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Ignorant Celebrity Law School Pig: Star “Gastric Bypass” Jones, Graduate of the University of Houston Law Center

The author of Exposing the Law School Scam first brought this swine to my attention, with his March 1, 2012 entry.  Click on the link below, which features NBC Today’s “Professionals” discussing the law school lawsuits:

Head to the 2:15 mark to see ass-clown Star Jones, Douchebag Donald Deutsch and “Dr.” Nancy Snyderman rail against the class action lawsuits filed by disillusioned law grads, against their former commodes. Here is a brief transcription:

Matt Lauer: At least 50 former law school students have joined together for at least 12 different lawsuits. Their targets? Their former law schools. They claim the schools are not being up front when it comes to the current employment opportunities out there, once they graduate…Do they have a case?

Former Butter Cow Star Jones: “No, not at all. Because I think you need to do some research and some reading on your own. Remember, you’re a law student. Hopefully you’re going to be a lawyer. Google. Look at the world around you. Understand that you need a little bit of a niche before you walk into a situation. No one’s gonna hand you a job. I hate whiners. [Emphasis in original – go listen to the dog’s remarks.]

Nice straw man argument, idiot. No one is asking for someone to “hand them a job,” you condescending bitch. Go get another procedure done. Fashion tip: Don’t wear a sleeveless top on national TV, when you have large flabby arms, ass-clown. By the way, does anyone else see a resemblance to the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz?!

All three of these people are Boomer cockroaches and corporate whores. They will suck up to anyone with money - especially their corporate overlords and advertisers. I laughed when Star Jones said, "I hate whiners." Well, aren't YOU whining about the supposed "whiners," dung beetle?!?! Later on, the three pieces of trash were laughing at the situation – and ragged on students basing their decision on a fifth-rate magazine.

Apparently, these morons fail to realize that law firms - including Biglaw – also look at USN&WR, when making hiring decisions. This blog has pointed out the idiocy of the situation. If Dog Face Jones feels that they should do more research, then she should have no problem with prospective law students looking at scamblogs and other sites that are critical of the law school industry pigs. Also, Star Jones should do some actual research so that she can know what the hell she is talking about - when she appears on national TV, as a supposed "professional."

It is CLEAR that she is not familiar with the glutted legal job market. This is also the case for excrement piles Donald Deutsch and “Dr.” Nancy Snyderman. Cockroach Deutsch referred to the disillusioned as “the whiny generation.” Keep in mind that the pussy simply waltzed into his father‘s advertising company, Deutsch Inc.  Yes, he can relate to working his way up, right?!?! (The next segment featured “male birth control.” Snyderman, if some guy was with you and your horse face, he would be shooting blanks. Hell, Tony Curtis made a better-looking woman, and he was a hideous female.)  These three boars were chuckling, as if Bob Hope – a very mild and unfunny, but popular, comedian that these three could relate to – were onstage cracking jokes.

Evidently, Jones has a law degree from the UniversiTTy of HousTTon. Evidently, she did not spend much time practicing law, as she went into TTT journalism in 1991. She was born in 1962. By the way, hopefully she did some research and reading before getting her weight loss procedure done.

The Subject’s Track Record of “Honesty”:

Does anyone with an IQ above 85 believe this pig lost 175 pounds strictly through dieting and commitment?!?!

“Then Joy Behar chimes in. She wants the world to know that Star asked her co-hosts to lie for her about Jones' gastric bypass surgery. 

"We were told don't say it's gastric bypass," says Behar. "Say it was Pilates."

"I said don't talk about my private way I decided to lose weight." replies Jones.

"You did say [to say] it was Pilates and diet," says Walters. "We did lie!" 

How are you doing, liar?!

Check out this reviewer's analysis of Star Jones.

Conclusion: Prior to this post, I had never featured a celebrity on this blog. They often are uninformed, when it comes to serious issues and topics. However, I could not let this cretin’s comments go unchallenged. If Star Jones wants to publicly and ignorantly speak on an issue of grave importance, then she should expect to be corrected. Pretty much none of these unemployed or underemployed law grads is asking or demanding that someone “hand them a job,” corporate whore. We are not talking about garbage such as Donald Deutsch, who took over his daddy’s advertising firm at about age 32. Of course, this reality did not prevent loudmouth from airing his putrid views, on network TV.


  1. WHy is this person even commenting on the law school fraud lawsuits? She went to law school a bajillion years ago. And the network views that as making one qualified to talk about this mess.

  2. So apparently, when someone decides to go to law school, they should not take the law school at its word when it provides salary and placement data. The same law school that will require you to disclose past bad acts for character and fitness purposes, that will have classes on professional responsibility, and that will have professors go on and on about legal ethics. Right. I get it. Someone considering law school should know better than to actually believe the law school. Obviously, 0Ls should look at a law school's website and treat it like an email from a Nigerian Oil Minister, or a Craigslist ad advertising a 2012 Audi A6 with 2,000 miles for just $3,500. They should know better.

    Though it was unintentional, the Today Show panel made a collective tacit acknowledgement that law school is a scam. None of them said that the numbers the law schools publish are true. Instead, the followed the favorite fallback position of boomers everywhere - personal responsibility. If you think about the subtext of the Today show clip, it amounted to "Law schools are full of shit, you are a dumbass for believing it and its all your fault when it doesn't work out for you. Now shut the fuck up and stop talking about it."

    Boomers. Gotta love 'em.

  3. 10:47 is right. Could not have said it better myself.

  4. Yep. Opportunities were grand for Boomers. All you had to do was go to any college and get a degree in pretty much anything relevant.

    Simple formula really:

    1. Go to state u.
    2. Live with mom and dad
    3. Major in something you enjoy and can excel in
    4. Work part-time or work during the summers
    5. Apply for dozens of jobs
    6. Do reasonably well on the interviews you do get.
    7. Land a nice fucking job.
    8. Don't tell the boss to go fuck himself.
    9. Stay in said job for 30 years.
    10. Enjoy retirement and your pension.

    If you're a Boomer or older and you're struggling (and a lot of you are because I see a lot of 60 year olds shitting their pants thinking about their pending retirement) you have no one to blame but yourself. If you went out and bought a McMansion at age 55 when your smaller home was paid off, fuck you. I hate the Me generation.

  5. I understand the reasoning behind your nasty turd photos, but this one is too much.

  6. Is that the singing alien from Spaceballs all grown up?

  7. @ 10:47 AM and
    @ 11:31 AM

    are exactly dead-on.

    To the Boomers, everyone else can go fuck themselves.. No one deserves anything good out of life except them. And despite the fact that they are in a position to take, take, take and wreck things, willfully, for succeeding generations, its okay because they are entitled to do so. No one else matters to the Me generation. Take note: These are the same assholes who used to spout, "Never trust anyone over 30."

    Apparently, its someone's fault if they trust educational institutions, banks, and employers and get used and abused by them. The fact that these groups lied to them is irrelevant.

    Yep. Blame the victim.

    The Boomer generation is so in love with themselves and so self-centered, its not funny.. And they love to project their negative traits onto everyone else. Die, please, as quickly as possible. No one will miss you.

    @ 12:30 PM

  8. These self-absorbed Boomer assholes don't even catch the irony of their nonsense. Fuck the Me generation...square in the fucking forehead...with a industrial strength staple gun.

    These fuckers were able to go to Shit State and take out minimal loans to cover low tuition. They could major in bullshit like Art history or English lit and walk into a corporate job. The jobs were plentiful then. I've got uncles that never even went to college and they still became managers.

    And you greedy fuckheads can sit up there and say 'But they worked hard for what they got' A lot of people work hard. But if they never get their foot in the door...

  9. Star Jones...what a profoundly ugly (in all senses of the word) disgusting fatbody.

  10. A groundbreaking lawsuit like the law school class action is likely to be played out, in part, in the court of public opinion. Judicial relief is far less likely if the public is persuaded that the suit is just the complaints of oversensitive whiners. That is where this vulgar Oprah imitator Star Jones comes in.

    It reminds me of the McDonald's coffee lawsuit a few years ago. The jury correctly found the company negligent for serving coffee 20 degrees hotter than industry standards in spite of having been alerted that its practice caused hundreds of instances of severe burns. However, after the McDonald's PR people worked their media connections, all the public could perceive is that a lady filed a lawsuit because she spilled her coffee. I think that the public perception played a major role in the massive reduction in punitive damages by the judge.

    However, in this cas, I think the ultimate prospects for obtaining some accountability and reform are bright. Too many people have been hurt by the law school scam--not just hundreds, but many tens of thousands. Even the diminishing proportion of graduates who find law jobs and enjoy them usually think back on their law school experience with deep bitterness. Moreover, the people who were hurt by the law school scam are, more often than not, bright and articulate and will not slink quietly away.

  11. Too bad they could not do this with lawyers in order to deal with over-supply.

  12. The last thing I do is take seriously the putrid filth they discuss on the 'news'. All of that crap is sensationalized. Blogs like this, telling the world how it is, are largely ignored by the people I come in contact with. Instead, the masses opt for what they hear in the mainstream media. I am glad you posted this, even though the issue pisses me off more and more each time I see it.

  13. The funniest part of this clip is where the creme puff talks about a whiny generation that expects things to be handed to them.

    Turns out the cocksucker went to work for his daddy's firm after graduating from an Ivy.

  14. Fuck Boomers. I can not wait until those fuckers die. I see my father in law with his no degree and his fucking easy career and his seven figure retirement account that he greedily protects with his life and his nice company pension and him and his wife literally shitting money down the toilet on luxury cars and luxury houses and luxury trips and country club memberships, all because the think they have "earned it".

    But they do not see that they "earned it" by fucking over my generation and destroying our careers and futures and healthcare and pensions. And they sit there and wonder why their daughter married such a fuck up who can not find a good job after law school when people they knew who went to law school are making millions now.

    I can not wait until they get old and frail and start to get sick and then they ask me if they can move in so I can look after them. I will tell them outright to go fuck themselves. That generation is screwed if they want me to look after them and treat them nice when they get too fucked up to care for themselves. Should have thought about that earlier fuckers before you fucked up my life you greedy fucking cunts. I hope you get pancreatic cancer and die in a painfully horrific way because I am taking my family and moving them across country just to deprive you of your daughter and grandchild in your old age. You will die without seeing them. I can not afford the air fare and your daughter has to work.

  15. The law school graduates who are bringing these law suits are crime victims. They are victims of federal mail fraud. Hell, even law professors from Emory Law School are starting to admit this. see:

    Maybe if the U.S. Justice Department could have brought themselves to require law deans to follow the same laws that everyone else in this country has to follow, these lawsuits would never have been necessary in the first place.

    And when these law school graduate crime victims, who have been abandoned by their own government, decide to stand up for themselves by filing a civil case they are greeted by mockery from the Today Show.

    No words can fully describe the contempt that I have come to have for both the law school industry and for its idiot sycophants such as Star Jones

    If the U.S. Justice Department ever gets off its ass and does file indictments (unlikely, but possible), I think that the first law dean who gets the perp walk should be required to have Star Jones as their defense attorney.

    She has, after all, already done such a good job defending them on the Today Show.

  16. My take is that the Bully banking Lobby is, as always, controlling the mainstream media, and somehow brought about and/or orchestrated this Star Jones segment.

    Star Jones is not so much to blame for her opinion, for she is poorly informed.

    That is my guess.

    Dear God my life is indebted absolute shit and I want to end the pain.

    This indebted life is so fucking painful on the mind and psyche every day kids and I cannot scream to youy and God and all the planets and all the devils in hell that I wish to God in heaven that I never, never, ever

    never went to a law school.

    If I could shake you kids until your teeth rattle until you are scared straight:



    Oh Dear GOD

  17. Around the time Starr Jones first became a "journalist," I saw her on some news program or another here in New York. I thought she was the worst interviewer I had ever seen; even to this day, as much as standards have fallen (from a rather low perch), I haven't seen much worse.

    Yes, she is ignorant on just about any subject you care to name. And, when she was on "The View," she made some of the most homophobic and transphobic comments I've heard since the discovery of fire. Even Elizabeth Hasselback never sank to such depths, and if Ann Coulter sank further, it wasn't by much.

  18. Star Jones is a dog. When she shits on the floor, you rub her nose in it. Good job!

  19. I received several emails from readers, congratulating me on going after this pig. Thank you. However, I will rip into any bastard who supports the law school industry swine - especially one as blatantly ignorant as Gastric Bypass Jones.

    In the final analysis, Star Jones is a pathetic corporate whore. Hell, this disgusting hyena had corporate sponsors at her wedding.

    "Former “View” co-host Star Jones drew criticism (and lost her job) after she had corporate sponsors donate goods and services to her wedding in exchange for publicity.

    Later, she apologized for getting “caught in the euphoria” of her wedding plans.

    “I think I used and some would say abused, my celebrity in planning the wedding,” she told the “Today” show. Three years later, she and groom Al Reynolds split."

    At least, her husband had the good sense to leave this cow. Then again, if was truly smart, he never would have become involved with the dog, in the first place.

    Check out this comical list, regarding why this ass-clown is annoying. Here are my favorite reasons, on that list:

    "She looks like Al Sharpton in drag.
    She is a wig wearing, pompous media whore.
    She wears tons of makeup and allegedly smells like crap."

    Stick to talking about meaningless topics, Star. Leave important social issues, such as crushing NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, to those with an IQ above 90. Also, I now recognize that you may have foolishly blurted out “I hate whiners” - because you probably didn’t inhale your customary foot-long submarine sandwich, with a large bag of chips.

    If this cockroach ever talks about these lawsuits again - and dismisses them out of hand - someone should tell Dog Face that she should actually do some reading and research on the topic, before reaching an (ill-informed) opinion. Remember, you’re supposed to be a “journalist,” mental deficient. Conduct yourself accordingly.

  20. Star has a right to an opinion, but I agree that she is badly misinformed here. Concerned about the anoynmous poster at 4:10pm---he should rethink intentionally depriving his kids (or future kids) of their grandparents for the grandparent's non-threatening to the health/safety of the child behavior. Karma is a bitch to deal with.

  21. Please, go back to showing pictures of fecal matter. At least I can stomach those pictures.

  22. Why go after Jones so hard. The bigger piece of shit is Donnie Deutsch. And I hope he sees this entry 'cause I really mean this:

    Donnie Deutsch is the last person who should ever say shit about a whiny generation. I mean, you guys pointed out this cocksucker walked into his daddy's firm. Donnie: go suck another dick.

    Scroll down for a picture of this spoiled asshole and his "tribal" arm tattoo.

  23. ....another niggar, please, situation.

  24. Fuck Jones. She took advantage of being a black woman lawyer in the 80s. And this bitch thinks no one handed her a job.


    My wife’s father attended Kansas State University, in the late 1970s. He told me that he remembers that his tuition was roughly $300 per year. (He also recalled that his books cost about as much as his tuition.) I went to the website above, and entered this info. Here is the result:

    “If in 1977, I purchased an item for $300, then in 2011, the same item would cost 1,113.56.

    Annual rate of inflation change: 271.2%”

    This inflation calculator allegedly uses the latest U.S. government CPI data release.

    As you can see, a Kansas resident taking 15 credit hours each semester - for 2011-2012 - will be charged $7,677.20 in tuition and fees. Frankly, this is very affordable, in comparison to most four-year colleges of this caliber. However, this figure is 6.894 times greater than the number given by the inflation calculator I cited to above.

    Furthermore, my wife’s father was not originally from Kansas. He likely paid the out-of-state tuition rate. If this is the case, then compare the $300 figure to the $19,123.20 amount charged to non-residents - in tuition and fees - who enrolled in 15 credit hours, each semester, for 2011-2012.

    By the way, he has worked as a bank executive, in a small community, for roughly 20 years. He earned a Bachelor’s degree, and immediately landed a job as a land appraiser. Also, prior to this, he did not have any connections in the banking world. By his own account, he did not set the world on fire, academically. Could you imagine a recent college graduate - with that background - walking into such a job today?!?! Hell, if had a degree in Finance and a 3.8 GPA from a good school, he would likely be a bank teller starting out at $10 an hour.

    When I was at Third Tier Drake, I went on a family trip after my first year. We were hiking, and the topic of “higher education” came up. He mentioned how proud he was of everyone in the group gaining so much “education.” I decided to jump all over that line of discussion.

  26. I told my wife’s father: “You believe in higher education, because when YOU went to college, decent jobs and careers were plentiful. Companies were not shedding jobs at the rate that they are today. Advances in technology and software were not tearing apart entire job sectors. Your three daughters all have higher levels of education than you, and none of them will ever achieve your level of stability. The one who might come close is a damn bill collector. You don’t even need a college degree for that job!”

    At least, he conceded that he grew up in a different era. (Most of the Boomers I have discussed this situation with are not willing to accept reality. Many of them walk away in a huff, mumbling to themselves.) He was still under the impression that a law degree would open up a ton of doors for me, at the time.

    Here is how well “higher education” has served everyone so far:

    My wife has a Master’s degree, with manageable student debt. She now makes about $13 an hour. (At the time, she was making $31K per year in Des Moines.) Her oldest sister has a Master’s degree in economics. She has a pretty significant student debt load. Out of the three, she makes the most money by far. Not working in her field of study - she is employed in a collections department - my sister in law earns about $50K-$60K per year.

    The middle sister, who is about two years older than my wife, has a M.S. in History from BYU. See how well “higher education” has worked out for her: she teaches 1-2 courses per semester at the disgusting toilet known as the “University” of Phoenix. To supplement her low income, she also reviews children’s books. Yet, she is considering more “education.” She wants a Ph.D. Her husband completed dental school last May, and he has more than $250K in outstanding student debt. What a way to start one’s career, huh?!

    For the greedy Boomer pigs who want to argue otherwise, recognize that this generation does not expect anyone to hand them a job. (Kids from wealthy families seem to expect this, but then again, they are accustomed to this type of treatment.) If you make that case in my presence, depending on the day, I may decide to hand you a vicious beat-down. YOU bastards had things handed to you, in many ways. You had plenty of luck, in terms of timing and circumstances. After World War II, the U.S. led the world in production of goods - basically due to the fact that Europe and Japan were devastated by the war.

    Yet, you idiots managed to piss this huge advantage away. When you became managers, you chose to slash jobs, send manufacturing plants overseas, engage in globalization and “fair trade” with nations that have GIGANTIC pools of cheap labor - and no environmental regulations, replace workers with computer programs, etc. The liberals among you also felt the need to push everyone with a pulse into four-year degree programs. Did you morons actually believe that, in the face of a fundamentally changing workplace, this would become a magical nation where most workers would have Master's degrees - and earn high incomes in professional careers?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Star Jones is a nasty pig. As a fat, unattractive, unlikable, black woman, she should be grateful there were "whiners" in the past who helped change some of the injustices in this country that have allowed her to waddle her big, fat ass to the trough to gorge herself with the other greedy, arrogant swine.

  29. I was visiting with some relatives the other day that graduated law school in the early 1970's, it was totally different back then. We were talking about law school, and one of them said, "Well, it worked for us." The last time they looked for a job was in the 1970's and since then they have had federal government jobs.

    I was a little annoyed. Yeah, that was when tuition was $400 a semester and there were not a gazillion law schools. I think most people are generally clueless about how bad the current legal job market is unless they have lived it, even people that went to law school forty years ago.

  30. When the Occupy Wall Street movement activists started to get sympathetic attention from ordinary people, you could tell that the supporters of corporate neoliberalism were surprised and panicky.

    However, I just knew that the kids would blow it by veering off into third world solidarity stuff, race and gender issues, open borders, ect.

    They pissed away their opportunity to break through to the mainstream. They could have formed the core of a huge movement by emphasizing a simple three-word slogan: "Stop Outsourcing Jobs." There is so much that needs to be done to return to the functional society we had in the 25 years following World War II, but it starts with that: Stop Outsourcing Jobs.

  31. There just aren't enough jobs. We have an aging population and that's not going to help much. It'll probably hurt us because we'll be supporting the selfish asshole Boomers until the die off.

  32. I know a couple of people (family members) who worship the ground that Matt Lauer walks on. If he says something on that stupid show they take it as gospel. Anything from medical advice to tips for living. If Matt Lauer says it, it's gospel. Well, this just proves that he is full of crap. Thanks again for posting this. Next time I hear his name mentioned I am going to think of this and tell them that the lot of them are full of crap.

  33. Someone born in '62 is separated from the Xers by only a few years--I hardly see them as gaining some Baby Boom advantage, especially since I was born in '68 and my generation has gotten almost as royally screwed as those born in the late 90s-present will be. She's a twunt, but hardly a beneficiary of the Boomer advantage.

  34. DId anyone notice Jones didn't even answer Lauer's question. He followed up by mentioning the students claim the school misrepresented their employment prospects.

    None of those three shitbags on the panel even addressed the misrepresentation. I mean, they basically admitted the schools cook the books. But it's still the fault of the students for not doing more research? Get the fuck outta here.

  35. Nando, there is an interesting blog entry at Prof. Campos' site today. He discusses his interaction with OLs and one in particular (with a high LSAT score) who was wined, dined and flown out to Alabama Law on the school's dime. Apparently, one of Alabama Law's administrators told this potential lemming that Alabama is not a regional but a NATIONAL school with the reputation that resounds across the country. I know for a fact that is complete bullshit as I have never met an Alabama Law grad in 20 years of practicing in the Northeast region. You have to profile Alabama soon.

  36. Please profile University of Florida. These UF maggots here think theyre the shit and the top dogs in Fl,looking down their noses at FSU and other schools, when theyre really in the same boat as everyone else.They are their biggest fans, no one gives a crap about them, inside and outside of FL.


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