Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fourth Tier, Private, For Profit Trash Pile: Charleston School of Law


Tuition: According to this page, full-time students attending this cesspool will face $36,774 in tuition and fees, for the 2011-2012 school year. For part-time students, tuition and fees will only amount to $29,566 - for 2011-2012.


As you can see, this dung heap received ABA accreditation on August 4, 2011. Their mothers must be very proud. At least, the bastards did not waste any time before charging prohibitive tuition rates. 


Ranking: With such a hefty price tag, surely this school has one hell of a reputation in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! Actually, based on the most recent rankings edition of US “News” & World Report, Charle$TTTTon Sewer of Law is rated as a fourth tier piece of garbage


Supposed Employment Statistics: Based on this document, the commode asserts that 82.9% of all 2010 graduates were employed or pursuing graduate degrees, within nine months of graduation. In the next sentence, the trash pit stated that 7.1 percent of this class was seeking an advanced degree. To wit, in poor grammar:

“Of the number who reported their employment status, 92.6 percent of students who passed a bar exam and 82.9 percent of all students were employed or pursued advanced degrees within nine months of graduation. The percentage of students who pursued an advanced degree was 7.1 percent.”

Break out your basic math skills, people. This means that roughly 75.8% of this toilet’s Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. What a great accomplishment, huh?!?! While the school claims that 59.7% of those reporting their status as employed were working in private law firms, you can bet your ass that this cohort is largely represented by connected children who were not smart enough to get into a better law school. Notice that the pigs did not even bother to include starting salary info.


Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Fourth Tier Charleston Sewer of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $129,125. Furthermore, 86 percent of this commode’s unfortunate 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember, this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.


By the way, this for profit trash can receives some support from a non-profit organization named Charleston School of Law Foundation. Take a brief look at its “objectives”:

“The Charleston School of Law Foundation serves as a non-profit organization that promotes the mission of the Charleston School of Law. It works with the law school to support its high-quality legal training and to instill a sense of public service in students.”

Do you see the greedy-ass “law professors” performing their minimal labors, out of a sense of “public service”?! Some may claim to be doing so, but the incredibly high tuition rates and for profit status suggest otherwise.

“As outlined on this informational video about the Foundation, "giving back" is a major theme that permeates the Charleston School of Law. It is one of the handful of law schools in the country that requires students to perform at least 30 hours of public service work to graduate.

"We hope our graduates will share the common value when they graduate that part of their service as attorneys is to give back to their communities and make them a little better," Charleston School of Law Dean Andy Abrams added.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: Charleston School of Law is a recently-accredited trash can that over-charges its students for a fifth rate “legal education.” In its stated goals, the school notes that it wants to develop “public servants.” Keep in mind that if you take this route, for that low-paid outcome, then you will likely incur an additional $130K-$160K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  

See if your lenders give a damn that you cannot find work, or that your job only pays you about $35K-$45K per year.  YOU will be on the hook for the full amount. Seeing that the average law student indebtedness at this rot pile is monstrous, if you attend this school, then YOU will almost certainly be taking out some private loans. Try repaying $80K in loans, at 8.5% interest - while simultaneously paying back your Stafford loans at a lower rate. If you want to help people, at a small salary, then become a social worker - for a fraction of the cost.


  1. Yeah that much debt is pretty much a death sentence. If the school wants them to enter public service they are sure not doing these students a favor. They will basically have a mortgage but no house and no way to get rid of the debt outside of death. I wish them luck trying to do public interest work when Sallie Mae comes calling.

  2. As someone who graduated from the College of Charleston for undergrad, I'm glad to see this pile of shit get hated on. Many friends of mine went here and paid sticker price, and are now finding out if they're not plugged into the South Carolina good 'ol boy network, they are in serious trouble.

  3. $130K in debt and that's the average? Forget that. I never even heard of this school until just now.

  4. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/20/business/for-lsat-sharp-drop-in-popularity-for-second-year.html?_r=2&hp

    Sorry if anyone has already posted this, but I saw it posted on an unrelated site. Hopefully this means more prospective law students are getting the message. I fear however, what criminal measures the "academic" gangsters may take in response to a decreased customer base.

  5. Is this the school where that law student threw a drunk patron onto oncoming traffic on a busy thoroughfare for hitting on his girlfriend? If so, that kid will be counted as employed within 9 months of graduation for making license plates in a D.O.C. orange jumpsuit.

    $130K to invest in a law degree from Charleston Law? You are better off spending that $130K on Charleston Chews.

    1. Not that I disagree, but that happened at CHARLOTTE School of Law in North Carolina - not Charleston School of Law in South Carolina.

    2. You nailed it. This school is full of semi- illiterate peons. I live in Charleston and work in the legal profession. CSOL is a shit stain on the legal community. Part of the problem is the school was bought by a private citizen, Ed Bell, to avoid an InfaLaw purchase. Ed Bell employs family and friends. In other words, nepotism. His daughter is the Dean of admissions. She doesn't know what she's doing. SC Bar results were just release with a 43.5% pass rate for CSOL. Why this school continues to exist is beyond me.

  6. none of these statistics matter in Charleston as you go there so you can fuck the finest looking southern women on the planet. If the girl is rich and connected she was not going to fuck you anyway but you might get the fringe debutantes who are still fine as hell and dumb enough to think that being in law school in Charleston means you will soon be as well known in those parts as Jefferson Davis.

    By the time they realize you wont make it as a lawyer without connections graduating from this place, you have scored three years worth of the finest southern tail on the planet.

    This is one of those places where it is worth ignoring the fact you wont be a lawyer while you fool these beautiful southern honeys.

    Do what I did when you realized you are a failure..move to McClellanville and write books, jerk off, and fish all day long. Cost of living is cheap and you can tell people you are a lawyer which will make them buy your faggity ass books.

  7. I say, I say, what’cha doin’ goin’ aftah anotha southern law college? Be’s ye gots enny manners when it comes to da south?

    As fo’ mahself, I ain’t got nothin’ but nice things t’ say about good ol’ Charleston, South Carofuckin’lina. Got a nice blow job from Aunt Lou behind da counter of a pharmacy, offa da corner of Main Street. ‘Course I done did return da favor and inhaled her succulent herbs ‘n spices. Then The Colonel went to town… with his muthafuckin’ tongue. I was hummin’ da nashunal anthem when I was down there. Hummin’ along like a sumbitch. Why’dya think dem snack bowls llok like moist vaginas? I gots da inspir’ation from my auntie.

  8. Is this a religious school? I can't find anything out about this place. I want to know who owns this shit pile of a law school.

  9. Cry Baby Poo Poo,
    Cry Baby Poo!

    He went to a poo school
    a law school
    an OMG Gross! Eeeeeeeew! Get away from me shit school!

    then he couldn't find a job

    So he took a big dump
    and cried:

    Boo Hoo!
    Boo Hoo!

    And Then,
    The Big Bad Bully Banker Boys came out to play,

    Poor Cry Baby Poo Poo!

    He took another shit
    but this time through his mouth,
    as he explained his being poor to his creditors

    and ran, ran away!

  10. Ah, now those placement stats take me back to the good old days of two years ago. These Charleston toileteers don't even pretend to segment their data in any coherent or meaningful way.

    *How many grads were working long-term JD-required jobs? They don't say.

    *59 percent of the 74 percent who got jobs are employed in law firms. How many of those are working document review? How many are $8/hr. part-time errand boys and girls for local practitioners? How many are solos?

    What about the category of "employed in government"? It doesn't even specify whether these were employed as attorneys. Are we talking young State's Attorneys...or census takers and meter maids?

    And the category of "employed in business"-- what is that? Fast food?

    The promotional material on this toilet's website says much about civility and courtesy, and I am sure that much is true. Having spent a few years in Dixie, I know the Charleston law students will rarely encounter a harsh word or frowny face. But they will still be fucked over, but good.

  11. This school is brand new. Few alumni. For profit. TTTT. High tuition. Public service oriented.

    Read: the school is a piece of shit.

  12. This was only the 2nd law school in SC... Bunch of U of SC law school profs & staff left to go make BIG bucks & live in Charleston (sweaty crime pit), not Columbia (sweaty crime pit w/o the beach).

    Hate that these young kids got stuck w/ all that debt so a bunch of good-old-boy faculty/staff/shareholders can live like Boss Hogg....

  13. Check out this January 11, 2008 entry on fitsnews.com, labeled “The Charleston School of Law Needs an Asterisk”:



    FITSNews – January 11, 2008 – We were forwarded a copy of the Charleston School of Law’s January 2008 Newsletter this morning and couldn’t help but notice school officials taking credit for the fact that 70% of their students passed the 2007 bar exam here in South Carolina. Well, most of it anyway.

    From the newsletter:

    Of the graduates from the Charleston School of Law’s first class who took the South Carolina Bar examination in July, 70 percent passed, school officials said. They added that the passage rate was outstanding for a new law school. Graduates also passed Bar exams in five other states.

    “The overall performance by our graduates on the state Bar exam is a testament to our law school’s ability to provide a quality legal education,” Dean Richard Gershon said in October. “Typically, graduates from founding classes of new law schools do not perform as well as our students did. We are gratified by this result, but the Charleston School of Law expects continuous improvement as it fulfills its mission to train outstanding lawyers for the future.”

    We’re sure somebody took a long time to write that, but the truth is it’s complete and total [nonsense]. What the Charleston School of Law should truly be “gratified” about is the fact that the South Carolina Supreme Court suspiciously threw out an entire section of the state bar exam last year, artificially inflating their graduation rate to (surprise) the precise figure required by the American Bar Association for accreditation purposes – a move that’s potentially worth millions to the school’s owners.

    That’s too bad, too, because 65.1% of the school’s graduates actually passed the bar exam without any help from our ethically-challenged judicial branch.

    Anyway, if you’re keeping score at home, be sure to put an asterisk by that 70% figure … because that’s what you do when performance-enhancers are used to achieve a milestone.”

    This school is a trash pit. The author of this piece pulled no punches in calling out this garbage heap.


    The toilet is still stressing the numbers. For instance, the school proudly proclaims that 92.6% of its respondents from the Class of 2010 reported passing a bar exam. Yet, only about 75.8% of this particular class was employed, within nine months of graduation. This simply shows further that BAR PASSAGE DOES NOT EQUAL LEGAL EMPLOYMENT. In the case of this dump, it does not even lead to a job - for many graduates.

    1. well, this is 2017 and CSOL 43.5% passed this last BAR go around. Impressive. NOT

  14. Take a look at this Catherine Rampell piece for the New York Times Economix section, from June 27, 2011. The article was headlined “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State.”


    According to Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., the figures below apply to the state of South Carolina:

    2010-2015 Estimated Annual Openings: 262
    2009 Bar Exam Passers: 506
    2009 Completers (IPEDS): 410
    Surplus/Shortage: 244

    As you can see, the state produced nearly twice as many attorneys as needed, in 2009. In fact, if we use the estimated need - for the years 2010 through 2015 - then South Carolina pumped out 1.93 lawyers for each attorney position. Do you think that might present a problem, for recent law graduates?!?!


    The link above is from EMSI, which originally appeared on June 22, 2011. The updated piece is entitled “Data Spotlight: New Lawyers Glutting the Market.”

    “On the national level, there were nearly twice as many bar exam passers (53,508) in ’09 than openings (26,239). It should be noted that not all those who pass the bar exam in each state are new graduates. Some law school grads wait several years to take the test. Others take it multiple times before passing (the national pass rate in ’09 was 68%), and some have to take it again if they want to practice in another state. Still, the bar exam data appears to be the best measure of lawyer supply from year to year, with the exception of D.C. and Wisconsin. (We also compiled IPEDS completers by state to see how both datasets match up.)”


    Keep in mind that South Carolina is pumping out FAR TOO MANY attorneys, with only two law schools located in the state. The commenter at 11:37 pm was correct in pointing out that Charle$TTTTon SOL is only the second law school, in South Carolina. Yet, the state clearly has a lawyer glut.

  15. Look at all these people whining about the law school. Why don't you guys get jobs instead of talking shit about the law schools?

  16. Nando, you are doing God's work.

  17. @9:44

    Go fuck yourself. Oh, and don't forget to find a job.

  18. http://charleston.lawschoolnumbers.com/

    According to this data, compiled by Law School Numbers, only 77% of the Charleston Sewer of Law Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. Yes, that is truly impressive, huh?!?!

    Check out the scholarship data, for 2011-2012. The trash heap awarded full tuition scholarships to 0.2% of students, while providing half tuition offers to 0.5 percent of its pupils. Hell, only 35.8% of students at this dung pit received any grant aid. Now, it is easy to understand the average student indebtedness figure, furnished by US “News” & World Report. Again, that figure was $129,125, for members of the Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school.

    For the Class of 2010, the 75th percentile LSAT score was 156, whereas an LSAT of 151 would place one, from this cohort, in the 25th percentile. Hell, the median entrance exam score was 154. This must be one prestigious law school!

    Finally, take a look at total enrollment. In 2011-2012, there were 237 first year law students. That is a rather large class size, especially for a fourth tier garbage can. To be technical, this school was listed as Unranked - prior to the 2013 rankings which came out on March 12, 2012.


    Remember, that Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. prognosticated that the state of South Carolina will have 262 annual attorney openings, from 2010-2015. Seeing that nearly all U.S. law students graduate today, short of death or voluntarily dropping out, we can anticipate that most of these first year students will receive a JD. Furthermore, the school is CLEARLY local. It stands to reason that most of these grads will apply for bar admission to South Carolina.

    Regarding Selectivity, a total of 2,156 morons/lemmings applied to this then-unranked commode - for the Class of 2010. The school accepted 950 applicants. According to LSN, this represents an acceptance rate of 44 percent. That is pathetic - and it also shows that the school only cares about getting asses in seats.

    If you want to piss away $130K-$150K, just send me a valid check for $10,000 - and I will kick you square in the forehead, with a pair of work boots. That will cost you a mere fraction of what you would spend for a TTTT “legal education.” Also, you will not need to worry about collection agencies harassing you - and adding fees, penalties and assessment, for late payments. Plus, your pain will only be temporary, if you pay me to kick you in the face.

  19. Can I ask why you don't have many Texas law schools on your toilet list? There are some truly bad scam schools in Texas.

    Another problem, is that unless you are plugged into the "good old boy network" here in Texas, you won't practice law.

    I would also like to see paralegal schools exposed. Many of them are simply diploma mills, continuously issuing certificates to students who can't find jobs (of course). The biggest lie in the career world today is that the paralegal field is a "growing industry". People mistakenly believe this translates into lots of jobs. The problem is, those paralegal jobs are often taken by people with law degrees who can't find work.

  20. You know the case against NYLS got dismissed, right? I hope to see you post on that.

  21. My cousin went here when it first opened. I went to a top 30 school, had good grades, and I didn't land shit. (even after clerking for a firm the summer after first year.)

    Did my cousin take my result into account before going to this shit-hole? No. He must've figured I was just a loser (who got into a much better law school.) I sell insurance now and do okay for myself. My cousin can't even pay his loans back. Hey, but he knew my situation and still plunged forward.

  22. You have to do Fordham.

  23. 3-23-12 @1:08 PM.

    I keep asking for this too but nothing as of yet. Its the perfect school too. Its the NYC equivalent of GU.

  24. How the FUCK is this school allowed to operate? Jesus fucking christ. Such a scam school.

    But moreover, who the FUCK is applying to go to this school? How clueless do you have to be to enroll? These types of idiots, (the students) need protection. Clearly a scam designed drown them in debt.

    But why would the criminal deans and admins care? They are making a ton of cash.

    God bless this holy christian country!

    (P.S. your god is just a bronze age myth.)

  25. can someone explain the CLE scam and rackett? I am more screwed now than ever due to CLE can't afford. NOTE: my jurisdiction allows only 6 hours self study every two years reporting period.

  26. Charleston School of Law is a rank shithole. It produces shitty lawyers too. What do you expect? The profs have Ivy degrees and they know only a few Charleston grads have decent employment chances.

  27. It's full title is the "Charleston School of Law for idiot Judge's kids and bored peninsula housewives; an excuse for partners who didn't build the firm they wear their silk stockings in to leave at lunch to go 'teach' so that they can snicker at cocktail parties about being a 'professor' and a general excuse for spoiled brats and half-whits to spend three (or four) years in Charleston on daddy's dime."


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