Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Tier Shart: Fordham University School of Law

This school produced the piece of trash known as Melvin Schweitzer, the idiot who recently dismissed the class action lawsuit against NYL$.  He earned his law degree from Fordham in 1969. Check out his 35 page POLITICAL DECISION here.

Tuition: Students attending this private toilet on a full-time basis will pay $47,360 in tuition alone, for the 2011-2012 school year! Fees add another $626 to the big-ass tab. Part-time law students at Fordham University will only face a tuition bill of $35,520 - for 2011-2012. Fees will amount to $536, for this segment of the class.

Total Cost of Attendance: The commode estimates that room and board, books and supplies, travel and miscellaneous expenses will reach $25,587. Keep in mind that these bitches and hags only take nine-month living expenses into account, when calculating this figure. Seeing that actual students will require twelve-month living costs, we can prorate and determine a more accurate, total COA - for 2011-2012 - of $81,532. That is a small ransom! Who has that type of money lying around?!?!

Ranking: Based on this prohibitive price tag, this school MUST be one of the greatest, most prestigious institutions of “higher learning” in the United States, right?!?! Well, according to the ball-less shills at US “News” & World Report, Fordham Univer$ity SOL is ranked as the 29th most wondrous, fantastic and amazing law school in the nation. Actually, it shares this rating with four other schools.

Supposed Employment Placement Statistics: The commode claims that 99% of its graduates, from the Class of 2010, reported their employment status. Among these respondents, the school asserts an employment rate of 93.1 percent, within nine months of graduation.

Check out this fine print disclosure, on the bottom of the page:

“*14.7% of those reporting employment status indicating that they were employed nine months after graduation, were employed in public sector placements funded by the Law School.” [Emphasis mine]

This is one hell of an indictment, against the industry. Remember that this is a “top 30” law school. Imagine the employment situation at lower-tiered institutions.  Furthermore, the dung pit admitted that many of their grads in private practice had their hiring dates deferred by a few months to a year - but that NALP that schools can count them as employed, if they were volunteering at public sector employers.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Fordham Univer$ity JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $131,648. According to this document, 76 percent of this school’s unfortunate 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.

Law Faculty and Administrator Salary Info: Let’s see how well these academic pigs are doing, in comparison to their debt-strapped graduates. For this information, scroll down to the last page of Fordham University’s 2010 Form 990. By the way, on line 12 of page 1, you can see that this supposedly “non-profit institution” had $568,673,074 in total revenue, for the tax year ending on June 30, 2010. On line 22, note that this university reported net assets or fund balances of $705,250,265. That’s not bad, for a Jesuit “non-profit,” huh?!?!

William Treanor, dean of the law sewer, “earned” $483,356, in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for this tax year alone. Thomas Lee, “Leitner Family professor of law,” made $367,584 in TOTAL COMPENSATION. Lastly, Sheila Foster raked in $338,438 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, as “Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Albert A. Walsh Professor of Law, Co-Director Stein Center for Law & Ethics.” That is a mouthful. What great salaries, and all they had to do was financially ruin several young people.

Conclusion: Fordham University Sewer of Law is GROSSLY OVERPRICED. Seeing that the schools and their shills feel that prospective students should perform more research, when making their decision on whether to attend law school, look at the links provided in this post. This school truly is a gamble, and YOU are not playing with house money. If your parents, spouse, friends or co-workers pressure you to move forward, remind them that your ass is on the line. YOU will be the one who is left to repay $135K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - with interest - NOT them.

At such debt levels, most of your student loans will be privately held. This means that you will face higher interest rates. Avoid this school, UNLESS: (a) your debt level will be minimal; (b) you have employment lined up beforehand; and (c) you or your family has STRONG business or political connections.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Profiles in Judicial Excrement: Corporate Shill “Judge” Melvin L. Schweitzer

Cockroach Judge Dismissed the Class Action Against Third Tier Trash Pit New York Law $chool:

On March 21, 2012, ATL’s Staci Zaretsky reported on this development, in a piece labeled “BREAKING: Class Action Lawsuit Against New York Law School Dismissed.” Check out the following excerpts: 

“Here’s one of [Melvin] Schweitzer’s money quotes:

The court does not view these post-graduate employment statistics to be misleading in a material way for a reasonable person acting reasonably. By anyone’s definition, reasonable consumers - college graduates - seriously considering law schools are a sophisticated subset of education consumers, capable of sifting through data and weighing alternatives before making a decision regarding their post-graduate options, such as applying to professional school. These reasonable consumers have available to them any number of resources of information to review when making a decisions.”

I laugh when oversensitive lemmings make disparaging comments about my writing style. It is lucid and straightforward. Perhaps, these waterheads confuse the ridiculous run-on sentences and mixture of corporatese, edu-babble, fifth rate social commentary and legal jargon, i.e. garbage, employed by “judges”/politicians in black robes as actual communication skills. If your child, as a high school student, wrote about “a reasonable person acting reasonably,” you should consider sending him to an “alternative school” - where he can gain better instruction and individual attention.

The piece continued:

"And here’s another one. Apparently Schweitzer, much like William Robinson III of the ABA, thinks it’s inconceivable that the plaintiffs suing NYLS weren’t aware of the declining market for legal jobs:

It is also difficult for the court to consider that somehow lost on these plaintiffs is that a goodly number of law school graduates toil (perhaps part-time) in drudgery or have less than hugely successful careers. NYLS applicants, as reasonable consumers of a legal education, would have to be wearing blinders not to be aware of these well-established facts of life in the world of legal employment.” [Emphasis mine]

Let me take a moment to shove that idiotic straw man “argument” up your old, corroded ass, Melvin. Law grads typically are not expecting HUGELY SUCCESSFUL careers. Most simply want to be able to put food in the fridge, provide their own living expenses, and pay their monthly bills - including their NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loan debt. Do…you…understand…that,…Bitch?!?! Or do I need to explain this to you in moronic terms, such as a concoction of academic/technical language, psycho-babble and corporate jargon?!

This case was quickly tossed out - despite the standard for dismissal being relatively high. Anyone without a personal bias or stake in the matter - who is also armed with a shred of honesty and a decent understanding of the issue - realizes that the documentary evidence DOES NOT utterly refute the plaintiffs’ factual allegations. As such, this case should be decided by finders of fact. Of course, the Melvin wants to ensure that a jury does not hear this controversy. (This certainly does not mean that the plaintiffs would win.) In the end, what can you expect from a garbage industry? Deans and university presidents are friends with legislators, judges and the upper crust segment of U.S. society. These pigs have a shared interest in making sure that the general public buys into the judicial and "higher education" systems.

Background on the Pig Known as Melvin Schweitzer:

From Melvin’s bio, as provided by the New York State Supreme Court, i.e. trial court:

"Melvin L. Schweitzer received his bachelor’s degree with honors from New York University’s University College of Arts and Sciences in 1966, and his juris doctor in 1969 from Fordham University School of Law, where he was a Loyal League Philanthropies scholar and a member of the Fordham National Moot Court Team.

From 1969-2005, he was in private practice, focusing on corporate, securities, public finance and insurance law, thirty years with Rogers & Wells in New York City. [Emphasis mine]

Melvin SchweiTTTzer graduated from law school in 1969. The legal job market has changed a little since then, correct?!?! Clearly, someone who practiced corporate law is going to side with business enterprises. This is human nature. For instance, trial court judges who were prosecutors identify with the assistant district attorneys and police.

Others Weigh In on Pig Schweitzer’s Decision:

From the March 22, 2012 article from Barbara Ross and the New York Daily News entitled “Disgruntled New York Law School grads have their day in court…but the lawsuit is dismissed”:

“YOU SHOULD have known your law degree was a dud.

That’s the message Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Melvin Schweitzer sent to nine recent New York Law School grads when he dismissed their lawsuit claiming their alma mater misled them about job prospects.”

Check out this March 22nd entry from Paul Campos, under the headline “The myth of the sophisticated law student”:

“Judge Schweitzer is living in the comfortable fantasy world of "rational actors," where reasonable people decide on reasonable courses of action in a reasonably reasonable way. Out in the real world, "the market" for places in law school consists in large part of inexperienced, unworldly, non-cynical, irrepressibly optimistic young people who have been socialized successfully to believe that law school personnel operate by a more exalted code than that found among carnival barkers and used car salesmen. In other words, people who have not yet learned to "think like a lawyer," i.e., a cynical pessimist who takes it for granted that

(a) In an "arms-length" transaction somebody is going to try to rip you off at least up to the very limits of the law, if not well beyond it; and

(b) Everything is an arms-length transaction.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Melvin Schweitzer is a corporate hack, and a tool of the establishment. Hell, the piece of garbage was a corporate and securities lawyer for over three decades. What can you expect from such trash? He clearly identifies with business entities, including independent business enterprises masquerading as "institutions of higher education.

By the way, Melvin: TONS of college graduates are not fully aware that student debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. When I mention this to such people, they often look incredulous.  So much for college grads being "sophisticated consumers," Ass-Wipe. Furthermore, 22 year old Americans are optimistic when it comes to their futures - and they also typically do not question authority figures or social institutions, especially “well-meaning” colleges and universities. They have been raised - since infancy - to believe that “Higher education is the KEY to their success.” This message has been reinforced by parents, teachers throughout K-12, peers, extended family members, pastors, movies and TV. You need to get out more, if you actually subscribe to the blithering nonsense in your order granting NYL$’s motion to dismiss.

Take a look at this segment from Chip Reid and CBS Evening News, which aired on March 8, 2012. Don’t worry, Melvin. It consists of a 2:23 video, and you will not be required to do much thinking or any reading. The piece is entitled “Lean times for law school grads.” Ask recent NYL$ grad Kevin Johnson how well this TTT worked out for him, you mental midget. According to this broadcast, Johnson graduated in the top 25% of his class. Head to the 0:33 mark of this link, you intellectually lazy bastard - and listen to Johnson’s words:

“Lawyers do lawyer things. Lawyers work in law firms. Lawyers do public policy work. Lawyers don’t serve pizza.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fourth Tier, Private, For Profit Trash Pile: Charleston School of Law

Tuition: According to this page, full-time students attending this cesspool will face $36,774 in tuition and fees, for the 2011-2012 school year. For part-time students, tuition and fees will only amount to $29,566 - for 2011-2012.

As you can see, this dung heap received ABA accreditation on August 4, 2011. Their mothers must be very proud. At least, the bastards did not waste any time before charging prohibitive tuition rates.

Ranking: With such a hefty price tag, surely this school has one hell of a reputation in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! Actually, based on the most recent rankings edition of US “News” & World Report, Charle$TTTTon Sewer of Law is rated as a fourth tier piece of garbage

Supposed Employment Statistics: Based on this document, the commode asserts that 82.9% of all 2010 graduates were employed or pursuing graduate degrees, within nine months of graduation. In the next sentence, the trash pit stated that 7.1 percent of this class was seeking an advanced degree. To wit, in poor grammar:

“Of the number who reported their employment status, 92.6 percent of students who passed a bar exam and 82.9 percent of all students were employed or pursued advanced degrees within nine months of graduation. The percentage of students who pursued an advanced degree was 7.1 percent.”

Break out your basic math skills, people. This means that roughly 75.8% of this toilet’s Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. What a great accomplishment, huh?!?! While the school claims that 59.7% of those reporting their status as employed were working in private law firms, you can bet your ass that this cohort is largely represented by connected children who were not smart enough to get into a better law school. Notice that the pigs did not even bother to include starting salary info.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Fourth Tier Charleston Sewer of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $129,125. Furthermore, 86 percent of this commode’s unfortunate 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember, this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.

By the way, this for profit trash can receives some support from a non-profit organization named Charleston School of Law Foundation. Take a brief look at its “objectives”:

“The Charleston School of Law Foundation serves as a non-profit organization that promotes the mission of the Charleston School of Law. It works with the law school to support its high-quality legal training and to instill a sense of public service in students.”

Do you see the greedy-ass “law professors” performing their minimal labors, out of a sense of “public service”?! Some may claim to be doing so, but the incredibly high tuition rates and for profit status suggest otherwise.

“As outlined on this informational video about the Foundation, "giving back" is a major theme that permeates the Charleston School of Law. It is one of the handful of law schools in the country that requires students to perform at least 30 hours of public service work to graduate.

"We hope our graduates will share the common value when they graduate that part of their service as attorneys is to give back to their communities and make them a little better," Charleston School of Law Dean Andy Abrams added.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: Charleston School of Law is a recently-accredited trash can that over-charges its students for a fifth rate “legal education.” In its stated goals, the school notes that it wants to develop “public servants.” Keep in mind that if you take this route, for that low-paid outcome, then you will likely incur an additional $130K-$160K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  

See if your lenders give a damn that you cannot find work, or that your job only pays you about $35K-$45K per year.  YOU will be on the hook for the full amount. Seeing that the average law student indebtedness at this rot pile is monstrous, if you attend this school, then YOU will almost certainly be taking out some private loans. Try repaying $80K in loans, at 8.5% interest - while simultaneously paying back your Stafford loans at a lower rate. If you want to help people, at a small salary, then become a social worker - for a fraction of the cost.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twenty More ABA-Accredited Pieces of Trash to be Sued, Over Their Misleading Employment Data

Hello, Law School Industry Swine:

On March 14, 2012, Staci Zaretsky at ATL also reported that TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law’s motion to dismiss was denied, in her piece entitled “Breaking: Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Motion to Dismiss DENIED — And Twenty More Law Schools to Be Sued.”

"Apparently, suing law schools isn’t a fool’s errand.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law filed a motion to dismiss its class action lawsuit over its employment statistics this summer. On a conference call with Team Strauss/Anziska today, we learned that TJSL’s motion has been denied." [Emphasis mine]

This may bring these “educators” to the bargaining table. Unless, of course, they want their business/reporting practices open to discovery. Zaretsky concluded her entry:

“When we asked Anziska about whether he thought the downturn in the economy had anything to do with the allegedly deceptive employment statistics reported by our nation’s law schools, he had this to say:

At the height of the recession, most schools reported placement rates of well above 90%. Now, all of a sudden in 2010-2011, after we’ve weathered the worst of the worst, schools are starting to report employment data that paints a much more realistic picture — a dim picture of employment prospects for graduates. Why, at the height of the recession, did they report sterling placement rates? It was simply impossible to have these high employment placement rates in 2009.

Taking a step back, we’ve got to wonder what, if anything, the American Bar Association is planning to do in the wake of all of these class action lawsuits. Granted, the ABA has made modifications to its annual employment questionnaire, but isn’t there something more that our law schools’ regulating body could be doing to prevent lawsuits like these from being filed in the first place? After all, the most common defense law schools have raised in their motions to dismiss these lawsuits has been to cast blame and aspersions on the ABA.

How much longer will we have to wait for action — or even comment — from the ABA? We think that the accrediting agency will eventually come to its senses, but in all likelihood, by the time the ABA decides to step in, Team Strauss/Anziska will have already sued every law school in the country.” [Emphasis mine] 

Anziska makes a great point: the ABA-accredited dung heaps published high employment “placement” rates, when those numbers were not attainable - short of manipulation. How is that ethical?!?! These corporate entities, masquerading as “institutions of higher learning,” constantly indoctrinate their students with the need to “avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

Apparently, the pigs have nothing to say when it comes to law schools manipulating employment data, for their recent graduating classes. Note how these statistics are usually included in the Prospective Students or Career Services tab. By the way, waiting for the ABA to enact meaningful change - to help students and recent grads - is akin to expecting your cat to wake up, make waffles and eggs, grab the morning paper, and serve them to you in bed. 

Disgusting Double Standard for Students and Law School Diploma Mills:

Check out this drivel from Duke University, with regards to avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. This “academic integrity” nonsense applies to students and lawyers, but apparently excludes the law school. At Third Tier Drake, my “Professional Responsibility” instructor became incensed and livid when some students mentioned that they saw no problem with being on a 5 hour flight for one client, and doing work on another client’s case while on the plane. She made it clear to the class that this was unethical conduct, i.e. “It is better to sit back and watch the in-flight movie than to work on another case, while you’re on the client’s dime.”

Legal Precedent:

On May 4, 2011, Matt Smith authored a piece for SF Weekly, under the headline “California Culinary Academy Settles Lawsuit With Students for Millions.”

"Juries are going to start to realize that this is their tax money going to these schools," [San Rafael, CA attorney Ray] Gallo says. "I think there will be more of these cases in the future."

While this culinary school was a for profit institution, the fact is that there is not much difference in mindset between for profit, non-profit, private or public schools and universities. (If anything, the for profit mills are at least somewhat honest about their main objective.) Just check out their big-ass endowments, investment revenue streams, and MASSIVE real estate holdings. Juries and the general public will recognize, at some point, that their tax dollars are providing “law professors” with $240K salaries, for teaching theory for 4-6 hours per week. In sum, these “universities” and law schools as profitable business entities. The students are simply a means to an end.

Conclusion: Despite the “legal analysis” provided by Idiot Star Jones on NBC’s Today Show recently, these suits appear to be moving forward. Frankly, I am not going to comment on the possible outcomes of these individual cases. However, I realize that these “higher education” business enterprises care primarily about money!! They also want to protect their image, and to maintain the public’s faith in their product. As with all corporations, these commodes want to avoid bad publicity. These suits represent the best chance at changing the schools’ deceptive practices. The cockroaches at the American Bar Association have SHOWN that they will not police the law schools.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Turd by Any Other Name Would Smell Just as Foul: Rutgers School of Law-Camden

Apparently, New Jersey will combine something called Rowan University with Rutgers-Camden - in an attempt to save taxpayer funds.

As you are likely aware, Loudmouth Fat Pig Christopher James Christie, governor of New Jersey, called a current Rutgers-Camden law student - and apparent former Navy SEAL - an “idiot.” The man simply told Butterball to consider the impact of the name change, on students and alumni. Everyone knows how much the pile of waste known as Christie loves to flap his gums. Hopefully, his foolish conduct is not indicative of the communications “skills” taught at Seton Hall University Sewer of Law.

Does anyone else notice how this putrid, corpulent dung beetle has a penchant for shouting down the common man, at town hall meetings?! By the way, why are these people always escorted out by state troopers, when this rotund gorilla belittles them?! (I already know the answer.) After the student was removed by police/pawns in uniform, Lard Ass said, “Damn, man. I’m governor. Could you just shut up for a second?” What bravery, huh?!?!

Tuition: New Jersey residents attending this waste facility on a full-time law basis will be charged $22,746 in tuition - for the 2011-2012 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students who, for some reason, chose to live in Camden for three years, will face a hefty price tag of $34,010 in tuition - for 2011-2012. Does anyone actually think that the merger will lead to lower tuition rates?!?!

Ranking: According to Bob Morse and US “News” World Report, RuTTger$ Sewer of Law-Camden is the 84th most sensational, remarkable and prestigious law school in the United States - along with ten other commodes. On the bright side, this is the highest-rated law school physically located in Southern New Jersey!

Pathetic Employment Placement Rate and Starting Salary Data: According to this PDF, this 80.9% of this commode’s Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. The cesspool does not list this rate, but use your basic math skills, i.e. 233 out of 288 graduates found some type of employment - in the time frame mentioned above.

This document lists the overall median starting salary - for 2010 JDs - as $46,400. The mean figure is shown as $56,924. By the way, the toilet notes that only 132 out of the 233 “employed” grads reported their income to the school. This represents 56.65 percent of those who had jobs! Imagine how these figures would look, if every employed RuTTger$-Camden from this class had bothered to respond to the salary question.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average student loan indebtedness - for those members of the Rutgers Sewer of Law-Camden Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $32,235. The magazine states that 72 percent of this cohort took on such debt. The debt figure is not monstrous. However, it does not include debt from undergrad.

Administrator and Faculty Salary Info: Let’s see how well the “educators”/pigs are doing, in contrast to their students and recent graduates. For this info, we head to the salary database provided by Collegiate Times. The following figures are for 2009: 

Rayman Solomon raked in $266,895, as dean of this garbage can. Dennis M. Patterson, “Board of Governors Professor,” made $244,682. Jay M. Feinman, supposed “Di$tingui$hed Professor,” received $215,067 in salary. Another “distinguished professor,” Robert F. Williams, “earned” $204,399. Apparently, the term “distinguished” simply means overpaid. Richard Hyland - yes, he has the same title as the other two swine listed - rolled around in $203,211. Roger S. Clark, “Board of Governors Professor,” made $201,550. See how well “higher education” pays off - for “professors”?!?!

Conclusion: Rutgers School of Law-Camden is a pathetic waste pile. The name change may negatively affect future classes. Although Rutgers is a dung pit, people around the country have at least heard of the school. While Christopher James Christie asserts that the merger will save New Jersey taxpayers money, do not count on the school reducing tuition. (If taxpayers stopped paying for the pig’s meals, they could instantly see savings.) Perhaps, the school will provide less scholarship money. After all, the “professors” are not going to accept a cut in pay. Remember, the cockroaches are in this for the money; “providing an education” is merely a cover.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Second Tier Superfund Site: Rutgers School of Law-Newark

Today, we visit the festering sewer/urban blight known as Newark, New Jersey. You may have noticed that Rutgers has been in the news, after some of its undergrad students - including a slimy cockroach named Dharun Ravi - spied on and videotaped a gay student in his own dorm room. The victim later committed suicide.

Tuition: New Jersey residents attending this dung heap – on a full-time basis – will be charged $22,746 in tuition, for 2011-2012. Out-of-state full time law students at this trash pit will face $34,010 - in tuition, for the 2011-2012 school year. Who says that “public” schools are affordable?! Imagine the total cost of attendance, with living expenses thrown in, lemmings.

Ranking: With such high prices, this school MUST have one hell of reputation in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! If you believe so – and you are sensitive to the truth – then you may want to skip to the next paragraph. US “News” & World Report rates RuTTger$ Sewer of Law-Newark as the 84th greatest, most fantastic and wondrous law school in the United States. Yay!! In fact, it shares this prestigious honor with TEN other ABA-accredited law schools!

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: The public commode claims that 87.6 percent of its Class of 2010 was employed within nine months of graduation. However, the pigs reached this figure by dividing employed JDs, by the number of grads for whom employment status was known. If you use the total number of graduates, then the result would be 85.27%, i.e. 220/258.

Regarding supposed starting salary statistics, first note that these figures are based on a mere 152 responses, out of 220 employed graduates. Perhaps, the other 31 percent of survey respondents were too embarrassed to report their big-ass salaries, right?!?! The garbage heap lists the overall median salary as $52,563. By the way, it is revealing that only 65.3% of those working in law firms bothered to report their incomes. You can bet your ass that these totals would be lower, if everyone’s data was included.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: According to the pigs and hags at USN&WR, the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Rutgers-Newark JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for their law degree - was $78,302. Furthermore, 86 percent of this class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this amount does not take undergrad student debt into account.

Administrator and Faculty Salary Data: Let’s see how the pigs are doing, in comparison to their debt-strapped graduates. According to the public employee salary database at Collegiate Times, Stuart L. Deutch made $287,278, as dean of the law school, in 2009. Likewise, George C. Thomas III, “Board of Governors Professor of Law and Judge Alexander P. Waugh, Sr. Distinguished Scholar,” raked in $212,500. Have you ever seen a more pretentious “title” in all of academia?!

Furthermore, a caveman named Gary L. Francione “earned” $203,000, in 2009. Check out his role, i.e. “Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy.” Lastly, John Leubsdorf, “professor of law” and “Judge Frederick B. Lacey Di$tingui$hed $cholar,” received $195,000 in annual income. In total, 13 faculty members made at least $172K, in annual salary, for this year. What a great system, huh?!?!

"The Women's Rights Law Reporter is a quarterly journal of legal scholarship and feminist criticism published by students at the Rutgers School of Law in Newark. 

Founded in 1970 by now-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and feminist activists, legal workers, and law students and first published independently in New York City, the Reporter moved to Rutgers in 1972 and became formally affiliated with the law school in 1974. It is the oldest legal periodical in the United States focusing exclusively on the field of women's rights law."

As a student at this ABA-accredited toilet, you can write onto the prestigious Women's Rights Law Reporter! Can you think of a better way to impress your co-eds?! Imagine how potential employers will salivate over your they use your CV as a coaster for their drink and lunch sandwich.

Conclusion: Rutgers Sewer of Law-Newark is an overpriced trash bin, located in a subterranean hellhole. Good luck graduating from this cesspool, while avoiding becoming a crime statistic. If you want to engage in public service, keep in mind that this does not require you to incur an additional $80K-$120K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  If your goal is Biglaw, then you should know that the odds are firmly against you.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ignorant Celebrity Law School Pig: Star “Gastric Bypass” Jones, Graduate of the University of Houston Law Center

The author of Exposing the Law School Scam first brought this swine to my attention, with his March 1, 2012 entry.  Click on the link below, which features NBC Today’s “Professionals” discussing the law school lawsuits:

Head to the 2:15 mark to see ass-clown Star Jones, Douchebag Donald Deutsch and “Dr.” Nancy Snyderman rail against the class action lawsuits filed by disillusioned law grads, against their former commodes. Here is a brief transcription:

Matt Lauer: At least 50 former law school students have joined together for at least 12 different lawsuits. Their targets? Their former law schools. They claim the schools are not being up front when it comes to the current employment opportunities out there, once they graduate…Do they have a case?

Former Butter Cow Star Jones: “No, not at all. Because I think you need to do some research and some reading on your own. Remember, you’re a law student. Hopefully you’re going to be a lawyer. Google. Look at the world around you. Understand that you need a little bit of a niche before you walk into a situation. No one’s gonna hand you a job. I hate whiners. [Emphasis in original – go listen to the dog’s remarks.]

Nice straw man argument, idiot. No one is asking for someone to “hand them a job,” you condescending bitch. Go get another procedure done. Fashion tip: Don’t wear a sleeveless top on national TV, when you have large flabby arms, ass-clown. By the way, does anyone else see a resemblance to the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz?!

All three of these people are Boomer cockroaches and corporate whores. They will suck up to anyone with money - especially their corporate overlords and advertisers. I laughed when Star Jones said, "I hate whiners." Well, aren't YOU whining about the supposed "whiners," dung beetle?!?! Later on, the three pieces of trash were laughing at the situation – and ragged on students basing their decision on a fifth-rate magazine.

Apparently, these morons fail to realize that law firms - including Biglaw – also look at USN&WR, when making hiring decisions. This blog has pointed out the idiocy of the situation. If Dog Face Jones feels that they should do more research, then she should have no problem with prospective law students looking at scamblogs and other sites that are critical of the law school industry pigs. Also, Star Jones should do some actual research so that she can know what the hell she is talking about - when she appears on national TV, as a supposed "professional."

It is CLEAR that she is not familiar with the glutted legal job market. This is also the case for excrement piles Donald Deutsch and “Dr.” Nancy Snyderman. Cockroach Deutsch referred to the disillusioned as “the whiny generation.” Keep in mind that the pussy simply waltzed into his father‘s advertising company, Deutsch Inc.  Yes, he can relate to working his way up, right?!?! (The next segment featured “male birth control.” Snyderman, if some guy was with you and your horse face, he would be shooting blanks. Hell, Tony Curtis made a better-looking woman, and he was a hideous female.)  These three boars were chuckling, as if Bob Hope – a very mild and unfunny, but popular, comedian that these three could relate to – were onstage cracking jokes.

Evidently, Jones has a law degree from the UniversiTTy of HousTTon. Evidently, she did not spend much time practicing law, as she went into TTT journalism in 1991. She was born in 1962. By the way, hopefully she did some research and reading before getting her weight loss procedure done.

The Subject’s Track Record of “Honesty”:

Does anyone with an IQ above 85 believe this pig lost 175 pounds strictly through dieting and commitment?!?!

“Then Joy Behar chimes in. She wants the world to know that Star asked her co-hosts to lie for her about Jones' gastric bypass surgery. 

"We were told don't say it's gastric bypass," says Behar. "Say it was Pilates."

"I said don't talk about my private way I decided to lose weight." replies Jones.

"You did say [to say] it was Pilates and diet," says Walters. "We did lie!" 

How are you doing, liar?!

Check out this reviewer's analysis of Star Jones.

Conclusion: Prior to this post, I had never featured a celebrity on this blog. They often are uninformed, when it comes to serious issues and topics. However, I could not let this cretin’s comments go unchallenged. If Star Jones wants to publicly and ignorantly speak on an issue of grave importance, then she should expect to be corrected. Pretty much none of these unemployed or underemployed law grads is asking or demanding that someone “hand them a job,” corporate whore. We are not talking about garbage such as Donald Deutsch, who took over his daddy’s advertising firm at about age 32. Of course, this reality did not prevent loudmouth from airing his putrid views, on network TV.
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