Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Tier Turtlehead: University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

After flushing GW, we head to Baltimore, for our next plumbing job. The state reptile is actually the diamondback terrapin turtle, and not "American law professor."


Tuition: Notice that these ass-wipes list tuition, on a per semester basis. Maryland residents attending the full-time day program will pay $23,744 - for the 2011-2012 school year. With fees included, for both semesters, this figure will amount to $25,405. Out-of-state, full-time law students will be slapped with a tuition bill of $35,023 - for 2011-2012. After fees are added in, this total reaches $36,684. You can also attend the evening program. No, we are not referring to a drug rehab facility. 


Ranking: At this price, the school MUST be one “elite” institution, right?!?! Well, the hags and crotch-sniffers at US “News” & World Report rate the University of Maryland Sewer of Law as the 42nd most prestigious and amazing law school, in the land! The public commode shares this distinct honor with four other schools. 


Supposed Employment Placement Rate: According to this toilet, 94% of its Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. Yeah, sure they were - and Sofia Vergara just locked her ankles around my waist and dug her nails into my back. Then again, if you are a JD bartender/server at the Cat’s Eye Pub - or working in the Lumber department at Lowe’s - then you are considered “employed, for the purposes of NALP, the ABA, and the graduate survey.

For $ome rea$on, the pigs do not provide average or median starting salary info. Furthermore, notice that the pie chart shows that only 37 percent of the employed members of this class ended up in private practice. Who wouldn’t want to shell out $25K-$37K per year, in tuition and fees, for such outcomes?!?!


Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for Francis King Carey JDs from the Class of 2010 who incurred law school debt - as $83,693. Who says that “public” schools are affordable?! Fully 81 percent of this cesspool’s 2010 class took on such putrid debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not include debt from undergrad. 

Administrator Compensation Scandal: 


On February 20, 2010, Childs Walker wrote a piece for the Baltimore Sun, under the headline “Ex-dean of UMB law is audit target.” Here is an excerpt:

“Karen H. Rothenberg, former dean of the University of Maryland School of Law, was the administrator who received $410,000 in what a state legislative audit called "questionable compensation payments," according to university payroll records.

The routine audit of the University of Maryland, Baltimore says that in fiscal 2007, a high-ranking administrator received four payments totaling $350,000 for sabbatical time that was apparently never taken. The payments, approved by UMB President David Ramsay, came on top of a $360,000 salary.” [Emphasis mine]

As if this swine was not rolling in enough money! Does anyone want to argue that these “law professors” and administrators are not ethically challenged?!?!


“The law school’s commitment to public service ranges far beyond the curriculum. Institutional support extends to a wide range of student-run service initiatives. The Maryland Carey Law Katrina Project, providing legal services to those affected by Hurricane Katrina, and the Maryland Public Interest Law Project, which funds stipends for students pursuing unpaid summer public interest employment, are just two of the many student activities.

Our faculty are deeply engaged in scholarly activity that increases access to justice. From their publications, to providing congressional testimony that helps improve federal legislation, to organizing conferences that further the pursuit of solutions to pressing societal problems, the law school’s faculty are leaders in public service.”

Yes, consigning law grads to a lifetime of debt servitude - while facing TTT job prospects - equals “public service,” right?!?! These snake oil salesmen/“educators” do not understand the meaning of leadership! Instead, they want to keep the gravy train rolling - at the expense of the students, recent grads and the public.

Conclusion: The Univer$ity of Maryland Franci$ King Carey Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced, public waste pile. As with all ABA trash pits, this school does not care about the students - other than enrolling their asses, and taking their money/student loan funds. If you want to engage in public service, acknowledge that you simply DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $85K-$130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.


  1. Conclusion: The Univer$ity of Maryland Franci$ King Carey Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced, public waste pile. As with all ABA trash pits, this school does not care about the students - other than enrolling their asses, and taking their money/student loan funds. If you want to engage in public service, acknowledge that you simply DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $85K-$130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.

  2. "The state reptile is actually the diamondback terrapin turtle and not 'American law professor'."

    I love it!

  3. Francis King Carey? O-kay.

    Why don't these guys have law schools named after them? Francis Scott Key. Francis of Assisi. If he had one Nando could beat the shit out of another Catholic school. Sir Francis Drake. And Francis Bacon.

    1. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but there is a Francis Scott Key hall on the University of Maryland undergraduate campus in College Park.

  4. Let's say you are an attorney working for the State. Guess what happens to you when you submit false mileage reports for reimbursement? You will likely get fired and be brought before an ethics board which will decide whether to suspend or disbar you. What did former Dean RothenBERG get for double dipping on her compensation without taking actual sabbatical? Please tell me this lady was disciplined and that legal ethics is not some archaic concept that is taught by law professors but not followed by them. Is this a "do as I say, not as I do?" teachable moment?

    Sabbatical: that's another part of the higher education scam that I cannot fathom. Are these law professors burned out by teaching less than 6 class hours a week that they are entitled to a 1 year paid sabbatical, which they take to "recharge" their batteries or write some piece of shit pseudo-intellectual tripe about Nagel's philosophy on the law? Guess who pays for this sabbatical? The students who are dumb enough to enroll in this 42nd marvel of the law school universe, that's who.

  5. Do Georgetown next, man. You can't let this shitter off the hook. High uition * huge enrollment = beaucoup bucks.

  6. If you're gonna pay $35K a year to attend this school, why not just go to a higher ranked private school? That's what the lemmings care about anyway.

  7. Man, that school seems like a deep discount school compared to where I go. However, even with that discount, you still may be in a world of hurt when finished, especially if your grandpa isn't sitting on the bench.

  8. Here is my Poem about the T4 Law Grad with no connections for employment in this cruel world.

    I call it "Cry Baby Poo Poo" :)

    Cry Baby Poo Poo
    Cry Baby Poo

    He Took a big dump and then he cried: "Boo Hoo"

    And Then,


    The Big Bad Banker Bully Boys came out to play:

    He cried like a big baby,

    Took another huge dump

    and ran, ran away!

    Sincerely, and thank you, JD Painterguy


  9. A follow-up to 9:37 a.m.

    It is possible that nobody has thought to initiate an ethics complaint against Karen Rothenberg. The person who generally initiates a complaint with the bar is an ex-client or a boss. In her high-and-mighty deanship, Rothenberg had, in practice, no clients and no boss.

    In my state, a lawyer has a "mandatory duty" to turn in another lawyer to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee (ARDC) if he or she is aware that that lawyer engaged in conduct involving intentional dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.


    Is there a similar ethics requirement in Maryland? If so, perhaps some Maryland lawyer could file a complaint against Rothenberg, preferably a grad of the U. of Maryland. Even a reprimand to Rothenberg would be very good publicity and, maybe, provide a little scare to other law faculty miscreants, such as the U. of Texas crew who are currently savoring their millions of dollars of "forgiveable loans."

  10. 6:38PM

    Speaking of the UTexas "forgiveable loans" to the friends of the Dean program, how much you want to bet that none of those sons of bitches reported the "Cancellation of Debt" as reportable income? I bet they fixed it so that they didn't receive 1099-C forms so they could pay taxes on the forgiven debt. Isn't this tax evasion? Why isn't the IRS or FBI investigating these crooks? They purport to teach ethics to law students but believe they are above the law. I want to see some of these fucking deans, administrators and law professors do a perp walk. And you are right, many states have imposed a duty to report unethical behavior. In fact, failure to report unethical behavior is in itself a violation of ethics, which means all the professors at U. of Maryland are on notice to report Dean Rothenberg and if they don't, their collective feet should be held to the fire.

  11. I, frankly speaking, do not understand how retarded lemmings are expecting to repay the tuition, auxiliary expenses, and cost of leaving that they are forced to pay to attend and graduate from a law skool and to take the bar exam. What do they expect to do after graduating a law skool that is going to generate revenue that is enough to cover MINIMAL living expenses (no health or dental plan, and no car insurance and no car) and still have something left over to repay those humongous loans and interest on those loans? Do they understand that their private or corporate clients (and paying clients are hard to find as they do not grow on trees like bananas) will try to get free legal work from them every single time and also will not pay the bills without a fight or without an assessment of those bills in court? That is regardless of the service you provided to them.

    I appreciate that female law students think they always can give head to generate some business. Well, even if you are an attractive skunk, which is a big stretch for a female law student, your appearance is going to degenerate very rapidly once you are going to start to practice that family law you so much adore (what else realistically speaking would you be able to do? represent clients in Hague tribunal?) and "start to help people" and "really make changes in their lives". Give a shake to you stupid head - the only guy who will want to fuck you would be this ethnic janitor that cleans your offices after 8 pm (and only from behind so he does not see your wrinkled face and the bags under your eyes). He will do it as a favor to you, because his ethnic wife gives much better head than you do. He just wants to brag around that he drills a white girl.

    Male law students, however, are completely fucked, unless they are going to sell uncut cocaine to local jamborees after they finish their law office work. Well, they always have an option to get paid for being fucked from behind by this ethnic janitor that cleans their offices after 8 pm. He will do it as a favor to you, because his ethnic wife has a much tighter asshole than you do after being a lawyer for a few short years. He just wants to brag around that he drills a white, reach guy. And everyone knows that all lawyers are reach.

    You think I am kidding you? I am not kidding you, just leave the planet Academia and join all of us on the planet Earth.

  12. Take a look at the TTT journals that this commode publishes:


    "Maryland Journal of International Law

    The Maryland Journal of International Law (MJIL) is the School of Law’s newest journal. This revived journal will continue the legacy of the "Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade," which was once published at the School of Law and which was one of the preeminent and most widely cited student-edited international law journals in the country. MJIL provides a unique forum for scholarly discourse on a wide range of issues of international and comparative law. Authors include experts in the field of international law, academics, practitioners, and politicians. Student notes are also featured. The journal’s premier issue was released in 2009."

    Yes, because so many graduates of this first tier dung heap are going to practice "international law," right?!?!


    “University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class

    About the Journal

    Approximately forty students manage the Journal. Third year students serve as article editors, associate editors and editorial board members who select and edit papers for publication, manage the Journal's business operations, and organize the annual symposium. Second year staff members ensure the accuracy of all published pieces, provide other support for the third year editors, and write case notes or comments.

    In addition to publishing two issues each year, the Journal hosts an annual symposium that explores a current legal topic related to race, religion, gender or class. The Journal publishes symposium-based pieces, unsolicited manuscripts, as well as up to four student pieces written by the Journal's staff members. The Journal invites practitioners, individuals, law schools, libraries, and any other interested parties to subscribe.”


    “Journal of Health Care Law and Policy

    The Journal of Health Care Law & Policy (JHCLP) serves as a forum for interdisciplinary discussion of leading issues in health law, medicine, and health policy. JHCLP contributors have included physicians, legal scholars, health law practitioners, leaders in health policy, and experts in philosophy, public health, sociology, and other disciplines that consider issues related to health care.

    Bolstered by the nationally-recognized Law & Health Care Program at the University of Maryland School of Law, JHCLP is one of the few scholarly journals that bridge the legal, public policy, and scientific fields. Publishing two issues annually, JHCLP has become renowned for disseminating solution-based articles that are pertinent to problems confronting health law practitioners and health policy makers.”

    If you want a good laugh, then read this self-serving description - from a useless publication.

  13. Shit journals. High tuition. Based in Baltimore. Middling rank.

    It's a shite law school. 'nuff said.

  14. The Rothenberg scandal never got as much attention as I think it deserved. Sabbaticals are lame. The full professor sabbatical, where it is my understanding they get to double dip by teaching at another law school, while still getting paid by their regular law school is stupid. They teach maybe six hours a week, their job is one long vacation. They get summer off.

    Why do law students subsidize this group called law professors and administrators? Why are they paid top dollar? Most of their research will provide zero benefit to the vast majority of students. Just record their course, put in on a webinar, and charge $5,000 for the law degree. The material never changes and you will not be trained on how to do anything. The material is standardized, so the main difference is the "prestige factor" between law schools, a hype that has been largely bought into, and stoked by US News and World Reports. Typically, it is one exam at the end of the semester, to make it easy for the professors.

    The law professors are sacred cows that need to go. Almost any other industry you would get fired for doing other things that do not benefit the people that pay your salary. Legal research is too expensive for the little benefit it provides law students. I can say my professors scholarly pursuits did nothing for me, but maybe 70% of my tuition paid for their ability to write obscure articles?

    The current law school system is wasteful, expensive, and it is a joke in terms of preparing people to practice.

  15. Law reviews are nothing more than paying prissy little professors to write about their opinions on stupid, meaningless shit, which no one will bother to read. Who gives a fuck if its in a tertiary journal or Harvard Law Review. No one reads this shit.

    Put another way. In the last 2 or 3 years more people have read a scamblog than have read law review articles.

  16. This is an overpriced school They take in students from other states and make them unemployable in their home states. When the students attempt to get jobs in Maryland they are competing against graduates from TTT University of Baltimore who are connected through family business or local politics. If you are not connected in Maryland prior to going to law school do not attend either of the two law schools in Baltimore. Everyone knows in Maryland that the most important school you went to is not your law school or college, but the local prep high school. If you don't have that pedigree you have little chance!

  17. I advocate replacing the law school scam with a return to the old apprenticeship model, updated and modified for these more complicated times. There should be, at most, one year of doctrine and writing courses, followed by a two year long structured series of clinics and externships to train students to try a case, write and argue an appeal, and represent clients in several practice areas of the student’s choice.

    Tenured and permanent faculty are unnecessary and unwanted because they are too remote from the profession and too spoiled. All courses could be taught by adjunct practitioners or visiting lecturers, and the vast savings on faculty pay and benefits could be passed on to students.

    There is room in this model for funding useful legal scholarship. A lawyer of a scholarly bent who has an interesting idea for a article on some evidentiary, procedural, or administrative rule or policy could be granted a research fellowship for a year or two, write his or her contemplated article, teach an introductory course or clinic, and then return to the trenches of legal practice.

    What about the more abstract stuff–-legal philosophy, legal history, law and literature, race and gender studies? First, recognize that 98 percent of “scholarship” in these areas is total bullshit, drenched in academic jargon, and never read outside the academy. Its main ideological function may well be to allow law professors who would not know a courtroom from a faculty lounge to construct a self-image as scholars rather than scammer. When I see Nando’s pictures of overflowing toilets, I always think first of law review and law journals brimming with crap.

    As for the remaining 2 percent, that could be absorbed into other University departments. Imagine, for a moment, that Brian Leiter actually was a groundbreaking legal philosopher, rather than a pompous con artist. He would get a job as a philosophy professor instead of a law professor. Law students would be encouraged to walk across campus to the undergrad side and sharpen their wits by auditing his legal philosophy course.

  18. Male law graduates are truly fucked in this shitty society.

    Good fucking luck finding ANY job that pays more than 30k a year.

    Welcome to the scam. Sadly, most of us are too civilized to revolt violently.

    But our numbers continue to grow as long as the scam is allowed to operate. Soon these fucking smucks will be shot down in the streets.

    Yeah I said it.

    Go ahead and subpoena my information. I fucking stand behind my comments. Fuck these law school scammers.

  19. @ Feb. 22, 2012 7:26PM

    No one is talking about violence. Just remember, it it only money after all, and there are no debtors prisons for student loan debt.

    And I really believe that what goes around comes around in this world, and that the injured class of people financially harmed by the scam and by the student lending system will be either compensated in the new wave of lawsuits against the schools, or at least see the day when some kind of legislation cuts off the student loan easy money funding for educational efforts that are deemed too risky a gamble.

    It is just the times we live in, and like I say, what goes around comes around. The schools can't keep raking in millions in tuition dollars in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are graduating too many people into a job market that cannot absorb them.

  20. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/ex-law_dean_will_return_more_than_300k_in_bonus_money/

    On December 23, 2010, Debra Cassens Weiss wrote an article for the ABA Journal, under the headline “Ex-Law Dean Will Return More Than $300K in Bonus Money.” In the piece, she notes the following:

    “The former dean of the University of Maryland law school has agreed to return more than $300,000 in bonus money awarded as part of a “retention package” during an important fund-raising campaign.

    Karen Rothenberg had received $410,000 in bonus money over a two-year period ending in 2009, but she has already returned $60,000, according to the Baltimore Sun and the Maryland Daily Record. Now she will return $311,398, which represents the rest of the money less taxes she has paid.”

    The story concluded:

    “Rothenberg will return to the law school this fall as a full-time faculty member teaching a course on biotechnology regulation. The settlement of the dispute was announced Wednesday in a press release by the state attorney general.”

    Hell, I’m surprised this piece of garbage law school did not ask her to teach a course in “Ethics” or “Professional Responsibility.” Frankly, this wretch should have been charged with fraud, and sent off to jail.

    On December 22, 2010, Steve Lash wrote an article for the Daily Record entitled “Rothenberg will not face prosecution over controversial payments.” Here is an excerpt:


    “Under the settlement, Rothenberg and the University System of Maryland, represented by the attorney general’s office, agreed not to sue each other over the payments.

    “In reaching this agreement, we took into account professor Rothenberg’s service to the School of Law and that there were good-faith misunderstandings relating to matters of compensation that resulted in these payments being made and accepted,” Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler said in a statement Wednesday.

    In announcing the settlement, Gansler’s office said the payments to Rothenberg were approved by then-University of Maryland, Baltimore President David J. Ramsay. But Ramsay, who resigned just days after the audit was released, lacked the authority to approve the payments, the office added.

    Rothenberg, who served as dean from 1999 to 2009, did not return telephone and e-mail messages seeking comment Wednesday. Her attorney, Shale D. Stiller of DLA Piper U.S. LLP, could not be reached for comment.”

    Douglas F. Gansler is a giant pussy. Would he refuse to press charges against a wealthy philanthropist who sexually assaulted a 15 year old, after taking his or her “service to the community” into account?!?! After all, it is generally better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent, in the U.S. “legal” $y$tem.

  21. On February 26, 2010, ATL’s David Lat posted a reader comment, regarding this foul payoff. The entry is entitled “Former Maryland Law Dean Asked to Return Questionable Compensation - But Will She?”


    “One ATL reader contacted us to offer support for this conclusion:

    There is, in my opinion, significant malfeasance involved. This is the public law school of the flagship public university in the state of Maryland. [The controversy] is well worth your continued serious attention.

    Here are some facts. They are all a matter of public record and could be easily verified.

    Rothenberg’s base compensation is listed in university records as being the following: 8/2003: $288,925; 8/2004: $304,161; 8/2005: $327,246; 8/2006: $365,000; 7/2007: $408,450; 7/2008: $485,778; 9/2009: $485,778.

    The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on Median Salaries of College Administrators By Job Category and Type of Institution 2008-09. For law deans, the median salary reported is $266,895.

    Rothenberg’s base salary, already above the 2008-09 median in 2003, increased 68% in the next 6 years. It increased 33% in just the two years between 2006 and 2008 (so much for the argument that the whopping additional payment in 2007 that was disguised as a sabbatical payment was somehow necessary as a retention bonus).

    Her current reported salary ($485,778) nearly doubles the national average for the position. It is 2.33 times the salary earned by the next highest paid tenured faculty member at the law school (which is $208,055). It is 4.4 times the salary earned by new faculty members at the law school ($110,000).

    Rothenberg never earned a salary greater than $200,000 at UMD before being named the interim dean. She never had a minute of administrative experience as a dean or an associate dean at any law school before her appointment. She never appeared as a finalist in any dean search at any other law school in the U.S. during her tenure. She left the UMD deanship without another administrative position anywhere to go to. And yet, in just 7 years of being the dean, she earned more than $2.5 million dollars, not including the extra sabbatical and research grant payments questioned in the audit, and not including the value of expense accounts and benefits….

    [These numbers] are completely off the charts — they are wholly outside and beyond any standard industry practice or customary compensation policy at American law schools.”

    Do you see why law $chool dean$ find their positions per$onally rewarding and fulfilling?!?!

  22. Wow. Someone's mad at the law schools. Did you guys even graduate?


    Do you really want to become one of us by ignoring the warnings and going to law school?

    Do you not get that we have nothing personally to gain from these blogs? We don't get our loans paid off. We don't get jobs. We don't get jack shit. This is a pure, altruistic warning to stay the fuck away from law school. We feel THAT passionately about this issue, but you see it only as the rantings of a handful of failures instead of the cries of the leaders of the silent, ashamed, helpless masses.

    You fucking jackoff.

  24. If I had a gun in my face and could choose between going to law school again or kissing a toilet seat, I would go with kissing the seat...no joke.

    But if you wanna get fucked in the ass by the law schools like so many others, be my guest 1:37.

  25. 2.5 million in salary as a dean? Wow, that is a major scam. I think Al Capone at this point is turning in his grave from envy. This niggar that was killing people (together with his stepson) with a sniper rifle in DC a few year back should have targeted law professors and law deans. Police would not be even looking for him.

    Although, there is a down side to dean's job too. As a dean you have to stay on your knees at least twice every week and repeatedly hit someone's pubic bone with your nose. I bet that you if fuck Rothenberg in the ass, your dick would fly all over the place like a pencil in a jar. Making this kind of salary does come with obligations, if you know what I mean.

  26. Hey, Nando.. Any thoughts on this?


    SC school of law pays four bureaucrat fundraisers $536K* to raise, um, $500K.. which is um, 2% towards their $25 million goal..

    Yet the school is pleased as punch with their great performance... WTF?

    *USC claims the 4th does more than just raise funds for the building. Whatever. Wonder if this includes benefits, healthcare, etc.

  27. This school is just another public shit heap getting by on the federal student loan giveaway for law schools. You get rid of that, you kill the beast. But that's not going to happen in this lifetime. The bankers owns congress, and the presidents of the universities are happy to suck dick if it means more student loans.

  28. ttp://www.law.umaryland.edu/academics/journals/mdlr/print/articles/70_1_62.pdf

    Check out this moronic, wasteful law review article by Ann Bartow, currently a “law professor” at Third Tier Pace Univer$iTTTy Sewer of Law. This drivel is entitled “Response: Bloodsucking Copyrights” and appeared on page 62 of the 70th volume of the Maryland Law Review. Here is the opening:

    “Some bloodsuckers live off the life sustaining fluids of involuntary hosts and leave behind diseases or venom. Fleas, ticks, bedbugs, and mosquitoes are all bloodsuckers that are best avoided. Others, like the leech, suck blood in ways that can be very helpful to a host, promoting blood flow and healing. Vampires are fictional, sentient bloodsuckers that have populated various entertainment genres for centuries. Copyrights, too, can suck blood metaphorically in productive and destructive ways, or simply suck, period, when they senselessly impede free-flowing veins of information. And though they are not yet immortal, copyrights last a very long time.”

    In Copyright’s Twilight Zone: Digital Copyright Lessons from the Vampire Blogosphere, Professor Jacqueline D. Lipton lays out the tensions between copyright law and the online diffusion of culture, compellingly illustrating these tensions with examples taken from the popular Twilight books and movies. To engage in rather extreme reductivism, Professor Lipton’s fine article chronicles the legal and ethical complications posed by the desire of copyright holders to cultivate a large, enthusiastic, and profitable fan base while simultaneously retaining artistic and distributive control over their creative works.”


    For $ome rea$on, this academic fool forgot to list “law professors” under the bloodsucker category.


    On July 14, 2011, Mark Savignac wrote a blog entry under the banner “The Full Cost of a Law Review Article.”

    “A few months ago, Professor Richard Neumann of Hofstra estimated that the “total cost of a law review article written by a tenured professor at a top-flight law school” comes to around $100,000 — roughly the price of 15,000 Chipotle burritos. The reasoning is simple: Neumann assumes such a professor spends between 30% and 50% of his time on scholarship and produces one article each year (so he is assuming typical salaries of $200,000 to $333,333). And for assistant profs at lower-ranked schools, Neumann pegged the price per article at $25,000 to $42,000.*

    According to the original article, Neumann’s estimates ignore the costs of research assistants. But another cost not accounted for by Neumann is the cost of the work done by student editors at the law journals that publish professors’ articles. This component is almost certainly smaller than the $100,000 Neumann assigns to the law professor’s contribution, but I suspect it comes to a goodly number of burritos nonetheless.”

    Only in legal academia would students and the public be expected to pay $100,000 for a single, worthless article that is read by few people. These non peer-reviewed, opinion pieces serve no purpose, other than to show that a “professor” has been published.

  29. I have a great idea for a law review article or series or law review article or, hell, even a whole secondary journal.

    Basically, I contemplate a vast historical-cultural survey to explore the question: Has any other profession ever been destroyed by its own academics?

    I am sure that--with adequate funding, and a team of student-slaves to do most of the gruntwork--I could find interesting historical examples of academics in some field or other who were wildly overpaid, or who were overly-respected, or who flooded the market with too many graduates, or who trapped their students in many years of debt servitude, or who had zero or minimal experience practicing in the field they taught, or whose idea of professional instruction was to stretch out a few months of doctrinal material into three long years while neglecting clinical training, or whose “scholarship” was notable for both its shoddiness and its irrelevance to practitioners in their field.

    Of course, I doubt I could find an historical example of a field of academics who did ALL of these things simultaneously. In this regard, U.S. law professors circa 2012 are sui generis.

    I feel that somebody owes me a cushy faculty gig– or, at least, 15,000 Chipolte burritos.

  30. If any law professors are reading this, fuck you...in the asshole with a tree branch.

  31. Where is Colonel Sanders at BTW?

    I miss him!

  32. Thought you might enjoy this gem. Have to love Cooley for believing the lie. http://cooleylawschoolblog.com/2012/02/24/aging-of-michigans-lawyer-base-portends-job-growth/

  33. This school is a total piece of trash that might as well be a TTT. No out of State employer will hire from this dung heap, and most of its grads lose out to shit law jobs because all the judges and shit law bosses went to TTT University of Baltimore. If you go here, and take out loans you are dumber than a TTTT reject. Ask any recent grad from this crap heap.

  34. LebowskiUrbanAchieverMarch 26, 2012 at 3:35 PM


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    THIRD TIER REALITY: Second Tier Sewer: Villanovagoogle.com
    [secure search]Mar 26 2012
    3:17:27 pm/2012/02/first-tier-turtlehead-university-of.html
    THIRD TIER REALITY: First Tier Turtlehead: University of Maryland Francis K...

    Mar 26 2012 3:08pm 2 actions 9m 11s google.com [secure search]

  36. That person is from Severn,MD? That is one of the trashiest areas in Maryland. That's a reinvented "town" with the shadowy ghosts of industrial complex, milling hovering and adjacent to it. Bunch of arrogant classless whites live there. That person is likely not an attorney as that part of MD is near Glen Burnie (pwt to the 10th power)/going north in Anne Arundel County, that part borders ghetto Baltimore City. All around no class.

  37. I'm from Maryland and I want to work as an attorney or go into public service (not doing it for the money). I have to decide between Temple and Maryland...should I go to Temple in Philly (where the city is better) or should I go to Maryland, where I'm from locally and is ranked higher? Temple is currently an upper tier 2 and Maryland is a lower tier 1.


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