Monday, April 9, 2012

Fewer Take the LSAT and Apply to Law School, But This Will Not Lead to a Significant Drop in Law School Enrollment

Fewer LSAT Exams Taken in 2011:

On January 22, 2011, Paul Caron - of the University of Cincinnati Commode of Law - posted a blog entry labeled “LSAT Test-Takers Down 10%, Law School Applications Down 12%.” Here is an excerpt:

“The Law School Admission Council reports that YTD 2010-11 LSAT test takers are down 10.0% from 2009-10 (albeit the 129,414 test takers is the second largest YTD testing volume in history). Fall 2011 law school applications are down 12.2% (and applicants are down 12.5%).”

On December 16, 2010, the douche-bags at the Admissions Accepted Blog posted an entry on the smaller number of LSAT test takers. The piece was entitled “LSAT Numbers Down, But Not Really…” Here is the opening paragraph:

“While the October 2009 LSAT boasted the single largest administration of the LSAT ever, the October LSAT this year did not continue this upward trend. As reported by Most Strongly Supported, the number of test takers this October decreased by 10.5% from last October, yet this turnout was still the “second highest single administration in the history of the test.”

LSAT Tests Down for the Second Year in a Row:

David Segal wrote another piece on the law school cartel, for the New York Times, on March 19, 2012. This editors employed the headline “For 2nd Year, a Sharp Drop in Law School Entrance Tests.” Here is an excerpt, following Segal’s observation that “Legal diplomas are apparently losing luster”:

“The Law School Admission Council reported that the LSAT was given 129,925 times in the 2011-12 academic year. That was well off the 155,050 of the year before and far from the peak of 171,514 in the year before that. In all, the number of test takers has fallen by nearly 25 percent in the last two years.

The decline reflects a spreading view that the legal market in the United States is in terrible shape and will have a hard time absorbing the roughly 45,000 students who are expected to graduate from law school in each of the next three years. And the problem may be deep and systemic.” [Emphasis mine]

I recognize that many academic serpents will argue that the schools could not anticipate the effects of the 2008 economic collapse. (In reality, this signified a fundamentally restructured U.S. economy. Then again, you can’t expect the pinheads to understand this concept.) However, when the schools have overproduced lawyers - for decades - it is foreseeable that any long-term economic downturns, or restructuring, will wreak havoc on recent grads, and the industry.

Look at this ABA chart, which CLEARLY shows that student enrollment continues to increase. For the 2009-2010 academic year, ABA-approved dung heaps enrolled a total of 154,549 students - and pumped out 44,004 graduates. For $ome rea$on, the rats and cockroaches at this organization have not yet published the figures for the 2010-2011 school year. From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 - a span of 30 years - these bitches and hags awarded 1,161,863 law degrees. Does anyone feel that this is ethical?!?!

Applications Down Roughly 26.3 Percent, From Two Years Ago:

An anonymous “professional LSAT tutor”/tool posted an April 8, 2012 entry tagged “Law School Applicant Numbers/Applications in Steep Decline.” This shill points out the following:

“Applicant numbers are down 15.6%, and applications submitted are down 13.6%, according to data submitted through 3/30/12.” [Emphasis mine]

Too bad, this figure will not directly translate to 13.6 percent fewer tenured “law professors” - at ABA-accredited trash heaps. Here is the author’s concluding segment:

“In short, we've already seen a 25.8% decrease in the number of LSATs administered over the past 2 years.

Now, we're likely seeing something close to a 26.3% drop in the number of law school applicants, and a 24.6% decrease in the number of law school applications submitted over the past 2 years.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone with an IQ above 75 believe that this will equate to 24.6% fewer law students in the entering Fall 2012 law classes, compared to those who matriculated in August 2010?!?! Also, if the schools end up decreasing their class sizes by a nominal amount, then expect tuition increases to make up some of the difference.

Conclusion: The law school pigs will not lower their incoming class sizes, in any meaningful way. A few toilets will “voluntarily” decrease their first year cohort. (This is a mere publicity stunt, in order to show the public that the school cares about keeping its supposed “standards.”)

Expect the commodes and sewers of law to LOWER THEIR “STANDARDS” FURTHER. Don’t be surprised to see somewhat “respectable” schools start accepting Pottery majors with 3.1 UGPAs, and 143 LSAT scores, in the next few years. I can imagine the admissions committee mulling over such an applicant:

“Look at this guy. He made a detailed mold of his girlfriend’s hands and feet…with clay!! We need this applicant’s creativity and skill. Plus, we might be able to count it as a diversity enrollment. Yeah, his test score is pretty low, but we also know that the LSAT does not always determine who will become a good lawyer.”


  1. They won't reduce enrollment this year, but they will....and many will shut down, if scambloggers help with engineering a catastrophic, 180 degree, turn in the way going to law school is perceived by the common public. Get it down to 40-50k LSAT takers a year and then let us see how some of these schools survive. The corrupt government can only do so much.

  2. I think, for higher ranked schools, you'll see a slight decrease in class sizes as they try to maintain their "standards" with a smaller pool of qualified applicants. This will mean more competition for qualified students at the top.

  3. Great work so far. Let's see LSAT takers go down to 50K or so. The schools can't accept every single applicant.

  4. Law schools will just lower standards if they have to get more enrollment. 2.6 undergrad GPA and 148 on the LSAT, no problem there is a law school for you, just sign these student loan papers. Also, the unaccredited law schools that make coloring books seem difficult compared to their admission qualifications.

    There are so many licensed attorneys looking for work. I have placed ads and get slammed with resumes. It is not uncommon for me to get hit with 50 resumes in a couple of weeks. The glut of lawyers limits pay and opportunity. I have licensed attorneys offering to work for free, just to gain experience.

    This is a crap profession. I try to do my part to warn people. I wish someone would have stopped me, biggest mistake in my life was pursuing law school.

  5. At some point, a pottery student with a 143 LSAT might actually bump up a school's numbers.

  6. law schools are not you know how many applicants there are for even 4th tier shitholes? Plenty to offset a 50% drop in applicants. They will still have their same class size. I wonder if there is an increase in minoirty applicants.

    Despite the decrease, the problem will then be more JD Painter types barely graduting from terrible schools and unable to pass the bar and wanting to get a bailout. While law schools are no doubt scams, with the info out there including your blog telling kids not to go unless etc, how can anyone stupid enough to go to a bad school say they deserve to have their loans forgiven when they cant pass the bar. This will increase in the future as more dumb minorities are filling seats. Do you think they will fail these dummies out?

    The key will be how the ABA handles accredidation as even less deserving students graduate but have no chance at passing the bar causing the schools bar pass rate to drop. Schools will lose accredidation before they even run out of students to keep their class size full and considering the ABA would accredit a law school run by Bert and Ernie if they had the financial backing, good luck holding out for schools to lose their accrdidation because their graduates are even less qualified to practice law then those like JD Painter.

    Law School is simply a lottery for poor, unqualified, and unconnected people. There will always be those who despite no chance at being a succesful lawyer will role the dice and get the loans and go without thinking about what failure causes them over their life.

    Student loans will not be dischargeable in bankruptcy until race is made an issue just like with the housing loans that got forgiven because morons, especially minorities, bought houses they couldnt afford. Until then, its going to be a hard lesson for many until people realize its simply not worth the risk. Ultimately the goal is to get as many minorities and foreigners law degrees so the next Obama can bail them out and grant them amnesty. If you are a minority community organizer with a bought and paid for law degree, you can do anything. If you think I am just some angry white dude, read Michelle Obama(Robinsons) Princeton Thesis that helped her get into Harvard Law. HARVARD LAW!!! Its unreadable yet she gets into Harvard and Princeton because she is black.

    Do you really think law schools are going to run out of students? LOL. She is truly an inspiration for her commmunity.

    1. To your point. Its not just Dumb Minorities failing law school genius. There are a lot of dumb non-minorities failing the bar as well.

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  9. To 1114 AM

    -Harvard is an anomaly, they can do whatever they want because of their reputation/connections

    -if you think 50% will still be too many, then maybe the bar should be reset to >75% reduction in test-takers, say max 30k per year....which isn't the same as applicants. Remember some people might take a higher exam as one option among many, and not apply. Or if they do apply, maybe within 5 years students will finally do an appropriate risk-benefit analysis

    -if minorities are potentially going to be heavily affected, then some of these scamblogs should be linked at minority internet forums and distributed to minority leaders to help prevent a potential mark for the law schools.....all to bring about their destruction....

  10. Campos mentioned this shit on his blog too. If 66,000 desperate motherfuckers apply and the schools end up enrolling 45,000 or so the schools would end up taking in almost 70 percent of those that applied. Shit, beauty schools are more selective!

  11. The TTT14 acceptance rates are still hovering around 10%, so they can easily absorb a 50% drop in applications (which we have yet to see). These numbers are a sure sign that the movement is starting to make some headway, but if the only condition of getting loans is getting in to some law school somewhere, I agree, the schools will simply drop their standards rather than lower tuition.


    As recently as January 10, 2010, Rebecca R. Ruiz, of the New York Times, wrote an article entitled “Recession Spurs Interest in Graduate, Law Schools.” Here is the opening:

    “It took longer than some experts expected, but the recession and the resulting shortage of good jobs have spurred a jump in applications to law schools and a growing interest in graduate programs.

    The number of people taking the Law School Admissions Test, for example, rose 20 percent in October, compared with October 2008, reaching an all-time high of 60,746. And the number of Americans who took the Graduate Record Examination in 2009 rose 13 percent, to a record 670,000, compared with the year before, according to the Educational Testing Service, which administers the test. The increase is a sharp reversal from 2008, when the number fell 2 percent even though the recession was already under way.”

    This drop in applications to ABA-approved dung pits is newsworthy, because economic downturns often lead to higher numbers of people heading to graduate school. The economy is still in the sewer, and the commodes are constantly advertising their “product” to eager and desperate students. Apparently, people are starting to recognize that law school is a poor investment. In fact, I have met several bright people who have told me that they will not consider law school, "because of the costs, and job prospects."

    Matt Leichter also addressed this issue, in his April 8, 2012 entry "Fewer Quality Law School Applicants in 2012." Check out his latest piece, for additional solid information and graphs.

    Look at this release, from Educational Testing Service, which was posted on February 8, 2012:

    "Princeton, N.J. (February 8, 2012) —
    Following several consecutive record-breaking years, the GRE® program reported that 2011 test volumes reached an all-time high at more than 800,000, officials of Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced today.

    In a year when other higher education admissions tests reported flat or declining volumes, the 2011 launch of the GRE revised General Test led to the largest testing year in the program’s history and represented a 13% increase over last year. ETS officials believe the added momentum is due to the new test-taker friendly design of the GRE revised General Test combined with growing acceptance of GRE scores worldwide by thousands of graduate institutions, including business schools."

    The GRE saw an increase of 13 percent, from last year. Of course, the greedy pigs who run MBA programs are now accepting GRE results. Perhaps, they were facing fewer applicants - and wanted to shore up the numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if the ABA-accredited trash heaps follow suit.

  13. @11:14AM

    You sound racist and horrible.

    And it is pretty clear you don't approve of bankruptcy for student loans. But what is wrong with a settlement?

    My story aside, do you think doubled and tripled and even quadrupled student loan balances due to excessive interest with no checks in place is a good system?

  14. Jd you are a leech and a failure...stop crying racism. You are not the poster boy for law school scams. Quit trying to be as every time you speak you destroy its credibility. Pass the bar the you can whine when you cant find a job.

  15. Currently at a T2.My school will be cutting 75 people due to this, which is extremely surprising. Still trying everything to get the hell out it and transfer to another school.

  16. @Apr. 9, 5:48

    I never said I am anyone's poster boy.

    My issues are more about student loan debt than the law school scam, although I do add my thoughts and share my story since it might help people.

    Once more: I could not pass that exam. No where near close.

    And who are you to speak for Nando?

  17. @Anon. April 9 05:48 PM

    You have a real hard-on for JD Painterguy. Why is that? I think you work for a place like NCO Financial or GC Services; you cold-call and harass debtors, and the idea that the lucrative defaulted student loan market would vanish gives you nightsweats.....I mean it would be back to collecting on tiny zombie debt or chump change credit card debt, and those people fight back.

    Get a clue or a life, Anon.

  18. 8:23,

    So schools are actually letting go of leeches. That's news. Someone pinch me, am I dreaming?

  19. One has to admire JD's candidness. His story along with Nando's critiques saved my ass from falling into the student loan trap and becoming a slave to greedy hucksters. I was considering taking the LSAT and applying to a local, CA-accredited trash heap before I was fortunate enough to find the scamblog scene. And JD Painter is right about student loans, there needs to be some kind of relief for people in his situation. Massively inflating student loan balances is not only cruel, but will just lead to the debt never being paid in the first place.

  20. No reason to keep referring to tier 4 as shit holes. I know plenty of lawyers who attended local 4th tier schools and who practice locally. They started at 60,000 a year. I also know lawyers who graduated from 4th tier, got experience working in a small firm and now 5-10 years out they are on their own making well over 100,000+ a year. Never knew something that was a "shithole" could make you such a decent salary...

    1. If those folks are the exception and not the rule, then you've proved our point yourself.

  21. I know about people that go to Hollywood with nothing and become actors that make $20 million a movie.

  22. I know about people that buy lottery tickets and win $3 million or megapots. Is that a good investment?

  23. There's definitely a difference between graduating from a tier 4, starting at the bottom and working up to a high salary versus winning a jackpot...Both of your analogies are very weak. Hard work, marketability and a proven track record can turn a tier 4 grad into a very wealthy individual.

  24. That went over your head, guy. Most tier 4 grads end up in shitlaw, doc review or doing something else. You are citing to the exception. The vast majority of tier 4 grads are not going to be very wealthy. So what's the point of taking out $120,000 for a law degree?

  25. Well then good outlook.. it all comes down to personal deciding factors. Blogs such as this are good because they give future students a look at what they could possible be facing. May not be worth it for someone with many expenses such as rent, wife, kids, utilities, food, etc. But may be worth it for someone with no expenses planning on living with mom and dad until loan is paid off and has connections in the business and legal world.

  26. I went to my law school graduation ceremony (walked) and it was one helluvan expensive show in NY city at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center.

    I might have been charged a wee stipend for that ceremony too, and it was buried in my tuition somewhere.

    But maybe not. I recall buying tickets.

    Anyway, as I sat there and watched all my fellow 4th tier grads going up on stage as their names were read one by one, I started hearing the announcer say something like:

    "And now, here is Jane or John Doe, to be greeted by her father, Judge Doe."

    Or: Jane Doe to be greeted by her husband, the partner of this firm or that firm."

    Or... "John Doe to be greeted by the Mayor of this or that local municipality"

    And so forth, until I finally said to myself:

    "What the Fuck? It looks like those people have jobs already!"

    Not to mention the children of family firms etc.

    Those are the people that generally win the 4th tier law school lottery.

    Game is rigged?

    Deck is stacked?

    You decide. All I do is share my experiences to the young, who cannot possibly know because they haven;t had those experiences yet!

  27. To the troll who believes that one can routinely enter a fourth tier trash pit and become very wealthy,

    On October 29, 2009 Vanderbilt University law professor Herwig Schlunk published a draft of his economic paper “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be…Lawyers.” In this piece, the author asks the question, “Is law school a good investment?” He mentions opportunity costs, and relies on three hypothetical law students. Look at his conclusion:

    "How does the current state of the market for entry-level law school graduates affect the analysis? It does so in three ways, I think. First, it means that the expected immediate pay-off of a law degree earned today may be less than was anticipated; currently, not even a Harvard graduate is guaranteed that he will get, much less be able to keep, a Biglaw job. Second, it means that the incremental income stream from a law degree is actually more risky than recent law school attendees have probably been led to believe. And this, in turn, means that the appropriate discount rate is surely higher than the one such attendees have implicitly been using.

    But there is a third effect as well, and it may be the most important of all. There is no reason to believe that the currently-experienced changes in the legal market for freshly-minted law school graduates are temporary; indeed, some legal scholars think they may well be permanent. If so, then it is not just the current crop of Hot Prospects, but all future crops as well, who will need to ratchet down their expectations not only with respect to first-year compensation, but also with respect to job security and chances for partnership. And that could easily tip the balance with respect to the investment decision from somewhat positive to decidedly negative."

    This PDF is a mere 12 page document. It shouldn't tax your brain too much. Then again, you already have your heart set on attaining a "legal education," right?!?! If you are not willing to look up information that doesn't comport with your ideas of beliefs, then how do you expect to be an effective lawyer?!

    To quote a dunce:

    “Hard work, marketability and a proven track record can turn a tier 4 grad into a very wealthy individual.”

    You list individual qualities, lemming. They have little to nothing to do, with the law school. In fact, a hard-working person will need to overcome the pathetic name of the institution, on his law degree. In essence, he will need to rely on his individual effort to outweigh the commode’s TTTT reputation. Such an industrious person would be likely better off owning a small business, or working his way up in his current company.

    Working on a secondary journal, or interning at an animal rights clinic, is NOT going to impress potential legal employers. At the bottom-feeder law schools, family, business and political connections trump "hard work" and persistence. Get that through your dense skull!

  28. Don't argue with idiots. The evidence against law school being a sound investment is overwhelming. Anyone who can't see that isn't worth saving. Let them discover for themselves how great things are when they owe $130K and make peanuts. Save your energy on tackling the law schools.

  29. "If you are not willing to look up information that doesn't comport with your ideas of beliefs, then how do you expect to be an effective lawyer?!"

    Obviously I am willing to look up info against my beliefs, Why else would I frequently visit this blog? Also, why do you all feel the need to name call? Totally unnecessary!

  30. ^

    Because you are an idiot. How do I know you are an idiot? You are in the third decade of your life and you absolutely have no instinct of self preservation.

  31. Here's the way I look at the scamblogs (and they've been very effective). They provide a "Do Not Drink Paint" label on the side of a paint can. Some are going to ignore the warning label and drink. Certain of these fools just can't read. Others can read but want to show they are tough or won't be affected. This is how the glut continues.

  32. Law school deans and career services shills use two PR lines repeatedly: (1) our prospective students are adults, and capable of making the right decision as to whether or not to attend; and (2) even if our grads have trouble getting jobs right after graduation, they tend to be doing very well five or ten years out.

    See e.g. Dean David Yellin of Loyola U. of Chicago, on this show:

    So how about this, law schools? Enroll as many students as you wish and charge whatever you wish, but with this condition: Your graduates all get a one-time option, five years out, to return their law degree in exchange for a full refund of tuition plus accrued interest on any unpaid student debts.

    A law degree is, at best, a gamble, and it is only fair that the schools share some of the risk.

  33. What you will see (and what you are starting to see) is law schools recruiting foreign students. We already see this in law school LLM programs (a cash cow). As the dollar continues to grow weaker expect to see law school classes dominated by Chinese. These schools aren't stupid. I'm sure they've thought well in advance about how to counteract the admission trends and still maintain their outrageous salaries.

  34. Law schools are symptomatic of a larger educational and workforce crisis in this country. These days you really need an advanced degree to get a job. You can't do much with a liberal arts degree. This is a problem considering the high costs of education. People who would be better off in another path incur a lot of debt. That's because other options are limited.

    Manufacturing and trade jobs have decreased drastically in this country, so people go to school to stave off waiting tables. But not everyone is meant for or equipped for higher education. The problem is compounded by the extremely high costs of law schools. People who are only accepted at low-ranked law schools and don't do well there have a low chance of making a good living in a legal job. But enrollment has yet to drop because there do not appear to be many good options. And there aren't. People are desparate and will continue to gamble on law school and other graduate programs because they feel their options are worse without it. In some cases they are right. In many cases, they are wrong.

  35. @ 3:27, I doubt it. Schools are not going to turn to foreign applicants to fill their rank-and-file class for the the simple reason that there is no such demand by foreign applicants. L.L.M.'s generally represent the cream of the crop. They have degrees in their own country and are generally at the top of the profession or have done very well at educational institutions there. They get an L.L.M. because they wish to practice in the U.S. or otherwise improve their skill-set (often for complicated cross-border M&A deals) or increase their prestige. A U.S. degree is considered very prestigious in many countries.

    I do not see thousands of people from China scoring 140 on the LSAT and matriculating at places like New York Law School or Thomas Cooley. It is only the elite that tend to pursue legal education in the U.S. in the first place. I bet if you looked at the percentage of L.L.M. students at Cooley it would be far, far lower than nearby top 10 law school U of M.

  36. 'A law degree is, at best, a gamble, and it is only fair that the schools share some of the risk.'

    Now that is a money quote. Good discussion here. People are starting to get it.

  37. Anybody think that some of these foreigners might be interested in an LLM in International and Comparative Sports Law:


    "The Perfect Program for the Right Student"

  38. This scam is disgusting. Far more disgusting than any picture on this blog. It's so foul, I think nando needs to start putting up pics of godzilla shit on this blog.

  39. @7:26 pm "How do I know you are an idiot? You are in the third decade of your life and you absolutely have no instinct of self preservation".

    Hmm I think the only true idiot here is you.. You're passing judgement based on...
    Do you know the contacts I have in the business world? nope
    Do you know why I want to become a lawyer? nope Do you know how many lawyers I have connections with? Nope
    You know nothing about me.. Therefore, the only idiot around here is you. You are the true definition of as ASSuming Asshole..
    "no instinct of self preservation".
    Lmao, you are a fool son. A complete bitter fool.

  40. @7:26 pm Furthermore, you ASSumed I will be in huge debt.. Do you how much money I have in the bank? Do you know how wealthy my family is? You and your pathetic generalizations.

  41. To continue my ranting... I support this blog because it truly addresses serious fraud that is committed by law schools and the problems many graduates could face upon graduation. I just don't believe the personal attacks are necessary because you don't know what people's individual situations are.

  42. If you have connections, good for you. But keep your fucking mouth shut already. No one cares to hear your shit.


    As you can see, Stetson University Commode of Law - the 119th greatest law school in the United States, according to USN&WR - has now extended its application deadline to July 1, 2012.

    Furthermore, the school is waiving application fees, which represents a savings of $55 to the prospective student. Then again, you need to ask yourself if it is worth saving $55, in order to incur an additional $130K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. That *might* not be a good tradeoff, for the student.

    The commode is also going to accept June LSAT scores. How generous of the pigs, right?!?! Surely, the school would not have ulterior motives in making this decision! In the final analysis, used car salesmen have more integrity than these "educators" and businessmen.

  44. 10:55 and 11:17

    Listen you, useless piece of shit. I do not give a flying fuck whether or not your family has money and/or connections. It is you I am talking about, not your family. Here is another reason why you are an idiot - people with money and connections do not need a law school to beef up their credentials, unless they are idiots, like you, then they need a piece of paper as a substitute for lack of brain and worthwhile abilities. Shut the fuck up and go to law school, you useless piece of shit. You will fit like a glove, moron.


  46. Well, I can't speak for other law schools, but the 1L class this year will be down more than 1/2 as many as last year... about 60, down from about 150 1Ls. Personally, I think it's a good thing. More than half of my class has no business being in law school in the first place anyway.


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