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Third Tier Trash Pile: Texas Tech University School of Law

Tuition: For the 2011-2012 school year, Texas residents entering this dung heap as first year, full time law students were charged $22,339 in tuition and fees. Non-resident, full-time law students - who chose to live in Texas for three years, starting in Fall 2011 - were hit with a big-ass tuition and fee figure of $30,829. Who says that public schools are affordable?!?! Also, apparently these pigs cannot be bothered to post their 2012-2013 tuition rates online, as of today’s date.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, the school estimates that room and board, books and supplies, transportation and miscellaneous expenses will add up to another $14,372. These costs seem ridiculously low. For example, the school published nine-month transportation costs as $2,000, while room and board comes out to $8,606. Did the school determine that the average TTTexa$ TTTech law student would be living with five roommates - or in a broom closet - and subsisting entirely on Ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?!

Regardless, I will determine a twelve month total, relying on this commode’s nine month figures - since actual law students will require expenses, over the course of the entire year. I will not change the amount for books and supplies, since most students will not take summer courses. As such, we can calculate a more accurate total COA - for those who matriculated during the 2011-2012 school year - as $41,102 for Texas residents and $49,592.

Ranking: With such costs, surely the school’s reputation must be pretty formidable, right?!?! Well, some vagina named Bob Morse at US “News” & World Report ranks Texas Tech University Sewer of Law as the 101st most magnificent and prestigious law school in the land. In fact, this particular ranking is so phenomenal, Morse also conferred this ranking on four other commodes, i.e. St. Louis University, University of the Pacific, Villanova, and West Virginia.

Supposed Employment Placement and Starting Salary Data: The school asserts, in its March 2011 newsletter, that 97.26% of its JD Class of 2010 was employed within nine months of graduation. Under the section labeled You Should Know…

“Employment Statistics: While other law schools experienced drops in employment statistics for their graduates, Texas Tech University School of Law’s employment numbers are up this year. Professionals in the Career Services office worked closely with students to help find jobs after graduation which resulted in a nine-month employment rate of 97.26% for the Class of 2010, up approximately 8% over the Class of 2009.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe that this third tier commode law school’s employment placement rate legitimately increased by 8 percent, in the course one year, while the nation is in the midst of an economic bowel movement?!?!

For the Class of 2011, the school claims that only 89.5% of this cohort was employed, within nine months of graduation. Imagine that, people! The school (allegedly) experienced a one year bump in jobs, for its graduates - and then it returned to normal levels the next year. That is uncanny, huh?!?!

Scroll down, to look up data under Size of Firm, for the Class of 2011. You will note that 99 reported working in private law firms. (In employed by job type, the school places this figure at 101.) Out of the 99 listed, six were in solo practice, 52 reported working in firms of 2-10 lawyers, 22 were employed in firms with 11-25 attorneys. Only three were hired in law firms of greater than 101 attorneys. Those at larger firms reported their salary data, at a higher rate. This does not come as a surprise to those familiar with statistics, as we know that more successful grads are always more likely to supply their income.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the TTTexa$ TTTech Univer$iTTTy JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $62,561. Furthermore, 75 percent of this school’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. This figure does not take undergraduate debt into account.

Faculty and Administrator Compensation: Once again, we can thank Collegiate Times, for furnishing salary data for pigs and cockroaches employed as “professors” and administrators - at public institutions. The following data applies for the 2010: William Loewy raked in $301,410, as George R. Killam Jr. Chair of Criminal Law. Suraya Fortney, who is now a “law professor” at Maurice A. Deane Sewer of Law at Hoftra University, made $276,646 at Texas Tech - for one year’s “work.” Gerry Beyer rolled in $195,360, in his capacity as something called the “Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law.” Lastly, John Kramer “earned” $190,450, as “Professor of Law and Foundation Professor of Commercial Law.” 

Conclusion: There are nine ABA-accredited law schools in the state of Texas. Only one of those schools has anything resembling a national reputation. It happens to be located in Austin, not Lubbock. In the final analysis, you don’t need a law degree from a place that people confuse with ITT Technical Institute, a.k.a. ITT Tech. You DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $65K-$90K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to have a TTT credential behind your name.

If you are considering this trash heap, then you need to review the costs and possible - but unlikely - reward or payoff. Law school is a FINANCIAL DECISION. It is one can limit your ability to purchase a home, get married or start a family. In many cases, it can lead to personal ruin. If Boomer swine cry or bitch about looking at this from such an angle, keep in mind that they are greedy dogs who have contributed heavily to many of our country’s economic problems. Look at the salaries of the “educators” above. Do you want to contribute to their lavish income, lifestyle, and pension - by becoming a debt slave?! In the end, these gluttons do not give one damn about your future. They get paid up front, in full - regardless of your outcome. You are left holding the bag of student debt.



    There are plenty of jobs for graduates right? These folks seems so upbeat about the legal job markets future.

    Think I will take Texas Tech up on that acceptance letter. Things have to be getting better.

  2. median starting salary for those graduates who enter private practice from UNC is $107,000.00. Government work will only bring in half that.

    107k? Come on Nando, slam this article and tell us the real facts. Makes one want to go to law school. I will claim the one drop rule so I can be african american and get one of those high paying gvt jobs for 55k. Sorry you full blooded white folks those gvt jobs are not for you but with private practice paying so well, dont worry, we will all be doing better then we would have had we not gone to law school.

  3. That pic could be a Texas Tech grad's living quarters after law skool. A homeless encampment for the overeducated if you will.

    1. You're not so far off. I know someone who teaches in Texas Tech (not in the law school). She says Lubbock is nice, but "really in the middle of nowhere."

      So, let's see...You can get yourself six figures in debt to go to a school in the middle of nowhere and ranked at the top of the third tier. Lone Star Pride, indeed!

  4. ITT Tech is known by more people. So it has that going for it.

    I'm familiar with Lubbock. My dad was stationed at Reese AFB when I was a kid. The area is a shithole. You should';ve used a picture of shit to describe the school. Using a pile of trash to describe this school is too nice on your part.

    The city is actually not too hot. It's one of the few areas of Texas where you don't roast your nuts off in the summer. Some years it'll get hotter than others. But overall, you won't get fried.

    At any rate, avoid the school if you can. (It's not like they're going to force you to go to school or anything like that.) You have a choice. Try not to be too fucking stupid and buy into all their bull. Good luck to you.

  5. Law school debt has now made Dear Abby:

  6. I can see that several people at Third Tier Texas Tech University School of Law are hard at work today.

    Host name:

    NetRange: -
    NetName: TTUNET
    NetHandle: NET-129-118-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-129-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    RegDate: 1987-11-06
    Updated: 2012-01-30

    OrgName: Texas Tech University
    OrgId: TTU-1-Z
    Address: Telecommunications Department
    Address: 2500 Broadway
    City: Lubbock
    StateProv: TX
    PostalCode: 79409
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2011-03-07
    Updated: 2011-09-24

    From my analytics:

    10:51am 1 action 10s third tier reality
    10:44am 1 action 10s law jobs for law graduates in texas
    10am 1 action 10s
    9:24am 1 action 10s
    9:20am 1 action 10s
    9:19am 2 actions 3m 1s
    8:59am 2 actions 4m 6s

    How do YOU justify paying “professors” $190,450 – or $301,410 – for one year of “work”?!?! You do realize that “law professors” carry light teaching loads, correct?! Furthermore, you should be aware that such “educators” tend to be failed lawyers who ran to the safe confines of academia. This is a supposed public institution! How many of your recent graduates are raking in handsome salaries upon entering the workforce?!

    Five of the seven IPs listed emanate from the sewer of law. Those addresses are:; twice;; and Hopefully, your soon-to-be graduates will quickly land decent employment. Of course, if that is the result of the graduates' own efforts and labors – or whether they end up selling insurance or stocking shelves – the commode will get the credit for the employment “placement” rate.

  7. God, it must feel wonderful to make as some of those professors make.

    It must feel wonderful to be able to buy a home, and to get a loan for a new car.

    It must be wonderful.

  8. Just because a bunch of people from TTU are checking out the blog doesn't mean they're from the faculty. It could be a bunch of students who know they are in for a rude awakening once they walk with their diploma.

  9. Yeah Nando, this School is now looking at my blog too.

    I have the tracking info.

    Like detatched and very powerful scientists looking at a miserable and suffering animal experiment that is in it's death throes I suppose.

    It is all hopeless, and the band will play on until Congress does something, or the money and the student loan teat finally runs dry.

    How depressing.

  10. Good article. While the tone of your writing is often abrasive, I do think your work serves a good purpose. I also hope that you get to move up the T14 and keep showing kids out there that this whole "T14 or bust" notion needs to be re-evaluated. Many say "well, you went to a TTT and you should have known better," however it's important to show that this judgment should reach a point where it extends to the "elite" schools. To do so, we need people like you to tackle that side of the pile.

  11. I love how the law schools try to minimize the cost of attendance for all the other categories besides tuition, such as saying if student lives at home with parents or law student lives under a bridge.

    Law schools have no problem with law students living in a below poverty line existence to pay the ridiculous tuition. I would prefer it if they approached the cost structure from the other direction, such as law school tuition reduced by half by firing half of the full time law professors and requiring the ones that remain to work twelve hours a week teaching classes.

    Law schools do not need these six-figure, don't know anything about the practice, sacred cow, useless article writing, part time working, full time professors.

  12. Fox news Greta Van Susteran just covered the college loan bubble. High student loans, over 50% unemployment. Bubble pop?

  13. Texas Tech does present its employment data in a reasonably detailed format. see:

    My problem is that some of the survey responses being counted towards salary averages strain credibility. There is:

    A solo practitioner from the class of 2011 reporting a salary of $72,000.

    A graduate from the class of 2010 in a law firm of 2-10 attorneys reporting a salary of $100,000.

    A graduate from the class of 2011 in a law firm of 11-25 attorneys reporting a salary of $145,000.

    Answers like these make me wonder exactly how many law school graduates are either exaggerating or outright fabricating their salaries on these surveys. See the wikipedia entry for how "social desirability bias" can skew survey results:

  14. A few observations about the survey:

    * Not a great survey in terms of disclosure, but okay compared to the numbers excreted by other such pits. No part-time/full-time segmentation, and no long-term/short-term segmentation. On the other hand, the salary info is almost interesting because a greater-than-usual percentage of grads actually reported their salaries. Also, the school disclosed how many grads are still in law school funded positions nine months out--seven.

    * Out of 101 law firm jobs, 58 are either solos (6), or working for firms of 2-10 (52). I believe that the 2-10 category is where lower tiered law schools are able to scam-up their numbers. It is instructive that top-tier schools such as Northwestern report that only single-digit numbers of graduates join firms of under 10 lawyers, whereas the lower-tier toilets report statistics like Texas Tech.

    A certain number of jobs in the 2-10 category might be legit--grads joining established small firms with solid niche practices (though probably most of these got their jobs through nepotism). However, the majority of grads in this category are members of "firms" consisting of two or three desperate grads who hang out a shingle, or grads acting as $12/hr. errand boys and girls for local firms.

    * While the school alleges that the median salary for the 2-10 category is 49K, I suspect the median would look a lot different if the salaries of the 16 salary nonreporters were known and included.

    * Texas Tech scored six judicial clerkships, two of which are federal. I would laugh at those numbers-- but they are actually better than the last school profiled here, the University of Kansas.

    * Look at those pathetic salaries in the government worker category-- ranging as low as 24K for grads at both the state and local levels! Are these lawyers or meter maids?

  15. JD Painter, I take my hat off to you. Your bravery and perseverance, and most of all the fact that you have not committed suicide despite having every incentive to do so, are a moving testament to the indomitability of the human spirit.

  16. The school stated it hired 7 of its own grads in school funded positions. Not a huge number, but enough to skew the survey results. I hope prospective law students look at these figures closely. With a fine tooth comb. The truth is sometimes contained in the numbers. You just can't look at only the upside. Be objective when choosing whether you want to go to law school.


    IP Lookup Details:

    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: TX
    City: Lubbock
    Latitude: 33.61
    Longitude: -101.8213

    Yesterday at 2 pm, someone from the commode's Development Office briefly checked out this entry. Apparently, the school has nothing better to do than to monitor the internet. Since pretty much all ABA-accredited trash pits do a poor job of training students to be lawyers, this comes as no surprise.

    Visits: 1
    Unique ID: 3924617833
    IP address:
    Locale: Lubbock, TX, USA /English
    Platform: Internet Explorer 9.0 /Windows 7 / 1920x1080

    From my analytics:

    Apr 23 2012 2pm 1 action 10s

    The Texas Tribine furnished a document entitled "Development Officer Salaries at Texas Tech University." That position seems to pay pretty well, as the median figure is $61,685 - as provided by this news source.

    I wonder which of these TTU development officers visited this blog yesterday. In the final analysis, these universities and ABA-approved law schools care more about their perception than with producing practice-ready graduates - in a field that is not glutted. They want to make sure that the gravy train of federally-backed student loans is not disturbed.

    Hell, student debt is front and center news lately. MILLIONS of people personally know the effects of student loans. Obama is now pandering to young voters, in order to regain their votes for the upcoming election. MANY of these people will foolishly believe those promises/empty words. Neither corporate party will get in the way of their owners making a financial killing.

    The job market, for college grads, is abysmal. According to this report, half of recent graduates are jobless or underemployed. But “college is THE KEY to your future,” right?!?!

  18. This school engages in false advertising. It holds itself out to the world as TTU. I might agree if they changed their name to TTTU or TTTTU.

  19. So your recommendation is that they start calling themselves The Texas Tech University.

  20. Hey now. Lubbock has some damn fine restaurants. Take your hatin' self somewhere else. Hater.

  21. Here is a link to a recent article about this craptastic profession:

  22. Anyone here ever see a multiple vehicle crash result in a massive pile up that causes a huge traffic jam? Well in that case, EMTs and tow trucks will show up and the traffic congestion will be cleared in a matter of minutes or hours at most.

    For the past 25 years there has been a pile up of human souls that enter this profession on a yearly basis. Next month, 45,000 hapless souls will be dumped on this oversaturated profession. I guarantee you, this is a pile up that will never be cleaned, especially when you have suckers entering law school every Fall. Sigh, today, P.T. Barnum would be a law school dean, not a ringmaster of a circus.

  23. Nice analogy, except...

    in a multiple vehicle crash, a bunch of people are frustrated. Maybe a few will be injured. But in the law school scam, thousands get fucked every year. And they won't heal within days or weeks.

  24. I just posted an excerpt from my Experian Credit report.

    It shows in print, or rather proves that Sallie Mae can file a claim with the US Government in order to collect.


    Let's take a look at some of the journals published by this pathetic commode.

    "The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal is a student-organized, student-led publication that prides itself on producing a scholarly and professional publication focused on Texas administrative law. ALJ is the only journal in Texas, and one of two journals nationally, that focuses on administrative law."

    Wow! As a student at this diploma mill, you can write onto the prestigious TTTexa$ TTTech Admini$TTTraTTTive Law Journal! If you manage to become a student editor, then your future will be set, right?!?! On your resume, you will be able to point out that you participated in one of the top two administrative law journals, in the nation.

    You can also take part in the Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal, if you attend TTU Sewer of Law. When you mention this to pretty women in bars, they may end up tearing your clothes off – and climbing on top of you. [Note: Actually, they will view you as a loser.]

    "Established in 2007, the Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal is the newest law journal at Texas Tech University School of Law. A student-led publication, the Journal contains scholarly articles written by national and international experts in the fields of estate planning, community property, and related legal topics. The Journal also contains outstanding student comments. Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law Gerry W. Beyer serves as the Journal's faculty advisor.

    This publication is the only legal journal of its kind committed to community property law, and the second in the nation devoted to estate planning."

    Is anyone still awake, after reading that brief excerpt?! Well, anyone who writes onto this TTT journal will allegedly be able to claim to be on the best community property law journal in the U.S.

    Plus Gerry Beyer - who "earned" $195,360, for 2010 - is the faculty advi$or. Isn't that nice? Who says that he isn't worth every penny? After all, he is training students in the practice of law, right?!?!

    What’s that, you say? Editing fifth rate journal entries is not going to prepare one to file motions, negotiate, write contracts, review case law, conduct depositions, draft wills, etc. Well, what do you expect when the school is “only” charging $22,339 in tuition for in-state, full-time law students – and a “mere” $30,829 for non-resident, full time law students?!

  26. They call journals like that: The "House Organ"

  27. One thing to keep in mind about government owned third tier law schools such as Texas Tech is that even if they do commit consumer fraud, it can be impossible to sue them because of sovereign immunity. This depends on the state, but Texas for example has an extremely restrictive tort claims act concerning when the State may be sued.

    Just because we are not seeing class action lawsuits against schools such as Texas Tech does not mean that have been any more ethical than the schools that are being sued.

  28. Damn Nando, I really admire your commitment to this. you, sir, are indomitable!

  29. I'm glad someone pointed out sovereign immunity. Look that one up lemmings. Basically it means this: the state cannot be sued in federal court unless it agrees to be sued, and you are shit outta luck. (Gee, how often do the states agree to that?) How do you like the legal system now, kiddies?

  30. 10:13:

    You sound like an asshole. Go fuck your mother. Furthermore: There are many ways to bypass the sovereign immunity argument. Ever heard of the stripping doctrine, whereby an individual state official can be sued for fraud...among other things?

    You don't think that suing the deans of these law schools won't shake fear into the law schools? All the plaintiffs have to do is name the fricken deans and/or other admins, and the deans, because they are cowards will blame everybody else which will create an inquiry, the Feds will get involved, and the whole scam will be plastered (in detail) on the front page of every news outlet across the country.

    Have you ever litigated a case in your life?

  31. Does anyone know if any public schools have been sued yet? It looks like only private ones have been sued so far. Maybe those class action lawyers should be made aware that they can sue individual deans.

  32. Nando, are you preparing your special send-off message to the Class of 2012. You could title it: "You're fucked, but you already knew or should have known that."

  33. I've never been to a site that had so much whining. Wow! You people must be a pleasure to be around. Quit being such a f-ing looser and go be productive!

  34. To the pathetic piece of garbage who posted on May 11, 2012 at 5:26 pm,

    Posters are simply trying to inform lemmings/waterheads about the legal job market, bitch. Unlike the law school pigs, I don't have a financial stake in whether people choose to attend law school. Do you understand that, cockroach?!?! Or do I need to spell it out for you, on posterboard with Crayola, mental midget?

    Quit crying, bitching and moaning because YOU can't handle the truth about this glutted industry, you piece of trash. If YOU still want to go to law school, then go ahead, wet vagina. Make sure to take out a bunch of student loans, including from private lenders, bitch.

  35. Your portal is a nice place to come for important information! Will you be mind if I pingback several of your posts on my personal domain?

  36. Texas Tech School of Law is such a piece of shit, it ought to be shut down. (If the students were truly put first that is.)

  37. i go to tech law. its full of shitty people you would expect at TTT. including the lesbian dean who hates everyone. tech steals money

  38. Texas Tech's law school is a shithole.

    I laugh whenever one asshole mentions how he graduated from a TTT and got a good job. The asshole always mentions this as if it proves the law school is good for everyone.

    I laugh even harder when said asshole gets butt hurt because people point out that the law school sucks shit.

  39. So recently I was invited to join the incoming Fall class at Texas Tech. Classes start August 19th and they have a week-long orientation that starts August 12th. I have a full time job that I don't leave until the 16th of August. I tried telling this to the Director but they insisted I needed to be at Orientation. There is no financial help ..... From you article it seems like these schools snakes in the grass

  40. I do understand the spirit with which you write this "blog". The costs of schools have gotten ridiculous and are frankly not worth the $$$ it costs to attend them. I attended and graduated from Texas Tech Law and also have two other degrees from Texas Tech. TTU Law is a great institution especially for litigation in Texas. I paid $6,500 for tuition year's 1 and 2 and paid $11,000 for 3rd year. I would not, however, pay what they are asking now, especially in light of the job market for lawyers. But please don't demean a town, school, or its people when you've never been there. West Texas isn't for everyone, but it is a great place with the greatest of citizens. TTU Law is a young school (1967), but is still a great one regardless of what US News & World Report says. I assume you are a young fool who attended law school, paid way too much, and are now bitter that you can't find work. I get it. It sucks. But if young people are dumb enough not to see what lays ahead of them when they go to law school, is it really the schools fault?

  41. Depends on one's situation and background really. A person with a business/finance/accounting degree probably wouldn't be too bad off going to TTU Law school half-time and working half-time in a normal salary job shortly after the Bachelor's. People with humanities and English degrees are probably going to have it much worse though, and I too would agree that those people would be better off going to a better law school even if they do have to pay slightly higher tuition over there. Mostly so they can have a good degree with a good reputation behind it because Law is the only area of work where firms REALLY do care about where you graduated from. They pay more attention to the Harvard, Princeton, UT grads more-so than Texas Tech grads. That's for sure. If it was any other area of work like IT or MBA, it really doesn't matter as much for those people because the stuff you need to know for those degrees is pretty standard throughout the nation. Law is all about reputation and how damn good a person is playing the political-game though, and the only way you learn that is by being around the straight-up AAA assholes themselves and learning from them about how to work and act just like them. Even if it breaks your half-way decent moral standards as a human being. Because those students need to know how to file a lawsuit, and how to win them in large percentages and high productive numbers in order to succeed as a real-world lawyer. Because law firms only care about your billable hours, and how many clients you can bring in. They don't give an ape-shit about how ridiculous the lawsuits are. Whatever brings in the money, brings in the money.

  42. Texas Tech ranks 101. Doesn't surprise me at all, as I know many graduates of TT who can't find jobs to save their lives.

  43. I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike other blogs I have read which are really not that good.Thanks alot! grow led lamp

  44. If UT is such a great school with national recognition, why was their Bar passage rate 58.8% for Feb2014 first time takers?

  45. TTU Law was the best. Graduated, found a job, and now work with others who also graduated from TTU Law from as early back as the '70's. Great school for the price and they do a great job preparing you for actual legal litigation as opposed to legal theory like top tier law schools.

    1. Yes, back in the 1970s. Do you realize that times are different now? Anyone with lower level critical thinking skills could see the flaw in your argument.

  46. What's wrong with ITT Technical Institute? I can assure you that graduates of this school have better job opportunities that most law grads do. No, it's not "prestigious" to attend a vocational school. But they can graduate, and start earning good money. Something a Texas Tech grad cannot easily do.


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