Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twenty More ABA-Accredited Pieces of Trash to be Sued, Over Their Misleading Employment Data

Hello, Law School Industry Swine:

On March 14, 2012, Staci Zaretsky at ATL also reported that TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law’s motion to dismiss was denied, in her piece entitled “Breaking: Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Motion to Dismiss DENIED — And Twenty More Law Schools to Be Sued.”

"Apparently, suing law schools isn’t a fool’s errand.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law filed a motion to dismiss its class action lawsuit over its employment statistics this summer. On a conference call with Team Strauss/Anziska today, we learned that TJSL’s motion has been denied." [Emphasis mine]

This may bring these “educators” to the bargaining table. Unless, of course, they want their business/reporting practices open to discovery. Zaretsky concluded her entry:

“When we asked Anziska about whether he thought the downturn in the economy had anything to do with the allegedly deceptive employment statistics reported by our nation’s law schools, he had this to say:

At the height of the recession, most schools reported placement rates of well above 90%. Now, all of a sudden in 2010-2011, after we’ve weathered the worst of the worst, schools are starting to report employment data that paints a much more realistic picture — a dim picture of employment prospects for graduates. Why, at the height of the recession, did they report sterling placement rates? It was simply impossible to have these high employment placement rates in 2009.

Taking a step back, we’ve got to wonder what, if anything, the American Bar Association is planning to do in the wake of all of these class action lawsuits. Granted, the ABA has made modifications to its annual employment questionnaire, but isn’t there something more that our law schools’ regulating body could be doing to prevent lawsuits like these from being filed in the first place? After all, the most common defense law schools have raised in their motions to dismiss these lawsuits has been to cast blame and aspersions on the ABA.

How much longer will we have to wait for action — or even comment — from the ABA? We think that the accrediting agency will eventually come to its senses, but in all likelihood, by the time the ABA decides to step in, Team Strauss/Anziska will have already sued every law school in the country.” [Emphasis mine] 

Anziska makes a great point: the ABA-accredited dung heaps published high employment “placement” rates, when those numbers were not attainable - short of manipulation. How is that ethical?!?! These corporate entities, masquerading as “institutions of higher learning,” constantly indoctrinate their students with the need to “avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

Apparently, the pigs have nothing to say when it comes to law schools manipulating employment data, for their recent graduating classes. Note how these statistics are usually included in the Prospective Students or Career Services tab. By the way, waiting for the ABA to enact meaningful change - to help students and recent grads - is akin to expecting your cat to wake up, make waffles and eggs, grab the morning paper, and serve them to you in bed. 

Disgusting Double Standard for Students and Law School Diploma Mills:

Check out this drivel from Duke University, with regards to avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. This “academic integrity” nonsense applies to students and lawyers, but apparently excludes the law school. At Third Tier Drake, my “Professional Responsibility” instructor became incensed and livid when some students mentioned that they saw no problem with being on a 5 hour flight for one client, and doing work on another client’s case while on the plane. She made it clear to the class that this was unethical conduct, i.e. “It is better to sit back and watch the in-flight movie than to work on another case, while you’re on the client’s dime.”

Legal Precedent:

On May 4, 2011, Matt Smith authored a piece for SF Weekly, under the headline “California Culinary Academy Settles Lawsuit With Students for Millions.”

"Juries are going to start to realize that this is their tax money going to these schools," [San Rafael, CA attorney Ray] Gallo says. "I think there will be more of these cases in the future."

While this culinary school was a for profit institution, the fact is that there is not much difference in mindset between for profit, non-profit, private or public schools and universities. (If anything, the for profit mills are at least somewhat honest about their main objective.) Just check out their big-ass endowments, investment revenue streams, and MASSIVE real estate holdings. Juries and the general public will recognize, at some point, that their tax dollars are providing “law professors” with $240K salaries, for teaching theory for 4-6 hours per week. In sum, these “universities” and law schools as profitable business entities. The students are simply a means to an end.

Conclusion: Despite the “legal analysis” provided by Idiot Star Jones on NBC’s Today Show recently, these suits appear to be moving forward. Frankly, I am not going to comment on the possible outcomes of these individual cases. However, I realize that these “higher education” business enterprises care primarily about money!! They also want to protect their image, and to maintain the public’s faith in their product. As with all corporations, these commodes want to avoid bad publicity. These suits represent the best chance at changing the schools’ deceptive practices. The cockroaches at the American Bar Association have SHOWN that they will not police the law schools.


  1. You know, the lawsuits probably are the best chance of making change. There was some grumbling by several members of Congress back in summer. I haven't seen or heard shit since then. The schools? Well, we already know they're not gonna do shit to change anything. The ABA? Ha! They couldn't change a tire. Keep doing this work and hang in there.

  2. These lawsuits are probably the best thing to come out of the scamblog movement. Although Nando's site wasn't the first scamblog, he has weathered the storm long after others hung up their gloves (Big Debt, Small Law-which I absolutely loved, Calico Cat, Tom the Temp, etc.).

    We all know these what these Deans and administrators are doing is criminal. Fudging 10K reports or any document submitted to the SEC or IRS is a criminal offense. Yet, these schools get a pass for massaging their employment numbers, much to the detriment of young students. As much as I would like to see a few Deans doing the perp walk, it won't happen. The ABA is a limp and hapless organization that has fell asleep at the wheel and refuses to wake up before the car is about to veer off into the abyss. The next best thing is to hit these schools where it hurts-THEIR POCKETS. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with class action suits, they settle quickly and the plaintiffs' attorneys get the lions' share of the settlement. I am hoping that these attorneys won't throw their class clients under the bus for a quick buck. However, I would not be surprised if confidential settlements are being entered into. Then, the schools would have figured a way to buy themselves out of litigation and continue the scam.

    The legal profession and education models are pernicious and perpetual. What will stop this beast?

  3. Bravo 10:55. These plaintiffs lawyers are in it for the money. Fucking shysters. They can talk about fighting the good fight, helping students, rah rah rah. They'll enter into sealed settlements with the perpetrators of the scam in a heartbeat.

    Then we won't know if the schools forked over $100K or $2 million each. And the scam will go on. A school might determine that it's worth spending $100K to shut these guys up and keep everything under wraps.

  4. Though not directly relevant to the class actions, here is a lie, from Dean David Yellin of Loyola Law School in Chicago, that I believe the law schools will use more and more frequently to lure in newbies in the wake of the improved reporting standards, and also to deflect public anger:

    “The thing that these statistics and these law suits don’t look at is how people are doing not one year after graduation, but five and ten years after graduation, and the studies that have been done show that lawyers tend to be doing quite well after a longer period of time.” –Scamming Dean Yellen, of Loyola of Chicago (see video link, 10:32-10:48)

    So, students may be led to believe that, even if they stumble right after graduation and bar passage, due to the fact that the jobs are not there, they will somehow, magically, achieve professional success five years down the road, employment gaps be damned. Of course, the truth is closer to the opposite–-for instance the widespread practice of big law in hiring top students out of law school, milking them for five years, and then booting them out.

    Yellin’s lie sounded familiar. Many years ago, the fine writer Michael Lewis wrote an article for the New Republic exposing the Journalism school scam (“J School Ate My Brain”), noting the expense, lousy employment outcomes, and piss-poor professional training at Columbia School of Journalism (nothing surprising to readers of this blog). Lewis has particular fun with career services' favored lie–- the five year jump.

    Lewis wrote:

    “In the absence of optimistic placement statistics the authorities at Columbia offer a more elaborate explanation of the benefits of their journalism degree: it may not help you right away, but it will help you down the road. "I spent a lot of the time telling people that no, no one is going to make you a foreign correspondent and send you abroad next year," says Judith Serrin, the placement director who left Columbia a year and a half ago. "What I used to say is that people who are out five years make these jumps." The school seems to have settled on this story. Seven students and two professors cited the figure to me, unsolicited. Five years. Big jump.”

  5. Don't expect much from these suits. All you can count on is a couple of lawyers will do well for themselves by a quick settlement. The whole profession is a scam.

  6. The schools will settle some of these cases with the greedy plaintiffs' attorneys. They will even throw an extra premium for an outright dismissal with prejudice. The schools will in turn raise tuition to defray the costs of these settlements and the scam will live on. And what will the class plaintiffs get? A coupon for a discounted LLM? Or a reimbursement check for the diploma/cap & gown fee? Team Strauss/Aniszka are all talk. I will bet my bottom dollar that these hacks will sell their clients down the river for a quick cash settlement.

  7. Nando, thank you for continuing the good work. I swear I only make it through the long days, weeks, months, YEARS because of you scambloggers. You feel all the rage, bitterness, disappointment, humiliation, depression, etc. that I feel on a daily basis. It reminds me that I am NOT crazy and that there is nothing I could have done differently to change my sad fate.

    David Yellin is generalizing. I have been out of school for 8 years. Ever since 9/11, the economy and legal market has been terrible. I am finally accepting that things are never going to be better. In fact, as each day passes, it just gets worse. There is nothing worse than being treated like a second-class citizen day in and day out, except maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt.

    The best revenge for all of us would be to pay off our student loans as fast as possible. Stop paying interest to Sallie Mae & all the other unscrupulous lenders. Do whatever you have to to get out of student loan debt. I stopped buying clothes and wear the same things day in and day out, I started eating once a day, and I use a ratty old cell phone without a battery cover. People laugh at me all the time because I don't have an iPhone or iWhatever, but I don't care. I got out of Sallie Mae's clutches, and they didn't make 58K in interest off of me on a $78K loan. Take that anger and direct it toward getting out of debt.

  8. the united states is a fucking piece of shitMarch 15, 2012 at 1:33 PM

    And if you can't pay off your loans, leave this shitty country in your rear view mirror. Don't even look back. We got cities here that rival the worst third world shitholes on earth. If you're white, don't take the wrong freeway exit in LA, Miami, South Side of Chicago, Detroit. There's a bunch of others, but those are the main ones.

  9. The motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law has been DENIED! I love it!

    The ABA Journal published a poll asking people "What Would You Want the Contents of a Sandwich Named After Your Law Firm or Law School to Be?"

    Sadly, they deleted my comment about the sandwich the ABA received:

    "According to Above the Law, the motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law has been DENIED! I don't know what kind of sandwiches were delivered to the ABA's offices today, but I sure wouldn't want to eat them."

    This is a big shit sandwich for the ABA!

  10. The others have it down. Expect these fuckers to settle this shit quickly.

    The plaintiff's lawyers probably had this in mind when they filed suit. Get it past MTD and then accept a confidential settlement.


    On February 1, 2012, New York Magazine published a piece by Matthew Shaer, entitled "Law Schools Sued for Lying About Lawyering." Here is an excerpt:

    "The job market for lawyers has been contracting for years; hiring is down across the board. At the same time, law schools have continued to crank out young lawyers at an alarming rate. Consider the situation in the state of New York. In 2009, the 9,787 people who passed the bar exam in the Empire State were competing for an estimated 2,100 new jobs, according to the analytics firm Economic Modeling Specialists. The imbalance created a glut of recent graduates with limited job prospects and alarming amounts of debt.

    At institutions like Columbia (ranked number 4 out of 188 law schools by U.S. News and World Report), graduates can still generally expect to find a job as an attorney after graduation. But for graduates of institutions like New York Law School (ranked 135th), the situation can be considerably more bleak.

    "What we want to see is a more efficient market in legal education,” Jesse Strauss told me recently. “We can’t keep pumping out more and more JDs into a saturated market, and then still somehow tell kids they’re going to find a job. Something needs to be done.”

    While the article is supportive of the plaintiffs' attorneys - especially Strauss and Anzika - I recognize that these guys are in this for the money. I would not be surprised if we see a bunch of relatively quick confidential settlement agreements.

    However, these schools will feel the sting of being sued by former students. While the pigs may increase tuition - to cover their insurance or settlement costs - at some point, students may ask themselves "Why should I pay $42K per year to attend a school that has been sued for misrepresentation of employment data?"

    In the end, these business enterprises care very much about their perception. This helps explain why the pigs, hags and cockroaches often hire PR firms - or in-house public relations departments. With the academic arms race in place, these commodes need to control their image. Of course, this is not limited to low-ranked schools.

    Columbia University went into damage control, after David Segal’s January 9, 2011 piece “Is Law School a Losing Game?” They were upset because the NYT article stated that Jason Bohn was a struggling graduate of Columbia Law School. (In reality, Bohn attended classes at CLS, earned a Master’s and undergrad degree at Columbia, incurring NEARLY ALL of his student debt while attending Columbia University. Of course, the pigs at Columbia don‘t care about that; after all, his student debt is a “personal problem.” They just want to disavow themselves of a lawyer working as a doc reviewer.) The link below was removed by Knut at First Tier Toilet. Columbia’s PR hacks went after him, for republishing Segal’s comments on Bohn.

  12. Wait for it. The schools will settle these suits cheap and quick. Of course, they'll be sealed. But expect about $100K and free movie tickets to the plaintiffs. The attorneys will get the lion's share.

    Well, this is going to show everyone watching what a nice little scam law is.

  13. Team Strauss/Anziska were relatively new lawyers that hung out a shingle. When business was slow, they probably surfed abovethelaw and thought of the "genius" idea to solicit class plaintiffs on the internet, jd underground, craigslist for disgruntled law grads. Make no mistake, these guys are not the "Champions of Justice" they would like you to see them as. They are in this for the money and they are no better than the law school deans, administrators and professors that are making a quick buck off of the backs of law graduates. Here is how I predict this will go down. They will make discovery requests, the schools will stonewall, making motions to quash, etc. Meanwhile, the schools will scrub their internal databases of anything incriminating. Team Strauss/Anziska will look for whistleblowers and when nothing will come of that. When Team Strauss/Anziska realizes how much out of pocket money they have laid out for the case, they will be desperate to settle and will offer to dismiss the cases under sub rosa seal. They will get 95% of the settlement while the plaintiff class members get crumbs. Mark my words, this is how it will all go down.

  14. 'the schools will scrub their internal databases of anything incriminating.'

    They started doing this as soon as the complaints were filed. There won't be a smoking gun anywhere. Plus the cocksuckers are gonna rely on this whopper 'Well... we did comply with the NALP guidelines.'

    Some would call this a lame defense. Since your only dealing with mass financial deaths, it'll work too. Oh and watch for this bullshit excuse: 'We have no way to track down graduates from 2 or 3 years ago. We can't be expected to follow up when NALP doesn't require that from us.'

  15. @ 12:04. Probably right. But the lawsuits will still have served a purpose. To raise awareness. I view many of these law schools like tobacco companies. They intentionnally mislead and covered up for profit. But at some point, the truth was forced out with tobacco companies. People who smoke now only have themselves to blame. That's the point we need to reach with law school admission. If the accuracy of reports continue to improves, which this post shows is happening, maybe people will think twice about taking on a shitload of debt to go to 130 rated law school in the country in a glutted legal market. That's the goal here. If they don't, it's on them. You can't FORCE people not to make stupid decisions. But you can force disclsoure and get the informaiton out there.

    @ 12:50. The NALP defense is bullshit. There's truth to it only in that many students don't bother to report to the schools, regardless of whether the school is a good or bad one. And that includes students with good jobs. But that's no excuse for the schools to pretend the statistics they put out are based on a 90+% response rate when it's more like a 30% response rate. The schools should be forced to list the percentage of students that didn't participate. There won't be any real way of knowing what that means as far as their job situation, but it's the best that can be done.

  16. The scam has so many layers.

    Even supposing that the lawsuits end up radically reforming legal education, they won't address the Student Lending racket.

    Sallie Mae and other Student lending entities, including the Federal Government should all be sued, and a superfund set up to compensate American individuals and families that have have been the victims of inflated interest and usury.

    One has to ask: How much of the one trillion dollars outstanding in student loan debt is due to excessive interest which has benefitted a relative few to the detriment of countless others?

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  19. i wonder why David Yellin left hofstra so suddenly. did he get caught doing something wrong??????????????????????????????????????

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    It is kind of like a Robert Browing Poem, or a Grimm's tale, or a Hans Christian Anderson tale I guess.

    And if you want to read the whole story, youse had all bloody well pay me so I can pay off my freakin student loan debt!

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    Comment all you want and I will see all of youse all critics in the funny papers after your asses are sued!

    And but good!


    On March 16, 2012, Fortune and CNN Money published an article from Elizabeth G. Olson, entitled “Law school fuzzy grad job stats: A federal offense?” Here is an excerpt:

    “Accusations that law schools have "gamed" the system by providing incomplete, misleading, or even downright false data on incoming students and graduate employment have marred the competition. So far, law schools are brushing off legal suits by jobless, or seriously underemployed, graduates and other efforts to pry open precise employment data, and clinging to the ivory-tower system of plentiful applicants with deep pockets.

    But law school officials may take notice -- and umbrage -- when they see the title of a new study by two law school professors: "Law Deans in Jail."

    The 77-page paper, written by Emory University School of Law professors Morgan Cloud and George Shepherd, concludes that widespread manipulation of law school graduate employment data may have not only pushed institutions higher in the national law school rankings, but also could be considered "mail and wire fraud under federal law."

    The law school industry pigs do belong behind bars. However, in this morally bankrupt nation, connected people who engage in gangster activity typically do not face criminal charges.

    Later on, the piece continued:

    “Cloud and Shepherd say U.S. News & World Report law school rankings, which dominate the field, have particular influence on "many students' decisions about which schools to attend, and to pay dearly for the privilege.

    "When the rankings are based in part upon false data, then those who are responsible may be guilty of federal crimes," they wrote in their paper.”

    This is comical, in the sense that it is funny but tragic. When I told Mental Midget Robert Ackerman, dean of Wayne $TTTaTTTe Univer$iTTTy Law Sewer, and Phillip Closious, then-dean at the University of BalTTTimore Sewer of Law, that their schools should not pay attention to the USN&WR rankings scheme, they acted as if I demanded that they walk in front of traffic. I told them that they should simply bill their institutions as regional or local schools, with is the case. When they spend millions to upgrade their facilities, dozens of others of law schools will do the same. This means that the schools are not going to gain much ground, in terms of ratings. Yet, the morons willingly choose to participate in the “higher education” arms race.

    Olson is correct that the law schools receive federal money, in the forms of Stafford loans - and other federally-backed student loans. The pigs also publish and disseminate their misleading and manipulated “placement” info online and via U.S. mail. If you want to be technical, the law school cockroaches also do so whenever they send their sales reps to law school fairs, across the nation. Those schools send their admissions officers on airplanes, with hundreds of brochures, “informational” DVDs, charts, etc.

  22. Maybe it is because legal academics know so little about actual practice that they failed to realize that fraud is actionable.


    On March 16, 2012, Slate published a piece from former corporate lawyer cockroach named Reynolds Holding under the headline “Greedy law schools taught jobless grads too well.” Here are some quotes:

    “Greedy law schools may have taught their jobless graduates a little too well. Some disgruntled lawyers are suing their alma maters for exaggerating employment prospects. That seems fitting for a litigious lot with buyers’ remorse over a $120,000 education. The lousy job market isn’t the schools’ fault, but training these cheeky legal eagles to spread their wings may be.

    On the surface, the suits seem a stretch. Scores of graduates from New York Law, Michigan’s Thomas M. Cooley Law and other lower-tier schools want refunds because they didn’t get the legal jobs they were supposedly promised. They cite school statistics touting more than 90 percent employment rates for recent graduates. The schools stress that the figures, while essentially accurate, guarantee nothing, and lawyers should have known the job market was shaky.”

    Apparently, this former Biglaw stooge cannot remember that law schools do not teach their students how to practice law. These plaintiffs have hired class-action lawyers to handle their cases. (While some schools may provide decent clinics, those areas are pretty much limited to domestic violence, elder law or criminal offenses. They may learn how to file a motion in limine, but they sure as hell do not learn anything useful about complex litigation - such as class actions.)

    Ass-Clown droned on:

    “The problem is that many schools do play fast and loose. They typically include non-legal, part-time and temporary work in employment numbers while hiring graduates themselves or paying law firms to do so. A whopping 59 of 143 law schools in the 2012 U.S. News and World Report rankings somehow reported more than 90 percent employment for recent graduates.

    Even if prospective students don’t rely on those numbers, the rankings are highly influential. And employment rates account for almost one-fifth of a school’s rank. If the rates are unreliable, then so is a widely-used criterion for deciding where to apply.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean the schools have committed fraud. But Villanova University and the University of Illinois have acknowledged giving inaccurate information to U.S. News in the past, and other institutions have been accused of gaming the ranking system with false data.”

    This is fence-sitting journalism at its worst. Holding labels the schools as greedy, as anyone with an IQ above 70 knows. He then states that the suits are a bit of stretch. (Well, at least they are trying to hold the scamming pigs somewhat accountable, for their actions.) He also asserts that the students are upset because they didn’t land jobs that “they were supposedly promised.” Then again, what do you expect from a corporate tool/douche-bag with Reynolds as a first name?!?!

  24. I'm trying to work the angle of the lenders, since I think that's where the real pressure will ultimately come with regard to fraud by the schools (i.e., the fact that the debt is non dischargeable in Chapter 7 is cold comfort to a creditor who lent millions of dollars to various students, unsecured by any real value). The only logical reason I can imagine for this behavior is that the creditors, like the students, fell for bullshit employment stats. Otherwise, how is the asset worth anything?

  25. @12:13, because the debt is nondischargeable in bankruptcy and collections are not subject to the FDCPA.

    The law school scam, one victim at a time: From tragedy to tragedy:

    "I WENT on a walk in Manhattan the other day with a young woman who once had to work these streets, hired out by eight pimps while she was just 16 and 17. She pointed out a McDonald’s where pimps sit while monitoring the girls outside, and a building where she had repeatedly been ordered online as if she were a pizza.

    Alissa, her street name, escaped that life and is now a 24-year-old college senior planning to become a lawyer —"

    Oy. While I am quite certain be an indentured servant to the student loan creditors is superior to being under the thumb of a pimp, this falls into the category or moving from disaster to disaster. Best of luck to her.

  26. ^That is a horror story. Giving up the life of a prostitute to become a debt slave with a law degree. I need a drink now. Thx.

  27. I read the NYTimes story about the prostitute turned college senior with law school aspirations. I feel very sorry for this woman. I admire her for turning her life around but she doesn't realize that she is trading one form of prostitution for another. Instead of paying her fedora and gator wearing pimp her earnings, she will soon be exploited by her new pimp, the law school dean, and then thrown into a lifetime servitude sentence with Sallie Mae. What a fucking depressing Sunday. This woman would be successful as a social worker with her background. She can touch lives and inspire others. But no. She has decided to throw away her life in law school/"legal career."

  28. Why go to law school for 3 years, when you can get a 12 month certification to work as a doc review monkey? And I am sure it won't cost $150K.

  29. What rank is Bryan University in the doc review certificate rankings?

  30. Check out honest David Yellin @ 'I can assure you that any such suit against Loyola would be without merit. We take very seriously our commitment to our students, and provide only true and complete employment information. As a member of the ABA's Standards Review Committee, and chair of its subcommittee on consumer information, I have been a strong advocate of requiring schools to provide detailed employment information.'

  31. Nando, get Yellen and rip his fucking head off. Thanks.

  32. Joan King should be dragged into court to answer for her crimes.

  33. Does shining the Valvoline Dean's AMG for $0.25 count as "legal employment"?


    Staci Zaretski, who happens to be pretty hot, reported, earlier today, that the case against NYL$ has been dismissed. Take a look at the judge/pig's "reasoning":

    “The court does not view these post-graduate employment statistics to be misleading in a material way for a reasonable consumer acting reasonably. By anyone's definition, reasonable consumers - college graduates - seriously considering law schools are a sophisticated subset of educated consumers, capable of sifting through data and weighing alternatives before making a decision regarding their post-college options, such as applying for professional school. These reasonable consumers have available to them any number of resources of information to review when making their decisions.”

    The corporate whore "judge" went on:

    “It is also difficult for the court to conceive that somehow lost on these plaintiffs is the fact that a goodly number of law school graduates toil (perhaps part-time) in drudgery or have less than hugely successful careers. NYLS applicants, as reasonable consumers of a legal education, would have to be wearing blinders not to be aware of these well-established facts of life in the world of legal employment.”

    Do you see why those with integrity, honesty and decent intelligence often do not have one iota of respect for the judicial $y$tem, in this country?! It is a game, people. Remember, that LAW EQUALS POLITICS – nothing more! The system is built on using wordplay and legal fictions/human constructs to confuse the masses into accepting the status quo.

    “[Corporate Tool] Melvin L. Schweitzer received his bachelor’s degree with honors from New York University’s University College of Arts and Sciences in 1966, and his juris doctor in 1969 from Fordham University School of Law, where he was a Loyal League Philanthropies scholar and a member of the Fordham National Moot Court Team.

    From 1969-2005, he was in private practice, focusing on corporate, securities, public finance and insurance law, thirty years with Rogers & Wells in New York City.”

    Let's take a brief look at the piece of garbage named Melvin Schweitzer. As you can see from his background, Cockroach Schweitzer practiced corporate and securities law, for over 30 years. What can you expect from such trash?!?! Of course, he identified with the independent business enterprise/“institution of higher learning” known as New York Law $chool.


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