they will fudge their data even more than they do now, and adopt more deceptive language than they use now to lure applicants.

  3. I hope it's not long before they start suing the "respectable" tier 2 schools. I can't wait to jump in on the lawsuit against my school and try and recover something to help pay off the huge pile of debt that seems to never go down, no matter how much I pay. My school did everything except make an outright written promise that I would easily make over six figures after graduation. Turns out that I never made more than $40000 per year, less than I made before I went to law school and less than even the lowest salaries reported for private practice by my school. I ended up quitting law after a few years because I literally could not afford to be a lawyer anymore. Now I work in an office job, but I pay lawyer student loans for the privilege of being exactly back where I started a decade ago.

  4. One thing these law suits have left out is the merit scholarship bait and switch. I started at Hofstra in 2007 on a scholarship. Half my class lost our scholarships. If this isn't fraud I don't know what is.

  5. Seems like alot of the unaccredited law schools are in CA...I'm not sure why someone would roll the dice with an unaccredited school, bad enough many were duped by accredited TTT/TTTs! When will the Department of Education be added; maybe as a third party?

  6. I went to Chicago-Kent, and although I've been lucky enough to secure a decent job that allows me a living salary (but not near as high as you'd think it'd be according to the statistics the school put out), I still think the school deserves getting sued. I wonder why Loyola of Chicago was left out though. They put forth the exact same kind of misleading statistics, and are in the same "tier" or whatever as DePaul and Kent.

  7. The department of education is a fucking JOKE.

    These fucking loons in Washington subsidize these mother fucking criminal "law professors".

    Of course, no one gives a shit.

    No one gives a shit an entire generation of hard working young people are getting fucked by failed boomers.

    Shitty government, shitty law schools, shitty society, shitty country.

  8. I graduated from a tier 2 school in 2007. I know dozens of my classmates that never used their law degrees. We are talking at least hald the class. I even hung a shingle with a friend (briefly). He graduated the year before I did. Our office was located in a strip mall next to a nail salon and a sandwich shop. We couldn't afford to eat at that cheap dive. And we would take practically any case that came through the door. Here's one instance of how this profession sucks. We got one guy off on a serious drug charge. The ADA dropped the ball but and lost a few pieces of evidence that's beside the point. The guy never said thanks. I'm okay with long as I get paid for my work. The guy stiffed us. After paying the retainer he made one more minimal payment. He stiffed us out of thousands. And tracking down a dealer for money owed didn't and still doesn't suit my tastes. I'm dead serious.

    I really hope my school is sued for fraud. The sons of bitches said ~$80K starting salary was the norm. I can't remember the exact number but the school said something like 95% of grads found jobs within 9 months. I'm here to tell ya that is complete and utter bullshit. I had classmates with law review on their resumes that couldn't get hired by a firm or govt agency. I had classmates that worked for law firms all throughout law school and they were almost all shut out. You think those firms offered them a chance or probationary period? No. They were okay with paying them nothing or $10 an hour as researchers but not as lawyers onec they had their licenses.

    Thank you all for bringing heat to these bastards. It's a shame what they have done to so many. And when I read articles about law profs and deans blaming the student I really want to take a baseball bat to them Joe Pesci style.

  9. Nando said, "Would you prefer that these pigs, rats and cockroaches continue to make fat salaries - on the backs of debt-strapped students?!" How about Dean Nora Demleitner at Hofstra. She "fudged" the figures to move her school higher in US News and this got her the deanship at Washington and Lee. Now Hofstra is left holding the bag. Reminds me of college basketball coaches who go to a better school and leave a recruiting scandal behind. Question for Nando-is Demleitner a pig, rat, or cockroach?

  10. Best suggestion in this entire well-put rant?

    Encouraging the class of 2011 to report their income and job status to the schools. I agree they should also send their responses to members of Congress. Because you can never trust liars.

  11. Someone please sue University of Minnesota Law School. The place is a joke for anyone wanting to be a lawyer.

    1. does minnesota allow more than half of the class to graduate cum laude? it won't do them any good...

      minnesota's placement is bad - other similarly-ranked schools on the east coast place much better (e.g. their honors graduates all manage to land decent jobs, and some without honors also do fine.)

  12. Yes. Shame is a big part of it all.

    The shame of being a 1L and thinking that the outmoded 1L "weeding out" process was worth the humiliation.

    I had a 1L contracts professor that walked out on a class of some 40 to 50 people with 15 or 20 or so minutes to spare.

    All because 2 kids in succession did not briefed or read a case and had admitted it.

    The professor's face grew dark and angry, and he shrieked something about the students "being responsible for people's lives" someday, and walked out on all of that student loan tuition money for 15 to 20 minutes.

    God help me I was just a young kid and I didn't know what was going on.

    But what about the lives of the "weeded out" students?

    In hindsight, what that professor really did was walk out on the United States Federal Government that was paying his salary in greater or lesser degree, with taxpayer backed/funded student loans.

    I have heard it said that the US Government should not have become involved in Higher Ed. at all.

    Because that involvement has lead to all sorts of abuses such as driving the cost of tuition up etc.

    Who has the answer now?

    It is election season and none of the candidates are discussing this.

    Not Romney, not Gingrich etc.

    President Obama made passing implied reference in his most recent S of Union address.

    But the mainstream media continues to avoid the topic of student loan debt and the gravy train of easy money being poured into higher ed.

    It is like higher ed is a cheap used car lot hustling cars to a "no credit no problem" desperate and hungry accepting buying public.

  13. The catastrophe could have been addressed within the cloistered groves of academe, if only the ABA, law deans, and law professors had displayed a fragment of responsibiity.

    It was clear by the first few years of this century, and definitely after 2008, that there were too many law grads for the legal job market, that the JD was not respected by nonlegal employers, that tuition and debt loads were growing way too fast, and that even legal employers were pissed at the lack of practical training provided by law schools.

    The ABA could have responded by closing down the 20 worst law schools and demanding that the rest reduce enrollment by 20-40%. The law professors and deans could have accepted modest cuts to their insanely high salaries and passed the savings on to students. The schools could have relied more on adjunct practioners, both in order to save on faculty costs and to provide their students with valuable clinical training.

    Instead, the ABA and the law schools went in totally the opposite direction--boosting tuition, enrollment, and faculty pay, and cooking the books in order to lure bright but naive kids into a lifetime of debt servitude.

    It is a terrifying reality that poor people can usually be screwed over with no consequence. However, lawyers really are bright, resourceful, and articulate (no thanks to law schools). The law schools will not be able to cope with the justified anger of hundreds of thousands of lawyers. In a few short years, the scambloggers have generated class action lawsuits, NYT exposes, likely Congressional hearings, and a sharp decline in law school applications. The scoundrels will lose.

  14. Law schools are scum bags. Law schools have gone to total shit: low admission standards, lying law schools, faculty getting paid six figures for teaching six hours a week max, gouging tuition, no practical training,and so on. The ABA is lame for allowing this to happen. I think we should disband the ABA and hire the AMA, ADA, or even the NBA to advocate for the legal profession.

  15. These pig law schools will just lower admission standards if less people apply to law school. These scum law schools are not going to give up the gravy train.

  16. I hope they sue my alma mater Tulsa. They had the nerve to send out this huge glossy brochure (its on their website) showcasing the successful grads and telling everyone how freaking grand law school is and so on. What a joke!!!!!!!!!

  17. My law school cornholed me.

  18. MSNBC has now covered this story. Sylvia Wood wrote a piece for the news outlet, on February 2, 2012, under the headline “Law schools face lawsuits over job placement claims.” Here is the opening:

    "Original post: Adam Bevelacqua graduated from Brooklyn Law School last year with $100,000 in debt but high hopes for his future.

    He passed the bar on his first try in New York and had internships to highlight on his resume. And, according to his research, the school’s job placement rate for new graduates was between 90 to 95 percent.

    But Bevelacqua, 29, is no longer as optimistic.

    “I’ve been looking for work ever since,” Bevelacqua told “The jobs aren’t really there.”

    On Wednesday, Bevelacqua joined 50 other law school graduates from across the country who sued their alma maters, alleging they were misled about job prospects and burdened with huge amounts of student debt.

    The 12 lawsuits mark the latest round of litigation against law schools for allegedly misrepresenting their employment data. Last year, similar lawsuits were filed against New York Law School, Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Thomas Jefferson School of Law.”

    Later on, Bevelacqua added the following insight:

    “Bevelacqua, who lives in Long Island, said he decided to join the lawsuit against Brooklyn Law in hopes of pushing the schools to provide more accurate data, especially as they continue to increase their tuitions and enrollments. The current tuition at Brooklyn Law, not including housing and living expenses, is more than $48,000 annually. “Schools won’t take people seriously unless there is an economic threat,” he said.”

    He nailed it on the head, with that statement. These dung heaps only care about money. That is the only thing that these pigs understand.

    On the updated version, from February 3rd, the piece includes the following drivel from a paid mouthpiece:

    “Updated at 1:35 p.m. ET on Feb. 3: In a statement sent Friday, a spokesperson for Brooklyn Law School said about the lawsuit: “These claims are without merit and we will vigorously defend against them in court.”

    Hell, if anyone visits Tom the Temp - and various other legal forums - they will see that PLENTY of people condemn Brooklyn Law School as a toilet. In fact, many simply refer to the school as Crooklyn.

    Check out my entry on that cesspool, back on July 18, 2010. Read the comments, and see how law grads and attorneys view this garbage pit.

  19. They are all crap. Even places like Northwestern and NYU don't train you to be a lawyer. And biglaw is not interested in paying someone $160K so they can train them in things they should've learned in law school.

  20. Two or three years ago bar pass rates plunged at NYLS and Hofstra. The deans of these fine institutions blamed the bad economy!!!!!!!!

  21. it's a disease and they're all green;
    it emanates from their being;
    a satiation with occupation;
    and like weeds with big leaves;
    stealing light from what's beneath;
    where they have more;
    still they take more

  22. 'The economy' is a shit excuse. It's been shown the schools have been producing too many graduates for decades. Whenever there's a downturn in the economy, you will see the mess we have now. (And downturns in the economy are inevitable.) It's like this hypo: I deliberately lock you outside in the woods. At some point, you will be mauled by a grizzlie bear. Or starve or freeze to death. If I were a law professor, I'd blame your death on the elements (not my actions).

  23. I want Thomas Jefferson Skool o' Lawl sued, and sued well; that would be a cool building to own.

    I hope they destroy Widener SoL; the college it's attached to is an armpit. Also Temple U. Beasley SoL has to go; people at the college could use that building for something useful.

  24. Strelnikov, TJ$L was sued by a former student back in May 2011. As prestige whore Pussy David Lat noted in his May 31, 2011 ATL entry "Class Action Filed Against Thomas Jefferson School of Law:"

    "We mentioned this news last week, but judging from the slew of emails we’ve received about it, many of you want to discuss it at greater length. So let’s talk about it: the class action lawsuit recently filed against Thomas Jefferson School of Law by a 2008 honors graduate of TJSL, Anna Alaburda, alleging that the San Diego-based law school commits fraud, by using misleading post-graduation employment and salary data to attract new students.

    The complaint in Alaburda v. TJSL contains counts for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and violations of various California statutes (including laws against unfair business practices and false advertising). Plaintiff Anna Alaburda claims that she racked up more than $150,000 in student loans and can’t find decent legal employment, even though she graduated with honors from TJSL, passed the California bar exam, and sent more than 150 résumés to law firms. She now does document review on a project-by-project basis."

    Here is a copy of the complaint, filed in the Superior Court of California for the County of San Diego:

    Take a look at page 6 of TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law's demurrer - provided by ATL:

    “Likewise, plaintiff has failed to adequately allege that the employment numbers, as published by USNWR, are “misleading.” Plaintiff claims she interpreted USNWR’s data regarding the “percent [of students] employed nine months after graduation” as referring to full-time lawyer positions. (FAC, ¶53.) However, she neglects to mention that directly adjacent to these figures, the USNWR also lists each school’s bar passage rate. (Request for Judicial Notice [“RJN“], ¶1, Exh. A-J). For all relevant years, the bar passage rate at TJSL was LOWER (and often SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER) than the reported “percent employed nine months after graduation.” (Id.) Because bar admission is a prerequisite to practicing law, any reasonable reader would immediately recognize that the USNWR employment figures must include non-lawyer positions.”

    Hell, the dung heap admits that the bar passage rate was lower - and often significantly lower - than the published employment “placement” rate. This helps explain why law school administrator pigs and cockroaches incessantly squeal and chirp about a law degree being “versatile.” Of course, the bastards fail to recognize that SEVERAL THOUSAND law grads - each year - simply return to their prior line of work. Annually, thousands more manage to work in non-law positions - due to persistence, luck and individual initiative, i.e. they managed to find such jobs, in spite of their JD.

  25. I can see in the future law schools doing away with the LSAT or becoming LSAT optional. This will enable them to capture more potential students. You already see Colleges getting away from the SAT. This is one way that they will "lower" their standards without appearing to do so.

  26. If you think law schools are closing down and loans will be forgiven, read this article.

    The Socialist Junta of Obama wants us all to be educated burger flippers while we ship jobs overseas.

  27. ^LOL. I remember watching an old Carlin set. He said pretty soon all you'll need to get into college is a fuckin' pencil.

    'You got a pencil? Get the fuck in there. it's physics.'

  28. You know how mayors and governors will make a friendly wager with each other whenever their city's team makes the Super Bowl?

    What about this idea? If the Patriots win, New York must close down one law school permanently. And not replace it with another shitter.

    If the Giants win, one Boston law school must be shut down permanently. And not replaced.

    What do you think about that idea?

  29. What about the non-accredited law schools, their admission requirements are easier than some coloring books. I could get my dog into some of those law schools, he would probably be able to get student loans. Currently, law is a f'n joke profession thanks to law schools, law faculty, easy student loans, the ABA, state licensing boards for the unaccredited scum, pro bono nonsense, Legal Zoom, and all the other jokers taking a cut of the legal pie, while degrading it.

  30. Head over to Life’s Mockery, to see how others are analyzing this trash “profession”:

    “For those considering law school, this is a good read, a summary report entitled: What Can We Learn From Law School December 2011 by the Center for American Progress. I highlighted some quotes:

    p. 7: The high demand for legal education is somewhat surprising given its hefty price tag. It’s difficult to locate the cause of this steep rise in tuition. Though some have claimed that stringent accreditation requirements drive price, a 2009 GAO study showed that this assumption is incorrect.

    So not only student enrollment screening has become more lax, so has ABA accreditation.”

    In the rare instance that the morally bankrupt organization known as the American Bar Association denies a law school‘s application for accreditation, the dung heap ends up suing the ABA.

    On December 22, 2011, Joe Palazzolo wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal entitled Duncan, Rejected by the ABA, Sues for Accreditation." Here is an excerpt:

    "A Tennessee law school seeking the American Bar Association’s stamp of approval filed an antitrust lawsuit against the organization, accusing it of stifling competition by limiting the number of law schools.

    Knoxville-based Lincoln Memorial University’s Duncan School of Law filed the lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Tennessee, days after the ABA notified the school that it had rejected Duncan’s bid for accreditation. The school was featured recently in a NYT story on the ABA’s gatekeeper role in law school education.

    The school is trying to break in as a lower-cost alternative for students from distressed parts of the country, including the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. Duncan, which opened two years ago, has 187 enrollees. But to be able to practice law in every state and participate in most federal loan programs, students need the school to be accredited by the ABA."

    This article also includes a copy of the complaint/jury demand. This industry is such a stink pile. Anyone who gets offended by the images on this blog should realize that those pictures simply reflect the actions and conduct of “law professors” and greedy pig administrators.

  31. Just took my morning deuce and got shit all over my left thumb. Fucking gross. Even worse is that some of that shit got under my fingernail. My girlfriend only had that 99% germ kill shit around. No soap. This magnified the smell. I had to go to the kitchen and wash my hands with a fuckload of dish soap.

  32. 7:45- I hope you're not a Patriots fan as well.

  33. The Patriots didn't have enough weapons on offense. I say close down WNEC law. It is a true shithole.

  34. I am glad that Kent is being sued. When I went there in the early 2000s, tuition was right around 26k per year. Now its over 41k. The employment stats they release are complete BS. For 2010, they had 269 graduates, with 244 employed. 104 students reported salaries. Median salary is $62,200. So 38% of graduates provided salary info. Of those "employed," 68 are in firms of between 1-10 attorneys. 51 are in business and industry.

    Translating this from Law School Shill to English, 119 Kent grads are barely making it in shitlaw, hung their own shingles, or are working at Whole Foods or Target or the Admiral Theatre.

    Here's what I'd like to see law schools do in future as far as employment reporting goes. I would like to see law schools publish their employment stats in spreadsheet form. Fuck all of the medians and 25th and 75th percentiles and the 104 of 269 giving salaries. Put clear, meaningful data in an easy to read document. Each line of the spreadsheet could represent a student, with relevant information. It could look like this: "Student 1 - Employed. Barnes and Noble. Salary $9.50/hr. Student 2 - Employed. Dancer. Admiral Theatre. No salary data. Paid mostly in one dollar bills. Student 3 - Employed. Associate - Mayer Brown. Salary 150k. Student 4 - Employed. Hustles change from commuters outside Union Station. No salary data. Paid mostly in quarters, nickles and dimes. Student 5 - Employed. Solo practice. Had client pay $250 fee to fill out N-400 application. Currently seeking another client. Student 6- Unemployed. Sits in mom's basement all day surfing internet porn, thinking about whether it would be better to jump in front of an El train or a Metra train," and so on.

    If someone from Kent has occasion to read this, I would encourage you to put the class of 2012's employment info out in this form I have suggested. You have a full year to get this together. It shouldn't be hard to do. Do this, I might even finally give you a few dollars next time someone calls hustling donations.

  35. I would guess that these lawsuits will have a big effect on recruiting. Who would want to go to a law school that has been sued for fraud. Watch for these schools to dip big time in U.S. News.

  36. I can already hear the schools complain 'There's no way to gather all that data.'

    Bullshit. When I took the bar exam, I needed to submit to an FBI background check. I even had to explain why I was fit to practice law even though I racked up three speeding tickets during law school. (Can you believe this shit?) If the state bars can require all this they can figure out how many grads are employed in the law 5 or 10 years out. And the schools don't need to worry about providing identifying info if they do it the way TMoney said.

  37. Our President cant pass an FBI background check and still has not even proven he is a citizen of the USA. Why would we hold law schools and their data to any higher standards of honesty. These lawsuits are not going anywhere. You need to rely on yourself to learn what not to do before you get destroyed financially like these kids who are now suing because they were not smart enough to accept the fact not everyone can be a lawyer no matter how hard you work or how smart you are. Its a dead end game people. You are in the game or you are not. Its the rare person who breaks the door down and comes to the promised land and even then you dont stay long.

    Our society does not follow rules any more. If you have the money and a good marketing plan, you make the rules.

    Blogs like this are important as they tell people with no money and or connections that they are about to borrow money and ruin themselves financially for life for the likely false hope of becoming someone meaningful but are instead likely to be ass fucked by the elites who take your money with you getting heartache and anger in return.

    We are in a transitional time in our country where the rich are solidifying their power while manipulating the smart middle class and financially transferring them to poor status right before their eyes through loans on overvalued products. This started 20 years ago and will continue to get worse until there are too many smart people who will rise up and cause a violent revolution. The longer this takes to happen, the more likely it will fail. This is not 30s Europe where there is a place to go like the USA to start over when you get your society fucked by a tyrant and his cronies. This is the end game here people and once we no longer have SUVs and big screen TVs and have to live in trailer infested or ghetto style projects we all try to avoid, then it will begin. Obamas plan is by then to have so many illegal aliens made citizens with open borders that a few upset middle class people can be put down like dogs with no mention of them in the news.

    Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.
    In 25 years we are South Africa.
    In 50 years we are Zimbabwe.

    If you dont believe me, check out the birth rate of your favorite group of people.

    Going to law school only speeds up your transformation into a poor and angry bastard that you never meant to be.

  38. The Sacramento Bee has now covered this development, with an interesting slant. On February 6, 2012, industry shill attorneys drafted this piece entitled "Class Action Lawsuits Now Target More Than a Dozen Law Schools."

    "A threatened wave of class actions against American law schools became a reality last week after plaintiffs' lawyers sued a dozen more schools over their allegedly misleading use of salary and employment data. But this trend in "consumer protection" is potentially damaging, not only to U.S. law schools, but to higher education in general, said two attorneys for the national law firm LeClairRyan.

    "If the goal of these suits is securing transparency on jobs data, then the plaintiffs and their counsel are going about this in entirely the wrong way," said veteran class action defense attorney Michael Haratz, a Newark-based partner in LeClairRyan's Business Litigation team. "While there is nothing wrong with working toward clear, consistent and coherent reporting standards, such matters are best addressed via the regulatory process—not by bending higher education to fit a consumerist paradigm more appropriate to a purchaser of traditional consumer goods."

    The cockroaches fail to recognize or admit that regulatory reform WILL NOT WORK, in this situation. The ABA and the U.S. Department of Education simply do not give a damn about the students or recent graduates. By the way, who can’t see through this nonsense?! The “article” was written by corporate attorneys who deal in class action defense. Yes, who could possibly accuse these pigs of not being objective?!?! This drivel continued:

    “The complaints allege that U.S. law schools artificially boost enrollments by exaggerating or misrepresenting graduates' employment and salary statistics. "The problem with such litigation is that it runs contrary to the purpose and spirit underlying the class-action lawsuit as a vehicle for consumer redress," said Robert B. Smith a Boston-based LeClair Ryan partner and leader of the firm's Education Industry team. "Why? Because the consumerist paradigm does not fit higher education. Just as law degrees should not come with guarantees of 'gainful employment or your money back,' law students should not regard themselves as consumers entitled to same. After all, they are individuals with varying degrees of talent, motivation, discipline and intelligence. Their futures are their own responsibilities."

    If you are following this litigation, then look to see if LeClairRyan is representing any of these law school diploma mills/dung pits. Check out the firm’s web site:


    An entrepreneurial law firm...providing business counsel and client representation in matters of corporate law and high-stakes litigation."

    [Read: Corporate whores/cockroaches making sure that business in America, i.e. swindling consumers and the public, continues unabated."]

  39. @Anonymous Feb 3, 2012 09:55 PM
    Law schools are scum bags. Law schools have gone to total shit: low admission standards, lying law schools, faculty getting paid six figures for teaching six hours a week max, gouging tuition, no practical training,and so on. The ABA is lame for allowing this to happen. I think we should disband the ABA and hire the AMA, ADA, or even the NBA to advocate for the legal profession.

    @Anonymous Feb 3, 2012 09:58 PM
    These pig law schools will just lower admission standards if less people apply to law school. These scum law schools are not going to give up the gravy train.

  40. Nando:

    Read this article from LeClair. It was published in the Sacto Bee in late December of 2011. I found it on Yahoo since the Bee does not archive that far back. This article reads like a solicitation for business from these same law schools.

  41. What do you expect from corporate lawyers? They suck dick for a living.


    How is everyone doing at North Dakota State University today?!

    “IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: ND
    City: Grand Forks
    Latitude: 47.9312
    Longitude: -97.1582

    OrgName: North Dakota State University Computer Center
    OrgId: NDSUCC
    Address: ITS
    Address: PO Box 5164
    Address: 1301 12 Ave North
    City: Fargo
    StateProv: ND
    PostalCode: 58105-5164
    Country: US
    RegDate: 1989-06-07
    Updated: 2004-10-26

    From my analytics:

    Visitors who live in Grand Forks

    Feb 7 2012 12:19pm 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 11:51am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 11:49am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 11:25am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 11:11am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:59am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:55am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:53am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:46am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:45am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:44am 2 actions 5m 45s
    Feb 7 2012 10:44am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:43am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:43am 1 action 10s
    Feb 7 2012 10:41am 3 actions 1m 23s tier 4 law school crapper

    If you guys are considering law school, then check out this September 9, 2009 article in the ABA Journal. Debra Cassens Weiss entitled her piece “North Dakota Law Dean Says U.S. News Info on Clerkships is Wrong”:

    “U.S. News & World Report reported on Friday that Yale Law School is tops for having the highest percentage of 2007 grads in federal Article III clerkships, and North Dakota is second.

    Dean Kathryn Rand told the ABA Journal that she learned of the new ranking on Friday afternoon when her director of career services sent her the online link. The clerkship list said North Dakota placed 28 percent of its 2007 grads in all judicial clerkships, and 25 percent in federal Article III clerkships.

    Actually, the law school did not place any students in Article III clerkships in 2007, Rand said. The 28 percent figure for all judicial clerkships is correct, however, “and not an anomaly at all.”

  43. I would guess that these lawsuits will have a big effect on recruiting. Who would want to go to a law school that has been sued for fraud. Watch for these schools to dip big time in U.S. News.

  44. I am currently a 1L at Ohio Northern. The tuition here is $40,000/year. Although I studied a lot to make my 3.7 GPA in undergrad it seems this was not the case with many of my classmates. If only I would have cared to do better on the LSAT...I wouldn't be stuck in a law school where half the class graduated from their undergrad institutions with 2.5-3.0 GPAs. IT is such a scam to be sitting in the same room as these unintelligent folks. My current roommate is the most immature and dumbest human being I have ever met in my life. Sometimes I would like to take her cell phone and throw it down the toilet as it is always blaring with a speakerphone conversation. Point: Most of the students paid their way into Ohio Northern. My roommate said she called the admissions office every week for the entire spring and she was granted admission, it seems, solely based on the financial gain Ohio Northern would receive from her attendance. Thinking about dropping out...If you want to email me with any questions:

  45. Cal Western is garbage. Only a lawprof or a pathetic piece of shit would defend this 'school'.

  46. thanks to this website i avoided attending the widener toilet and law school altogether, i am now about to become a police officer and will actually begin a career rather than waste 3 years and ending up with 150,000 dollars less than i have now


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