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Fourth Tier Feces Pit: Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Tuition: If you click on the link above, you will be referred to the tuition rates charged for the 2010-2011 school year. Apparently, the geniuses at this commode have not figured that this info is outdated. Based on the rankings scheme below, in-state full-time students will be charged $16,262 in tuition and fees. The same document states that non-resident, full-time tuition and fees amount to $21,212.

Ranking: The tuition at this school is affordable. What could be wrong with this choice?! According to US News & World Report, Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall Sewer of Law is a fourth tier pile of moist waste. Bob Morse assigned numeric ratings to schools in the third tier, and now the fourth tier is listed as “Rank Not Published.”

Employment Statistics: The drones and hags at this insTTTTiTTTTuTTTTion have provided a pie chart of jobs for their Class of 2010 - without furnishing an employment placement rate!

Based on this data - supplied by Law School Numbers - the job placement rate for the Texas Southern JD Class of 2010 was 84.5%. Of course, many of these grads were not employed as lawyers. You may occasionally run into one of these poor wretches the next time you see your Applebee’s hostess or AutoZone cashier.

Also, notice that for the same cohort, the 75th percentile LSAT score stood at 149 while a score of 145 would place one in the 25th percentile. What amazing admissions standards, huh?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the TTTTexas SouTTTThern UniversiTTTTy JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $32,449. Apparently, 100 percent of this school’s 2011 class took on such rotten debt. While this figure does not seem high, keep in mind that this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account. 

Putrid Reputation of the School:

Check out this article from August 30, 2001 posted in Diverse Issues in Higher Education. Here are some excerpts:

“Based on an accreditation review, the American Bar Association (ABA) has criticized Texas Southern University's law school, saying its students are "short-changed." Among other things, the ABA said TSU officials enroll students "incapable" of finishing law school and passing the state bar exam.

The criticism against TSU's Thurgood Marshall School of Law reignites debate about the school's historic mission of offering legal education to students who might not otherwise have that chance because their test scores and grades are lower than others.” [Emphasis mine]

Did the ABA cockroaches bother to act in the interests of these short-changed students?!?! Later in the piece, we find this gem:

“Yet, in recent years, Thurgood Marshall has consistently ranked last among the state's nine law schools in bar exam passage. This past February, only 36 percent of TSU law graduates taking the test for the first time passed. Meanwhile, 69 percent of all first-time test takers statewide passed.

"Thurgood Marshall School of Law is at a critical juncture," the Chicago-based ABA said in a report. "The law school ... claims to be a national leader ... but that is vastly overstated. The attrition rate is unconscionably high. The faculty and administration of Thurgood Marshall (should) engage in some serious soul searching about the future and put together a carefully crafted, realistic action plan to get there." [Emphasis mine]

What an impressive bar passage rate, huh?!?! Of course, the pigs and rodents at the American Bar Association did not shut this commode down. Then again, the ABA would likely not blink an eye if an accredited law school started admitting people with IQs in the low-to-mid 80s.

Conclusion: Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall Sewer of Law is a pathetic trash heap. If this is the best school that you can get into, then you need to accept the fact that you don’t have a legal career. In the final analysis, one’s opportunities in this “profession” are largely set the moment that you first step in the front doors - not after your first semester. The name brand of the institution that you attend matters greatly, in this GLUTTED field. 

Providing a “legal education” to those who otherwise would not be able to gain admission to an ABA school - due to low grades and LSAT score - is not a noble gesture. How will these men and women be served with additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt and weak-ass job prospects?!?! Remember that these students and graduates have also essentially taken themselves out of the full-time labor market for three years, while undertaking this venture.


  1. Jesus effin Christ. When will the lemmings learn? If a law school is named after former U.S. Supreme Court Justice, STAY THE FUCK AWAY or risk rotting your life in debt and poor career prospects.

    1. Ha, shows how much you know!

      Thomas Jefferson Law School is actually a good school.

    2. Pssst... Thomas Jefferson was never a Supreme Court justice

    3. Cardozo and Sandra Day O'Connor are two exceptions I thought of in about 5 seconds.

    4. I attended that crappy law school in 2001, and after we finished our orientation we didn't have a Contract law teacher even hired! Then after they finally found a teacher for the course he wound up missing 4 full classes and of course as you know that crappy school crams allbof their first year courses in one semester, so virtually our entire section failed contract and thus we weren't allowed to progress to the second year. We couldn't even use the library because the books got wet during rains, so we had to go across the street to University of Houston! It was a nightmare! Please help

    5. I attended that crappy law school in 2001, and after we finished our orientation we didn't have a Contract law teacher even hired! Then after they finally found a teacher for the course he wound up missing 4 full classes and of course as you know that crappy school crams allbof their first year courses in one semester, so virtually our entire section failed contract and thus we weren't allowed to progress to the second year. We couldn't even use the library because the books got wet during rains, so we had to go across the street to University of Houston! It was a nightmare! Please help

  2. This piece of shit is my ALMA MATER.

    While I was attending law school there the president of the university was INDICTED and TRIED for embezzlement.

    Worthless corrupt turd of a school.

  3. In general, the more prestigious the name (e.g. Martin Luther King Blvd), the shittier the location. The same goes for law schools. Like 9:49 AM correctly states, schools needing a Supreme Court Justice's name are generally the schools to stay away from.

    1. Then what would happen if they created a "Martin Luther King Jr. Law School"?

      Divide by zero...

  4. That. picture. is. disgusting.

    Sweet God, man! Anyway, follow up on 10:44's comment. Post the embezzler's info please.

  5. I wouldn't even wipe my ass with a resume of a grad from this school. My fecal matter is too prestigious for this shit heap.

    NYC Hiring Partner

    1. Your loss...but they say ignorance is bliss. Thurgood Marshall's Mock trial teams collectively ranked 2nd in the nation, behind Baylor. Thurgood grads appreciate you underestimating their abilities. They prove themselves where it the courtroom. Have a wonderful day.

    2. To the Stupid Bitch who commented on September 6, 2012 at 3:51 pm,

      You truly are a mental midget. Law firms and government agencies - as well as non-legal employers - typically do not give a damn about mock trial competitions. By the way, if you have decent intelligence and you worked hard in college, then you should have strong communication skills. This is what is sought after by American businesses, in this service-based economy.

      By the way, these students' "abilities" in Fake Trial Competitions has done nothing to take the school out of the FOURTH TIER. That is the ranking that law firms and employers care about, moron. Learn the facts before giving your uninformed opinion, ass-clown! Have a bad day, cockroach.

  6. Why does the ABA allow this shit to happen? They obviously don't care about the reputation of the legal profession. Down the street from me someone tore down the old gas station. I wonder if they'll put in a law school. We only have 3 in the area.

  7. ^ABA lets this happen because the schools pay accreditation fees to the school. They get students to sign up for student memberships. Plus, a few TTT grads do end up in Biglaw firms. Those lawyers donate to ABA pet causes. The biggest reason is the student loan system.

  8. @11:47

    Embezzlers wiki page:

  9. Looked up former defrocked President of this toilet school and found a picture of her after she took a plea deal:

    Now tell me that smile doesn't say "the Higher Education Scam pays Baby!" Absolutely fucking disgusting. This woman lived like a Queen on the backs of student debtors. The law school deans, professors and administrators are living it up too thanks to you suckers who put down hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a worthless degree from this and other TTTs.

  10. Oh and in case you were wondering, she was accused of embezzling $650K (the linked article says $500K but other sources say it was closer to $650K) and her plea deal obligated her to pay pack $127K and NO JAIL TIME. After paying that measly restitution and $100K to her lawyer, she still made out with $423K. Damn, I should have become a collge president or a law school dean.

  11. Wow, I never knew about this place--yet it is surely a worthy rival of Cooley's for the title of "scammiest law school in the country."

  12. To punctuate the Patricia Slade story, apparently she lived in a 6,000 foot mansion that was furnished, secured and landscaped by using university funds. She later sold the mansion for $1.5M in 2006 (while the real estate market was still hot). I wonder how much profit she made from the appreciation that the school funds added. People go to jail for stealing $10 from a purse where I live. And this bitch got off easy with her ill gotten gains. I love how in the article she is quoted as saying after she struck the plea deal: "I thank God that it's over," Slade told reporters after the plea bargain. "I can move on with my life to bigger and better things."

    By bigger things, are we sure she is not a law school dean somewhere? Nando, can you tell us what Patricia Slade is up to these days?

  13. Priscilla Slade...

  14. Nando, since you decided to profile this predominantly Black law school, may I suggest you profile this other cesspool: North Carolina Central University School of Law. Go to their site and look at the employment numbers. You don't need to be a math wiz to dispel the accuracy of those numbers.

  15. As if it wasn't bad enough that Thurgood Marshall's successor was Clarence Thomas, Marshall had to have a cesspool, I mean fourth tier law school, named after him.

    Surely he is spinning in his grave.

    1. Justice Thurgood Marshall gave his permission to have the law school named after him. He is not "spinning in his grave".

  16. Re: The Return of Debtor's Prison in the US. Are student Loan Debtors next?

  17. Re: For profit, privately owned Prisons in the US:

  18. More on Corporate owned Private Prisons. They are very profitable it seems for some, and can employ a lot of people:

    So why not throw the American disenfranchised Indentured Educated Class in Jail?

  19. What a fucking shithole. Higher ed is about the best scam going. Even the derivatives and junk bond assholes have to navigate around the SEC. No one's giving these higher education cocksuckers a hard look.


    Check out this piece of shit judge (Lanny Moriarty) from the Houston area. He threw an Honors HS student in jail for truancy. She works two jobs to support her family. Be a good little obedient citizen!

  21. All these prisons are built and run by CCA and Wackenhut, which if you follow the money trail, belongs to the same pigs who who Obama as a puppet. There are more people in prison in the U.S. than in China and China has 8x the population we have. What does that tell you? Incarcerating people is big business just like higher education. There are many prisons (aka FEMA camps) that have been built in the last 20 years which are not even known to the public. Guess where you are going when you don't go with the program or when society collapses?


    Check out this review of TTTTexas SouTTTTern UniversiTTTTy Sewer of Law, posted by user “houstonpinoy” on August 20, 2001. The topic is labeled “If you get denied everywhere, apply again to other schools, AVOID TSU LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!” Here is an excerpt:

    “Pros: Its like going to war, you really become close with your fellow combatants. Thats it.....
    Cons: Horrible location, subpar professors, uncaring administration, terrible library, decrepit building
    The Bottom Line: Stay AWAY!!, this school is a sinking ship and unless you like problems, heartaches, and frustration, apply and enroll at TSU LAW

    I applied and got accepted to TSU and I only wish I could have had some kind of feedback from people (or researched the place myself) before I wasted my money.”

    Now look at this biting and comical conclusion:

    “Bottom line: This law school is the joke of the Texas and the southwest, it churns out semi-incompetent attorneys who lack writing and test taking knowledge (as evidenced by the perennial poor bar passage rate) This school barely has its ABA accreditation because the local politicians and some african-american higher powers in congress would cry racism if it were taken away, which is a shame, because until that happens and it forces TSU to GREATLY improve its facilities, like the ABA report commented, "Students at TSU law will continue to be short-changed"

    STAY AWAY!!!!”

    However, this commode is rated second in USN&WR’s diversity index, in the latest edition of this essentially defunct magazine!! According to this document, black students comprise 46 percent of this law school’s total enrollment. Yes, having a diverse student body more than justifies the commode’s putrid ranking and reputation, right?!?!

  23. The following is a copy of what I posted on Inside The Law School Scam:

    Morse Code For J said:

    "....recent law graduates are unemployed or underemployed while law schools did their best to conceal past unemployment and underemployment so that they could sign up the next batch of federal student aid conduits."

    The conduit language is perfect. Money, like water, has to keep flowing, and it needs a gutter or rather a conduit like the student loan and law school scam if it is to reach the greedy pockets of whatever destination.

    Also, I think I see a pattern in that Nando's blog and history is being repeated on this blog, in that off topic comments and sub topics will inevitably take on a life of their own.

    My hope (A Prayer to the Gods) is that Colonel Sanders will start commenting on Inside The Law School Scam.

    I think the good Colonel will, in the not too distant future, be mercifully employing a lot out of work law academics after the Sl bubble bursts, and this so called sugar teat SL system has proved itself unsustainable.

  24. Whenever I see a horror movie, the audience always reacts when the black guy/girl is walking toward the killer. They yell "RUN," "GO THE OTHER WAY," "GET OUT OF THERE," "STAY AWAY FROM THERE!" Well, watching anyone applying to these shitty schools evoke those same reactions. If you are applying to this school and you decide to attend, the Freddy Krueger and Jason have already hacked and sliced your lifeless soul and future.

  25. This school is shittier than shit. I think nando may have inadvertently increased the school's profile by featuring it on his blog.


    Elie Mystal of ATL wrote an article regarding two TSU Sewer of Law students who sued the commode, due to the grading curve. It was posted on February 8, 2012 under the headline “Law Students Sue School Over Being Graded on a Curve.” Here are some excerpts:

    “The Houston Chronicle reports that Texas Southern Law students Karla Ford and Jonathan Chan have decided to sue the law school after they received Ds in contracts and were dismissed from school. I know it sounds dumb to sue a school over giving you a bad grade. But actually, this lawsuit is way more stupid than that. Essentially, the students are alleging a conspiracy enacted by the faculty of Texas Southern:

    In the lawsuit, Ford and Chan contend that the grades given by the instructor, Shelley Smith, were “not based upon their performance on the examinations, but in order to ‘curve them out’ of law school.”

    Under law school policy, first-year students must maintain a 2.0 GPA, or C average, to stay in the program. Ford’s and Chan’s averages fell below that minimum after receiving the D in the contract law course taught by Smith, at the time a visiting professor.”

    Those familiar with the law school pigs knows that these gluttonous beasts want to keep asses in seats. Remember, these bitches collectively pump out more than 44,000 graduates EACH year - even though they are aware of the glut. After the first year, these diploma mills typically offer easy courses, such as civil rights, education law, and immigration. The schools do so, in order for their borderline students to attain a 2.0 GPA.

    Look at Mystal’s conclusion:

    “… Except dreams do die. Sometimes, dreams need to die. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GROW UP. You couldn’t maintain a 2.0 GPA at Texas Southern. God knows the illogical abomination that was your LSAT score. Instead of ramming your head into the wall for the opportunity to take on more debt that you will struggle to pay back for the rest of your life, maybe you should do a self-assessment and figure out what you are really talented at? Perhaps you can paint. Or maybe you have a head for finance? Or social work? Or goddamn professional wrestling? I don’t know what these kids are good at, but studying law is clearly not it.”

    These two former TSU law students ought to send that visiting “professor” a thank you card and a bouquet of flowers. Hell, they should get on their knees and build her a shrine. After all, she helped them escape from this fourth tier cesspool - without incurring additional sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt or pissing away three years of their lives on a TTTT "legal education."

  27. Nando, I remember reading about that dumb lawsuit. I rarely agree with that fucker Elie Mystal but I concur with his conclusion: instead of suing the law school, those two students should be thanking that merciful professor who did them a favor by flunking them out of that piece of shit law school.

  28. Nando,

    I have known a few lawyers that actually went to TSU and they all think it is a piece of shit.
    The first year curve is well known. They accept people with LSATs in the 130s-140s and lower GPAs. Then, they curve out 30-40% of each 1L class. It is a brutal curve system. I heard that TSU (at least in late 90s through early 2000s) used a MultiState Bar Exam format for all 1L exams (just like the MBE on the state bar). So anyone who wanted to pass didn't waste time reading cases. They read canned outlines (Emmanuel, Gilberts, Barbri) and practiced the MBE. My first year of law school at a TTT consisted of reading cases and essay exam questions. There was a curve at my school, but not 30-40%. I graduated in the middle of the class. I did have a fairly low LSAT score and a decent GPA. I even applied to TSU as an emergency school, but heard too many horror stories. Of course, I never wish I went to law school at all, but I am glad I didn't end up at TSU. I think it is a brutal place full of scandals (more so than a lot of law school). It has a history of financial corruption, brutal 1L curve, and letting people in who should NEVER go to law school. My friend told me TSU even would accept students who have flunked out once or twice. I heard some student committed suicide in 2002 or 2003 because TSU failed him out for the THIRD TIME. wtf?????????????????????????? I actually think TSU sounds worse than Cooley.

  29. TSU is a shit pile. It takes in people that have no business being in law school. Would you hire someone to represent you if they were too fucking stupid to crack a 150 on the lsat?

  30. Law school should be recorded once and then streamed on Net Flix for $8.99 a month. Law school is like Net Flix in the sense that both of them rarely get new content. Law school would then cost under $250 to attend.

    Law schools teach very little practical skills. We used old outlines that were eight years old that covered almost verbatim what the professor was going to say each class. One class, where the professor had written the book, he pretty much read the book each class---that was a lot of added value! Law school education is expensive and obsolete.

  31. I went to law school for the Westlaw pointsMay 28, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    Law school lectures really could be put on Youtube. At my alma mater, if you couldn't make a lecture, the teacher would sometimes make them available on podcast. There is no reason why tuition should cost $30K or more a year. No fucking reason.

  32. Law skool is a waste of time. I don't care if this shit heap is affordable. If you can't pass the bar or get hired as a lawyer, what's the fucking point?

  33. Nando Wrote:

    "After the first year, these diploma mills typically offer easy courses, such as civil rights, education law, and immigration. The schools do so, in order for their borderline students to attain a 2.0 GPA."

    I guess that sort of thing has been going on for a long time, and that was exactly what happened to me at 4th tier Touro Law School. I had a below 2.0 GPA after the first year, and the easy second and third year electives kept me above 2.0 until graduation.

    I should have dropped out, but I kept going because I felt, and people in my life told me, that that would be quitting and that a lawyer is a lawyer and after a while no one cares about the grades or what school one goes to.

    However, when it came time to take the NY Bar Exam, my first year grades pretty much preditced what my results would be. I failed the exam three times and was no where near passing.

    Today, and after years of underemployment, my student loan debt is quadrupled.

    I have stopped blogging, but I will comment from time either as myself or as Anon.

    My biggest fear now is the prospect of being sent to a for profit and privately owned debtor's prison.

    It seems, from what I have read, these prisons need to be filled, and what better way to fill them and make the stock price go up than by cobbling together some laws and thereafter rounding up thousands of defaulted student loan debtors?

    First goes the bankruptcy protections, next comes the jail.

    If you want to avoid all that, don't take out a student loan, especially for law school.


  34. TSU should've been shut down years ago. The bar passage rate has gone up a bit since then. The facilities are still shit. And the school is still in the fourt tier.

    1. is it the school or the student that takes the bar exam?

    2. Exactly. If I am not mistaken, I have rarely seen 100% bar passage rate from any school.

  35. @ May 26, 2012 5:53 pm,

    Thank you for the link and information on the piece of trash known as Patricia Slade. Here is an excerpt from the March 27, 2008 Houston Chronicle story entitled "TSU's Slade avoids prison with plea deal":

    "A scandal that began in 2006 when a TSU regent complimented Priscilla Slade's choice of home furnishings ended Wednesday with a deal that lets the ousted leader of Texas' largest historically black university avoid prison in exchange for paying back $127,672.18.

    It is only a fraction of the $500,000 in school money Slade was accused of spending, lavishly and improperly, on herself. Her first trial ended last year in a mistrial, and the former, much-beloved president was scheduled to again face judgment Friday.

    Wednesday's settlement, reached after hours of negotiations and ending with Slade apologizing, brings the saga to an end.

    "I thank God that it's over," Slade told reporters after the plea bargain. "I can move on with my life to bigger and better things."

    Slade, a CPA, said she is now working as a consultant but declined to answer any other questions."

    You can see that this dogface didn't show any remorse or guilt over STEALING from taxpayers and financially raping students. Later on, reporters Brian Rogers and Matthew Tresaugue noted:

    "First-degree felony charge

    Mike DeGeurin, Slade's attorney, said she is not admitting guilt and would not be forced to admit she committed a crime. He said she accepts responsibility for not ensuring that proper guidelines were followed.

    "A moment like this is not something to be happy about," DeGeurin said. "Both sides walk away a little bloody, but we're walking away."

    Slade was charged with misapplication of fiduciary property of more than $200,000, a first-degree felony that could have landed her in prison for life."

    This cockroach shows that it is better to be friend with influential pigs than it is to be innocent and poor. As someone else noted in a comment, kids who are caught stealing $20 - from a 7-11 or purse - usually receive jail time. Of course, this hyena differs from mere petty criminals. Before anyone else mentions this, I do realize that this rat's attorney strongly resembles the vile pig named Joseph Isadore Lieberman.

    1. No defense for former President Priscilla Slade. Glad she's gone.

    2. is her behavior tied to the quality of the law school????

  36. Priscilla Slade is now teaching at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS.

    Teaching Principles in Financial Accounting and Business Statistics for Spring 2012. Also, she is part of a "Strategic Working Group."


  37. That's rich, Patricia Slade is still a licensed CPA after she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I guess CPAs are held to a different standard than lawyers because I can tell you one thing, if you are a lawyer and you are caught stealing $10 from your trust account, you can kiss your license goodbye. Then again, Dr. Slade looks like she is heavily connected. I can't believe how connected she is to have Lieberman's doppelganger represent her.

    1. Yes, she is quite connected. In fact, she has close connections with Bush family.

  38. This bitch is teaching principles in financial accounting.


    Now that's money.

  39. Lusty Larry's gop toiletMay 30, 2012 at 4:25 AM

    Heeeeeeelp! There's a 20 pound "seton hall law" clogging up the office toilet!

  40. Certainly there are significant problems at TSU Law School, but there has been significant progress as well.

    The prospective students must take some responsibility before admission as even more during their time of study, and more still in preparation for their respective bar examinations.

    There are board certified attorneys that come from TSU Law School. There are attorneys listed as the best lawyers in Texas from TSU Law School.

  41. To the Houston-based shill above who keeps defending this pathetic FOURTH TIER trash can:

    Do you mind backing up your biased opinion with some facts, bitch?!?!

    Visitor detail
    Visits: 4

    Unique ID: 270113890
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    Locale: Houston, TX, USA / English
    Platform: Safari 5.0 / Mac OS X / 1920x1080

    Visitor path, this visit
    Jun 16 2012
    7:24:49 am/2012/05/fourth-tier-feces-pit-texas-southern.html
    THIRD TIER REALITY: Fourth Tier Feces Pit: Texas Southern University
    law school 4th tier

    By the way, moron: pretty much each school can claim to have "produced" strong lawyers. However, that is typically due to the personal drive, sales ability, and social skills of the individual attorney. The name of the commode on the diploma is often a hindrance. Exceptional graduates with some luck and other favorable factors can overcome this deficiency.

    Provide a link to the supposed "best lawyers in Texas" who earned their JD from this dung pit. Otherwise, you are merely spouting nonsense. Let's see how many of those attorneys ended up in Biglaw. In fact, how many of those practitioners graduated from law school in the last five years?

    1. You are so intelligent. It shows in your need to swear and call names. What an unhappy individual and sad life you live. By the way what law school did you graduate? None!!!

  42. no shill. I'm not saying its the best law school, certainly many students that do poorly in law school, and even in practice. but still there are many that do well ...

    checking now for the board certified graduates.

    1. That list is almost entirely comprised of older attorneys. There were a few members from the T$U JD Class of 2006 and one who graduated in 2007.


      Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process is multi-phased and includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations."

      Attorneys can be nominated by peers, in this popularity contest.

      On November 17, 2009 at 4:33 pm, TLS user "angiej" wrote the following critique of Super Lawyers, in response to original topic "Super Lawyers Rankings":

      "The [S]uper [L]awyers publication is a joke. If you want to pay the fee, anyone with a law degree in good standing can be included in the "super lawyers." I've got two attorneys in my firm who are "super lawyers" and its just a big publicity scam."

      On October 19, 2011, attorney Michael Helfand posted an entry labeled "Why Lawyer Rating Sites Are A Joke" on Chicago's Real Law Blog. Here is an excerpt:

      "Every now and then I’ll get a call from someone who is wanting my opinion on an attorney they are considering hiring. I usually ask what made them consider hiring that attorney. Some people say a friend/relative had a good experience with that lawyer. That’s usually a good sign. Others tell me they liked the lawyers website. Often a good sign as well. And many others tell me that they were impressed because the lawyer was rated highly by some service. Completely irrelevant!!!

      There are a bunch of rating services out there. Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, etc. Most of the ones that I have found are run by a publishing company and one way or another list a ton of attorneys, almost all who are in private practice. They make money by getting the lawyers they choose and their law firms to pay for ads or updated profiles in their directories. It’s a win/win as the lawyer gets a shiny “accomplishment” and the publishing company makes a ton of money."

      Try not to place too much faith in these stupid-ass rankings, okay?! It is no different from most schemes. Have you ever noticed that companies often award "employee of the year" to the best sycophant or someone who did not truly earn the distinction on the merits?!

    2. good info. still, there are many board certified attorneys. granted, you can't apply until you've been in practice for five years (for Texas attorneys)--so only attorneys licensed before 2006 or so.

    3. @Nando you're DUMB,lol, "That list is almost entirely comprised of older attorneys. There were a few members from the T$U JD Class of 2006 and one who graduated in 2007."
      2007 grad and on the list is impressive.

      @AnonymousJune 16, 2012 2:23 PM
      Thanks for pointing out the obvious to dumb, dumb!
      No attorney can come out of the gate as a Super Lawyer, if it were granted so easily the term would be meaningless.


      To the piece of trash who posted at 10:16 am,

      How is life in Houston, mental midget?! Check out this September 14, 2006 blog entry from Kevin O'Keefe, bitch:

      "Sure looks like the Super Lawyers directory is a ploy to get law firm advertising dollars as opposed to a directory of qualified lawyers.

      Law firm marketing consultant, Larry Bodine, shares that a group of marketing directors at a luncheon yesterday were snickering at the preposterousness of the Super Lawyers Directory.

      ‘They sent us a letter that three of our lawyers had been chosen,’ said the director of a prominent Ohio law firm. ‘One was retired and another was dead.’ So much for their rigorous selection criteria. ‘So I called up and said I wanted three different lawyers in the directory. They said ‘OK.” Again, so much for their rigorous selection criteria.

      ‘That’s nothing,’ said another marketer at the table. ‘Three of our partners were upset that they weren’t selected. So I phoned up and they added them. Of course we had to buy some advertising.’

      The marketers laughed, and then sighed about how easily the lawyers were fooled. All it took was one shot at their egos and the were ready to pay money to be in a meaningless directory. I remarked that research shows that only blue collar workers are impressed by the Super Lawyers designation — not corporate execs, GCs or referring lawyers. I’ve never seen a Super Lawyers listing in the office of any corporate leader who hired lawyers.

      Should be apparent to anyone looking at all the law firm ads in the directory, which comes in the form of a magazine for various states, that directory is more about selling ads to lawyers with an ego, than a directory of leading lawyers. But as Larry says, “A new sucker is christened with a J.D. every day.”

      Yes, this is a prestigious designation, right?!?! By the way, learn some basic punctuation, cockroach. Also, the next time your boyfriend pounds your ass from behind, make sure that he uses some lube.

    5. From analytics, moron:

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      Get a life, pussy. Your feelings are hurt because several people have pointed out that the TTTTexa$ $ouTTTThern Univer$iTTTTy TTTThurgood Mar$hall Sewer of Law is a rotting cesspool. Hopefully, your psychiatrist increases your dosage the next time you visit his office, sensitive bitch.

  43. Yes, I am in Houston. I may be biased as I know a partner at a large national firm with a national reputation in its field of practice is a graduate of TSU Law School. He is board certified as well.

  44. not a shill or a bitch, moron? maybe.

  45. Slade was hired BECAUSE she is a PhD of Acct.....not education. She also initiated a campus makeover, the building/renovation of 12 new bldgs, and increased attendance. The pharmacy school CONSISTENTLY churns out high performing grads as well as other divisions. most college presidents....had very little to do with the law school.

    She got off because she is a Republican and GOOD FRIENDS with George Bush Sr......

    1. Very true she was actually pals with George W even more.

  46. I should have known that TSU law is craptacular

  47. How bout that 64% passage rate for the July 2012 bar!

  48. To the piece of trash calling itself Betty,

    I am very intelligent; the last time I checked, my IQ was near 140. By the way, I am pretty happy overall, bitch. I am a homeowner, with my wife - and we have a two month old son. I am also paying off my student loans as fast as possible. At this rate, I should have them paid off within three years. I hammer the law schools, because they FINANCIALLY RUIN legions of young people each year. Apparently, you are too dense to understand reality, moron.

    Learn how to read BEFORE making ignorant-ass comments, cockroach. If you had bothered to even look on the main page, you would see that I graduated from Drake University Law School, a.k.a. Third Tier Drake. Currently, the school is ranked as the 106th best law school in the land, according to US “News” & World Report. In comparison, your commode, i.e. TTTTexa$ $ouTTTTern Univer$iTTTTy, is rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH HEAP – by the same publication.

    Isn't it great to see ABA-accredited trash heaps taking in smaller class sizes, due to fewer applicants?! In fact, VermonTTT Law $chool recently announced that the pigs let go of ten workers. Of course, the greedy swine "professors" and administrators chose to release low-paid staff members first. However, the cuts will soon affect "law professors."

    Check out this AP story, which appeared in the January 18, 2013 edition of the Burlington Free Press, under the headline “Vermont Law School lays off 2, buys out 10.” Here is the extent of the article:

    “SOUTH ROYALTON — The Vermont Law School has reduced its workforce by 12 people, laying off two and buying out 10 other workers.

    Law school spokeswoman Carol Westberg says none of the workers were faculty members.

    Westberg says the buyouts were offered to staff in November, with a deadline of Jan. 3 to accept or decline.

    The 10 who took buyouts from the South Royalton school have negotiated with the school when they will leave. The two laid-off workers have already left.

    President Marc Mihaly tells the Valley News that those who took the buyouts received severance packages based on the length of time they had worked at the school.

    The downsizing was needed because the school has received fewer applications from potential students over the past three years.”

    You are dismissed, mental midget. Get a life, and grow a brain stem and a backbone. You are butt hurt, because someone pointed out that your law school is a filth pile. Grow up, waterhead.

    1. Ha!

      "I am pretty happy overall, bitch. I am a homeowner, with my wife - and we have a two month old son." (wow, you must be happy...)

  49. I think that majority of the posts on this blog are so negative, that any informational value is lost.

    I don't care how knowledgable or educated you may be, the posts are not relaying useful information, instead it is a back and forth of name calling and the quintessential "i'm right, you're wrong"- It verges on vulgar and inappropriate.

    Please contribute, but do so in a respectful manner. This entire Blog, including the creation of it has an underlying negative feel to it and seems to be fueled by hatred and negativity.

  50. This entire site is biased. Perhaps the author of this site failed out of TSU, or was denied admission. The bar passage rate is not as absurd as posted on this site

    1. US "News" & World Report is now providing detailed information on each ABA-accredited diploma factory. When you check on the most recent rankings - published on March 12, 2013 - you click on the hyper-linked name of the law school. From there, you will be directed to USN&WR's Law School Overview, for that particular commode.

      Check out the Employed at Graduation rate for the TTTTexas SouTTTThern UniversiTTTTy TTTThurgood Marshall School of Law, cockroach:


      Employed at graduation*: 9.8%”

      Yes, you read that correctly. Less than one in ten grads from this festering waste pile was employed at graduation. This means that 91.2 percent of the class - from this fourth tier dung pit - did not have a job when they received their TTTT law degree. How do you like those odds, bitch?!?!

      By the way, I never applied to this fourth tier trash pit. In fact, I had never even heard of the law school, or the "university," until after I graduated from Third Tier Drake. I rely on hard data to back up my case. You resort to conjecture and hurt feelings, to make your "point." Get a life, moron.

      Here is the entry that I posted earlier today, ass-wipe. I decided to feature your pathetic toilet, due to the embarrassingly low “employed at graduation” rate. Keep in mind that this figure includes non-law positions. Have a bad day.

  51. Most motherfuckers are pained by the reality of their miserable future after attending one of these field latrines. The shit you are writing causes much gnashing of teeth for the fickle minded miscreants and cretins gullible enough to base their financial future on the basis of a TM sheepskin or, for that matter, any singular individual who rose from the ranks of the unfortunate demographic being courted and accepted into the inept institution (s) and being christened a fucking Super Lawyer (the moniker is pathetic).
    Great writing, I enjoyed your unique in your face analysis of the currently fucked up, never ending, dismal reality of the legal arena, specifically, the criminal law school Ponzi scheme racket. I agree with the fact that the Golden Age of lawyering; das ist kaputt! The knuckleheads still busting their asses to enroll are hilarious. Most motherfuckers cannot even afford a dumbass attorney least of all one who is minimally competent. I bet none of the snide, supersensitive sonofabitches defending there hole in the wall law school (s) did any credible due diligence before accepting their seat at the circle jerk.
    If a prospective law school student is not applying and being accepted into top 1 and 2 tiered programs then their dumbass better graduate in the top 10-25% from tier 3 and top 5% for the sheisse holes . . . . hahahahahahaha! The shit is a fiasco and these infidels think because they cavort across a raggedy-ass make shift platform and some undercover proletariat con artist in a hot-ass dress and stupid goddamned hat hands them a piece of paper the system is going to open up its money lined pussy and let them fuck.

    The nefarious student loan fiduciary scam is steamrolling over their asses and these people simply hold their cheeks farther apart so more of the phallus can fit which will allow for the opportunity to eat meat with mouth since they already have their head in. These retards do not understand capitalism and definitely do not know how to hustle. The ingrates sit on their asses watching the idiot box and believe the bullshit they see. They want to talk shit like Judge Judy hahahahahahaha! The only thing they are going to be are “lumpen proletariats”! It’s ridiculous . . .

  52. It's so much hate and bias toward Thurgood Marshall..... We have professors from Yale, Harvard, former alumni who are judges us representatives, successful lawyers. Say what you want but it's a great school that takes the law serious. I encourage you to call to sit in on a class and see for yourself. I doubt you'll have the courage.

    1. Hello, Waterhead.

      I graduated from law school in 2009, bitch. Why in the hell would I want to sit in on a class at this fourth tier trash pit?!?!

      Pretty much every ABA-accredited diploma mill has "law professors" who earned their JD from top-ranked schools, moron. That does not make your toilet distinct from other commodes.

  53. TMSL is on the rise! AALS accreditation and great clinical programs.

  54. Stupid motherfucker who worked your ass up to talk about RISE 4/1/2014....the only thing rising is the bile in my esophagus as the result of reading your misguided bullshit? I got a clinic for you, the STD clinic. Go to Planned Parenthood you will get better clinical services there than TSU. APRIL MOTHERFUCKING FOOL ....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  55. This school is such a piece of shit, it's pathetic.

  56. You apparently really need to get a life. It must have really hurt when you failed out! Someone told you that you were better and you found out that you're not as smart as people told you you were. January 7, 2015 at 4:08 PM. What law firm do you work for I would love to post your nasty unprofessional comments there, just for your make believe clients to read. Professional Attorney, you, I don't think so!!

    1. He's just spreading the good word. This school sucks.

  57. I support what you're trying to do, educating prospective law students, but there are good opportunities beyond the top 8 schools and even if you go into some debt. I think you can definitely expand that to the top 14-20 and a realization that there are manageable amounts of debt and debt forgiveness/assistance for public interest work.

  58. I attended that crappy law school in 2001 and it was a fucking nightmare. We didn't even have a teacher for contract law, and when they decided to hire one he missed your full classes. Of course you know all the first year courses are compiled into one semester so we didn't have a chance to make up what didn't get. They said virtually all of us failed contract law. We couldn't use the library cause the books hot wet after the rain,so we had to use the University of Houston Law library! We couldn't even get our money on time so we had to live in our cars. It was a frickin nightmare

  59. I attended that crappy law school in 2001 and it was a fucking nightmare. We didn't even have a teacher for contract law, and when they decided to hire one he missed your full classes. Of course you know all the first year courses are compiled into one semester so we didn't have a chance to make up what didn't get. They said virtually all of us failed contract law. We couldn't use the library cause the books hot wet after the rain,so we had to use the University of Houston Law library! We couldn't even get our money on time so we had to live in our cars. It was a frickin nightmare


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