Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Turd by Any Other Name Would Smell Just as Foul: Rutgers School of Law-Camden

Apparently, New Jersey will combine something called Rowan University with Rutgers-Camden - in an attempt to save taxpayer funds.

As you are likely aware, Loudmouth Fat Pig Christopher James Christie, governor of New Jersey, called a current Rutgers-Camden law student - and apparent former Navy SEAL - an “idiot.” The man simply told Butterball to consider the impact of the name change, on students and alumni. Everyone knows how much the pile of waste known as Christie loves to flap his gums. Hopefully, his foolish conduct is not indicative of the communications “skills” taught at Seton Hall University Sewer of Law.

Does anyone else notice how this putrid, corpulent dung beetle has a penchant for shouting down the common man, at town hall meetings?! By the way, why are these people always escorted out by state troopers, when this rotund gorilla belittles them?! (I already know the answer.) After the student was removed by police/pawns in uniform, Lard Ass said, “Damn, man. I’m governor. Could you just shut up for a second?” What bravery, huh?!?!

Tuition: New Jersey residents attending this waste facility on a full-time law basis will be charged $22,746 in tuition - for the 2011-2012 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students who, for some reason, chose to live in Camden for three years, will face a hefty price tag of $34,010 in tuition - for 2011-2012. Does anyone actually think that the merger will lead to lower tuition rates?!?!

Ranking: According to Bob Morse and US “News” World Report, RuTTger$ Sewer of Law-Camden is the 84th most sensational, remarkable and prestigious law school in the United States - along with ten other commodes. On the bright side, this is the highest-rated law school physically located in Southern New Jersey!

Pathetic Employment Placement Rate and Starting Salary Data: According to this PDF, this 80.9% of this commode’s Class of 2010 was employed, within nine months of graduation. The cesspool does not list this rate, but use your basic math skills, i.e. 233 out of 288 graduates found some type of employment - in the time frame mentioned above.

This document lists the overall median starting salary - for 2010 JDs - as $46,400. The mean figure is shown as $56,924. By the way, the toilet notes that only 132 out of the 233 “employed” grads reported their income to the school. This represents 56.65 percent of those who had jobs! Imagine how these figures would look, if every employed RuTTger$-Camden from this class had bothered to respond to the salary question.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average student loan indebtedness - for those members of the Rutgers Sewer of Law-Camden Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $32,235. The magazine states that 72 percent of this cohort took on such debt. The debt figure is not monstrous. However, it does not include debt from undergrad.

Administrator and Faculty Salary Info: Let’s see how well the “educators”/pigs are doing, in contrast to their students and recent graduates. For this info, we head to the salary database provided by Collegiate Times. The following figures are for 2009: 

Rayman Solomon raked in $266,895, as dean of this garbage can. Dennis M. Patterson, “Board of Governors Professor,” made $244,682. Jay M. Feinman, supposed “Di$tingui$hed Professor,” received $215,067 in salary. Another “distinguished professor,” Robert F. Williams, “earned” $204,399. Apparently, the term “distinguished” simply means overpaid. Richard Hyland - yes, he has the same title as the other two swine listed - rolled around in $203,211. Roger S. Clark, “Board of Governors Professor,” made $201,550. See how well “higher education” pays off - for “professors”?!?!

Conclusion: Rutgers School of Law-Camden is a pathetic waste pile. The name change may negatively affect future classes. Although Rutgers is a dung pit, people around the country have at least heard of the school. While Christopher James Christie asserts that the merger will save New Jersey taxpayers money, do not count on the school reducing tuition. (If taxpayers stopped paying for the pig’s meals, they could instantly see savings.) Perhaps, the school will provide less scholarship money. After all, the “professors” are not going to accept a cut in pay. Remember, the cockroaches are in this for the money; “providing an education” is merely a cover.


  1. Conservative Talk Radio is very kind to Chris Christie.

    But speaking of mergers, I know a person who went to the University of Bridgeport School of Law, which, after he graduated, merged with Quinnipiac University and was renamed Quinnipiac U School of Law.

    He actually received two diplomas.The second came in the mail later from Quinnipiac.

    Just a bit of trivia. And the person I speak of changed careers and is a High School teacher now and very glad he got out of law.

    He has summers off, excellent benefits and will have a pension.

    He is always asking me what I am going to do about my retirement.

  2. Christie is a boob. But the idiots in Jersey like his Fuck You attitude. They think he's telling it like it is.

  3. The only people who will benefit from the merger are some administrators and trustees, and health-insurance magnate George Norcross. The merged school would also include the medical school and research facilities. They would attract lots of money from health-care-related industries--including pharmaceuticals, which is a huge industry in New Jersey.

    Beyond them, nobody will benefit. Ever since the 1970's, Camden has been one of the poorest cities in the United States (It doesn't have a supermarket, cinema or auto dealership.) and the economy of Gloucester, Camden and several other surrounding counties has been depressed. If anything, I think the merger would eliminate jobs and make the area more dependent on the institution.

    The merger is a lousy idea. Rutgers-Camden should close the law school and concentrate on its undergraduate programs and anything related to health and medicine. That is what Rutgers-New Brunswick has done, and what Rutgers-Newark is doing.

    I have written about the issue here:

  4. Oh, one more thing: Christie is a thug and a bully. He's nothing but a lower-rent version of Tom Golisano, who ran for Governor against Andrew Cuomo in 2010. At least New Yorkers were turned off by his threats and attempts at intimidating those who question him. I wish folks in New Jersey had that kind of sense.

  5. As a non-partisan NJ taxpayer and lawyer, I will offer my following observations about this story:

    1) Chris Christie is no choir boy and he is certainly not clean (from ties to corruption) but as far as governors go, he is the best governor the state has had in decades. Since the days of Brendan Byrne, NJ has been sacked with out of control spending and tax hikes that have been promulgated by Democrats. I still remember Gov. Jon Corzine forced a shutdown of govt. operations a few years ago because he wanted to raise the sales tax from 6 to 7%, costing the State millions in tax revenues from the casinos. McGreevy, another Democrat, was a mess, giving pork (no pun intended) jobs to his gay lovers and paying six figure salaries to his inner circle butties (pun intended). I give credit to Christie for trying to clean up the mess of his predecessors.

    2) As highlighted by Nando's last two entries, Rutgers law professors are among the highest paid in the nation and that is a feat considering it is a PUBLIC university. Paying $200K to professors to teach animal rights and retread lectures on International Shoe is deleterious to NJ taxpayers. I support the merger of Rutgers-Camden with Rowan because at least it will cut millions in wasteful spending.

    3) The administrators, professors, alumni and students at Rutgers-Camden are the only people against the merger. The administrators don't want to lose their autonomy. The professors don't want to lose their jobs as a result of lower enrollment (which will happen when Rowan Law School is ranked as a 4th tier school) and applications take a precipitous dip. The students and alumni are scared that their degrees will be less "prestigious" without the Rutgers name. These concerns are outweighed by the taxpayers who have been raped in this State for the last 30 years. Enough is enough.

    4) As a former serviceman who was honorably discharged, I am ashamed of that Rutgers-Camden law student who claimed to be a Navy SEAL. I have met several SEALs during my tours and none would behave in that manner. Although the video is edited, I know someone who was at that townhall meeting and he said the exchange went down like this:

    Student: I am a Navy SEAL and many of my friends and family know of the Rutgers name but do not know of Rowan. Would you please reconsider the merger because no one will know where I graduated from if I have Rowan on my degree.

    Governor: You will still have the name Rutgers on your degree. Further (this is when the student started interupting and yelling over Christie)...

    Student: But what about my sons and friends? What about people in South Jersey?

    Governor: The merger will happen and here's why...

    Student: Nobody at Rutgers is in favor of the merger. Nobodoy in South Jersey wants it.

    Student is escorted (not arrested) out for being unruly and trying to hijack the townhall meeting.

  6. Continued

    This profession is obssessed with prestige and it is absurd. Do you think that Rutgers-Camden student would be protesting if Rutgers-Camden were being merged with Princeton University? I bet you $1,000 he would be thrilled along with Dona Furiosa, alumni and current students. Here is how flawed the rankings are. Part of the metric used in ranking schools is reputation. The name Rowan is practically unheard of in the legal profession so when the merger happens, the law school will fall from 84 to probably 130-140. If the merger had happened with Princeton, the law school would be easily ranked in the top 10, perhaps top 5, because everyone in the legal profession is aware of how presitigious Princeton is. The student's concern is somewhat understandable but no one put a gun to his head and told him to go to law school. That is just part of the culture of the legal profession.

    Personally, I think they should shut down all the law schools in NJ. There are enough law schools in NY and PA to supply NJ with lawyers for decades to come.

  7. Who or what the fuck is Rowan? I lived in New York for 7 years and I never fuckin' heard of that school. If he's trying to reduce spending by turning this into a TTTT, he might be onto something. But he's still a fatshit.

  8. What is wild is how a name/affiliation change without any change in the people doing the teaching is enough to take a law school and consign it to the shitty forth tier of American law schools and make people's degrees retroactively worth less.

    That's a sign of a broken educational model.

  9. I don't know what's scarier. The picture of shit on this entry or the one of Christie.

  10. Rowan is located in Glassboro, NJ. Its location on a map will tell you that it is someplace you would never want to visit. Rowan thinks that by getting the Rutgers Camden law and medical schools, it will acquire a national, or at the very least, regional profile. It won't happen because crap is crap no matter what you call it. I don't really have an opinion on the merger, but do keep in mind that colleges waste vast sums of money on administrators and bureaucrats.

  11. Hmm. 288 graduates, 132 of which reported salaries, and the median salary is $46.4K. As a NJ taxpayer, I'm so proud of this outcome.

    What will it take to get rid of both Rowan and Rutgers-Newark law school, anyway? A wooden stake?

  12. At least the law schools are being shamed or frightened into providing better employment outcome stats, so that now we can track the extent of the catastrophe and warn prospective lemmings.

    In 2010, Rutgers-Camden graduated 288 JDs. Within nine months of graduating, 158 of those had obtained full-time work requiring a JD. Another 21 got part-time JD-required work, probably document review. The category of "JD Preferred" is clearly law school bullshit and can be disregarded. No nonlegal employer prefers a JD, not anymore.

    Therefore, the chances that a 2010 Rutgers JD got ANY financial return on his or her three years of time and tuition was 179/288, or 62.1%. (And that is assuming that none of the JD-required cohort were working for $0 in the desparate hope of getting experience, which some probably were).

    The chances of a remotely decent outcome--full-time lawyer work--was 158/288, or 54.8%. (And of the 158, I am sure that several simply went to work for their parents' well-established firms).

    109 of the 288 Rutgers JDs of the class of 2010 (37.8%) would have been better off taking $68,000 of their own or borrowed money and gambling it away (at least they would only have lost the money, not three years of their lives) or spending it on something they enjoyed, or giving it away to somebody more worthy than a pack of scammers, aka law school professors and administrators.

  13. Rutgers-Camden law had a reputation of being a doc review monkey factory a few years ago. Now as a result of e-discovery being conducted in India and by software, I wonder what kind of doc review prospects exist for a Rutgers-Camden law grad. By the way, for those who have never been to Camden, it is absolutely one of the worst places you can imagine in America. I have been to Beirut and that city is more gentrified than Camden. If you are white and you are caught outside after dark by the cops, the presumption is you were being narcotics because you have to be on some kind of drug to get through living in that hellhole. You think Newark is bad? Camden is 100x more dangerous. Why the fuck would any kid consider wasting 3 years in that sewer city.

    You think I am bullshiting you about Camden. Ok lemming, if you sent your deposit to be a part of the Class of 2015 (Rowan in the house), take out a life insurance policy. I bet you the premium will be 5x more than what you would pay in any other place in the United States. Do not be fooled by the dorms and buildings. They are nice but the surrounding area looks like a war torn crime battlefield. You have been warned.


    "Wait a minute! Hey, Camden!"

  15. I could show Christie how to get amazing and ripped 6 pack abs in 90 days.

    Women would chase him down the street, dying to run thier fingers over the ripples.

  16. In the final analysis, I doubt that this merger will amount to much savings, to taxpayers. I certainly do not see a reduction in tuition, with the name change. (Do you think any of the current “law professors” will stand for such a gesture?) Furthermore, if the school’s USN&WR ranking slips a few spots - or ends up in third tier wasteland - this will not deter many from enrolling in this dung heap. Hell, tons of students throughout the U.S. are happy just to be in law school…initially.

    RuTTger$-Camden pumped out 288 graduates, for its JD Class of 2010. There is no way in hell that the school willingly reduces its enrollment, after this “monumental” merger. If fewer people apply to the trash pit, because of the lack of name recognition, the trash pit will simply lower its entrance standards. In the end, the schools care about milking the federally-backed student loan scheme, for every last drop.

    As a student at this commode, you can write onto the renowned Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion! Check out the description:

    “Welcome to the Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion

    The Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion was founded in 1999 and is committed to increasing legal scholarship focusing on the intersection of these two dynamic aspects of the human tradition – law and religion. As a print and online journal, our publication is globally accessible to numerous individuals and an active contributor to the growing conversation about law and religion among scholars, professionals and the general public.”

    What employer wouldn’t wet their pants, upon seeing such an amazing credential on an applicant’s resume?!?!

    Check out this Law School Discussion thread, entitled “Which Rutgers is better?,” from October 4, 2008.

    On October 12, 2008 2:54:28 pm, LSD poster “Penn263” wrote the following:

    "Speaking of Rutgers Camden... they actually allow some people to get in by submitting GRE scores... crazy isn't it?"

    Some commenters on that forum mentioned that the school tried to “reform” the law school admissions process. A cynic would say that the pigs simply wanted to ensure that more students will apply for admission.

  17. Ok, let me get this straight. Rutgers-Camden is a shit school. They are merging with another piece of turd and it will bear the name of this man:

    If you went to Rutgers-Camden law or are a student there, you have been PWNED!

  18. I knew I recognized the name from somewhere. His Mr. Bean schtick wasn't funny. At all.

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  20. @1:06 PM


  21. On a somewhat related note, check out this story from Philly, which is the market that Rutgers-Camden defecates most of its graduates on:

    Here is the TL:DR version. Lawyer of 20 years experience has struggled most of his life mired in shitlaw and chasing ambulances. He decides to steal over a million bucks from his clients, law partner and friends so he can ride in a BMW and pay his mistress's tuition for her kids. He gets caught, disbarred and has to spend 5 years in jail. At least the guy has no student loans since he graduated over 20 years ago. I suspect many new attorneys will be tempted to steal to pay Sallie Mae and keep up a "prestigious" lifestyle. This is one potential outcome that most lemmings face down the road by enrolling in a TTT school such as Rowan Law School.

  22. Nando, how do you feel about this story, which concerns a school you recently covered (CUNY LAW):

    I suppose law schools are so desperate to fill their seats that they will take in felons (e.g., Tulane) and illegal aliens. And who gets hurt? The felon and illegal alien who graduate with a worthless diploma since they cannot be admitted to the bar. The law profs, deans and administrators will still laugh to the bank while their victims suffer.

  23. Rutgers = doc review (if you're lucky)!

  24. No concerns about this school. The price is right, and they are actual honest in their income reporting. A person could make a reasoned choice to go here based on those income prospects, knowing it's not a great school but not that expensive with those income prospects. (Not one I'd make but not gonna judge). Or, they could just rely on their liberal arts degree in comparative medieval gymnastics. "Would you like fries with that?"

  25. ^CBS did a segment about an NYLS grad that now serves pizza. "Would you like garlic bread with that?"

  26. Well that didn't take long. The 2012 USNWR rankings are out and Rutgers-Camden has dropped from 84 to 99. Rutgers-Newark is now 82. So despite that the merger hasn't happened yet, the effect was catastrophic on Rutgers-Camden. Imagine when the merger is announced and the school's name is changed to Rowan? I predict it will drop to 140. Congrats on the lemmings who put down a deposit for the Class of 2015. How does it feel to be knocking on the Third Tier's door?

  27. Thank you for the update, 11:13 pm

    Check out the 2013 law school rankings, which were published by US "News" & World Report. Remember how RuTTger$-Newark and RuTTger$ Sewer of Law-Camden were both ranked the 84th greatest law school, in the United States, as recently as one day ago?!

    Now, Rutgers-Newark is ranked 82nd best, while Rutgers-Camden is now rated as the 99th most magnificent law school in the nation. While the law school rankings game is ridiculous - especially since this scheme is run by a largely defunct "news" magazine. The reality is that prospective law students look at this guide, because potential legal employers take note of applicants’ law school.

    In the final analysis, name recognition is crucial to a school’s ranking. For instance, if Princeton opened - or re-opened - a law school, it would likely be a top 20 school relatively quickly.

    Medical and dental schools teach practical, clinical skills. Furthermore, those schools and their governing bodies actually limit the number of available slots. (It must be nice to be part of a profession that seeks to protect the investment - in time, money, and energy - of its future practitioners.) Those students are nearly assured of finding employment in their respective field.

    Law, on the other hand, deals with wordplay. In fact, the legal system is nothing more than a human construct designed to serve the interests of the owners. (The ruling class recognized that the masses would not accept foolish nonsense such as “the divine right of kings” forever. So they, and their servants, developed a system allegedly based on “fairness,” “justice” and “logic.”) Plus, lawyers are not repairing joints, performing surgery, delivering babies, extending lives, etc.

    In essence, attorney “skills” come down to manipulating the spoken and written word. Notice how lawyers, politicians, and judges make a living by butchering the English language. For example, read a simple city ordinance. Can you see why the average person detests lawyers?! “My uncle had a valid and legal will, and now you bastards come along and tell us it wasn’t good enough. The terms were clear, and anyone can see his intent. Now, everyone is trying to get a bigger piece of the pie. Well, at least you dogs are drumming up more business for yourselves.”

    This is one reason why law schools, students and employers pay attention to such garbage rankings, in the first place. They know that there are too many law schools pumping out too many grads. Since the schools do not teach practical skills, employers figure that they should hire the smartest grads.

    In their view, where one attended law school is a good measurement. JDs from Yale, Harvard, Stanford et al. had the greatest potential when they were accepted into law school. Now, they are armed with another sterling academic credential. Big dollar clients would rather go with a firm that hires the “best and brightest” from the top schools - rather than top students from lower-ranked sewers.

  28. Every year on the top law schools forum you see lemmings debate whether Rutgers-Camden is better than Rutgers-Newark or whether Seton Hall is better than Rutgers. The exchanges are quite comical. Take it from a 20 year practitioner, comparing these three schools is akin to comparing three piles of turn and trying to ascertain which one is better from an aesthetic point of view. The facts are as follows. Seton Hall is an overpriced school. It just got bumped to 69 in the rankings which is ironic because when I think of the number 69, I think of reciprocal benefits. Rest assured, Seton Hall is getting all the benefits while its grads get a worthless oversized degree. Rutgers-Camden enjoyed its brief run as being the "better" of the two law schools according to USN&WR. Now its back to reality.

    Lemmings who attend law school are dumb to take these rankings as gospel. ASU jumps from 40 to 26? Emory (the school that had the nerve to endorse a professor that told the graduating class to "get over it" and move to Nebraska) is now at 24? The rankings scheme is a joke. Notice how the top 3 will always be the same, with some musical chair playing between Stanford and Harvard (to make things interesting for the lemmings).

    The big loser has to be Cornell. I knew a kid who opted to go to Cornell with no scholarship a few years ago when it was ranked 12. He turned down a 75% scholarship to attend USC. At $55K in annual tuition, Cornell is a bad buy, even if is the tail of the T14.

    Rutgers-Camden was predicted to be another big loser, falling 15 spots. And the name change hasn't even happened yet. When it does, I predict a free fall drop in the rankings. While law students stress over these ridiculous and non-sensical rankings, I am laughing really hard over here. The joke is on you lemmings.

  29. You have some good points on this blog.

    But here's something you left out. If fewer people apply to this shithole, tuition will actually increase. And probably by a lot.

  30. 10:41AM

    If demand drops, law schools will have a tough time jacking tuition every year. They will have to cut back on faculty, administrators and maybe some compensation perks. Since we all know this won't happen, the law schools will just lower its admissions' standards to fill in the seats. The real solution is to cut the money man (Sallie Mae and govt. guaranteed student loans). When this happens, the law schools will feel the hammer. I still can't fucking believe that law school has broke the $50K a year for tuition mark. And that is $50K without factoring another $25-30K (esp. in the NE coast) in cost of living expenses. $80K a year for 3 years at Ithaca, NY? Fuck that, I would rather go to Pepperdine on a full ride and work on my tan in sunny Malibu.

  31. Here is a tip for the lemmings who enroll at Rowan School of Law, Class of 2015. You better take another $500 in student loans to go buy a parachute. After the USNWR rankings are released next year, that parachute will come in handy and prepare you for the free fall in "prestige."

  32. Well, this scatological profile of Rutgers is certainly timely. Today, Dean Rayman Solomon lamented on Philadelphia's KYW News Radio about a precipitous drop in applications to his illustrious institution. The report adds that he mostly blames news of the possible merger, but that he also concedes "law school applications have been down nationally due to what he considers ***OVERBLOWN*** worries about the value of a law degree..." (emphasis added). Overblown, huh?


  33. Thank You Nando and the Jobless Juris Doctor for everything.

    I am sorry to end my blog so soon, but there is nothing more I can add to anything, and I see absolutely no change at all coming for the law school scam and for lifetime student loan American Citizen debtors.

    It is a true Horror story and my life is a horror and indebted absolute shit and I curse the day I ever filled out an application for a 4th tier piece of shit (Touro)law school.

    Oh dear God help me as I face old age with nothing but ever increasing debt to look forward to.

    I am a shameful burden on the taxpaying public, and that is what the law schools do: They take and take and pad their pockets from the student loan gravy train and pass the burden onto the rest of the society when the graduates cannot find work to pay their student loans back.

    And they win. They always win and I lose.

    They are way, way too powerful.

    I never meant any harm, or intended to be a burden on the US taxpayer, and I really thought I would be a be a benefit to society as a lawyer and not an indebted disgrace all those years ago when I started my first year of law school.

    It is checkmate, hands down for me, and that is just the way it is. My life is destroyed and all of my dreams are over.


  34. Should we start a pool on how far Rutgers falls in next year's rankings? I'll say 120.

  35. Poor Dean Solomon. Too many people are starting to learn about the law school scam. Poor Rayman, if you don't enroll enough suckers, how will your $282K a year salary be paid? The recession, the merger, the drop in rankings-oh the humanity.

    Dean Solomon, the jig is up. Since you are about to become the Dean of an official third tier toilet, you might consult with Dick Matasar. Maybe he can give you some pointers on how to raise cash for your school.

  36. Thanks for your contributions to this movement, Painter. While some were turned off by your blog tone and content, I decided to keep your blog on my list - until you chose to remove your blog. Good luck with everything. Take care. I hope that you will continue to post comments, on these sites.

    Check out this page of the TLS thread “Rutgers-Camden Class of 2015 (2011-2012)”:

    It is funny to see foolish law students debating which branch is better. The reality is that Rutgers-Newark and RuTTger$-Camden are both trash cans. The Newark location produces grads who will compete with top schools in New York. Camden will soon merge with Rowan University. This should further dilute the commode’s name recognition.

    Certainly, you have noticed how embarrassing pieces of trash who are running for office will win, when running against a lesser-known opponent. (This is why you see the candidates spend millions in advertising. It also helps explain why you see comatose 84 year old senators and congresspigs.) In the end, people respond pretty favorably to familiar names, whether it is some cockroach seeking re-election - or a reliable car manufacturer.

  37. According to TLS poster “oleosmirf,” Rutgers Sewer of Law-Camden features a “Jump Start Program.” Look at his March 13, 2012 6:12 pm post:

    "Thank you for applying to Rutgers Law School-Camden.

    The Law School Admissions Committee has reserved 50 seats for some of our admitted class to start in the summer. These individuals will bring some unique passion or perspective to the law school other than simply high academics and high LSAT. Half of each incoming class avails themselves of this unique opportunity to take one of their Fall classes early to get a head start on their academic adjustment. All individuals admitted to this Program will begin their studies at the Law School this summer taking Contracts as part of the Jump Start Program. (This is NOT a conditional class/program). We would like to offer this opportunity to you.

    As part of this program you do not need to have the 161 LSAT/3.5 GPA that we normally look for. Rather, to fulfill our mission of fostering a world-class educational environment that stimulates a variety of thoughts, ideas and interests, we are seeking students from all over the nation—diverse ethnic groups, diverse home states, diverse schools, individuals who have excelled in sports, debate, theater, or charitable ventures.

    If you would like to be admitted to this program, please email Nancy Rubert at with –“Jumpstart Summer Class” in the subject line. (PLEASE SEE SUMMER CLASS INFO BELOW)

    Our goal is to fill these seats by April 15th. All admitted students are also invited to our Dean’s Law Day for Admitted Students on Saturday, March 31, 2012. (Information will be sent with your admit packet)."

    This is beyond comical. Apparently, the morons at this trash pit are not aware of the negative connotation of the term. When you hear the word “jump start,” you think of someone helplessly sitting on the side of the freeway - waiting for someone to juice up your car’s battery with jumper cables.

    Furthermore, you may think of a person collapsing after suffering a heart attack. If someone doesn’t jump start their heart - with CPR or a defibrillator. In fact, defibrillators are designed to shock the heart into a normal rhythm. And this pathetic-ass school wants to name its early enrollment after this procedure. Then again, it makes sense - as your legal career is largely DOA the moment you attend this dung pit!

    By the way, look at how the commode acknowledges that it lowers the admission standards, for those who enroll in summer courses prior to their doctrinal, first year classes. Of course, the $chool wants to fill these seats by April 15, 2012. Certainly, they expect to receive the seat deposit early, as well. In the final analysis, these “institutions of higher education” are in this for the money. They are just as greedy as Fortune 500 companies, gangsters, and corporations known as churches.

  38. Rayman Solomon's "hail mary pass" is to have Princeton pick up Rutgers-Camden law.

    There is a better chance of Michigan absorbing the Ann Arbor campus of Cooley law before that happens.

  39. Law school is bullshit to begin with. The school is gonna partner with Rowan and take on that name. Within a few days of the announcement, this fucker went from 82 or 84 to 99. If Princeton announced it was gonna take over Rutgers-Camden, it would be a top 10 school in 5 or 10 years. If you changed nothing but the fucking name, this school would be a top 10 school.

  40. two words..widener law..just look what they did in the early 90s..the Delaware Law School merged with Widener University to become WUSL.

    I graduated from the trash heap in 94.

    The merger didnt make the school better.

  41. Those who want to blame the law students might want to read this:

    It illustrates how even a seasoned journalist is fooled by the law schools. In times past, colleges had unimpeachable integrity. Unfortunately, law schools have ruined that.

    Scambloggers: Keep up the fantastic work!

  42. I still wonder how lemmings are going to pay their astronomic student loans. What are they assuming they will be doing as lawyers that will generate revenue that would be enough to pay minimal living expenses (no car, no medical, no dental, no vocations) and to cover those astronomic loans and the interest on those astronomic loans.

    I practice business and intellectual property. Ten years out. I am finding two to six messages on my answering system every day which all are about the same - "I do not need a formal legal advise for a fee, I need an informal legal advise for free. Please call to chat with me."

    So, what are you, stupid lemmings, are going to do with your political "science" background? I know, I know, girls already bought kneepads and are going to drop on their knees faster than those pants are going to hit the floor. However, what the guys are going to do? Distribute uncut cocaine to local jamborees after they are done in their shitlaw offices?

    Just a question, noting more, nothing less. Just a question.

  43. JD Painterguy - you are the man. I don't mean that in the colloquial sense, I mean that in the Whitman sense, "I am the man, I suffered, I was there."

    Keep blogging. If you want to take a break that's fine, but more than anything else, be well. We will miss you, and we are all better and stronger because you were there.


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